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The architect, structural engineer or civil engineer in general responsible charge retains overall responsibility for the mechanical and electrical portions of the work when the design responsibility for that work has been delegated and the plans have been prepared by registered mechanical and electrical engineers.
Where plans, specifications and estimates for alterations or repairs only involve mechanical or electrical work, said plans, specifications and estimates may be prepared and the work of construction observed by a registered mechanical or electrical engineer, respectively, who shall be in general responsible charge.
The mechanical or electrical engineer shall fulfill the duties outlined in Section 4-217 when assuming general responsible charge and shall submit verified reports as required in Section 4-214. When accepting delegated responsibility, the mechanical or electrical engineer shall comply with the requirements of Sections 4-209 and 4-210 insofar as these may relate to the delegated work.
Authority: Health and Safety Code Section 16022.
Reference: Health and Safety Code Section 16015.

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