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Clay plaster shall comply with this section.
2109. General
Clay plaster shall be any plaster having a clay or clay subsoil binder. Such plaster shall contain sufficient clay to fully bind the aggregate and shall be permitted to contain reinforcing fibers. Acceptable reinforcing fibers include chopped straw, sisal, and animal hair.
2109. Clay Subsoil Requirements
The suitability of clay subsoil shall be determined in accordance with the Figure 2 Ribbon Test and the Figure 3 Ball Test in the appendix of ASTM E2392/E2392M.
2109. Weather-Exposed Locations
Clay plaster exposed to water from direct or wind-driven rain or snow shall be finished with an approved erosion-resistant finish. The use of clay plasters shall not be permitted on weather-exposed parapets.
2109. Prohibited Finish Coat
Plaster containing Portland cement shall not be permitted as a finish over clay plaster.
2109. Conditions Where Lathing Is Not Required
For unstabilized adobe walls finished with unstabilized clay plaster, lathing shall not be required.
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