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Ammonia diffusion systems shall include a tank containing 1 gal of water for each pound of ammonia (4 L of water for each kg of ammonia) that will be released in 1 hour from the largest relief device connected to the discharge pipe.
The water used shall be prevented from freezing without the use of salt or chemicals by burial of the discharge pipe below frost depth or other approved means.
The discharge pipe from the pressure relief device shall distribute ammonia in the bottom of the tank, but no lower than 33 ft (10 m) below the maximum liquid level.
The tank shall contain the volume of water and ammonia, described in, without overflowing.
The tank shall be substantially constructed of not less than 1/8 in. (2.51 mm) (10 gauge) steel.
The horizontal dimensions of the tank shall be equal to or less than one half of the height.
The tank shall have a hinged cover or, if of the enclosed type, shall have a vent hole at the top.
Pipe connections shall be through the top of the tank.

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