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Application: This checklist shall be used for nonresidential projects that meet the following: new construction, or building additions of 1,000 square feet or greater, or building alterations with a permit valuation of $200,000 or more pursuant to Section 301.3, AND are adopting Tier 2 voluntary measures.
Note: All applicable mandatory requirements in Chapter 5 shall be met prior to applying Tier 2 voluntary measures.
Comply with all Tier 2 prerequisite measures from the various categories shown on the table below.
Add a "Y" to all mandatory and Tier 2 prerequisite measures in the appropriate columns.
Select the required number of additional electives from those categories shown on the table below and add a "Y" on the selected elective and add an "N" on the rest.
Count the total number of Tier 2 prerequisite measures plus the additional electives and write down the total number at the end of the checklist. Determine if the required number of Tier 2 measures have been selected to achieve Tier 2 compliance.
Y = Yes (section has been selected and/or included)
N = No (section has not been selected and/or included)
O = Other (provide explanation)
[N] = New construction pursuant to Section 301.3
[A] = Additions and/or Alterations pursuant to Section 301.3
Planning and
  Mandatory Storm water pollution prevention for projects that disturb less than 1 acre of land 5.106.1 through 5.106.2        
Mandatory Short-term bicycle parking        
Mandatory Long-term bicycle parking through        
Tier 2 Designated parking—50% of parking capacity w/ parking stall markings and stall identification A5.106.5.1, A5., A5., A5.        
Mandatory Electric vehicle (EV) charging [N] w/ exceptions        
Mandatory EV capable spaces [N]        
Mandatory Electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS)        
Mandatory Use of automatic load management systems (ALMS)        
Mandatory Accessible EVCS        
Mandatory Note for EVCS signs          
Mandatory Table w/ footnotes, and        
Tier 2
Electric vehicle (EV) charging [N] and Table A5. w/ footnotes A5.106.5.3, A5.        
Mandatory Electric vehicle (EV) charging: medium-duty and heavy-duty [N]        
Mandatory Electric vehicle charging readiness requirements for warehouses, grocery stores and retail stores with planned off-street loading spaces [N]        
Mandatory Table and        
Mandatory Light pollution reduction [N] (with exceptions, notes and table) 5.106.8 through        
Mandatory Grading and paving (exception for additions and alterations not altering the drainage path) 5.106.10        
Tier 2
Cool roof (A5. SRI 82 when ≤ 2:12, SRI 27
when > 2:12
Select Three Elective Elective Community connectivity A5.103.1        
Elective Brownfield or greyfield site redevelopment or infill area development A5.103.2, A5.103.2.1        
Elective Reduce development footprint and optimize open space A5.104.1, A5.104.1.1, A5.104.1.2, A5.104.1.3        
Elective Disassemble and reuse existing building structure (75%) with exceptions A5.105.1.1        
Elective Disassemble and reuse existing nonstructural elements (50%) with exceptions A5.105.1.2        
Elective Salvage A5.105.1.3        
Elective Storm water design A5.106.2, A5.106.2.1, A5.106.2.2,        
Elective Low Impact Development (LID) A5.106.3, A5.106.3.1, A5.106.3.2        
Elective Changing rooms w/ note A5.106.4.3        
Elective Parking capacity w/ reduced parking capacity option A5.106.6, A5.106.6.1        
Elective Exterior wall shading w/ fenestration and/or opaque wall area option A5.106.7, A5.106.7.1, A5.106.7.2        
Elective Heat island effect A5.106.11        
Mandatory Meet the minimum energy efficiency standard 5.201.1        
Tier 2
Energy Performance—outdoor lighting power 90% of Part 6 A5.        
Tier 2
If applicable, service for water heating in restaurants of 8,000 sf or greater A5.        
Tier 2
Energy budget 90% or 85% of Part 6 calculated value of allowance A5.        
Elective On-site renewable energy (with documentation) A5.211.1, A5.211.1.1        
Elective Green power A5.211.3        
Elective Elevators with car lights and fan A5.212.1.1, A5.        
Elective Escalators A5.212.1.2        
Elective Controls that reduce energy A5.212.1.4        
Elective Steel framing A5.213.1        
Efficiency and
  Mandatory Separate meters (new buildings or additions > 50,000 sf that consume more than 100 gal/day) 5.303.1.1        
Mandatory Separate meters (for tenants in new buildings or additions that consume more than 1,000 gal/day) 5.303.1.2        
2 Prerequisite
Water reduction Tier 2—20% or 25% savings over the "water use baseline" in Table A5.303.2.2 A5.303.2.3.2 or A5.303.2.3.3        
Mandatory Water closets shall not exceed 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf) 5.303.3.1        
Mandatory Wall-mounted urinals shall not exceed 0.125 gpf 5.303.3.2.1        
Mandatory Floor-mounted urinals shall not exceed 0.5 gpf 5.303.3.2.2        
Mandatory Single showerhead shall have maximum flow rate of 1.8 gpm (gallons per minute) at 80 psi 5.303.3.3.1        
Mandatory Multiple showerheads serving one shower shall have a combined flow rate of 1.8 gpm at 80 psi 5.303.3.3.2        
Mandatory Nonresidential lavatory faucets 5.303.3.4.1        
Mandatory Kitchen faucets 5.303.3.4.2        
Mandatory Wash fountains 5.303.3.4.3        
Mandatory Metering faucets 5.303.3.4.4        
Mandatory Metering faucets for wash fountains 5.303.3.4.5        
Mandatory Pre-rinse spray valve 5.303.3.4.6        
Mandatory Food waste disposers 5.303.4.1        
Mandatory Areas of additions or alterations 5.303.5        
Mandatory Standards for plumbing fixtures and fittings 5.303.6        
Mandatory Outdoor potable water use in landscape areas (with notes) 5.304.1        
Select Three Elective Elective Nonpotable water systems for indoor use A5.303.2.3.4        
Elective Appliances and fixtures for commercial application A5.303.3        
Elective Nonwater urinals A5.303.4.1        
Elective Dual plumbing A5.303.5        
Elective Outdoor potable water use A5.304.2        
Elective Restoration of areas disturbed by construction A5.304.6        
Elective Previously developed sites (with exception) A5.304.7        
Elective Graywater irrigation system A5.304.8        
Elective Nonpotable water systems A5.305.1        
Elective Irrigation systems A5.305.2        
and Resource
  Tier 2
Recycled content for 15% of total material cost A5.405.4, A5.405.4.1 through A5.405.4.5        
Mandatory Weather protection 5.407.1        
Mandatory Moisture control: sprinklers 5.407.2.1        
Mandatory Moisture control: exterior door protection 5.407.2.2.1        
Mandatory Moisture control: flashing 5.407.2.2.2        
Mandatory Construction waste management—comply with either: Sections 5.408.1.1, 5.408.1.2, 5.408.1.3 or more stringent local ordinance 5.408.1.1, 5.408.1.2, 5.408.1.3        
Mandatory Construction waste management: documentation 5.408.1.4        
Mandatory Universal waste [A] 5.408.2        
Mandatory Excavated soil and land clearing debris (100% reuse or recycle) 5.408.3        
Tier 2
Enhanced construction waste reduction (80%—Tier 2 with verification) A5.408.3.1.1, A5.408.3.1.2        
Mandatory Recycling by occupants (with exception) 5.410.1        
Mandatory Recycling by occupants: additions (with exception) 5.410.1.1        
Mandatory Recycling by occupants: sample ordinance 5.410.1.2        
Mandatory Commissioning new buildings (≥ 10,000 sf) [N] 5.410.2        
Mandatory Owner's or Owner representative's Project
Requirements (OPR) [N]
Mandatory Basis of Design (BOD) [N] 5.410.2.2        
Mandatory Commissioning plan [N] 5.410.2.3        
Mandatory Functional performance testing [N] 5.410.2.4        
Mandatory Documentation and training [N] 5.410.2.5        
Mandatory Systems manual [N] 5.410.2.5.1        
Mandatory Systems operation training [N] 5.410.2.5.2        
Mandatory Commissioning report [N] 5.410.2.6        
Mandatory Testing and adjusting for new buildings < 10,000 sf or new systems that serve additions or alterations [A] 5.410.4        
Mandatory System Testing Plan for renewable energy, landscape irrigation and water reuse [A] 5.410.4.2        
Mandatory Procedures for testing and adjusting 5.410.4.3        
Mandatory Procedures for HVAC balancing 5.410.4.3.1        
Mandatory Reporting for testing and adjusting 5.410.4.4        
Mandatory Operation and maintenance (O&M) manual 5.410.4.5        
Mandatory Inspection and reports 5.410.4.5.1        
Select Three Elective Elective Wood framing or OVE (with note) A5.404.1, A5.404.1.1, A5.404.1.2        
Elective Regional materials A5.405.1        
Elective Bio-based materials A5.405.2        
Elective Rapidly renewable materials A5.405.2.2        
Elective Reused materials (with note) A5.405.3        
Elective Cement and concrete: cement A5.405.5.1        
Elective Cement and concrete: concrete with SCM & Mix design equation A5.405.5.2, A5.405.5.2.1, A5.405.        
Elective Cement and concrete: additional means of compliance A5.405.5.3, A5.405.5.3.1, A5.405., A5.405., A5.405.5.3.2, A5.405., A5.405., A5.405., A5.405.        
Elective Choice of materials A5.406.1, A5.406.1.1, A5.406.1.2, A5.406.1.3        
Elective Life cycle assessment: general A5.409.1        
Elective Whole building life cycle assessment A5.409.2, A5.409.2.1, A5.409.2.2        
Elective Materials and system assemblies A5.409.3        
Elective Substitution for prescriptive standards A5.409.4        
Elective Verification of compliance A5.409.5        
  Mandatory Fireplaces 5.503.1        
Mandatory Woodstoves 5.503.1.1        
Mandatory Temporary ventilation 5.504.1        
Mandatory Covering of ducts openings and protection of mechanical equipment during construction 5.504.3        
Mandatory Adhesives, sealants and caulks 5.504.4.1        
Mandatory Paints and coatings 5.504.4.3        
Mandatory Aerosol paints and coatings 5.504.4.3.1        
Mandatory Aerosol paints and coatings: verification 5.504.4.3.2        
Mandatory Carpet systems 5.504.4.4        
Mandatory Carpet cushion 5.504.4.4.1        
Mandatory Carpet adhesives per Table 5.504.4.1 5.504.4.4.2        
Mandatory Composite wood products 5.504.4.5        
Mandatory Composite wood products: documentation 5.504.4.5.3        
Mandatory Resilient flooring systems 5.504.4.6        
Mandatory Resilient flooring: verification of compliance 5.504.4.6.1        
Tier 2
Resilient flooring systems, Tier 2 (with verification of compliance) A5.504.4.7.1, A5.504.4.7.2        
Mandatory Thermal insulation 5.504.4.7        
Mandatory Verification of compliance 5.504.4.7.1        
Mandatory Acoustical ceilings and wall panels 5.504.4.8        
Mandatory Verification of compliance 5.504.4.8.1        
Mandatory Filters (with exceptions) 5.504.5.3        
Mandatory Filters: labeling 5.504.5.3.1        
Mandatory Environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) control 5.504.7        
Mandatory Indoor moisture control 5.505.1        
Mandatory Outside air delivery 5.506.1        
Mandatory Carbon dioxide (CO2) monitoring 5.506.2        
Mandatory Acoustical control (with exception) 5.507.4        
Mandatory Exterior noise transmission, prescriptive method (with exceptions) 5.507.4.1        
Mandatory Noise exposure where noise contours are not readily available 5.507.4.1.1        
Mandatory Performance method 5.507.4.2        
Mandatory Site features 5.507.4.2.1        
Mandatory Documentation of compliance 5.507.4.2.2        
Mandatory Interior sound transmission (with note) 5.507.4.3        
Mandatory Ozone depletion and greenhouse gas reductions 5.508.1        
Mandatory Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) 5.508.1.1        
Mandatory Halons 5.508.1.2        
Mandatory Supermarket refrigerant leak reduction for retail food stores 8,000 square feet or more Sections 5.508.2 through 5.508.2.6.3 5.508.2 through 5.508.2.6.3        
Select Three Elective Elective Indoor air quality (IAQ) during construction A5.504.1, A5.504.1.1, A5.504.1.2        
Elective IAQ postconstruction A5.504.2        
Elective IAQ testing A5.504.2.1, A5.504.2.1.1, A5.504.2.1.2, A5.504.2.1.3        
Elective No added formaldehyde Tier 1 (with notes) A5.504.4.5.1        
Elective Hazardous particulates and chemical pollutants A5.504.5        
Elective Entryway systems A5.504.5.1        
Elective Isolation of pollutant sources A5.504.5.2        
Elective Lighting and thermal comfort controls A5.507.1, A5.507.1.1 through A5.507.1.2        
Elective Daylight A5.507.2        
Elective Views A5.507.3        
Elective Interior office spaces A5.507.3.1        
Elective Multi-occupant spaces (with exceptions) A5.507.3.2        
Elective Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) A5.508.1.3        
Elective Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) A5.508.1.4        
Additional Measures   Select three additional measures from any division Additional measures:
Total number of Measures required for Tier 2 25  
Total number of Measures selected    
Documentation Author's / Responsible Designer's Declaration Statement
Check the appropriate box(es) for the list below.
Mandatory: I attest that the mandatory provisions checklist is accurate and complete.
Tier 2 compliant: I attest that the total number of voluntary measures selected meet or exceed the total number required to achieve Tier 2 compliance.
Partial Tier 2 compliant: I attest that the total number of voluntary measures selected do not meet the total number
required to achieve Tier 2 compliance; however, partial Tier 2 compliance has been achieved.
Company: Date:
Address: License:
City/State/Zip: Phone:

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