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Section M1503 Domestic Cooking Exhaust Equipment

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M1503.1 General
Domestic cooking exhaust equipment shall comply with the requirements of this section.
M1503.2 Domestic Cooking Exhaust
Where domestic cooking exhaust equipment is provided, it shall comply with one of the following:
  1. The fan for overhead range hoods and downdraft exhaust equipment not integral with the cooking appliance shall be listed and labeled in accordance with UL 507.
  2. Overhead range hoods and downdraft exhaust equipment with integral fans shall comply with UL 507.
  3. Domestic cooking appliances with integral downdraft exhaust equipment shall be listed and labeled in accordance with ANSI Z21.1 or UL 858.
  4. Microwave ovens with integral exhaust for installation over the cooking surface shall be listed and labeled in accordance with UL 923.
M1503.2.1 Open-Top Broiler Exhaust
Domestic open-top broiler units shall be provided with a metal exhaust hood having a thickness of not less than 0.0157 inch (0.3950 mm) (No. 28 gage). Such hoods shall be installed with a clearance of not less than 1/4 inch (6.4 mm) between the hood and the underside of combustible material and cabinets. A clearance of not less than 24 inches (610 mm) shall be maintained between the cooking surface and combustible material and cabinets. The hood width shall be not less than the width of the broiler unit and shall extend over the entire unit.
Exception: Broiler units that incorporate an integral exhaust system, and that are listed and labeled for use without an exhaust hood, shall not be required to have an exhaust hood.
M1503.3 Exhaust Discharge
Domestic cooking exhaust equipment shall discharge to the outdoors through a duct. The duct shall have a smooth interior surface, shall be airtight, shall be equipped with a backdraft damper and shall be independent of all other exhaust systems. Ducts serving domestic cooking exhaust equipment shall not terminate in an attic or crawl space or areas inside the building.
Exception: Where installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, and where mechanical or natural ventilation is otherwise provided, listed and labeled ductless range hoods shall not be required to discharge to the outdoors.
M1503.4 Duct Material
Ducts serving domestic cooking exhaust equipment shall be constructed of galvanized steel, stainless steel or copper.

Exception: Ducts for domestic kitchen cooking appliances equipped with down-draft exhaust systems shall be permitted to be constructed of schedule 40 PVC pipe and fittings provided that the installation complies with all of the following:
  1. The duct is installed under a concrete slab poured on grade.
  2. The underfloor trench in which the duct is installed is completely backfilled with sand or gravel.
  3. The PVC duct extends not more than 1 inch (25 mm) above the indoor concrete floor surface.
  4. The PVC duct extends not more than 1 inch (25 mm) above grade outside of the building.
  5. The PVC ducts are solvent cemented.
M1503.5 Kitchen Exhaust Rates
Where domestic kitchen cooking appliances are equipped with ducted range hoods or down-draft exhaust systems, the fans shall be sized in accordance with Section M1505.4.4.
M1503.6 Makeup Air Required
Where one or more gas, liquid or solid fuel-burning appliance that is neither direct-vent nor uses a mechanical draft venting system is located within a dwelling unit's air barrier, each exhaust system capable of exhausting in excess of 400 cubic feet per minute (0.19 m3/s) shall be mechanically or passively provided with makeup air at a rate approximately equal to the exhaust air rate. Such makeup air systems shall be equipped with not fewer than one damper complying with Section M1503.6.2.
Exception: Makeup air is not required for exhaust systems installed for the exclusive purpose of space cooling and intended to be operated only when windows or other air inlets are open.
M1503.6.1 Location
Kitchen exhaust makeup air shall be discharged into the same room in which the exhaust system is located or into rooms or duct systems that communicate through one or more permanent openings with the room in which such exhaust system is located. Such permanent openings shall have a net cross-sectional area not less than the required area of the makeup air supply openings.
M1503.6.2 Makeup Air Dampers
Where makeup air is required by Section M1503.6, makeup air dampers shall comply with this section. Each damper shall be a gravity damper or an electrically operated damper that automatically opens when the exhaust system operates. Dampers shall be located to allow access for inspection, service, repair and replacement without removing permanent construction or any other ducts not connected to the damper being inspected, serviced, repaired or replaced. Gravity or barometric dampers shall not be used in passive makeup air systems except where the dampers are rated to provide the design makeup airflow at a pressure differential of 0.01 in. w.c. (3 Pa) or less.

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