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Elevators shall have a single means for disconnecting all ungrounded car light, receptacle(s), and ventilation power-supply conductors for that elevator car.
The disconnecting means shall be an enclosed, externally operable, fused motor-circuit switch or circuit breaker that is lockable open in accordance with 110.25 and shall be located in the machine room or control room for that elevator car. Where there is no machine room or control room outside the hoistway, the disconnecting means shall be located outside the hoistway and accessible to qualified persons only.
Disconnecting means shall be numbered to correspond to the identifying number of the elevator car whose light source they control.
The disconnecting means shall be provided with a sign to identify the location of the supply side overcurrent protective device.
Exception: Where a separate branch circuit supplies car lighting, a receptacle(s), and a ventilation motor not exceeding 2 hp, the disconnecting means required by 620.53 shall be permitted to comply with 430.109(C). This disconnecting means shall be listed and shall be lockable open in accordance with 110.25.
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