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Clearance requirements for indoor air-conditioning appliances shall comply with Sections G2409.3.1 through G2409.3.4.
G2409.3.1 (308.3.1) Appliances Clearances
Air-conditioning appliances shall be installed with clearances in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
G2409.3.2 (308.3.2) Clearance Reduction
Air-conditioning appliances shall be permitted to be installed with reduced clearances to combustible material, provided that the combustible material or appliance is protected as described in Table G2409.2 and such reduction is allowed by the manufacturer's instructions.
G2409.3.3 (308.3.3) Plenum Clearances
Where the furnace plenum is adjacent to plaster on metal lath or noncombustible material attached to combustible material, the clearance shall be measured to the surface of the plaster or other noncombustible finish where the clearance specified is 2 inches (51 mm) or less.
G2409.3.4 (308.3.4) Clearance From Supply Ducts
Supply air ducts connecting to listed central heating furnaces shall have the same minimum clearance to combustibles as required for the furnace supply plenum for a distance of not less than 3 feet (914 mm) from the supply plenum. Clearance is not required beyond the 3-foot (914 mm) distance.

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