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107-661 Modification of Permitted Obstructions
For developments containing residences on zoning lots partly within designated open space, the City Planning Commission, on application, may modify the requirements of Section 107-45 (Required Open Space for Residences) to permit more than 50 percent of the required open space, not within the designated open space, to be occupied by driveways, private streets, open accessory off-street parking spaces or open accessory off-street loading berths, if the Commission finds that such facilities are so arranged and landscaped as to afford an acceptable standard of amenity for the development and its surroundings.
107-662 Modification of Required Yards of Building Setbacks
On application, the City Planning Commission may grant an authorization modifying the building setback requirements of Section 107-251 (Special provisions for arterials), provided that the Commission finds that:
  1. the area of that portion of the zoning lot which is designated as designated open space on the District Plan in Appendix A of this Chapter, is at least equal to the area of the required building setback front yard or yards, or portion thereof, which is waived;
  2. along any front lot line abutting an arterial, a front setback shall be provided having a depth to be determined by the Commission and which shall be improved in accordance with a landscape plan approved by the Commission; and
  3. building placement leaves adequate spaces for the provision of street trees.

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