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812.1 General
Dwelling units required by 233.6 in multi-story housing shall comply with 812.
812.2 Adaptability
812.3 and 812.4 specify a range of heights and clearances within which certain fixtures may be installed (for example, grab bars at bathtubs and water closets, and work surfaces and sink heights in kitchens). In the case of grab bars, provision can be made for later installation within the specified height range, as requested by the occupant of the dwelling unit. Other fixtures may be permanently installed at a height within these ranges, or the fixtures may be adjustable within the ranges. A unit in which fixtures may be added or adjusted in height is an adaptable dwelling unit. Both adaptable dwelling units and units in which fixtures are permanently installed within the heights specified in this section are accessible dwelling units.
812.3 Bathrooms
Bathrooms shall be on an accessible route and shall comply with 812.3.1 through 812.3.5.
812.3.1 Clearances
Clearances shall comply with 603.2.
812.3.2 Water Closets
Water closets shall comply with 604.2 through 604.7.
812.3.3 Lavatories, Mirrors and Medicine Cabinets
If lavatories, mirrors and medicine cabinets are provided, at least one of each shall comply with 812.3.3.1 through 812.3.3.3.
812.3.3.1 Lavatory
The lavatory shall comply with 606.
812.3.3.2 Mirrors
Mirrors shall comply with 603.3.
812.3.3.3 Medicine Cabinet
The medicine cabinet shall have a usable shelf complying with 309.
812.3.4 Bathtubs
Bathtubs shall comply with 607.
812.3.5 Showers
If a shower is provided, a transfer type shower compartment complying with 608.2.1 or a standard roll-in shower compartment complying with 608.2.2, or an alternate roll-in type shower compartment complying with 608.2.3 shall be provided. Showers shall comply with 608.3 through 608.8.

EXCEPTION: A seat, or reinforcement for a seat, shall not be required in the roll-in shower compartment.
812.4 Kitchens
Kitchens and their components shall be on an accessible route and shall comply with 804.2 through 804.4 and 804.6.
812.4.1 Kitchen Storage
At least 5%, but not less than one, of each type of cabinet, drawer, and shelf storage area shall comply with 812.4.1.1 through 812.4.1.3.
812.4.1.1 Clear Floor Space
A clear floor space complying with 305 shall be provided at each accessible storage area.
812.4.1.2 Height
Accessible storage areas shall be within at least one of the reach ranges specified in 308. At least one shelf of all cabinets and storage shelves mounted above counters shall be mounted at 48 inches (1220 mm) maximum above the floor.
812.4.1.3 Hardware
Hardware for accessible storage facilities shall comply with 309.4. Door pulls or handles for wall cabinets shall be mounted as close to the bottom of cabinet doors as possible. Door pulls or handles for base cabinets shall be mounted as close to the top of cabinet doors as possible.
812.4.2 Ovens
Ovens shall be of the self-cleaning type or be located adjacent to an adjustable height counter with knee and toe clearance complying with 306. For side-opening ovens, the door latch side shall be next to the open counter space, and there shall be a pull-out shelf under the oven extending the fill width of the oven and pulling out not less than 10 inches (255mm) when fully extended. Ovens shall have controls on front panels. Oven controls are permitted to be located on either side of the door.
812.5 Laundry Facilities
Laundry equipment provided within individual accessible dwelling units, and separate laundry facilities that serve one or more accessible dwelling units, shall comply with 611.