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*2.2- General
Space for basic emergency assessment and stabilization shall be provided at every hospital.
A2.2- Facilities for basic emergency care.
At minimum, basic emergency care includes provisions for emergency treatment for staff, employees, and visitors as well as for persons who may be unaware of or unable to immediately reach services in other facilities. This is not only for patients with minor illnesses or injuries who may require minimal care but also for persons with severe illnesses and injuries who must receive immediate emergency care and stabilization prior to transport to other facilities.
Facilities for basic emergency care should accommodate equipment needed for the services identified in the organization's functional program and support 24-hour/7-day-a-week staffing to ensure no delay in medical screening, stabilization, and essential treatment.
2.2- Entrance
  1. A well-marked, illuminated, and covered entrance shall be provided at grade level. The emergency vehicle entry cover shall provide shelter for both the patient and the emergency medical crew during transfer between an emergency vehicle and the building.
  2. Ambulance entrances shall provide a minimum of 6 feet (1.83 meters) in clear width to accommodate gurneys for patients of size, mobile patient lift devices, and accompanying attendants.
  3. Where lifts for patients of size are provided in the covered ambulance bay, they shall be positioned to provide assistance with patient transfers.
2.2- Reception, Triage, and Control Station
These areas shall be located so staff can observe pedestrian and ambulance entrances and public waiting areas and control access to the treatment room.
2.2- Public Waiting Area
(1) Provisions shall be made for a public waiting area, to include the following:
(a) Public toilet room with hand-washing station(s)
*(b) Access to public communications services
(c) Access to drinking water
(2) These provisions shall be permitted to be shared.
A2.2- (1)(b) Public communications services include provisions for telephone access, wireless internet connectivity, and distributed antenna systems to support cell phone use.
2.2- Communications Center
Communication connections to local and other emergency medical service (EMS) systems shall be provided.
2.2- Treatment Room
  1. At least one treatment room shall be provided in accordance with Section 2.1-3.2 (Examination Room or Emergency Department Treatment Room) as amended in this section.
  2. Each treatment room shall be sized to contain space for the medical equipment to be used in the room.
2.2- Patient Toilet Room
A patient toilet room with hand-washing station(s) shall be immediately accessible to the emergency care area.
2.2- Equipment and Supply Storage
  1. Storage shall be provided for medical and surgical emergency care, including supplies, medications, and equipment.
  2. Storage shall be located out of traffic and under staff control.

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