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Alternative birthing clinics and outpatient clinical services of a hospital providing services equivalent to alternative birthing clinics shall comply with Sections 1226.4.3 through 1226.4.8 and the provisions of this section:
1226.11.1 Birthing Service Space
1226.11.1.1 Birthing Room
A birthing room shall have a minimum clear floor area of 200 square feet (18.58 square meters), including the newborn care area. A birthing room shall have a minimum clear dimension of 12 feet (3658 mm). The maximum number of beds per room shall be one.
1226.11.1.2 Location
Birthing rooms shall be located out of the path of unrelated traffic and under direct supervision of the facility staff.
1226.11.1.3 Nurse Call System
A nurse call system shall be located in the birthing room which will alert the nearest continually staffed administrative center or nurse station. Refer to Section 1224.4.6.5 for requirements.
1226.11.1.4 Hand-Washing Stations
A handwashing fixture, as defined in Section 1224.3, shall be located within or directly outside the room. If the fixture is located within the room, the fixture may be screened or within openable casework.
1226.11.1.5 Lighting
Lighting capable of 1076 lux (100 footcandles) at working surfaces shall be provided. Dimmer switches may be used.
1226.11.1.6 Window
Each birthing room shall have an outside window. Refer to Sections 1224.4.9.4 and 1224.4.9.5.
1226.11.1.7 Privacy
Windows or doors within a normal sightline that would permit observation into the room shall be arranged or draped, as necessary, for mother and newborn privacy.
1226.11.1.8 Newborn Care Area
When provided, a separate newborn care area shall be provided that is in addition to the birthing room.
1226.11.1.9 Examination Room
When provided, the examination room shall meet the requirements of Section 1224.4.4.
1226.11.2 Support Areas for Birthing Services
1226.11.2.1 Nurse Station
1226.11.2.2 Medication Station
1226.11.2.3 Clean Utility Room
1226.11.2.4 Soiled Utility or Soiled Holding Room
1226.11.2.5 Crash Cart Space
Space for storing crash cart shall be provided.
1226.11.2.6 Clean-Up Room
Each birthing room shall have immediate access to a clean-up room with a handwashing station and work space which is separate from any sterilizing facilities. The clean-up room shall provide 24 square feet (2.23 m2) per birthing room up to eight rooms, with no dimensions less than 6 feet (1829 mm).
1226.11.2.7 Ice-Making Equipment
Each facility shall have equipment to provide ice for treatments and nourishment. Ice-making equipment shall be permitted in the clean utility or the nourishment room/area. Ice intended for human consumption shall be provided in the nourishment station and shall be served from self-dispensing ice-makers.
1226.11.2.8 Nourishment Room or Area
When provided, refer to Section 1226.4.13.7.
1226.11.2.9 Medical Gas Outlets
When provided, oxygen and suction capabilities may be portable or piped.
1226.11.3 Support Areas for Mother and Newborn
1226.11.3.1 Patient Toilet Room(s)
Each birthing room shall have direct access to a private toilet room with lavatory, shower or tub and nurse call system. Facilities for cleaning bedpans shall be provided in the toilet room.
1226.11.4 General Support Services and Facilities
1226.11.4.1 Housekeeping Room
1226.11.4.2 Garbage, Solid Waste, Medical Waste and Trash Storage
1226.11.4.3 Areas for Off-Site Laundry Services
1226.11.5 Public and Administrative Areas
1226.11.5.1 Public Area
1226. Reception
1226. Outpatient Waiting Room
1226. Public Toilet(s)
1226. Public Telephone
1226. Drinking Fountain
1226.11.5.2 Administrative Services
1226. Medical Records Storage
1226. Equipment and Supply Storage
Refer to 1226.
1226.11.6 Support Areas for Staff
1226.11.6.1 Staff Toilet(s)
1226.11.6.2 Storage for Employees
1226.11.6.3 Staff Lounge
1226.11.6.4 Staff Clothing Change Area
When provided, a changing room with shower shall be provided for staff to change into work attire.
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