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1910.265(f)(1) Kiln Foundations
Dry kilns shall be constructed upon solid foundations to prevent tracks from sagging
1910.265(f)(2) Passageways
A passageway shall be provided to give adequate clearance on at least one side or in the center of end-piled kilns and on two sides of cross-piled kilns.
1910.265(f)(3) Doors
1910.265(f)(3)(i) Main Kiln Doors
Main kiln doors shall be provided with a method of holding them open while kiln is being loaded.
Counterweights on vertical lift doors shall be boxed or otherwise guarded.
Adequate means shall be provided to firmly secure main doors, when they are disengaged from carriers and hangers, to prevent toppling.
1910.265(f)(3)(ii) Escape Doors
If operating procedures require access to kilns, kilns shall be provided with escape doors that operate easily from the inside, swing in the direction of exit, and are located in or near the main door at the end of the passageway.
Escape doors shall be of adequate height and width to accommodate an average size man.
1910.265(f)(4) Pits
Pits shall be well ventilated, drained, and lighted, and shall be large enough to safely accommodate the kiln operator together with operating devices such as valves, dampers, damper rods, and traps.
1910.265(f)(5) Steam Mains
All high-pressure steam mains located in or adjacent to an operating pit shall be covered with heat-insulating material.
1910.265(f)(6) Ladders
A fixed ladder complying with the requirements of subpart D of this part, or other adequate means, shall be provided to permit access to the roof. Where controls and machinery are mounted on the roof, a permanent stairway with standard handrail shall be installed in accordance with the requirements in subpart D.
1910.265(f)(7) Chocks
A means shall be provided for chocking or blocking cars.
1910.265(f)(8) Kiln Tender Room
A warm room shall be provided for kiln employees to stay in during cold weather after leaving a hot kiln.

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