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Initiation of the fire alarm system required by shall be by manual means in accordance with 9.6.2 and by means of any required detection devices or detection systems, unless otherwise permitted by the following:
  1. Manual fire alarm boxes shall be permitted to be locked, provided that staff is present within the area when it is occupied and staff has keys readily available to unlock the boxes.
  2. Manual fire alarm boxes shall be permitted to be located in a staff location, provided that both of the following criteria are met:
    1. The staff location is attended when the building is occupied.
    2. The staff attendant has direct supervision of the sleeping area. Detection
An approved automatic smoke detection system shall be in accordance with Section 9.6, as modified by and, throughout all resident sleeping areas and adjacent day rooms, activity rooms, or contiguous common spaces.
Smoke detectors shall not be required in sleeping rooms with four or fewer occupants in Use Condition II or Use Condition III.
Other arrangements and positioning of smoke detectors shall be permitted to prevent damage or tampering, or for other purposes. Such arrangements shall be capable of detecting any fire, and the placement of detectors shall be such that the speed of detection is equivalent to that provided by the spacing and arrangements required by the installation standards referenced in Section 9.6. Detectors shall be permitted to be located in exhaust ducts from cells, behind grilles, or in other locations. The equivalent performance of the design, however, shall be acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction in accordance with the equivalency concepts specified in Section 1.4.

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