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1910.265(c)(23)(i) Guarding
Open bins, bunkers, and hoppers whose upper edges extend less than 3 feet above working level shall be equipped with standard handrails and toe boards, or have their tops covered by a substantial grill or grating with openings small enough to prevent a man from falling through.
1910.265(c)(23)(iii) Exits, Lighting, and Safety Devices
Fuel houses and bins shall have adequate exits and lighting, and all necessary safety devices shall be provided and shall be used by persons entering these structures.
1910.265(c)(23)(iv) Walkways
Where needed, fuel houses and bins shall have a standard railed platform or walkway near the top.
1910.265(c)(23)(ii) Use of Wheeled Equipment to Load Bins
Where automotive or other wheeled equipment is used to move materials into bins, bunkers, and hoppers, adequate guard rails shall be installed along each side of the runway, and a substantial bumper stop provided when necessary.

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