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In accordance with § 36-105 of the Code of Virginia, fees may be levied by the local governing body in order to defray the cost of enforcement of the USBC.
Note: See subsection D of § 36-105 of the Code of Virginia for rules for permit fees involving property with easements or liens.
107.1.1 Fee Schedule
The local governing body shall establish a fee schedule incorporating unit rates, which may be based on square footage, cubic footage, estimated cost of construction or other appropriate criteria. A permit or any amendments to an existing permit shall not be issued until the designated fees have been paid, except that the building official may authorize the delayed payment of fees.
107.1.2 Refunds
When requested in writing by a permit holder, the locality shall provide a fee refund in the case of the revocation of a permit or the abandonment or discontinuance of a building project. The refund shall not be required to exceed an amount which correlates to work not completed.
107.1.3 Fees for Generators Used With Amusement Devices
Fees for generators and associated wiring used with amusement devices shall only be charged under the VADR.