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Corridor walls shall be constructed as smoke partitions in accordance with Section 710.
407.3.1 Corridor Doors
Corridor doors, other than those in a wall required to be rated by Section 509.4 or for the enclosure of a vertical opening or an exit, shall not have a required fire protection rating and shall not be required to be equipped with self-closing or automatic-closing devices, but shall provide an effective barrier to limit the transfer of smoke and shall be equipped with positive latching. Roller latches are not permitted. Other doors shall conform to Section 716.
407.3.1.1 Door Construction
Doors in corridors not required to have a fire protection rating shall comply with the following:
  1. Solid doors shall have close-fitting operational tolerances, head and jamb stops.
  2. Dutch-style doors shall have an astragal, rabbet or bevel at the meeting edges of the upper and lower door sections. Both the upper and lower door sections shall have latching hardware. Dutch-style doors shall have hardware that connects the upper and lower sections to function as a single leaf.
  3. To provide makeup air for exhaust systems in accordance with Section 1020.6, Exception 1, doors are permitted to have louvers or to have a clearance between the bottom of the door and the floor surface that is 2/3 inch (19.1 mm) maximum.

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