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Stress-strain models for confined and unconfined concrete, mild and prestressed steel presented in Section 3107F.2.4 shall be used to perform the moment-curvature analysis.
The stress-strain characteristics of steel piles shall be based on the actual steel properties. If as-built information is not available, the stress-strain relationship may be obtained per Section 3107F.2.4.2.
For concrete in-filled steel piles, the stress-strain model for confined concrete shall be in accordance with Section 3107F.2.4.1.
Each structural component expected to undergo inelastic deformation shall be defined by its moment-curvature relation. The displacement demand and capacity shall be calculated per Sections 3104F.2 and 3104F.3, as appropriate.
The moment-rotation relationship for concrete components shall be derived from the moment-curvature analysis per Section 3107F.2.5.4 and shall be used to determine lateral displacement limitations of the design. Connection details shall be examined per Section 3107F.2.7.

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