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Whenever materials are dropped more than 20 feet to any point lying outside the exterior walls of the building, an enclosed chute of wood, or equivalent material, shall be used. For the purpose of this paragraph, an enclosed chute is a slide, closed in on all sides, through which material is moved from a high place to a lower one.
When debris is dropped through holes in the floor without the use of chutes, the area onto which the material is dropped shall be completely enclosed with barricades not less than 42 inches high and not less than 6 feet back from the projected edge of the opening above. Signs warning of the hazard of falling materials shall be posted at each level. Removal shall not be permitted in this lower area until debris handling ceases above.
All scrap lumber, waste material, and rubbish shall be removed from the immediate work area as the work progresses.
Disposal of waste material or debris by burning shall comply with local fire regulations.
All solvent waste, oily rags, and flammable liquids shall be kept in fire resistant covered containers until removed from worksite.

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