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Ramps for access of vehicles to or between barges shall be of adequate strength, provided with side boards, well maintained, and properly secured.
Unless employees can step safely to or from the wharf, float, barge, or river towboat, either a ramp, meeting the requirements of paragraph (b)(1) of this section, or a safe walkway, shall be provided.
Jacob's ladders shall be of the double rung or flat tread type. They shall be well maintained and properly secured.
A Jacob's ladder shall either hang without slack from its lashings or be pulled up entirely.
When the upper end of the means of access rests on or is flush with the top of the bulwark, substantial steps properly secured and equipped with at least one substantial hand rail approximately 33 inches in height, shall be provided between the top of the bulwark and the deck.
Obstructions shall not be laid on or across the gangway.
The means of access shall be adequately illuminated for its full length.
Unless the structure makes it impossible, the means of access shall be so located that the load will not pass over employees.

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