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1926.1431(g)(1) Hooks and Other Detachable Devices
Hooks used in the connection between the hoist line and the personnel platform (including hooks on overhaul ball assemblies, lower load blocks, bridle legs, or other attachment assemblies or components) must be:
Of a type that can be closed and locked, eliminating the throat opening.
Closed and locked when attached.
Shackles used in place of hooks must be of the alloy anchor type, with either:
A bolt, nut and retaining pin, in place; or
Of the screw type, with the screw pin secured from accidental removal.
Where other detachable devices are used, they must be of the type that can be closed and locked to the same extent as the devices addressed in paragraphs (g)(1)(i) and (ii) of this section. Such devices must be closed and locked when attached.
1926.1431(g)(2) Rope Bridle
When a rope bridle is used to suspend the personnel platform, each bridle leg must be connected to a master link or shackle (see paragraph (g)(1) of this section) in a manner that ensures that the load is evenly divided among the bridle legs.
Rigging hardware (including wire rope, shackles, rings, master links, and other rigging hardware) and hooks must be capable of supporting, without failure, at least five times the maximum intended load applied or transmitted to that component. Where rotation resistant rope is used, the slings must be capable of supporting without failure at least ten times the maximum intended load.
Eyes in wire rope slings must be fabricated with thimbles.
Bridles and associated rigging for suspending the personnel platform must be used only for the platform and the necessary employees, their tools and materials necessary to do their work. The bridles and associated rigging must not have been used for any purpose other than hoisting personnel.
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