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No permit shall be issued for the manufacturing, processing or storage of explosives or explosive materials unless the following conditions are met:
  1. The applicant submits an application for permit on a form prescribed by the state fire marshal.
  2. The applicant pays the required fees and satisfies the background check and financial responsibility requirements as required by this rule.
  3. The applicant provides a list of all explosives and explosive materials to be manufactured, processed or stored under the permit.
  4. The applicant provides a map showing the distances between the locations of the activities subject to the permit and any adjacent structures, lot lines, railroads and roadways.
  5. The activities and locations subject to the permit have been inspected by the fire code official having jurisdiction and found to be in compliance with NFPA 495 as listed in rule 1301:7-7-80 of the Administrative Code and this code.

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