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Automatic daylighting control devices used to control lights in daylit zones shall:
  1. Be capable of reducing the power consumption of the general lighting in the controlled area by at least two thirds in response to the availability of daylight; and
  2. If the device is a dimmer controlling incandescent or fluorescent lamps, provide electrical outputs to lamps for reduced flicker operation through the dimming range, so that the light output has an amplitude modulation of less than 30 percent for frequencies less than 200 Hz and without causing premature lamp failure; and
  3. If the devices reduce lighting in control steps, incorporate time-delay circuits to prevent cycling of light level changes of less than 3 minutes and have a manual or automatic means of adjusting the deadband to provide separation of on and off points for each control step; and
  4. If the device is placed in calibration mode, automatically restore its time delay settings to normal operation programmed time delays after no more than 60 minutes; and
  5. Have a setpoint control that easily distinguishes settings to within 10 percent of full scale adjustment; and
  6. Have a light sensor that has a linear response with 5 percent accuracy over the range of illuminance measured by the light sensor; and
  7. Have a light sensor that is physically separated from where calibration adjustments are made or is capable of being calibrated in a manner that the person initiating calibration is remote from the sensor during calibration to avoid influencing calibration accuracy.
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