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Chimneys serving appliances burning other fuels shall comply with Sections G2427.5.6.1 through G2427.5.6.4.
G2427.5.6.1 (503.5.7.1) Solid Fuel-Burning Appliances
An appliance shall not be connected to a chimney flue serving a separate appliance designed to burn solid fuel.
G2427.5.6.2 (503.5.7.2) Liquid Fuel-Burning Appliances
Where one chimney flue serves gas appliances and liquid fuel-burning appliances, the appliances shall be connected through separate openings or shall be connected through a single opening where joined by a suitable fitting located as close as practical to the chimney. Where two or more openings are provided into one chimney flue, they shall be at different levels. Where the appliances are automatically controlled, they shall be equipped with safety shutoff devices.
G2427.5.6.3 (503.5.7.3) Combination Gas- And Solid Fuel-Burning Appliances
A combination gas- and solid fuel-burning appliance shall be permitted to be connected to a single chimney flue where equipped with a manual reset device to shut off gas to the main burner in the event of sustained backdraft or flue gas spillage. The chimney flue shall be sized to properly vent the appliance.
G2427.5.6.4 (503.5.7.4) Combination Gas- And Oil Fuel-Burning Appliances
Where a single chimney flue serves a listed combination gas- and oil fuel-burning appliance, such flue shall be sized in accordance with the appliance manufacturer's instructions.
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