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The following are requirements that apply to all approved continuing education courses:
1. Date(s), time(s), and location(s) the course will be taught shall be provided to the board prior to the course presentation;
2. If course content is modified, the course must be resubmitted for course approval;
3. When promoting an approved course, the instructor shall make full and accurate disclosure regarding course title, course approval number, number of contact hours, certifications for which approval has been given, and all fees to be charged;
4. Course sponsors shall provide participants with a certificate of completion containing the name of the participant, title of approved course, BBS approval number, date and location of session, number of contact hours awarded, certification types for which course is approved, and signature of authorized sponsor or instructor;
5. The sponsors of an approved continuing education course shall provide the board with a legible copy of a list of participants who completed the course including: course name, date, and location of the session;
6. Participants must attend the complete course(s) as presented by the instructor to receive the contact hours approved by the board. No partial credit shall be given to any participant failing to complete the entire course as approved. The sponsor shall verify the participant's attendance and completion of the course; and,
7. The board does not provide retroactive approval for continuing education courses presented prior to submission of an application for approval.

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