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2508.3.1 Floating AnglesPart III Floating Buildings1926.1437(m) Floating Cranes/Derricks1926.1437 Floating Cranes/Derricks and Land Cranes/Derricks on Barges610.8.1 Floating Devices(A) Floating Piers66.22.2.2 Floating Roof Tank1910.68(b)(7)(ii) Floating Type1910.106(b)(5)(vi) Flood Areas1926.800(d)(5) Flood ControlG310.5 Flood-Damage-Resistant MaterialsSection 1612 Flood Design1603.1.7 Flood Design DataG2404.7 (301.11) Flood HazardP2601.3 Flood Hazard Area402.2.1 Flood Hazard Area Preservation, General402.2.2 Flood Hazard Area Preservation, Specific1202.4.4 Flood Hazard AreasR322.2 Flood Hazard Areas (Including A Zones)[B] 309.3 Flood Hazard Areas Subject to High-Velocity Wave ActionR322.3.6.1 Flood Hazard Certificates1612.4 Flood Hazard DocumentationSection 309 Flood Hazard Resistance1603.1.8 Flood LoadSection 1612 Flood Loads3109.5 Flood Loads During a 100-Year Storm453.27.5.1 Flood PlainA-902.6.2 Flood Plain Location Certificate*1.1-4.3 Flood ProtectionA-701.3.3 Flood Protection ConfirmationA-103.5 Flood Protection ProvisionsSection R322 Flood-Resist Ant Construction[BS] 1402.6 Flood Resistance1403.7 Flood Resistance for Coastal High Hazard Areas[BS] 1402.7 Flood Resistance for Coastal High-Hazard Areas and Coastal A Zones1403.7 Flood Resistance for High-Velocity Wave Action AreasSection 8.12 Flood ResistancesSection R322 Flood-Resistant ConstructionSection R322 Flood-Resistant Construction(deleted)8.12.1 Flood-Resistant Design and ConstructionM2001.4 Flood-Resistant InstallationR322.1.8 Flood-Resistant MaterialsG107.4 Flood Shield Inspection3202.2.2.3 Flood Shield SupportsG103.5.1 Floodway Revisions1705.34 Flood Zone Compliance107.16 Flood Zone Compliance Plans5604.7.10 Flooding453.27.5.1 FloodplainR301.2.4 Floodplain ConstructionR109.1.3 Floodplain Inspections(3) Floodplain ProtectionG103.5 Floodway EncroachmentG104.2.3.3 Floodway Encroachment CertificationG105.5 Floodway RestrictionsG103.5.1 Floodway Revisions1127A.5.3.4 Floor503.4 Floor and Ground Surfaces2104.7 Floor and Roof AnchorageSection 711 Floor and Roof AssembliesSection 106 Floor and Roof Design LoadsR606.12.1.1 Floor and Roof Diaphragm ConstructionR611.8.3.1 Floor and Roof Diaphragm Construction Requirements in Seismic Design Categories D0, D1 and D22308.6.8.2 Floor and Roof Diaphragm Support in Seismic Design Categories D and E2308.6.8.2 Floor and Roof Diaphragm Support in Seismic Design Category D2304.4 Floor and Roof Framing2304.8 Floor and Roof Sheathing2211.5 Floor and Roof System DesignSection 413 Floor and Trench Drains421.4.1 Floor and Wall Area405.4 Floor and Wall Drainage Connections220.11 Floor Area91-20 Floor Area and Density Regulations24-10 Floor Area and Lot Coverage Regulations34-223 Floor Area Bonus for a Public Plaza35-34 Floor Area Bonus for a Public Plaza or Arcade123-641 Floor Area Bonus for a Public Plaza or Arcade in Connection With Mixed Use Buildings34-224 Floor Area Bonus for an Arcade24-15 Floor Area Bonus for Arcades74-871 Floor Area Bonus for Covered Pedestrian Space24-13 Floor Area Bonus for Deep Front and Wide Side Yards33-15 Floor Area Bonus for Front Yards81-652 Floor Area Bonus for Mass Transit Station Improvements96-25 Floor Area Bonus for New Theater Use43-13 Floor Area Bonus for Public Plazas81-745 Floor Area Bonus for Rehabilitation of Existing Listed Theaters97-422 Floor Area Bonus for Visual or Performing Arts Uses81-54 Floor Area Bonus in the Penn Center Subdistrict25-85 Floor Area Exemption13-432 Floor Area Exemption for Automated Parking Facilities98-262 Floor Area Increase82-311 Floor Area Increase by Special Permit93-233 Floor Area Increase for Affordable Housing in Subdistrict F43-123 Floor Area Increase for an Industrial Space Within a Self-Service Storage Facility34-225 Floor Area Increase for Inclusionary Housing in C4-7 Districts Within Community District 7, Borough of Manhattan91-23 Floor Area Increase for Provision of Recreation Space93-232 Floor Area Increase in Subdistricts B, C, D and E, and Special Garment Center District Subdistrict A-291-22 Floor Area Increase Regulations144-213 Floor Area Limitations on Additional Uses81-24 Floor Area, Lot Coverage and Building Spacing Regulations for Residential Uses128-20 Floor Area, Lot Coverage and Yard Regulations109-123 Floor Area Per Room Regulations15-211 Floor Area Preservation77-22 Floor Area Ratio117-631 Floor Area Ratio and Lot Coverage Modifications144-212 Floor Area Ratio Calculations115-21 Floor Area Ratio, Open Space and Lot Coverage81-21 Floor Area Ratio Regulations82-31 Floor Area Ratio Regulations for Commercial Uses109-321 Floor Area Regulation33-10 Floor Area Regulations43-621 Floor Area Regulations in M1-6D Districts142-22 Floor Area Regulations in Subareas A2, A3 and B1142-23 Floor Area Regulations in Subareas B2 and B3142-24 Floor Area Regulations in Subdistrict D93-225 Floor Area Regulations in Subdistrict F93-226 Floor Area Regulations in Subdistrict G93-22 Floor Area Regulations in Subdistricts B, C, D, E, F and G87-21 Floor Area Regulations in the Core Subdistrict93-21 Floor Area Regulations in the Large-Scale Plan Subdistrict A87-22 Floor Area Regulations in the North Subdistrict134-211 Floor Area Regulations in the Northern Subdistrict93-32 Floor Area Regulations in the Phase 2 Hudson Boulevard and Park134-212 Floor Area Regulations in the Southern Subdistrict142-21 Floor Area Regulations on Waterfront Blocks402.2.1 Floor Area to Be Ventilated(1) Floor Areas407. Floor Arrival[F] 428.3.3 Floor Assembly Fire Resistance1805.4.1 Floor Base Course(B) Floor BoxesR502.3.3 Floor CantileversM1803.3.1 Floor, Ceiling and Wall Penetrations3412.6.3.2 Floor/Ceiling ConstructionP3005.2.10.3 Floor Cleanout Assemblies[F] 906.9.3 Floor Clearance406.3.3 Floor Construction16.9.11 Floor Control Valve Assemblies[F] 904.11.2.3 Floor Control Valves2404.3.2.1 Floor Covering324.41 Floor Coverings2304.11.4 Floor Decks407.2.3.1 Floor Designation11B-411.2.3.1 Floor Designation Signs11B-411.1.1 Floor Designations11B-411.4.11 Floor Destination IndicatorsR606. Floor Diaphragms412.2 Floor Drain Trap and Strainer1006.0 Floor Drain Traps910.2 Floor Drain VentsSection P2719 Floor Drains412.6 Floor Drains According to Floor Area12.10.4 Floor Drains and Floor Sinks468.3.5.6 Floor Drains and Hose Bibbs468.3.6.6 Floor Drains and Plumbing Fixtures in Equipment Rooms7.16 Floor Drains, Area Drains, and Trench Drains802.1.2 Floor Drains in Food Storage Areas412.5 Floor Drains; Public Toilet RoomsSection 890.730 Floor Drains/Trench Drains1010.1.4 Floor ElevationR311.3.2 Floor Elevations at Other Exterior DoorsR311.3.1 Floor Elevations at the Required Egress DoorsR311.3.2 Floor Elevations for Other Exterior Doors1253.2 Floor Finish453.16.8.1 Floor Finish Shall Be Slip Resistant1224.4.11.1 Floor Finishes1.2- Floor Finishes, Surfaces, and Transitions to Facilitate Safe and Effective Use of Resident Mobility and Transfer Equipment105.5.19 Floor FinishingSection 2410 Floor Finishing Operations711.8 Floor Fire Door Assemblies3.3.118 Floor Fire Door Assembly712.1.13 Floor Fire Doors405.4.1 Floor Flanges3.3.4 Floor Flanges and Mounting Bolts2308.4 Floor Framing2308.4.9 Floor Framing Supporting Braced Wall PanelsArticle 13 Floor FurnacesSection M2103 Floor Heating Systems1014.2.1.2 Floor Height11B-504.8 Floor Identification1022.8 Floor Identification Signs3137B.2.4 Floor Inlets5.5.3.4 Floor Insulation2308.4.2 Floor Joists[BS] A304.1.3 Floor Joists Not Parallel to Foundations[BS] A304.1.4 Floor Joists Parallel to Foundations7.2.1.3 Floor Level1013.7 Floor-Level Exit Signs1013.2 Floor-Level Exit Signs in Group R-11603.1.1 Floor Live Load§27-557 Floor Live LoadsA-902.6.3 Floor Load Certificates16-311 Floor Loads204.11 Floor Loads and Occupant Loads§27-564 Floor Loads to Be Posted1910.265(c)(3)(iii) Floor Maintenance1025.2.4.1 Floor-Mounted Demarcation Lines917.2.1 Floor-Mounted-Type Unit Heaters920.3 Floor-Mounted Units5.303.3.2.2 Floor-Mounted Urinals412.1.2 Floor Mounted Urinals [BSC-CG, DSA-SS & DSA-SS/CC]M1410.2 Floor Mounting3303.7.6 Floor Numbering and Floor Elevation§27-392 Floor Numbering Signs3003.2.1 Floor Numbers6. Floor Opening Protection Adjacent to Moving Walk Wellway6. Floor Opening Protection Adjacent to the Moving Walk Wellway408.5.1 Floor OpeningsSection 704 Floor Openings and Shafts3306.9.10.2 Floor Openings Not to Aggregate More Than 25 Percent of the Gross Floor Area3306.9.12.1 Floor Openings Used for the Removal of Debris1910.179(a)(5) Floor-Operated Crane105.5 Floor or Floor Surface403.2 Floor or Ground Surface302 Floor or Ground SurfacesP-705.3 Floor Outlet Fixtures(2) Floor Outlets8. Floor Over Hoistway2.1.3 Floor Over Hoistways5.7.1.2 Floor Over the Hoistway465.13.3 Floor Penetrations107.7.2 Floor Plans707A.8 Floor Projections2404.4.4 Floor Protection7.10.1.7* Floor Proximity Egress Path Marking7.10.1.6* Floor Proximity Exit Signs(2) Floor Receptacle Outlets(3) Floor ReceptaclesM1601.4.10 Floor Register Location603.18.1 Floor Registers3310.3 Floor Required217.4.2 Floor Requirement[F] 502.7.7 Floor Resurfacing OperationsR608.10 Floor, Roof and Ceiling Diaphragms[BF] 1705.15.6.1 Floor, Roof and Wall Assemblies1109. Floor Selection Controls435.8.7 Floor SeparationSection R503 Floor Sheathing§27-2048 Floor SignsSection 414 Floor SinksB303 Floor Slab-on-Grade Buildings308.1 Floor Slope454. Floor Slope Shall Be Uniform807.1 Floor Slopes8.6.1 Floor Smoke Barriers11B-809.10.8.2 Floor Space2111.3.2 Floor-Supported Fireplaces412.3.3 Floor Surface407.4.2 Floor SurfacesSection 2410 Floor Surfacing and Finishing OperationsB306.1 Floor System ConstructionR502.6.1 Floor SystemsR505.3.1 Floor to Foundation or Bearing Wall ConnectionsR505.3.1 Floor-to-Foundation or Load-Bearing Wall ConnectionsR505.1.3 Floor Trusses2303.1.8.1 Floor Underlayment408.5.2 Floor Wardens5.8.1.11 Flooring*2.1- Flooring and Wall Bases1.2- Flooring Characteristics602.4.1.3 FloorsE 501.6 Floors and DrainsR311.3 Floors and Landings at Exterior Doors1910.261(i)(3) Floors and Platforms722.6.2.4 Floors and Roofs1210.1 Floors and Wall Base Finish Materials[P] 1210.2.1 Floors and Wall Bases3303.12.2 Floors Closed to the Public1202.7.3.2 Floors in Contact With the Earth[F] 415.7.1 Floors in Storage Rooms320. Floors InvolvedF102.2 Floors on GradeP-711.1 Floors or ReceptorsE403 Floors Over Crawl SpaceC403 Floors Over Crawlspace3.1.2 Floors Over HoistwaysC402.2.5 Floors Over Outdoor Air or Unconditioned SpaceSection CA105 Floors Over Unconditioned Space14X-3-304.4 Floors, Stairs, and Walking Surfaces[FG] 702.6.1 Florida Building Code, Fuel Gas453.5.17 Florida College453. Florida Colleges[FG] 702.4.1 Florida Fuel Gas Code9B-52.004 Florida Standard for Passive Radon-Resistant New Residential Building Construction, Adopted453.4.3 Florida Statutes and State Rules221.1.1 Florida Vertical Accessibility101.2.1 Flotation Tanks1910.263(d) Flour-Handling Equipment1910.263(d)(9) Flour ScalesL 501.7 Flow Balancing Valves52. Flow BatteriesPart V Flow Battery Energy Storage Systems1208.11.4 Flow CapacityAppendix A Flow Charts2405.10 Flow-Coating Operations66. Flow Control42. Flow Control Valves706.43 Flow Controls1204.6 Flow Directions314.3 Flow Distribution3.3.101.2 Flow Hydrant311.7 Flow Measurement3125B.3 Flow Meter607.4 Flow of Hot Water to Fixtures609.3.4 Flow Rate[P] 1203.3.6 Flow Rate and Pressure1321.10.2 Flow Rate Control3129B.1 Flow RatesG2427.10.6 (503.10.6) Flow Resistance1214.3 Flow-Sensing Devices504.8 Flow-Sensing Switch1206.2.12.5 Flow Storage Batteries3.3.80 Flow Test3.3.119 Flow Time4.3 Flow VelocityP-811.1.2 Fluctuations2113.15 Flue Area (Appliance)2113.16 Flue Area (Masonry Fireplace)§27-808 Flue Dampers1103.4.10 Flue-Fed Incinerators605.8.6 Flue-Fed Incinerators in Group I-2801.16 Flue Lining2113.12 Flue Lining (Installation)2113.11 Flue Lining (Material)2113.11.1.1 Flue Linings for Specific AppliancesM1801.3.2 Flue Passageways3208.3.1 Flue Space Protection16.1.11 Flue Space Requirements for Storage Over 25 ft (7.6 m)16.1.10 Flue Space Requirements for Storage Up to and Including 25 ft (7.6 m)3208.3 Flue Spaces20.5.3.3 Flues6.5.1.2 Fluid EconomizersE 503.5.2 Fluid Economizers, Design Capacity§27-574 Fluid Pressures1404.3 Fluid Safety Labeling2.2- Fluid Waste Disposal Facilities469.4.6.5 Fluid Waste Disposal Station(s)1910.107(a)(6) Fluidized Bed9.3 Fluorescent Lighting1910.252(c)(5) Fluorine Compounds*2.2- Fluoroscopy Room604.6 Flush Controls314.20 Flush-Mounted Installations(B) Flush-Mounted Switch or Circuit Breaker(E) Flush Mounting With FaceplateP104.11.2 Flush of Fire Department Inlet Connection and Piping415.4 Flush Pipes and Fittings3. Flush SprinklerP2712.8 Flush Tank Lining415.3 Flush Tanks7.19.3 Flush Tanks: Gravity, Pump Assisted, Vacuum AssistedN Flush Valve (Repealed)Section 890.1780 Flush ValvesP2712.4 Flush Valves in Flush TanksP-706.5 Flush Valves in Water Closet Tanks1205.3 Flushing10.9 Flushing and Disinfecting Potable Water SystemsE 505.4 Flushing Device413.0 Flushing DevicesSection 415 Flushing Devices for Water Closets and UrinalsSection 425 Flushing Devices Forwater Closets and UrinalsP2712.2 Flushing Devices RequiredSection 890.1180 Flushing/Disinfection of Potable Water System144-231 Flushing East Subarea6.10.2.1* Flushing of Piping1910.159(c)(3)(i) Flushing of Underground ConnectionsP-707.1 Flushing Rims and Traps3.3.82 Flushing TestP3009.13 Flushing Water Systems127-50 Flushing Waterfront Access Plan7.19.4 Flushometer Tanks (Pressure Assisted)D Flushometer Valve411.2.2 Flushometer Valve Activated Water Closets411.2.3.1 Flushometer Valve Activated Water Closets [BSC-CG, DSA-SS & DSA-SS/CC]413.2 Flushometer Valves415.2 Flushometer Valves and TanksP-706.6 Flushometers[BF] 1705.15.4.4 Fluted Decks1321.9.2 Flux1321.9.4 Flux-Coated Brazing Rods3.3.120 Fly Gallery*1403.8.3 Fly-Through Conditions1910.211(f)(5) Flywheels1910.217(h)(4) Flywheels and Bearings2.3.7 FM Global Publications2.3.7 FM PublicationsSection N104 FM SystemN104.1 FM System Specifications(B) FMT — Metric Designator 12 (Trade Size 3/8)(A) FMT — Metric Designators 16 and 21 (Trade Size 1/2 and 3/4)(A) FMT — Metric Designators 16 and 21 (Trade Sizes 1/2 and 3/4)1910.155(c)(21) FoamR316.5.7 Foam Backer Board21. Foam Concentrate SupplyR316.5.5 Foam-Filled Exterior DoorsR316.5.6 Foam-Filled Garage Doors5704. Foam Fire Protection System Installation[F] 806.5 Foam Plastic2603.7 Foam Plastic as Interior Finish or Interior Trim in Plenum-Served Spaces806.5 Foam Plastic as Trim803.11.1 Foam Plastic Combustibility Characteristics2613.3.1 Foam Plastic Cores2603.7 Foam Plastic in Plenums as Interior Finish or Interior TrimSection 2603 Foam Plastic InsulationR316.3.1 Foam Plastic Insulation 4 Inches Thick or Less2603.7 Foam Plastic Insulation in Plenums as Interior Finish or Interior TrimR316.3.2 Foam Plastic Insulation More Than 4 Inches Thick2603.7 Foam Plastic Insulation Used as Interior Finish or Interior Trim in Plenums2604.2 Foam Plastic Interior Trim803.11 Foam Plastic MaterialsR318.4 Foam Plastic ProtectionR703.11.2 Foam Plastic Sheathing806.2 Foam Plastic Signs803.4 Foam Plastics807.5.7.1 Foam Plastics, Decorations, Textile and Film Materials2007.6 Foam Protection5704. Foam Storage3108F.6.4 Foam Supply (N/E)[F] 904.7 Foam Systems32.5.5 Foamed Plastic Materials10.3.6* Foamed Plastics1015.0 FOG (Fats, Oils, and Greases) Disposal System6.2.1.4 FOG (Fats, Oils, and Greases) Disposal Systems*§28-504.3 Foldable Bicycle Access*§28-504.6 Foldable Bicycles on Passenger Elevators in Residential Buildings3.3.248.3 Folding and Telescopic Seating2.14.6.4 Folding Car Doors§27-347 Folding Partitions3102F.3.7 Follow-Up Actions1926.62(j)(2)(ii) Follow-Up Blood Sampling Tests2.3 Follow-Up Field Work1703.6.1 Follow-Up Inspection1910.134(e)(3) Follow-Up Medical Examination1910.1050(m)(9)(v)(C) Follow-Up Medical Surveillance During the Period of Employee Removal or Limitations1910.95(g)(8) Follow-Up Procedures1811.2.3 Followers801.3 Food and Beverage Handling Establishments2.1-4.3 Food and Nutrition Services2.1- Food and Supply Storage319.3 Food Cart Pods3.3.51.2 Food Court402.8.2.4 Food Courts2.25.4 Food Display Equipment702.3 Food Establishment Prerinse Spray Valves1403.3 Food-Grade Additives802.1.1 Food Handling9.1.5 Food Handling Areas317.0 Food-Handling Establishments2.25 Food Handling Establishments and Food Handling Areas Within Buildings801.3.3 Food-Handling Fixtures1009.2 Food-Handling Occupancies105.1.3 Food Permit404.7 Food Preparation1105.7 Food Preparation Area1224. Food Preparation Areas1225. Food Preparation Facilities457.2.3.2 Food Preparation, Sanitation and Storage2.1- Food Preparation Surfaces1224.20.2.5 Food Preparation Workspaces1225. Food Service918.0 Food Service Appliance, Floor Mounted919.0 Food Service Appliances, Counter Appliances1224.20.2.7 Food Service Carts2.25.2 Food Service Equipment and Fixtures7.21.8 Food Service Establishments2.4- Food Service Facilities702.11 Food Service Handwashing Faucets904.5 Food Service Lines38.7.4 Food Service Operations2.4-4.5 Food ServicesL 404.3 Food Steamers418.4 Food Storage Areas802.1.8 Food Utensils, Dish, Pots and Pans Sinks802.1.7 Food Utensils, Dishes, Pots and Pans SinksL 404.7 Food Waste DevicesSection 890.710 Food Waste Disposal Units302.7 Food Waste DisposalsSection P2716 Food-Waste DisposerSection 416 Food Waste Disposer UnitsP2716.1 Food-Waste Disposer Waste Outlets1003.3.2 Food Waste Disposers1014.1.3 Food Waste Disposers and Dishwashers1003.3.2 Food Waste Disposers RestrictionSection P2716 Food Waste GrinderSection 413 Food Waste Grinder UnitsP2716.1 Food Waste Grinder Waste Outlets1003.3.2 Food Waste Grinders1910.156(e)(2) Foot and Leg Protection1910.181(a)(19) Foot Bearing3307.2.5 Foot Bridges1910.211(d)(30) Foot Control1910.218(b)(2) Foot Operated Devices1910.211(d)(31) Foot Pedal1910.217(b)(4) Foot Pedals (Treadle)1910.136 Foot Protection(B) Foot Switches423.3 Footbaths and Pedicure Baths423.3 Footbaths, Pedicure Baths and Head Shampoo Sinks3.3.8 Footing[A] 110.3.1 Footing and Foundation InspectionC105.2.1 Footing and Foundation InsulationR403.1.3 Footing and Stem Wall Reinforcing in Seismic Design Categories D0, D1 and D2107.1.1 Footing Inspection[A] 109.3.1 Footing or Foundation Inspection1809.13 Footing Seismic Ties1805.3.2 Footing Setback From Descending Slope SurfaceR403.1.7.2 Footing Setback From Descending Slope SurfacesI105.2 Footings3314.6 Footings and Anchorage2112.3 Footings and Foundation2111.3 Footings and FoundationsSection 1906 Footings for Light-Frame ConstructionR403.4 Footings for Precast Concrete Foundations3202.1.1.1 Footings for Temporary Barriers or Shields in Areas of Special Flood Hazard or Shaded X-Zones3202.1.1.1 Footings for Temporary Barriers or Shields in Flood Hazard Areas or Shaded X-ZonesR403.2 Footings for Wood Foundations18.13.2 Footings, Foundation Mats, and Pile CapsArticle 6 Footings, Foundation Piers, and Foundation Walls§27-722 Footings, Foundation Piers, Foundation Walls and Pile Caps3304.1.3 Footings on Adjacent SlopesR403.1.7 Footings on or Adjacent to Slopes520.43 Footlights1616.5.1.6 Footnote C:1009.2.6 Footrests and Armrests1910.179(a)(41) Footwalk1910.179(d) Footwalks and Ladders-C1.2.2 For Above-Grade Walls25-142 For Accessory# #Uses in Large-Scale Residential Developments(ii) 5614.1.4.2 For an Indoor Display Exhibition(i) 5614.1.4.1 For an Outdoor Display Exhibition(B) For Angle or U Pulls2. For Aramid Fiber RopesC1.2.3 For Below-Grade Walls2.26.1.2 For Car-Switch Operation Elevators(C) For Combination Loads73-452 For Community Facilities in Residence Districts(B) For Conductors25-262 For Conversions36-363 For Conversions in C1 or C2 Districts Governed by Surrounding Residence District Bulk Regulations36-364 For Conversions in C4 Districts32-512 For Corner Lots25-261 For Developments or Enlargements1910.425(c)(4) For Dives Deeper Than 100 FSW or Outside the No-Decompression Limits:1910.420(b)(2) For Each Diving Mode Engaged In, the Safe Practices Manual Shall Include:3013.1 For Elevators Installed in a Private Residence:C1.4 For FenestrationC1.2.4 For Floors304A.3.4.1 For General Acute Care Hospital Buildings Along With All Structures Required for Their Continuous Operation or Access/Egress:(A) For Grounded Systems907.3.2.4 For Group A Courthouse Occupancies907.3.2.2 For Group I and R-2.1 Occupancies907.3.2.3 For Group R-4907.3.2.3 For Group R-4 Occupancies25-141 For Hospitals73-481 For Hospitals and Related Facilities in Residence Districts25-531 For Houses of Worship304A.3.4.2 For Incidental and Minor Additions, Alterations or Repairs of Pre-1973 Hospital Buildings Which Will Not Be Used for General Acute Care Services After January 1, 2030:1910.303(g)(1)(vii)(A) For Indoor Installation, the Dedicated Space Shall Comply With the Following:1926.1437(n)(3) For List and TrimL 501.3.1 For Low-Rise Residential Buildings1910.1050(k)(2)(ii)(B) For Mixtures Containing MDA:3315.1.2 For Motor Vehicle Use73-453 For Non-Residential Uses in Commercial or Manufacturing Districts2. For Noncircular Elastomeric-Coated Steel Suspension MembersC1.3 For Opaque Doors25-68 For Parking Facilities Containing Car Sharing Vehicles25-532 For Permitted Non-Residential Uses1910.1027(l)(4)(v) For Previously Exposed Employees Under Paragraph (L)(1)(I)(B):RELAYS For Protective Signaling ServiceL 501.3.2 For Pumps Between Boilers and Storage Tanks1910.1050(k)(2)(ii)(A) For Pure MDA:R314.8.3 For Purposes of Clarification,23-153 For Quality Housing Buildings73-451 For Residences64-411 For Residential Buildings With Below-Grade ParkingC1.2.1 For Roofs101-617 "For Sale" or "For Rent" SignsC1.6 For Slab-on-Grade FloorC1.2.5 For Slab-on-Grade Floors2. For Steel Wire Ropes(A) For Straight Pulls(i) For Structures Regulated by the Building Code as Listed in Rule 1301:7-7-47 of the Administrative Code(i) For Structures Regulated by the Building Code as Listed in Rule 1301:7-7-80 of the Administrative Code95-042 For Substantially Vacant Existing Zoning Lots1926.1437(n)(4) For the Following Conditions:107-471 For the Purposes of This Chapter, the Waiver Provision Set Forth in Section 36-231 Shall Not Apply to Any #Development# in the Special District(B) For Torque Motors(B) For Ungrounded SystemsC1.2.6 For Uninsulated Assemblies3315.1.3 For Use by Persons3315.1.3 For Use of Workers(A) For Welders23-543 For Zoning Lots With Multiple Rear Lot Lines42-441 For Zoning Lots With Single Frontage1910.109(a)(3)(iv) Forbidden or Not Acceptable Explosives8. Force and Movement TestA.7.3 Force-Controlled Actions703.6 Force Main8. Force Normal to the (X-X) Axis of the Rail (See Force Normal to the (Y-Y) Axis of the Rail (See Force Normal to (X-X) Axis of Rail (See Force Normal to (X-X) Axis of the Rail (See Force Normal to (Y-Y) Axis of Rail (See Force of Law2.17.9.4 Force Providing Stopping Action to Be Compressive2305.3.7.1 Force Transfer Around Openings2305.3.5.2 Force Transfer Shear Wall Pier Height Definition2305.3.6.2 Force Transfer Shear Wall Pier Width DefinitionR403. Forced Air Circulation Systems[F] 915.1.3 Forced-Air Furnaces802.6.1.6 Forced Air InletG2427.6.7 (503.6.8) Forced Air InletsSection G2442 (618) Forced-Air Warm-Air FurnacesSection 706 Forced Combustion Air Supply804.3.1 Forced Draft Systems312.7 Forced Drain Test312.7 Forced Sewer Test1010.1.3 Forces to Unlatch and Open Doors14A-3-314.1.7 Forcible Felony in Unsecured Vacant Building3.3.142 Forecasting40.4.1.2 Foreign Materials2.5-2.5 Forensic Psychiatric Patient Care Unit1228.31 Forensic Psychiatric Unit(5) 5615.5 Forfeiture of Fee§28-419.7 Forfeiture Procedure§28-419.7.4 Forfeiture Subject to Security Interest1910.211(e)(1) Forging1910.218 Forging Machines1910.211(e)(5) Forging Presses1910.211(e)(8) Forging Rolls1607.8.4 Forklifts and Movable Equipment401.4.2 FormR608.5.3 Form Materials and Form Ties§ 23-27.3-113.2 Form of Application. —(a) 109.3.1 Form of Citation103.1 Form of Complaints and Other Pleadings§28-502.4.1 Form of List14A-10-1003.2 Form of Requests1926.452(g) Form Scaffolds and Carpenters' Bracket Scaffolds7-165 Formal Hearing7-163 Formal Hearing Request90.6 Formal Interpretations1910.1048 Formaldehyde1.1.11 Format14A-4-411.3.1 Format and Required Information§4801-01 Former Board of Standards and Appeals Rules1808.8.5 Forming of Concrete1910.212(a)(3)(iv)(i) Forming Rolls and Calenders(3) Forming Shell and Metal Screen(1) Forming Shells13. Forms1908A.3 Forms and Ground Wires for Shotcrete13. Forms for Documentation1906.1.6 Forms for Pre-Stressed and Post-Tensioned Concrete3305.3.1.6 Forms for Prestressed and Post-Tensioned Concrete13. Forms for Record of Completion, Record of Inspection and Testing, and Risk Analysis419.1 Formula Preparation Area1224. Formula Preparation Room8. Formula Symbols27.2.2 Formulas1906.1 Formwork1926.501(b)(5) Formwork and Reinforcing SteelSection 1906 Formwork, Embedded Pipes and Construction Joints3305.3.3 Formwork Inspection and Observation3305.3.4.5 Formwork Interconnection3305.3.3.2 Formwork Observation§27-612 Formwork, Slip Form Construction, Lift Method Construction, Precast and Prestressed Construction305.7.1 Forward Approach1104. Forward Approach BathtubsP104.11.2.3 Forward Flush With 2-Inch Gate Valve Adjacent to Check ValveP104.11.2.2 Forward Flush With In-Line Screen308.2 Forward ReachR403. Fossil Fuel Heating Equipment310.4.4 Foster Family Care Homes3314.9.2 FoundationAA203.3 Foundation Anchor BoltsR403.1.6 Foundation AnchorageR403.1.6.1 Foundation Anchorage in Seismic Design Categories C, D0, D1 and D2106.5 Foundation and Earthwork PermitsF101.3 Foundation and Exterior Wall Sealing8. Foundation and Location of Buffer8. Foundation and Location of the BufferSection R404 Foundation and Retaining WallsSection 1802 Foundation and Soils InvestigationsP2910.9.4 Foundation and SupportsAE502.4 Foundation Design1816.3 Foundation Design AnalysisR322.2.3 Foundation Design and Construction1801.2.1 Foundation Design for Seismic Overturning1805.4.2 Foundation DrainSection R405 Foundation Drainage13.1.5 Foundation Drains3.8 Foundation Drains and Subsoil Drainage1808.7.4 Foundation ElevationA304.2.2 Foundation Evaluation by an Engineer or ArchitectR109.1.1 Foundation Inspection107.1.3 Foundation Inspection, Crawl SpaceSection 409 Foundation InsulationArticle 3 Foundation LoadsA-902.2.4 Foundation-Only Permits3309.6 Foundation Operations Affecting Adjacent Properties9.1.1 Foundation PerformanceA-302.6 Foundation Permit§27-685 Foundation Piers[BS] A406.3.1 Foundation Plan Elements107.7.1 Foundation Plans1805.6 Foundation Plate or Sill Bolting2308.3.1 Foundation Plates or Sills2308.6.8.1 Foundation Requirements18.13.4 Foundation Seismic Ties1808.7.2 Foundation Setback From Descending Slope Surface[BS] A304.3 Foundation Sill Plate Anchorage2109. Foundation SupportSection 4.403 Foundation Systems1809.5.8.2 Foundation Wall DrainageR402.1.1.8 Foundation Wall Insulation Performance Option1805.5.2 Foundation Wall Materials1807.1.6.1 Foundation Wall ThicknessR404.1.5 Foundation Wall Thickness Based on Walls SupportedF101.2 Foundation Wall Ventilation Openings1807.1 Foundation WallsSection 1807 Foundation Walls, Retaining Walls and Embedded Posts and PolesSection 1807 Foundation Walls, Retainingwalls and Embedded Posts and PolesSection R406 Foundation Waterproofing and DampproofingSection R406 Foundation Waterproofingand DampproofingSection 1808 FoundationsR403.3.1 Foundations Adjoining Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations14X-12-1202.4.1 Foundations and Basements§27-568 Foundations and Column Supports453.25.4.6 Foundations and Floor Slabs2308.3 Foundations and Footings1926.1435(b)(3) Foundations and Structural Supports12.13.1.1 Foundations and Superstructure-to-Foundation Connections63.4.2.3 Foundations and Supports1910.265(c)(19)(i) Foundations and Walkways1805.3 Foundations at Different Levels2.9.2.2 Foundations, Beams, and Floors for Machinery and Sheaves Not Located Directly Over the Hoistway66.22.5.2 Foundations for and Anchoring of Aboveground Storage Tanks66. Foundations for and Anchoring of Cooking Oil Storage TanksR403.1.8 Foundations on Expansive Soils1809.3.2 Foundations on Frozen Soil1808.7 Foundations on or Adjacent to SlopesR403.1.3.1 Foundations With Stemwalls3307.6.4.10 FoundingPart V FountainsL 406.0 Fountains and Other Water Features1926.1437(h)(4)(i)(D) Four-Corner Draft Readings93-513 Four Corners Subarea A21104.24.3 Four Egress Doors or Exits Required11B-812.8.1 Four or Fewer510.7.2 Four Stories or More3.3.83* Four-Way Bracing1926.1437(h)(5) Four-Year: Internal Vessel/Flotation Device Inspection(I) Foyers1030.4 Foyers and Lobbies4. FPT and Verification Documentation(4) FPTs Approval6.5.3.6 Fractional Horsepower Fan MotorsC403.8.4 Fractional hp Fan MotorsC403.8.4 Fractional hp Fan Motors (Mandatory)(B) Fractions of an Ampere7.21.10 Fractions of the Minimum Number of Required Plumbing Fixtures3114.2.1 FrameR109.1.4 Frame and Masonry Inspection§193 Frame Buildings§56 Frame Buildings and Extensions2.21.2.2 Frame Connections1910.262(s)(2) Frame Ends[A] 110.3.4 Frame Inspection1910.5.2 Frame Members Not Proportioned to Resist Forces Induced by Earthquake Motions3314.13.3 Frame Scaffold Brackets1616.2 Frame Structures803.5.1.3 Framed Rigid Combustible Decorative Material2.21.1.1 Frames2304.10.1.3 Frames and Arches4.5 Frames Not Part of the Lateral-Force-Resisting System250.140 Frames of Ranges and Clothes Dryers4.1 Frames With Infill Walls5.4.2 Framework*1.2-1.3.1 Framework for Hospital Design*1.2-1.3.1 Framework for Outpatient Facility Design1.2-1.3.2 Framework for Residential Health, Care, and Support Facility Design1609.8.2 Frameworks Without Cladding2405.4 Framing2308.11.3 Framing and Connection DetailsR602.11 Framing and Connections for Seismic Design Categories D0, D1 and D2R105.2.2 Framing and Rough-in Inspection2304.5 Framing Around Flues and Chimneys2308.4.4 Framing Around OpeningsR502.2.1 Framing at Braced Wall LinesCA103.2 Framing Description2308.5.2 Framing Details14A-5-502.3.3 Framing Inspections2305.1.2.1 Framing MembersR505.3.8 Framing of Floor OpeningsR804.3.10 Framing of OpeningR502.10 Framing of OpeningsR804.3.5 Framing of Openings in Roofs and Ceilings2304.3.2 Framing Over Openings[BS] A406.3.2 Framing Plan Elements2304.10.8 Framing RequirementsA5.404.1.2 Framing Specifications1604.3.7 Framing Supporting Glass2318.1.8 Framing Types§28-502.8 Franchise or Concession Disqualification1926.1426 Free Fall and Controlled Load Lowering3.3.85 Free-Flowing Plastic Materials(H) Free From Contact With Conductive Surfaces3303.8.2 Free From Obstruction1810.4.3.1 Free Headed Deep Foundations1808.4.3.1 Free Headed Piles(A) Free Nonheating LeadsG2453.1 (634.1) Free Opening Area of Chimney Dampers1003.3.2 Free-Standing Objects1116A.4 Free-Standing SignsH 501.8 Free Vent AreaR324.1.3.3 Freeboard605.6 Freedom From Interference§1-13.2 Freedom of Information3419A.3 Freestanding Buildings312.3.1 Freestanding Buildings Containing Qualifying Nonacute Care Services1807.2.5 Freestanding Cantilever Walls1224.28.3 Freestanding Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory Service Space605.8 Freestanding-Type Office Furnishings605.9 Freestanding-Type Office Furnishings, Cord-and Plug-Connected1204.3 Freeze Protection6.4.3.7 Freeze Protection and Snow/Ice Melting SystemsE 503.4.6.8 Freeze Protection and Snow or Ice Melting SystemsC403.13.3 Freeze Protection System ControlsE 502.10.4 Freeze Protection SystemsM2301.2.6.2 Freeze-Protection ValvesP2603.5 Freezing1904.4 Freezing and Thawing ExposuresP2904.2.3 Freezing Areas2.16 Freezing or Overheating312.6 Freezing Protection2.14.3 Freight-Car Enclosure2.14.6 Freight Elevator Car Doors and Gates8.2.2.6 Freight Elevator Platform2.11.2.2 Freight ElevatorsC406.1.2 Freon Chases407. Frequency1910.1044(m)(2) Frequency and Content40.7.6 Frequency and Goal24.* Frequency Changes§27-2022 Frequency of Collection of Waste Matter From Dwelling Units in Multiple Dwellings609.5.3.1 Frequency of Exhaust System Inspection*§28-318.2 Frequency of Inspection§28-304.5 Frequency of Inspection and Testing1910.120(f)(3) Frequency of Medical Examinations and Consultations1910.1051(k)(3) Frequency of Medical Screening Activities1910.1052(j)(4) Frequency of Medical Surveillance1905.6.2 Frequency of Testing1910.179(j)(2) Frequent InspectionP-1106.1 Fresh Air Inlet Required703.7.1 Fresh Air Inlets703.7.2 Fresh Air Inlets Located in Flood Hazard Areas914.3.2 Fresh Air VentilationAppendix A FRESH Food Store Designated Areas§ 23-27.3-600.0 Fresh Water Wetlands610.6 Friction and Pressure Loss3308.5.5 Friction Connections1926.1426(b)(1) Friction Drums Must Have:2.24.7 Friction Gearing and Clutches5.7.18.5 Friction-Gearing or Clutch Mechanism66.* Friction Heat or Sparks From Mechanical Equipment66.27.5.3 Friction Joints27.2.4.8 Friction Loss19. Friction Loss Due to Backflow Prevention Valves27.2.2.1 Friction Loss FormulaB.9.4 Friction Loss in Equipment1926.1433(d)(12) Friction Mechanisms(A) From an Existing Outlet2.9.1 From Breakage(A) From Ceiling17.1.6 From Chimney to Eaves2.9.2 From Corrosion(B) From Different Intrinsically Safe Circuit Conductors17.1.8* From Foundation to the Immediate Landscaped Area(C) From Grounded Metal2.9.4 From Nails, Screws, and Other Fasteners(B) From Nonbuilding or Nonbridge Structures(A) From Nonintrinsically Safe Circuit Conductors17.1.9 From the Immediate Landscaped Area to the Extent of the Structure Ignition Zone17.1.7 From Top of Exterior Wall to Foundation2.9.3 From Weakened Structure1126A.3.2.1 Front Approach904.2.4 Front Clearance23-641 Front Setbacks24-522 Front Setbacks in Districts Where Front Yards Are Not Required24-521 Front Setbacks in Districts Where Front Yards Are Required84-133 Front Wall Recesses1926.403(i)(1)(iv) Front Working Space107-461 Front Yards62-331 Front Yards and Side Yards501.3.1 FrontageSection 1031 Frontage and Fire Department Access Requirements for Group E-1506.3 Frontage Increase1031.1 Frontage Requirement504.1 Frontage Space504.1.4 Frontage Space Obstructions1910.107(b)(6) Frontal AreaP3103.2 Frost Closure906.7 Frost or Snow ClosureP-706.7 Frost-Proof ClosetsA4.403.1 Frost Protected Foundation SystemsR403.3 Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations1809.5 Frost Protection1809.5.1 Frost Protection at Required Exits453.11.1 FRTW105.5.20 Fruit and Crop Ripening10.6.11.6 Fuel50.5.3 Fuel and Electric Power Shutoff8.9.8.3 Fuel and Heat Shutoff66.19.4.4* Fuel Burner Controls and Interlocks107.5 Fuel-Burning and Fuel-Oil Storage Equipment Plans§27-794 Fuel Burning and Fuel Storage Installations[M] 314.1 Fuel-Burning Appliances[F] 915.1.2 Fuel-Burning Appliances and Fuel-Burning Fireplaces[F] 601.2.1 Fuel-Burning Appliances and Services[F] 601.3.2 Fuel-Burning Appliances and Services as Sources of Ignition[F] 915.1.4 Fuel-Burning Appliances Outside of Dwelling Units, Sleeping Units and Classrooms[F] 915.1.3 Fuel Burning, Forced-Air Furnaces603.13.6 Fuel-Burning Kilns52.7 Fuel Cell Energy Storage SystemsSection 633 Fuel Cell Power Plants692.53 Fuel Cell Power Sources[A] 105.6.9 Fuel Cell Power Systems(A) Fuel Cell System(A) Fuel Cell System OutputArticle 692 Fuel Cell Systems303.9 Fuel Containers Under Air Pressure5704. Fuel Conversions2306.7.6 Fuel Delivery Nozzles3411.8.13 Fuel Dispensers406.2.6 Fuel Dispensing28. Fuel-Dispensing Areas30.1.6 Fuel Dispensing Areas Inside Buildings2005.6 Fuel-Dispensing Stations42.9.4 Fuel Dispensing System1107.3 Fuel-Dispensing Systems(8) 2306.8 Fuel-Dispensing Systems for Alcohol Blended Fuels2306.7 Fuel-Dispensing Systems for Flammable or Combustible Liquids2306.7 Fuel-Dispensing Systems for Liquid Motor Fuel(1) Fuel-Dispensing Units2304.1.4.2 Fuel Dispensing Warning SignSection 605 Fuel-Fired AppliancesSection 603 Fuel-Fired Appliances and Equipment3114.6 Fuel-Fired Equipment2.5-3.3.2 Fuel-Fired Equipment Rooms20.10.2 Fuel-Fired Heaters3.3.86 Fuel-Fired Heating Unit2006.5.5 Fuel Flow Control(9) 5706.9 Fuel for Kerosene Heaters307.7 Fuel GasA-402.10.3 Fuel Gas and Mechanical Permits1926.350(e) Fuel Gas and Oxygen Manifolds301.6 Fuel Gas Appliances and Equipment107.5 Fuel-Gas-Burning Appliance and Fuel-Gas Piping Plans106.5 Fuel-Gas-Burning Equipment and Fuel-Gas Piping Plans[FG] 702.6.1 Fuel Gas Code of New York State1101.5 Fuel Gas Connection931.3 Fuel-Gas Controls1910.253(b)(3) Fuel-Gas Cylinder StorageR201.5 Fuel Gas DefinitionsN1104.1.2 (R404.1.1) Fuel Gas Lighting Equipment608.7 Fuel Gas Lighting Systems1910.253(c)(1) Fuel-Gas Manifolds3004.1 Fuel-Gas PipingE 406.1 Fuel Gas Piping and Equipment InstallationsSection 1301 Fuel Gas Piping and Vents102.4.2.1 Fuel Gas Piping in Fire-Resistance-Rated Assemblies102.4.2.1 Fuel Gas Piping in Prohibited LocationsE 401.1 Fuel Gas Piping SystemsE 404.5 Fuel Gas Piping Test319.10.3 Fuel Gas Systems1910.178(f) Fuel Handling and Storage902.6 Fuel Input Rate5707.5.2 Fuel Limit[F] 2702.1.2 Fuel-Line Piping Protection3.3.170.1* Fuel Load319. Fuel Location603.2 Fuel Modification605.1.3 Fuel OilSection 1308 Fuel Oil and Diesel Oil Storage1308.2 Fuel Oil and Diesel Oil Storage in Outside, Aboveground Tanks1308.3 Fuel Oil and Diesel Oil Storage Inside Buildings1308.1 Fuel Oil and Diesel Oil Storage Systems1101.5 Fuel-Oil and Fuel-Gas ConnectionArticle 17 Fuel Oil Equipment1307.4 Fuel-Oil Heater Relief Valve1302.3.1 Fuel-Oil Pipe8-902.3 Fuel Oil Piping and Tanks1301.7 Fuel-Oil Spill and Overfill Prevention Equipment601.4.1 Fuel Oil Storage and Transfer§27-828 Fuel Oil Storage Equipment605.4.1 Fuel Oil Storage in Outside, Above-Ground Tanks603.3.1 Fuel Oil Storage in Outside, Aboveground Tanks605.4.2 Fuel Oil Storage Inside Buildings605.4 Fuel Oil Storage Systems1305.8 Fuel-Oil Supply and Vent PipingSection 1305 Fuel Oil System Installation603.1.9 Fuel Oil Transfer Maintenance§603-01 Fuel-Oil Transfer Supervision and Maintenance. [Repealed]Section 1307 Fuel Oil ValvesSection 3004 Fuel Piping1926.302(c) Fuel Powered Tools42.* Fuel Pressure(j) 603.4.10 Fuel Requirements319. Fuel Separation2006.11.1 Fuel-Service Equipment Maintenance2006.11.1 Fuel-Servicing Equipment Maintenance42. Fuel Servicing Hydrants, Pits, and Cabinets692.54 Fuel Shut-Off5810.5.1.2 Fuel Shutoff Valve Diagram[F] 1601.3.2 Fuel Sources21.3.3.4 Fuel Spill Control2006.11 Fuel Spill Prevention and Procedures42. Fuel Spill Procedures(3) Fuel Storage3104.18.5.1 Fuel Storage and Dispensing42. Fuel Storage Tanks2702.1.1 Fuel Supply3004.2.1 Fuel Supply Lines13.4.4.4* Fuel Supply MaintenanceE 404.0 Fuel Supply Systems Installation16.8.2.6 Fuel System3104.18.2 Fuel Systems2004.8.1 Fuel Tank Atmosphere603.7 Fuel Tanks and Systems915.2.1 Fuel Tanks Connected to Engine-Driven Building Service Equipment1905.2.1 Fuel Tanks Connected to Engine-Driven Building Services Equipment2702. Fuel Tanks Connected to Generator Assemblies1301.4 Fuel Tanks, Piping and Valves1301.4 Fuel Tanks, Piping, Fittings and ValvesS105.3 Fuel Transfer2006.17 Fuel-Transfer Locations1301.3 Fuel TypeM1304.1 Fuel Types10.19.7 Fueled EquipmentN107.4 Fueled Equipment Other Than Vehicles10.14.11.1 Fueling2006.5 Fueling and Defueling42.10.4 Fueling at Rooftop Heliports2006.11.1 Fueling Equipment Maintenance42.10.4.2 Fueling Facilities(i) 603.4.9 Fueling Guidelines2006.5.3.1 Fueling Hazards42.* Fueling Hose42. Fueling Hose Apparatus2310.4 Fueling of Marine Vehicles at Other Than Approved Marine Liquid Motor Fuel-Dispensing Facilities2310.4 Fueling of Marine Vehicles at Other Than Approved Marine Motor Fuel-Dispensing Facilities(iv) 5706.5.4.4 Fueling of Vehicles at Construction Sites and Similar Areas5706.5.4.4 Fueling of Vehicles at Farms, Construction Sites and Similar Areas(h) 603.4.8 Fueling Prohibited21.3.3.6 Fueling System2006.5.1.1 Fueling Vehicle EgressN107.3.2.1 Fueling Within the Structure40.3.1 Fugitive Dust Control40.3 Fugitive Dust Control and Housekeeping3.3.143* Fugitive Emissions3306.8 Full and Partial Demolition of Structural Steel, Reinforced Concrete, and Heavy Timber Construction2.22.5.4 Full Compression3306.9 Full Demolition and Partial Demolition Operations*§28-106.1.1 Full Demolition Permit106.6 Full Demolition Permits1910.147(c)(3) Full Employee Protection1208.6.13.4 Full-Face Flange GasketC409.3.7 Full-Floor Tenant Space Electrical Submetering605.5.1.1 Full Flow AssuranceR603.9.2.1 Full-Height SheathingR603.9.2.2 Full Height Sheathing in Hip Roof HomesR603.9.2.2 Full-Height Sheathing in Lowest Story2304.3.4.3 Full Height Studs(2) Full-Load Current Equivalent26. Full Pneumatic Waste and Linen Conveying Systems1910.211(d)(5) Full Revolution Clutch1406.10.4 Full-Scale Test608.4.2 Full-Scale Testing1406.10.3 Full-Scale Tests2308.1.13 Full-Service CNG Motor Fuel-Dispensing Facilities2304.4 Full-Service Motor Fuel-Dispensing Facilities453.22.5 Full-Service School Health Clinics454.2.8.2 Full-Way (Gate) Valves606.2 Fullway Valve3. Fully Charged453.7.7.1 Fully Sprinklered Buildings2108.3.1 Fully-Sprinklered Facilities1810. Fully Welded Steel Piles Fabricated From Plates101-60 Fulton Mall Subdistrict428.3.6.2 Fume Hoods38.5.5 Fumigation105.5.21 Fumigation and Insecticidal Fogging2601.4.1 Fumigation and Insecticidal Fogging Operation Company Certificate2601.4.2 Fumigation and Insecticidal Fogging Operations105.6.19 Fumigation and Thermal Insecticidal Fogging2.2- Function2.17.3 Function and Stopping Distance of Safeties7.2.4.2 Function and Stopping Distances707.6.3 Function Keys103.5 Functional Design1224.20.2 Functional ElementsC408.2.3 Functional Performance TestingC408.1.2.3 Functional Performance Testing - Sampling(D) Functional Performance Tests1228.2.1 Functional Program1.2-2.2 Functional Program Content1.2-2.2.1 Functional Program Executive Summary*1.2-2.1.1 Functional Program Purpose2.1-1.2.1 Functional Program Requirement2.5-3.3.3 Functional Requirements8. Functional Safety of SIL Rated Device(s)1.3-3 Functional Site Requirements[M] 1102.2 Functional Statement5001.3.2 Functional Statements1926.1436(g)(2) Functional Test9.4.3 Functional TestingE 805. Functional Testing for Air Handling UnitsE 805. Functional Testing for Zone Terminal UnitsC408.3 Functional Testing of Lighting ControlsG105.4 Functionally Dependent Facilities[BG] A102.1.1 Functions5.1.14.2 Functions and Stopping Distance of Safeties4.5 Fundamental Requirements73-26 Funeral Establishments5607.16.4.11 Funnel2006.5.2.3 Funnels2103.2.3.4 Furan Mortar and Grout(F) Furnace and Metal Air Duct BondingM1601.5.3 Furnace ConnectionsFurnace ControlM1601.5.5 Furnace ControlsM1505.4.1.5 Furnace Integrated Supply3007.2 Furnace Nameplate3007.1 Furnace Operation and Maintenance InstructionsG2442.6 (618.6) Furnace Plenums and Air Ducts604.0 Furnace Plenums and Ducts Used in Fuel-Gas Appliances1910.261(g)(20) Furnace Room§27-819 Furnace Supports3007.1 Furnace System Information904.10 Furnace (Upright and Horizontal)M1305.1.1 Furnaces and Air Handlers§ 23-27.3-121.3 Furnishing of Posted Signs*2.1-7.2.4 Furnishings15.7.4 Furnishings and Decorations7.1.10.2 Furnishings and Decorations in Means of Egress20.5.2.5* Furnishings, Bedding, and Decorations12.7.4 Furnishings, Decorations, and Scenery18.7.5 Furnishings, Mattresses, and Decorations22.4.4.13 Furnishings, Mattresses, and Decorations (Nonsprinklered Buildings)Section 808 Furnishings Other Than Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses or Decorative Materials in New and Existing BuildingsSection 808 Furnishings Other Than Upholsteredfurniture and Mattresses or Decorativematerials in New and Existing Buildings2.5- Furniture1.2- Furniture Characteristics608.6.2 Furniture Systems1208.2.1 Furred Ceiling1207.2.1 Furred Ceiling or Projecting Elements[BS] 2603.12.2 Furred Cladding Attachment803.15.1.1 Furred Construction703.7.1.1 FurringR702.6.2 Furring Strips105.6.1 Further Action for Corrected Violations115.3 Further Action When Violation Not CorrectedA-802.4 Further Appeal§28-305.4.7.5 Further Extension73-02 Further Requirements1926.960(h) Fuse Handling1926.914(o) Fuse Lighters(6) Fuse Links(A) Fuse or Circuit Breaker Rating(B) Fuse Servicing1926.408(a)(2)(ii) Fused Cutouts490.44 Fused Interrupter Switches(2) Fused Primary Protectors404.27 Fused Switches(6) Fuseholders(1) Fuseless Primary Protectors694.26 Fuses(A) Fuses and Fixed-Trip Circuit Breakers(B) Fuses as Isolating Switch430.36 Fuses — In Which Conductor(4) Fuses Internal to Luminaires240.8 Fuses or Circuit Breakers in Parallel904.13.5.3 Fusible Link and Sprinkler Head Replacement904.5.2 Fusible Link Maintenance[F] 910.3.5 Fusible Link Temperature Rating910.5.1.1 Fusible Links514.2.2 Fusible Links and Sprinklers1117.1.2 Fusible Plug1115.4.2 Fusible Plugs608.13.1 Fusible Plugs and Rupture Members1504.9.1 Future Connections(A) Future Expansion and Convenience1907.7.7 Future Extensions710.2 Future Fixtures1312.8 Future Piping105-90 Future SubdivisionR614.3.3 Gable ConnectionR614.3.1 Gable Construction2121.2.4 Gable End and Shed End Walls[BS] C104.5.1 Gable End FrameSection 2212 Gable End WallsR603.3.1.1 Gable EndwallsR609.4.5 Gable Overhang2404.7.9.1 Gage of Metal1926.306(b)(3) Gages and Valves410.3.2 Galleries, Gridirons, Catwalks and Pinrails1015.6.1 Gallery, Gridiron and Catwalk Means of Egress1109.4.1.2 Gallery Seating63.1.3.24 Gallon3.3.144 Gallon, U.S. Standard8.4.7.2* Galvanized Pipe605.5 Galvanized Steel and Joints(1) Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel EMT, Elbows, and Fittings(1) Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel RMC605.5 Galvanized Steel Pipe and Joints(1) Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, and Red Brass RMC(1) Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, and Red Brass RMC, Elbows, Couplings, and FittingsG2415.11.1 (404.11.1) Galvanizing1110.16 Gaming Machines and Gaming TablesSection 907 Gaming Machines and TablesE105.3 Gaming Machines, Depositories, Vending Machines, Change Machines and Similar Equipment1910.1017(k)(1)(iii)(E) Gamma Glustamyl Transpeptidase1910.261(e)(1) Gang and Slasher Saws408.3.1 Gang Showers5706.4.7.33 Gangway1910.180(a)(24) Gantry (A-Frame)1910.179(a)(6) Gantry Crane1002.4.3 Gaps3.3.145 Garage311.2.1 Garage Access DoorsE3902.2 Garage and Accessory Building Receptacles(4) Garage Branch Circuits1211.1.1 Garage Door Extension SpringsR609.4.1 Garage Door Labeling708A.4 Garage Door Perimeter Gap1609.2.3 Garage Doors1709.5.2.1 Garage Doors and Rolling Doors2603. Garage Doors in One- And Two-Family Dwellings406.3.3 Garage Floor Surfaces1607.6 GaragesG308.1 Garages and Accessory Structures406.3.3 Garages and Carports1003.4.2.2 Garages and Service StationsSection 1105A Garages, Carports and Parking Facilities(F) Garages, Theaters, and Motion Picture Studios6111.3 Garaging1910.110(e)(14) Garaging LP-Gas-Fueled Vehicles42.11.2.6 Garaging of Vehicles1226.10.2.1 GarbageSection 417 Garbage Can Washers308.3.1 Garbage FacilitiesSection P-513 Garbage Grinders1224.4.14 Garbage, Solid Waste and Trash Storage1226.4.9 Garbage, Solid Waste, Medical Waste and Trash StorageP110.4 Garbage, Waste and Rubbish Disposal1910.262(b)(13) Garnett Machine1910.262(f) Garnett Machines453.15.1 Gas and Fluid Piping509.5.7.1 Gas and Liquid Fuel-Burning AppliancesC409.2.2 Gas and Liquid Fuel Supply Energy1101.10 Gas- And Oil-Fired Absorption SystemsA5.207.1.4 Gas- And Oil-Fired Furnace Standby Loss ControlsR403.10.4 Gas- And Oil-Fired Pool and Spa Heaters509.5.7.2 Gas and Solid Fuel-Burning Appliances2.9-8.4.2 Gas and Vacuum Requirements1314.1 Gas and Vacuum Shutoff Valves1224.4.6.2 Gas and Vacuum Systems507.20 Gas Appliance Pressure Regulators2113.11.1.2 Gas Appliances406.6.2.1 Gas Authorization Required910.2 Gas Burners3.3.147* Gas Cabinet[F] 427.2.3 Gas Cabinets2703.10.2 Gas Cabinets and Exhausted Enclosures[F] 415. Gas Cabinets, Exhausted Enclosures and Gas Rooms63. Gas Cabinets or Exhausted Enclosures41.5.5.1 Gas Capacity Limitation17.10.2 Gas Characteristics and Detector Selection454. Gas ChlorinationSection 3135B Gas Chlorination Equipment Room680.15 Gas Chlorination Equipment Rooms [DPH][F] 413.4.2 Gas Connection[F] 413.4.1 Gas Connections605.5.2.3 Gas Containers1212.8 Gas Convenience Outlets1224. Gas Cylinder Room1910.252(b)(4)(vi) Gas Cylinder Shutoff63.3.9.6 Gas Detection[F] 2702.2.7 Gas Detection System[F] 406. Gas Detection System Components[F] 415.11.8.2 Gas Detection System OperationSection 916 Gas Detection Systems3.3.90.9 Gas Detector7.3.5.4 Gas Detectors490.39 Gas Discharge From Interrupting Devices402.6 Gas Distribution Pressures516.2.1 Gas/Electrically Fueled Cooking Appliances§27-883 Gas Equipment Connected to Chimneys1616.5 Gas Explosions903.2 Gas-Fired Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps801.2.5 Gas-Fired Appliances908.2 Gas-Fired Clothes Dryers303.3.1 Gas-Fired Direct Vent AppliancesArticle 16 Gas Fired Equipment920.2 Gas-Fired Household Cooking Appliances§27-2035 Gas-Fired Refrigerators916.2 Gas-Fired Room HeatersSection 626 (IFGC) Gas-Fired Toilets680.28 Gas-Fired Water HeaterR402.4.2.1 Gas Fireplace Efficiency912.0 Gas Fireplaces, Vented5706.3.15.2 Gas Free5706.4.7.19 Gas-Free Inspection§27-2032 Gas-Fueled or Electric Heaters63.8 Gas Generation Systems63.6 Gas Hydrogen SystemsC405.5.3 Gas LightingC405.4.3 Gas Lighting (Mandatory)3.3.148 Gas Manufacturer/Producer1910.111(a)(2)(x) Gas Masks1910.261(g)(10) Gas Masks (Digester Building)603.9.2 Gas Meter IdentificationE.3 Gas Meter LocationG.4 Gas Meter RoomE.4 Gas Meter Room Ventilation605.9 Gas Meters603.5.3.1 Gas or Fuel-Oil Heaters310.1 Gas Pipe Bonding[NY] 310.2 Gas Pipe Bonding—CSST[NY] 310.3 Gas Pipe Bonding—Listed AR-CSSTG2411.2 (310.2) Gas Pipe Bonding—Systems That Contain CSSTG2411.1 (310.1) Gas Pipe Bonding—Systems That Contain No CSSTD 108.0 Gas Pipe Sizing and Pressure1210.6 Gas Pipe Turns(C) Gas Piping1910.265(c)(15) Gas Piping and AppliancesD.3 Gas Piping and Connection Inspections1210.0 Gas Piping InstallationD 110.0 Gas Piping InstallationsD 109.0 Gas Piping Materials1208.0 Gas Piping System Design, Materials, and ComponentsE 403.9 Gas Piping System Shutoff ValveSection G2412 (401) Gas Piping Systems1210.3.3 Gas Piping to Be SlopedN107.3.4 Gas-Powered Vehicles1208.8 Gas Pressure Regulators1007.0 Gas-Pressured Regulators1910.110(e)(9) Gas Regulating and Mixing Equipment1910.110(d)(18) Gas Regulating and Mixing Equipment for Internal Combustion EnginesE.2 Gas Regulator and Gas Regulator Vent Outlets3.3.149 Gas Room[F] 415.10.2 Gas Rooms[F] 502.8.2 Gas Rooms, Exhausted Enclosures and Gas Cabinets[F] 916.7 Gas SamplingE.5 Gas Service Piping Connections§28-119.1.1 Gas Shut-Off for Alterations to Gas Piping SystemsSection G2420 (409) Gas Shutoff Valves1315.6 Gas-Specific Station Outlet/Inlet1204.2 Gas Supplier616.2 Gas Supply ConnectionE 401.2 Gas Supply ConnectionsG.3.1.2 Gas Turbine RoomsG.3.1.1 Gas Turbines101.2.3 Gas Utilization Appliances101.2.3 Gas Utilization Equipment418.4 Gas ValvesArticle 6 Gas Vent Connectors§27-888 Gas Vent Height and LocationsArticle 5 Gas Vent SystemsG2427.6.3 (503.6.4) Gas Vent TerminationG2427.6.4 (503.6.5) Gas Vent TerminationsG2427.6 (503.6) Gas Vents503.6.4 Gas Vents Installed Within Masonry Chimneys503.6.11 Gas Vents Serving Appliances on More Than One Floor503.6.10 Gas Vents Serving Equipment on More Than One Floor(E) Gas, Water, and Waste Pipe BondingSection 3505 Gas Welding and Cutting1910.155(c)(22) Gaseous Agent324.10 Gaseous Chlorination Space42. Gaseous Fuel Dispensing Areas2702. Gaseous Fuel Supply603.3.1 Gaseous Fuels3.3.150* Gaseous Hydrogen (GH2) System2309.3.1.3 Gaseous Hydrogen Storage63.1.3.29 Gaseous Hydrogen SystemSection M1904 Gaseous Hydrogen Systems3120B.15 Gaseous Oxidizer1926.55 Gases, Vapors, Fumes, Dusts, and MistsSection P-404 Gasket Type JointsR1004.5 Gasketed Fireplace Doors4.2.13 Gasketed Mechanical Couplings504.1.2 Gasketing2.11.19 Gasketing of Hoistway Entrances§27-440 Gasoline and Diesel Oil Motor Vehicle Fuel Storage1910.269(r)(5) Gasoline-Engine Power SawsSection 890.520 Gasoline, Oil and Flammable Liquids1926.800(h)(2) Gassy Operations1926.800(i) Gassy Operations-Additional Requirements1224.39.3 Gastrointestinal Endoscopy3324.2.1 Gate4.3.8.2 Gate Locks1910.211(d)(13) Gate or Movable Barrier Device1010.4 Gates[A] 105.6.11 Gates and Barricades Across Fire Apparatus Access Roads105.7.1.12 Gates and Barricades Across Fire Apparatus Roads506.2.3 Gates and Barriers2.5- Gates or Doors3.3.122 Gateway514.4.1.2 Gauge Comb8.7.7 Gauge Connections1306.5 Gauge Glass1926.804(n) Gauge Pressure (P.S.I.G.)P104.11.4 Gauge Tests3125B.2 Gauges1910.430(g) Gauges and Timekeeping Devices1910.169(b)(3) Gauges and Valves1306.4 Gauging Devices2006.3.1.2 Gear Operated1910.219(f)(1) Gears1910.219(f) Gears, Sprockets, and Chains3. Gelled Electrolyte Cell (Gel Cell)2902.2.2 Gender-Neutral Facilities1910.141(a) GeneraSection 890.1940 General Administration3104F.4 General Analysis and Design RequirementsSection 1801 General and Definitions1803.1.1 General and Where Required for Applications Listed in Section Regulated by the Department of Housing and Community DevelopmentD.5.1 General Appliance Operation(D) General Appliances66-121 General Applicability8-601.4 General Application§8 General Application of Chapter to Dwellings119.8.2 General Approval Optional119.8.1 General Approval RequiredSection 119 General Approvals119.6 General Approvals—Expiration119.7 General Approvals—Renewal119.9 General Approvals—Revocation or Suspension119.3 General Approvals Where Required2.25.1 General Area ProtectionSection 104 General Authority and ResponsibilitiesSection 301 General [B]G3.1.2 General Baseline HVAC System Requirements322.1 General Brush Clearance24. General Building AreasSection 503 General Building Height and Area LimitationsSection 503 General Building Height Andarea LimitationsR103.1 General Buildings517.18 General Care Areas(D) General Care (Category 2) Patent Care Spaces517.18 General Care (Category 2) Spaces§1-01.6 General City Law518.2 General ClassificationArticle 89 General Code Provisions[A] 110.4.1 General Compliance2104A.1.3.1 General ConditionsG107.2.3 General Conditions for VarianceG2413.1 (402.1) General Considerations1224.4 General ConstructionSection 2304 General Construction Requirements1305.14.1 General Construction Standards14. General Continuous ObstructionsArticle 418 General Contractor Registration42-234 General Control Over Smoke and Other Particulate Matter2.4 General Conventions3110F.2.1 General CriteriaSection RA102 General Definition3.3 General Definitions3.8.1 General Definitions From NFPA 24Section 202 General DefinitonsAppendix B General Description and Discussion of the Levels of Protection and Protective Gear1113.6.1.3 General Design19.2 General Design Approaches1616.2 General Design for Specific Occupancies and StructuresSection 1604 General Design RequirementsSection 2305 General Design Requirements for Lateral Force-Resisting SystemsSection 2305 General Design Requirements Forlateral Force-Resisting SystemsSection 2305 General Design Requirementsfor Lateral Force-Resisting SystemsSection 324 General Duties of Persons8. General Earthquake Mode Elevator Operations (See Fig. General Earthquake Mode Elevator Operations (See Figure 8-802 General Engineering Approaches2.9- General Equipment and Supply StorageSection E3404 General Equipment Requirements203 General Exceptions1107.7.4 General Exceptions for Type B+NYC Units1107.7 General Exceptions for Type B UnitsA509.4.5 General Execution Procedure for the Displacement Coefficient Analysis Procedure[BS] C103.5.3 General Fastener Spacing14A-12-1204.1 General Fees73-03 General Findings Required for All Special Permit Uses and Modifications(e) 109.1.5 General Fire Code Enforcement (R.C. 3737.42 )34.6 General Fire ProtectionSection 3206 General Fire Protection and Life Safety FeaturesSection 3206 General Fire Protectionand Life Safety FeaturesR403.1.6 General Foundation Anchorage27.2 General Fundamentals(A) General Grounding RequirementsA5. General Hardscape Lighting Allowance1910.109(b)(1) General HazardSection 503 General Height and Area Limitations20.9.1 General: High Expansion Foam Systems232.2 General Holding Cells and General Housing Cells646.15 General Illumination1910.261(a)(3) General Incorporation of Standards6004.2.2 General Indoor Requirements3.* General Industrial OccupancyH3.2.1 General Information28.6* General Information Sign517.11 General Installation — Construction Criteria69.3.15.3 General Installation Provisions406.4 General Installation Requirements1207.4 General Installations Requirements220.42 General Lighting42.10.4.1 General Limitations(B) General Loads1910.263(l)(1) General Location69.5.2.1 General Location of Cylinders50. General Location of Cylinders Storage1910.263(c) General Machine Guarding1910.66(h)(1) General Maintenance2.3-4.10.2 General Maintenance Area8.6.1.6 General Maintenance Methods and Procedures8.6.1.2 General Maintenance Requirements2.1-5.6.4 General Maintenance Shop(s)C405.1 General (Mandatory)Section R606 General Masonry ConstructionSection 1003 General Means of Egress1926.1101(f)(1) General Monitoring Criteria(A) General Motor Applications1910.423(d)(1)(iv) General Nature of Work Performed[BS] A406.3.4 General Notes457. General Observation Area43.1.6.2 General Occupancy Limits3.1- General Office Space1224.15.2.1 General Operating Room(s)*2.1-6.3.3 General or Individual Office Space6003.2.3 General Outdoor Requirements24.5.1* General Performance1926.1001(f)(1) General Performance Requirements2.1- General Piping and ValvesA.1 General Piping ConsiderationsSection 4910 General Plan Safety Element50.8.12 General Precautions§4803-01 General Precautions Against Fire in Pre-Existing FacilitiesN1102.1 (R402.1) General (Prescriptive)Section A110 General Procedure1615.1 General Procedure for Determining Maximum Considered Earthquake and Design Spectral Response Accelerations1615.1.4 General Procedure Response Spectrum5811.3 General Prohibitions1910.335(a)(2) General Protective Equipment and Tools452.1 General Provisions24-61 General Provisions and Applicability62-61 General Provisions Applying to Waterfront Public Access AreasSection 325 General Provisions for Correction of Hazards74-31 General Provisions for Special Permit Uses101-602 General Provisions for the Fulton Mall Subdistrict42.11.2.5 General Provisions for Vehicles Having Engines Mounted on Them (Including Floor Maintenance Machines)81-25 General Provisions Relating to Height and Setback of Buildings§48-01 General Provisions. [Repealed]2.5-2.2 General Psychiatric Patient Care Unit(1) General-Purpose Assemblies(C) General-Purpose Cable Routing Assemblies and General-Purpose Communication Raceways(C) General-Purpose Cable Routing Assemblies and General-Purpose Communications Raceways(C) General-Purpose Cables(C) General-Purpose Communications Raceways and General-Purpose Cable Routing Assemblies2.4-3.3.2 General Purpose Examination Room1910.106(d)(5)(v) General Purpose Public WarehousesE3901.2 General Purpose Receptacle Distribution3.3.300.1 General-Purpose Warehouse28-00 General Purposes25-00 General Purposes and Definitions78-00 General Purposes, Definitions and General Provisions31-00 General Purposes of Commercial Districts24-02 General Purposes of Community Facility Bulk Regulations41-00 General Purposes of Manufacturing Districts21-00 General Purposes of Residence Districts23-02 General Purposes of Residential Bulk Regulations26-12 General Purposes of Sections 26-13 Through 26-17101-601 General Purposes of the Fulton Mall Subdistrict1904.7 General Recording Criteria1910.1003(d) General Regulated Area RequirementsL 301.0 General RegulationsI General Requirement[F] 906.2 General RequirementsQ104.0 General Requirements and LimitationsSection 1704 General Requirements and Means of Retrofit1910.265(a) General Requirements—Application8.10.1 General Requirements for Acceptance Inspections and Tests12.2.5.4 General Requirements for Access and Egress Routes Within Assembly AreasSection 1117A General Requirements for Accessible Entrances, Exits, Interior Routes of Travel and Facility AccessibilitySection 1108A General Requirements for Accessible Parking and Exterior Routes of Travel1910.23(b) General Requirements for All Ladders§28-401.2 General Requirements for All Licenses1910.212 General Requirements for All Machines2.2.d.1 General Requirements for All Occupancies42.4.2 General Requirements for All Piping Systems§27-981.3 General Requirements for Carbon Monoxide Detecting DevicesArticle 800 General Requirements for Communications Systems50.2 General Requirements for Cooking Operations in Buildings and Mobile and Temporary Cooking Operations1926.800(t)(1) General Requirements for Cranes and Hoists1910.124 General Requirements for Dipping and Coating Operations1926.755(a) General Requirements for Erection Stability1910.263(d)(1) General Requirements for Flour HandlingAppendix 1926.703 General Requirements for FormworkSection 2403 General Requirements for Glass250.4 General Requirements for Grounding and Bonding5.3.2.1 General Requirements for Hydraulic Private Residence Elevators§27-696 General Requirements for Installation of Piles(O) Section 5615 General Requirements for Licensure Application and License1910.212(a)(2) General Requirements for Machine Guards453.8 General Requirements for New Construction, Additions, Renovation, and Remodeling8.11.1 General Requirements for Periodic Inspections and Witnessing of Tests5.3.2.1 General Requirements for Private Residence Hydraulic Elevators§27-981 General Requirements for Smoke Detecting Devices1926.250 General Requirements for Storage22.37.1.2 General Requirements for Storage of Ammonium Nitrate Solids and Liquids26.36.1.2 General Requirements for Storage of Organic Peroxide Formulations17.3 General Requirements for Strength of Anchors1926.405(a)(2)(ii) General Requirements for Temporary Wiring8.3.1 General Requirements for Tests and Certification93-752 General Requirements for the Central Open Space93-764 General Requirements for the Connector93-756 General Requirements for the High Line93-755 General Requirements for the Midblock Connection93-754 General Requirements for the Northeast Plaza93-753 General Requirements for the Southwest Open Space93-763 General Requirements for the West 30th Street Corridor93-762 General Requirements for the West 31st Street Extension93-761 General Requirements for the West 32nd Street Extension93-751 General Requirements for the Western Open Space104-51 General Requirements for Transfer5.3 General Requirements for Traps62-50 General Requirements for Visual Corridors and Waterfront Public Access AreasArticle 300 General Requirements for Wiring Methods and Materials21.3.3 General Requirements — Land-Based FacilitiesSection 890.610 General Requirements - Material and Design25.1 General Requirements of In-Rack Sprinklers809.1 General. Residential Dwelling Units Shall Comply With 80917.8.3.1 General Rules93-561 General Rules for Subdistrict F3412.5.3 General Safety1926.20 General Safety and Health Provisions5003.9 General Safety PrecautionsSection 2703 General Safety Provisions1910.262(c) General Safety Requirements456.3 General Sanitation and Safety Requirements221.2.1.1 General Seating319.6 General Selection of the Design MethodSection E3601 General ServicesDivision 5: General Site and Building ElementsH3.2.2 General Site Plan3.3.205.2* General Sprinkler Characteristics410.3.1 General Standard1025.6 General Standards1224.23.1 General Storage323.3 General Storage Requirements469.4.6.8 General Storage Room(s)2.7-5.3.3 General Stores3002.4a General Stretcher Requirements6101.5.9 General Supervision1226.10.2 General Support1226. General Support Area1228.13.1.3 General Support AreasGeneral Support Areas for Outpatient Clinical Services2.1-5 General Support Facilities1226.4.15 General Support Services and Facilities1910.145(f)(4) General Tag Criteria113.2.1 General Terms(4) 120.4 General Terms and ConditionsC 108.1 General Test MethodsP103.3 General Test PrecautionsSection P104 General Test Procedures(1) General Use(J) General-Use Cable Routing Assemblies801.2 General Use of Combustible Decorations and Restrictions on Wearing Apparel404.9 General-Use Snap Switches, Dimmers, and Control Switches(C) General-Use Switches(A) General Uses1926.353(e) General Welding, Cutting, and Heating116.1 General; When to Be IssuedR704.1 General Wind Limitations25.9.4 General Zone505.5 Generating Flames, Sparks, or Hot Materials(1) Generating Units1910.331(c)(1) Generation, Transmission, and Distribution Installations5704.5 Generator and Fire Pump Diesel Fuel Tanks(4) Generator Control Wiring(F) Generator Control Wiring Methods551.30 Generator Installations(B) Generator Protection2702. Generator Room Contents(D) Generator Set(F) Generator Set Accessories(E) Generator Set and Transfer Switch Locations(E) Generator Set Location(E) Generator Set Locations913.5.2 Generator Sets445.17 Generator Terminal HousingsArticle 445 Generators1910.102(c) Generators and Filling Cylinders(E) Generators Installed in Parallel(9) 5615.9 Geographic Transfer of LicenseR317.1.3 Geographical Areas1803.7 Geohazard Reports9.3 Geologic Site Hazards22.5.2 Geometric Assumptions3103F.6.3 Geometric Coefficient (CG)11B-216.8.1 Geometric Symbols6.1.3.2 Geometry3304.4.1.2 Geotechnical Analysis and Relevant Reports3102F.3.4.8 Geotechnical AnalystR401.4.1 Geotechnical EvaluationSection 3106F Geotechnical Hazards and Foundations1603.1.6 Geotechnical Information1810.1.1 Geotechnical InvestigationSection 1803 Geotechnical InvestigationsSection 1803 Geotechnical Investigations and Material Classifications1803A.8 Geotechnical Peer Review1818.3 Geotechnical Peer Review Qualifications:1818.5 Geotechnical Peer Review Report1818.6.2 Geotechnical Peer ReviewerJ104.3 Geotechnical Report1803A.7 Geotechnical Reporting1803.6 Geotechnical Reports1812.4.1 Geotechnical RequirementsE 201.4 GeothermalE 505.0 Geothermal Systems2.3-3.4.7 Geriatric Treatment Room or Area(C) GFCI Protection680.58 GFCI Protection for Adjacent Receptacle Outlets680.59 GFCI Protection for Permanently Installed Nonsubmersible Pumps(D) GFCI Protection for Personnel(4) GFCI Protection in Adjacent Areas(3) GFCI Protection, Lamping, Relamping, and Servicing(3) GFCI Protection, Relamping407.2.4 Gift Shops1910.262(b)(14) Gill Box1910.262(k) Gill Boxes1910.181(a)(6) Gin Pole Derrick1926.1436(c)(4) Gin Pole Derricks3.3.123 Girder2304.12.2.1 Girder Ends4.2.7 Girder Flange Continuity Plates2308.4.1 Girders8.6.5.5 Gland Packings and Seals468.3.7.5 Glare Elimination468.3.2 Glare From Natural Light3104.5.2.2 Glass716.3.4.1 Glass and Glazing5.1.11.3 Glass and Plastic for Cars and DoorsR405.5.3.1 Glass Areas2406.1.3 Glass Block2.11.7.2 Glass Doors1903.3 Glass Fiber-Reinforced Concrete2403.3 Glass Framing2409.2.2 Glass Hoistway Doors2.14.5.9 Glass in Car Doors2409.4 Glass in Elevator Cars3002.8 Glass in Elevator EnclosuresSection 2409 Glass in Elevator Hoistway2409.2 Glass in Elevator Hoistway EnclosuresSection 2409 Glass in Elevator Hoistways and Elevator CarsSection 2409 Glass in Floors and SidewalksR308.6.6 Glass in GreenhousesSection 2407 Glass in Handrails and Guards2.11.7 Glass in Hoistway Doors2405.1.1 Glass in Walking SurfacesSection 2409 Glass in Walkways, Elevator Hoistways and Elevator Cars2101.2.5 Glass MasonryH107.2 Glass PanelsSection 3407 Glass ReplacementSection 406 Glass Replacement and Replacement WindowsSection 304 Glass Replacement [B]§27-645 Glass Requirements1710.5.1.2 Glass Strength2407.1.4.2 Glass Supporting Top Rail2403.2 Glass Supports2409.4.1 Glass TypesSection 2110 Glass Unit Masonry1705A.4.1 Glass Unit Masonry and Masonry Veneer in Risk Categories II, III or IV1705A.4.1 Glass Unit Masonry and Masonry Veneer in Risk Category II, III or IV1705.4.1 Glass Unit Masonry and Masonry Veneer in Risk Category IV2115.11 Glass Unit Masonry Construction[BS] 1404.12 Glass Veneer2409.2 Glass Visions Panels2409.1 Glass WalkwaysN1102.3.3 (R402.3.3) Glazed Fenestration ExemptionN1102.3.2 (R402.3.2) Glazed Fenestration SHGC2411.4 Glazed Panel Safeguards1015.2.1 GlazingR308.4.2 Glazing Adjacent DoorsR308.4.6 Glazing Adjacent Stairs and Ramps2406.4.2 Glazing Adjacent to Doors2406.4.6 Glazing Adjacent to Stairs and Ramps2406.4.6 Glazing Adjacent to Stairways and Ramps2406.4.7 Glazing Adjacent to the Bottom Stair Landing2406.4.7 Glazing Adjacent to the Bottom Stairway Landing2406.4.5 Glazing and Wet SurfacesSection 2408 Glazing in Athletic Facilities716.5.3.2 Glazing in Door Assemblies716.2.5.3 Glazing in Door Assemblies in Corridors and Smoke Barriers2406.4.1 Glazing in Doors716. Glazing in Fire Door and Fire Window Assemblies716.2.5 Glazing in Fire Door Assemblies8-812.2 Glazing in Fire-Rated Systems1203.8 Glazing in Fire-Resistance-Rated Systems2406.4.4 Glazing in Guards and Railings402.1 Glazing in Hazardous Locations716.2.1.3 Glazing in Transoms Lights and Sidelights in Corridors and Smoke Barriers2407.1.4 Glazing in Wind-Borne Debris Regions2407.1.4 Glazing in Windborne Debris Regions2406.4.3 Glazing in Windows716.5.8 Glazing Material21.2.4.5 Glazing Material-Covered Openings Facing the Ramp2.1- Glazing MaterialsSection 2402 Glazing Replacement8-812.1 Glazing Subject to Human Impact2205A.4.1 Glossary1910.1030(d)(3)(ix) Gloves1910.1018(j)(1)(ii) Gloves, and Shoes or Coverlets2319.15 Glued-Laminated Members2303.4.7 Glued Prefabricated Parallel Chord Wood Trusses3.3.126 Goal4.1* Goals18.1.1.2* Goals and Objectives104.9.3.1 Goals, Objectives and Acceptance Criteria106.5.32 Golf Car Passage1006.3 Golf Car Passages1007.3.2 Golf Club Reach Range Area238.2 Golf Courses1006 Golf FacilitiesB.6.2 Good Engineering Practice103.2 Governing Provisions104.19.3 Government Officials1.1-4 Government Regulations202.6 Governmental Units in Public Facilities7.2.4.4 Governor-Actuated Safeties and Car Safety Mechanism Switches2.17.7 Governor-Actuated Safeties and Car Safety Mechanism Switches Required2.17.15 Governor-Rope Releasing Carriers2.18.5.3 Governor-Rope Tag5.9.18.1 Governor Rope Tension Sheaves2.18.5 Governor Ropes8.2.5 Governor Tripping Speeds8.6.4.2 Governor Wire Ropes8. Governors8.7.3.16 Governors and Governor Ropes139-50 Gowanus Canal Waterfront Access Plan139-212 Gowanus Mix139-12 Gowanus Mix Uses139-13 Gowanus Retail and Entertainment Uses1910.1030(d)(3)(xi) Gowns, Aprons, and Other Protective Body Clothing1104.11.1 Grab Bar and Shower Seat Reinforcement24.2.8.4* Grab Bar and Stanchion Details608.3.1.3 Grab Bar ConfigurationR330.8.1 Grab Bar Cross Section24.2.8.4* Grab Bar Details420.11.5 Grab Bar General RequirementsR330.8.2 Grab Bar Installation609 Grab Bars1107. Grab Bars and Seats1102.11.1 Grab Bars and Shower Seat Reinforcement24.2.8* Grab Bars and Stanchions for Bathtubs, Bathtub-Shower Combinations, and ShowersFigure 11A-9F Grab Bars at BathtubsR330.8.5 Grab Bars at Shower StallsR330.8.3 Grab Bars at Water Closets24.2.8* Grab Bars for Bathtubs, Bathtub-Shower Combinations, and Showers604.9.6 Grab Bars. Grab Bars Shall Comply With Section 6091607.9.2 Grab Bars, Shower Seats and Accessible Benches1607.8.2 Grab Bars, Shower Seats and Dressing Room Bench Seats1127A.4 Grab Bars, Tub and Shower Seats, Fasteners and Mounting Devices1910.29(l) Grab Handles3314.4.5.9 Grace Period1202. Gradation3.3.127 GradeE 301.4.1 Grade and Gastightness2315.4 Grade and Species1810.3.12 Grade Beams18.13.3 Grade Beams and Slabs-on-GroundH 601.3 Grade Board11B-406.5.6 Grade BreaksF101.6.1.2 Grade Floors21.402.2.1 Grade N708.0 Grade of Horizontal Drainage Piping3.3.128* Grade Plane21.402.2.2 Grade S718.0 Grade, Support, and Protection of Building Sewers21.402.2 Grades302.2 Grading and DrainageG303.8 Grading and Fill1804.5 Grading and Fill in Flood Hazard Areas1803.4 Grading and Fill in Floodways1804.5 Grading and Filling in Flood Hazard AreasR300.2 Grading and Paving119-213 Grading Controls105-34 Grading Controls for Tier II Sites§28-102.5 Grading of LotsR401.5 Grading PlanJ104.2 Grading Plan Requirements11B-233.3.6 Graduate Student and Faculty Housing at a Place of Education[F] 426.1.5 Grain Elevators1910.272 Grain Handling Facilities4007.3 Grain Storage, Handling and Milling1910.272(n) Grain Stream Processing Equipment3.3.129* Grandstand12.4.9 Grandstands119.7.2 Granting of a Renewal119.4 Granting of General Approvals§ 23-27.3-127.1.2 Granting VarianceFigure 11A-7D Graph of Timing Equation27.4.4* Graph SheetC405.12.5 Graphical Energy Report1013.6.1 Graphics409.3 Graspability307.5.2 Grate Area13.7.2 Grate Free Area7.16.2 Grate Free Area and Strainer or Sediment Bucket1910.272(k) Grate Openings1113A.5 Gratings1504.8 Gravel and Stone2306.7.8 Gravity and Pressure Dispensing§27-965 Gravity and Pressure Tanks14.12.3 Gravity Drainage From Waste Holding Tanks in Dental Vacuum Systems709.0 Gravity Drainage Required1014.3 Gravity Grease Interceptors1003.3.7 Gravity Grease Interceptors and Gravity Grease Interceptors With Fats, Oils, and Greases Disposal Systems6.2.1.3 Gravity Grease Interceptors (GGI)1910.218(e) Gravity Hammers[BS] 1007.1 Gravity Loads[F] 910.3.2.1 Gravity-Operated Drop-Out VentsL 501.9 Gravity or Thermosyphon Systems26. Gravity Pneumatic Trash or Linen Conveying SystemsL 402.2.1 Gravity, Pressure Assisted, and Electro-Hydraulic Tank Type Water Closets312.6 Gravity Sewer Test8.2.4 Gravity Stopping Distances5.2.5 Gravity Tanks931.5.3 Gravity Ventilation Ducts26. Gravity Waste or Linen Chutes22. Gravity Waste or Linen Chutes. [82:6.2 ]1910.262(r) Gray and White Bins605.11 Gray Iron and Ductile Iron JointsSection P2910 Gray Water Nonpotable Water Systems1503.9.2 Gray Water Pipe and Fitting MaterialsSection P3009 Gray Water Recycling SystemsSection P3009 Gray Water Recycling Systems(section Deleted)708.12.1 Gray Water Sources1504.8 Gray Water System Color and Marking Information1503.9 Gray Water System Components1503.0 Gray Water Systems1503.0 Gray Water Systems [BSC-CG]708.5.1 Gray Water Systems for Landscape IrrigationP2911.6.1 Gray Water Used for Fixture FlushingA4.305.1 GraywaterA5.304.8 Graywater Irrigation SystemSection P2911 Graywater Nonpotable Water Systems5.304.5 Graywater or Rainwater Use in Landscape AreasSection P3009 Graywater Soil Absorption Systems89.102.2.2 Graywater Systems for Nonresidential OccupanciesP2911.6.1 Graywater Used for Fixture Flushing606.3.3.2 Grease Accumulation509.2.4 Grease Drip Trays506.3.9 Grease Duct Cleanout Locations, Spacing and Installation506.3.8 Grease Duct Cleanouts and Openings506.3.8 Grease Duct Cleanouts and Other Openings506.3.6 Grease Duct Clearances506.3.11 Grease Duct Enclosure506.3.11 Grease Duct Enclosures506.3.12 Grease Duct Fire-Resistive Access Opening506.3.9 Grease Duct Horizontal Cleanouts506.3.2.5 Grease Duct Leakage Performance Test506.3.1.1 Grease Duct Materials506.3.7.1 Grease Duct Reservoirs506.3.3 Grease Duct Supports506.3.2.5 Grease Duct Test506.3.9.2 Grease Duct Vertical Cleanouts606.3.2 Grease Extractors509.2.5 Grease Filter Orientation609.5.1.5 Grease Filters509.1.1 Grease Filters, Mesh-Type507.2.9 Grease Gutters for Type I HoodA Grease Interceptor1003.3.4 Grease Interceptor and Automatic Grease Removal Device Sizing and Standards1003.3.5.1 Grease Interceptor CapacitySection 890.510 Grease Interceptor Requirements1003.3 Grease Interceptors1003.3.4 Grease Interceptors and Automatic Grease Removal Devices1003.3.4 Grease Interceptors and Automatic Grease Removal Devices Not Required1003.3.1 Grease Interceptors and Automatic Grease Removal Devices Required1003.3.9 Grease Interceptors for On-Site Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems1003.5 Grease Interceptors for Onsite Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems510.8.1 Grease Receptacle509.2.2 Grease Removal Device Protection609. Grease Removal Devices517.5 Grease Removal Devices for Solid-Fuel Cooking6.2.1.2 Grease Removal Devices (GRD)517.7.1 Grease Removal Devices, Hoods, and Duct Systems509.0 Grease Removal Devices in Hoods506.3.7.1 Grease Reservoirs1003.3.3 Grease Trap and Grease Interceptor Not Required1003.3.4.1 Grease Trap Capacity1003.3 Grease Traps and Grease Interceptors1003.3 Grease Traps and Grease Interceptors for Publicly-Owned or Investor-Owned Sewage Systems1003.3.1 Grease Traps and Grease Interceptors Required508.3.1 Grease Vapor322.1.1.9 Greater Fire Protection Measures(C) Greater Than 100 kWArticle 2-1 Green Building Standards89.102.2.1 Green Buildings Standards for Nonresidential OccupanciesA5.211.3 Green Power1507.16 Green Roof System1507.16 Green Roof Systems1607.11.3 Green Roofs402.8 Greenfield Sites***§28-320.3.1.1 Greenhouse Gas Coefficient of Energy Consumption for Calendar Years 2024 Through 2029***§28-320.3.2.1 Greenhouse Gas Coefficients of Energy Consumption for Calendar Years 2030 Through 2034Section 3112 GreenhousesA5.106.3.2 Greyfield or Infill SiteP2903.8 Gridded and Parallel Water Distribution System ManifoldsP2903.8 Gridded and Parallel Water Distribution Systems3.3.206.5* Gridded Sprinkler System27.2.4.5* Gridded Systems3.3.130 Gridiron12.4.6.8 Gridiron, Fly Galleries, and Pinrails2121.2.13 Grill Block710.12 Grinder Pump Ejector11.7.5 Grinder Pumps1910.218(j)(5) Grinding1910.94(b) Grinding, Polishing, and Buffing Operations[F] 426.1.2 Grinding Rooms1910.94(b)(1)(viii) Grinding WheelsR311.7.8.5 Grip Size505.6 Gripping Surface1114.4.1 Grit Chamber7.5.3 Groove Joining Methods1203.3.7 Grooved and Shouldered Joints605.13.3 Grooved and Shouldered Mechanical Joints6.3.5 Grooved Connections3.19.3.2 Grooved Pipe Fittings3.* Gross Floor Area3.* Gross Floor Area (Health Care and Ambulatory Health Care Occupancies) Gross Leasable Area(B) GroundAE604.1 Ground Anchors1910.268(s)(16) Ground (As a Noun)1910.268(s)(17) Ground (As a Verb)2.5- Ground-Borne VibrationM1305.1.3.1 Ground Clearance1926.1402 Ground Conditions(4) Ground ConnectionsR317.1.2 Ground Contact603.2.3 Ground Cover(D) Ground Current Detection(B) Ground Detectors5608.6.5 Ground Display Pieces(D) Ground FaultSection E3902 Ground-Fault and Arc-Fault Circuit-Interrupter ProtectionSection E3902 Ground-Fault and Arc-Fault Circuitinterrupter Protection250.186 Ground-Fault Circuit Conductor Brought to Service Equipment(C) Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupter Protection525.23 Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupter (GFCI) Protection422.5 Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupter (GFCI) Protection for Personnel410.184 Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupter Protection210.8 Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupter Protection for Personnel517.21 Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupter Protection for Personnel in Category 2 (General Care) and Category 1 (Critical Care) Spaces445.20 Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupter Protection for Receptacles on 15-kW or Smaller Portable GeneratorsSection 3160B Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters(B) Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)680.32 Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters Required806.4.4 Ground Fault Circuit Interruption(C) Ground-Fault Current480.13 Ground-Fault Detection(A) Ground-Fault Detection and Interruption(D) Ground-Fault Detection and Relaying712.55 Ground Fault Detection Equipment453.17.8 Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) Receptacles2.5-4.3.5 Ground-Fault Interrupter Receptacles4.2- Ground Fault Interrupters(B) Ground-Fault Protection590.6 Ground-Fault Protection for Personnel210.13 Ground-Fault Protection of Equipment555.35 Ground-Fault Protection of Equipment (GFPE) and Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupter (GFCI) Protection37-32 Ground Floor Depth Requirements for Certain Uses64-52 Ground Floor Level Mitigation Options142-14 Ground Floor Level Requirements132-32 Ground Floor Level Transparency Requirements91-831 Ground Floor Requirements144-41 Ground Floor Streetscape Provisions64-222 Ground Floor Use125-11 Ground Floor Use Along Designated Streets26-52 Ground Floor Use and Depth Requirements117-512 Ground Floor Use and Frontage Regulations97-222 Ground Floor Use and Streetscape Regulations98-14 Ground Floor Use and Transparency Requirements on Tenth Avenue115-13 Ground Floor Use, Frontage and Major Building Entrance Regulations in C4-5X and C6 Districts32-431 Ground Floor Use in C1-8A, C1-9A, C2-7A, C2-8A, C4-6A and C4-7A Districts32-433 Ground Floor Use in C1, C2 and C4 Districts in the Borough of Staten Island32-434 Ground Floor Use in C4-5D and C6-3D Districts and in Certain C2 Districts32-43 Ground Floor Use in Certain Locations32-432 Ground Floor Use in Community Board 7, Borough of Manhattan32-435 Ground Floor Use in High Density Commercial Districts81-674 Ground Floor Use Provisions136-13 Ground Floor Use Regulations143-15 Ground Floor Use Requirements111-12 Ground Floor Use Restrictions112-074 Ground Floor Use Restrictions on Certain Blocks118-11 Ground Floor Uses86-11 Ground Floor Uses Along Designated Streets87-421 Ground Floor Uses in the North Subdistrict128-11 Ground Floor Uses on Commercial Streets1104A.2 Ground Floors Above GradeF 104.1 Ground-Heat Exchanger DesignF 108.7 Ground-Heat Exchanger Installation PracticesF 202.0 Ground-Heat Exchanger Testing705.9.3 Ground Joint, Flared, or Ferrule ConnectionsP-409.2 Ground Joints3.3.152 Ground Kettle1008.2.4.1 Ground Level1008.2.1 Ground Level and Elevated Play Components106.5.33 Ground Level Play Component240.2.1 Ground Level Play Components1910.183(l) Ground Lines2.4.10.1 Ground MotionM2302.2.3 Ground-Mounted Panels and Modules3111.3 Ground-Mounted Photovoltaic Arrays1205.5 Ground-Mounted Photovoltaic Panel Systems1607.14.4.4 Ground-Mounted Photovoltaic (PV) Panel Systems11.12.4 Ground-Mounted Photovoltaic System Installations3111.3.5 Ground-Mounted Photovoltaic SystemsE3803.9 Ground Movement42.* Ground Radar Equipment1910.268(s)(15) Ground (Reference)(C) Ground Reference for Damping Transitory Over-Voltages(C) Ground Reference for Damping Transitory Overvoltages(B) Ground Reference for Fault Protection Devices1926.351(c) Ground Returns and Machine Grounding1910.66(f)(5)(iv) Ground-Rigged Working Platforms(4) Ground RingE3608.1.3 Ground RingsSection H109 Ground Signs1608.2 Ground Snow Load1608.2 Ground Snow LoadsE 509.1 Ground Source Heat Pump Loop System Testing1208.1.1 Ground Source Heat Pump Loop Systems1210.1 Ground-Source Heat Pump-Loop Water PipingSection M2105 Ground-Source Heat-Pump System Loop PipingSection M2105 Ground-Source Heat-Pump System Looppiping606.2.2.1 Ground Source Heat Pumps507.4 Ground Support1008.2.6 Ground Surfaces1910.268(s)(18) Ground Tent5607.19.1.1 Ground Vibrations406.2 Ground Water, Bedrock or Slowly Permeable Soils1805.1.3 Ground-Water Control307.2.2.1 Ground Water Protection1803.5.4 Ground-Water Table603.2.3 Groundcover(A) Grounded and BondedE3603.1 Grounded and Ungrounded Service Conductor Size(2) Grounded Circuit Conductors27.5.4.3 Grounded Common-Current Systems427.23 Grounded Conductive Covering240.22 Grounded Conductor(C) Grounded Conductor Bonding250.102 Grounded Conductor, Bonding Conductors, and Jumpers(C) Grounded Conductor Brought to Service EquipmentE3406.13 Grounded Conductor ContinuityE3607.3.2 Grounded Conductor, Existing Premises400.22 Grounded-Conductor Identification(B) Grounded Conductor (Inner Sectioned Layers)(1) Grounded Conductor Insulated(D) Grounded Conductor Not to Be Used as an Equipment Ground408.41 Grounded Conductor Terminations(B) Grounded Conductors(D) Grounded Conductors of Different Systems(E) Grounded Conductors of Multiconductor Cables(E) Grounded Neutral Conductor517.63 Grounded Power Systems in Anesthetizing LocationsE3609.4.1 Grounded Service Conductor(1) Grounded Shields(2) Grounded Single-Phase Alternating-Current Circuits(A) Grounded System(B) Grounded System Conductor(C) Grounded System Conductor Connection(A) Grounded Systems1404.11.4 Grounding1926.963(d)(5) Grounding After TestsPart XIII Grounding — All VoltagesArticle 250 Grounding and Bonding820.106 Grounding and Bonding at Mobile Homes501.30 Grounding and Bonding, Class I, Divisions 1 and 2502.30 Grounding and Bonding, Class II, Divisions 1 and 2503.30 Grounding and Bonding — Class III, Divisions 1 and 2(2) Grounding and Bonding Conductors2.1- Grounding and Bonding for Telecommunication Spaces3111F.6 Grounding and Bonding (N/E)770.106 Grounding and Bonding of Entrance Cables at Mobile Homes250.194 Grounding and Bonding of Fences and Other Metal Structures513.16 Grounding and Bonding Requirements680.7 Grounding and Bonding Terminals450.5 Grounding Autotransformers770.93 Grounding, Bonding, or Interruption of Non-Current-Carrying Metallic Members of Optical Fiber Cables805.93 Grounding, Bonding, or Interruption of Non-Current-Carrying Metallic Sheath Members of Communications Cables426.27 Grounding Braid or Sheath3314.11.6.4 Grounding Conductor1311.3 Grounding Conductor of Electrode1211.3 Grounding Conductor or Electrode(C) Grounding Conductor (Outer Sectioned Layers)(B) Grounding Conductors Required(D) Grounding Connection in Nonmetallic Box1910.304(g)(4) Grounding Connections(E) Grounding Continuity810.7 Grounding Devices(1) Grounding Electrical Equipment(4) Grounding Electrode(1) Grounding Electrode Conductor250.68 Grounding Electrode Conductor and Bonding Jumper Connection to Grounding Electrodes(D) Grounding Electrode Conductor Connection(F) Grounding Electrode Conductor Connection LocationSection E3611 Grounding Electrode Conductor Connection to the Grounding Electrodes(C) Grounding Electrode Conductor Connections242.56 Grounding Electrode Conductor Connections and Enclosures250.64 Grounding Electrode Conductor Installation250.62 Grounding Electrode Conductor Material(6) Grounding Electrode Conductor, Multiple Separately Derived Systems(5) Grounding Electrode Conductor, Single Separately Derived SystemE3603.4 Grounding Electrode Conductor SizeSection E3610 Grounding Electrode Conductors(C) Grounding Electrode Connections250.50 Grounding Electrode SystemPart III Grounding Electrode System and Grounding Electrode Conductor250.53 Grounding Electrode System Installation250.52 Grounding Electrodes(B) Grounding Electrodes and Grounding Electrode Conductors250.52 Grounding Electrodes System1910.268(m) Grounding for Employee Protection—Pole Lines2.5-5.4 Grounding for Telecommunication Spaces1926.962 Grounding for the Protection of Employees1910.107(i)(6) Grounding - General342.60 Grounding(A) Grounding Impedance Location(D) Grounding MemberPart III Grounding Methods406.1.5 Grounding of Appliances(C) Grounding of Controller-Mounted Devices(B) Grounding of Controls490.37 Grounding of Devices(A) Grounding of Electrical and Nonelectrical Parts(2) Grounding of Electrical Equipment404.12 Grounding of Enclosures250.190 Grounding of EquipmentE3908.8.1 Grounding of Flexible Metal Conduit408.22 Grounding of Instruments, Relays, Meters, and Instrument Transformers on Switchboards and SwitchgearE3908.8.2 Grounding of Liquid-Tight Flexible Metal Conduit(B) Grounding of Load Side of Class 2 Power Source408.40 Grounding of Panelboards517.13 Grounding of Receptacles and Fixed Electrical Equipment in Patient Care Areas517.13 Grounding of Receptacles and Fixed Electrical Equipment in Patient Care Spaces250.24 Grounding of Service-Supplied Alternating-Current Systems(A) Grounding of Supply Side of Class 2 Power Source1926.404(f)(11) Grounding of Systems and Circuits of 1000 Volts and Over (High Voltage)Part X Grounding of Systems and Circuits of Over 1000 Volts250.188 Grounding of Systems Supplying Portable or Mobile Equipment820.93 Grounding of the Outer Conductive Shield of Coaxial Cables630.15 Grounding of Welder Secondary Circuit(F) Grounding or Bonding Conductor650.5 Grounding or Double Insulation of the DC Power Supply840.93 Grounding or Interruption830.93 Grounding or Interruption of Metallic Members of Network-Powered Broadband Communications Cables800.93 Grounding or Interruption of Metallic Sheath Members of Communications Cables770.93 Grounding or Interruption of Non-Current-Carrying Metallic Members of Optical Fiber Cables800.93 Grounding or Interruption of Non-Current-Carrying Metallic Sheath Members of Communications Cables1926.404(f)(6) Grounding Path(C) Grounding Pole(B) Grounding-Pole (Connection) Identification(D) Grounding-Pole (Connection) Requirements(B) Grounding-Pole Identification(D) Grounding-Pole Requirements(A) Grounding Poles(A) Grounding Poles (Connections)1910.269(o)(4) Grounding Practices(D) Grounding Provisions551.76 Grounding — Recreational Vehicle Site Supply Equipment(C) Grounding Requirements4703.6 Grounding Safeguards250.30 Grounding Separately Derived Alternating-Current Systems250.186 Grounding Service-Supplied Alternating-Current Systems(A) Grounding Sheath or Braid1910.305(h)(4) Grounding Shields250.191 Grounding System at Alternating-Current Substations250.25 Grounding Systems Permitted to Be Connected on the Supply Side of the Disconnect(C) Grounding Terminal Use(2) Grounding Terminals1926.963(d)(6) Grounding Test Vehicles(A) Grounding Through Terminal Housings(A) Grounding Type1910.334(a)(3) Grounding Type Equipment(A) Grounding-Type Receptacle Outlets(1) Grounding-Type Receptacles406.10 Grounding-Type Receptacles, Adapters, Cord Connectors, and Attachment Plugs2511.3 Grounds7-159 Grounds for Appeal§27-2130 Grounds for Appointment of Receiver103.3.10.2 Grounds for Revocation or Suspension1504.4 Groundwater LevelF 103.0 Groundwater Systems1803.4.3 Groundwater Table9.3 Group 1 Dwelling Units§27-453 Group 1 Public Garages in Buildings of Other Occupancy Classification8.1.2 Group 1: Restricted8.1.3 Group 2: Authorized Personnel9.4 Group 2 Dwelling Units8.1.4 Group 3: Emergency Operation8.1.5 Group 4: Other[F] 903.2.1 Group A[F] 903.2.1.1 Group A-1[F] 903.2.1.2 Group A-214X-5-504.2.2 Group A-2, Below Grade Areas[F] 903.2.1.3 Group A-3507.6 Group A-3 Buildings507.6 Group A-3 Buildings of Type II Construction507.7 Group A-3 Buildings of Type III and IV Construction507.7 Group A-3 Buildings of Types III and IV Construction[F] 903.2.1.4 Group A-4[F] 903.2.1.5 Group A-5507.6 Group A Buildings6004.1.1.1 Group A, E, I or U Occupancies5706. Group A, E or I Buildings905.3.2.1 Group A Exhibition14X-5-504.2.1 Group A, Exhibition Areas907.2.1 Group A, General[F] 2702.2.1 Group A Occupancies1107.1 Group A Occupancy Public Address System3203.7.1 Group A PlasticsSection 1107 Group A Public Address System1107.1.8 Group A2, A3, B2, or B3 Refrigerants1107.1.7 Group A2L and B2L Refrigerants606.17 Group A2L Refrigerants[F] 907.2.2 Group B14X-5-504.2.3 Group B, Adult Education903.2.2 Group B Ambulatory Care Facilities[F] 903.2.2 Group B Ambulatory Health Care Facilities507.14 Group B Buildings907.2.2.2 Group B Educational Facilities6203.1.1.3 Group B, F, M or S Occupancies907.2.2 Group B, General403.3 Group B Occupancies510.8 Group B or M Buildings With Group S-2 Open Parking Garage Above510.8 Group B or M With Group S-2 Open Parking Garage509.8 Group B or M With Group S-2 Open Parking Garage Above3203.7.2 Group B Plastics(3) Group C450.1 Group C Occupancies Defined907.2.25 Group C Occupancies (Organized Camps)3203.7.3 Group C PlasticsSection 450 Group C [SFM]1815.4.4 Group Capacity(4) Group D16. Group Day-Care Home[F] 903.2.3 Group E915.2.3 Group E and I-4 Occupancies6103.2.1.4 Group E and I Occupancies507.11 Group E Buildings305.2 Group E, Child-Care Facilities305.2 Group E, Day Care Facilities401.3.4 Group E Fire Alarm Initiation907.2.3 Group E, General915.2 Group E, I-2 and I-4 Occupancies1104.24.4 Group E Laboratories1010.2.8.2 Group E Lockable Doors From the Inside423.5 Group E Occupancies408.3 Group E Occupancies and Group R-2 College and University Buildings[NY] 915.5.4 Group E Occupancies and I-2 Hospitals907.5.2.4 Group E Schools1810.2.5 Group Effects[F] 907.2.4 Group F[F] 903.2.4 Group F-11017.2.2 Group F-1 and S-1 Increase[F] 903.2.4.2 Group F-1 Distilled Spirits903.2.4.3 Group F-1 Fire Areas807.5.7 Group F-1 Motion Picture and Television Production Studio Sound Stages, Approved Production Facilities and Production Locations Without Live Audiences910.2.1 Group F-1 or S-1[F] 903.2.4.3 Group F-1 Upholstered Furniture or Mattresses507.15 Group F-2 Buildings907.2.4 Group F, General403.5 Group F Occupancies(3) Group G[F] 903.2.5 Group H[F] 415.6.4.1 Group H-1415.3.2 Group H-1 and H-2 or H-3 Detached BuildingsD102.2.1 Group H-1 Prohibited[F] 415.9 Group H-2507.8 Group H-2, H-3 and H-4 Occupancies506.2.2.1 Group H-2 or H-3 Mixed Occupancies[F] 415.11 Group H-5[BCD] 1017.2.3 Group H-5 Increase[F] 903.2.5.2 Group H-5 Occupancies[F] 908.2 Group H-5 Occupancy307.7 Group H-5 Structures907.2.5 Group H, General415.3.1 Group H Minimum Distance to Lot Lines[F] 908.1 Group H Occupancies415.12 Group H Occupancies Located Above the 10th Story415.12 Group H Occupancies Located on the 11th Story and Above[F] 415.6.4 Group H Occupancy Minimum Fire Separation DistanceD102.2.2 Group H Prohibited313.4 Group Homes[F] 903.2.6 Group I[F] 907.2.6.1 Group I-11107.5.1 Group I-1 Accessible UnitsG304.5.1 Group I-1 and Adult Homes, Enriched Housing, Community Residences and Intermediate Care Facilities807.5.3.1 Group I-1 and Group I-2 Condition 1 Within Units1106.2.2 Group I-1 and Group I-2 Occupancies(c) 807.5.3 Group I-1 and I-2807.5.3.1 Group I-1 and I-2 Condition 1 Within Units(b) 907. Group I-1 and R-1915.1.1 Group I-1 and R Occupancies420.7 Group I-1 Assisted Living Housing Units805.1 Group I-1, Board and Care Facilities313.2.1 Group I-1 Condition 1805.1 Group I-1, Condition 214X-5-504.2.5 Group I-1, Condition 2, and Group I-2909.5.3.1 Group I-1, Condition 2; Group I-2; And Ambulatory Care Facilities420.8 Group I-1 Cooking Facilities403.7.1 Group I-1 Occupancies907.2.6.1 Group I-1 Occupancies—GeneralSection 419 Group I-1, R-1, R-2, R-3Section 407 Group I-2709.5.1 Group I-2 and Ambulatory Care Facilities909.5.3.1 Group I-2 and Group B Ambulatory Care FacilitiesSection 407 Group I-2 and Group I-2.1804.3.3.3 Group I-2 and Group I-3 Floor Surfaces804.4.3 Group I-2 and Group I-3 Occupancy Floor Surfaces407.4.4 Group I-2 and I-2.1 Care Suites407.4.5 Group I-2 and I-2.1 Nonpatient-Care Suites1019.4 Group I-2 and I-3 Occupancies603.9.5 Group I-2 and R-4 Occupancies and Ambulatory Care Facilities1105.10 Group I-2 Automatic Fire Alarm System1105.9 Group I-2 Automatic Sprinkler System1027.6 Group I-2 Building Hallway Corridors407.4.4 Group I-2 Care Suites313.2.3 Group I-2 Condition 11103.5.3 Group I-2, Condition 2508.3.1.2 Group I-2, Condition 2 Occupancies703.9.1.1 Group I-2, Condition 2, Occupancies Overflow Alarm Supervision907. Group I-2 Hospital Buildings1108.5.3 Group I-2 Hospitals1019.4 Group I-2, I-2.1 , I-3 and R-2.1 Occupancies709.5.1 Group I-2, I-2.1, R-2.1 and Ambulatory Care Facilities14X-5-504.2.6 Group I-2, Nursing Home1108.5.2 Group I-2 Nursing Homes1107.5.2 Group I-2 Nursing Homes Accessible Units805.2 Group I-2, Nursing Homes and Hospitals[F] 2702.2.8 Group I-2 Occupancies603.9.5 Group I-2 Occupancies and Ambulatory Care Facilities907.2.6.2 Group I-2 Occupancies—GeneralG304.5.4 Group I-2 Occupancies, Other Than Hospitals and Nursing Homes406.1.4 Group I-2 Receptacles1108.5.4 Group I-2 Rehabilitation FacilitiesSection 408 Group I-31106.2.3.1 Group I-3 Compliance Options805.3 Group I-3, Detention and Correction Facilities[BCD] 910.2.3 Group I-3 Emergency Ventilation[NY] 406.3.5 Group I-3 Key Identification and Use[F] 907.2.6.3 Group I-3 Occupancies907.2.6.3 Group I-3 Occupancies—General1108.5.5.1 Group I-3 Sleeping Units907.2.6.4 Group I-4308.5 Group I-4, Day Care Facilities1006.2.2.4 Group I-4 Means of Egress907. Group I-4 Occupancies907.2.6.4 Group I-4 Occupancies—GeneralSection 436 Group I-4 [SFM]436.1 Group I-4 Special Provisions404.12 Group I and R-2.1 Occupancy Means of Egress604.10.5 Group I and R-4 Occupancies and Ambulatory Care Facilities907.2.6 Group I, General403.7 Group I Occupancies915.2 Group I or R308.5 Group I, R-2.1, R-3.1, R-4 Occupancies or Any Licensed Care Facility(C) Group IIA(B) Group IIB(A) Group IIC(C) Group IIIA(B) Group IIIB(A) Group IIIC907.2.28 Group L313.1 Group L Laboratories. [SFM]903.2.16 Group L Occupancies903.2.16.1 Group L Occupancies Located Above the 10th Story903.2.16.1 Group L Occupancies Located on the 11th Story and Above2702.2.12.1 Group L OccupancySection 453 Group L [SFM]1910.147(f)(3) Group Lockout or Tagout[F] 903.2.7 Group M507.16 Group M Buildings903.2.7.2 Group M Fire Areas403.8 Group M Occupancies5003.11 Group M Storage and Display and Group S Storage[F] 903.2.7.2 Group M Upholstered Furniture or Mattresses(B) Group of Welders[F] 903.2.8 Group R[F] 907.2.8 Group R-1510.6 Group R-1 and R-2 Buildings of Type IIA Construction510.5 Group R-1 and R-2 Buildings of Type IIIA Construction907.2.11.1 Group R-1 and "SRO"occupancies (AS Defined in Section 310.2)907.3.1.6 Group R-1 Boarding and Rooming Houses1103. Group R-1 Boarding and Rooming Houses Automatic Smoke Detection System1103.7.5.2 Group R-1 Boarding and Rooming Houses Manual Fire Alarm System907.2.8 Group R-1, General1103. Group R-1 Hotel and Motel Automatic Smoke Detection System1103.7.5.1 Group R-1 Hotel and Motel Manual Fire Alarm SystemC403.4.8 Group R-1 Hotel/Motel Guestrooms907.3.1.5 Group R-1 Hotels and Motels403.9.1 Group R-1 Occupancies907.2.8.4 Group R-1 Student Dormitories1108.6.2 Group R-2403.7.1 Group R-2.1 Occupancies907. Group R-2.1, R-3.1 and R-4435.11 Group R-2.1, R-3.1, R-4807.5.3.1 Group R-2.1 Within Units1004. Group R-2 Accessory Spaces as Primary Function on a Story[F] 907.2.9 Group R-2 and R-2.1C403.4.9 Group R-2 and R-3 Dwelling Units403.10.2.4 Group R-2 Assisted Living and Residential Care Facilities903. Group R-2 Attics510.6 Group R-2 Buildings of Type IIA Construction509.5 Group R-2 Buildings of Type IIIA Construction[F] 907.2.9.3 Group R-2 College and University Buildings805.4 Group R-2 College and University Dormitories308.4.1 Group R-2 Dormitories420.11 Group R-2 Dormitory Cooking Facilities907.2.9 Group R-2, General1016.3.2 Group R-2 High-Rise Occupancies1016.3.1 Group R-2 Nonhigh-Rise Occupancies403.9.2 Group R-2 Occupancies905.3.10 Group R-2 Occupancies Small Hose Connections907. Group R-2 OccupancyC407.4.2.3 Group R-2 Occupancy Buildings1107.6.2.2 Group R-2 Other Than Apartment Houses, Monasteries and Convents1108.6.2.3 Group R-2 Other Than Live/Work Units, Apartment Houses, Monasteries and Convents[F] 907.2.9 Group R-2, R-2.1 and R-2.2403.3.2 Group R-2, R-3 and R-4 Occupancies403.3.2 Group R-2, R-3 and R-4 Occupancies, Three Stories and LessC403.4.10 Group R-2 Sleeping Units907.2.9.1 Group R-2 Student Apartments[F] 903.2.8.1 Group R-3907. Group R-3.1K104.2.1 Group R-3.1 Occupancies435.8.3.2 Group R-3.1 Occupancies Housing Non-Ambulatory ClientsR335.6.3.2 Group R-3.1 Occupancies Housing Nonambulatory Clients435.8.3.3 Group R-3.1 Occupancies Housing Only One Bedridden Client1006.2.2.6 Group R-3 and R-41206.14 Group R-3 and R-4 Fuel Cell Vehicle Energy Storage System Use1205.14 Group R-3 and R-4 Fuel Cell Vehicle ESS Use903.2.8.1 Group R-3 and R-5403.9.4 Group R-3 and R-5 Lodging Facilities608.13 Group R-3 Occupancies503.2.4.1 Group R-3 Occupancies Set Back 100 Feet or Less503.2.4.2 Group R-3 Occupancies Set Back More Than 100-150 Feet503.2.4.3 Group R-3 Occupancies Set Back More Than 150 Feet504.4.9 Group R-3 Occupancies With Shallow-Pitched Roofs[F] 903.2.8.1 Group R-3 or R-4 Congregate Residences403.9.3 Group R-3 Subject to Licensure by the State, and Group R-4 Occupancies1108.6.4 Group R-4[F] 903.2.8.2 Group R-4, Condition 1[F] 903.2.8.3 Group R-4, Condition 2907.2.10 Group R-4, General403.9.3 Group R-4 Occupancies1103.2.3 Group R-51011.4.2 Group R-5 Occupancies and Within Dwelling Units507.17 Group R Buildings1106.2.4.1 Group R Compliance Options14X-5-504.6.5 Group R Congregate Living Facilities420.10 Group R Cooking Facilities14X-5-504.2.7 Group R, Cubicle Hotels14X-5-504.6.4 Group R Dormitory403.9 Group R OccupanciesC403.8.4 Group R Occupancy Exhaust Fan Efficacy403.4 Group R Whole-House Mechanical Ventilation System*2.11-3.2.5 Group Rooms[F] 907.2.10 Group S[F] 903.2.9 Group S-1[F] 903.2.9.3 Group S-1 Distilled Spirits or Wine903.2.9.1 Group S-1 Fire Areas[F] 903.2.9.4 Group S-1 Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses903.2.10 Group S-2507.18 Group S-2 Buildings509.2 Group S-2 Enclosed or Open Parking Garage With Group A, B, M, R or S Above509.2 Group S-2 Enclosed Parking Garage With Group A, B, M or R Above510.3 Group S-2 Enclosed Parking Garage With Group S-2 Open Parking Garage Above[F] 903.2.10 Group S-2 Enclosed Parking Garages903.2.10.2 Group S-2 Fire Areas[F] 903.2.10 Group S-2 Parking Garages3.1- Group Treatment Areas1104.5.1.1 Group U Occupancies903.2.18 Group U Private Garages and Carports Accessory to Group R-3 Occupancies5604.5.2.2 Grouped Magazines(D) Grouping640.8 Grouping of Conductors230.72 Grouping of Disconnects1106.2 Groups 1-1, R-1, R-2, R-3 and R-4[F] 905.5.1 Groups A-1 and A-2904.1.4 Groups A, B, E, F-1, H, I-1, I-3, I-4, M, R-1, R-2, R-4, S-1 and S-2803.2.2 Groups A, B, E, F-1, H, I, M, R-1, R-2, R-4, S-1 and S-2704.2.2 Groups A, E, F-1, H, I, M, R-1, R-2, R-4, S-1 and S-21013.4.1 Groups B and M910.2.1 Groups F-1 and S-11017.2.2 Groups F-1 and S-1 IncreaseSection 415 Groups H-1, H-2, H-3, H-4 and H-5[F] 415.6.4.3 Groups H-2 and H-3[F] 415.10 Groups H-3 and H-4807.5.3 Groups I-1 and I-2[F] 907. Groups I-1 and R-1[BCD] 907. Groups I-1, R-1 and R-4Section 420 Groups I-1, R-1, R-2 and R-3Section 420 Groups I-1, R-1, R-2, R-3Section 420 Groups I-1, R-1, R-2, R-3 and R-4Section 420 Groups I-1, R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4 and R-5907.5.2.5 Groups I-2 and I-2.1807.5.3 Groups I-2, I-1.2 and R-2.1807.5.3 Groups I-2, I-2.1 and R-2.11106.3.2.1 Groups I and R Occupancies(B) Groups of Welders907.9.1.3 Groups R-1718.4.2 Groups R-1 and R-2[F] 907. Groups R-1 and R-2.1Section 420 Groups R-1, R-2, R-2.1, R-2.2, R-3, R-3.1 and R-4Section 420 Groups R-1, R-2, R-2.1, R-3, R-3.1 and R-4718.3.2 Groups R-1, R-2, R-3 and R-4907. Groups R-2.1, R-3.1 and R-41106.2 Groups R-2 and R-3907.2.11.2 Groups R-2 (Except "SRO" Occupancies as Defined in Section 310.2), R-3, R-4 and I-1907.2.11.2 Groups R-2, R-2.1, R-2.2 , R-3, R-3.1 and R-4[F] 907.2.11.2 Groups R-2, R-2.1, R-2.2 , R-3, R-3.1 , R-4 and R-4.1907.2.11.2 Groups R-2, R-2.1 , R-3, R-3.1 and R-4[F] 907.2.11.2 Groups R-2, R-2.1 , R-3, R-3.1 and R-4 and I-41106.2 Groups R-2, R-3 and R-4313.2.6 Groups R-2, R-3 or R-5[F] 907.2.11.2 Groups R-2, R-3, R-4 and I-1313.4.1 Groups R-2, R-3, R-4 Condition 1 or 2 or R-5[NY] 704.6.1.2 Groups R-2, R-3, R-4, I-1, and Other Dwellings907.2.10.2 Groups R-2, R-3, R-4, R-5 and I-11006.2.2.6 Groups R-3 and R-4403.10.4 Groups R-3 and R-5 Lodging Facilities1006.2.2.6 Groups R-3, R-4 and R-52103.3 GroutR606.3.6.2 Grout Barriers19.4 Grout Durability RequirementsR703.8.4.2 Grout Fill1705.8.2 Grout InspectionR609.1.2 Grout Lift HeightR606.3.5.1 Grout PlacementR609.1.4.1 Grout Pumped Through Aluminum Pipes1812.1.1.2 Grout Sampling and TestingR609.1.3 Grout Space (Cleaning)R609.2.2 Grout SpacesR609.1.5.2 Grouted Hollow Unit Masonry2104A.1.3 Grouted MasonryR606.3.6 Grouted Multiple-Wythe Masonry[BS] A106.3.2.2 Grouted or Ungrouted Hollow Concrete or Clay Block and Structural Hollow Clay Tile2106. GroutingR606.3.5 Grouting Requirements38.5 Growing or Production of Cannabis38.5 Growing or Production of Marijuana3.3.133 Guard605.6.1 Guard Against Contact6. Guard at Ceiling Intersection6. Guard at Ceiling Intersections1607.9.1.2 Guard Component Loads408.3 Guard Design1910.215(b)(12) Guard Design Specifications7. Guard Details1910.215(b)(2) Guard Exposure AnglesR312.2 Guard Opening Limitations1203.10.2 Guard Openings1910.68(b)(8)(i) Guard Rail Requirement3.3.124 Guard's Tour Reporting Station23.13 Guard's Tour Supervisory Service3.3.125 Guard's Tour Supervisory Signal408.3.3 Guard Tower Doors(B) Guarded450.8 Guarding517.78 Guarding and Grounding1926.303(b)(2) Guarding Design620.71 Guarding Equipment1910.219(g) Guarding Friction DrivesPart II Guarding, Grounding, and Labeling1910.265(c)(26)(vii) Guarding Hoistway Openings1910.219(c)(2) Guarding Horizontal Shafting1926.408(a)(3)(ii) Guarding Live Parts1910.265(c)(26)(viii) Guarding Lower Landing Area1910.268(o)(1) Guarding Manholes and Street Openings2. Guarding Means1910.215(b) Guarding of Abrasive Wheel Machinery1926.300(b)(7) Guarding of Abrasive Wheel Machinery - Exposure Adjustment1910.219(k) Guarding of Clutches, Cutoff Couplings, and Clutch Pulleys2.3.2.3 Guarding of Counterweights in a Multiple-Elevator Hoistway1910.269(u)(5) Guarding of Energized Parts490.33 Guarding of Energized Parts Operating at 1000 Volts, Nominal, or Less Within Compartments2.10.1 Guarding of EquipmentSection 2.10 Guarding of Equipment and Standard Railing5.9.10 Guarding of Equipment and the Standard RailingSection 3.10 Guarding of Exposed Auxiliary Equipment490.32 Guarding of High-Voltage Energized Parts Within a Compartment110.27 Guarding of Live Parts5. Guarding of Pits1910.243 Guarding of Portable Powered Tools1910.269(u)(4) Guarding of Rooms and Other Spaces Containing Electric Supply Equipment8.4.3.2 Guarding of Snag Points5.3.1.6 Guarding of Suspension Means5.3.1.7 Guarding of Suspension Means and Other Equipment1910.265(c)(26)(vi) Guarding Side Openings1910.219(c)(3) Guarding Vertical and Inclined Shafting3307.3.3 Guardrail3315.1.5 Guardrail Required3304.4.4 Guardrail System3314.8 Guardrail System and Debris Netting3314.8 Guardrail System and Toeboards1910.29(b) Guardrail Systems406.8.5 Guardrails1910.219(o)(5) Guardrails and Toeboards62-651 Guardrails, Gates and Other Protective BarriersSection 1015 Guards102.4.2.2 Guards and Access to Roofs and Elevated Structures7.2.2.4 Guards and Handrails12.2.11.1 Guards and Railings13.2.11.1 Guards and Railings: Boxes, Balconies, and Galleries508.2.1.1 Guards and RailsSection R312 Guards and Window Fall Protection8.6.8.9 Guards at Ceiling Intersections1030.17.4 Guards at the End of Aisles1910.261(e)(5) Guards Below Table2.2.3 Guards Between Adjacent Pits430.233 Guards for Attendants304.17 Guards for Basement Windows1910.179(e)(5) Guards for Hoisting Ropes1910.219(o)(3) Guards for Horizontal Overhead Belts1926.307(o)(4) Guards for Horizontal Overhead Rope and Chain Drives1910.179(e)(6) Guards for Moving Parts1910.68(b)(9) Guards for Openings7.2.8.5 Guards, Handrails, and Visual Enclosures1910.68(b)(7) Guards on Underside of Floor OpeningsR507.10.1.1 Guards Supported by Side of Deck FramingR507.10.1.2 Guards Supported on Top of Deck Framing2407.1.2 Guards With Structural Glass Balusters1910.181(a)(20) Gudgeon Pin455.4.1 Guest Bathrooms3.3.134 Guest Room224.1.2 Guest Room Doors and Doorways6. Guest Room HVAC Set-Point Control1103.7.4.4 Guest Room Smoke Alarms11B-603.6 Guest Room Toilet and Bathing Rooms6. Guest Room Ventilation Control224.6.1 Guest Rooms210.17 Guest Rooms and Guest Suites(B) Guest Rooms and Guest Suites of Hotels and Motels206.7.6 Guest Rooms and Residential Dwelling Units(C) Guest Rooms, Guest Suites, and Patient Sleeping Rooms in Nursing Homes and Limited-Care Facilities210.60 Guest Rooms, Guest Suites, Dormitories, and Similar Occupancies210.60 Guest Rooms, Guest Suites, Dormitory Units, and Similar Occupancies(B) Guest Rooms or Guest Suites806.3 Guest Rooms With Communication Features806.2 Guest Rooms With Mobility Features3.3.283.1 Guest SuiteR320.1.1 Guestrooms[BG] 302.3 GuidanceAppendix F Guidance for Hazard Classifications RE: Carcinogenicity (Non-Mandatory)5.12.1 Guidance in Use of ASME A17.7/CSA B44.73.2.4 Guide403. Guide Contents1910.211(d)(37) Guide Post1910.217(d)(4) Guide Post Hazard2.23.9 Guide-Rail Brackets and Building Supports5.1.18.1 Guide-Rail Section7.5.9.2 Guide-Rail Sections8.4.8.3 Guide-Rail Stress2.23.6 Guide-Rail Surfaces2.23.5.1 Guide Rails4.3.18 Guide Rails and FasteningsSection 3.23 Guide Rails, Guide-Rail Supports, and Fastenings5.2.2.10 Guide Rails, Guide-Rail Supports, and Their Fastenings2.23.1 Guide Rails Required8.7.2.24 Guide Rails, Supports, and FasteningsAppendix I — Guideline on Fire Ratings of Archaic Materials and AssembliesAppendix A Guidelines (Advisory)1515.2 Guidelines for Roofing ApplicationsResource A Guidelines on Fire Ratings of Archaic Materials and Assemblies2.11.12.5 Guides5.7.15.1 Guiding2.15.2 Guiding Means2.30.4 Guiding Members8.4.5 Guiding Members and Position Restraints8. Guiding of Test Weight1910.212(a)(3)(iv)(a) Guillotine Cutters1910.261(l)(6) Guillotine-Type Cutters1224. Gurney and Wheelchair Storage2.2- Gurney Bays3002.4.1a Gurney Size1224.14.2.13 Gurneys and Wheelchairs1228.14.2.13 Gurneys or Wheel Chairs407.3.1 Gutter Outlets1504.6.1 Gutter Securement for Low-Slope Roofs1502.4 Gutters504.4 Gutters and Downspouts11B-307.4.1 Guy Braces1910.181(a)(7) Guy Derrick1926.1436(c)(2) Guy Derricks(4) Guy Wires1910.265(c)(29)(i) Guying453.18.1.2 Gymnasium2408.3 Gymnasium and Basketball Courts2408.3 Gymnasiums and Basketball Courts602.5 GypsumR702.3 Gypsum BoardSection 2506 Gypsum Board and Gypsum Panel Product MaterialsR702.3 Gypsum Board and Gypsum Panel Products2510.5.2.1 Gypsum Board as a Backing Board2306.2.1 Gypsum Board Diaphragm CeilingsSection 2509 Gypsum Board in Showers and Water ClosetsSection 2509 Gypsum Board in Showersand Water ClosetsSection 2506 Gypsum Board Materials2211.2.2.3 Gypsum Board Panel SheathingSection 2508 Gypsum Construction603.5.1 Gypsum Ducts2306. Gypsum Lath[BS] A403.9.1 Gypsum or Cement Plaster ProductsM1406.5 Gypsum PanelsR702.2.1 Gypsum Plaster2306. Gypsum Sheathing2510.5.2.2 Gypsum Sheathing Backing2119.9 Gypsum Tile504.6 Gypsum Wallboard Ducts722. Gypsum Wallboard Equivalent to Concrete722.5.1.2 Gypsum Wallboard Protection[BG] A103.1.5.1 H-1, Detonation Hazard[BG] A103.1.5.2 H-2, Deflagration Hazard[BG] A103.1.5.3 H-3, Combustion or Physical Hazard[BG] A103.1.5.4 H-4, Health Hazard[BG] A103.1.5.5 H-5, Production Material Hazard1810. H-PilesR325.6 Habitable AtticSection R326 Habitable Attics[NY] 404.4 Habitable Room and Bedroom Room Requirements§27-746 Habitable Rooms1208.3.1 Habitable Rooms and Spaces1203.5.1.2 Habitable SpacesR903.5 Hail ExposureSection P-511 Hair and Lint Interceptors454. Hair and Lint Strainer3.1- Hair Salon/Spa1124A.7.1 Hall Call1124A.4 Hall Call Buttons11B-411. Hall Call Console Additional Buttons1109.7.2.3 Hall Call Console Arrangement1109.7.2.1 Hall Call Console Number and Location11B-411.2.1 Hall Call Consoles1124A.6 Hall Lantern28.4 Hall Lanterns407.2.2 Hall Signals(H) Hallways13.* Halogenated Agent13. Halogenated Agent RE-use1910.155(c)(23) Halon 12111910.155(c)(24) Halon 1301[F] 904.9 Halon Systems5.508.1.2 Halons1910.241(a)(1) Hammer-Operated Piston Tool - Low-Velocity Type1910.218(a)(3) Hammers and Presses1910.218(b) Hammers, General1132A.8 Hand-Activated Door Hardware1126A.6 Hand-Activated Door or Gate Hardware1926.956 Hand and Portable Power Equipment1910.266(e) Hand and Portable Powered Tools1910.242 Hand and Portable Powered Tools and Equipment, General1910.262(hh) Hand Bailing MachineP-720.6 Hand Car Washes7.2.10.2 Hand Dumbwaiters8. Hand Elevator Periodic TestSection 4.3 Hand Elevators1910.213(d) Hand-Fed Crosscut Table Saws1910.263(g)(2) Hand-Fed Moulders1910.213(c) Hand-Fed Ripsaws1910.211(d)(38) Hand Feeding Tool1910.217(c)(4) Hand Feeding Tools1910.422(f) Hand-Held Power Tools and Equipment1127A.5.3.6 Hand-Held Shower Sprayer Unit1910.219(f)(2) Hand-Operated Gears1910.217(b)(5) Hand Operated Levers3320.9 Hand Propelled Vehicles1910.138 Hand Protection1910.265(c)(20)(vi) Hand Removal of Refuse5.4.14.4 Hand Rope Operation2.1-2.8.6 Hand Scrub Facilities607.6 Hand Shower1110.2.3.6 Hand Showers1926.1419(c) Hand Signals(B) Hand-Spraying Electrostatic Equipment1926.301 Hand Tools1910.261(m)(1) Hand Trucks427.1 Hand-Wash Sinks in Examination Rooms1926.62(i)(5) Hand Washing Facilities11B-805.2.1 Hand Washing Fixtures11B-805.6 Hand Washing Fixtures, Lavatories and Sinks2.5-2.3.2 Hand-Washing Sinks2.1-3.8.7 Hand-Washing Station2.4- Hand-Washing Station Countertops2.12- Hand-Washing Station/Hand Sanitation Dispenser2.1-2.2.5 Hand-Washing Station in the Patient Room5.3- Hand-Washing Station or Hand Sanitation Dispenser2.2- Hand-Washing Station or Hand Scrub Facilities2.1- Hand-Washing Station(s)*2.1- Hand-Washing Station Sinks*2.1- Hand-Washing Station Sinks and Scrub Sinks1226.11.1.4 Hand-Washing Stations453.4.5 Handbook for Public Playground Safety43.3 Handheld Electrostatic Spray Equipment417.3 Handheld Showers1910.29(f)(5) Handhold1910.68(a)(1) Handhold (Handgrip)323.1.3 Handhold Spacing323.1.2 Handhold TypeSection 3112B HandholdsSection 605 Handholds and Ropes323.1 Handholds Required314.30 Handhole Enclosures(3) Handle1910.184(g)(2) Handles1926.964(c)(16) Handlines3.3.153 HandlingFacilityfacility.hall Call ConsoleFacility OperationsFacingFACP-FactorFactor of Safety-Factor (Thermal Conductance)-Factor (Thermal Transmittance)Factored LoadFactory-Built ChimneyFactory-Built Chimney ChimneyFactory-Built FireplaceFactory-Built Fireplace FireplaceFactory-Built Grease Duct EnclosuresFactory Industrial F-1 Moderate-Hazard OccupancyFactory Industrial F-1 Moderate-Hazard Occupancy Occupancy ClassificationFactory Industrial F-2 Low-Hazard OccupancyFactory Industrial F-2 Low-Hazard Occupancy Occupancy ClassificationFactory-Made Air DuctFactory Manufactured Home (Modular Home)Fail-SafeFall Restraint SystemFallout AreaFalse AlarmFamilyFamily Adult Day ServicesFamily Child Care HomeFamily Day Care HomeFamily. (HCD 1)Family Home Child CareFamily MausoleumFan ArrayFan-Assisted ApplianceFan-Assisted Combustion SystemFan Brake HorsepowerFan Brake Horsepower (BHP)Fan Brakehorsepower (BHP)Fan Efficiency Grade (FEG)Fan, EmbeddedFan Energy Index (FEI)Fan + FanFan MaxFan MinFan Nameplate Electrical Input PowerFan + NATFan System BHPFan System Brake Horsepower (BHP)Fan System Design ConditionsFan System Electrical Input PowerFan System Electrical PowerFan System Motor Nameplate HorsepowerFan System Motor Nameplate Horsepower (hp)Fan System Motor Nameplate hpFan TypeFan Type Floor FurnaceFarm Building or StructureFarmlandFarmlands of Statewide SignificanceFarmlands of Statewide Significance FarmlandFastened in PlaceFastener Withdrawal Resistance TestFats, Oils and Greases (FOG) Disposal SystemFats, Oils and Greases (FOG) Disposal System Grease InterceptorFaucetFaultFault CurrentFault Current, Available (Available Fault Current)Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) SystemFault Hazard CurrentFault, Holocene ActiveFault InactiveFault Line (Trace)Fault Protection DeviceFault, Quaternary ActiveFault ScarpFault-Tolerant External Control CircuitsFault ZoneFCC SystemFeed MainsFeederFeeder AssemblyFeeder ConductorsFees, Appropriate Fractions ThereofFees, Fractions ThereofFenceFenestrationFenestration AreaFenestration, Field-FabricatedFenestration Product, Field-FabricatedFenestration Product, Site-BuiltFenestration, VerticalFEPFEP StaffFertigationFestival SeatingFestoon LightingFiber-Cement (Backer Board, Siding, Soffit, Trim and Underlayment) ProductsFiber-Cement (Backerboard, Siding, Soffit, Trim and Underla YMENT) ProductsFiber-Cement (Backerboard, Siding, Soffit, Trim and Underlayment) ProductsFiber-Cement SidingFiber Procurement SystemFiber-Reinforced PolymerFiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP)FiberboardFiberglass Reinforced PolymerField-Applied Grease Duct EnclosuresField Erected BoilerField Evaluation Body (FEB)Field-Fabricated FenestrationField-Fabricated Fuel Cell Power SystemField Labeled (As Applied to Evaluated Products)Field-Molded SealantField of ViewField TechnicianFIFTY-FOOT Setback LineFigure A1-1 Acceptable Diaphragm SpanFillFill ValveFilling StationFilm SignFilterFilter AidFilter CartridgeFilter ElementFilter MediumFilter or Air Purifying ElementFilter RateFilter RockFilter SandFilter SeptumFilter Waste Discharge PipingFiltering Facepiece (Dust Mask)Filters and Strainers Part IV: MaterialsFiltrationFiltration SystemFinal DecisionFinal Grading ReportFinal Inspection Part VI: Testing & InspectionsFinal Interior PerimeterFinal Point of SafetyFinal Terminal Stopping Devices Operating Devices and Control Equipment**Financial Hardship (Of a Building)FindingFinesFines (Wood)FinishFinished GoodsFinished Ground Level (Grade)Finished Pyroxylin Plastic ProductsFinite Element AnalysisFireFire AlarmFire Alarm Box, ManualFire Alarm CircuitFire Alarm Circuit Integrity (CI) CableFire Alarm Control InterfaceFire Alarm Control Interface (FACI)Fire Alarm Control PanelFire Alarm Control UnitFire Alarm Control Unit (FACU)Fire Alarm/Evacuation Signal Tone GeneratorFire Alarm SignalFire Alarm SystemFire Apparatus Access RoadFire ApplianceFire AreaFire BarrierFire Barrier WallFire ChiefFire CodeFire Code of New York StateFire Code OfficialFire Command CenterFire CompartmentFire ControlFire DamperFire DepartmentFire Department Access RoadFire Department ConnectionFire Department Master KeyFire Department Standard KeyFire Department Voice Communication System Communication SystemsFire Detector, AutomaticFire DistrictFire DoorFire Door AssemblyFire DrillFire EscapeFire Escape AssemblyFire Exit HardwareFire Extinguisher Electronic Monitoring DeviceFire Extinguishing SystemFire Fighter Air Replenishment System (FARS)Fire FlowFire Flow AreaFire-Flow Calculation AreaFire-Gas DetectorFire GuardFire HazardFire Hazard Severity ZonesFire HydrantFire Incident at a Shale Oil Processing PremiseFire LaneFire ModelFire MonitoringFire-Packed Baled CottonFire PartitionFire PointFire Protection AssemblyFire Protection EquipmentFire Protection PlanFire Protection RatingFire Protection SystemFire Protective Curtain AssemblyFire Protective Signaling SystemFire PumpFire Pump, Automatic StandpipeFire Pump, FoamFire Pump, Limited ServiceFire Pump, Special ServiceFire Pump, Sprinkler Booster PumpFire Pump, Water Mist SystemFire-Rated GlazingFire, RecreationalFire ResistanceFire-Resistance-Rated ConstructionFire-Resistance RatingFire-Resistant Joint SystemFire-Resistant Roof CoveringFire-Resistant VegetationFire-Resistive ConstructionFire RetardantFire-Retardant CoatingFire-Retardant-Treated WoodFire-Retardant-Treated Wood Treated WoodFire Safety DirectorFire Safety Director CertificateFire Safety FunctionsFire Safety OfficerFire ScenarioFire Separation DistanceFire Service Access Elevator (FSAE)Fire-Smoke BarrierFire StationFire SuppressionFire Suppression Piping ContractorFire Suppression Piping SystemFire Suppression Piping WorkFire WallFire WardenFire Warning EquipmentFire Warning SystemFire WatchFire WeatherFire Window AssemblyFireblockingFirebreakFirecutFirecuttingFireplaceFireplace StoveFireplace ThroatFires, Classification OfFirestopFirestoppingFireworksFireworks, 1.3GFireworks, 1.3G FireworksFireworks, 1.3G (Formerly Class B, Special Fireworks)Fireworks, 1.4GFireworks, 1.4G FireworksFireworks, 1.4G (Formerly Known as Class C, Common Fireworks)Fireworks Contractor CertificateFireworks DisplayFireworks ExhibitionFireworks IncidentFireworks Incident SiteFireworks PlantFiring ValveFirmFirm pre-FIRM DevelopmentFirst Story Above Grade PlaneFissured (Soil)Fit FactorFit TestFittingFive or Fewer ChildrenFive or Fewer Children Group EFive or Fewer Children in a Dwelling UnitFive or Fewer Children in a Dwelling Unit Occupancy ClassificationFive or Fewer Children Occupancy ClassificationFive or Fewer Occupants Receiving Adult Day Care in a Dwelling UnitFive or Fewer Occupants Receiving CareFive or Fewer Occupants Receiving Care in a Dwelling UnitFive or Fewer Occupants Receiving Care in a Dwelling Unit Occupancy ClassificationFive or Fewer Occupants Receiving Care Occupancy ClassificationFive or Fewer Persons Receiving CareFive or Fewer Persons Receiving Custodial CareFive or Fewer Persons Receiving Medical CareFive Percent FractileFixedFixed (As Applied to Equipment)Fixed BaffleFixed Base Operator (FBO)Fixed EquipmentFixed Guideway and Passenger Rail Transit SystemsFixed Guideway Transit SystemsFixed Guideway Transit Systems A-5Fixed Headed Pile (Deep Foundation)Fixed in PlaceFixed Medical EquipmentFixed Nonmedical EquipmentFixed or Built-in Seating, Tables and CountersFixed Sea TINGFixed SeatingFixed Side PanelFixed-Temperature DetectorFixtureFixture BranchFixture Branch, DrainageFixture Branch, Water-SupplyFixture DrainFixture FittingFixture Group, MainFixture (or Equipment)Fixture SupplyFixture-Supply PipeFixture UnitFixture Unit, Drainage (D.F.U.)Fixture Unit, Water-Supply (W.S.F.U.)FLAKEFlameFlame DetectorFlame Detector SensitivityFlame EffectFlame ResistanceFlame Resistance StandardsFlame-Resistant MaterialFlame-Retardant ChemicalFlame Retardant/Flame ResistantFlame-Retardant TreatmentFlame SafeguardFlame SpreadFlame Spread IndexFlame ThrowerFlameproof "DFlaming DropletsFlammabilityFlammability ClassificationFlammability Classification (Refrigerant)Flammability Refrigerant Safety ClassificationsFlammable and Combustible Liquid Storage SystemFlammable AnestheticsFlammable Anesthetizing LocationFlammable Cryogenic FluidFlammable FinishesFlammable GasFlammable Liquefied GasFlammable LiquidFlammable Liquid Motor FuelFlammable LiquidsFlammable MaterialFlammable Plastic Foam ProductFlammable SolidFlammable Vapor AreaFlammable Vapor or FumesFlammable VaporsFlammable Vapors or FumesFlash-Off AreaFlash PointFlash Point (FP)Flashback Arrestor Check ValveFlashingFlashoverFlat CeilingFlat Roof Tile ProfileFlat StepsFleet FuelingFleet Motor Fuel-Dispensing FacilityFleet Vehicle Motor Fuel Dispensing FacilityFlexibleFlexible Air ConnectorFlexible CouplingFlexible DiaphragmFlexible DiaphragmsFlexible Equipment ConnectionsFlexible JointFlexible Listed Pipe CouplingFlexible Plan and Open Plan Educational or Day-Care BuildingFlexible Swing JointFlexural LengthFlightFloatFloat ChargeFloating BuildingFloating Residential UnitFloodFlood Boundary and Floodway Map (FBFM)Flood Damage-Resistant MaterialsFlood Damage-Resistant Materials Design FloodFlood Hazard AreaFlood Hazard Area Design FloodFlood Hazard Area Subject to High-Velocity Wave ActionFlood Hazard Area Subject to High Velocity Wave Action Design FloodFlood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM)Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) Design FloodFlood Insurance StudyFlood Insurance Study Design FloodFlood Insurance Study (FIS)Flood LevelFlood-Level RimFlood or FloodingFlood or Flooding Design FloodFloodedFloodingFloodplainFloodproofing, DryFloodproofing, WetFloodwayFloodway Design FloodFloorFloor AreaFloor Area, ClearFloor Area, GrossFloor Area, NetFloor Area RatioFloor DrainFloor, EnvelopeFloor Finishing OperationFloor Fire Door AssemblyFloor FurnaceFloor Surface AreaFloor WardenFloor Warden CertificateFlow BatteryFlow Battery Storage BatteryFlow ControlFlow Control (Vented)Flow HydrantFlow MetersFlow PressureFlow TestFlow TimeFLSFLS StaffFlueFlue ApplianceFlue CollarFlue Connection (Breeching)Flue DamperFlue GasesFlue Liner (Lining)Flue Space, LongitudinalFlue Space, TransverseFlue SpacesFluid EconomizerFluidized BedFlumeFluorescent LampFlush SprinklerFlush TankFlush ValveFlushing TestFlushometer TankFlushometer ValveFlushometersFly GalleryFly-Through ConditionsFM ApprovalsFMRC (Factory Mutual Research Corporation)Foam Backer BoardFoam-Extinguishing SystemFoam Plastic InsulationFoam Plastic Interior TrimFOG Disposal SystemFoggingFolding and Telescopic Sea TINGFolding and Telescopic SeatingFollowsFood Cart PodFood CourtFood EstablishmentFood EstablishmentsFood-Grade FluidFood ServiceFood Service StructureFood Steamers (Steam Cookers)Food Waste DisposerFootingFooting a Monolithic Slab-on-Grade Exterior WallFooting B Monolithic Slab-on-Grade Interior WallFooting C Stem Wall Wood Joist FloorFooting D Monolithic Exterior FootingFooting E Monolithic Interior FootingFooting F Wood Floor to Concrete or Masonry StemwallFooting G Stemwall Foundation With Slab on GradeFooting HFootlightFootprint AreaFootprint Area [DSA-SS]For Chapter 16For Chapter 21For Start Only." EscalatorsFor Start Only" Skirt PanelsForced-Air FurnaceForced-Air Furnace With Cooling UnitForced Air Furnace With Cooling Unit Furnace, CentralForced-Air TypeForced-Air Type Furnace, CentralForced Draft Venting SystemForced-Draft Venting System Mechanical Draft SystemForced-Draft Venting System Venting SystemForecasting