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A party qualified in accordance with Section 1306.1 shall determine that no cross-connections exist between medical gas and medical vacuum piping systems. [NFPA 99:,]
1319.6.1 Atmospheric Pressure
Piping systems shall be reduced to atmospheric pressure. [NFPA 99:,]
1319.6.2 Sources of Test Gas
Sources of test gas shall be disconnected from piping systems except for the one system being tested. [NFPA 99:,]
1319.6.3 System to Be Charged
The system under test shall be charged with oil-free, dry nitrogen NF to a gauge pressure of 50 psi (345 kPa). [NFPA 99:,,]
1319.6.4 Check Outlets and Inlets
After the installation of the individual faceplates with approved adapters matching outlet and inlet labels, each individual outlet and inlet (in each installed medical gas and medical vacuum piping system) shall be checked to determine that the test gas is being dispensed from the piping system being tested. [NFPA 99:,]
1319.6.5 Repeat Test
The cross-connection test shall be repeated for each installed medical gas and medical vacuum piping system. [NFPA 99:,]
1319.6.6 Identification of System
The proper labeling and identification of system outlets and inlets shall be confirmed during these tests. [NFPA 99:,]
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