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§162 Single Ownership2.1- Single-Patient Examination/Observation Room2.1-2.3.7 Single-Patient Examination or Treatment Room2.1-3.2.2 Single-Patient Examination Room2.8-3.4.2 Single-Patient Treatment Room(A) Single Phase310.12 Single-Phase Dwelling Services and Feeders(1) Single-Phase Line-to-Neutral Power Sources1224. Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) Facilities416.2 Single Plan2508.3 Single-Ply Application1507.12 Single-Ply Roofing1926.452(o) Single-Point Adjustable Suspension Scaffolds(B) Single-Point Grounded Neutral System1910.66(f)(5)(iii) Single Point Suspended Working Platforms(D) Single-Pole Connectors(B) Single Pole or Multipole Devices406.13 Single-Pole Separable-Connector Type530.22 Single-Pole Separable Connectors(B) Single-Pole Units(D) Single Power Source RatingE4002.1.1 Single Receptacle(1) Single Receptacle on an Individual Branch Circuit1926.404(b)(2)(i) Single Receptacles11. Single Ridge Layouts605. Single-Ridge RoofsC404.7.1.1 Single Riser Systems§27-2079 Single Room Occupancy1208.3.2.1 Single Room Occupancy of a Single Room1208.3.2.2 Single Room Occupancy of a Suite of Rooms3.3.191* Single-Row Racks510.1.13 Single Run of Vent4.303.1.3.1 Single Showerhead408.2.1 Single Showerhead [BSC-CG]408.2.3 Single Showerhead [DSA-SS & DSA-SS/CC]402.2.1.1 Single Side Opening(2) Single-Speed MotorsSection 917 Single-Stack Vent System917.1 Single-Stack Vent System PermittedE.7 Single Stack Vent Systems3.3.14.1 Single Station Alarm3.3.270 Single-Station Alarm Device1103. Single-Station Alarm Requirements1101.5.2 Single-Station and Multiple-Station Smoke Alarms1701.5.2 Single-Station and Multiple-Station Smoke Detectors315.4.4 Single Storage Areas320.8.2 Single-Story Buildings1021.2.3 Single-Story or Multiple-Story Dwelling Units1910.211(d)(49) Single Stroke1910.211(d)(50) Single Stroke MechanismCA103.3.1 Single-Stud Wall404.3.1 Single Supply Systems26.6.3.5* Single Technology(A) Single-Throw Knife Switches(B) Single Type MC Conductors Grouped Together(B) Single Type MI Conductors Grouped Together2110.4.3.1 Single Unit Panels406.5.4.1 Single Use422.2.1 Single Use Toilet Facilities2902.1.2.1 Single-User Facility Use403.1.2 Single-User Toilet and Bath Fixtures[NY] 403.1.2 Single-User Toilet and Bathing Facilities[P] 2902.1.2 Single-User Toilet and Bathing Room Fixtures[P] 2902.1.2 Single-User Toilet Facility and Bathing Room Fixtures704.2 Single Vertical Drainage Pipe507.4.4.2 Single Wall509.10.7.1 Single Wall Connector503.10.15 Single-Wall Connector Penetrations of Combustible Walls505.4.1 Single-Wall Heat Exchanger1402.8.4.2 Single-Wall Heat ExchangersG2427.7 (503.7) Single-Wall Metal PipeG2427.7.7 (503.7.7) Single-Wall Penetrations of Combustible Walls1138A.1.1 Single Wheelchair Passage Width2101.2.2 Single-Wythe Exterior Walls403. Single Zone Systems6.4.3.10 Single Zone Variable-Air-Volume Controls144-06 Single Zoning Lot1250.3 SinkP2717.2 Sink and Dishwasher11B-606.7 Sink DepthP2717.3 Sink, Dishwasher and Food GrinderL 404.7.4 Sink Drain OutletsE3902.7 Sink ReceptaclesP2714.1 Sink Waste Outlets804.4 Sinks12.4 Sinks, Counters, and Other Work Areas in Classrooms or LaboratoriesR610.3.2 SIP ScrewsR610.4 SIP Wall Panels2306.6.2.4 Siphon Prevention12.8.4 Siphonic FixturesE.9 Siphonic Roof DrainageSection 1107 Siphonic Roof Drainage Systems1106.3 Siphonic Roof Drains45.6.2 Sisal and Other Fibers41.5.3 Site93-563 Site 193-564 Site 293-565 Site 393-566 Site 493-567 Site 593-568 Site 633.5 Site AccessSection R319 Site Address106.4 Site Address SignageSection 1106A Site and Building Characteristics1926.1404(h)(1) Site and Ground Bearing Conditions93-78 Site and Landscape Plans for Public Access Areas in Subdistrict F206.2.1 Site Arrival Points5703.3 Site Assessment809.5.6 Site, Building, or Floor Entrance517.8.1 Site-Built Solid Fuel Cooling AppliancesR308.5 Site-Built Windows3106F.2 Site Characterization1910.120(c) Site Characterization and Analysis1613.2.2 Site Class Definitions3103F.4.2.1 Site Classes1810. Site Classes A Through D1810. Site Classes E and F1613.5.5 Site Classification for Seismic Design1926.604 Site Clearing1613.2.3 Site Coefficients and Adjusted Maximum Considered Earthquake Spectral Response Acceleration Parameters1613.5.3 Site Coefficients and Risk-Targeted Maximum Considered Earthquake (MCER) Spectral Response Acceleration ParametersA- Site Construction1926.65(d) Site Control1910.120(d)(2) Site Control Program7-117 Site Data1603A.2 Site Data ReportsSection 5.106 Site Development402.8.1 Site Disturbance Limits on Greenfield SitesSection R300 Site Drainage401.2 Site Evaluation1926.65(b)(1)(iii) Site Excavation*1.2-6.1.2 Site Exterior Noise803.10.1 Site-Fabricated Stretch Ceiling Systems3.3.284.2 Site-Fabricated Stretch System803.10 Site-Fabricated Stretch Systems1.3-3 Site FeaturesC409.2.4 Site-Generated Renewable Energy319.3 Site Geology and Soil Characteristics1804.4 Site GradingSection A504 Site Ground Motion[BS] A504.1 Site Ground Motion for Tier 1 Analysis[BS] A504.2 Site Ground Motion for Tier 2 Analysis[BS] A504.3 Site Ground Motion for Tier 3 Analysis408.2 Site Hardscape408.2.1 Site Hardscape Materials1926.1427(j)(1)(i)(E)(2) Site Hazards*2.1- Site Identification3310.3 Site Identification Sign1108.7.4 Site ImpracticalitySection 1150A Site Impracticality TestsSection G303 Site Improvement233.6.2 Site Improvements3904.2.2.3 Site Inspection406.7.1 Site Investigation(A) Site-Isolating Device1926.752(c) Site Layout1926.752 Site Layout, Site-Specific Erection Plan and Construction Sequence*2.1-3.5 Site Lighting453.10.3 Site Lighting Required[A] 107.2.6 Site PlanR106.2 Site Plan or Plot PlanJ104.2 Site Plan RequirementsDivision A5.1 — Site Planning and Design36-593 Site Planning Criteria for Cross Access Connections1704.7.1 Site PreparationSection 5.104 Site Preservation406.7.3 Site ProtectionSection 8-1003 Site RelationsE106.4.4 Site Requirement61.2.1 Site Requirements5706. Site RestorationArticle 403 Site Safety Coordinator Certificate3303.2 Site Safety Director3310.8.4 Site Safety LogA-1001.5 Site Safety ManagerArticle 402 Site Safety Manager Certificate3310.8.3.1 Site Safety Manager or Coordinator Standpipe Inspection Responsibilities3310.5 Site Safety Manager or Coordinator to Be Designated3310.8 Site Safety Manager's and Coordinator's Duties3310.8 Site Safety Manager's and Coordinator's Responsibility*3301.3 Site Safety Managers, Coordinators and Construction Superintendents*3301.3 Site Safety Managers, Coordinators and Superintendent of Construction3310.4 Site Safety Monitoring Program*3301.11.1 Site Safety Orientation*3301.11 Site Safety Orientation and Refresher**3301.11.4 Site Safety Orientation and Refresher Content*3301.11.3 Site Safety Orientation and Refresher to Be Conducted by Qualified Person3310.3 Site Safety Plan3310.3 Site Safety Plan and Site Safety Program Required3308.3.2 Site Safety Plans3305.3.6.2 Site Safety Provisions*3301.11.2 Site Safety Refresher***3321.1 Site Safety Training Required*§28-103.28 Site Safety Training (SST) Task Force16.4.2.5 Site SecuritySection 5.103 Site Selection*1.2- Site Selection and Development1816.2 Site-Specific Analyses1615.2.4 Site-Specific Design Ground Motion3309.17 Site Specific Engineered Enclosure System1926.752(e) Site-Specific Erection Plan3103F.4.2.5 Site-Specific Evaluation of Amplification Effects3106F.2.2 Site-Specific Information1615.2 Site-Specific Procedure for Determining Ground Motion Accelerations1910.120(b)(4) Site-Specific Safety and Health Plan Part of the Program13. Site-Specific Software7.5.7 Site-Specific Software. (SIG-TMS)449.4.2.2 Site Standards453.27.5 Site Standards/Site Plan1704.20 Site Storm Drainage Disposal and Detention Facilities1704.19.2 Site Structural Safety Design DocumentsF 101.3 Site Survey5607.3 Site Survey MeetingsF 108.4 Site Survey Requirements*2.13-1.3.4 Site Utilities11.1.1 Site Visit and Evaluation2.1 Site Visit, Evaluation and Data Collection ProceduresSection 3304 Site Work429.5 Site Work for Industrialized Buildings429.2 Site Work for Manufactured HomesSection 324 Site Work, Setbacks and Clearance Requirements468.2 Sites4.5.5* Situation Awareness1910.1052(j)(11)(ii)(A)(1) Six Months305.2.3 Six or Fewer Children in a Dwelling Unit308.5.3 Six or Fewer Persons Receiving Care308.5.4 Six or Fewer Persons Receiving Care in a Dwelling Unit308.2.3 Six to 16 Individuals Receiving Custodial Care308.3.2 Six to 16 Persons Receiving Care308.2.3 Six to 16 Persons Receiving Custodial Care308.3.2 Six to Sixteen Persons Receiving Care13.* Six-Year Internal Examination Label13. Six-Year Internal Examination of Certain Types of Extinguishers305.3 Size230.23 Size and Ampacity1138A.1.4.1 Size and ApproachP108.2.2.1 Size and Capacity1124A.11.2 Size and Clear Floor Space1127A.5.3.1 Size and Clearance608.2 Size and Clearances608.2 Size and Clearances for Shower Compartments908.2 Size and Connection§27-2064 Size and Construction of Water Closet Compartments1010.5 Size and Design[F] 906.3 Size and Distribution44-42 Size and Identification of Spaces2.4-1.2.1 Size and LayoutP3111.3 Size and Length12.16 Size and Length of Vents509.2.2.2 Size and Location7.10.6.2* Size and Location of Directional Indicator133-31 Size and Location of Public Access Areas25-62 Size and Location of SpacesG2411.2.2 (310.2.2) Size and Material of Jumper509.2.4.1 Size and Pitch230.23 Size and Rating1207.5.1 Size and Separation11B-407. Size and ShapeR703.8.4.1 Size and Spacing608.2 Size, Clearance and Seat(D) Size — Equipment Bonding Jumper on Load Side of an Overcurrent Device(2) Size for Parallel Conductor Installations in Two or More Raceways(2) Size for Parallel Conductor Installations in Two or More Raceways or Cables(1) Size for Supply Conductor in a Single Raceway or Cable(1) Size for Supply Conductors in a Single Raceway or Cable2308.9.1 Size, Height and SpacingG2427.10.3.5 (503.10.3.5) Size IncreaseSection P-1110 Size, Length and Number of Vents and Fresh Air Inlets2606.7.3 Size Limitations36-52 Size, Location and Identification of Spaces2.5- Size, Location, and Layout903.2 Size of Absorption Area250.66 Size of Alternating-Current Grounding Electrode Conductor810.52 Size of Antenna(A) Size of Antenna Conductors2.23.10.2 Size of Bolts for Fastening1114A.4.3 Size of Bottom and Intermediate Landings11.5.3 Size of Branch Drains and the Building Drain12.16.6 Size of Branch Vents610.9 Size of BranchesC 304.2 Size of Building Drain and Building Sewer710.5 Size of Building Drains and Sewers717.0 Size of Building SewersA 105.0 Size of Building Supply1124A.3 Size of Cab and Control LocationsM1805.3.1 Size of Chimney Flue for Solid-Fuel ApplianceM1805.3 Size of Chimney FluesG2427.5.4 (503.5.5) Size of Chimneys12.16.2 Size of Circuit or Loop Vents603.3.2.2 Size of Circular Bands1109.1 Size of Combined Drains and Sewers430.224 Size of Conductors225.5 Size of Conductors 1000 Volts, Nominal, or Less225.5 Size of Conductors 600 Volts, Nominal, or LessSection 1106 Size of Conductors, Leaders and Storm DrainsSection 1106 Size of Conductors, Leadersand Storm Drains§27-895 Size of Connectors911.4.1.2 Size of Continuous Horizontal Branches3308.6.2.5 Size of Debris Net Openings703.1.2 Size of Direct Openings1105.6.2 Size of Door1010.1.1 Size of Doors703.0 Size of Drainage Piping(2) Size of EnclosureE3908.19 Size of Equipment Bonding Jumper on Load SideE3908.20 Size of Equipment Bonding Jumper on Load Side of an Overcurrent Device(2) Size of Equipment Grounding Conductor250.122 Size of Equipment Grounding Conductors5.1.3* Size of Fire Mains510.2.9 Size of Fittings416.3.6 Size of Fittings, Pipe and Openings604.5 Size of Fixture SupplyP3201.7 Size of Fixture Traps12.16.1 Size of Fixture Vents413.3 Size of Floor DrainsM1803.4.4 Size of Flue430.57 Size of FuseholderG2427.6.9 (503.6.10) Size of Gas Vents3206.3.1 Size of High-Piled Storage AreaC 304.3 Size of Horizontal Branch or Vertical Stack703.1.3 Size of Horizontal Openings13.6.2 Size of Horizontal Storm Drain Piping1103.2 Size of Horizontal Storm Drains and Sewers801.3.1 Size of Indirect Waste Pipes10.14.2 Size of Individual Fixture Supply Branches12.18.3 Size of Island Vent Pipes810.53 Size of Lead-in Conductors810.17 Size of Lead-in — Receiving StationSection P-1006 Size of Leaders and Storm Drains1103.0 Size of Leaders, Conductors, and Storm Drains1004.9.5 Size of Letters1910.179(n)(1) Size of Load3110B.4.4 Size of Markers610.8 Size of Meter and Building Supply Pipe Using Table 610.4914.3.1 Size of Multiple Circuit Vent702.3.2 Size of Openings(C) Size of Operating Bonding Conductor or Grounding Electrode Conductor911.4.1.1 Size of Parallel Horizontal Branches2808.3 Size of Piles1214.4 Size of Piping Outlets610.0 Size of Potable Water PipingA 106.0 Size of Principal Branches and Risers(B) Size of Protective Bonding Conductor or Grounding Electrode Conductor314.71 Size of Pull and Junction Boxes, Conduit Bodies, and Handhole Enclosures802.4.1 Size of ReceptorsP-1110.4 Size of Relief Vent12.16.3 Size of Relief Vents36-681 Size of Required Berths44-581 Size of Required Loading Berths27.5.1.4* Size of Risers1106.6 Size of Roof Gutters§31 Size of Rooms3306.2.2.2 Size of Safety Zone for Mechanical Demolition7.10.6.1* Size of SignsM1804.3.1 Size of Single-Appliance Venting SystemsG2427.7.9 (503.7.9) Size of Single-Wall Metal Pipe11.5.2 Size of Soil and Waste Stacks605. Size of Solar Photovoltaic Array36-521 Size of SpacesP-1110.2 Size of Stack Vent906.1 Size of Stack Vents and Vent Stacks§27-938 Size of Standpipe Risers1106.2 Size of Storm Drain Piping2304.2 Size of Structural Members8.2.3* Size of Systems8.3.2.3 Size of Systems — Double Interlock Preaction Systems8.3.2.2 Size of Systems — Single and Non-Interlock Preaction Systems915.2.4 Size of the Combination Waste and Vent Piping250.166 Size of the Direct-Current Grounding Electrode Conductor1114A.4.2 Size of Top LandingsG2427.10.3 (503.10.3) Size of Vent Connector12.16.5 Size of Vent HeadersTable J Size of Vent StacksP3113.1 Size of Vents510.2.14 Size of Vents for Multistory Installations13.6 Size of Vertical and Horizontal Storm Drain Piping703.1.4 Size of Vertical Openings13.6.1 Size of Vertical Storm Drain PipingM 102.7 Size of Water Piping Per Appendix AP2903.7 Size of Water-Service Mains, Branch Mains and Risers603.1 Size of Water Service Pipe810.16 Size of Wire-Strung Antenna — Receiving Station(C) Size — Supply-Side Bonding Jumper1910.180(h)(1) Size the Load3301.1.4 Sizes(B) Sizes 4 AWG or Larger(A) Sizes 6 AWG or Smaller3301.6 Sizes and Stresses of Materials and Equipment393.104 Sizes and Types of Conductors(A) Sizes and UseSection P-506 Sizes of Fixture Traps and Fixture Drains1809.5.4 Sizes of Piles6.6.2.3 Sizes of Plug Strap for Bell End of Pipe6.6.2.2 Sizes of Restraint Straps for Tees1811.5.4 Sizes of Timber Piles(2) Sizing1514.4.3 Sizing and Discharge10.6 Sizing and Flow Velocities1015.3 Sizing and Installation(B) Sizing and Protection454.1.11.2 Sizing and Sanitary Facilities for Artificial Lagoons917.9 Sizing Building Drains and SewersD 102.0 Sizing by Flow RateD 103.0 Sizing by Roof Area6.6.2.1 Sizing Clamps, Rods, Bolts, and Washers1014.3.6 Sizing Criteria1215.3 Sizing Equations(1) Sizing for a Single Raceway(1) Sizing for a Single Raceway or Cable(1) Sizing for a Single Raceway or Overhead Conductor13.8 Sizing for Continuous or Intermittent Flows610.10 Sizing for Flushometer Valves610.12 Sizing for Velocity1208.4.2 Sizing MethodsSection G2428 (504) Sizing of Category I Appliance Venting Systems510.0 Sizing of Category I Venting SystemsSection G2428 (504) Sizing of Category Iappliance Venting Systems803.0 Sizing of Category Venting Systems225.50 Sizing of Conductors(2) Sizing of Conductors and Overcurrent DevicesSection P3006 Sizing of Drain Pipe Offsets530.19 Sizing of Feeder Conductors for Television Studio Sets1215.2 Sizing of Gas Piping System1215.2 Sizing of Gas Piping SystemsP2903.8.1 Sizing of Manifolds(D) Sizing of Module Interconnection Conductors1215.4 Sizing of Piping Sections611.4 Sizing of Residential Softeners10.19 Sizing of Residential Water Softeners1108.3 Sizing of Secondary Drains802.7.1 Sizing of Tank802.7.4.1 Sizing of Venting System610.5 Sizing Per Appendices A and C703.3 Sizing Per Appendix C1323.1.5 Sizing Procedures601.2 Sizing RequirementsG3. Sizing RunsSection 602 Sizing Soil Absorption SystemsE3609.5 Sizing Supply-Side Bonding Jumper and Main Bonding Jumper610.11 Sizing Systems for Flushometer TanksG2413.4 (402.4) Sizing Tables and EquationsB.7.3 Sizing Tables Based on Velocity Limitations10.14.3 Sizing Water Distribution Piping610.4 Sizing Water Supply and Distribution Systems(K) Skid-Mounted Equipment69.2.6.2 Skid TanksArticle 6 Skilled Nursing1225. Skilled Nursing Facilities3418A.4.3.1 Skilled Nursing or Acute Psychiatric Services1224.40 Skilled Nursing Service Space1225.5 Skilled Nursing Unit Models1910.120(q)(4) Skilled Support Personnel315.3 Skimmer SizingSection 315 SkimmersPart VI Skin-Effect Heating324.4.3 Skirt Boards8.3.15 Skirt Deflection Test6. Skirt Deflector Devices8. Skirt Obstruction Devices6. Skirt PanelsSection AE503 Skirting and Perimeter EnclosuresAE503.1 Skirting and Permanent Perimeter Enclosures429.4 Skirting Requirements for Manufactured Homes6. Skirtless Balustrade308.1.6.3 Sky Lanterns808.4 Sky TypesC502.3.2 Skylight AreaC402.4.2 Skylight Area With Daylight Response ControlsC402.2.1.5 Skylight Curbs712.1.15 Skylights1709.6 Skylights and Sloped GlazingC6.9 Skylights in the Exterior Building Envelope2405.5.2 Skylights Rated for Separate Performance Grades for Positive and Negative Design Pressure2405.5.1 Skylights Rated for the Same Performance Grade for Both Positive and Negative Design Pressure8.11.3 Slab-BeamsB304 Slab-Below-Grade Construction18.14.5 Slab-Column Connections15.3.2 Slab-Column Joint Transverse ReinforcementB304.2 Slab Construction722.2.3.1 Slab CoverB303.2 Slab Edge DetailB302.6 Slab Edges and Joints5.5.3.5 Slab-on-Grade Floor InsulationN1102.2.9.1 (R402.2.9.1) Slab-on-Grade Floor Insulation InstallationN1102.2.9 (R402.2.9) Slab-on-Grade FloorsM2103.2.1 Slab-on-Grade Installation1808.6.2 Slab-on-Ground Foundations1217.5.1 Slab Penetration Tube and Joint Protection1912.2.1 Slab Reinforcement[BS] 1404.8 Slab-Type Veneer§27-660 Slabs on GradeC402.2.4 Slabs-on-Grade Perimeter Insulation13.2.4 Slabs-on-GroundR403.1.3.3 Slabs-on-Ground With Turned-Down Footings722. Slabs With Ribbed Soffits722. Slabs With Sloping Soffits5.4.7.7 Slack-Rope and Slack-Chain Devices for Winding-Drum and Roller-Chain-Type Driving Machines5.1.20.5 Slack-Rope Device8. Slack-Rope Devices and Stop Motion Switch on Winding-Drum Machines2.26.2.1 Slack-Rope Switch1910.262(b)(34) Slasher1910.261(e)(2) Slasher Tables1910.262(h) SlashersR905.6 Slate and Slate-Type Shingles1507.7 Slate Shingles27.5.1.5 Slatted Floors, Large Floor Openings, Mezzanines, and Large Platforms3.3.192 Slatted Shelf Rack23.13 Slatted Shelves1003.8 Slaughterhouses1010.0 Slaughterhouses, Packing Establishments, Etc1910.28(b)(14) Slaughtering Facility Platforms3.3.193 Slave PalletSection 3101F [SLC] Introduction23.6.1* SLC Zones2304.12.1.4 Sleepers and Sills1211.1 Sleeping9.7 Sleeping Accommodations for Persons Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing3.3.280* Sleeping Area18.4.6 Sleeping Area Requirements806.2.3 Sleeping AreasR502.3.1 Sleeping Areas and Attic Joists[BG] 302.4.4 Sleeping CharacteristicsR327.3 Sleeping Loft Access and EgressR327.2 Sleeping Loft Area and DimensionsR327.4 Sleeping Loft GuardsSection R327 Sleeping Lofts[F] 806.3.2 Sleeping Occupants[NY] 404.8 Sleeping Quarters in Children's Overnight Camps420.11.1 Sleeping Room Classification907. Sleeping Room Smoke Alarms406.2.5 Sleeping Rooms18. Sleeping Suite Maximum Size18. Sleeping Suite Means of Egress18. Sleeping Suite Supervision18. Sleeping Suite Travel Distance18. Sleeping Suites608.2.1 Sleeping Unit Bathroom Controls505.2.3 Sleeping Unit Controls1028.8.1 Sleeping Unit Location907.2.8.3 Sleeping Unit Smoke Alarms[F] 915.2.2 Sleeping Units8.3.4.3 Sleeves2.12 Sleeves for Piping6.2.5 Slenderness Effects6.6.4 Slenderness Effects, Moment Magnification Method8. Slenderness Ratio2.22.4.4 Slenderness Ratio for Members Under Compression as Columns1910.263(j)(1)(vii) Slicer Wrapper Conditions1910.263(j)(1) Slicers1910.263(j) Slicers and Wrappers1910.211(d)(51) Slide1910.217(b)(9) Slide Counterbalance Systems7.2.10 Slide Escapes454. Slide Flume Terminus454. Slide Pump Check Valves1926.1412(f)(2)(xv) Slider Pads for Excessive Wear or Cracks809.1 Slides404.2.3.3 Sliding and Folding Doors408.3.1 Sliding DoorsP104.6.3 Sliding Doors on a Level TrackP104.6.2 Sliding Doors on an Inclined Track14X-4-403.3.2 Sliding Glass Doors1608.9 Sliding Snow1910.184(g)(4) Sling Coatings1910.184(e)(1) Sling Identification1910.184(g)(1) Sling Marking1910.184(g)(5) Sling Testing1910.184(h)(1) Sling Use3319.9 Slings1926.551(c) Slings and Tag Lines4.2.15 Slip3603.7 Slip IdentificationSection P2704 Slip-Joint Connections1003.2 Slip Joint FittingsP2704.1 Slip Joints7.1.6.4* Slip Resistance306.2 Slip Resistant1003.4 Slip-Resistant Surface610.4.4 Slip-Resistant Surfaces3303.4.1 Slipping and Tripping Hazards1910.261(k)(28) Slitter Knives1910.262(m) Sliver and Ribbon Lappers (Cotton)405.2 Slope20.9 Slope and Cross Slope24.2 Slope and RiseP3110.3 Slope and Size of Horizontal Branch1507.3.3.1 Slope and Underlayment Requirements612.4.2 Slope and Water Collection9.3.2 Slope Failure14.9 Slope in Auditoriums/Assembly Areas3315.1.4 Slope Limitations3304.1.1 Slope Limits1109A.8.3 Slope of Accessible Parking Spaces and Access Aisles1112A.5 Slope of Curb Ramps11.3.1 Slope of Horizontal Drain Piping713.3.2 Slope of Horizontal Drainage Piping12.6.2.2 Slope of Horizontal Vent1104.14 Slope of Ramps3106F.5 Slope or Embankment Stability and Seismically Induced Lateral SpreadingJ108.3 Slope Protection1807.2.4 Slope Stability Analysis454.2.13.1 Slope to DischargeP-715.2.2 Slope to DrainP-715.2.1 Slope Toward BuildingL 411.9 Sloped Areas3.3.194 Sloped Ceiling19. Sloped Ceilings1009.3 Sloped Entries1009.3.1 Sloped Entry Route2404.2 Sloped Glass2411.8 Sloped GlazingSection 2405 Sloped Glazing and Skylights2404.3.4 Sloped Patterned Glass304.2 Sloped Roof1608.4 Sloped Roof Snow Loads306.5.1 Sloped Roofs2404.3.2 Sloped Wired GlassG2419.1 (408.1) Slopes1926.652(f) Sloping and Benching Systems3.3.38.2 Sloping Ceiling17.6.3.4* Sloping Ceilings (Peaked and Shed)1216.3 Sloping for One-Pipe System1216.2 Sloping for Two-Pipe System3.3.38.3* Sloping Peaked-Type Ceiling3.3.38.4* Sloping Shed-Type Ceiling9.2.6 Sloping Sites6. Slotting of Step Treads6. Slotting of the Treadway6. Slotting of Treadway1910.104(b)(3)(xi) Slow-Burning Materials§27-330 Slow Burning Plastic3.3.81.3 Slow Evacuation Capability1910.145(d)(10) Slow-Moving Vehicle Emblem902.3 Slowly Permeable Soils With or Without High Ground WaterE303.2.4 Slump and Workability3304.12 Slurry8.17.5.1 Small [11/2 in. (38 mm)] Hose Connections16.15.1 Small [11/2 in. (40 mm)] Hose Connections220.52 Small-Appliance and Laundry Loads — Dwelling Unit(1) Small-Appliance Branch Circuits(A) Small-Appliance Circuit LoadE3901.3 Small Appliance Receptacles(2) Small-Appliance Volt-Amperes(B) Small AppliancesSection 3306 Small Arms Ammunition3306.5.2.3 Small Arms Ammunition and PrimersSection 5606 Small Arms Ammunition and Small Arms Ammunition Components5606.2.4 Small Arms Ammunition and Small Arms PrimersSection 5606 Small Arms Ammunition, Powder-Actuated Tool Loads, Black Powder and Smokeless Propellants1910.109(a)(14) Small Arms Ammunition Primers1910.109(j) Small Arms Ammunition, Small Arms Primers, and Small Arms Propellants5606.5.2.3 Small Arms Primers303.1.2 Small Assembly Spaces303.1.1 Small Buildings and Tenant SpacesSection 923 Small Ceramic Kilns(6) Small-Conductor Cables(D) Small ConductorsC402.1 Small Cracks and Joints4003.3.1 Small DistilleryC409.5.1.1 Small Existing Buildings32.2 Small Facilities(S) Section 119 Small Government Fire Department Services Revolving Loan Program453.18.1.4 Small Group Areas in Media Centers1910.155(c)(39)(iv) Small Hose System1225.1.1 Small House Skilled Nursing Facilities63.9.12 Small Insulated Liquid Carbon Dioxide Outdoor Systems408.15 Small Management Yards(5) Small Metal Parts1626.3 Small Missile Impact Test(C) Small Motor-Compressors(3) Small Motors[P] 2902.6 Small Occupancies3.3.195* Small Openings1010.2.2.1 Small Residential Buildings503.2.3.2 Small Residential Developments3.3.196 Small Room1104.7.1.4 Small Rooms14-30 Small Sidewalk Cafes1104.4.4.1 Small Tiered Areas Utilizing the Floor Area at the Base of the Tier1905.6.2.3 Small VolumeSection *3115 Small Wind Turbines(3) Smaller Dimensions(3) Smaller Than 6 AWG705.2.5 Smoke-Activated and Heat-Activated Doors716.2.6.6 Smoke-Activated Doors3.3.14.2 Smoke Alarm907.2.11.8 Smoke Alarm Locations in Existing Buildings Constructed Before November 6, 1974907.10 Smoke Alarm Maintenance[F] 907. Smoke Alarm Signal in Sleeping Rooms[F] 907.2.9.2 Smoke AlarmsR313.2 Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Alarms in Existing DwellingsSection R314 Smoke Alarms and Heat Detection29.11.3* Smoke Alarms and Smoke Detectors*907.2.11.6 Smoke Alarms and Smoke Detectors in Group R OccupanciesSection R313 Smoke Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Automatic Sprinkler Systems1101.4 Smoke Alarms for the Deaf and Hearing-Impaired907. Smoke Alarms, Heat Alarms and Heat Detectors1101.14 Smoke Alarms in Adult Day Care Centers1101.6 Smoke Alarms in Buildings Containing Dwelling Units1101.3 Smoke Alarms in Certain Juvenile Care Facilities1101.2 Smoke Alarms in Colleges and UniversitiesR314.3.2 Smoke Alarms in Existing Buildings3403.5 Smoke Alarms in Existing Portions of a Building435.7.3 Smoke Alarms in Groups R-2.1, R-3.1 and R-4 Occupancies907.2.11.1 Smoke Alarms in Groups R-2 and R-3907.2.11.1 Smoke Alarms in Groups R-2, R-3, and I-1R335.5.2 Smoke Alarms in Groups R-3.1 Occupancies1101.10 Smoke Alarms in Hotels and MotelsSection 1004 Smoke Alarms in Occupancy Groups R-3 and R-4Section 1104 Smoke Alarms in Occupancy Groups R and I-1Section 1104 Smoke Alarms in Occupancy Groups Rand I-1Section 1104 Smoke Alarms in Occupancygroups R and I-1703.2 Smoke Alarms in One-Family and Two-Family Dwellings and Townhomes9. Smoke Alarms in Sleeping Rooms29.10.2* Smoke Alarms, System Smoke Detectors, and Other Non-Heat Fire Detectors420.11.3 Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Requirements716. Smoke and Draft Control710. Smoke and Draft Control Door Labeling716.2.9.3 Smoke and Draft Control Door Labeling Requirements710.5.2.2 Smoke and Draft Control Doors6.7.4 Smoke and Fire Dampers52.1.24 Smoke and Fire Detection705.2.5 Smoke- And Heat-Activated Doors29.6.1 Smoke and Heat Alarms29.9.1 Smoke and Heat and Carbon Monoxide AlarmsSection 910 Smoke and Heat Removal[F] 910.3.2 Smoke and Heat Vent Locations415.6 Smoke and Heat Venting[F] 910.3 Smoke and Heat Vents910.3.3 Smoke and Heat Vents AreaSection 311 Smoke and Heat Vents [F]408.6 Smoke Barrier709.4.1 Smoke-Barrier Assemblies Separating Smoke Compartments[F] 909.5 Smoke Barrier Construction420.6.1 Smoke Barrier in Group R-2.2405.4.2 Smoke Barrier Penetration8.3.1.4 Smoke Barrier Used as a Fire Barrier709.4.2 Smoke-Barrier Walls Enclosing Areas of Refuge or Elevator Lobbies709.4.3 Smoke Barrier Walls Form Smoke Control Boundaries709.4.1 Smoke-Barrier Walls Separating Smoke CompartmentsSection 709 Smoke Barriers703.1.2 Smoke Barriers and Smoke Partitions420.6 Smoke Barriers in Group I-1, Condition 2420.6 Smoke Barriers in Group R-2.1435.5.1 Smoke Barriers RequiredR1001.8 Smoke Chamber2111.9.1 Smoke Chamber Dimensions2111.9 Smoke Chamber Walls3.3.49.2* Smoke Compartment407.5.1 Smoke Compartment Size1301.6.20 Smoke Compartmentation422.3 Smoke Compartments404.5 Smoke Control105.6.54 Smoke Control and Removal Systems909.1 Smoke Control for Atriums[A] 105.6.19 Smoke Control or Smoke Exhaust Systems[F] 909.16.2 Smoke Control Panel§27-777.1 Smoke Control Requirements405.5 Smoke Control System909.4.7 Smoke Control System Interaction909.1.1 Smoke Control System Maintenance9.3.4 Smoke Control System OperationSection 909 Smoke Control Systems[BF] 607.5.4.1 Smoke Damper717.3.3.2 Smoke Damper Actuation716.3.2.1 Smoke Damper Actuation Methods8.5.5.3 Smoke Damper Exemptions717.3.2.2 Smoke Damper Ratings8.4.6.2* Smoke Dampers605.0 Smoke Dampers, Fire Dampers, and Ceiling DampersArticle 6 Smoke Detecting Devices§27-979 Smoke Detecting Devices; Where Required[F] 403.4.1 Smoke Detection[F] 420.5 Smoke Detection and Fire Alarm SystemsR314.1 Smoke Detection and Notification17.* Smoke Detection for Air Duct System907.2.8.4 Smoke Detection in Sleeping Areas[F] 907.2.11.7 Smoke Detection System32. Smoke Detection SystemsSection 606 Smoke Detection Systems Control3.3.264 Smoke Detector§27-955 Smoke Detector Alternate2704.1 Smoke Detector Circuits901.6.3.4 Smoke Detector Cleaning and Testing4704.4.3.1 Smoke Detector Information907.20.6 Smoke Detector Maintenance907.8.3 Smoke Detector Sensitivity[F] 907.2.18.1 Smoke Detectors3303.9.1 Smoke Detectors and Smoke AlarmsP106. Smoke Detectors at Elevator Lobby Doors17.7.5* Smoke Detectors for Control of Smoke Spread17.7.5.6 Smoke Detectors for Door Release Service1701.4 Smoke Detectors for the Deaf and Hearing-Impaired1701.14 Smoke Detectors in Adult Day Care Centers1701.6 Smoke Detectors in Buildings Containing Dwelling Units1701.3 Smoke Detectors in Certain Juvenile Care Facilities1701.2 Smoke Detectors in Colleges and Universities1701.10 Smoke Detectors in Hotels and Motels907. Smoke Detectors Within Dwelling and Sleeping Units907.2.8.3 Smoke Detectors Within Dwelling Units907.2.8.3 Smoke Detectors Within Dwelling Units and Sleeping Units803.1.1 Smoke Developed IndexP106. Smoke Evacuation Smoke Detector405.5.2 Smoke Exhaust System2.2.c.2 Smoke Generation Properties of Carpet Used as Floor Covering[F] 909.8.1 Smoke Layer2.1.a.1.H Smoke Management3.3.266* Smoke PartitionSection 710 Smoke Partitions407.5 Smoke-Protected Aisle Accessways1030.6.2 Smoke-Protected Assembly Seating1028.6.2 Smoke-Protected Seating§27-353.1 Smoke Protection for Elevators and Escalators§27-353.2 Smoke Protection for Elevators in E Occupancies[F] 403.4.7 Smoke RemovalP104.9.1.1 Smoke Removal—Building Air-Handling EquipmentP104.9.1.2 Smoke Removal—Tempered Glass or Openable Windows17.7 Smoke-Sensing Fire Detectors1705.39.2 Smoke Test408.8.4 Smoke-Tight Doors909.20.4.3 Smoke Trap713.12.1.1 Smoke Vent Construction713.12.1.2 Smoke Vent Dimensions713.12.1.3 Smoke Vent Location3111.2.3.3 Smoke Ventilation520.49 Smoke Ventilator Control408.9.1 Smoke Venting910.5 Smoke Venting of Closed Shafts713.12.1 Smoke Venting of Stair and Other Closed Shafts713. Smoke Vents Located Above the Roof Line713. Smoke Vents Located in an Exterior Wall314.5 Smokeless Powder and Small Arms Primers5606.5.2.1 Smokeless Propellant5606.4.2 Smokeless Propellants405.7.2 Smokeproof Enclosure909.20 Smokeproof Enclosures1023.11 Smokeproof Enclosures and Pressurization Alternative2702.2.19 Smokeproof Enclosures and Pressurized Elevator Shaft2702.2.19 Smokeproof Enclosures and Pressurized Elevator Shafts1022.9 Smokeproof Enclosures and Pressurized Stairways1022.10 Smokeproof Enclosures and Pressurized Stairways and Ramps403.5.4 Smokeproof Exit Enclosures3303.7.3 Smoking5007.7.5 Smoking and Intoxicated Persons5704.2.3.1 Smoking and Open Flame5706.4.8.1 Smoking and Open Flame Aboard Vessels2308.1.9 Smoking and Open Flames6107.2 Smoking and Other Sources of Ignition3.3.258 Smoking Area1202.7 Smoking Areas in RestaurantsAppendix J Smoking Cessation Program Information for Asbestos, Non-Mandatory42. Smoking Equipment1910.1001(i)(4) Smoking in Work Areas5604.13.6.3 Smoking or Use of Matches310.7.3.1 Smoking Paraphernalia3404.3 Smoking Prohibited42.10.2.5 Smoking Restrictions10.3.3.1* Smoldering Ignition of Mattresses10.3.2.1* Smoldering Ignition of Upholstered Furniture10.3.2 Smoldering Ignition of Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses3.3.26.4 Smooth Ceiling(B) Smooth Edges(C) Smooth Rounded Edges(A) Smooth Sheath1132A.9 Smooth Surface1910.211(b)(10) SnaggingE4001.11 Snap Switch Faceplates(A) Snap Switches Rated at 30 Amperes or Less14X-12-1205.5.3 Snow1027.3.3 Snow and Ice1220.2 Snow and Ice Melt ControlsC403.13.2 Snow- And Ice-Melt System Controls1220.0 Snow and Ice Melt Systems[BS] 1006.2 Snow and Wind Loads[BS] 405.2.1.1 Snow Damage[BS] 1103.4 Snow Drift Loads1608.3.3 Snow Load Importance Factor106.1.2 Snow Load PostingSection 1608 Snow LoadsSection 1608 Snow Loads and Thermal Loads[BS] 304.2 Snow Loads on Adjacent Buildings1220.3 Snow MeltR403.9 Snow Melt and Ice System ControlsR403.9 Snow Melt and Ice System Controls (Mandatory)N1103.9 (R403.9) Snow Melt System ControlsN1103.9 (R403.9) Snow Melt System Controls (Mandatory)E4101.7 Snow-Melting and Deicing Equipment Protection607.4 Snowmelt Systems2.1- Soak Sinks11B-608.10 Soap DishSection 890.1790 Soap Dishes609.4 Soap Dispensers1231.2.4 Sobering Cell5601.3.6 Sobriety§1-07.2 SOC Form(e) Social Service Center Establishments1224.41 Social Service Space2.5- Social Spaces1225.6.5 Social Work Service705.5.1.3 Socket-Fusion Joints4.4.3 Socket-Fusion Joints [2021 UPC 705.5.1.3]1810.3.9.6 Socketed Drilled Shafts1910.265(c)(24)(viii) Socketing, Splicing, and Seizing52. Sodium Batteries1206.2.12.4 Sodium-Beta Storage Batteries1709.10 SoffitR703.3.1 Soffit InstallationR704.3 Soffit Installation Where the Design Wind Pressure Exceeds 30 PSFR704.2 Soffit Installation Where the Design Wind Pressure Is 30 PSF or LessSection R704 Soffits10.* Soffits and Cabinets11.* Soffits and Cabinets in Residential Areas/Occupancies8. Soffits, Eaves, Overhangs, and Decorative Frame Elements106.5.62 Soft Contained Play Structure1008.2.2 Soft Contained Play Structures306.2.3 Soft Load-Bearing Materials3.3.2 Soft StoryL 505.1 Softening and Treatment3.3.279 Software23.2.2 Software and Firmware Control604.2 Software Clients406.1 Soil Absorption Site LocationA4.106.2.1 Soil AnalysisA4.106.2 Soil Analysis and ProtectionSection 3304 Soil and Foundation Work605.1 Soil and Ground WaterP2906.1 Soil and Groundwater1803.5 Soil and Rock SamplingSection 902 Soil and Site RequirementsP-902.1 Soil and Waste Piping Above Ground Within Buildings1817.5.4.2 Soil and Water Pressures405.1 Soil and Water Quality Protection405.1.1 Soil and Water Quality Protection Plan1705.6.1 Soil Backfill Testing§27-668 Soil Bearing Pressures1802.5 Soil Boring and Sampling902.1 Soil BoringsSection 403 Soil Borings and Evaluation403.1 Soil Borings and Profile Descriptions1705.27.1.1 Soil Borings and Testpits2. Soil CapacitiesAS104.4.4 Soil-Cement Plaster1802.3 Soil ClassificationP-602.2.1 Soil ConditionsB305.6 Soil ConnectionE402.2 Soil Cover[A] 106.2.5 Soil DataC603 Soil Depressurization System Design CriteriaC602 Soil Depressurization System Installation CriteriaChapter C6 Soil Depressurization Systems403.1.3 Soil Description1705.6.1 Soil FillAF103.3 Soil-Gas-Retarder1202. Soil-Gas Retarder Membrane1114.2.2 Soil Infiltration Capabilities1803.1.1.2 Soil Investigation by Lot, Necessity, Preparation and RecommendationsArticle 2 Soil InvestigationsSection 1610 Soil Lateral LoadSection 1610 Soil Lateral LoadsArticle 5 Soil Load Bearing TestsSection 1610 Soil Loads and Hydrostatic Pressure406.5 Soil Maps403.1.4 Soil Mottles3309.4 Soil or Foundation Work Affecting Adjoining Property1705.27.1.2 Soil Percolation Tests3106F.10 Soil-Pile InteractionA4.106.2.2 Soil Protection2109.2.2.1 Soil Requirements405.1.4 Soil Reuse and Restoration3106F.9 Soil Springs for Lateral Pile LoadingP-904.4.1 Soil Stack Size3106F.11 Soil-Structure Interaction — Shallow Foundations and Underground StructuresR401.4 Soil TestsSection 405 Soil Verification2.1- Soiled and Clean Linen-Handling Areas1224.34.2.13 Soiled and Contaminated Material2.11-3.8.12 Soiled Holding1224. Soiled Holding Room3.1- Soiled Holding Room(s) Soiled Linen and Trash Receptacles2.1- Soiled Linen Holding Room1225. Soiled Utility1226.11.2.4 Soiled Utility or Soiled Holding Room450.3.3.3 Soiled Utility or Soiled Holding Room(s)1224.28.2.8 Soiled Utility Room1228.4.4.7 Soiled Utility/Work Room1224.4.4.7 Soiled Utility/Workroom1224.15.3.7 Soiled Workroom1226.4.13.4 Soiled Workroom or Soiled Holding Room1226.6.2.4 Soiled Workroom or Soiled Linen Holding*2.2- Soiled Workroom(s) or Soiled Holding Room(s)1705.6 SoilsC6.5 Solar and Visible ApertureC6.5.1 Solar and Visible Aperture of Vertical Fenestration2606.12 Solar Collectors603.3.7.1 Solar ElectricA-903.2.1.1 Solar Electric System or Photovoltaic System Defined1401.4 Solar Energy Equipment and AppliancesSection 3111 Solar Energy Systems601.2 Solar Energy Utilization1207.4 Solar Heat Collector Systems5.8.2.4 Solar Heat Gain CoefficientSection 3139B Solar Heating InstallationsM2301.2.11 Solar LoopM2301.2.11.1 Solar Loop Isolation1507.18 Solar Photovoltaic Panels and ModulesSection 1511 Solar Photovoltaic Panels/ModulesSection *1512 Solar Photovoltaic Panels/Modules and Required Sustainable Roofing Zones903. Solar Photovoltaic Power SystemsArticle 690 Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems1205.2.1 Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems for Group R-3 Buildings(A) Solar Photovoltaic Systems3111.2.1 Solar Photovoltaic Systems for Group R-3 Buildings1204.2.1 Solar Photovoltaic Systems for Group R-3 Residential and Buildings Built Under the International Residential CodeSection *1511 Solar Photovoltalc Panels/Modules and Required Sustainable Roofing ZonesSection C411 Solar ReadinessSection RA103 Solar-Ready ZoneRA103.3 Solar-Ready Zone AreaA4.106.5.1 Solar Reflectance408.3.1.2 Solar Reflectance IndexA4.106.5.3 Solar Reflectance Index AlternativeP2902.5.5 Solar Systems603.3.7.2 Solar ThermalSection M2301 Solar Thermal Energy Systems1401.4 Solar Thermal Equipment and Appliances3111.2 Solar Thermal SystemsM2301.7 Solar Thermal Systems for Heating Potable Water316.6 Solar Thermal Water Heaters610.4 Solar Water Heating EquipmentO101.9.2 Solar Water Heating InterconnectionSection P2802 Solar Water Heating Systems(E) Solder605.12.3 Solder Joints410.121 Solder Prohibited4.2.4 SolderedP2906.15 Soldered and Brazed JointsP3003.6.3 Soldered JointsSection P-405 Soldered or Sweated Joints705.19 Soldering Bushings1910.268(i)(8) Soldering Devices(1) Sole Means of Regulating Charging1910.261(k)(17) Sole Plates41.4 Sole Proprietors and Individual Operators3.3.259 Solid1025.3.1 Solid and Continuous8-805.2.1 Solid-Backed Stone Masonry3109.4.1.2 Solid Barrier Surfaces(4) Solid Bottom Cable Tray Containing Multiconductor Control and/or Signal Cables Only(3) Solid Bottom Cable Trays Containing Any Mixture of Cables2.22.2 Solid Bumpers4805.3 Solid-Ceiling Sets and Platforms(6) Solid Channel Cable Trays Containing Multiconductor Cables of Any Type3114.2.2 Solid Fences507.2.4 Solid Fuel511.5 Solid-Fuel Air Movement Requirements801.7 Solid Fuel Appliance FluesR1005.3 Solid-Fuel Appliances512.4 Solid-Fuel Auxiliary Equipment1002.4 Solid-Fuel BoilersSection M1905 Solid Fuel Buring Equipment801.7 Solid Fuel-Burning Appliance FluesG2427.5.6.1 (503.5.7.1) Solid Fuel-Burning AppliancesR1006.6 Solid Fuel-Burning Appliances and Fireplaces1203.4 Solid Fuel-Burning Devices901.5 Solid Fuel-Burning Equipment*901.3 Solid Fuel-Burning Fireplaces and Appliances901.4 Solid Fuel-Burning Fireplaces and Appliances in Group I-2, Condition 2603.5.3.2 Solid Fuel-Burning Heaters[NY] 603.10 Solid Fuel-Burning Heating Appliances, Chimneys and Flues609.4.2 Solid Fuel Commercial Cooking Operations609.5 Solid Fuel Commercial Cooking Systems609.2.4 Solid Fuel Cooking609.9.2 Solid Fuel Cooking Equipment517.0 Solid-Fuel Cooking Operations510.10 Solid-Fuel Duct Systems513.13 Solid-Fuel Fire-Extinguishing Equipment1002.4 Solid-Fuel-Fired Boilers904.11 Solid-Fuel-Fired FurnacesArticle 19 Solid Fuel Fireplaces, Fireplace Stoves and Room Heaters904.11 Solid-Fuel Furnaces509.3 Solid-Fuel Grease Removal Devices508.6 Solid-Fuel Hood AssembliesSection 929 Solid Fuel Hydronic Heaters1926.154(d) Solid Fuel Salamanders609.4.2.1 Solid Fuel Storage916.3 Solid-Fuel-Type Room Heaters603.3.3 Solid Fuels722. Solid Grouted Clay Units722.3.1.3 Solid Grouted ConstructionA505.2.2 Solid-Grouted Reinforced Masonry17.6.3.2* Solid Joist ConstructionR606.3.2.1 Solid Masonry3.3.260 Solid Material1910.1200(f)(4) Solid Materials(3) Solid Metal CoversC101.1.2 Solid Non-Engineered Joist Notches and Holes(D) Solid ObstaclesSection 3207 Solid-Piled and Shelf Storage3.3.201 Solid-Piled Storage1011.5.5.3 Solid Risers1507.8.1.1 Solid Sheathing Required3.3.198 Solid Shelf Rack13.1.3 Solid Shelf Racks3.3.199* Solid Shelving(C) Solid-State-Type Dimmers10.2.4.9 Solid Thermoplastics3.3.200 Solid Unit Load of Nonexpanded Plastic (Either Cartoned or Exposed) Solid Unit Load of Unexpanded Plastic (Either Cartoned or Exposed).2110.3.4 Solid UnitsR608.7.2 Solid Wall SegmentsR608.7.2.3 Solid Wall Segments at Corners5.5.2 Solid WallsR608.7 Solid Walls for Resistance to Lateral Forces250.184 Solidly Grounded Neutral Systems(1) Solidly Grounded Systems6.5 Solids InterceptorsB.8.2 Solution8-105.2 Solutions to the California Historical Building CodeE 608.1.1 Solvent Cement605.12.2 Solvent Cement Joints4.2.14.3 Solvent Cement Joints in CPVC Piping4.2.14.2 Solvent Cement Joints in PVC Piping1203.3.4 Solvent-Cemented JointsP3003.9.2 Solvent Cementing2103.1 Solvent Classification(1) 2103.1 Solvent Classifications66.19.6 Solvent Distillation Units43.1.8.8 Solvent Distillation Units (Solvent Recyclers)26.5 Solvent Extraction Plants. [NFPA 36]1910.262(b)(35) Solvent (Industrial Organic)5705. Solvent Quantity Limits2403.4.4 Solvent Recycling2107.3 Solvent Storage Tanks66.19.6.3 Solvents514.4.5 Solvents/Cleaning Aids1904.30(b)(3) Some of My Employees Work at Several Different Locations or Do Not Work at Any of My Establishments at All. How Do I Record Cases for These Employees?1910.261(l)(12) Sorting and Counting Tables5608.5.4 Sorting and Separation1910.265(b)(37) Sorting Gaps807.3 Sound Levels807.3.2 Sound of HVAC and Mechanical Systems Within Buildings807.3.1 Sound of Mechanical and Electrical Generator Equipment Outside of Buildings706.4 Sound Pressure LevelR403.6.4 Sound Rating808.3.2 Sound Sources Inside the Classroom808.3.1 Sound Sources Outside of the Classroom907.2.24.1 Sound Stages-Solid-Ceiling Sets and PlatformsSection 1206 Sound Transmission807.1 Sound Transmission and Sound LevelsR330.1 Sound Transmission Between Dwelling Units5706.3.6 Soundproofing32.9 Soundstages and Approved Production Facilities63. Source1901.3 Source and ApplicabilityIGNITION Source and Location(C) Source and Output Circuits(A) Source Directory(A) Source DisconnectC401.2.2.1 Source Energy Method§1-05.7 Source for List of Affected Property Owners(B) Source Marking1313.5.2 Source of Dental Air Compressor Intake650.4 Source of Energy512.3.4 Source of Ignition1926.1001(h) Source of Standard(B) Source of Supply1327.4.2 Source Shutoff Valve63.2.19* Source Valve1314.6 Source ValvesP2911.2 Sources2203.4.9.5 Sources of Combustion Air5.1.5 Sources of DataSection 601 Sources of Fire IgnitionAppendix D Sources of Further Information (Nonmandatory)3404.2 Sources of Heat42.9.5 Sources of Ignition2409.5 Sources of Ignition in Resin Application Areas7.8.2 Sources of Illumination517.30 Sources of Power1324.5.2.2 Sources of Test Gas§27-962 Sources of Water Supply for Sprinkler SystemsA5. South Walls[BG] A103.1.9.1 SP-1, Covered Mall Building[BG] A103.1.9.10 SP-10, Motion Picture Projection Room[BG] A103.1.9.11 SP-11, Stages and Platforms[BG] A103.1.9.12 SP-12, Special Amusement Building[BG] A103.1.9.13 SP-13, Aircraft-Related Structure[BG] A103.1.9.2 SP-2, High-Rise Building[BG] A103.1.9.3 SP-3, Atrium[BG] A103.1.9.4 SP-4, Underground Building[BG] A103.1.9.5 SP-5, Mechanical-Access Open Parking Garage[BG] A103.1.9.6 SP-6, Ramp-Access Open Parking Garage[BG] A103.1.9.7 SP-7, Enclosed Parking Garage[BG] A103.1.9.8 SP-8, Motor Vehicle Service Station[BG] A103.1.9.9 SP-9, Motor Vehicle Repair Garage3120B.2.1 Spa PoolSection 3138B Spa Pool Special Requirements454.1.8 Spa Pools[BG] 1001.3.2 Space1910.303(g)(1) Space About Electric Equipment1138A.1 Space AllowancesSection 1138A Space Allowances and Reach Ranges1127A.9 Space Allowances and Reach Ranges in Common Use Areas4. Space Alterations2.2- Space and Utilities for Cleaning and Disinfecting Respiratory Therapy Equipment§27-2034 Space and Water Heaters2113.13.2 Space Around Lining(2) Space Between Components1126A.3.3 Space Between Consecutive Doors or Gates9.2.2.2 Space-by-Space Method9.6.1 Space-by-Space Method of Calculating Interior Lighting Power AllowanceC3.5.1 Space ConditioningC406 Space Conditioning and Ventilation Systems5.1.2 Space Conditioning CategoriesA5.207.1 Space-Conditioning Equipment Certification by ManufacturersA5.207.2 Space Conditioning SystemsE306 Space Conditioning Systems and Ventilating9.4.1.2 Space Control2.3- Space for Care of Persons of Size410.20 Space for Conductors410.18 Space for Cove Lighting1228.14.9 Space for Group Therapy2203.4.9.2 Space Heaters7.5.1 Space Heating and Service Water Heating7.5.1 Space Heating and Water Heating4702.3 Space Heating Appliance Location[BG] 309.1 Space-Heating Systems312.7 Space in Enclosures515.1.1.4 Space Not Required5. Space on Top-of-Car Enclosure*1.2-3 Space Program603.1.1 Space ProvidedR307.1 Space Required1224.28.4.1 Space Requirements1.4-4 Space Requirements for Equipment2.5-5.3.2 Space Requirements for General Storage470.3 Space Separation453.8.2 Space StandardsG2427.5.9 (503.5.10) Space Surrounding Lining or Vent315.3.12.3 Space Under Stairways6503.2 Space Under Tables315.4 Space Underneath Grandstands and Bleachers304.1.3 Space Underneath Seats4.1.6.1 Space Underneath the Counterweight and/or Its Guides1107.9.2.1 Space Volume CalculationsE3907.1 Space Within Switch and Overcurrent Device EnclosuresSection K105 Space Within the Building506.11.1 Spacers and Ties(C) Spaces About Battery Systems110.26 Spaces About Electrical Equipment(C) Spaces About ESS Components9.3.14 Spaces Above Ceilings206.2.4 Spaces and ElementsSection 305 Spaces Beneath Seats14X-5-505.9.6 Spaces Beneath Stairways*2.14-3.3 Spaces for Anesthetic Use8.8.1 Spaces Maintained at Temperatures Above 32°F (0°C)8.8.2* Spaces Maintained at Temperatures Below 32°F (0°C)407.2.1 Spaces of Unlimited Area407.2.1 Spaces Open to the Corridor6. Spaces Other Than Nontransient Dwelling Units1224.18.3.1 Spaces RequiredG106.2 Spaces Subject to Flooding in A-ZonesG106.3 Spaces Subject to Flooding in V-Zones1030.1.1.1 Spaces Under Grandstands and Bleachers[F] 903. Spaces Under Grandstands or Bleachers9.2.2 Spaces Under Ground Floors, Exterior Docks, and Platforms§151 Spaces Under Stairs12.4.9.5 Spaces Underneath Grandstands304.1.3.1 Spaces Underneath Grandstands and Bleachers802.10.4 Spaces Utilized Primarily for Viewing Motion Picture Projections804.2.3 Spaces Where a Cook Top or Conventional Range Is Not Provided(C) Spaces With Finish Rating802.10.4.1 Spaces With Seating on Risers609.3 SpacingC102.8 Spacing Along Major Streets(B) Spacing Between Adjacent Runs(D) Spacing Between Heating Cable and Metal Embedded in the Floor17.8.3 Spacing Considerations17.8.3.2 Spacing Considerations for Flame Detectors17.8.3.3 Spacing Considerations for Spark/Ember Detectors424.13 Spacing From Combustible Materials(4) Spacing From Grounded Parts18.5.5.6* Spacing in Corridors18.5.5.5* Spacing in Rooms(A) Spacing Intervals — Maximum1907.6 Spacing Limits for Reinforcement17.* Spacing MinimumR602.10.1.3 Spacing of Braced Wall Lines11.7.2 Spacing of Longitudinal Reinforcement1029.13.1.3 Spacing of Tables11.7.3 Spacing of Transverse Reinforcement1220.3 Spacing of Tube Fasteners1910.106(b)(2)(ii) Spacing (Shell-to-Shell) Between Aboveground Tanks409.106 Spacings2308.4.2.1 Span7.2.4 Span/Depth Ratio[BS] 2612.5.1 Span RatingC303.1.5 Spandrel Panels in Glass Curtain Walls715.5 Spandrel Wall1817.8.4 Spanning Between Piles7.2.2 Spans453.17.3 Spare Capacity30.3.2 Spare Detection DevicesN107.5.5 Spare LP-Gas Containers5. Spare Rope Turns on Winding Drums903.1.2 Spare Sprinkler Heads30.2.3 Spare Sprinklers26.6.3.6 Spare System Unit Equipment3.3.282* Spark517.5.1 Spark Arrester DevicesSection 605 Spark Arresters2802 Spark Arrestor2113.9.2 Spark Arrestors40.5.6 Spark/Ember Detection and Extinguishing Systems3.3.90.21 Spark/Ember Detector3.3.284 Spark/Ember Detector Sensitivity2203.4.7 Spark-Producing Devices2406.6.2 Spark-Producing Metals511.1.4 Spark Protection[NY] Section 5610 Sparkling Devices[F] 601.3.3 Sparks and Arcing242.4 SpasPart IV Spas and Hot TubsPart IV Spas, Hot Tubs, and Permanently Installed Immersion Pools3412A.2.4 SPC 2 Using ASCE 413412A.2.3 SPC-4D3412A.2.3.2 SPC-4D Using ASCE 413412A.2.1 SPC 5 and NPC 53412A.2.2 SPC 5 Using ASCE 413418A.4.4 SPC Buildings Removed From General Acute Care Service With New License312.3.3 SPC Non-GACH Buildings Containing a Change of Licensed Nursing Services Under Existing License312.3.2 SPC Non-GACH Buildings Containing Nonacute Care Services Under Existing License312.3.4 SPC Non-GACH Buildings Containing Other Occupancies and/or Uses1224.5.4 SPC/NPC Compliance2304. [SPCB]10.18.1* Speaker Amplifier and Tone-Generating Equipment18.8.1 Speaker Appliances(1) SpeakersChapter 7 Special 125th Street District (125)Appendix A Special 125th Street District Plan95-052 Special Access Facilities for Persons With Disabilities at Certain Stations127-30 Special Accessory Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations116-30 Special Accessory Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations for Subareas A, B and C122-60 Special Accessory Off-Street Parking Regulations105.6.55 Special ActivitySection 321 Special Activity Lots8. Special Adjustments107-90 Special Administrative Provisions§28-305.3 Special Agreement(6) Special Allowances3103.3.1 Special Amusement AreaSection 411 Special Amusement Areas411.2 Special Amusement Building[F] 907.2.12 Special Amusement Buildings§28- Special and Progress Inspection of Fabricated Items137-40 Special Applicability of Article V17. Special ApplicationsSection 890.1140 Special Applications and Installations2603.9 Special Approval4001.3.2 Special Approval for Distilleries Based on Performance Standards4001.3.1 Special Approval for Distilleries With Widely-Separated Operations4001.3.3 Special Approval for Existing Distilleries128-60 Special Approvals97-11 Special Arts and Entertainment Uses3705.2 Special Baling Conditions142-491 Special Base Height Regulations for Certain Zoning Lots Within Subdistrict D1224.14.2.15 Special Bathing FacilitiesChapter 4 Special Battery Park City District (BPC)Appendix 2.6 Special Battery Park City District — Curb Cut LocationsAppendix 1 Special Battery Park City District - District PlanAppendix 2.4 Special Battery Park City District — Mandatory ArcadesAppendix 2.1 Special Battery Park City District — Mandatory Front Building WallsAppendix 2.5 Special Battery Park City District — Parking SetbacksAppendix 2.3 Special Battery Park City District — Permitted Commercial LocationsAppendix 3.6 Special Battery Park City District — Public Open Space AreasAppendix 2.2 Special Battery Park City District — Special Height LocationsAppendix 3 Special Battery Park City District — Zone A North Residential Neighborhood and Zone CAppendix 2 Special Battery Park City District — Zone A South Residential NeighborhoodChapter 4 Special Bay Ridge District (BR)Appendix A Special Bay Street Corridor DistrictChapter 5 Special Bay Street Corridor District (BSC)78-35 Special Bonus ProvisionsChapter 4 Special Brooklyn Navy Yard District (BNY)Appendix A Special Brooklyn Navy Yard District Plan450.5.1 Special Buildings450.5 Special Buildings, Tents and Tent Structures63-20 Special Bulk and Parking Regulations81-53 Special Bulk and Urban Design Requirements117-42 Special Bulk and Use Regulations in the Court Square Subdistrict92-04 Special Bulk Provisions111-20 Special Bulk Provisions for Areas A1 Through A764-30 Special Bulk Regulations64-31 Special Bulk Regulations for All Buildings107-412 Special Bulk Regulations for Certain Community Facility Uses in Lower Density Growth Management Areas15-024 Special Bulk Regulations for Certain Pre-Existing Dwelling Units, Joint Living-Work Quarters for Artists and Loft Dwellings23-673 Special Bulk Regulations for Certain Sites in Community District 4, Borough of Manhattan113-11 Special Bulk Regulations for Community Facilities64-33 Special Bulk Regulations for Cottage Envelope Buildings107-225 Special Bulk Regulations for Developments Containing Designated Open Space64-32 Special Bulk Regulations for Flood-Resistant Buildings113-13 Special Bulk Regulations for Lots Adjacent to Park Circle-Machate Circle116-20 Special Bulk Regulations for Subareas A, B and C, the Esplanade, Pier Place and the Cove62-356 Special Bulk Regulations for Zoning Lots Adjacent to Public Parks62-35 Special Bulk Regulations in Certain Areas Within Community District 1, Brooklyn117-63 Special Bulk Regulations in the Designated Districts121-30 Special Bulk Regulations Within Subdistrict A-1121-40 Special Bulk Regulations Within Subdistrict A-22.3-2.2.3 Special Care Resident Rooms1705.1.1 Special CasesSection A-703 Special Certificate of Inspection25-625 Special Certification to Modify the Parking Regulations for Certain Community Facility Uses in Lower Density Growth Management Areas414.4 Special CircumstancesChapter 2 Special City Island District (CD)Appendix A Special City Island District - Height AreasChapter 6 Special Clinton District (CL)Appendix A Special Clinton District Map (96A)Chapter 7 Special Coastal Risk District (CR)Appendix Special Coastal Risk District Plan7.2.5 Special CoatingsChapter 6 Special College Point District (CP)Appendix Special College Point District Map74-93 Special Commercial and Manufacturing Developments74-931 Special Commercial or Mixed Use Developments in Commercial Districts93-13 Special Commercial Use Regulations2104.4.1.2 Special Conditions11B-107 Special Conditions Appeals ActionChapter 1 Special Coney Island District (CI)Chapter 6 Special Coney Island Mixed Use District (CO)(B) Special Consideration17.7.6 Special Considerations60. Special Controls Required for Increased Quantities139-34 Special Curb Cut Regulations65-20 Special Damage and Destruction Provisions1926.804(p) Special Decompression Chamber43.2 Special Definitions103-212 Special Density Regulations50.4.9 Special Design and Application19.4 Special Design Approaches19.3.3.4 Special Design AreasG2427.12.2.2 (503.12.2.2) Special Design Draft Hood1224. Special Design Elements2.5-3.4.7 Special Design Elements for ECT Treatment and Recovery Areas2.1-2.10 Special Design Elements for Spaces for Care of Patients of Size2.2- Special Design Elements for the MRI Scanner Room2.2-3.5.7 Special Design Elements for the Radiation Therapy Suite21.2.4 Special Design for Palletized, Solid-Piled, Bin Box, or Shelf Storage of Class I Through Class IV Commodities15.4.4 Special Design for Palletized, Solid-Piled, Bin Box, or Shelf Storage of Group A Plastic Commodities. (Reserved)15.4.4 Special Design for Palletized, Solid-Piled, Bin Box, or Shelf Storage of Plastic and Rubber Commodities. (Reserved)21.8 Special Design for Rack Storage of Class I Through Class IV Commodities and Group A Plastics Stored Up to and Including 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height16.3.4 Special Design for Rack Storage of Class I Through Class IV Commodities Stored Over 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height16.2.4 Special Design for Rack Storage of Class I Through Class IV Commodities Stored Up to and Including 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height17.2.4 Special Design for Rack Storage of Plastics Commodities Stored Up to and Including 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height13.9 Special Design Plumbing Systems for Stormwater139-54 Special Design Standards139-541 Special Design Standards for Guardrails139-543 Special Design Standards for Lighting139-545 Special Design Standards for Paving139-544 Special Design Standards for Planting139-542 Special Design Standards for Seating1008.1.11 Special Detention Arrangements1114.0 Special Discharge Requirements98-43 Special Distance Between Buildings Regulations5608.4.2 Special Distance Requirements102-40 Special District Designation on Public Parks65-50 Special Documentation Provisions1008.1.9.6 Special Door Locking Arrangements in Group I-1, I-2, R-3, or R-4 Occupancies1010.3 Special DoorsChapter 1 Special Downtown Brooklyn District (DB)Appendix E Special Downtown Brooklyn District MapsAppendix Special Downtown FAR Rockaway District and SubdistrictChapter 6 Special Downtown FAR Rockaway District (DFR)Chapter 5 Special Downtown Jamaica District (DJ)Appendix A Special Downtown Jamaica District Maps408.4 Special Drill RequirementsChapter 8 Special East Harlem Corridors District (EHC)Appendix Special East Harlem Corridors District Plan2201.3.3 Special Effect520.66 Special Effects3301.5.3.1 Special Effects or Other Use of Pyrotechnic Materials, Articles and Devices5609.4 Special Effects Permit5609.12 Special Effects Post-Discharge Safety Measures5609.10 Special Effects Safety Precautions1008.1.9.6 Special Egress Locks for Group I-2422.10 Special Elevations126-131 Special Enclosure Regulations for Specific Uses Previously Prohibited Under the Former College Point Urban Renewal Plan2306.2.6 Special EnclosuresSection 92.0127 Special Enforcement of Procedures FeesChapter 2 Special Enhanced Commercial District (EC)132-11 Special Enhanced Commercial Districts Specified516.10 Special Equipment515.10 Special Equipment — Gasoline Dispensers608.3.1 Special Equipment, Water Supply Protection105-37 Special Erosion and Sedimentation Prevention Requirements for Authorizations for Tier II Sites119-33 Special Erosion and Sedimentation Prevention Requirements for Certain Authorizations and Special Permits[A] 105.6.21 Special Event Structure1001.3 Special Exiting Provisions for Younger Students[A] Special Expert[A] D101.4 Special Expert Characteristics[NY] 1206.8.2.2 Special Expert Qualifications1910.106(e)(5)(iii) Special ExtinguishersP104.10 Special Extinguishing Systems23.2.11 Special Features§28-112.8 Special FeesArticle 26 Special Filing Requirements40.5.7 Special Fire Protection SystemsSection R1008 Special Fireplace and Appliance Requirements1309.4 Special FittingsSection 890.800 Special Fixtures and/or Items Designed for a Particular Purpose406.0 Special Fixtures and Specialties23-16 Special Floor Area and Lot Coverage Provisions for Certain Areas101-21 Special Floor Area and Lot Coverage Regulations98-23 Special Floor Area and Lot Coverage Rules for Zoning Lots Over Which the High Line Passes94-08 Special Floor Area Bonus Provisions62-353 Special Floor Area, Lot Coverage and Residential Density Distribution Regulations66-231 Special Floor Area Modifications64-311 Special Floor Area Modifications for All Buildings64-322 Special Floor Area Modifications for Flood-Resistant Buildings81-65 Special Floor Area Provisions for All Non-Qualifying Sites81-64 Special Floor Area Provisions for Qualifying Sites139-216 Special Floor Area Provisions for Street Improvements81-63 Special Floor Area Provisions for the Vanderbilt Corridor Subarea139-213 Special Floor Area Provisions for Transit Improvements139-215 Special Floor Area Provisions for Zoning Lots Containing Comfort Stations139-214 Special Floor Area Provisions for Zoning Lots Containing Schools24-112 Special Floor Area Ratio Provisions for Certain Areas131-323 Special Floor Area Ratio Regulations for Hotel Uses63-21 Special Floor Area Regulations64-612 Special Floor Area Regulations for Buildings With Non-Conforming Uses35-352 Special Floor Area Regulations for Certain Districts131-322 Special Floor Area Regulations for Community Facility Uses112-102 Special Floor Area Regulations for Mixed Buildings64-621 Special Floor Area Regulations for Non-Complying Buildings131-321 Special Floor Area Regulations for Residential Uses86-21 Special Floor Area Regulations in C4-5X Districts35-351 Special Floor Area Regulations in C6-3 Districts Within Community District 1, Borough of the Bronx141-22 Special Floor Area Regulations in R8A Districts88-311 Special Floor Area Regulations in Subdistrict A89-12 Special Floor Area Regulations Within Areas B2 and B387-212 Special Floor Area Requirement for Certain Commercial Uses98-24 Special Floor Area Rules for Zoning Lots Divided by District BoundariesChapter 7 Special Flushing Waterfront District (FW)Appendix Special Flushing Waterfront District PlanChapter 6 Special Forest Hills District (FH)Appendix Special Forest Hills District Plan105-944 Special Fort Totten Natural Area District-4109-13 Special Front Wall Regulations113-12 Special Front Yard Regulations81-142 Special Frontage Regulations453.13.3 Special Function DoorsAppendix A Special Garment Center District and SubdistrictsChapter 1 Special Garment Center District (GC)G2427.4.2 (503.4.2) Special Gas Vent509.4.3 Special Gas Vents§27-647 Special GlassesChapter 4 Special Governors Island District (GI)Appendix A Special Governors Island District PlanChapter 9 Special Gowanus Mixed Use District (G)Appendix A Special Gowanus Mixed Use District PlanAppendix A Special Grand Concourse Preservation DistrictChapter 2 Special Grand Concourse Preservation District (C)134-30 Special Ground Floor and Streetscape Requirements26-50 Special Ground Floor Level Provisions for Qualifying Ground Floors37-30 Special Ground Floor Level Streetscape Provisions for Certain Areas81-723 Special Ground Floor Street Frontage Restrictions101-11 Special Ground Floor Use Regulations2106.3.2 Special HandlingChapter 7 Special Harlem River Waterfront District (HRW)Appendix Special Harlem River Waterfront District Plan319.3.9 Special-Hazard Areas8.7 Special Hazard Protection406.4.7 Special Hazards§1-11.2 Special Hearings87-30 Special Height and Setback, Legal Window and Court Regulations87-33 Special Height and Setback, Legal Windows and Courts in the North Subdistrict33-49 Special Height and Setback Limitations66-234 Special Height and Setback Modifications98-50 Special Height and Setback, Open Area and Transparency Regulations for Zoning Lots Adjacent to the High Line87-34 Special Height and Setback Provision in the South Subdistrict23-67 Special Height and Setback Provisions for Certain Areas35-663 Special Height and Setback Provisions in C6-3A Districts Along Atlantic Avenue Within Community District 3, Borough of Brooklyn35-662 Special Height and Setback Provisions in Certain Districts Along Atlantic Avenue Within Community District 8, Borough of Brooklyn101-22 Special Height and Setback Regulations141-23 Special Height and Setback Regulations Along the Elevated Rail Structure Outside Subdistrict A64-313 Special Height and Setback Regulations for All Buildings23-674 Special Height and Setback Regulations for Certain Sites in Community District 9, Borough of Manhattan35-661 Special Height and Setback Regulations in Certain C6-3 Districts Within Community District 1, Borough of the Bronx93-54 Special Height and Setback Regulations in Hell's Kitchen Subdistrict D23-672 Special Height and Setback Regulations in R10 Districts Within Community District 7, Borough of Manhattan141-25 Special Height and Setback Regulations in R8A Districts141-24 Special Height and Setback Regulations in Subdistrict A139-234 Special Height and Setback Regulations in Subdistrict B139-235 Special Height and Setback Regulations in Subdistrict C139-236 Special Height and Setback Regulations in Subdistrict D93-56 Special Height and Setback Regulations in Subdistrict F93-57 Special Height and Setback Regulations in Subdistrict G93-53 Special Height and Setback Regulations in the 3487-32 Special Height and Setback Regulations in the Core Subdistrict93-52 Special Height and Setback Regulations in the Farley Corridor Subdistrict B93-51 Special Height and Setback Regulations in the Large-Scale Plan Subdistrict A93-55 Special Height and Setback Regulations in the South of Port Authority Subdistrict E136-31 Special Height and Setback Regulations Within Subdistrict A81-66 Special Height and Setback Requirements82-40 Special Height Limitation23-69 Special Height Limitations103-213 Special Height Regulations64-613 Special Height Regulations for Buildings With Non-Conforming Uses64-623 Special Height Regulations for Non-Complying Buildings139-238 Special Height Regulations for Zoning Lots Containing Schools93-50 Special Height, Setback and Yard RegulationsChapter 9 Special Hillsides Preservation District (HS)232.3 Special Holding Cells and Special Housing Cells1108.5.5.2 Special Holding Cells and Special Housing Cells or Rooms15-13 Special Home Occupation ProvisionChapter 9 Special Hudson River Park District (HRP)Appendix Special Hudson River Park District PlanChapter 8 Special Hudson Square District (HSQ)Appendix A Special Hudson Square District PlanAppendix A Special Hudson Yards DistrictChapter 3 Special Hudson Yards District (HY)Appendix B Special Hudson Yards Subdistricts MapsAppendix A Special Hunts Point DistrictChapter 8 Special Hunts Point District (HP) Special In-Rack Sprinkler Protection for Class 3 Oxidizers81-74 Special Incentives and Controls in the Theater Subdistrict1910.109(a)(16) Special Industrial Explosives Devices1910.109(a)(17) Special Industrial Explosives Materials503.1.1 Special Industrial Occupancies1810.4.12 Special InspectionArticle 115 Special Inspection Agencies and Special InspectorsA-902.6.4 Special Inspection Agency and Special Inspector Registration1704.2.1 Special Inspection Agency Qualifications[F] 909.3 Special Inspection and Test Requirements1705A.2.6 Special Inspection and Tests of High-Strength Fastener Assemblies3102F.3.5.2 Special Inspection Considerations1705.39 Special Inspection for Exhaust and Vent Systems in Plenums and Ducts1705.22 Special Inspection for Fuel Storage and Fuel-Piping Systems1705.21 Special Inspection for Mechanical Systems1705.38 Special Inspection for Nonpotable Water Systems1705.2.4 Special Inspection for Seismic Resistance[F] 1705.17 Special Inspection for Smoke Control1705A.13.4 Special Inspection for Special Seismic Certification1704.10.1 Special Inspection for Wall Panels, Curtain Walls and Veneers1704.2.5 Special Inspection of Fabricated Items1910.66(g)(4) Special Inspection of Governors and Secondary Brakes1705.21.3 Special Inspection of Mechanical Systems1705.38.2 Special Inspection of Nonpotable Water Systems§28- Special Inspection of Raising and Moving of a Building1704.7.4 Special Inspection of Soils Investigations, Borings and Test Pits1704.7.4 Special Inspection of Subsurface Investigations, Borings and Test PitsG.6 Special Inspection Required111.2 Special Inspection Requirements[A] 110.3.11 Special Inspections§28-116.2.3 Special Inspections and Other Inspections Required During the Progress of Work1704.2 Special Inspections and TestsSection 1704 Special Inspections and Tests, Contractor Responsibility and Structural Observation1705.3.8 Special Inspections and Tests for Post-Installed Anchors in ConcreteSection 1704 Special Inspections, Contractor Responsibility and Structural ObservationsSection 1704 Special Inspections, Contractor Responsibility and Structural Observations Reserved1705.13 Special Inspections for Seismic Resistance1705.12 Special Inspections for Seismic Resistance for Risk Category IV Buildings[F] 909.18.8 Special Inspections for Smoke Control403.4.7.3 Special Inspections for Smoke Removal807.5 Special Inspections for Sound Levels807.6 Special Inspections for Sound TransmissionSection 1706 Special Inspections for Wind Requirements1705.12 Special Inspections for Wind ResistanceSection 1707 Special Inspections Forseismic ResistanceSection 1706 Special Inspections Forwind Requirements108.3 Special Inspections of Alternative Engineered Design Systems§28-116.2.3 Special Inspections, Progress Inspections and Other Inspections Required During the Progress of Work2122.2.4 Special Inspector1704.2.1 Special Inspector QualificationsArticle 115 Special Inspectors1207.9 Special Installations1609.1.2 Special InvestigationsChapter 2 Special Inwood District (In)Appendix Special Inwood District PlanChapter 1 Special Jerome Corridor District (J)705.9 Special Joints4.3.8 Special Joints and Couplings for Drain Piping1926.955(b) Special Ladders and Platforms107-48 Special Landscaping and Buffering Provisions113-30 Special Landscaping Regulations5703.8 Special Limitations5803.1.1 Special Limitations for Indoor Storage and Use6004.1.1 Special Limitations for Indoor Storage and Use by Occupancy5803.1.1 Special Limitations for Indoor Storage, Handling and UseChapter 3 Special Limited Commercial District (LC)Chapter 2 Special Lincoln Square District (L)Appendix A Special Lincoln Square District Plan6.2.1.2 Special Listed FittingsChapter 9 Special Little Italy District (LI)Appendix A Special Little Italy District Map2.16.9 Special Loading Means135-44 Special Loading Regulations1603.1.8 Special Loads1208.15.1 Special Local Conditions(D) Special Locations14. Special Locking407.4.1.1 Special Locking Arrangement7.2.1.6* Special Locking Arrangements1008.1.9.6 Special Locking Arrangements in Group I-1, I-2, R-3, or R-4 Occupancies1008.1.9.6 Special Locking Arrangements in Group I-2[F] 907.3.2 Special Locking SystemsAppendix A Special Long Island City Mixed Use District and SubdistrictsChapter 7 Special Long Island City Mixed Use District (LIC)23-156 Special Lot Coverage Provisions for Certain Interior or Through Lots135-22 Special Lot Coverage RegulationsChapter 1 Special Lower Manhattan District (LM)Chapter 9 Special Madison Avenue Preservation District (MP)139-56 Special Maintenance and Operation Regulations81-67 Special Mandatory District Plan Element RequirementsChapter 4 Special Manhattanville Mixed Use District (MMU)Appendix A Special Manhattanville Mixed Use District PlanSection 21.1309 — Special Marking5703.6.2.1 Special Materials60. Special Maximum Allowable Quantity Increases for Storage in Mercantile, Storage, and Industrial Occupancies12.2.11 Special Means of Egress Features31-20 Special Midtown DistrictChapter 1 Special Midtown District (Mid)Chapter 3 Special Mixed Use District (MX)123-90 Special Mixed Use Districts Specified66-32 Special Modifications for Secondary Transit-Adjacent Sites1617. Special Moment Frames18.9 Special Moment Frames Constructed Using Precast Concrete105-941 Special Natural Area District-1:105-942 Special Natural Area District-2:105-943 Special Natural Area District-3:Chapter 5 Special Natural Area District (NA)Appendix A Special Natural Area District Plan Maps105-94 Special Natural Area Districts Specified408.8.5 Special Needs Requirements14. Special Obstruction AllowanceSection 1109 Special Occupancies14A-4-411.3.4 Special Occupancies and Uses901.3 Special Occupancy Exceptions1201.3 Special Occupancy Exceptions—Museums5.5* Special Occupancy Hazards66.9.5.2 Special Occupancy Limits1. Special Occupancy Parks ActA-703.1 Special Occupancy Requirement for Structures in Group E OccupancyAppendix A Special Ocean Parkway DistrictChapter 3 Special Ocean Parkway District (OP)113-22 Special Off-Street Loading Regulations86-40 Special Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations115-50 Special Off-Street Parking and Off-Street Loading Regulations136-40 Special Off-Street Parking Regulations*2.2-2.3.4 Special Oncology Patient Care Unit-Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplant Unit87-415 Special Open Area Provisions64-622 Special Open Area Regulations for Non-Complying Buildings112-101 Special Open Space and Lot Coverage Regulations66-232 Special Open Space, Lot Coverage and Yard Modifications141-33 Special Open Space Provisions5.1.10.3 Special Operating RequirementsSection 5706 Special Operations§1-07 Special Order Calendar (SOC)10.14 Special Outdoor Events, Carnivals, and FairsChapter 2 Special Park Improvement District (PI)62-40 Special Parking and Loading Regulations62-47 Special Parking and Loading Regulations for Waterfront Access Plan BK-1113-20 Special Parking and Off-Street Loading Regulations94-082 Special Parking Bonus94-11 Special Parking Provisions64-40 Special Parking Regulations64-41 Special Parking Regulations for All Buildings25-624 Special Parking Regulations for Certain Community Facility Uses in Lower Density Growth Management Areas36-581 Special Parking Regulations for Certain Community Facility Uses in the Borough of Staten Island and Community District 10 in the Borough of the Bronx64-42 Special Parking Regulations for Flood-Resistant Buildings87-51 Special Parking Regulations in the Core Subdistrict2.2-3.12.4 Special Patient Care Area2.2-3.1.4 Special Patient Care AreasSpecial Patient Care Rooms2.6-3.4 Special Patient Treatment Rooms3.4 Special Performance-Based Definitions(C) Special Permission15-50 Special Permit23-934 Special Permit Approval in Special Purpose Districts91-25 Special Permit Bonuses for Increased Floor Area81-645 Special Permit for a Public Concourse131-60 Special Permit for Auditoriums128-62 Special Permit for Buildings in R7-3 Districts91-663 Special Permit for Bulk Modifications117-56 Special Permit for Bulk Modifications on Blocks 86/72 and 403111-32 Special Permit for Certain Large Commercial Establishments143-31 Special Permit for Certain Retail Uses79-41 Special Permit for Change of Community Facility Use124-17 Special Permit for Cogeneration Power Plant91-251 Special Permit for Covered Pedestrian Space79-402 Special Permit for Development of Bridges Over Streets91-69 Special Permit for Development of Piers 9, 11, 13 and 1491-72 Special Permit for Development Over or Adjacent to the Approaches to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel79-401 Special Permit for Development Over Streets91-85 Special Permit for Enlargements of 7,500 Square Feet or Greater94-096 Special Permit for Floor Area, Location Within Buildings, Building Height and Related Parking Modifications Within Area G81-633 Special Permit for Grand Central Public Realm Improvements73-72 Special Permit for Ground Floor Uses in Residence Districts81-254 Special Permit for Height and Setback Modifications103-12 Special Permit for Landscaping and Topography Modifications79-43 Special Permit for Limited Bulk Modifications for Certain Large- Scale Community Facility Developments144-24 Special Permit for Modification of Bulk Regulations73-71 Special Permit for Modification of Certain Zoning Regulations96-23 Special Permit for Modification of Height and Setback Regulations79-42 Special Permit for Non-Profit Hospital Staff Dwelling Buildings128-61 Special Permit for North Waterfront Sites101-536 Special Permit for Public Parking Garages101-744 Special Permit for Public Parking Garages or Public Parking Lots93-161 Special Permit for Signs Within the Pennsylvania Station Subarea81-653 Special Permit for Transfer of Development Rights From Landmarks to Non-Qualifying Sites81-632 Special Permit for Transfer of Development Rights From Landmarks to the Vanderbilt Corridor Subarea66-522 Special Permit for Transit-Adjacent Sites or Qualifying Transit Improvement Sites93-35 Special Permit for Transit Bonus in Pennsylvania Station Subarea B481-644 Special Permit for Transit Improvements101-81 Special Permit for Use and Bulk Modifications for Cultural Use in Certain C6-2 Districts124-18 Special Permit for Wastewater Treatment Plant14-13 Special Permit Modifications of Locational or Physical Criteria for Enclosed Sidewalk Cafes81-066 Special Permit Modifications of Section 81-254, Section 81-40 and Certain Sections of Article VII, Chapter 796-60 Special Permit Procedure109-52 Special Permit Provisions78-34 Special Permit Provisions for Certain Large-Scale Developments106-21 Special Permit Provisions for Community Facility Uses106-32 Special Permit Provisions for Manufacturing and Commercial Uses106-12 Special Permit Provisions for Residential Uses4701.8.1 Special Permit Required81-685 Special Permit to Modify Qualifying Site Provisions115-60 Special Permit to Modify Use or Bulk Regulations81-13 Special Permit Use Modifications73-10 Special Permit Uses73-00 Special Permit Uses and Modifications111-30 Special PermitsChapter 3 Special Permits by the Board of Standards and Appeals83-06 Special Permits by the Board of Standards and Appeals in Special Limited Commercial DistrictsChapter 4 Special Permits by the City Planning Commission83-07 Special Permits by the City Planning Commission in Special Limited Commercial Districts13-45 Special Permits for Additional Parking Spaces103-11 Special Permits for Bulk and Parking Modifications11-44 Special Permits Granted Prior to August 12, 200473-70 Special Permits in the Flood Zone96-70 Special Permits Previously Authorized123-655 Special Permitted Obstructions in Required Yards or Rear Yard Equivalents for Affordable Independent Residences for Seniors139-32 Special Permitted Off-Street Parking Regulations103-02 Special Planned Community Preservation District AreasChapter 3 Special Planned Community Preservation District (PC)94-072 Special Plaza Provisions1910.1030(e)(2)(ii) Special Practices505.7 Special Precaution1910.252(a)(2) Special Precautions1926.57(i)(10) Special Precautions for Cyanide2106.1.1.3 Special Prestressed Masonry Shear WallsSection A111 Special Procedure5106.5 Special Protection Design for Level 2 and 3 Aerosol Products Adjacent to Flammable and Combustible Liquids in Double-Row Racks5106.5 Special Protection Design for Level 2 and 3 Aerosols Adjacent to Flammable and Combustible Liquids in Double-Row Racks5106.5 Special Protection Design for Levels 2 and 3 Aerosols Adjacent to Flammable and Combustible Liquids in Double-Row Racks22.3.8* Special Protection Features — Subdivision of Resident Housing Spaces1237.3.3 Special Provision3314. Special Provision for Parapet ClampsSection 510 Special Provisions126-233 Special Provisions Along District Boundaries406.9.7 Special Provisions Applicable to Large Open Parking Lots35-54 Special Provisions Applying Adjacent to R1 Through R5 Districts23-693 Special Provisions Applying Adjacent to R1 Through R6B Districts34-233 Special Provisions Applying Along District Boundaries43-29 Special Provisions Applying Along Railroad Rights-of-Way44-53 Special Provisions for a Single Zoning Lot With Uses Subject to Different Loading Requirements36-22 Special Provisions for a Single Zoning Lot With Uses Subject to Different Parking Requirements82-13 Special Provisions for a Transit Easement32-01 Special Provisions for Adult Establishments1910.19 Special Provisions for Air Contaminants40.6* Special Provisions for Aircraft Servicing Hangars42.6* Special Provisions for Aircraft Storage HangarsSection AH106 Special Provisions for Aluminum Screen Enclosures in Hurricane-Prone Regions95-07 Special Provisions for an Increase in Zoning Tower Coverage on Zoning Lots Containing Transit Easements107-251 Special Provisions for Arterials106-31 Special Provisions for As-of-Right New Buildings for Use Group M or Commercial Use106-11 Special Provisions for As-of-Right Residences[F] 904.13.4 Special Provisions for Automatic Sprinkler Systems91-73 Special Provisions for Battery Park Underpass/South Street127-412 Special Provisions for Blank Walls101-622 Special Provisions for Building Facades Above the Ground Floor23-24 Special Provisions for Buildings Containing Multiple Uses24-67 Special Provisions for Buildings Used Partly for Residential Uses74-743 Special Provisions for Bulk Modification117-30 Special Provisions for C1 and C2 Districts3316.10 Special Provisions for Cableways81-733 Special Provisions for Central Refuse Storage Area24-013 Special Provisions for Certain Community Facility Uses101-731 Special Provisions for Certain Existing Buildings87-61 Special Provisions for Certain Fire Apparatus Access Roads105-92 Special Provisions for City-Owned Land102-50 Special Provisions for City-Owned Lands101-75 Special Provisions for Demolition of Buildings101-733 Special Provisions for Development and Enlargement23-33 Special Provisions for Development of Existing Small Lots74-746 Special Provisions for Development or Enlargement Over Streets914.12 Special Provisions for Educational OccupanciesPart XII Special Provisions for Electric-Discharge Lighting Systems of 1000 Volts or LessPart XIII Special Provisions for Electric-Discharge Lighting Systems of More Than 1000 Volts23-48 Special Provisions for Existing Narrow Zoning Lots23-25 Special Provisions for Existing Small Zoning Lots44-27 Special Provisions for Expansion of Existing Manufacturing Buildings12.7.5 Special Provisions for Exposition FacilitiesPart X Special Provisions for Flush and Recessed Luminaires12.7.2 Special Provisions for Food Service Operations127-411 Special Provisions for Frontages Along Streets and the Shoreline42.7* Special Provisions for Grain Handling, Processing, Milling, or Other Bulk Storage Facilities[F] 415.7 Special Provisions for Group H-1 Occupancies[F] 415.8 Special Provisions for Group H-2 and H-3 Occupancies[F] 415.5 Special Provisions for Groups H-2 and H-3 Occupancies7.12* Special Provisions for Hazardous MaterialsPart XVI Special Provisions for Horticultural Lighting Equipment32-02 Special Provisions for Hotels42-111 Special Provisions for Hotels in M1 Districts82-32 Special Provisions for Increases in Floor Area43-17 Special Provisions for Joint Living-Work Quarters for Artists in M1-5B DistrictsSection 435 Special Provisions for Licensed 24-Hour Care Facilities in a Group R-2.1, R-3.1, R-4 [SFM]Section R335 Special Provisions for Licensed 24-Hour Care Facilities in a Group R-3.1Section 437 Special Provisions for Licensed 24-Hour Care Facilities in Groups R-3.1 and R-4Section 435 Special Provisions for Licensed 24-Hourcare Facilities in a Group R-2.1, R-3.1, R-4[SFM]99-053 Special Provisions for Narrow Buildings64-62 Special Provisions for Non-Complying Buildings64-61 Special Provisions for Non-Conforming Uses7.11 Special Provisions for Occupancies With High Hazard Contents82-11 Special Provisions for Optional Arcades101-732 Special Provisions for Other Existing Buildings7.2.5.7 Special Provisions for Outside Ramps7.2.2.6 Special Provisions for Outside Stairs107-252 Special Provisions for Park Streets42.8 Special Provisions for Parking Structures122-50 Special Provisions for Planting Strips66-20 Special Provisions for Primary Transit-Adjacent Sites1101.3 Special Provisions for Prior Code Buildings106.8.3 Special Provisions for Renewal of Permit for a Sidewalk Shed420.13 Special Provisions for Residential Hotels420.8 Special Provisions for Residential Hotels. (HCD 1 & HCD 1-AC)81-643 Special Provisions for Retaining Non-Complying Floor Area in Commercial Buildings66-30 Special Provisions for Secondary Transit-Adjacent Sites23-52 Special Provisions for Shallow Interior Lots23-534 Special Provisions for Shallow Through Lots23-49 Special Provisions for Side Lot Line Walls101-734 Special Provisions for Storefronts81-253 Special Provisions for the East Midtown, Theater, Fifth Avenue, Penn Center and Preservation Subdistricts109-522 Special Provisions for the Preservation of Certain Existing Buildings23-53 Special Provisions for Through Lots3319.8 Special Provisions for Tower and Climber Cranes3319.8 Special Provisions for Tower Cranes81-212 Special Provisions for Transfer of Development Rights From Landmark Sites81-213 Special Provisions for Transfer of Development Rights From Listed Theaters Within the Special Clinton District81-631 Special Provisions for Transfers of Development Rights in the Vanderbilt Corridor Subarea3303.7.7 Special Provisions for Type IV Construction11.7.3 Special Provisions for Underground and Limited Access Structures117-21 Special Provisions for Use, Bulk and Parking23-51 Special Provisions for Yards Adjacent to R1 Through R5 Districts24-16 Special Provisions for Zoning Lots Containing Both Community Facility and Residential Uses23-35 Special Provisions for Zoning Lots Containing Certain Community Facility Uses in Lower Density Growth Management Areas23-671 Special Provisions for Zoning Lots Directly Adjoining Public ParksChapter 7 Special Provisions for Zoning Lots Divided by District Boundaries24-17 Special Provisions for Zoning Lots Divided by District Boundaries or Subject to Different Bulk Regulations42.8.4 Special Provisions — High-Rise Buildings117-20 Special Provisions in the Designated Districts62-291 Special Provisions in Waterfront Access Plan BK-1144-143 Special Provisions Near Certain Parks1010.2.8.1 Special Provisions—School Classrooms101-30 Special Provisions Within Height Limitation Areas135-30 Special Public Access Area Regulations87-71 Special Public Access Provisions11-123 Special Purpose Districts63-022 Special Purpose Districts Where Regulations for FRESH Food Stores Are Not Applicable1010.3.3 Special Purpose Horizontal Sliding, Accordion or Folding Doors1203.2.12 Special Purpose Horizontal Sliding Doors7.2.1.14 Special-Purpose Horizontally Sliding Accordion or Folding Door Assemblies3. Special-Purpose Industrial Occupancy1230.1.25 Special-Purpose Juvenile HallsSection 5.7 Special Purpose Personnel Elevators454.1.9.7 Special Purpose Pools(H) Special-Purpose Receptacle Grounding[BF] 1505.7 Special Purpose Roofs1225.4.1.8 Special-Purpose Rooms60. Special Quantity Limits for Mercantile, Industrial, and Storage Occupancies98-41 Special Rear Yard Regulations107-25 Special Regulations Along Certain Streets or RailroadsChapter 1 Special Regulations Applying Around Major AirportsChapter 6 Special Regulations Applying Around Mass Transit StationsChapter 5 Special Regulations Applying in Designated Recovery AreasChapter 4 Special Regulations Applying in Flood ZonesChapter 2 Special Regulations Applying in the Waterfront AreaChapter 3 Special Regulations Applying to FRESH Food StoresChapter 9 Special Regulations Applying to Large-Scale Community Facility DevelopmentsChapter 8 Special Regulations Applying to Large-Scale Residential Developments101-621 Special Regulations Concerning Building Facades96-21 Special Regulations for 42nd Street Perimeter Area62-42 Special Regulations for Accessory Non-Residential Parking Facilities66-24 Special Regulations for Accessory Off-Street Parking95-09 Special Regulations for Accessory Off-Street Parking and Curb Cuts62-41 Special Regulations for Accessory Residential Parking Facilities52-38 Special Regulations for Adult Establishments107-49 Special Regulations for Area M106-40 Special Regulations for Buildings Containing Both Residential and Commercial Use91-70 Special Regulations for Certain Areas142-48 Special Regulations for Certain Sites in Subdistricts C and F98-60 Special Regulations for Certain Zoning Lots106-20 Special Regulations for Community Facility Uses64-611 Special Regulations for Damage or Destruction Provisions for Buildings With Non-Conforming Uses98-11 Special Regulations for Developments and Enlargements Above, Beneath or Adjacent to the High Line96-22 Special Regulations for Eighth Avenue Perimeter Area109-311 Special Regulations for Existing Commercial or Manufacturing Uses96-106 Special Regulations for Existing Storefronts81-80 Special Regulations for Fifth Avenue Subdistrict87-40 Special Regulations for Ground Floor Level115-211 Special Regulations for Inclusionary Housing Designated Areas122-40 Special Regulations for Location of New Doors and Windows37-20 Special Regulations for Lower Density Growth Management Areas in the Borough of Staten Island115-212 Special Regulations for Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Areas106-30 Special Regulations for Manufacturing or Commercial Uses64-60 Special Regulations for Non-Conforming Uses and Non-Complying Buildings22-16 Special Regulations for Nursing Homes28-42 Special Regulations for Off-Site Accessory Parking91-833 Special Regulations for Plazas Less Than 40 Feet in Depth81-90 Special Regulations for Preservation Subdistrict64-323 Special Regulations for Required Yards and Open Spaces for Zoning Lots With Flood-Resistant Buildings64-332 Special Regulations for Required Yards, Courts and Open Spaces on Zoning Lots With Cottage Envelope Buildings105-70 Special Regulations for Residential Development106-10 Special Regulations for Residential Uses93-33 Special Regulations for Residual Portions of Zoning Lots Partially Within the Phase 2 Hudson Boulevard and Park81-731 Special Regulations for Signs, Transparency, Banners and Canopies103-20 Special Regulations for Sunnyside Gardens81-60 Special Regulations for the East Midtown Subdistrict81-50 Special Regulations for the Penn Center Subdistrict81-70 Special Regulations for Theater Subdistrict62-59 Special Regulations for Zoning Lots That Include ParksAppendix F Special Regulations for Zoning Lots Utilizing the High Line Improvement Bonus and Located Within Subarea JAppendix D Special Regulations for Zoning Lots Utilizing the High Line Improvement Bonus in Subarea H96-33 Special Regulations in M2-4 Districts96-34 Special Regulations in Northern Subarea C196-31 Special Regulations in R8 Districts96-32 Special Regulations in R9 Districts116-60 Special Regulations in Subarea E142-64 Special Regulations on Parcel 581-82 Special Regulations on Permitted and Required Uses136-30 Special Regulations Within Subdistrict A1910.2.4 Special Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls1907.8 Special Reinforcement Details for Columns450.7 Special RequirementsC 109.0 Special Requirements Based on Btu/h InputC 109.0 Special Requirements Based on Btu/h Input. C 109.1 General107-11 Special Requirements for Application37-36 Special Requirements for Blank Walls94-10 Special Requirements for Building Height and Setbacks1618.6 Special Requirements for Cable Safeguard Barriers137-50 Special Requirements for Developments and Enlargements26-10 Special Requirements for Developments in R9 and R10 DistrictsSection 3009 Special Requirements for Elevators in HospitalsSection AE600 Special Requirements for Foundation Systems[M] 608.18 Special Requirements for Group A2L Refrigerant Machinery Rooms1406.3 Special Requirements for HPP Gases5.1.23 Special Requirements for Inclined Elevator Layout Drawings645.4 Special Requirements for Information Technology Equipment Room691.4 Special Requirements for Large-Scale PV Electric Supply Stations26-20 Special Requirements for Lots With Private Roads26-30 Special Requirements for Lots With Private Roads in Lower Density Growth Management Areas23.16* Special Requirements for Low-Power Radio (Wireless) Systems66.27.10 Special Requirements for Marine Piping Systems1210.12.4 Special Requirements for Mixing Blowers2306.7.6.1 Special Requirements for Nozzles610.3 Special Requirements for Particular Locations11-151 Special Requirements for Properties in the Borough of Queens403.11 Special Requirements for Public Safety128-55 Special Requirements for Roofs of Parking FacilitiesSection 3106B Special Requirements for Spray Grounds[F] 403.4.8.1 Special Requirements for Standby Power Systems5604.5.3 Special Requirements for Type 3 Magazines127-52 Special Requirements for Visual Corridors[BS] A206.2 Special Requirements for Wall Anchorage Systems112-14 Special Requirements for Waterfront Access127-53 Special Requirements for Waterfront Public Access Areas1704.19.5 Special Requirements for Work in Occupied Multiple Dwellings§27-292.7 Special Requirements of Other City Departments12.4.9.4 Special Requirements — Portable Grandstands3315.3 Special Requirements Where Motorized Equipment Is Used3315.3 Special Requirements Where Power Buggies Are Used12.4.9.3 Special Requirements — Wood Grandstands103.2.8 Special Residential Building Department Requirements93-12 Special Residential Use Regulations81-12 Special Retail Continuity Requirements81-531 Special Retail Frontage Requirements62-80 Special Review Provisions§28-404.3.2 Special Rigger License Qualifications§28-404.3.2 Special Rigger Qualifications98-422 Special Rooftop Regulations1910.106(g)(6)(iii) Special Room1910.103(b)(3)(iii) Special RoomsDivision 8: Special Rooms, Spaces and Elements123-663 Special Rules for Certain Districts in Certain Special Mixed Use Districts13-20 Special Rules for Manhattan Core Parking Facilities16-20 Special Rules for Parking Facilities Within the Long Island City AreaE 404.4 Special Rules on Atmospherically Controlled Regulators453.14 Special Safety RequirementsChapter 2 Special Scenic View District (SV-1)102-60 Special Scenic View Districts Specified105.6.32 Special School37-21 Special Screening Requirements Between Residential and Non-Residential Uses1705A.14.3 Special Seismic Certification1605.4 Special Seismic Load Combinations3.6.3 Special Service Conditions1226.2.2 Special ServicesAppendix A Special Sheepshead Bay District MapChapter 4 Special Sheepshead Bay District (SB)81-73 Special Sign and Frontage Regulations101-613 Special Sign Content Regulations§28-415.4.2 Special Sign Hanger Qualifications81-141 Special Sign Regulations101-61 Special Sign Regulations for the Fulton Mall Subdistrict126-141 Special Sign Regulations in M2-1 Districts134-17 Special Signage Regulations81-734 Special Signage Regulations for Portions of the West Side of Eighth Avenue7.10.8 Special Signs9.3 Special SituationsP-903.3 Special SlopeAppendix A Special SoHo-NoHo Mixed Use District PlanChapter 3 Special SoHo-NoHo Mixed Use District (SNX)Appendix A Special South Richmond Development District PlanChapter 7 Special South Richmond Development District (SRD)Appendix A Special Southern Hunters Point District PlanChapter 5 Special Southern Hunters Point District (SHP)Appendix A Special Southern Roosevelt Island District PlanChapter 3 Special Southern Roosevelt Island District (SRI) Special Sprinkler903.3.1.5 Special Sprinkler Design Criteria15.2 Special SprinklersAppendix Special St. George District PlanChapter 8 Special St. George District (SG)R311.7.10 Special Stairways410.3.3 Special Standards for Use With Infectious or Radioactive Materials410.3.2 Special Standards for Use With Strong OxidantsChapter 6 Special Stapleton Waterfront District (SW)81-752 Special Street Wall and Setback Regulations Within the Eighth Avenue Corridor81-751 Special Street Wall and Setback Regulations Within the Theater Subdistrict Core81-75 Special Street Wall and Setback Requirements139-237 Special Street Wall Articulation Requirements101-41 Special Street Wall Location Regulations66-233 Special Street Wall Modifications81-671 Special Street Wall Requirements87-414 Special Streetscape Provisions for Certain Blank Walls141-30 Special Streetscape Regulations1607.9.1.5 Special Structural Elements1902.1.2 Special Structural Wall18.10 Special Structural Walls18.11 Special Structural Walls Constructed Using Precast Concrete1909.1.1 Special Structures20.16 Special Structures and High-Rise Buildings105-38 Special Submission Requirements for Authorizations on Tier II Sites119-34 Special Submission Requirements for Certain Authorizations and Special Permits134-16 Special Supplemental Use Regulations2.1-8.7 Special Systems1112.8 Special Technical Provisions for Alterations to Existing Buildings and Facilities§ 23-27.3-128.6 Special Technical Services65-10 Special Time-Based Provisions81-732 Special Times Square Signage Requirements82-36 Special Tower Coverage and Setback Regulations35-64 Special Tower Regulations for Mixed Buildings1926.761(c) Special Training ProgramsChapter 5 Special Transit Land Use District (TA)132-30 Special Transparency and Street Wall Location Regulations63-23 Special Transparency Requirements112-104 Special Transparency Requirements Along City Island Avenue1225.6.6 Special Treatment Program ServiceAppendix A Special Tribeca Mixed Use District MapChapter 1 Special Tribeca Mixed Use District (TMU)2304.2.1 Special-Type Dispensers1810.1.4 Special Types of Deep Foundations1808.2.8 Special Types of PilesChapter 8 Special Union Square District (US)Chapter 5 Special United Nations Development District (U)Chapter 6 Special Urban Design Regulations116-50 Special Urban Design Requirements for Subareas A, B and C, the Esplanade, Pier Place and the Cove3.3.262 Special Use66-222 Special Use Allowances Around Easement Volumes97-10 Special Use and Location RegulationsSection 1002 Special Use and Occupancy98-10 Special Use and Parking Regulations Within the Special West Chelsea District82-20 Special Use and Sign Regulations107-40 Special Use, Bulk and Parking Regulations406.3 Special Use Fixtures81-62 Special Use Provisions15-021 Special Use Regulations64-21 Special Use Regulations for All Buildings109-112 Special Use Regulations for Developments64-22 Special Use Regulations for Flood-Resistant Buildings63-11 Special Use Regulations for FRESH Food Stores in M1 Districts109-312 Special Use Regulations for New Development62-27 Special Use Regulations for Playgrounds or Private Parks62-26 Special Use Regulations for Public Parking Facilities62-29 Special Use Regulations for R6, R7, R8, R9 and R10 Districts107-491 Special Use Regulations for Residential Uses116-10 Special Use Regulations for Subareas A, B and C, the Esplanade, Pier Place and the Cove131-13 Special Use Regulations in Subdistricts136-15 Special Use Regulations Within Subdistrict A406.2 Special Use Sinks403.10 Special Uses1224.18.4.5 Special Ventilation Requirements§27-886 Special Venting Arrangements909.0 Special Venting for Island Fixtures87-73 Special Vesting Provisions for the South Subdistrict139-53 Special Visual Corridor Provisions135-31 Special Visual Corridor RequirementsP-901.2 Special WasteSection 890.530 Special Waste InterceptorsSection 803 Special WastesSection 890.1060 Special Wastes and Chemical WastesAppendix A Special West Chelsea District and SubareasChapter 8 Special West Chelsea District (WCH)Appendix A Special Willets Point District PlanChapter 4 Special Willets Point District (WP)Section 1909 Special Wind Provisions for ConcreteSection 2115 Special Wind Provisions for Masonry98-40 Special Yard, Height and Setback, and Minimum Distance Between Buildings Regulations141-21 Special Yard Regulations123-653 Special Yard Regulations Applying on Waterfront Blocks123-652 Special Yard Regulations for Mixed Use Buildings123-651 Special Yard Regulations for Residential Buildings93-59 Special Yard Regulations in Subdistrict G62-33 Special Yard Regulations on Waterfront Blocks503.2.3.1 Special Zoning Districts14-44 Special Zoning Districts Where Certain Sidewalk Cafes Are Permitted1910.120(q)(5) Specialist Employees(J) Section 2310 Speciality Storage§ 23-27.3-100.4 Specialized Codes Incorporated14A-12-1203.2 Specialized Fines680.27 Specialized Pool Equipment455.3.4.1 Specialized Smoke Detectors1224.23.2 Specialized StorageM1307.4.3 Specially Engineered Installations16.3.4 Specially Listed Steel PipeSection 423 Specialty Plumbing Fixtures11B- Specialty Seating AreasSection 3210 Specialty StorageSection P2724 Specialty Temperature Control Devices and Valves1910.1027(d)(2) Specific105.7.1 Specific Action or Project Permits(D) Specific AppliancesSection 609 Specific Appliances and Equipment(A) Specific Appliances or LoadsC405.2.5 Specific Application Controls63.1.1.4 Specific ApplicationsR316.6 Specific Approval(1) Specific Areas Adjacent to Classified Locations1206.2.12 Specific Battery-Type Requirements3112F.3 Specific Berthing and Mooring Considerations[F] 903.2.11 Specific Building Areas and HazardsC402.2 Specific Building Thermal Envelope Insulation RequirementsC402.2 Specific Building Thermal Envelope Insulation Requirements (Prescriptive)903.2.11 Specific Buildings Areas and Hazards1910.1001(f)(3) Specific Compliance Methods for Brake and Clutch Repair:1926.1101(g)(5) Specific Control Methods for Class I Work307.2 Specific Design and Material Requirements66.16.5.2 Specific Design Criteria*1.2- Specific Design Recommendations to Support Safe Mobility and Transfer Tasks918.5 Specific Duty Requirements250.112 Specific Equipment Fastened in Place (Fixed) or Connected by Permanent Wiring Methods1203.2 Specific Equipment Requirements1926.651 Specific Excavation Requirements1007.2.2 Specific Exclusions1812. Specific Gravity2205.1 Specific Hazards StandardsSection 804 Specific Indoor Air Quality and Pollutant Control Measures(B) Specific InstallationsN1102.2 (R402.2) Specific Insulation RequirementsN1102.2 (R402.2) Specific Insulation Requirements (Prescriptive)Section 302 Specific Limitations(A) Specific Load907.2.11.8 Specific Location Requirements10.2.4* Specific Materials500.9 Specific Occupancies66.19 Specific Operations5.2.2* Specific Performance Criteria1926.1001(f)(2) Specific Performance Requirements319.1.1 Specific Procedures101.6.2 Specific Provision1.1.7.2 Specific ProvisionsPart II Specific Provisions Applicable to Different Types of Phase ConvertersPart II Specific Provisions Applicable to Different Types of Transformers1104.4.2 Specific Public Areas1910.306 Specific Purpose Equipment and Installations1103.2.1 Specific RequirementsSection 322 Specific Requirements for Hazardous Vegetation42.8.5 Specific Requirements for LP-Gas Dispensing Devices502.18 Specific Rooms1008.3.3 Specific Rooms and SpacesSection 409 Specific Safety Features(2) 408.2 Specific Safety RequirementF 107.0 Specific System Components Design2613.3.2 Specific TestingP104.1.1.2 Specific to Differential Subsidence and Fissure HazardP104.1.1.1 Specific to Fault Rupture Hazard(B) Specific Uses1910.269(e)(12) Specific Ventilation Requirements3.3.272 Specification2606.4 Specifications1910.145 Specifications for Accident Prevention Signs and Tags1910.252(b)(2)(ii) Specifications for ProtectorsSection 1903 Specifications for Tests and Materials506.7.3 Specified Combustion Air2114.5 Specified Compressive Strength20.5.1 Specified Concrete Cover20.5.1.3 Specified Concrete Cover Requirements20.5.1.4 Specified Concrete Cover Requirements for Corrosive Environments1926.1153(c) Specified Exposure Control Methods§28-201.2.1 Specified Immediately Hazardous ViolationsM1502.4.6.1 Specified Length*§28-201.2.3 Specified Lesser Violations§28-201.2.2 Specified Major Violations1926.1204(c)(1) Specifying Acceptable Entry ConditionsTEST Specimen1224.4.4.3 Specimen and Blood Collection Facilities1226.5.1.2 Specimen and/or Blood Collection Facilities2.2- Specimen Collection1226.6.3.2 Specimen Collection and/or Blood Collection Facilities1224.17.3 Specimen Collection FacilitiesSpecimen Conditioning8.3.7.2 Specimen ConfigurationSpecimen Mounting and Test Material Size*2.2- Specimen Storage5.3-3.3.2 Speech and Hearing Area2.6- Speech and Hearing Service Facilities3.1- Speech and Hearing Services2.12-3.3.2 Speech and Hearing Therapy Rooms707.5 Speech Output1225.6.4 Speech Pathology and/or Audiology Service1224.35.4 Speech Pathology and/or Audiology Service Space5.3- Speech Privacy*1.2- Speech Privacy Rating Methods5.1.22.2 Speed5003.10.3.2 Speed-Control Devices8. Speed Governor5.1.15 Speed Governor Drive2.18.9 Speed Governor Marking Plate2.18.4 Speed Governor Overspeed Switch2.18.5.2 Speed Governor Rope ClearanceSection 2.18 Speed Governors8.7.2.19 Speed Governors and Governor Ropes2.18.1 Speed Governors Required and Location430.89 Speed Limitation5.11.16.5 Speed-Limiting Device1926.304(b) Speeds1910.1029(e)(1)(iii)(o) Spellman; And609.4.2.5 Spent Fuel(2) SPGFCI Protection1910.106(b)(5)(iii) Spheres1301.3.1 Spigots and Hose BibsS103.4 Spill and Drainage Control2306.6.2.6 Spill Containers605.4.2.7 Spill Containment52.1.21 Spill Control3405.3.8.1 Spill Control and Drainage Control52.3.2.9* Spill Control and Neutralization1206.6.2.3 Spill Control and Neutralization for Communication Utilities5703.4 Spill Control and Secondary Containment5005.1.3 Spill Control and Secondary Containment for Hazardous Material Liquids5004.2 Spill Control and Secondary Containment for Liquid and Solid Hazardous Materials5703.4.1 Spill Control and Secondary Containment for Tanks in Underground Areas[F] 414.5.3 Spill Control, Drainage and Containment63.2.13 Spill Control, Drainage, and Secondary Containment5706.2.6 Spill Control Drainage Control and Diking5004.2.1 Spill Control for Hazardous Material Liquids5005.3.6 Spill Control for Hazardous Material Liquids in Closed Systems5005.3.4 Spill Control for Hazardous Material Liquids in Open Systems608. Spill Control, Neutralization, Drainage and Containment13. Spill Fires5707.5.5 Spill Kit5001.3.3.4 Spill Mitigation4006.7 Spill Mitigation and Reporting3101F.5 Spill Prevention3110F.8 Spill Prevention Equipment and Systems Maintenance (N/E)5707.6.6 Spill Reporting608.13.8 Spill-Resistant Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assemblies603.3.6 Spill-Resistant Pressure Vacuum Breaker (SVB)3320.5.3 Spillage2408.4.2 Spilled Material608.13.8 Spillproof Vacuum Breakers2004.4 Spills1910.262(g) Spinning Mules408.3.3 Spiral Stairs1011.10 Spiral Stairways1908.4.4 Spirally Tied Columns25.7.3 SpiralsAppendix C Spirometry Prediction Tables for Normal Males and Females1101.6.3 Splash Blocks1910.262(bb)(1) Splash Guard612.4 Splash Pad Zone1005.3 Splash Shield(B) Splice Connections230.46 Spliced and Tapped Conductors230.33 Spliced Conductors1706.9 Spliced Retrofit Studs1810.3.6 Splices(E) Splices and Taps400.36 Splices and Terminations10.7.5 Splices of Longitudinal Reinforcement(A) Splices, Taps, and Feed-Through Conductors376.56 Splices, Taps, and Power Distribution BlocksE3905.12.3.1 Splices, Taps or Devices6. Splicing7.2.6.7 Splicing and Replacement of Suspension Ropes§27-695 Splicing of Piles1812.7.4.1 Splicing of Steel Reinforcing4.2.17 Split Couplings1910.68(a)(7) Split-Rail Switch1910.265(b)(39) Splitter1910.261(e)(15) Splitter Block§27-508.5 Sponorship of and at Events315.3.12.4 Spontaneous Heating66.* Spontaneous Ignition43.1.8.9* Spontaneous Ignition Hazards1910.255(b) Spot and Seam Welding Machines (Nonportable)3310.8.3.1 Spot Checks3107.6 Spot Lighting3.3.90.22 Spot-Type Detector17.7.6.1 Spot-Type Detectors13.* Spot-Type Smoke Detectors5608.8.2 Spotter2106.2.1 Spotting and PrespottingSection 2106 Spotting and Pretreating2103.2.2 Spotting and Pretreating Operations2106.3.1 Spotting Tables602.4 Spout Height602.5 Spout Location602.2.3 Spout Outlet HeightArticle 516 Spray Application, Dipping, Coating, and Printing Processes Using Flammable or Combustible MaterialsSection 416 Spray Application of Flammable FinishesPart IV Spray Application Operations in Membrane EnclosuresPart III Spray Application Processes26.4 Spray Application Using Flammable or Combustible Materials722.5.1.3 Spray-Applied Fire-Resistant Materials2603.1.1 Spray-Applied Foam Plastic721. Spray-Applied IdentificationR402.1.1.6 Spray-Applied Interior Foam Insulation1523.6.2.1 Spray Applied Polyurethane Foam3.3.263 Spray Area43.1.3.1* Spray Areas3.3.264* Spray Booth[F] 416.4 Spray Booths1926.57(i)(5) Spray Cleaning and Degreasing[F] 412.5.3 Spray Equipment Cleaning OperationsSection 2404 Spray Finishing1910.94(c) Spray Finishing Operations1910.107 Spray Finishing Using Flammable and Combustible MaterialsSection 708 Spray Fire-Resistant Materials and Intumescent Fire-Resistant MaterialsR702.7.1 Spray Foam Plastic Insulation for Moisture Control With Class II and III Vapor Retarders1404.3.1 Spray Foam Plastic Insulation for Moisture Control With Class III Vapor Retarders3120B.13 Spray Ground Sign3106B Spray Grounds1910.107(i)(5) Spray Gun Ground1910.107(e)(7) Spray Liquid Heaters612.5.3 Spray Nozzle and Water Feature Water Disinfection[F] 415.6.3 Spray Paint Booths606.2 Spray Pools3.3.265* Spray Room[F] 416.2 Spray Rooms3403.4 Spray Rooms and Booths3. Spray Sprinkler[BF] 1705.15 Sprayed Fire-Resistant Materials704.13 Sprayed Fire-Resistant Materials (SFRM)1507.13 Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Roofing1127A. Sprayer Unit Alternative1910.269(r)(3) Sprayers and Related Equipment1910.107(g)(1) Spraying1910.107(a)(2) Spraying Area502.7.3 Spraying Areas1910.107(e)(5) Spraying Containers2404.4.1 Spraying of Incompatible Materials[A] 105.6.22 Spraying or Dipping2404.6.1.1 Spraying Procedure[F] 416.3 Spraying Spaces(B) Spread of Fire and Products of Combustion300.21 Spread of Fire or Products of Combustion1910.265(b)(38) Spreader Wheel2. Spreading of Rope Strands2.3.4 SPRI Publications3.3.204 Sprig17.4.3.7 Sprigs5.1.17.2 Spring Buffer Stroke2.22.3 Spring Buffers404.2.8.2 Spring HingesH114.3.2 Spring Snaps402.14 Springboard Fall Protection Guards1926.914(y) Springing9.3.9.3 Sprinkler Access1910.155(c)(37) Sprinkler Alarm§27-957 Sprinkler Alarm System1910.159(c)(9) Sprinkler Alarms2703.10.5 Sprinkler Alarms and Supervision16.11.2* Sprinkler Alarms/Waterflow Alarms8.9.7 Sprinkler and Automatic Spray Nozzle8.9.4 Sprinkler and Automatic Spray Nozzle Location — Duct Collar8.9.3 Sprinkler and Automatic Spray Nozzle Location — Ducts8.9.5 Sprinkler and Automatic Spray Nozzle Location — Exhaust Plenum Chambers8.9.6 Sprinkler and Automatic Spray Nozzle Temperature Ratings and K-Factors§27-964 Sprinkler Booster PumpsP2904.2.4 Sprinkler Coverage21.11.6 Sprinkler Criteria26. Sprinkler Criteria for Class 3 Oxidizers26. Sprinkler Criteria for Class 4 Oxidizers3.3.205 Sprinkler Definitions5104.6.2 Sprinkler Design24.2* Sprinkler Design Criteria for Palletized and Solid-Piled, Storage of Class I Through Class IV and Plastic Commodities21.9 Sprinkler Design Criteria for Storage and Display of Class I Through Class IV Commodities, Cartoned Nonexpanded Group A Plastics and Nonexpanded Exposed Group A Plastics in Retail Stores7.2.2 Sprinkler Discharge Characteristics[F] 909.9.4 Sprinkler Effectiveness Assumptions903.5.3 Sprinkler Guards RequiredL 411.10 Sprinkler Head Installations2703. Sprinkler Head LocationsL 411.10.2 Sprinkler Head Pressure Regulation2404.4.3 Sprinkler Head ProtectionL 411.10.1 Sprinkler Heads in Common Irrigation Zones§194 Sprinkler Heads in Rooms903.5.4 Sprinkler Heads in Spraying Areas7.2.1* Sprinkler Identification16.2 Sprinkler InstallationP2904.2.5 Sprinkler Installation on Systems Assembled With Solvent Cement9.3.9.1 Sprinkler Location3002.11 Sprinkler LocationsP2904.2.6 Sprinkler Modifications Prohibited612.5.3 Sprinkler Pipe Sizing612.5.3.1 Sprinkler Pipe Sizing Method612.5.2 Sprinkler Pipe Water Supply903.3.11 Sprinkler Piping612.5 Sprinkler Piping DesignP2904.3 Sprinkler Piping System806.1.1.2 Sprinkler Protected Areas9.3.15* Sprinkler-Protected Glazing428.3.4 Sprinkler Protection2.2.a Sprinkler Protection and Area Limitations2.2.b Sprinkler Protection (Certain Occupancies)16.1.2* Sprinkler Protection Criteria24.3* Sprinkler Protection Criteria for Open-Frame Rack Storage of Class I Through Class IV and Plastic Commodities21.2* Sprinkler Protection Criteria for Palletized, Solid-Piled, Bin Box, Shelf, or Back-to-Back Shelf Storage of Class I Through Class IV and Plastic Commodities1106.3.2 Sprinkler Protection in Lieu of Separation20.5 Sprinkler Protection of Carton Records Storage With Catwalk Access608. Sprinkler Protection Required§27-404 Sprinkler Requirements9.5.3 Sprinkler Spacing13.2.6 Sprinkler Spacing (CMSA Sprinklers)14.2.9 Sprinkler Spacing (Early Suppression Fast-Response Sprinklers)11.3.4 Sprinkler Spacing (Extended Coverage Sidewall Spray Sprinklers)11.2.3 Sprinkler Spacing (Extended Coverage Upright and Pendent Spray Sprinklers)10.2.5 Sprinkler Spacing (Standard Pendent and Upright Spray Sprinklers)10.3.4 Sprinkler Spacing (Standard Sidewall Spray Sprinklers)427.6.1 Sprinkler System903.5.4 Sprinkler System Control Valve Signage63.2.10.2 Sprinkler System Design903.3.7 Sprinkler System Design Pressure Safety MarginP106. Sprinkler System Flow Switch9.11.2 Sprinkler System Impairments7.1.11 Sprinkler System Installation3008.2.2 Sprinkler System Monitoring903.4 Sprinkler System Monitoring and Alarms1705.29 Sprinkler System Special Inspection[F] 903.4 Sprinkler System Supervision and Alarms3.4 Sprinkler System Type DefinitionsP106.5.2.3 Sprinkler System Valve Tamper Switch26.27.1.1* Sprinkler System Water Supply406.3.10 Sprinkler Systems901.7.5.2 Sprinkler Systems and Fire Alarm SystemsP104.11 Sprinkler Systems, Automatic903.5.1 Sprinkler Systems in Converted Dwellings and Single Room Occupancies903.5.3 Sprinkler Systems in Group R-3 Occupancies1101.11 Sprinkler Systems in Hotels and Motels903.5.2 Sprinkler Systems in Other R-2 Occupancies[F] 907.2.3.1 Sprinkler Systems or DetectionP104.11.8 Sprinkler Systems Other Than Wet3.3.205.4 Sprinkler Types25.1.3.3* Sprinkler Waterflow Alarm for In-Rack Sprinklers17.13 Sprinkler Waterflow Alarm-Initiating Devices903.7.1.1 Sprinklered Addition903.7.2.1 Sprinklered Alterations906.3.1.1 Sprinklered Areas[F] 910.3.2.2 Sprinklered Buildings903.7.3.1 Sprinklered Change of Occupancy507.3 Sprinklered, One Story507.4 Sprinklered, One-Story Buildings11. Sprinklered Towers507.4 Sprinklered, Two Story507.5 Sprinklered, Two-Story Buildings§27-455 Sprinklers8.9.2* Sprinklers and Automatic Spray Nozzles3005.5 Sprinklers and Shunt Trip3303.7.4.1 Sprinklers During Alteration3303.7.4.2 Sprinklers During Demolition3006.5 Sprinklers Prohibited19.4.3.4 Sprinklers Under Roof or Ceiling in Combustible Concealed Spaces of Wood Joist or Wood Truss Construction With Members 3 ft (0.9 m) or Less on Center and Slope Having Pitch of 4 in 12 or Greater9.4.4 Sprinklers With K-Factors Less Than K-5.6 (80)1910.219(f)(3) Sprockets and Chains1910.263(c)(3) Sprockets and V-Belt Drives1910.262(y)(3) Squeezer or Wringer Extractor—Nip Guards1.2- SRA Communication1.2-4.1.7 SRA Compliance1.2-4.1.2 SRA Components1.2- SRA Documentation*1.2-4.1.5 SRA Process*1.2-4.1.6 SRA Report1.2-4.1.1 SRA Requirement1.2-4.1.3 SRA Responsibility and Scope*1.2-4.1.4 SRA Team403.11.6 SRCF[BG] A103.1.10.1 St-1, Moderate Hazard[BG] A103.1.10.2 St-2, Low HazardM2105.11.3 Stab-Type Insert Fittings1605.1.1 Stability1926.651(i) Stability of Adjacent Structures2211. Stability of Containers2309. Stability of Cylinders, Containers and Tanks6.6.4.4 Stability Properties1926.1404(h)(7) Stability Upon Pin Removal1808.6.4 Stabilization2109.2.2 Stabilized Adobe5704. Stabilizing and Supports3314.4.4.4 Stable and Secure3.3.178.6 Stable Liquid918.3.2 StackR606.8 Stack Bond1003.4 Stack Dampers[F] 909.4.1 Stack EffectP3109.2 Stack InstallationP-1004.2 Stack Limitation917.7 Stack Offsets903.1 Stack Required917.2 Stack SizeP3109.3 Stack VentSection 890.1510 Stack Venting (Repealed)P-1103.2 Stack Vents12.3.1 Stack Vents and Vent StacksSection 890.1420 Stack Vents, Vent Stacks, Main Vents1926.1400(c)(7) Stacker Cranes101-534 Stackers in Garages1910.265(c)(27)(ii) Stacking Dissimilar Unit Packages5607.16.4.4 Stacking of Explosive Materials308.9 Stacks11B- Stadium-Style Movie Theaters1010.4.1 Stadiums221.6 Stadiums, Arenas, and Grandstands32.7.6 Staff2.2- Staff Accommodations2.11- Staff Assist Device5.4.5.5* Staff Assistance2.1- Staff Assistance Stations5. Staff Bicycle Parking2.1-3.9.4 Staff Changing Area2.2- Staff Changing Area and Toilet Facilities1224.28.4.12 Staff Changing Areas2.4-2.9.4 Staff Changing Room1226.11.6.4 Staff Clothing Change Area469.4.6.9 Staff Clothing Change Area(s)1224.15.3.11 Staff Clothing Change Areas2.5-6.3.4 Staff Conference Space(D) Staff Emergency Stations1226. Staff Facilities1224.33.3.15 Staff Lounge2.11-3.9.1 Staff Lounge and Toilet Room*2.3-4.3.2 Staff Lounge Area4.4-4.3.2 Staff Lounge Area in Large Settings2.1-2.9.1 Staff Lounge Facilities1224.36.3.1 Staff Lounge, Lockers and Toilet(s)1224. Staff Lounge, Lockers and Toilets2.2- Staff Lounge, Storage Facilities, and Toilet3.3.273 Staff (Residential Board and Care) Staff Response2.7-3.9.5 Staff Shower2.2- Staff Storage2.1-2.9.3 Staff Storage Facilities2.5- Staff Storage Locations1225.5.2.6 Staff Support Area450.3.6 Staff Support Areas2.2-3.2.9 Staff Support Areas for the Observation Unit2.2- Staff Toilet2.1-2.9.2 Staff Toilet Room1224. Staff Toilet Room(s)1224.34.2.9 Staff Toilet Rooms1226.4.17.1 Staff Toilet(s)1224. Staff Toilets403.3.1.2 Staff Training403.12.1 Staff Training and Evacuation Plan1225. Staff Work Area2.3-4.2.1 Staff Work Area(s)450.3.3.1 Staff Work Area(s) (Nurse Station)4.1-4.2.1 Staff Work Areas[F] 415.11.10.2 Staffing409.2 Staffing and Staff Training4006.6 Staffing of Facility3.3.274 Stage1607.2.1 Stage Areas Using Scenery or Scenic Elements(A) Stage Cables410.2.1 Stage Construction(B) Stage Effects and Electrical Equipment Used as Stage Properties410.5.3 Stage Exits410.2.1.1 Stage Height and Area905.3.4.1 Stage Hose and Cabinet410.11 Stage Lighting530.13 Stage Lighting and Effects Control520.40 Stage Lighting Hoists1015.6 Stage Means of EgressPart II Stage or Set(A) Stage Set Wiring520.27 Stage Switchboard Feeders410.2.7 Stage Ventilation74-842 Staged Development of Public or Publicly Assisted Housing Projects410.2 StagesSection 410 Stages and PlatformsSection 410 Stages, Platforms and Technical Production Areas§28-303.4 Staggered Inspection Cycles25.4.7 Staggering of In-Rack Sprinklers for Class I Through Class IV Commodities Over 25 ft (7.6 m) in Height2010.5 Staging and Discharge Areas[F] 2001.3.8 Staging AreasP-810.5 Stagnant WaterG2414.4.2 (403.4.2) Stainless Steel705.20 Stainless Steel Drainage SystemsP3003.13.6 Stainless Steel Drainage Systems to Other Materials4.2.11.1 Stainless Steel DWV Systems404.2.1.1 Stainless Steel Flexible Multiple Leg Hose Assemblies16.3.7 Stainless Steel Pipe605.13 Stainless Steel Pipe and Joints705.10.4 Stainless Steel Pipe to Other Materials3.4.1.2 Stainless Steel Piping605.16.3 Stainless Steel to Other Materials1308.5.3.1 Stainless Steel TubingG2414.9.3 (403.9.3) Stainless Steel Tubing Joints3.3.275* Stair3002.3.1 Stair and Elevator Identification SignsArticle 9 Stair and Elevator Signs§27-01 Stair and Elevator Signs in Buildings Which Have at Least One Elevator§238 Stair and Entrance Halls§189 Stair and Public Hall Construction6. Stair and Shaft Vents1113.3 Stair Construction7.2.2.3 Stair Details1104.10 Stair Dimensions for Existing Stairs1104.10 Stair Dimensions for Existing Stairways1104.10.1 Stair Dimensions for Replacement Stairs7.2.6.3 Stair Discharge504.4.1 Stair Enclosure Pressurization Increase7.* Stair Enclosure Re-entry202.5.4.10 Stair Handrail ExtensionsFigure 11A-6E Stair HandrailsAJ501.8.2 Stair HeadroomAJ501.8.3 Stair Landing504.9 Stair Level Identification909.20.5 Stair Pressurization Alternative§27-394 Stair Re-entry Signs in Office Buildings909.20.4.4 Stair Shaft Air Movement SystemP104.6.4 Stair Shaft Door LocksP104.9.3 Stair Shaft Ventilation System1031.4.2 Stair Side1013.6.1.2 Stair Sign2319.16 Stair Stringers27.5.1.6 Stair Towers1607.21 Stair Treads1011.5 Stair Treads and Risers917.3.1 Stair VentilationAJ501.8.1 Stair Width1926.1052(c) Stairrails and Handrails3111B.3 Stairs206.2.3.1 Stairs and Escalators in Existing Buildings43.10.5.7 Stairs and Handrails5706.3.9.3 Stairs and Ladders§234 Stairs and Public Halls1205.11 Stairs and Railings305.4 Stairs and Walking Surfaces3303.11.2 Stairs During Building Construction or Enlargements3303.11 Stairs During Construction or Demolition3303.4.10 Stairs, Hallways, and Other Means of Egress§236 Stairs in Fireproof Tenements§235 Stairs in Non-Fireproof Tenements610.5.4 Stairs in Water Depths Over 48 Inches1926.851 Stairs, Passageways, and Ladders5704.2.9.4 Stairs, Platforms and Walkways14X-12-1202.4.6 Stairs, Porches, Decks and Balconies24.2.5 Stairs, Ramps, Guards, and Handrails9.3.4.3* Stairs Serving Two or More Areas1007.7.6 Stairway504.3 Stairway Access to Roof1031.3 Stairway and Elevator Identification Signs410.5.2 Stairway and Ramp Enclosure909.20.5 Stairway and Ramp Pressurization AlternativeC403. Stairway and Shaft Vent DampersC402.4.5.1 Stairway and Shaft Vents1011.7 Stairway Arrangement403.5.3.1 Stairway Communication System403.12.1 Stairway Communications System24.12* Stairway Communications Systems1011.7 Stairway Construction1104.21 Stairway Discharge Identification403.5.3 Stairway Door Operation1010.2.7 Stairway Doors43.10.4.7 Stairway Enclosure[NY] 4003.5.7.3 Stairway Exit Signs1019.1.7 Stairway Floor Number and Identification Signs1104.24 Stairway Floor Number Signs705.3.6 Stairway GeometryP108.2.1.6 Stairway Guards1104.13 Stairway Handrails43.10.4.9 Stairway Handrails and Guards7.* Stairway Identification1023.9 Stairway Identification and Floor Level Signs1023.9 Stairway Identification Signs1023.9.2 Stairway Identification System1204.4 Stairway Illumination1011.6 Stairway LandingsE3903.3.1 Stairway Lighting Outlet Control1009.6.2 Stairway or Elevator Access909.20.4.4 Stairway or Ramp Shaft Air Movement System1009.11.7 Stairway Projections1203.9 Stairway Railings14X-5-505.9.9 Stairway Reentry1011.12.1 Stairway to Elevator Equipment1011.12 Stairway to Roof1011.12 Stairway to Roof and Roof Access7.* Stairway Tread Marking11.8.8 Stairway Video Monitoring1011.7.1 Stairway Walking Surface1009.3.2 Stairway Width504 Stairways404.4.4 Stairways and Escalators306.7.9 Stairways and Escalators in Existing Buildings1204.11 Stairways and GuardsSection 1009 Stairways and HandrailsR322.3.7 Stairways and Ramps1030.10.2.1 Stairways and Stepped Aisles in a Straight Run1029.10.2.2 Stairways and Stepped Aisles That Change Direction14X-5-505.9.9.1 Stairways Connecting More Than Four Stories1030.9.7 Stairways Connecting to Stepped Aisles1029.9.7 Stairways Connecting to Stepped Aisles and Vomitories1030.9.8 Stairways Connecting to Vomitories304.10 Stairways, Decks, Porches and BalconiesR311.7.1 Stairways; GeneralAJ601.1 Stairways, Handrails and Guards1011.17 Stairways in Individual Dwelling Units5704.2.9.4 Stairways, Platforms and Walkways906.11 Stairways, Railings, and Guards3310.1 Stairways RequiredR311.7.1.1 Stairways Serving Dwellings or Accessory Structures1030.10.2.2 Stairways That Change Direction From Stepped Aisles505.4.3 Stairwell SignageB303.3.4.1 Stake Penetrations3.3.276 StakeholderE303.3.4 Stakes, Pipe Penetrations and Other Small Objects468. Stall Urinals(B) Stanchions, Rostrums, and Docks(E) Stanchions, Rostrums, or Docks710.12 Stand-Alone Inverter Input Circuit Current(F) Stand-Alone Operation14A-12-1204.2 Stand-Alone Permit Fees14A-4-412.1 Stand-Alone PermitsArticle 710 Stand-Alone Systems(3) Stand Lamps3314.10.14 STAND-OFF Brackets ProhibitedC402.1.2.1 Standalone Elevator Hoistways1110.2.1.1 Standard102.13.1 Standard 101 Modified1803.5.3.2 Standard 60 Pound Swell Test11B-812.6.2 Standard Accessible240.6 Standard Ampere Ratings3.* Standard Array (Paper)* Standard Array (Rolled Paper)(1) Standard Boxes106.2.10 Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Playground Equipment for Public Use24.5.2 Standard Coverage Spacing Sprinklers3.3.266 Standard Cubic Foot (scf) of Gas1905.6.3 Standard-Cured Specimens3314.12.1 Standard Designs18.11* Standard Emergency Service Interface§3-03 Standard Factory ExitsStandard Fire Endurance Test Report Form10.2.2 Standard Fittings609.5.3.4 Standard for Cleaning§27-956 Standard for Installation of Sprinklers26.16 Standard for Ovens and Furnaces26.22 Standard for the Construction and Fire Protection of Marine Terminals, Piers, and Wharves3307.8 Standard Guardrail1910.219(m) Standard Guards-General Requirements101-222 Standard Height and Setback RegulationsR611.7.1.5 Standard HookR608.5.4.5 Standard Hooks25.3 Standard Hooks, Seismic Hooks, Crossties, and Minimum Inside Bend DiametersSection P-409 Standard Joints106.2.11 Standard Laboratory Test Method for Determination of Forces and Motions Required to Activate Operable Parts of Operable Windows and Doors in Accessible Spaces344.130 Standard Lengths(A) Standard MarkingsG2407.5.1 (304.5.1) Standard Method1910.1030(e)(2)(i) Standard Microbiological Practices23-711 Standard Minimum Distance Between Buildings(b) 5608.10.2 Standard of Stability26.15 Standard on Incinerators, and Waste and Linen Handling Systems and Equipment5809.3.2 Standard Operating Procedures2203.6 Standard Operational Procedures10.2 Standard Pendent and Upright Spray Sprinklers465.3.1 Standard Radiation Symbol2.10.2 Standard RailingFigure 11A-9H Standard Roll-in Shower1127A. Standard Roll-in Shower Compartments608.4.2 Standard Roll-in Showers1110.2.3 Standard Roll-in-Type Shower Compartment Designed for Assisted Bathing608.2.2 Standard Roll-in Type Shower Compartments608.3.2 Standard Roll-in-Type Showers81-263 Standard Setback Requirements105.2.8 Standard Specification for Impact Attenuation of Surface Systems Under and Around Playground Equipment106.2.12 Standard Specification for Impact Attenuation of Surfacing Materials Within the Use Zone of Playground Equipment3. Standard Spray Sprinkler7. Standard Stairs3.3.267 Standard Temperature and Pressure (STP)106.2.13 Standard Test Method for Determination of Decay Rates for Use in Sound Insulation Test Methods1910.95(g)(10) Standard Threshold Shift3307.8.1 Standard Toeboard23-652 Standard Tower2110.2.1 Standard Units8.4.1 Standard Upright and Pendent Spray Sprinklers705.2 Standardization1910.147(c)(5)(ii)(B) Standardized[F] 3003.3 Standardized Fire Service Elevator Keys[F] 903.3.1 StandardsC 103.0 Standards and Accepted PracticesSection 1203 Standards and Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings117-441 Standards and Procedures for Mandatory Subway ImprovementsC 101.4 Standards and Specifications3.1.3 Standards Applicable to Plumbing Materials605.2.1 Standards for Air-Handling Units1109.16.1 Standards for Dwellings Containing Universal Design Features for Accessibility102.13 Standards for Existing Group I Occupancies§27-800 Standards for Gas and Oil Burning Equipment§27-950 Standards for InstallationArticle 3 Standards for Insulating MaterialSafety Netting System (Safety Netting)Safety Registration RecipientSafety, Self-ResettingSafety SystemsSafety ValveSales Display AreaSaline WaterSally PortSally Port (Security Vestibule)SallyportSalt Water Coastal AreaSalvage VehicleSample Resolution Adopting the California Green Building Standards Codeappendices as a Mandatory Reference StandardSand DunesSand InterceptorSand-LightweightSand-Lightweight ConcreteSanitarySanitary Building DrainSanitary FacilitySanitary SewerSanitary Sewer SewerSashSatelliteSaturated Condensing TemperatureScaffoldScaffold Controlling EntityScaffoldingScannerSCAQMDScavenged GasScavengingSCBAScenerySCFMSchoolSchool BoardSchool BuildingSchool DistrictSchrader Access ValvesScientific DivingScissor StairScissor StairwayScopeScrap TireScreen EnclosureScrew ColumnScrew Lamp HoldersScrub SinkSCS Code 430-dd Part III — StandardsSCS Code 430-EE Part III — StandardsSCS Code 430-FF Part III — StandardsSCS Code 441-1 Part III — StandardsSCS Code 442 Part III — StandardsSCS Code 449 Part III — StandardsSCS Code 533 Part III — StandardsSCS Code 642 Part III — StandardsSCUBA DivingScupperSDC C(SDR-PR) Part III — StandardsSealSeal, AdjustmentSeal Class ASeal or Sealing — Air DuctSealable EquipmentSealantSealedSealed Cell or BatterySeam, WeldedSeaplane BaseSeasonal Coefficient of Performance—Cooling (SCOPC)Seasonal Coefficient of Performance—Heating (SCOPH)Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)SeatingSeating SectionSecondary ContainmentSecondary Containment TankSecondary FiltrationSecondary MembersSecondary Sidelighted AreaSecondary Structural MembersSecondary Trunk FacilitySecretary of the Interior's Standards for RehabilitationSection 1.1SCOPESection 2.11 Protection of Hoistway OpeningsSection 2.12 Hoistway Door Locking Devices and Electric Contacts, and Hoistway Access SwitchesSection 2.13 Power Operation of Hoistway Doors and Car DoorsSection 2.14 Car Enclosures, Car Doors and Gates, and Car IlluminationSection 2.18 Speed GovernorsSection 2.2 PitsSection 2.20 Suspension Ropes and Their ConnectionsSection 2.24 Driving Machines and SheavesSection 2.25 Terminal Stopping DevicesSection 2.26 Operating Devices and Control EquipmentSection 2.7 Machinery Spaces, Machine Rooms, Control Spaces, and Control RoomsSection 2.8 Equipment in Hoistways, Machinery Spaces, Machine Rooms, Control Spaces, and Control RoomsSection SignSectional Garage DoorSecure Interview RoomSecure Interview RoomsSecuritySee Figure 14.8Seed CottonSeed Cotton CottonSeepage BedSeepage PitSeepage TrenchSegregatedSegregated StorageSeismic Design CategorySeismic Design Category (SDC)Seismic Detection DeviceSeismic Force-Resisting SystemSeismic Force Resisting System (SFRS)Seismic ForcesSeismic HookSeismic LoadingSeismic Separation AssemblySeismic SwitchSeismic Use GroupSelected ReceptaclesSelective Talk ModeSelf-CertificationSelf-ClosingSelf-Closing FaucetSelf-ContainedSelf-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA). AnSelf-Contained EquipmentSelf-Contained SpaSelf-Contained Spa or Hot TubSelf-Contained Therapeutic Tubs or Hydrotherapeutic TanksSelf-Erecting Tower CraneSelf-LuminousSelf-PreservationSelf-Preservation Capability (Health Care and Ambulatory Health Care Occupancies)Self-Preservation (Day-Care Occupancy)Self-Service Motor Fuel-Dispensing FacilitySelf-Service StorageSelf-Service Storage FacilitySemi-Exterior Building EnvelopeSemi-Heated SpaceSemi-Restricted AreaSemiannual FrequencySemiautomatic DrySemiautomatic Dry Standpipe, Types OfSemiconductor Fabrication FacilitySemiexterior Building EnvelopeSemiexterior WallSemiheated Floor AreaSemiheated SpaceSensible Cooling PanelSensible Energy Recovery RatioSensible Heating PanelSensible Recovery EffectivenessSensitivity AnalysisSeparable Power Supply Cable AssemblySeparate AtmosphereSeparate Sleeping AreaSeparated OccupancySeparately Derived SystemSeparation DistanceSeparation of HazardsSeparation TankSeparatorSeptageSeptic TankSequence of OperationsSequence of Operations (HVAC)Sequence OperationSerious HazardSerious InjuryServiceService AgencyService CableService ConductorsService Conductors, OverheadService Conductors, UndergroundService CorridorService DropService EntranceService-Entrance CableService-Entrance Conductor AssemblyService-Entrance Conductors, Overhead SystemService-Entrance Conductors, Underground SystemService entrance.servicesService EquipmentService LateralService LifeService Meter AssemblyService PersonnelService PipingService PointService ShutoffService Shutoff ValveService SinkService SpaceService UsesService Uses Diverse Use CategoriesService Water HeatingServicesSet PointSetbackSetpointSetting (Of Circuit Breakers)Severe Mobility ImpairmentSewageSewage EjectorSewage EjectorsSewage PumpSewer[SFM]Shade StructureShade Structure GroupShaded X-ZoneShading Coefficient (SC)ShaftShaft EnclosureShale IncidentShale Oil Processing PremiseShallow AreasShallow FoundationShallow PoolShape FactorShapes of CeilingsShear CapShear ConnectorShear LugShear PanelShear WallShear Wall (For Chapter 21)Shear Wall (For Chapter 23)Shear WALL-FRAME Interactive SystemShear Wall, PerforatedShear Wall, Perforated Shear WallShear Wall Segment, PerforatedShear Wall Segment, Perforated Shear WallSheathingShelf StorageShellShelter in PlaceSHGCShielded CouplingShingle FashionShock ArresterShop DrawingsShop-WeldedShopping Center (or Shopping Mall)Shopping Center (or Shopping Mall) ShouldShore, Multi-StageShore PowerShorelineShoresShort-Circuit Current RatingShort Radius ElbowShort-Term Exposure Limit (STEL)Short-Term Holding AreaShort-Term Residential Treatment Program (SRT)ShotcreteShotcrete, Dry-MixShotcrete, Wet-MixShouldShow WindowShunt-Type Auxiliary Alarm SystemSide AisleSide-Face Blowout Strength, ConcreteSide Property LineSide VentSidelighting Effective ApertureSidelightsSidelitesSidewalkSidewalk ElevatorsSidewall SprinklerSiding (Cladding)Sight GuardSignSign BodySign InventorySign LocationSign-OffSign, Signed, Signature, SignaturesSign StructureSignageSignalSignal Device, Elevator Car FlashSignal EquipmentSignal Registering Device, Elevator LandingSignal System, Elevator SeparateSignal Transfer Device, Elevator AutomaticSignal Transfer Switch, ElevatorSignal Transmission SequenceSignaling CircuitSignaling Line CircuitSignaling Line Circuit InterfaceSignaling SystemSignaling ZoneSignificant Loss of FunctionSignificant Structural DeficiencySIL RatedSiliceous AggregateSiliceous Aggregate ConcreteSill HeightSimple ApparatusSimple Asphyxiant GasSimple BuildingSimple PaybackSimple SystemSimplex Channel SystemSimulation ProgramSingle-Accommodation Sanitary FacilitySingle Building With One Common (Lobby) EntranceSingle Dwelling UnitSingle-FamilySingle-Family DwellingSingle-Family ResidenceSingle Hazard AreaSingle Island Canopy HoodSingle Island Canopy Hood Commercial Kitchen Exhaust HoodsSingle Island Canopy Hood Commercial Kitchen HoodsSingle-Line DiagramSingle Occupant Spaces*Single-Occupant Toilet RoomSingle-Package Vertical Air Conditioner (SPVAC)Single-Package Vertical Heat Pump (SPVHP)Single-Ply MembraneSingle-Point Adjustable Suspended ScaffoldSingle-Point Adjustable Suspension ScaffoldSingle-Pole Separable ConnectorSingle-Rafter RoofSingle Room OccupancySingle Room Occupancy Multiple DwellingSingle-Row RacksSingle SkinSingle Skin Air-Supported StructureSingle Soil or Waste Stack SystemSingle-SpeedSingle-Stall RestroomSingle Station AlarmSingle-Station Alarm DeviceSingle-Station Smoke AlarmSingle Storage AreaSingle-Zone SystemSinkSink, ServiceSiteSite-Built Glazed ProductSite-Built Single-Family Residential StructuresSite ClassSite CoefficientsSite DataSite DevelopmentSite DisturbanceSite EnergySite-Fabricated Stretch SystemSite ImprovementSite ImprovementsSite-Isolating DeviceSite-Recovered EnergySite Restoration Part VI: Testing & InspectionsSite Safety PlanSite Safety Training (SST) CardSite Safety Training (SST) CreditSite Safety Training (SST) Full Compliance DateSite Safety Training (SST) ProviderSite Safety Training (SST) Second Compliance DateSite Safety Training (SST) Supervisor CardSite Safety Training (SST) Task ForceSite-Solar EnergySite-Specific SoftwareSituation AwarenessSix or Fewer Children in a Dwelling Unit Group ESix or Fewer Persons Receiving Care Group ESix or Fewer Persons Receiving Care in a Dwelling Unit Group ESix to 16 Persons Receiving Custodial CareSix to Sixteen Persons Receiving CareSize and Type of TubingSize of Pipe or TubingSkeleton TubingSkim FilterSkimmerSkimmer Equalizer LineSkinSkin-Effect Heating SystemSkirt, EscalatorSkirt Panel, DynamicSkirt PanelsSkirtingSky LanternSky LobbySkylightSkylight and Sloped GlazingSkylight Effective ApertureSkylight, UnitSkylight WellSkylightsSkylights and Sloped GlazingSlab-Beam StripSlab Below GradeSlab-on-Grade FloorSlack-Rope SwitchSlack-Rope Switch Operating Devices and Control EquipmentSlantSlatted Shelf RackSlave PalletSleeping AccommodationsSleeping AreaSleeping LoftSleeping RoomSleeping UnitSleeping Unit (Accessibility)SleeveSleeving (Liner)Slender Seismic Resisting SystemSlingSlipSlip JointSlip ResistantSlopeSlope BreakSlope, Moving WalkSloped CeilingSloping CeilingSloping Peaked-Type CeilingSloping Shed-Type CeilingSlow Evacuation CapabilitySlumpSmall Arms AmmunitionSmall Arms Ammunition PrimersSmall Arms PrimersSmall Assembly SpacesSmall Assembly Spaces Occupancy ClassificationSmall Buildings and Tenant SpacesSmall Buildings and Tenant Spaces Occupancy ClassificationSmall BusinessSmall DistillerySmall distillery.medium distillery.large DistillerySmall Duct, High-Velocity SystemSmall Electric MotorSmall Hose ConnectionSmall Management YardSmall Municipality or Small TownshipSmall OpeningsSmall RoomSmall Wind TurbineSmall Wind Turbine TowerSmogSmokeSmoke AlarmSmoke BarrierSmoke CompartmentSmoke Control, Dedicated SystemsSmoke Control ModeSmoke Control, Non-Dedicated SystemsSmoke Control System, MechanicalSmoke Control System, PassiveSmoke Control SystemsSmoke Control ZoneSmoke DamperSmoke DetectionSmoke DetectorSmoke Detector Maintenance Company CertificateSmoke-Developed IndexSmoke-Developed RatingSmoke DeviceSmoke-Exhaust SystemSmoke HoleSmoke PartitionSmoke-Protected Assembly Sea TINGSmoke-Protected Assembly SeatingSmokeless PropellantsSmokeproof EnclosureSmokingSmoking AreaSmooth CeilingSnake or Glow WormSnap-Acting Thermostat Integral Gas Valve TypeSnapperSnapper Sparkling DevicesSnug TightSnugtightSocial Service Center EstablishmentsSocketed Drilled ShaftSocketed Drilled Shaft Drilled ShaftSodium-Beta Storage BatterySoffitSoft Contained Play Equipment StructureSoft Contained Play StructureSoft Wall LineSoftwareSoftware-Based Parameters and/or VariablesSoftware System FailureSoilSoil Absorption RateSoil and Foundation Work (Soil or Foundation Work)Soil BoringSoil Conservation Service (SCS) Field Office Technical Guide, Section IV-A — Cropland Codes Part III — StandardsSoil Depressurization SystemSoil GasSoil-Gas-RetarderSoil Gas-Retarder MembraneSoil MottlesSoil PipeSoil SaturationSoil Stack or PipeSolar AccessSolar CellSolar Energy SourceSolar Energy SystemSolar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)Solar Photovoltaic SystemSolar-Ready Zone