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The ampacity of the neutral conductors shall comply with either (A) or (B).
(A) Neutral Conductor for Single Phase, 2-Wire Inverter Output
If a single-phase, 2-wire inverter output is connected to the neutral and one ungrounded conductor (only) of a 3-wire system or of a 3-phase, 4-wire, wye-connected system, the maximum load connected between the neutral and any one ungrounded conductor plus the inverter output rating shall not exceed the ampacity of the neutral conductor.
(B) Neutral Conductor for Instrumentation, Voltage, Detection or Phase Detection
A conductor used solely for instrumentation, voltage detection, or phase detection and connected to a single-phase or 3-phase interactive inverter, shall be permitted to be sized at less than the ampacity of the other current-carrying conductors and shall be sized equal to or larger than the equipment grounding conductor.

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