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Damaged buildings shall be repaired in accordance with this section.
J404.3.1 New Structural Frame Members
New structural frame members used in the repair of damaged buildings, including anchorage and connections, shall comply with this code.
J404.3.2 Substantial Structural Damage
Buildings that have sustained substantial structural damage shall comply with this section.
J404.3.2.1 Engineering Evaluation and Analysis
An engineering evaluation and analysis that establishes the structural adequacy of the damaged building shall be prepared by a registered design professional and submitted to the code official. The evaluation and analysis may assume that all damaged structural elements and systems have their original strength and stiffness.
J404. Extent of Repair
The evaluation and analysis shall demonstrate that the building, once repaired, complies with the applicable wind and seismic provisions of this code.
J404.3.3 Below Substantial Structural Damage
Repairs to buildings damaged to a level below the substantial structural damage level as defined in Section AJ202 shall be allowed to be made with the materials, methods and strengths in existence prior to the damage unless such existing conditions are dangerous as defined in Section AJ202. New structural frame members shall comply with Section AJ404.3.1.
J404.3.4 Other Uncovered Structural Elements
Where in the course of conducting repairs other uncovered structural elements are found to be unsound or otherwise structurally deficient, such elements shall be made to conform to the requirements of Section AJ404.
J404.3.5 Flood Hazard Areas
In flood hazard areas, damaged buildings that sustain substantial damage shall be brought into compliance with Section R323 of this code.