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Except at the entrance, cars shall be fully enclosed with metal or wood on the sides and top. The enclosures shall be solid. The minimum clear height inside the car shall be 1980 mm (78 in.). Car top enclosures shall be constructed to sustain a load of 135 kg (300 lb) on any 0.09 m2 (1 ft2) area. Securing Enclosures
The enclosure shall be securely fastened to the car platform and supported so that it cannot loosen or become displaced in regular service, on application of the car safety, or on engagement of the buffer. Illumination in the Car
Each car shall be provided with an electric light and a light control switch. The light shall provide illumination of at least 50 lx (5 fc) at the landing edge of the car platform. Light bulbs and tubes shall be suitably protected against accidental breakage. Top Emergency Exits
Emergency exits with a cover shall be provided in the top of all elevator cars and shall conform to the following:
(a) The exit opening shall have an area of not less than 0.26 m2 (400 in.2) and shall measure not less than 400 mm (16 in.) on any side.
(b) The exit shall be located to provide a clear passageway unobstructed by fixed elevator equipment located in or on top of the car.
(c) The exit cover shall open outward and shall be hinged or otherwise attached to the car top and arranged so that the cover can be opened only from the top of the car. When opened, the cover shall not protrude beyond the perimeter of the car.
(d) Operation of the car with the top emergency exit open is prohibited, except as specified in (e).
(e) Operation of the car with the top emergency exit open is permissible only when the load cannot be carried totally within the car enclosure and the operation is under the direct supervision of authorized personnel. The car shall not be operated at a speed faster than 0.75 m/s (150 ft/min). Use of Glass
Glass shall not be used in elevator cars, except for the car light and accessories necessary for the operation of the car. Glass used for the car light and accessories shall be laminated and meet the requirements of ANSI Z97.1 or CAN/CGSB-12.1, whichever is applicable (see Part 9), except for transparency. Number of Compartments
The number of compartments shall conform to Car Emergency Signal
Elevators shall be provided with an audible signaling device or a permanent or portable means of two-way communication. Car Doors or Gates
A car door or gate shall be provided at each entrance to the car. When closed, it shall guard the opening to its full height. Car doors shall be solid or openwork construction that will reject a ball 25 mm (1 in.) in diameter. Collapsible car gates shall be a design that, when fully closed (extended position), will reject a ball 75 mm (3 in.) in diameter. Each door or gate shall be equipped with a car door or gate electric contact conforming to the requirements of Operation of the car with the car door or gate open is prohibited.

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