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2.1-5.2.2 On-Site Linen Processing Facilities8. On-Site Maintenance RecordsSection P2911 On-Site Nonpotable Water Reuse Systems(2) On-Site Power Production Facility1321.8.7 On-Site RecleaningC406.5 On-Site Renewable Energy11.4.3.1 On-Site Renewable Energy and Site-Recovered EnergyCD601.10 On-Site Renewable Energy SystemsN1106.3.2 (R406.3.2) On-Site Renewables Are IncludedN1106.3.1 (R406.3.1) On-Site Renewables Are Not Included[P] 1204.3.5 On-Site Sewage Disposal(D) On-Site Standby Generator as Alternate SourceF 401.6 On Site Storage1114.5 On-Site Stormwater Disposal System Installation1114.4.2 On-Site Stormwater Disposal Systems Other Than Drywells1506.7 On-Site Treated Nonpotable Gray Water Devices and Systems1506.8 On-Site Treated Nonpotable Gray Water System Color and Marking Information1506.6 On-Site Treated Nonpotable Gray Water System Materials1506.0 On-Site Treated Nonpotable Gray Water Systems1506.7 On-Site Treated Nonpotable Water Devices and Systems1506.8 On-Site Treated Nonpotable Water System Color and Marking Information1506.6 On-Site Treated Nonpotable Water System Materials1506.0 On-Site Treated Nonpotable Water SystemsP104.11.5 On-Site Water Supply209.2.3 On-Street Bus Stops502.2.1 On-Street Parallel ParkingAS104.4.6.3 On Structural Walls(B) On Switchgear or Dead-Front Switchboards5003.10.2.1 On the 11th Story and Above5003.10.2.1 On the 11THSTORY and Above933.4.2 On the GroundTESTS On Thermoplastic Materials2005.2 On Towing Vehicles3.3.137 On-Tread Tire Storage123-73 On Waterfront Blocks2005.3 On Welding ApparatusE 403.1 Once-Through Cooling2.2-2.3 Oncology Patient Care Unit(A) One 15-Ampere Circuit(B) One 20-Ampere Circuit309.1.1 One Additional Unit(K) One- And Two-Family and Multifamily Dwellings3.3.199.25 One- And Two-Family Dwelling52.9* One- And Two-Family Dwelling and Townhouse Units3.3.68.1* One- And Two-Family Dwelling Unit§27-823 One- And Two-Family Dwellings20.11 One- And Two-Family Dwellings and Manufactured HousingR903.4.2 One and Two Family Dwellings, and Private Garages11.12.3.2 One- And Two-Family Dwellings and TownhousesR313.2 One- And Two-Family Dwellings Automatic Fire Sprinkler SystemsR313.2 One- And Two-Family Dwellings Automatic Fire SystemsR313.2 One- And Two-Family Dwellings Automatic Sprinkler Systems18.4.5.2 One- and Two-Family Dwellings Exceeding 5000 ft2 (464.5 m2)B105.1 One- And Two-Family Dwellings, Group R-3 and R-4 Buildings and Townhouses18.4.5.1 One- and Two-Family Dwellings Not Exceeding 5000 ft2 (464.5 m2)11B-220.1.1 One Automatic Teller Machine or Fare MachineX One Bathroom Group — Elevation (Repealed)W One Bathroom Group — Plan230.3 One Building or Other Structure Not to Be Supplied Through Another(A) One-Circuit Installation(A) One-Circuit Installations[F] 3003.1.2 One Elevator11B-705. One Entrance/Exit Point(1) One-Family and Two-Family DwellingsR313.2 One-Family and Two-Family Dwellings Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems(C) One-Family Dwelling3.3.68.2 One-Family Dwelling Unit(C) One-Family Dwellings(B) One Horsepower or Less, Automatically Started(D) One Horsepower or Less, Nonautomatically Started8-402.2 One-Hour Construction[F] 427.2.1 One-Hour Exterior Room5306.2.1 One-Hour Exterior Rooms43.10.4.8 One-Hour Fire-Rated Assemblies1204.10 One-Hour Fire-Resistant Assemblies[F] 427.2.2 One-Hour Interior RoomAS107.1.1 One-Hour-Rated Clay-Plastered Wall403.4 One Hundred Percent Outdoor Air Systems407.4.3.3 One Intervening Room1910.1029(f)(2)(i)(a) One of the Following Methods of Charging:D107.1 One- or Two-Family Dwelling Residential DevelopmentsSection D107 One- or Two-Family Residential DevelopmentsSection D107 One- or Two-Familyresidential DevelopmentsG2407.6.2 (304.6.2) One-Permanent-Opening Method3.16.7 One-Piece Loads Exceeding the Rated LoadE.6 One-Pipe Sanitary Drainage Systems Employing Aerator and Deaerator Stack Fittings2.1- One-Room Sterile Processing FacilitySection RB102 One Step11. One-Story Structures1108.7.1.1 One Story With Type B Units Required3.3.190 One-Third Octave Band3.3.188.1 One-Third Octave Rand313.2 One-, Two- And Three-Family Dwellings Automatic Fire Systems3.3.191 One-Way Emergency Communications System24.4 One-Way Emergency Communications Systems§907-01 One-Way Emergency Voice Communication Systems. [Repealed]* One-Way Private Radio Alarm Systems3.3.64.1 One-Way Radio Communications13.3.2 One-Way Shallow Foundations22.5.8 One-Way Shear Reinforcement22.5 One-Way Shear Strength22.5.8.6 One-Way Shear Strength Provided by Bent-Up Longitudinal Bars22.5.8.5 One-Way Shear Strength Provided by Transverse Reinforcement1607.12.1.1 One-Way Slabs14X-5-504.7.1 One-Way Voice Communication SystemP103.1.1 One Year14A-6-603.2.2 Ongoing Inspection and Repair1207.2.2.1 Ongoing Inspection and Testing305.5 Onground Residential Pool Structure as a Barrier2304.10.8 Onnection Fire Resistance Rating5608.4.1 Onshore Displays602.2.1 Onsite Electricity602.2.2 Onsite Nonrenewable Energy704.3 Onsite Reclaimed Water Treatment Systems840.100 ONT and Optical Fiber Cable Grounding(C) ONT Grounding5.5.3 Opaque AreasN1102.3.4 (R402.3.4) Opaque Door ExemptionA7 Opaque DoorsC402.4.5.1 Opaque Swinging DoorsA5.106.7.2 Opaque Wall Areas601.4.1 Opaque Walls1030.6.3 Open-Air Assembly Seating1910.106(h)(3)(iv)(a) Open Air Construction3.3.205 Open-Air Mercantile Operation36.4.3 Open-Air Mercantile Operations[F] 502.9.6.2 Open and Closed Systems3303.4.5.1 Open and Exposed Areas1101.6.5 Open Area3.3.184 Open Area Detection (Protection)23-89 Open Area Requirements for Residences93-66 Open Area Requirements in the Large-Scale Plan Subdistrict A104-43 Open Area Standards104-42 Open Areas3.3.8.3* Open Array3.3.138 Open Array (Palletized, Solid-Piled, Bin Box, and Shelf Storage) Open Array (Paper)3.3.139 Open Array (Rolled Paper)74-56 Open Automobile Rental Establishments3305.4 Open BurningSection 307 Open Burning and Recreational Fires321.6.4 Open Burning ProhibitedSection 307 Open Burning, Recreational Fires and Portable Outdoor FireplacesSection 307 Open Burning, Recreational Firesand Portable Outdoor Fireplaces410.135 Open-Circuit Voltage Exceeding 300 Volts(A) Open-Circuit Voltage of 1000 Volts or Less(D) Open-Coil or Exposed Sheathed-Coil Types of Surface Heating Elements in Commercial-Type Heating Appliances225.14 Open-Conductor Spacings225.12 Open-Conductor Supports(C) Open Conductors(E) Open ConstructionPart II Open Containers5607.12.1.1 Open Cut and Under-Decking Blasting1926.961(c)(2) Open Disconnecting Means603.2.2 Open Electrical Terminations2104. Open-End Units[F] 903. Open-Ended CorridorsE 402.2 Open-Ended Gastight Conduit1029.19.4 Open Exterior Space§27-539 Open Exterior Spaces2404.7.3.1 Open-Face or Open-Front Spray Booth1910.263(i)(23) Open Fat Kettles10.10.4 Open Fires3404.1 Open Fires and Flames Prohibited2004.6 Open Flame308.1.4 Open-Flame Cooking Devices308.3.1 Open-Flame Decorative Devices446.8.3 Open-Flame Devices12.7.3 Open Flame Devices and Pyrotechnics603.10.3 Open Flame for Lighting and Décor603.10.1 Open Flame in No Smoking Areas4908.5 Open Flame Prohibited924.2.1 Open-Flame Type305.3 Open-Flame Warning Devices14.7.5 Open Flames105.5.36 Open Flames and Candles2203.4.9 Open Flames and Fuel-Fired Equipment60. Open Flames and High-Temperature Devices5604.7.2 Open Flames and Lights1910.106(d)(7)(iii) Open Flames and Smoking40.4.5 Open Flames and Sparks105.5.35 Open Flames and Torches10.10 Open Flames, Candles, Open Fires, and Incinerators42. Open Flames on Aircraft Fuel Servicing Ramps1910.211(e)(2) Open Framehammers (or Blacksmith Hammers)[BS] A111.8 Open-Front Design Procedure14. Open Gratings9.3.10* Open-Grid CeilingsF 302.0 Open Ground Water Systems[A] 109.4 Open Hearing9.3.5 Open-Hub Drains802.3.2 Open Hub Waste Receptors(A) Open Installations2906.3 Open KettlesPart III — Open-Loop SystemsF 302.2 Open-Loop Water Well Drilling Logs§30-02 Open Lots Used for Storage or Sale of Motor Vehicles402.1.1 Open Mall Building Perimeter Line3.3.175.1* Open Mall Concourse36.* Open Mall Concourse Engineering Analysis402.4.3 Open Mall Construction(B) Open Motors1006.4 Open or Enclosed Parking Garages3107.4 Open or Exposed Flame[NY] 4003.2.3 Open Outdoor Burning510.7 Open Parking Garage Beneath Groups A, I, B, M and R1207.9.2 Open Parking Garage Installations406.5 Open Parking Garages406.9 Open Parking Lots3. Open Parking StructureArticle 11 Open Parking Structures453.5.9 Open Plan Building453.5.10 Open Plan Instructional Space453.24 Open Plan Schools3.3.140 Open Rack1207.4.11 Open Rack Installations25.1.2 Open Rack Storage109-14 Open Recreation Space and Landscaping Regulations109-42 Open Recreation Space and Landscaping Requirements109-141 Open Recreation Space Regulations504.3 Open Risers707A.5 Open Roof EavesFigure 11A-9J Open Shower1127A.5.3.10 Open Showers1027.3 Open Side3104.5.3 Open Sides on Walkway402.2 Open Space23-10 Open Space and Floor Area Regulations23-142 Open Space and Floor Area Regulations in R1 and R2 Districts With a Letter Suffix and R3 Through R5 Districts23-141 Open Space and Floor Area Regulations in R1 and R2 Districts Without a Letter Suffix23-14 Open Space and Floor Area Regulations in R1 Through R5 Districts23-15 Open Space and Floor Area Regulations in R6 Through R10 Districts15-12 Open Space Equivalent506.2.2 Open Space Limits77-23 Open Space Ratio24-163 Open Space Ratio for Residential Portion35-32 Open Space Ratio for Residential Portions of Buildings35-331 Open Space Restrictions in C4-1 Districts311.1 Open Spaces at Footboards and SeatboardsSection 311 Open Spaces Beneath Footboards and Seatboards3.3.141 Open Sprinkler15.1 Open Sprinklers3.3.282.7* Open Structure11.2 Open Structures1926.57(i) Open Surface Tanks3.3.201 Open System Use5005.2.1 Open Systems2105.1.3 Open Systems Prohibited4005.1.5 Open Tanks and Containers5403.5 Open Tanks and Vats1910.262(ll) Open Tanks and Vats for Mixing and Storage of Hot or Corrosive Liquids—Shutoff ValvesM1503.2.1 Open-Top Broiler Exhaust917.5 Open-Top Broiler Unit Hoods922.0 Open-Top Broiler Units3.3.142* Open-Top Container16.1.7 Open-Top Containers(3) Open-Top Spray Booths314.3 Open Trenches1910.68(a)(2) Open Type1009.3 Open-Type Expansion Tanks73-13 Open Uses in R1 or R2 Districts1910.1003(c)(3) Open-Vessel System Operations403.8 Open Web Steel Joists1705.2.3 Open-Web Steel Joists and Joist Girders1910.262(p)(2) Open-Width BleachingArticle 398 Open Wiring on Insulators22.1.5 Open Wood Joist Construction25. Open Wood Joist Construction With CMSA Sprinklers at Ceiling Level31.3.3.3 Open Yard Storage2803.1 Open Yards304.13.2 Openable Windows1910.262(d) Openers and Pickers14X-5-502.9.2 Opening1926.967(c)(2) Opening a Series Loop1603.11 Opening and Access Protection1910.269(l)(12) Opening and Closing Circuits Under LoadM1701.5 Opening AreaE 602.1.1.1 Opening Cover[F] 903. Opening Dimensions and Access708.5 Opening Direction1910.120(j)(2) Opening Drums and Containers1008.1.2.3 Opening Force1104.8 Opening Force for Doors14X-3-306.2.1 Opening Limitation1015.4 Opening LimitationsR303.5 Opening LocationSection 710 Opening Location and ProtectionSection 709 Opening Obstructions304.10 Opening Obstructions, Locations, and Protection5.4.7.5 Opening of Brake and Motor Control Circuits on Safety Application5.11.17.4 Opening of Driving-Machine Motor and Brake Control Circuits on Safety Application2.11.6 Opening of Hoistway Doors5.7.8.4 Opening of Hoistway Doors and Gates7.1.11.7 Opening of Hoistway Doors From Hoistway Side7.1.11.7 Opening of Hoistway Doors From the Hoistway Side5. Opening of Hoistway Doors or Gates5604.12.6.6 Opening of Package or Container5. Opening of the Motor and Brake Circuit on Safety Application[F] 909.5.3 Opening Protection5104.6.3 Opening Protection Into Segregated Storage Areas[F] 703.8 Opening Protective ClosersSection 716 Opening Protectives517.1.5 Opening Requirements42.8.1.3 Opening Requirements for Open Parking Structures712.1.3.1 Opening Size1321.10.7 Opening to Be Sealed5607.16.3.3 Opening ToolsR332.6 Opening Widths302.3 Openings1023.5 Openings and Penetrations705.1.1 Openings and Supply Ducts7.1.5 Openings at Braced Frames7.1.6 Openings at Exterior Masonry Shear Walls7.1.4 Openings at Shear Walls406.5.2.1 Openings Below Grade402. Openings Between Anchor Building and Mall8.3.5.7 Openings for Air-Handling Ductwork309.3 Openings for Natural Light and Ventilation in Pre- 1958 Buildings1910.219(f)(4) Openings for Oiling304.4 Openings for Pipes2.13 Openings for Piping1203.4.1 Openings for Under-Floor Ventilation[BG] 803.3.4 Openings in Barriers2.14.3.2 Openings in Car Tops1105.5.4 Openings in Corridor Walls1105.5.4.3 Openings in Corridor Walls and Doors2.14.5.5 Openings in Doors6004. Openings in Exposed Buildings2308.5.5.1 Openings in Exterior Bearing Walls2308.9.5 Openings in Exterior Walls3104.5.1.2 Openings in Exterior Walls of Connected Buildings§27-342 Openings in Fire Divisions and Separations8-402.3 Openings in Fire-Rated Systems2308.4.4.1 Openings in Floor Diaphragms in Seismic Design Categories B, C, and D2308.4.4.1 Openings in Floor Diaphragms in Seismic Design Categories B, C, D and E2308.4.4.1 Openings in Floor Diaphragms in Seismic Design Category B or C2308.11.3.3 Openings in Horizontal Diaphragms2308.5.5.2 Openings in Interior Bearing Partitions2308.5.5.3 Openings in Interior Nonbearing Partitions2308.5.5.3 Openings in Interior Nonload-Bearing PartitionsAS107.2 Openings in Rated Walls2308.7.6.1 Openings in Roof Diaphragms in Seismic Design Categories B, C and D2308.7.6.1 Openings in Roof Diaphragms in Seismic Design Categories B, C, D and E2308.7.6.1 Openings in Roof Diaphragms in Seismic Design Categories B or C408.8.3 Openings in Room Face2305.1.1 Openings in Shear Panels8.5.4 Openings in Slab Systems1910.29(f)(4) Openings in Stair Rails1909.6.3 Openings in Walls2308.5.5 Openings in Walls and Partitions1910.36(a)(3) Openings Into an Exit Must Be Limited1202.2.2 Openings Into Attic5. Openings of Hoistway Doors or Gates From the Landing Side[F] 903. Openings on One Side Only1202.5.3 Openings on Yards or Courts712.1.16 Openings Otherwise Permitted406.3.4.2 Openings Prohibited(A) Openings to Be Closed9.4.7 Openings to Exit EnclosuresF102.4.1 Openings Within 2 Feet of Ground Level505.2.3 Openness12.4.2.3 OperabilityC402.5.11.1 Operable ControlsC403.14 Operable Opening Interlocking ControlsC402.5.11 Operable Openings Interlocking106.5.40 Operable Part309 Operable Parts1109.16.4 Operable Parts and Related Equipment708A.2.2 Operable Skylights514.4.11 Operable State1109.13.1 Operable Window2411.5 Operable Window Safeguards1109.13.1 Operable WindowsP104.5.2 Operate the Ladder Release Mechanism1926.1425(b)(3)1004.7 Operating Adjustments and Instructions5001.3.3.13 Operating and Emergency ProceduresSection 2105 Operating and Maintenance RequirementsSection M2002 Operating and Safety Controls6.1.6 Operating and Safety Devices(2) Operating Characteristics3103F. Operating Condition50.6.2 Operating Controls4.1.26.1 Operating Devices(A) Operating Devices and Control and Signaling CircuitsSection 2.26 Operating Devices and Control Equipment19.7* Operating Features506.2 Operating Force(B) Operating Handle63.9.7.4 Operating Instructions8.6.11.7 Operating Instructions for Means Specified in or Operating Instructions for Retractable Platforms1204.5 Operating Locations3.3.193 Operating Mode1013.2 Operating Permit[NY] 105.6 Operating Permits3.3.202 Operating Pressure50.6.1 Operating Procedures40.6 Operating Procedures and Practices42.9.10 Operating Requirements42.7.4 Operating Requirements for Attended Self-Service Motor Fuel Dispensing Facilities42.7.3 Operating Requirements for Full-Service Motor Fuel Dispensing Facilities42.7.5 Operating Requirements for Unattended Self-Service Motor Fuel Dispensing Facilities2.4-3.3.4 Operating Room(C) Operating Room Receptacles1226.8.1.1 Operating Room(s)1224.39.2.1 Operating Rooms8.4.1 Operating Rooms (ORS), Operating/Surgical Cystoscopic Rooms, and Caesarean Delivery Rooms1910.264(d) Operating Rules1910.265(e)(5)(iv) Operating Speed of Live Rolls1213.2 Operating Steam Controls17. Operating Temperature6.10.2.4 Operating Test28.2.3.5 Operating Test for Control Valves5706. Operating Unit5706.3.1.6 Operating Unit Defined3.3.203* Operating Unit (Vessel) or Process Unit (Vessel)(B) Operating Voltage694.66 Operating Voltage Range309.4 Operation105.9.3.1 Operation After Revocation or Suspension3320.7.2 Operation and Construction3003.3.3 Operation and Control1124A.10 Operation and LevelingArticle 3 Operation and MaintenanceR109.1.6.2 Operation and Maintenance Manual1501.6 Operation and Maintenance Manual [BSC-CG, HCD 1]1501.6 Operation and Maintenance Manual [BSC-CG, HCD 1, DWR]P2911.13 Operation and Maintenance Manuals5.410.4.5 Operation and Maintenance (O & M) Manual1014.0 Operation and Maintenance of Boilers and Pressure VesselsSection 707 (IFGC) Operation and Maintenance of Gaseous Hydrogen SystemsSection 2305 Operation and Maintenance of Liquid Motor Fuel-Dispensing Facilities2.26.1 Operation and Operating Devices1224.4.9.2 Operation and SillsG2413.7.1 (402.7.1) Operation Below -5°F (-21°C)609.5.2.1 Operation During CookingR612.4.2 Operation for Emergency Escape1910.265(c)(30)(vii) Operation in Buildings2.26.1.6 Operation in Leveling or Truck Zone7. Operation in the Leveling or Truck Zone52.1.6 Operation, Maintenance, and Testing2006.4 Operation, Maintenance and Use of Aircraft-Fueling Vehicles42. Operation of Aircraft Engines and Heaters608.11.2.1 Operation of an Automatic Crossover Valve5.7.18.8 Operation of Brake5.4.7.2 Operation of Car Safeties5007.9.1 Operation of Cargo Tanks23.16.4.8 Operation of Class A Radio Pathways23.16.4.9 Operation of Class B Radio Pathways4006.2 Operation of Distillery Serving Area in Distilleries14X-5-505.1.2.2 Operation of Doors and Gates8.4.10.1 Operation of Elevators Under Earthquake Emergency Conditions(b) 320.2.2 Operation of Fuel Source During Transit1926.964(c)(9) Operation of Lower ControlsSection 890.200 Operation of Plumbing Equipment10.15.5 Operation of Portable and Vehicle-Mounted Generators1910.217(f) Operation of Power Presses1926.964(b)(10) Operation of Pulling Rig5. Operation of Safeties66.21.7 Operation of Storage Tanks5706.6.1 Operation of Tank Vehicles5.7.18.8 Operation of the Brake2.12.3.3 Operation of the Driving Machine With a Hoistway Door Not in the Closed Position2.12.2.3 Operation of the Driving Machine With a Hoistway Door Unlocked or Not in the Closed Position5. Operation of the Stopping Devices1910.178(p) Operation of the Truck1910.109(d)(3) Operation of Transportation Vehicles[F] 3312.2 Operation of Valves3003.4.3 Operation of Vents1926.1436(b) Operation--ProceduresSection 12-3-7 Operation Test5. Operation Through Openings in Sidewalk or Other Area Exterior to the Building5. Operation Through Openings in the Sidewalk or Other Area Exterior to the Building5. Operation to the Roof Level1926.959(b)(3) Operation Without Outriggers1926.1416 Operational Aids102.2 Operational and Maintenance Provisions5307.6 Operational and Maintenance RequirementsSection 4006 Operational and Maintenance Requirements for Distilleries1926.1427(j)(2)(ii)3103F. Operational Condition1030.4 Operational Constraints1031.2.1 Operational Constraints and Opening Control Devices31.3.2.1 Operational Fire Prevention1324.5.10 Operational Flow Pressure Drop Test28.1.4 Operational Hazards1203.5 Operational Inspection and Testing510.6.5 Operational Maintenance1617A.1.40 Operational Nonstructural Performance Level RequirementsA-904.2 Operational Permit[A] Operational Permits108.1.3 Operational Permits for the Same Location105.3.5.1 Operational Permits—Posting and Keeping1318.14 Operational Pressure Test1910.94(a)(7) Operational Procedures and General Safety102.2.1 Operational Provisions—Defined30.4 Operational Requirements5001.7 Operational Requirements for Group B Teaching and Research Laboratories69.4.2 Operational Safety509.2 Operational Signs5.4.4* Operational Status and Effectiveness of Building Features and Systems24.12.6.5 Operational Status and System Effectiveness910.6.4 Operational Testing312.11 Operational Testing of Low Pressure Cut-Off Device, Low Suction Throttling Valves, and Variable Speed Suction Limiting Controls30.8.3 Operational Tests[F] 412.5.4 Operations61.5 Operations and Maintenance5.1.8* Operations and Maintenance Manual707.13 Operations and Maintenance Manuals2703.14.1 Operations and Maintenance of HPM Areas2.3-4.10.4 Operations and Maintenance Records Storage[BG] 804.3.1 Operations and Procedures1926.1408(d) Operations Below Power Lines1910.106(f)(4)(x) Operations Control3303.10 Operations in Occupied Buildings607.3 Operations, Inspection, and Maintenance53.3 Operations, Maintenance, and Testing53.3 Operations, Maintenance, Testing, and Decommissioning1910.269(p)(4) Operations Near Energized Lines or Equipment1910.180(j) Operations Near Overhead Lines1910.181(h) Operations of Derricks5003. Operations of Process Vessels60. Operations PersonnelP2911.13.4 Operations Procedures42.12.4.11 Operations Using Metal Safety Cans1926.959(a)(3) Operator26. Operator Controls606.1.2 Operator Inspection After Repairs606.1.3 Operator Logbook1926.1427 Operator Training, Certification, and Evaluation1926.1441(e) Operator Qualifications1926.551(h) Operator Responsibility437.1 Operator's Statement1910.211(d)(43) Operator's Station1926.1412(f)(2)(xix)3103C.1 Operator Station38.6.1.4 Operator Training§27-1005 Operators3316.7.1 Operators and Signalpersons1926.1430(c)(3)§27-798 Operators Inspection After Repairs(E) Optical Fiber CableArticle 770 Optical Fiber CablesArticle 770 Optical Fiber Cables and Raceways(A) Optical Network Terminal703.8.3.2 Optical Power Density(N) Optical System With Interlock "op sh"C402. Optimized Daylighting6. Optimum Start ControlsR1003.15.1 Option 11926.652(b)(1) Option (1)-Allowable Configurations and Slopes*3319.13.1 Option 1: Anemometer on the Crane or Derrick1926.1427(b) Operator Training1926.1407(a)(1) Option (1)--Deenergize and Ground1926.652(c)(1) Option (1)-Designs Using Appendices A, C and D1926.1437(n)(5)(i) Option (1)--Physical Attachment1926.1428(a)(1) Option (1)--Third Party Qualified EvaluatorR1003.15.2 Option 21926.1408(a)(2)(ii) Option (2)--20 Foot Clearance*3319.13.2 Option 2: Anemometer at the Site1926.1437(n)(5)(ii) Option (2)--Corralling1926.652(c)(2) Option (2)-Designs Using Manufacturer's Tabulated Data1926.652(b)(2) Option (2)-Determination of Slopes and Configurations Using Appendices A and B1926.1428(a)(2) Option (2)--Employer's Qualified Evaluator1926.1427(c) Operator Certification and Licensing1926.652(b)(3) Option (3)-Designs Using Other Tabulated Data*3319.13.3 Option 3: Nearest Weather Station1926.1427(d) Certification by an Accredited Crane Operator Testing Organization1926.1437(n)(5)(iii) Option (3)--Rails1926.1407(a)(3) Option (3)--Table a Clearance1926.1437(n)(5)(iv) Option (4)--Centerline Cable System1926.652(b)(4) Option (4)-Design by a Registered Professional Engineer1926.1427(e) Audited Employer Program1104.11.3.1 Option A1104.11.3.2 Option B305.7.5 Option Five305.7.4 Option Four305.7.1 Option One305.7.6 Option Six305.7.3 Option Three305.7.2 Option Two119.3.2 Optional§28-308.8 Optional Compliance for Energy Efficiency Reports Due in the Calendar Year Commencing January 1, 20131210.12.2 Optional ComponentsRB102.1 Optional Energy Efficiency Measures—One StepRB103.1 Optional Energy Efficiency Measures—Two StepsR612.9.1 Optional Exterior Door Component TestingPart IV Optional Feeder and Service Load Calculations29.12 Optional Functions(1) Optional Loads(B) Optional Marking(4) Optional Marking of Wire Size(K) Optional Markings(C) Optional Method of Calculation for Lighting and Appliance LoadP-903.9 Optional Method of Joining Cast Iron Underground Piping Within an Existing Building23-143 Optional Regulations for Predominantly Built-Up Areas1225.6 Optional ServicesAppendix S Optional Smoke Control Systems453.25.5.2 Optional Standby CircuitsArticle 702 Optional Standby Systems*2.2- Optional Support Areas for Radiation TherapyR402.4.1.3 Optional Testing Procedure for Buildings With Two or More Dwelling Units Within the Building Thermal Envelope2.6-3.2 Optional Units§28-101.4.3 Optional Use of the 1968 Building Code for Alteration of Existing Buildings§28-101.4.3 Optional Use of the 1968 Building Code for Work on Prior Code Buildings4.4.1 Options64-521 Options Available for All BuildingsBATT or Blanket-Type Insulating and Other Flexible MaterialsCOATINGS or Spray Applied Materials1226.6.1.4 Oral Surgery§28-212.2 Order of Closure1926.962(f)(1) Order of Connection107.3 Order of Plan Review101.6 Order of Precedence1.1.7 Order of Precedence and Use1926.962(f)(2) Order of Removal*§28-204.2 Order to Certify CorrectionSection 111 Order to Discontinue WorkArticle 214 Order to Seal, Secure and Close§27-2132 Order to Show Cause5607.19.2 Ordering Discontinuance of Blasting OperationsAppendix B Ordering Information for the OSHA Charts4.7.3 Orderly Evacuation430.44 Orderly Shutdown5704. Orderly Storage104.2.1.2 OrdersA-504.2 Orders by the Department109.4.1 Orders, Injunction ProceedingsSection 109 Orders, Violations and Unsafe Buildings14A-4-407.2.1.1 Ordinary Demolition2904.2.2 Ordinary Equipment13.* Ordinary Hazard6.2.2.3* Ordinary Hazard Contents4.3.3* Ordinary Hazard (Group 1) Ordinary Hazard (Group 1) (OH1)4.3.4* Ordinary Hazard (Group 2) Ordinary Hazard (Group 2) (OH2)5.3* Ordinary Hazard Occupancies1910.3.1 Ordinary Moment Frames1910.2.1 Ordinary Plain Concrete Shear Walls2106.1.1.1 Ordinary Plain Prestressed Masonry Shear Walls§28-105.4.4 Ordinary Plumbing Work1910.2.3 Ordinary Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls§ 23-27.3-102.0 Ordinary Repairs1607.14.2.1 Ordinary Roofs, Awnings and CanopiesE104.2.1 Oregon Zero Energy Ready Commercial Code Form(M) Organ Pipes2103.2.3.6 Organic Adhesives1910.241(b)(5) Organic Bonded Wheels[F] 502.12 Organic Coating ProcessesSection 418 Organic Coatings(2) Organic Coatings on Boxes or Cabinets3.3.205 Organic Peroxide3.3.205.1 Organic Peroxide Formulation2909.5 Organic Peroxide Storage3.3.14.7 Organic Peroxide Storage Area[F] 2702.2.12 Organic PeroxidesSection 2408 Organic Peroxides and Dual-Component Coatings43.7 Organic Peroxides and Plural Component CoatingsSection 2408 Organic Peroxides Anddual-Component Coatings6206.1 Organic Peroxides Classified as a Class IV Material2908.2 Organic Peroxides Quantity1910.211(b)(15) Organic Wheels1910.156(b) OrganizationSection 8-103 Organization and Enforcement§28-417.1.3 Organization of the Board1910.156(b)(1) Organizational Statement1910.120(b)(2) Organizational Structure Part of the Site Program450.1.1 Organized Camps314.1 Organized Camps Group CSection 314 Organized Camps Group C [SFM]11B-505.2.1 OrientationAS106.5 Orientation and Configuration of Bales134-26 Orientation and Maximum Widths of Upper Portions of Buildings7.3.6 Orientation and Operation of Faucets** 3310.10 Orientation and TrainingAS103.8 Orientation of Bales27.2.4.9* Orifice Plates3.3.145 Ornamental/Decorative Sprinkler7.2.5.3 Ornamental Finishes1618.7 Ornamental ProjectionsP-720.7 Ornamental Water2.4.3.5 Orthogonal Effects1224.33.3.8 Orthopedic and Cast Work11.10.6 Oscillation Detection and Control3.3.206 OSHA1910.1020(e)(3) OSHA AccessAppendix A OSHA Recognition Process for Nationally Recognized Testing LaboratoriesAppendix A OSHA Reference Method - MandatoryAppendix C OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire (Mandatory)(D.1) [OSHPD 1, 1R, 2, 3, 4 & 5] Capacity of Systems613.0 [OSHPD 1, 1R, 2, 3, 4 & 5] Domestic Hot-Water Distribution Systems for Health Facilities and Clinics517.24 [OSHPD 1, 1R, 2, 3, 4 & 5] Mobile Medical Facilities517.4 [OSHPD 1, 1R, 2, 4 & 5] Services/Systems and UtilitiesSection 2411 [OSHPD 1, 1R, 2, 4 & 5] Thermal Barriers in Aluminum Mullion Systems(A.1) [OSHPD 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5] Applicability517.22 [OSHPD 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5] Artificial Lighting517.123 [OSHPD 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5] Call Systems(D.1) [OSHPD 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5] Capacity of Systems613.0 [OSHPD 1, 2, 3 & 4] Domestic Hot-Water Distribution Systems for Health Facilities and Clinics310.12 [OSHPD 1, 2, 4 & 5] Services/Systems and UtilitiesSection A5.210 [OSHPD 1, 2 & 4] AppliancesSection A5.207 [OSHPD 1, 2 & 4] HVAC Design, Equipment and InstallationSection A5.505 [OSHPD 1, 2 & 4] Indoor Moisture ControlA5.209 [OSHPD 1, 2 & 4] Lighting310.12 [OSHPD 1, 2 & 4] Services/Systems and UtilitiesSection A5.407 [OSHPD 1, 2 & 4] Water Resistance and Moisture Management(1) [OSHPD 1, 3, 4 & 5] Illumination Intensity(1.1) [OSHPD 1, 3, 4 and 5] Generating Units517.124 [OSHPD 1, 4 & 5] Technology and Telecommunications RoomsSection A5.205 [OSHPD 1 & 4] Building Envelope1903A.6 [OSHPD 1 & 4] Limits on Cementitious Materials2107A.6 [OSHPD 1 & 4] Modify TMS402/ACI 530/ASCE 5, Section by the Following:2107A.5 [OSHPD 1 & 4] Modify TMS402, Section by the Following:(D) [OSHPD 1 & 4] Nursery ReceptaclesSection 305 [OSHPD 1] CALGreen Tier 1 and CALGreen Tier 2727.0 [OSHPD 1] Emergency Sanitary Drainage615.4 [OSHPD 1] Emergency Water SupplySection 1224 [OSHPD 1] Hospitals(5) [OSHPD 1] Seismic Switches1705.5.4 [OSHPD 1R, 2 & 5] Manufactured Trusses and Assemblies2107.6 [OSHPD 1R, 2 & 5] Modify TMS 402, Section by the Following:2107.4 [OSHPD 1R, 2 & 5] TMS 402, Section 8.3.7, Maximum Bar SizeSection 311 [OSHPD 1R, 2 and 5] Means of EgressSection 310 [OSHPD 1R, 2 and 5] Services/Systems and Utilities2106.1.2 [OSHPD 1R, 2B & 5] TMS 402, Chapter 52107.5 [OSHPD 1R, 2B & 5] TMS 402, Section Walls2108.4 [OSHPD 1R, 2B & 5] TMS 402, Section, Splices2106.1.1 [OSHPD 1R, 2B & 5] TMS 402, Sections and [OSHPD 1R, 2B & 5] TMS 402, Sections and 312 [OSHPD 1R] Hospital SPC and Freestanding Buildings Removed From General Acute Care Service Remaining Under the Jurisdiction of OSHPD(A.1) [OSHPD 2, 4 & 5] Applicability(B.1) [OSHPD 2 & 4] Alternate Source of Power1705.5.3 [OSHPD 2] Manufactured Trusses and Assemblies(2) [OSHPD 2] Minimum IlluminanceSection 1225 [OSHPD 2] Skilled Nursing and Intermediate-Care Facilities(G) [OSHPD 3] Ambulatory Surgical ClinicsSection 1226 [OSHPD 3] Clinics(H) [OSHPD 3] Hemodialysis Clinic(F) [OSHPD 3] Receptacle and Light Switch IdentificationSection 1227 [OSHPD 4] Correctional Treatment CentersSection 1228 [OSHPD 5] Acute Psychiatric Hospitals517.4 [OSHPD1, 1R, 2, 4 & 5] Services/Systems and UtilitiesSection R115 Other903.2.11.2 Other Above-Grade Stories78-23 Other Accessory UsesR115.1 Other Administrative Issues[A] 104.7 Other Agencies[NY] C102.2.1 Other Agencies' Regulations*3202. Other Agency Approvals2004.7 Other Aircraft Maintenance[F] 907.2.22.2 Other Airport Traffic Control TowersSection 4007 Other Alcohol Production4007.5 Other Alcohol Production Waste4001.7 Other Alcohol ProductsD103.2 Other Alterations3308. Other Alternative SystemsAJ102.7 Other Alternatives103.2.1 Other Amendments(D) Other Applicable Articles1205.2.3.2 Other Applicable Laws1926.959(a)(1) Other Applicable Requirements(2) Other Applications1910.308(a)(7)(i)(C) Other Approved Multiconductor Cable2006.15.1 Other Areas807.5.3.4 Other Areas in Groups I-1 and I-2807.5.3.4 Other Areas in Groups I-2, I-1.2 and R-2.1807.5.3.4 Other Areas in Groups I-2, I-2.1 and R-2.1240.3 Other Articles210.3 Other Articles for Specific-Purpose Branch Circuits220.3 Other Articles for Specific-Purpose Calculations9.8 Other Automatic Extinguishing Equipment66.16.9 Other Automatic Fire Protection SystemsAS103.8 Other Baled Material312.3 Other Barriers1206.2.12.6 Other Battery Technologies52. Other Battery Types1616.3.2 Other Bearing Wall Structures903.2.11.3 Other Below-Grade Stories221.2.1.3 Other Boxes1609.6.3.5 Other Building Elements(B) Other Building Loads(H) Other Building LocationsSection 1.8.10 Other Building RegulationsSection 604 Other Building SizingSection G308 Other Building WorkC402.4.9.4 Other Buildings403.3.1 Other Buildings Intended to Be Occupied903.2.11.10 Other Buildings, Occupancies and Areas52-332 Other Buildings or Structures in Residence Districts107-78 Other Buildings Permitted in Designated Open Space(B) Other CablesP2904.4.1.3 Other Ceiling Configurations(3) Other Circuits(2) Other Class 1 Power Sources1504.9 Other Collection and Distribution Systems(F) Other Communications Systems(D) Other Component PartsR608.1.2 Other Concrete Walls250.86 Other Conductor Enclosures and Raceways230.7 Other Conductors in Raceway or Cable17.8.4 Other Considerations21.403.2 Other Constituents and Aggregates69.3.6 Other Container Location RequirementsE 502.10.5 Other Controls804.6.3 Other Corridor Openings1910.331(b) Other Covered Work1910.1025(k)(2)(v) Other Credits[BS] A111.3.5 Other Crosswall SystemsSection 1204 Other Cryogenic Systems[A] 107.6 Other Data and Substantiation2.2- Other Design Elements2.1- Other Design Requirements2404.4 Other DesignsSection G308 Other Develepment3010.3 Other Device OperatorsJ110.2 Other Devices(A) Other Dimensions5.1.15.2 Other Driving Means of Governors603.7.3 Other Ducts1005.3.2 Other Egress ComponentsE4209.3 Other Electric Equipment(B) Other Electrical EquipmentE3608.1.6 Other Electrodes1910.268(n)(8) Other Elevated Locations3003.3.4 Other Elevator Cars5703.9 Other Emergency Features14A-3-315 Other Emergency Measures(B) Other Enclosures(E) Other Energy SourcesPart VI Other Energy Storage Technologies2.11.15.2 Other Entrance Assemblies(E) Other Equipment13.2.3.7 Other Exits5007.6.3.2 Other ExplosivesR609.5 Other Exterior Window and Door Assemblies2304.10.5 Other FastenersSection 1110 Other Features and Facilities1.11.4.1 Other FeesR702.5 Other Finishes3.3.90.14 Other Fire Detectors513.11.1 Other Fire Extinguishers13.8 Other Fire Protection Systems1.1.4 Other Fire-Related Considerations3105F.8.2 Other FittingsM 102.6 Other FixturesR905.2.8.4 Other FlashingR502.3.2 Other Floor Joists1109. Other Floors1910.218(i) Other Forging Equipment2702. Other Fuel TanksG2404.2 (301.1.1) Other Fuels3.3.146.11* Other Gas25-253 Other Government-Assisted Dwelling Units510.5 Other Grease Ducts(C) Other Group Installations718.4.3 Other GroupsR507.10.4 Other Guards2306. Other Gypsum Boards2704.3.2 Other Hazardous Materials Storage903.2.12 Other Hazards(B) Other Heating Appliances3417A. Other Hospital Buildings1910.1052(j)(5)(iv) Other Information or Reports§28-112.7.3 Other Inspection Fees[A] 110.3.10 Other Inspections422.23 Other Installation Methods(B) Other Installations3303.12.2.4 Other Instances3301.5.1.5 Other Job Site Personnel7.5.5 Other Joining Methods3201.3 Other Laws102.2 Other Laws and Regulations[BS] A106.3.2.3 Other Lay-Up Patterns101.5.2 Other Limitations66-123 Other Limitations on Applicability(6) Other Listed Electrodes1926.1431(k)(11) Other Load Lines1605.2.1 Other Loads220.14 Other Loads — All Occupancies(8) Other Local Metal Underground Systems or Structures2304.12.2 Other LocationsR328.8.2 Other Locations Subject to Vehicle ImpactC405.5.1.3 Other Luminaires2121.9 Other Masonry Walls2501.2 Other Materials(B) Other Means2303.2.2 Other Means During Manufacture1705.25.5.2 Other Means of Demolition6.10.2.3* Other Means of Hydrostatic TestsP-720.5.3 Other Measures(B) Other Metal Parts(B) Other Metal Piping1403.5.4 Other Metals1519.5.4 Other Nailable DecksAA103.3 Other New Buildings[NY] 102.2.1 Other New York Codes, Rules and Regulations (NYCRR)(2) Other Non—Power-Limited Control Power Sources(3) Other Nonshielded Cables(3) Other (Not in Raceway or Cable Tray Systems)612.4.4 Other Nozzles3301.7.1 Other Obligations2.2- Other Observation Unit Support Areas1111.3 Other Occupancies134-44 Other Open Areas1104.17.2.2 Other Openings(L) Other OutletsE3901.3.1 Other Outlets Prohibited1910.302(a)(1)(viii) Other Outside Conductors on the Premises3203.10.3 Other Pallets1503.3.2 Other Parapet Walls1926.950(a)(2) Other Part 1926 Standards11. Other Pathways2.12-3.3 Other Patient Care Areas§28-206.1.1 Other PenaltiesR302.5.3 Other Penetrations106.6 Other Permits§28-501.1.1 Other Permits Notwithstanding3.1- Other Personal Services AreasE306.3 Other Piping3120B.2.2 Other Pools1910.243(c)(4) Other Portable Grinders1910.244 Other Portable Tools and Equipment453.14.3 Other Potential Hazards(2) Other Power-Limited Control Power SourcesPart III Other Power Sources103. Other Programs1005.7.2 Other Projections(P) Other Protection Techniques[F] 414.1.1 Other Provisions73-15 Other Public Utility Facilities2.3.11 Other Publication2.3 Other PublicationsG101.2.2 Other Quantities(D) Other Raceways Flush With ConcreteE305.6 Other Radon-Entry Paths§28- Other Rebates(B) Other Receptacle Outlets(2) Other ReceptaclesE4002.10 Other Receptacles in Wet Locations(3) Other Receptacles, Location1110.4.16 Other Recreational Facilities721.7 Other Reference Documents1910.1030(d)(4)(iii)(B) Other Regulated Waste Containment414.6.2 Other Regulations453.3.4 Other Regulatory Agencies2.6-3.1.4 Other Rehabilitation Therapy Areas3.1-3.3.4 Other Rehabilitation Therapy Facilities1910.1018(g)(2)(ii)(G) Other Relevant Information*§28-208.3 Other Remedies Not Precluded603.3.7.5 Other Renewable Energy Electric Production Systems904.1.7 Other Required Automatic Sprinkler Systems903.2.13 Other Required Fire Extinguishing Systems[F] 903.2.11.6 Other Required Fire Protection Systems§28-502.4.2 Other Required Information321.3 Other Required Permits(vi) 903.2.11.6 Other Required Suppression System[F] 903.2.11.6 Other Required Suppression Systems§27-402 Other Requirements1910.179(o) Other Requirements, General— Other Risks1504.4.1 Other Roof Systems[BG] 1511.7 Other Rooftop StructuresR304.2 Other Rooms1910.179(m)(2) Other Ropes102.3 Other Rules517.8 Other Safety Requirements(2) Other Secondary Circuit Conductors(A) Other Sections1910.307(a)(3) Other Sections of This Subpart711.2.4.6 Other Separations1112.4 Other Signs3301.9.7 Other Signs Prohibited8.7 Other Sleeping Rooms and Suites403.2.1 Other Soil Color Patterns551.32 Other Sources1224.33.5 Other Space Considerations402.3 Other Spaces*2.4-2.18.2 Other Spaces for Swing Bed Services(2) Other Spaces Used for Environmental Air(C) Other Spaces Used for Environmental Air (Plenums)*3.1-2.2.4 Other Special Care Facilities23-54 Other Special Provisions for Rear YardsD102.2 Other Specific Requirements[NY] 1004.1.1 Other Standards2209.1.1 Other Steels610.3 Other Storage Components1107.7.1.2 Other Stories With Type B Units Required1705.5.4 Other Structural Wood Construction14X-12-1203.3.2 Other Structures1910.1000(a)(2) Other Substances—8-Hour Time Weighted AveragesC403.10.1.2 Other Supply and Return Ducts2.7-3.8 Other Support Areas in the Outpatient Surgery Facility2.2-3.3.8 Other Support Areas in the Surgery Department1603.4.1 Other Surfaces24.11.6* Other Systems1910.145(f)(9) Other Tags107.4.2 Other TamperingSection 8-411 Other Technologies11B-707.9.1.2 Other Technology3316.4.5 Other Temporary Signage3301.9.5 Other Temporary Signs Required by Law(D) Other Territories(E) Other Than Continuous Duty(B) Other Than Cord-and Plug-Connected29. Other Than DACT(B) Other Than Dwelling Unit(B) Other Than Dwelling Units1010.3.1.2 Other Than Egress Component505.6 Other Than Group R3111.2.3 Other Than Group R-3 Buildings1011.4.1 Other Than Group R-5 Occupancies and Within Dwelling Units(C) Other-Than-Hazardous (Classified) Anesthetizing Locations(B) Other-Than-Hazardous (Classified) Location1515.2.2 Other Than Low-Sloped Roofs(B) Other-Than-Metal Trough Construction1107. Other Than Multi-Story Housing(10) Other Than Nonincendive Equipment517.81 Other-Than-Patient-Care Areas517.81 Other-Than-Patient-Care Spaces605.11.3.3 Other Than Residential Buildings(2) Other Than Service-Entrance Cables(B) Other Than Shore Power7. Other Than Swinging Door Assemblies1104.4.4.2 Other Tiered Areas1910.268(i) Other Tools and Personal Protective Equipment218.5 Other Transportation Facilities5601.9.2 Other Transportation of High Explosives and Fireworks506.1.1 Other Types of Appliances716.2.1.2 Other Types of Assemblies715.3.2 Other Types of Doors1322.6 Other Types of FittingsJ404.3.4 Other Uncovered Structural Elements(B) Other UnitsP-720.8.6 Other Use12.3.6 Other Use Prohibited508.1.5.1 Other Uses(2) Other Values1012.3 Other Vehicles10.1.5 Other Veneer/Panel Systems1202.6 Other Ventilation and Exhaust Systems703.2.2 Other Vertical Openings1011.8.3 Other Vertical Shafts[BS] 403.2.2.4 Other Wall Assemblies1909.6.2 Other Walls22.15.2.3 Other Waste Handling Systems. [82:7.4]*2.1- Other Waste Treatment Technologies1926.1431(k)(8)(ii) Other Weather and Environmental Conditions(C) Other Wiring(E) Other Wiring Systems(4) Other Wiring Within Buildings1101.3 Other Work1109.4.1.5 Other Work Stations4.2.9 Out-of-Plane Bracing11.8.4 Out-of-Plane Deflection — Service Loads[BS] A111.7 Out-of-Plane Forces—Unreinforced Masonry WallsAS105.4 Out-of-Plane Resistance and Unrestrained Wall DimensionsAS105.4 Out-of-Plane Resistance Methods and Unrestrained Wall Dimension Limits11.5.5 Out-of-Plane Shear1810.6.2 Out of Plumb Tolerance3316.7.8.3 Out-of-Service5303.2.4 Out-of-Service Containers5704. Out of Service for 1 Year5704. Out of Service for 30 Days5704. Out of Service for 90 Days5704. Out of Service for One Year5506.2.1 Out-of-Service LNG Storage Tanks901.7.7 Out-of-Service Standpipe Systems at Construction Sites§3404-01 Out-of-Service Storage Systems1301.6 Out of Service System901.7 Out-of-Service Systems5704.2.13 Out-of-Service Tanks5706.6.1.4 Outage24. Outbound(2) OutdoorM2201.2.2 Outdoor Above-Ground Tanks5704.2.9.5 Outdoor Aboveground Tanks3306.4.4 Outdoor Acetylene Storage1228.13.1.2 Outdoor Activity Area5.2-2.3.8 Outdoor Activity Space*2.1-3.6.2 Outdoor Activity Spaces1910.29(h) Outdoor Advertising1910.28(b)(10) Outdoor Advertising (Billboards)Article 502 Outdoor Advertising Companies106.7.5 Outdoor Advertising CompanySection 703 Outdoor Air403.3 Outdoor Air and Local Exhaust Airflow Rates403.3.2.1 Outdoor Air for Dwelling Units403.3.2.2 Outdoor Air for Other Spaces403.5.4 Outdoor Air Intake403. Outdoor Air Intake Flow Rate607.5.6.1 Outdoor Air Intake Openings402.4 Outdoor Air Intake Protection403.7 Outdoor Air Intakes6.3 Outdoor Air Intakes and Exhaust Discharges502.4.5 Outdoor Air Intakes and Exhaust Openings407.2 Outdoor Air Intakes and Exhaust OutletsC402.4.5.2 Outdoor Air Intakes and Exhausts611.5 Outdoor Air LouversM1602.1 Outdoor Air OpeningsSection 4.508 Outdoor Air Quality403.2 Outdoor Air Required403.3.1.1 Outdoor Airflow Rate918.5 Outdoor and Return Air Openings1302.9.2.2 Outdoor Applications1225. Outdoor Area1004.7 Outdoor Areas105.5.38 Outdoor Assembly EventSection 3106 Outdoor Assembly EventsA5.209.1.9 Outdoor Astronomical Time-Switch Controls(2) Outdoor Branch Circuits and Feeders307.6.1 Outdoor Burning Devices307.6 Outdoor Burning Requirements801.25 Outdoor Chimneys and VentsG2407.6 (304.6) Outdoor Combustion Air1011.7.2 Outdoor ConditionsSection 1011 Outdoor Constructed Features244.3 Outdoor Constructed Features in Common Use and Public Use Areas60.4.4.1 Outdoor Control Areas3107.12.6 Outdoor Cooking923.0 Outdoor Cooking Appliances5504.3 Outdoor Cryogenic StorageSection G2453 (635) Outdoor Decorative Appliances805.3 Outdoor Decorative InstallationsE3405.4 Outdoor Dedicated Panelboard Space5004.2.2.4 Outdoor Design11B-246 Outdoor Developed AreasM1501.1 Outdoor DischargeG2417.7.1.3 (406.7.1.3) Outdoor Discharge of Purged Gases5005.3 Outdoor Dispensing and Use2303.1.1 Outdoor Dispensing Devices7.12.4 Outdoor Drinking Fountain1513.3 Outdoor ElementsP2902.6.1 Outdoor Enclosures for Backflow Prevention Devices2.1- Outdoor Equipment Storage6.1.8 Outdoor Escalators1007.7.2 Outdoor Facilities13. Outdoor Fire Pump Units10.10.3 Outdoor Fires5608.2.1 Outdoor Fireworks Displays1305.9.13 Outdoor Fuel-Oil Piping in Existing Buildings10.4 Outdoor Furniture[F] 706.3 Outdoor Gaseous Hydrogen Systems(5) Outdoor Generator Sets5705.3.8 Outdoor Handling and Use2308.7.3.1 Outdoor Heat Detection SystemE 503.4.6.10 Outdoor Heating1206.8 Outdoor Installation680.42 Outdoor Installations225.24 Outdoor LampholdersA5.209.4 Outdoor LightingSection 130.2 Outdoor Lighting Controls and EquipmentA5.209.4.2 Outdoor Lighting PowerA. Outdoor Lighting Power Trade-Offs42. Outdoor Liquid Motor Fuel Dispensing Areas6003.2.6 Outdoor Liquid TransferE4203.4.1 Outdoor LocationG2406.3 (303.6) Outdoor Locations5604.5.2 Outdoor Magazines5605.4.1.3 Outdoor Magazines With a Net Explosive Weight Greater Than 50 Pounds5605.4.1.2 Outdoor Magazines With a Net Explosive Weight Less Than 50 Pounds6.2.8 Outdoor Moving Walks932.0 Outdoor Open Flame Decorative AppliancesG2407.7.2 (304.7.2) Outdoor Opening Location918.6 Outdoor Opening Protection506.5.2 Outdoor Opening(s) LocationG2407.7.3 (304.7.3) Outdoor Opening(s) Size701.7.2 Outdoor Openings404.2 Outdoor Ornamental Fountains and Water Features552.59 Outdoor Outlets, Fixtures, Including Luminaires, Air-Cooling Equipment, and So On550.20 Outdoor Outlets, Luminaires, Air-Cooling Equipment, and So ForthP2910.14 Outdoor Outlet Access(E) Outdoor Outlets552.59 Outdoor Outlets, Fixtures, Including Luminaires, Air-Cooling Equipment, and So On(C) Outdoor Outlets, Luminaires, Air-Cooling Equipment, and So On(C) Outdoor Outlets, Luminaires, Air-Cooling Equipment, and So On550.20 Outdoor Outlets, Luminaires, Air-Cooling Equipment, and So Forth(C) Outdoor Outlets, Luminaires, Air-Cooling Equipment, and So OnArticle 399 Outdoor Overhead Conductors Over 1000 Volts315.7 Outdoor Pallet StorageC405.2.6.5 Outdoor Parking Area Lighting Control503.5 Outdoor Parking Lots2807.3 Outdoor Pile Fire Protection§28-117.5 Outdoor Places of Assembly454. Outdoor Pool Lighting1926.152(c)(4)5.304.6 Outdoor Potable Water Use in Landscape Areas5.304.6 Outdoor Potable Water Use in Landscape Areas [DSA-SS]1114A.3 Outdoor Ramps(E) Outdoor Receptacle OutletsE3902.3 Outdoor ReceptaclesSection 1016 Outdoor Recreation Access Routes1011.7 Outdoor Rinsing Showers(2) Outdoor Service Equipment and DisconnectsArticle 17 Outdoor Signs and Display Structures1029.6.3 Outdoor Smoke-Protected Assembly Seating(C) Outdoor Source§ 608-01 Outdoor Stationary Storage Battery Systems66.15 Outdoor Storage66.15.4 Outdoor Storage Adjacent to a Building6004.3 Outdoor Storage and Use60.4.4.2 Outdoor Storage and Use Areas[F] 414.6 Outdoor Storage, Dispensing and Use2308.7.3.2 Outdoor Storage Exceeding 35,000 SCF (991.1 m3)2208.7.3.2 Outdoor Storage Exceeding 35,000 scf (991.2 M3)6101.5.8 Outdoor Storage for Sale6003.2 Outdoor Storage, Handling and Use5004.14 Outdoor Storage Location5306.3 Outdoor Storage Locations33.7 Outdoor Storage of Altered Tire Material5704.4 Outdoor Storage of Containers5704.4 Outdoor Storage of Containers and Portable TanksSection 2809 Outdoor Storage of Finished Lumber Products66.9.18 Outdoor Storage of Ignitible (Flammable or Combustible) Liquids66.9.19 Outdoor Storage of LiquidsSection 2810 Outdoor Storage of Pallets at Pallet Manufacturing and Recycling Facilities5504.3.1.2 Outdoor Storage of Portable ContainersSection 2808 Outdoor Storage of Wood Chips and Other Wood Waste Materials6003.2.4 Outdoor Storage Piles6004.3.3 Outdoor Storage Weather Protection for Portable Containers6004.3.3 Outdoor Storage Weather Protection for Portable Tanks and Cylinders303.3 Outdoor Swimming Pool454.2.17.1 Outdoor Swimming Pools305.2 Outdoor Swimming Pools and Spas608.9.4.2 Outdoor Systems33-05 Outdoor Table Service Areas(2) Outdoor Transformer63. Outdoor Use4106.5 Outdoor Use and Dispensing6004.3.4 Outdoor Use of Cylinders, Containers and Portable Tanks6004.3.4 Outdoor Use of Portable Containers4106.5.1 Outdoor Use Weather ProtectionSection 903 Outdoor Vent ExtensionSection 904 Outdoor Vent Extensions468.2.3 Outdoor Waste Containers1.3-3.6.1 Outdoor Water FeaturesSection 5.304 Outdoor Water Use5.304.2 Outdoor Water Use in Landscape Areas Equal to or Greater Than 500 Square Feet5.304.4 Outdoor Water Use in Landscape Areas of 2,500 Square Feet or Less5.304.3 Outdoor Water Use in Rehabilitated Landscape Projects Equal to or Greater Than 2,500 Square Feet(A) Outdoors23-843 Outer Court Recesses23-84 Outer Court Regulations1205.3.2 Outer Courts508.3.5.1 Outer Shell2111.14.6 Outlet(B) Outlet and Device Boxes With Enclosed Devices or Utilization EquipmentE4004.1 Outlet Box Covers314.27 Outlet Boxes410.22 Outlet Boxes to Be Covered(A) Outlet Boxes Without Enclosed Devices or Utilization EquipmentG2415.15 (404.15) Outlet ClosuresArticle 314 Outlet, Device, Pull, and Junction Boxes; Conduit Bodies; Fittings; And Handhole Enclosures210.21 Outlet Devices7.5.5.2 Outlet Fittings7.4.4.3 Outlet Temperature Controls1309.12 Outlet Valve3137B.1 Outlets43.8 Outlets and Controls704.8 Outlets and Return Inlets505.2.3 Outlets Per Pump603.5.7 Outlets With Hose Attachments(B) Outline Lighting411.2.5 Outlined Edges1707.8 Outlookers1224.4.5.1 Outpatient Access5.3- Outpatient and Related Support Areas5.3-2 Outpatient Areas5.3-3.3 Outpatient Care Areas1226. Outpatient Change Area5.3- Outpatient Changing Area5.3- Outpatient Changing Areas1226.2.1 Outpatient Clinical Services1226.5 Outpatient Clinical Services of a Hospital5.3-2.3 Outpatient Community Areas1224.19.6.4 Outpatient Medication Consultation2.1- Outpatient Medication Consultation Area1224.39.6 Outpatient Observation Units451.3.2 Outpatient Operating Room*2.7-3.4 Outpatient Operating Rooms5.3-3.2.5 Outpatient Privacy1224.39 Outpatient Service Space1224.4.7.3 Outpatient Services1224.28.3.1 Outpatient Support Areas1224.39.2 Outpatient Surgery1226.8.1 Outpatient Surgical Service Space2.2-3.9.3 Outpatient Testing and Demonstration Services*5.3-2.3.4 Outpatient Therapy Kitchen5.3-2.3.3 Outpatient Waiting Areas1226. Outpatient Waiting Room1224.4.5 Outpatient Waiting Rooms(B) Output Cable to Electric Vehicle(B) Output Cable to the Electric Vehicle705.14 Output Characteristics(B) Output Circuit(B) Output Circuits(B) Output Conductors5.6.4* Output Data(A) Output RatingC2 Output Requirements23.16.5 Output Signals From a Wireless Receiver/Transceiver of a Control Unit23.16.5 Output Signals From Receiver/Control23.16.5 Output Signals From Receiver/Transceiver/System Control Unit(C) Output Wiring and Listing of AmplifiersVIII Outputs Over 1000 Volts§28-320.5 Outreach and Education*§28-103.22 Outreach on Security Grille Visibility Requirements*§28-309.13 Outreach to Building Owners Regarding Making Energy Efficiency Improvements1926.1404(q)(5)3314.7.3 Outrigger Beam End of Suspension Ropes3314.10.6 Outrigger Beam Installation3314.10.3 Outrigger Beam Location3314.10.4 Outrigger Beam Stabilization3314.14.1 Outrigger Beams3314.10.5 Outrigger Beams Secured by Tiebacks3314.3.1.2 Outrigger Scaffolds3314.14 Outrigger Scaffolds (Thrust Out)1910.180(a)(31) Outriggers1926.1404(q) Outriggers and Stabilizers908.3.2 Outside(2) Outside a Raceway or an EnclosureM2201.2.2 Outside Above-Ground Tanks454. Outside Access5.506.1 Outside Air DeliveryArticle 225 Outside Branch Circuits and Feeders1910.304(c) Outside Conductors, 600 Volts, Nominal, or Less1926.404(c) Outside Conductors and Lamps322.2 Outside Diving EnvelopeSection 5.12 Outside Emergency Elevators1224.29.1.6 Outside Environment1228.14.1.5 Outside Exposure(D) Outside Feeder Taps§27-294 Outside Fire DistrictsE.6 Outside Gas Cut-Off§28-315.5.1 Outside Gas Shut-Off(B) Outside Heating Equipment, Air-Conditioning Equipment, or Both1910.252(c)(4)(iv) Outside Helper8. Outside Hoistway1603.2 Outside Hose BibbsSection 890.820 Outside Kiosks Serving FoodP-1005.2 Outside Leaders and Downspouts(B) Outside of a Patient Care Vicinity(A) Outside of Buildings1305.11.2.2 Outside of Buildings; Above Ground1305.11.2.1 Outside of Buildings; Below Ground5604.12.2 Outside Of, or About, the ContainerR303.6 Outside Opening ProtectionE3908.20.2 Outside Raceway or Enclosure(4) Outside Secondary Conductors1224.20.3 Outside Service8.7 Outside Sprinklers for Protection Against Exposure Fires (Exposure Protection Sprinkler Systems) Outside Stair10.16* Outside Storage34.11.4 Outside Storage at Pallet Manufacturing and Pallet Recycling Facilities31.3.10 Outside Storage of Biomass Feedstock31.3.8 Outside Storage of Logs31.3.4 Outside Storage of Lumber and Wood Panel Products at Other Than Retail and Wholesale Storage Yards31.3.3 Outside Storage of Lumber and Wood Panel Products at Retail and Wholesale Storage Yards31.3.5 Outside Storage of Ties, Poles, Piles, Posts, and Other Similar Forest Products at Pressure-Treating Plant Yards31.3.6 Outside Storage of Wood Chips and Hogged Material(5) Outside Taps of Unlimited Length(1) Outside the Array Boundary8. Outside the Hoistway503.16 Outside Wall Penetrations1910.268(n)(7) Outside Work Platforms103. Outstanding Plans Review, Approvals, Inspections, or Orders804.6.5 Oven3007.2 Oven Nameplate1910.1029(e)(1)(iii)(m) Oven Patcher1910.1029(e)(1)(iii)(n) Oven Repairman1910.263(l) Ovens505.3.2 Ovens and Furnaces(2) Over 1/8 Horsepower(B) Over 1 Horsepower(C) Over 1000-Volt SupplyPart III Over 1000 VoltsPart II Over 1000 Volts, Nominal(B) Over 1121/2 kVA(B) Over 22 kV Nominal to Ground809.4 Over 30 Feet in Width809.4 Over 30 Feet Width(B) Over 300 Volts1910.304(c)(1)(ii)(B) Over 300 Volts -- 762 mm (30 In.)(B) Over 300 Volts(B) Over 300 Watts230.212 Over 35,000 Volts(2) Over 600 Volts(E) Over 600 Volts Between ConductorsII Over 600 Volts, Nominal306.2.1 Over Excavation(C) Over Pools5706.8.1 Over-Pressure or Vacuum Protection5706.8.1 Over-Pressure/Vacuum Protection(B) Over the Low Voltage Contact Limit but Not Over 150 Volts318.3 Over-the-Rim Spouts604.3.2.1 Overall Clearance(C) Overall Cord and Cable Length[BG] 304.2.1.4 Overall Extent of Damage457.1.4.2 Overall Functional Design(D) Overall Length of a Power-Supply Cord2.23.8 Overall Length of Guide Rails3.3.207 Overcrowded1004.10.1 Overcrowded Condition[A] 109.6 Overcrowding[NY] 4003.5.6 Overcrowding and General Life Safety403.2 Overcrowding Prohibited393.45 Overcurrent and Reverse Polarity (Backfeed) Protection(B) Overcurrent Device Ampere Ratings(B) Overcurrent Device Ratings(A) Overcurrent Device Required(2) Overcurrent Device Selection(B) Overcurrent Devices230.206 Overcurrent Devices as Disconnecting MeansE3705.5.2 Overcurrent Devices of the Next Higher Rating(B) Overcurrent Devices Rated 800 Amperes or Less(C) Overcurrent Devices Rated Over 800 AmperesArticle 240 Overcurrent Protection520.52 Overcurrent Protection for Branch Circuits522.23 Overcurrent Protection for Conductors480.6 Overcurrent Protection for Prime Movers(B) Overcurrent Protection for Secondary Connections(G) Overcurrent Protection for Specific Conductor Applications530.18 Overcurrent Protection — General1910.334(b)(3) Overcurrent Protection Modification530.63 Overcurrent Protection of Direct-Current GeneratorsPart IX Overcurrent Protection Over 1000 Volts, Nominal(B) Overcurrent Protection ProvidedE3705.5 Overcurrent Protection Required(C) Overcurrent Protective Devices(1) Overcurrent Relays and Current Transformers3.7.2 Overdriven Nails306.2.1 Overexcavation3111F.9.2 Overfill Monitoring and Controls (N/E)5704. Overfill Prevention5704. Overfill Prevention Sign66.19.5.6 Overfill Protection5806.4.7 Overfill Protection and Prevention Systems5706.4.6 Overfill Protection of Class I and II Liquids63.4.3.5 OverfillingP2910.9.6 OverflowE 403.4.1 Overflow Alarm1403.2.3 Overflow ConnectionR903.4.1 Overflow Drains and ScuppersP-808.6 Overflow for Water Supply Tanks1603.10.1 Overflow Outlet Size1305.3.8 Overflow Piping5706.6.7.1 Overflow Protection13.1.10.2 Overflow Roof Drainage1503.4.2.1 Overflow Scuppers606.5.4 Overflows606.5.4 Overflows for Water Supply TanksP2712.5 Overflows in Flush Tanks1926.501(b)(9) "Overhand Bricklaying and Related Work"3314.7.1 Overhang304.9 Overhang Extensions322.1.1.4 Overhanging Branches1116A.3 Overhanging ObstructionsK 104.5 Overhanging Tree Branches and VegetationR405.5.3.2 Overhangs830.44 Overhead (Aerial) Cables820.44 Overhead (Aerial) Coaxial Cables800.44 Overhead (Aerial) Communications Wires and Cables770.44 Overhead (Aerial) Optical Fiber Cables800.44 Overhead (Aerial) Wires and Cables1910.179 Overhead and Gantry Cranes1926.1438(b) Overhead and Gantry Cranes That Are Not Permanently Installed in a Facility453.13.4 Overhead and Sliding Security Grilles2.9.3.1 Overhead Beams and Floors8. Overhead Beams and Supports4.3.5 Overhead Beams and Supports, and Access to Machines and Sheaves2.9.2.1 Overhead Beams, Floors, and Their Supports1910.265(e)(1)(vi) Overhead Clearance680.9 Overhead Conductor Clearances5303.14 Overhead Cover1910.179(a)(8) Overhead Crane14. Overhead Doors1910.266(d)(8) Overhead Electric LinesSection M1505 Overhead Exhaust Hoods1926.1438 Overhead & Gantry Cranes626.23 Overhead Gantry or Cable Management System1910.265(c)(30)(iv) Overhead Guard1910.266(f)(4) Overhead Guards2.9.3.4 Overhead Hoisting-Rope Hitches1926.554 Overhead Hoists1910.219(e)(2) Overhead Horizontal Belts1910.333(c)(3) Overhead Lines1926.964 Overhead Lines and Live-Line Barehand Work5. Overhead Machinery Beams and Supports840.44 Overhead Optical Fiber Cables1926.1430(a) Overhead Powerlines1926.1003(b) Equipment Manufactured Before July 15, 20191926.1003 Overhead Protection for Operators of Agricultural and Industrial Tractors Used in ConstructionSection E3604 Overhead Service and Service-Entrance Conductor InstallationPart II Overhead Service Conductors230.54 Overhead Service Locations(A) Overhead Spans(1) Overhead Wiring(B) Overheating and Inductive Effects(D) Overheating Protection604.3.2 Overlap5.11.16.4 Overload Detection Means(2) Overload Protection(B) Overload Protection for Motors(2) Overload Relay Table430.40 Overload Relays1910.217(f)(4) Overloading2.16.6 Overloading of Freight Elevators1808.2.8.8 Overloads on Piers or Piles3.1-4.4.1 Overnight Guest Accommodations60. Overpack Containers608.11.2.2 Overpressure in Low-Pressure Zone1105.9.1.1 Overpressure Light Setpoint424.84 Overpressure Limit Control608.11.1.1 Overpressure Limit Set Point53. Overpressure Limit Set Point for Crossover Valves53. Overpressure Limit Set Point for Emergency Stop1105.9.1.1 Overpressure Limit Setpoint2309.6 Overpressure Protection66.19.5.2 Overpressure Protection and Vacuum ProtectionSection 416 (IFGS) Overpressure Protection Devices1208.9 Overpressure Protection RequiredP104.3.2.4 Override Function716.2.9.2 Oversized Doors8.4.11.12 Overspeed Valve and Plunger Gripper8.6.5.13 Overspeed Valve Setting3. Overspeed Valve Tests3.19.4.7 Overspeed Valves(B) Overtemperature424.73 Overtemperature Limit Control3320.11.2 Overtravel to Be Limited5.1.2 Overturning1504.3.1.1 Overturning Resistance2305.3.6 Overturning Restraint3101F.4 Overview17.1.5 Overview of the Surrounding EnvironmentArticle 242 Overvoltage Protection2006.13.1 Overwing Fueling309.2 Owner§28-216.5 Owner Abatement of Unsafe or Dangerous Conditions§28-216.8.2 Owner Application to Perform Work4704.3.3 Owner Contact InformationC 301.2 Owner Information1101.4 Owner Notification§284 Owner Obligations10.2 Owner/Occupant Responsibilities[A] 112.2 Owner/Occupant ResponsibilityE3301.2.2 Owner Occupied One-Family Dwellings1107.7.6 Owner Occupied Units[A] Owner, or the Owner's Authorized Agent's, Responsibility§285 Owner Protection14X-12-1204 Owner Registration*§28-504.1.2.1 Owner Requirement102.3.1 Owner Responsibility453.3.2 Owner Review and Inspection§28-303.7 Owner's Annual Boiler Inspection Report§28-303.6 Owner's Annual Statement§1-09.4 Owner's Authorization4.2* Owner's Certificate24.8.3 Owner's Manual5.410.2.1 Owner's or Owner Representative's Project Requirements (OPR)1.2-2.2.1 Owner's Project RequirementsE 802.2 Owner's Project Requirements (OPR)§28-301.1 Owner's Responsibilities701.6 Owner's Responsibility16.4.2 Owner's Responsibility for Fire ProtectionSection 3308 Owner's Responsibilityfor Fire Protection§27-2008 Owner's Right of AccessA-302.6.2 Owner's Risk*§28-309.4.1.1 Owner Solicitation of Tenant Information*§28-105.5.3 Owner StatementA-906.2.1 Owner Unit ExemptionA-105.1 Owners1926.1101(k)(3)(ii)(A)§27-2056.4 Owners' Responsibility to Notify Occupants and to Investigate§27-2056.3 Owners' Responsibility to Remediate3.3.195* Ownership§28-408.6.4 Ownership Limitations101.8.4 Ownership of Badges and Insignia(10) 5615.10 Ownership Transfer of License3.3.208* OxidizerE102.1.7 Oxidizers427.7.3 Oxidizers and Organic Peroxides6307.1 Oxidizers Classified as a Class IV Material3.3.80.3 Oxidizing Cryogenic Fluid6304.2.1.1 Oxidizing Cryogenic Fluids3.3.146.12 Oxidizing Gas63.3.7 Oxidizing Gases3306.2 Oxygen1321.10.3 Oxygen Analyzer1324.5.10.2 Oxygen and Medical Air Outlets3501.5.1 Oxygen at Construction Sites1326.4 Oxygen Central Supply Systems Using Concentrators1309.13 Oxygen Concentration Monitor1309.5 Oxygen Concentrator Components1309.0 Oxygen Concentrator Supply Units1325.5 Oxygen Concentrators1910.146(c)(5)(ii)(C)(1) Oxygen ContentG2445.6 (621.6) Oxygen-Depletion Safety System1210.4 Oxygen Diffusion Corrosion1910.252(c)(4)(v) Oxygen for Ventilation26.9 Oxygen-Fuel Gas Systems for Welding, Cutting, and Allied Processes1910.253 Oxygen-Fuel Gas Welding and Cutting1309.1 Oxygen Requirements1910.430(i) Oxygen Safety1910.253(b)(4) Oxygen StorageSection 1203 Oxygen Systems3306.2.2 Oxygen Trailers3306.2.2.5 Oxygen Trailers Having a Capacity Exceeding 20,000 SCF (566 m3)1227.4.1.1 Oxygen, Vacuum and Medical AirE 603.4 Ozone Depletion and Global Warming Reductions5.508.1 Ozone Depletion and Greenhouse Gas Reductions[F] 908.4 Ozone Gas-Generator RoomsSection 6005 Ozone Gas Generators454. Ozone Generating Equipment3.3.209 Ozone Generator54.2.3 Ozone Generator Rooms324.9 Ozone Rooms2.4.3.11 P -Delta Effects3104F.4.3 P-Δ EffectsO P & T Relief ValveN P & T Valve Installed in Hot Outlet Line1910.265(b)(28) Package1010.4 Package Boilers, Steam-Heating Boilers, and Hot-Water-Heating BoilersC403.3.2.4 Packaged Electric Heating and Cooling Equipment26.4.1.7 Packaged, Preblended, Dry, Combined Materials for Shotcrete6. Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners5606.3 Packages3.3.146 Packaging3115.2.5 Packaging and Identification323.2 Packaging and Labeling5606.3 Packaging and Repackaging5604.7.5.4 Packaging of Plosophoric CompoundsSection 21.804 — Packing5604.13.9 Packing and Labeling5007.6.3 Packing and MarkingJ105.1.3 Pad Certification ReportJ105.1.4 Pad Recertification Report1910.262(v) Padders—Nip Guards1230.2.7 Padding16.11.3.4* Paddle-Type Waterflow Devices1910.262(b)(26) Paddler3.3.196 Paging System1323.13.3 Paint2405.10.1 Paint Supply2206.2 PaintingSection P-1508 Painting and Coating507.5.7 Painting and Markings1910.253(d)(4) Painting and Signs§28-315.2.1 Painting of Certain Exposed Portions of Sprinkler Systems§28-315.2.2 Painting of Certain Exposed Portions of Standpipe Systems§29 Painting of Courts and Shafts903.6 Painting of Dedicated Sprinkler Piping and Valve Handles903.6 Painting of Dedicated Sprinklers905.11 Painting of Dedicated Standpipes§27-2013 Painting of Public Parts and Within Dwellings608.11 Painting of Water Tanks1025.8.3 Paints4.504.2.2 Paints and Coatings3.3.147 Pallet6. Pallet Fatigue Tests6. Pallet Level Device315.7.4 Pallet Pile Stability and Size6.2.3.5 Pallet-Type Treadway20.3.2 Pallet Types6. Pallet Wheels22.2 Palletized and Solid-Piled Storage of Class I Through Class IV Commodities22.3 Palletized and Solid-Piled Storage of Nonexpanded and Expanded Group A Plastic Commodities63. Palletized Containers, Cylinders, and Tanks63. Palletized Cylinders, Containers, and Tanks3.9.2 Palletized, Solid-Piled, Bin Box, and Shelf Storage3.3.148 Palletized Storage3.3.149 Palletized Tire Storage8.6.9.3 Pallets*2.7- Palliative Care Room1910.263(k)(12) Pan Cooling TowersP2801.6.2 Pan Drain TerminationR703.8.1 Pan Flashing of Windows and DoorsP2801.6.1 Pan Size and Drain1910.263(i)(15) Pan Washing TanksR607.5.2.1 Panel Anchor Restraints909.16.2 Panel Controls1908.10.2 Panel Criteria8.2.6 Panel-Diaphragm Connections909.16.1 Panel IndicatorsR406.3.1 Panel Joint SealedR602.10.4.4 Panel JointsR406.4.1 Panel Joints Sealed(2) Panel Sets With Terminal Junction Assembly[BS] 1404.16.1 Panel Siding2110.3 Panel SizeR607.5 Panel SupportR610.5.3 Panel-to-Panel Connection5.2.1 Panel-to-Panel Connections2121.5 Panel Walls551.45 Panelboard517.14 Panelboard BondingE3706.2 Panelboard Circuit Identification1910.305(d)(2) Panelboard Enclosures408.58 Panelboard Marking408.43 Panelboard OrientationE3706.3 Panelboard Overcurrent ProtectionE3706.1 Panelboard RatingPart III Panelboards(A) Panelboards and Overcurrent Protection408.37 Panelboards in Damp or Wet Locations1103.12.2 Paneled Doors408.50 PanelsR602.12.6.1 Panels Adjacent to Balloon-Framed Walls300.23 Panels Designed to Allow Access907.1.4 Panels, Grilles, and Access Doors§27-651 Panels Subject to Human Impact Loads1010.2.9 Panic and Fire Exit Hardware453.6.3 Panic Hardware7.2.1.7* Panic Hardware and Fire Exit Hardware16. Panic Hardware or Fire Exit Hardware32.4 Pantry Unit3.3.211 Paper3.3.150 Paper (General Term)10.17 Parade Floats1107. Parallel and Forward Approach904.4.1 Parallel Approach1104. Parallel Approach Bathtubs(2) Parallel Conductors in Two or More Raceways(2) Parallel Conductors in Two or More Raceways or Cables(2) Parallel Conductors in Two or More Raceways or Overhead Conductors11B-406.3 Parallel Curb Ramps6.5.3.4 Parallel-Flow Fan-Powered VAV Air Terminal Control(E) Parallel Installation450.7 Parallel Operation1004. Parallel or Forward Approach502.9 Parallel Parking Spaces1113.4 Parallel Pressure-Relief Devices3.3.189 Parallel Telephone System(2) Parallel to Joists or Nailing Strips604.10 Parallel Water Distribution System Manifolds308.9 Parallel Water Distribution Systems(1) Paralleled Installations3307.6.4.6 Parapet2104.6.2 Parapet Anchorage606.2.2 Parapet Bracing and Wall Anchors for Reroof Permits3314.3.1.6 Parapet Clamps705.11.1 Parapet Construction2104.6.1 Parapet Wall Construction1106.5 Parapet Wall Scupper Location1106.5 Parapet Wall Scuppers1503.3 Parapet Walls705.11 Parapets10.1.6 Parapets, Cornices, Ornamentation and AppendagesR302.2.4 Parapets for Townhouses§62 Parapets, Guard Railings and Wires§27-333 Parapets on Exterior Walls139-523 Parcel 12139-524 Parcel 14139-525 Parcel 17139-522 Parcel 81109. Parcel Lockers139-521 Parcels 4, 5, 13, 14 and 152.2- Parent/Infant Room(s)76-147 Park Boundary Line402.6 Park LandArticle 552 Park Trailers216.5 Parking97-54 Parking Access Through Zoning Lots in Residence Districts42.10.5.19 Parking Aircraft Fuel Servicing Hydrant Vehicles and Carts42.10.5.18 Parking Aircraft Fuel Servicing Tank VehiclesSection 3811 Parking and GaragingSection 6111 Parking and Garaging of LP-Gas Tank VehiclesSection 6111 Parking and Garaging Oflp-Gas Tank Vehicles69.6.2 Parking and Garaging Vehicles Used to Carry LP-Gas Cargo123-70 Parking and Loading115-51 Parking and Loading Regulations88-50 Parking and Loading Regulations and Curb Cut Locations62-44 Parking and Loading Requirements for Floating Structures1910.302(a)(1)(iii) Parking and Other LotsSection 1106 Parking and Passenger Loading Facilities13.1.8 Parking and Service Garages2006.20.1 Parking Area Design453.10.3.2 Parking Areas510.4 Parking Beneath Group RA5.106.6 Parking Capacity8. Parking DevicesSection 1109A Parking Facilities208.2.3.3 Parking for Guests, Employees, and Other Non-Residents28-40 Parking for Quality Housing208.2.3.1 Parking for Residents402.4.1.3 Parking Garage1105.1.2 Parking Garage Entrances1104.5 Parking Garage Floor Drains9.4.1.2 Parking Garage Lighting Control402.4.2.3 Parking Garages406.2 Parking Garages, Open or Enclosed74-52 Parking Garages or Public Parking Lots in High Density Central Areas69.6.2.3 Parking Indoors25-67 Parking Lot LandscapingC401.5 Parking Lot Lighting36-58 Parking Lot Maneuverability and Curb Cut Regulations11B-246.6 Parking Lots502.10 Parking Meters and Parking Pay Stations1106.8 Parking Meters and Pay Stations64-421 Parking Modifications5706.6.2.1 Parking Near Residential, Educational and Institutional Occupancies and Other High-Risk Areas42. Parking of Aircraft Fuel Servicing Hydrant Vehicles and Carts42. Parking of Aircraft Fuel Servicing Tank Vehicles3320.7.2.3 Parking on Grades5706.6.2.2 Parking on Thoroughfares5604.13.7.3 Parking or Stopping69.6.2.2 Parking Outdoors93-823 Parking Permitted by Special Permit121-50 Parking Provisions for Subdistrict A-2136-41 Parking Regulations84-34 Parking Regulations and Curb Cuts78-42 Parking Regulations for Commercial and Community Facility Uses86-41 Parking Regulations for Commercial Uses44-28 Parking Regulations for Residential Uses in M1-1D Through M1-5D Districts44-29 Parking Regulations for Zoning Lots Containing Self-Service Storage Facilities in Designated Areas98-171 Parking Regulations in Subarea H503.2.7.1 Parking Regulations Necessitated by Roadway Configuration113-562 Parking Requirements44-211 Parking Requirements Applicable to Non-Profit Hospital Staff Dwellings62-43 Parking Requirements for Commercial Docking Facilities5007.9.2 Parking Restrictions1112.8.10 Parking Restriping50.8.11 Parking, Servicing, and Repair1109A.8.8.1 Parking Signage(A) Parking Space Load1109A.8.8.2 Parking Space Marking502 Parking Spaces10.3 Parking Spaces for Dwelling Unit Occupants§27-459.1 Parking Spaces for People Having Physical Disabilities62-451 Parking Spaces on Floating Structures208.2.5 Parking Spaces Provided by State Agencies and Political SubdivisionsSection 1012 Parking Spaces Within Camping Units and Picnic Units and Pull-Up Spaces at Dump StationsA5. Parking Stall Marking3.3.282.8* Parking Structure3. Parking Structure, Assisted Mechanical Type3. Parking Structure, Automated Type3. Parking Structure, Enclosed206.4.2 Parking Structure Entrances3. Parking Structure, Open3. Parking Structure, Ramp Type1021.1.2 Parking Structures26-54 Parking Wrap and Screening Requirements87-413 Parking Wrap and Screening Requirements in the Core and South Subdistrict87-423 Parking Wrap and Screening Requirements in the North SubdistrictSection H101 Part 1264—Identification of Buildings Utilizing Truss Type ConstructionH101.1 Part A12-7A-4.7 Part A. Under-Deck Flame Test12-7A-4.8 Part B. Burning Brand ExposureH101.2 Part B—General Facility Description/Site PlanH101.3 Part C—Facility Storage Map—Confidential Information§ 23-27.3-105.3 Part Change in Use102.1 Part III — New Construction, Renovation, or Change of Use and New BuildingsC403.4.4 Part-Load Controls6. Part-Load Fan Power Limitation1910.211(d)(6) Part Revolution Clutch(D) Part-Winding Motor430.4 Part-Winding Motors3.7 Partial ApplicationAS103.6 Partial Bales1910.97(a)(1)(ii) Partial Body Irradiation21.6.2.2 Partial Building Evacuation§28-118.20 Partial Certificate of Occupancy§28- Partial Certificates of Occupancy3411.4.1 Partial Change in Occupancy1001.2.2.1 Partial Change of Occupancy1001.3.1 Partial Change of Occupancy ClassificationR602.10.5.2 Partial Credit21.6.2.1 Partial Evacuation1904.1 Partial Exemption for Employers With 10 or Fewer Employees1904.2 Partial Exemption for Establishments in Certain Industries406. Partial Gas Authorization30.1.4* Partial Installations[A] 102.5 Partial Invalidity1608.5 Partial Loading§27-563 Partial Loading Conditions111.1.4 Partial Occupancy17.5.3.2* Partial or Selective CoverageA-701.5 Partial or Temporary Occupancy(A) Partial or Total Shunting21.6.2.9* Partial Termination of OEO2.1.1.3 Partially Enclosed HoistwaysA505.2.3 Partially Grouted MasonryR908.8.1.2 Partially Inaccessible Straps2108.3.2 Partially-Sprinklered Facilities463.4 Participant and Program Data, Emergency Procedures5.1- Participant and Related Support Areas5.2-2 Participant Areas5.1-2.3 Participant Community Areas*5.2-2.3.3 Participant Health and Wellness Areas*5.1-2.3.4 Participant Kitchen5.1-4.2.8 Participant Telephone Access5.1- Participant Toilet Room1910.1048(n)(1) Participation401.7.4 Participation in Drills and Education2303.1.8 Particleboard2306.5 Particleboard Shear Walls21.406.2 Particular Feature Units1910.1001(f)(1)(viii) Particular Products and Operations1910.1001(f)(1)(v) Particular Tools1910.94(a)(1)(ix) Particulate-Filter Respirator1324.5.8 Particulate Matter605.4 Particulate Matter Removal1309.2 Particulate Size10.1.1.3 Partition Bracing1607.5 Partition Loads231.4.2 PartitionsH 501.10 Partitions and Baffles(E) Partitions and Distance§27-346 Partitions and Furring2304.11.2 Partitions and Walls(D) Partitions Between Components§241 Partitions; Fire-Stopping201.5 Parts1.4- Parts List3306.9.2 Party Wall Exits, Fire Exits706.1.1 Party Walls804.2.1 Pass Through Kitchen804.2.1 Pass-Through Kitchens710.5.3 Pass-Through Openings in Group I-2, Condition 21224. Pass-Throughs2703.10.3 Pass-Throughs in Existing Exit Access Corridors2703.3.2 Pass-Throughs in Exit Access Corridors2.7.3.2 Passage Across Roofs1107.6.1.5 Passage Doors3104.5.2.1 Passage of SmokeG2427.10.14 (503.10.14) Passage Through Ceilings, Floors or Walls2111.14.5 Passageway1910.265(f)(2) Passageways1926.416(b) Passageways and Open Spaces316.4.4 Passageways on Roofs1224.4.13.2 Passenger2.14.4 Passenger and Freight Car Doors and Gates, General Requirements2.14.1 Passenger and Freight Enclosures, General2.14.5 Passenger Car Doors2.14.2 Passenger-Car Enclosures11B-503 Passenger Drop-Off and Loading Zones11B-209 Passenger Drop-Off and Loading Zones and Bus Stops62-462 Passenger Drop-Off and Pick-Up Areas for Docking Facilities2.11.2.1 Passenger Elevators1106. Passenger Loading Zone503 Passenger Loading Zones209 Passenger Loading Zones and Bus Stops1607.7 Passenger Vehicle Garages2006.9 Passengers1926.964(c)(17) Passing Objects to Employee403.5.4 Passing Space403.5.3 Passing Spaces(2) Passing Through a Floor or Wall(B) Passing Through Partitions3103F.5.5 Passing VesselsC407.5.2 Passive House DocumentationR407.3 Passive House Institute (PHI)R407.2 Passive House Institute U.S. (PHIUS)C407.1.2 Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) or Passive House Institute (PHI) Certification[F] 909.12.3.2 Passive MethodSection AF103 Passive Radon-Resistant System Requirements3.3.239.2 Passive RF Emitting DeviceR303.9.1.1 Passive Solar Energy CollectorsAF103.5 Passive Submembrane Depressurization SystemAF103.6 Passive Subslab Depressurization System24.6.2* Password Protection3.3.212 Patch Kettle(4) Path for Fault Current1013.8 Path Marking1006.3.2 Path of Egress Travel(e) Path of Travel11B-202.4 Path of Travel Requirements in Alterations, Additions and Structural Repairs3.3.197 Path (Pathways)1030.8.1 Path Through Adjacent Row407.4.2 Path Through Adjacent Rows12.3* Pathway Class Designations23.4.3 Pathway Classification12.4* Pathway Survivability12.4.1 Pathway Survivability Level 012.4.2 Pathway Survivability Level 112.4.3* Pathway Survivability Level 212.4.4* Pathway Survivability Level 312.4.5* Pathway Survivability Level 43111.2.3.2 Pathways1205.2.1.1 Pathways to Ridge1224.4.13.1 Patient1301.6.21 Patient Ability, Concentration, Smoke Compartment Location and Ratio to Attendant1301.6.21.1 Patient Ability for Self-Preservation1224.33.3.2 Patient Access1228.14.2.14 Patient Bathing Facilities2.2- Patient Bathroom(A) Patient Bed Location(A) Patient Bed Location Branch Circuits(B) Patient Bed Location Receptacles1228.30.1 Patient Bedroom1227.12.1 Patient Bedrooms11B-805.2 Patient Bedrooms and Resident Sleeping Rooms2.1- Patient Call Stations2.1-3 Patient Care and Diagnostic Areas1228.13.1 Patient Care Areas3.3.283.3 Patient Care Non-Sleeping Suite (Health Care Occupancies) Patient Care Non-Sleeping Suite Maximum Size18. Patient Care Non-Sleeping Suite Means of Egress18. Patient Care Non-Sleeping Suite Travel Distance18. Patient Care Non-Sleeping Suites3.3.211 Patient Care Nonsleeping Suite (Health Care Occupancies) Patient Care Nonsleeping Suite Maximum Size18. Patient Care Nonsleeping Suite Means of Egress19. Patient Care Nonsleeping Suite Travel Distance18. Patient Care Nonsleeping Suites1302.2 Patient Care Rooms2.7-2.6.2 Patient Care Rooms and Areas3.3.283.4 Patient Care Sleeping Suite (Health Care Occupancies) Patient Care Sleeping Suite Maximum Size18. Patient Care Sleeping Suite Means of Egress18. Patient Care Sleeping Suite Supervision18. Patient Care Sleeping Suite Travel Distance517.80 Patient Care Spaces2.1-3.4.2 Patient Care Station Design2.1- Patient Care Station Features1224.39.6.4 Patient Care Stations3.3.211 Patient Care Suite (Health Care Occupancies)2.6-2 Patient Care Unit and Living Areas2.5- Patient Care Unit Call System2.2-2 Patient Care Units2.1-2 Patient Care Units and Other Patient Care Areas(D) Patient Care Vicinity Grounding and Bonding (Optional)1224.16.7.2 Patient Change Area11B-805.5 Patient Change Areas2.7-3.10.3 Patient Changing and Preparation Area1226. Patient Changing Area2.2- Patient Changing Area(s)1224. Patient Changing Areas2.1- Patient Changing Rooms1301.6.21.2 Patient Concentration1224.18.7.2 Patient Dressing Areas1224.34.2.7 Patient Dressing Rooms*2.2-2.2.3 Patient/Family-Centered Care2.2- Patient Grooming Room*1.2-4.3 Patient Handling and Movement Assessment (PHAMA)1.2-4.3.2 Patient Handling and Movement Elements for the Safety Risk Assessment1224.28.2.6 Patient Holding*1.2-4.7 Patient Immobility Assessment1224. Patient Information2.5- Patient Laundry Facilities*2.1- Patient Lift System2.6-2.3 Patient Living Areas2.2- Patient-Monitoring Equipment1227.12.11 Patient/Nurse Call System3103C.2 Patient Observation and Communication*2.7- Patient Play Area2.2- Patient Play Areas1224.16.2.2 Patient Privacy*2.1-2.2 Patient Room1225. Patient Room Beds907. Patient Room Smoke Detectors1224.14.1 Patient Rooms1224.18.7.1 Patient's Toilet Room(s)1224.4.13.3 Patient Services1224.29.1.2 Patient Space(B) Patient Stations1224. Patient Storage1228.23.3 Patient Storage Facilities449.4.1.5 Patient Support Area(s)1224.28.6.5 Patient Support Areas2.1-4 Patient Support Facilities2.14-4 Patient Support Services1224.36.2.21 Patient Toilet1224. Patient Toilet Room2.5- Patient Toilet Room/Bathing Facility Hardware and Accessories1226.4.14.1 Patient Toilet Room(s)2.1- Patient Toilet Rooms1224.18.5.3 Patient Toilet(s)*2.2- Patient Treatment/Resuscitation Area1227.7.4 Patient Viewing Windows1224. Patient Waiting Area2.6- Patient Waiting Area(s)2.1- Patient Waiting Areas2.1- Patient Waiting Room or Area1224.33.3.11 Patients' Toilet Room*1.2-5.2 Patients, Visitors, Physicians, and Staff Accommodation and FlowSection R329 Patio CoversT103.3 Patrol Intervals1101.11 Paved AreasArticle 108 Pavement Plan§28-108.2 Pavement Plan RequiredSection 1917 Paving[P] 2902.3.5 Pay Facilities§28-214.3.1 Payment by City1926.95(d) Payment for Protective Equipment(c) 109.4.3 Payment of Civil Penalties[A] 109.1 Payment of Fees§14-03 Payment of Fees for Variances From the Restrictions on Times During Which Construction Activities May Be Conducted. [Repealed]§28-118.14 Payment of Outstanding Fees and Penalties§28-116.5 Payment of Outstanding Penalties§28-213.3 Payment of Penalty Required Before Issuance of Permit106.6.6 Payment or Other Communication Made by Mail605.7 PE-AL-PE Plastic Pipe/Tubing and JointsM2104.4.2 PE-AL-PE-to-metal Connections605.18 PE Plastic605.6 PE Plastic Pipe/Tubing and Joints605.8 PE-RTM2104.3.3 PE-RT Insert Fittings605.24 PE-RT PlasticM2101.20.2 PE-RT-to-Metal Connections706.6 Peak Clipping Level1816.2.1 Peak Ground Acceleration1007.3.3.2 Peak Monthly Energy Demand Reporting17.7.3.3* Peaked29.11.3.1* Peaked Ceilings10. Peaked Roofs and Ceilings1910.263(k)(17) Peanut Cooling Trucks1910.265(b)(29) Peavy1910.4.3.3 Pedestals705.7.5 Pedestrian At-Grade Rail Crossings81-45 Pedestrian Circulation Space81-676 Pedestrian Circulation Space Requirements3115.2.1 Pedestrian Deck Panels or Pavers3303.2 Pedestrian Protection705.7.4 Pedestrian Refuge Islands101-533 Pedestrian Safety13-26 Pedestrian Safety and Access703.9 Pedestrian Signals11B-206.2.19 Pedestrian Street Crossings11B-703.7.2.7 Pedestrian Traffic-Control Buttons3202.3.4 Pedestrian WalkwaysSection 3104 Pedestrian Walkways and TunnelsSection 611 Pedestrian Walkways, Pedestrian Tunnels, and Mezzanines36.4.4.4 Pedestrian Way(B) Pedestrians2.2-2.4 Pediatric and Adolescent Oncology Patient Care Unit*2.2-2.11 Pediatric and Adolescent Patient Care Unit1228.30 Pediatric and Adolescent Psychiatric Service Space1228.30 Pediatric and Adolescent Psychiatric Unit1224.30 Pediatric and Adolescent Unit2.7-2.14 Pediatric Bariatric Patient Care Unit*2.7-2.7 Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Unit2.2-2.7.2 Pediatric Critical Care Patient Care Rooms and Areas2.2-2.7 Pediatric Critical Care Unit2.3-3.4.5 Pediatric Facilities*2.7-2.2 Pediatric Medical/Surgical Patient Care Unit1226. Pediatric Patients2.7-2.12 Pediatric Psychiatric Patient Care Unit2.8- Pediatric Trauma/Resuscitation Rooms*2.8- Pediatric Treatment Rooms1228.31.2 Pediatrics and Adolescents§27-2041 Peepholes3101F.8.2 Peer Review104.11.3 Peer Review. [OSHPD 1 & 4]1617A.1.41 Peer Review Requirements2113.11.1.3 Pellet Fuel-Burning Appliances2902.5.3 Penal Institutions§27-508.7 Penalities(B) Penalties115.4 Penalties and Abatement117.3 Penalties and Fees for Late Renewal1008.4 Penalties and Minimum Fines14X-1-105 Penalties and RemediesA05.1 Penalties for Late Renewals§ 23-27.3- Penalties for Violation as to Manufactured Homes§304 Penalties for Violations§27-2119 Penalties; Refusal to Admit and Interference With Inspection; Failure to Submit Reports§27-2118 Penalties; Willful or Reckless Violations; False StatementsP-103.2 Penalty5608.2.7 Penalty for Noncompliance104.1.1.2 Penalty for Violation of Legally Adopted RulesArticle 213 Penalty for Work Without a Permit*§28-213.1.1 Penalty for Work Without Permit on One- or Two-Family Dwelling*§28-213.1.2 Penalty for Work Without Permit on Other Than One- or Two-Family DwellingA-604.1 Penalty Not Withstanding*§28-320.6.4 Penalty Recovery§109-03 Penalty Schedule for FDNY Summonses(2) Pendant(H) Pendant Boxes410.54 Pendant Conductors for Incandescent Filament Lamps520.71 Pendant Lampholders(3) Pendant Luminaires(B) Pendants3. Pendent Sprinkler714.6.2 Penetrating Items507.3.1 PenetrationR703.11.1.2 Penetration DepthR302.4.1.2 Penetration Firestop System[BF] 1705.18.1 Penetration Firestops604.6 Penetration of Assemblies1109.3 Penetration of PipingSection 714 Penetrations711.6 Penetrations and JointsAS105.6.3 Penetrations in Exterior Strawbale Walls5.9* Penetrations in HC Fire Walls714.5.4 Penetrations in Smoke BarriersE3402.2 Penetrations of Fire-Resistance-Rated AssembliesE3402.3 Penetrations of Firestops and Draftstops307.3 Penetrations of Floor/Ceiling Assemblies and Fire-Resistance-Rated Assemblies307.3 Penetrations of Floor/Ceiling Assemblies and Fireresistance-Rated Assemblies716.5.3.1 Penetrations of Shaft EnclosuresB302.7 Penetrations, Punctures, Cuts and TearsE3901.4.3 Peninsular Countertop Space(3) Peninsular Countertop Spaces93-523 Pennsylvania Station Subarea B45.2.6 Penstocks, Flumes, Rivers, or Lakes713.12.1 Penthouse Mechanical Rooms[BG] 1511.2 Penthouses2. Percent Counterweight Overbalance Data Plate3203.9.2 Percentage of Group A Plastics[F] 414.2.2 Percentage of Maximum Allowable Quantities3806.2.1 Percentage of Maximum Allowable Quantities Per Control Area[F] 428.4 Percentage of Maximum Allowable Quantity in Each Laboratory Suite3805.4 Percentage of Maximum Allowable Quantity Per Control AreaSection 404 Percolation or Permeability Evaluation406.4 Percolation Rate, Seepage Pit406.3 Percolation Rate, Trench or BedH 401.0 Percolation TestP3009.8.1.1 Percolation Test HoleP3009.8 Percolation TestsP3009.8.1 Percolation Tests and ProceduresArticle 207 Peremptory Orders101.5.3 Perfomance Compliance MethodE403.3 Perforated Pipe Systems2305. Perforated Shear Wall Resistance2305.3.5.1 Perforated Shear Wall Segment Height Definition2305.3.6.1 Perforated Shear Wall Segment Width Definition2305.3.7.2 Perforated Shear Walls(2) Perform Tests (FPTs)1703.4 Performance60.7 Performance Alternative1905.3.2 Performance and Approval62-72 Performance and Maintenance RequirementsSection 140.0 Performance and Prescriptive Compliance ApproachesSection 150.1 Performance and Prescriptive Compliance Approaches for Low-Rise Residential BuildingsSection 150.1 Performance and Prescriptive Compliance Approaches for Single-Family Residential BuildingsSection 170.1 Performance ApproachSection 140.1 Performance Approach: Energy BudgetsSection A4.204 Performance Approach for AdditionsSection A4.203 Performance Approach for Newly Constructed Buildings1112.8.4.2 Performance Area206.2.6 Performance Areas206.7.1 Performance Areas and Speakers' Platforms18.5.5.7* Performance-Based AlternativeN1105.2 (R405.2) Performance-Based Compliance17.3* Performance-Based Design5001.3 Performance-Based Design Alternative7.3.7* Performance-Based Design Documentation[A] Performance-Based Design Features24.12* Performance-Based Design of Mass Notification Systems104.9.3 Performance-Based Fire and Life Safety Design14.2.9* Performance-Based Inspection and Testing301A.3.3 Performance- Based Method4.4.3 Performance-Based Option26.6.3* Performance-Based Technologies107-24 Performance BondG2.1 Performance Calculations1407.2 Performance Characteristics805.2.2 Performance Compliance301.3.3 Performance Compliance MethodG1.2.2.1 Performance Cost Index3.3.212* Performance Criteria1324.0 Performance Criteria and Testing Category 1 (Gases, Medical Surgical Vacuum)1325.13 Performance Criteria and Testing — Category 2 (Gas, Medical-Surgical and Vacuum)106.2.5 Performance Criteria for Accessible Communications Entry Systems5.2.2* Performance Criterion7.2.3.2 Performance Design63.9.10 Performance Design Option5.8.13 Performance Evaluation[BG] 303.1 Performance Group Allocation[BG] 303.4.1 Performance Group I[BG] 303.4.2 Performance Group II[BG] 303.4.3 Performance Group III[BG] 303.4.4 Performance Group IVSection 303 Performance Groups[BG] 301.3.1 Performance Level2612.2.1 Performance Levels808.2.1 Performance Method10.2.7.1 Performance Objective304A.3.4 Performance Objectives of Performance-Based Methods*1.2-8.2.4 Performance of Functional/Operational Tests23.5 Performance of Initiating Device Circuits (IDCs)23.7 Performance of Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs)23.6 Performance of Signaling Line Circuits (SLCs)1006.4 Performance of System10.6.11.4 Performance, Operation, Testing, and Maintenance1910.1024(d)(2) Performance Option1910.1026(d)(3) Performance-Oriented Option315.4 Performance Qualification TestingG1.2 Performance RatingG1.2.2 Performance Rating CalculationC401.2.4 Performance Rating Method Baseline Building Vertical FenestrationC401.2.2 Performance Rating Method for Source EnergyG1.1 Performance Rating Method Scope[P] 1202.3 Performance RequirementSection 1402 Performance Requirements[A] 103.3 Performance Requirements and Acceptance Method ApproachG1.2.2.2 Performance Source Energy IndexA5.203.1.2 Performance Standard66.27.3.1 Performance StandardsC403.10.2.1 Performance Standards (Mandatory)42-27 Performance Standards Regulating Fire and Explosive Hazards42-28 Performance Standards Regulating Humidity, Heat or Glare42-21 Performance Standards Regulating Noise42-24 Performance Standards Regulating Odorous Matter42-26 Performance Standards Regulating Radiation Hazards42-23 Performance Standards Regulating Smoke, Dust and Other Particulate Matter42-25 Performance Standards Regulating Toxic Noxious Matter42-22 Performance Standards Regulating Vibration507.6 Performance TestP104.9.2.4 Performance Test, Stair ShaftP104.9.2.3 Performance Test, Vestibule(C) Performance TestingPerformance Tests14.2.2.1 Performance Verification5609.10.2 Performer Protection5.12.2 Performing Risk Assessments607.8.3 Perimeter504.4.11.1 Perimeter and Clear Path Access96-20 Perimeter Area1926.756(e) Perimeter Columns315.4 Perimeter Coverage1025.2.4 Perimeter Demarcation Lines7. Perimeter Demarcation Marking3305.3.4.5 Perimeter Formwork1030.17.1 Perimeter Guards37-921 Perimeter Landscaping454. Perimeter Overflow Gutter Systems454. Perimeter Overflow Gutters454. Perimeter Overflow Gutters or Skimmers3136B.2 Perimeter Overflow Systems11. Perimeter PathwaysK107.5 Perimeter Protection1926.760(a)(2) Perimeter Safety Cables*2.5- Perimeter Security(2) Perimeter Surfaces1616.3.2.3 Perimeter Ties2.4.3.2 PeriodA509.4.4 Period Determination1011.3 Periodic Boiler Inspections1910.1029(j)(3) Periodic Examinations2007.6.2 Periodic Foam Fire Extinguishing System Test1705.2.3.2 Periodic Inspection§28-304.6.6 Periodic Inspection and Category Testing Repair§28-304.6.4 Periodic Inspection and Category Testing Reports and Notations on the Inspection Certificate8.11.1.3 Periodic Inspection and Test Frequency§27-998 Periodic Inspection and Test Intervals8.11.4.1 Periodic Inspection and Test Requirements12. Periodic Inspection and Testing5807.4.4 Periodic Inspection and Testing of Containers§28-112.7.2 Periodic Inspection Fees§ 23-27.3-121.4 Periodic Inspection for Posting8.11.2 Periodic Inspection of Electric ElevatorsArticle 304 Periodic Inspection of Elevators8.11.4 Periodic Inspection of Escalators and Moving Walks§32-03 Periodic Inspection of Exterior Walls and Appurtenances of Buildings* Article 318 Periodic Inspection of Gas Piping Systems8.11.3 Periodic Inspection of Hydraulic Elevators8.11.5 Periodic Inspection of Other EquipmentArticle 323 Periodic Inspection of Parking Structures§28-304.6.5 Periodic Inspection or Category Test Reports Submission§28-304.6.6.2 Periodic Inspection Repair§28-304.6.5.1 Periodic Inspection Reports8.11.3.1 Periodic Inspection Requirements13.4.4 Periodic Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance8. Periodic Inspections108.7.2.1 Periodic Inspections and TestsSection 8.11 Periodic Inspections and Witnessing of Tests204.7.1 Periodic Inspections for Hazardous or Unlawful ConditionsArticle 324 Periodic Inspections of Dry FloodproofingG107.5 Periodic Inspections of Dry Floodproofing Systems602.6 Periodic Inspections to Prevent Contamination of Mechanical Systems1910.1027(l)(4) Periodic Medical Surveillance1704.3.3.2 Periodic Monitoring1910.1051(d)(3) Periodic Monitoring and Its Frequency1910.1028(e)(3) Periodic Monitoring and Monitoring FrequencySection G107 Periodic, Progress and Special Inspection Requirements§28-312.2 Periodic Replacement of Carbon Monoxide Alarms§28-312.6 Periodic Replacement of Natural Gas Alarms§28-312.4 Periodic Replacement of Smoke Alarms1910.66(h)(4) Periodic Reshackling of Suspension Wire Ropes1910.66(h)(3) Periodic Resocketing of Wire Rope Fastenings401.3.5 Periodic Review and Revision2306.9.6 Periodic Tank and Piping Test8. Periodic Test8. Periodic Test Record8. Periodic Test Requirements8.6.4.19 Periodic Test Requirements — Category Periodic Test Requirements — Category Periodic Test Requirements — Category Periodic Test Requirements for Escalators and Moving Walks — Category 1909.3.1 Periodic TestingSection 1109 Periodic Testing [F]7.9.3 Periodic Testing of Emergency Lighting Equipment8.6.1.7 Periodic Tests§28-1001.3 Periodic UpdateArticle 314 Periodic Wastewater Recycling System Inspection and Testing1926.1127(l)(5)(i)(A) Periodically Reassess:1910.1030(d)(3)(ix)(D)(1) Periodically Reevaluate This Policy1226.8.1.2 Perioperative Services1224. Perioperative Support ServicesCA103.3.7.2 Peripheral Edges of Intermediate Concrete Floors1912.2.2 Peripheral Ties11B-219.5 Permanent and Portable Systems5706.2.4 Permanent and Temporary Tanks609.2 Permanent Appliances and EquipmentPart II Permanent Audio System Installations(D) Permanent Barriers1926.914(l)(4) Permanent Blasting Wire1. Permanent Buildings in Mobilehome Parks and Special Occupancy ParksD102.2.8 Permanent CanopiesP-720.5 Permanent Car Washes66. Permanent Closure in Place453.5.6.8 "Permanent Facility"R314.7.3 Permanent Fixture3305.2.8 Permanent Flooring and Steel Erection in Tiered Buildings1105.5.1 Permanent Gravity Ventilation Openings2303.4.1.2 Permanent Individual Truss Member Restraint2303.4.1.2 Permanent Individual Truss Member Restraint (PITMR) and Permanent Individual Truss Member Diagonal Bracing ( PITMDB )701.1.1 Permanent Inground Residential Swimming Pool1926.1436(b)(3)(i) Permanent Installations304.3.1.2 Permanent Ladders508.3.3 Permanent LightingSection 3110B Permanent Markings11.9 Permanent Membrane Structures(A) Permanent NameplateG306.3 Permanent Placement8.13.1 Permanent PlatesSection 1815 Permanent Prestressed Rock and Soil Anchors811.5 Permanent Record14.6.1* Permanent Records3308.5.7 Permanent Removal605.1.1.1 Permanent Shading Devices for Fenestration1115.3 Permanent Sign106.4.3 Permanent Signage3.3.282.9 Permanent Structure(B) Permanent Structures1926.963(c)(2) Permanent Test Areas3.3.199 Permanent Visual Record (Recording)101-714 Permanent Window Graphics530.11 Permanent Wiring11.1.2 Permanent Wiring, Fixtures, and Equipment1807.1.4 Permanent Wood Foundation Systems(A) Permanently Connected(1) Permanently Installed14A-6-605.3.1 Permanently-Installed Devices250.35 Permanently Installed Generators(A) Permanently Installed Generators and Portable Generators Greater Than 15 kW(1) Permanently Installed Heaters680.45 Permanently Installed Immersion Pools1926.1438(a) Permanently Installed Overhead and Gantry CranesPart II Permanently Installed PoolsG104.1 Permanently Installed Spas and Hot Tubs680.61 Permanently Installed Therapeutic Pools6110.2 Permanently Out of Service5001.6.2 Permanently Out-of-Service Facilities(2) Permanently Wired Radiant HeatersP3009.8.2 Permeability Evaluation1114.2.2.2 Permeability Tests902.5 Permeable Soils With High Ground Water41.3.3 Permissible Areas24.5.4 Permissible Concrete Compressive Stresses at Service Loads24.5.3 Permissible Concrete Stresses at Transfer of Prestress1926.62(c) Permissible Exposure Limit3.3.213 Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL)1910.1001(c) Permissible Exposure Limit (PELs)1910.1047(c) Permissible Exposure Limits1910.1043(c) Permissible Exposure Limits and Action Levels1910.1050(c) Permissible Exposure Limits (PEL)1926.1101(c) Permissible Exposure Limits (PELs)—A 104.0 Permissible Friction Loss210.22 Permissible Loads, Individual Branch Circuits210.23 Permissible Loads, Multiple-Outlet Branch Circuits1910.134(a) Permissible Practice1910.110(c)(9) Permissible Product53.3.1.6 Permissible Refrigerant Discharges60.4 Permissible Storage and Use Locations24.5 Permissible Stresses in Prestressed Concrete Flexural Members8. Permissible Stretch in Escalator Chains20.3.2.5 Permissible Tensile Stresses in Prestressed ReinforcementSection 21.406 — Permissible Variations in Dimensions§353 Permission of Owner or Lessee3201.5 Permission Revocable(B) Permissive Rules3314.2 Permit121.8 Permit and Form Requirements5601.2.3.1 Permit Applicants3314.16.3 Permit ApplicationSection J104 Permit Application and Submittals5.7.2 Permit Application DocumentationG104.2 Permit Application RequirementsG103.1 Permit Applications14A-1-105.11.4 Permit Applied for Before August 1, 202014A-1-105.3.1 Permit Applied for Before December 1, 201914A-1-105.9.1 Permit Applied for Before June 1, 201914A-1-105.5.1 Permit Applied for Before March 1, 201814A-1-105.4.1 Permit Applied for Before October 1, 2018[A] 106.5 Permit Approval319.2.1 Permit Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)41.2.2 Permit Authorizing Individual (PAI)1501.3 Permit [BSC-CG, HCD 1, DWR]10-103 Permit, Certificate, Informational and Enforcement Requirements for Designers, Installers, Builders, Manufacturers and Suppliers5608.2.6 Permit Conditions5608.2.5 Permit Denial(8) 5608.8 Permit, Denial and Revocation106.7.3 Permit Does Not Constitute Authorization for Illegal SignP-104.2 Permit Exclusive§28-106.3 Permit ExemptionG104.7 Permit Expiration14A-4-412.2.2 Permit FeeAE304.3.3.1 Permit Fee Erroneously Paid or Collected14A-12-1204.3 Permit Fee FactorsAE304.3.3.2 Permit Fee Paid When No Work Done1.17* Permit FeesSection 92.0132 Permit Fees for Repair, Replacement, Alteration, or Modification*§28-112.13 Permit Filing Fees for One-, Two- or Three-Family Dwellings Damaged by a Fire105. Permit for Assembly Occupancies453.5.12 Permit for Construction14A-4-413.7 Permit for Person Not Entitled to One3316.4 Permit for Power Operated Hoisting Equipment(4) 5611.4 Permit FormP-104.2.1(R) Permit Holder3309.5.4 Permit Holder Responsibilities117.2.1 Permit, Inspection and Performance Test Fee ExemptionA03.1 Permit, Inspection and Plan Examination FeesSection A-402 Permit Inspections105.4.1 Permit Intent[A] 106.5 Permit Issuance105.3.1 Permit Issuance and Renewal14A-4-412.4 Permit Issued After Stop Work Order or Unpermitted Work14A-4-413.8.2 Permit Issued in Error105.14 Permit Issued on Basis of an Affidavit§28-101.4.1 Permit Issued or Work Commenced Prior to Effective Date§28-101.4.1 Permit Issued or Work Commenced Prior to July 1, 20083309.5.1 Permit Limitations3310.8.5 Permit Log5707.1.2.4 Permit Record MaintenanceA-901.12.1 Permit Reinspection FeeG104.8 Permit Reinstatement14A-4-401.5.1 Permit-Related Documents1619.3.4 Permit Renewal for Temporary Construction Installations That Utilize an Action Plan3103.1.2 Permit Required3. Permit-Required Area41.* Permit-Required AreasAppendix A Permit-Required Confined Space Decision Flow Chart1926.1204 Permit-Required Confined Space Program1910.146 Permit-Required Confined Spaces105.7.1.3 Permit Required to Conduct an Operation5607.3.2 Permit Requirements5601.2.3 Permit RestrictionsA-504.6 Permit Revocation3316.4.4 Permit Signage1926.1203(h) Permit Space Entry Communication and CoordinationG104.9 Permit Suspension or Revocation1910.146(e) Permit System1926.1436(c)(2)(v)(A) Permit to Store, Process or Use Hazardous Materials[A] 109.3 Permit ValuationsSection 105 Permits80.19 Permits and ApprovalsSection 107 Permits and Fees[A] 102.3.7 Permits and InspectionsSection 105 Permits and Other Approvals53.1.2 Permits and PlansH105.2 Permits, Drawings and Specifications105.7.3 Permits—ExpirationSection 1.8.4 Permits, Fees, Applications and Inspections204.4.2 Permits for Modular Construction§28-111.1.1 Permits for the Erection and Use of Temporary Structures105.1.3 Permits for the Same Location105.1.3 Permits for the Same Premises or Location120.5.2 Permits—FormSection A03 Permits, Inspections and Plan Examinations105.3.9.2 Permits Investigation and Procedure for Granting Power to DenySection AE303 Permits Issuance11-281 Permits Issued Pursuant to Variances Granted Prior to the Effective Date of Amendment C880800 ZMM, Removing the Special Yorkville-East 86th Street District[A] 106.2 Permits Not Required320.4.5 Permits ObtainedPart 2 Permits, Plan Checks, Fees, Inspections105.3.9.6 Permits Power of Revocation and SuspensionA-302.2.3 Permits Related to Imminently Dangerous and Unsafe Structures or ConditionsSection J103 Permits Required101.9 Permits/Statement of Compliance105.3.9.4 Permits Transfer105.3.9.5 Permits Validity106.10 Permits With Respect to Limited Alteration Applications(A) Permitted44-51 Permitted Accessory Off-Street Loading Berths25-10 Permitted Accessory Off-Street Parking Spaces144-51 Permitted Accessory Parking32-63 Permitted Advertising Signs912.1 Permitted Combination Waste and Vent System104-73 Permitted Curb Cut Locations12.19.1 Permitted Fixtures74-963 Permitted Floor Area Increase3112.1 Permitted Heights22-331 Permitted Illuminated Accessory Signs for Hospitals and Related FacilitiesSection P-411 Permitted Joints1312.1 Permitted Locations for Medical Gas1307.3 Permitted Locations for Medical GasesR308.6.2 Permitted Materials(A) Permitted Methods81-634 Permitted Modifications in Conjunction With Additional Floor Area22-32 Permitted Non-Illuminated Accessory Signs107-223 Permitted Obstruction in Designated Open Space23-62 Permitted Obstructions23-621 Permitted Obstructions in Certain Districts23-87 Permitted Obstructions in Courts23-12 Permitted Obstructions in Open Space139-221 Permitted Obstructions in Required Yards64-312 Permitted Obstructions in Required Yards, Courts, and Open Spaces for All Zoning Lots23-44 Permitted Obstructions in Required Yards or Rear Yard Equivalents142-41 Permitted Obstructions in Subareas A2, A3, B1, B3 and B462-513 Permitted Obstructions in Visual Corridors82-39 Permitted Obstructions Within Required Setback Areas16-10 Permitted Off-Street Parking in the Long Island City Area13-10 Permitted Off-Street Parking in the Manhattan Core93-82 Permitted Parking13-15 Permitted Parking for Automobile Rental Establishments13-16 Permitted Parking for Car Sharing Vehicles and Commercial Vehicles13-12 Permitted Parking for Non-Residential Uses13-11 Permitted Parking for Residences13-13 Permitted Parking for Zoning Lots With Multiple Uses13-14 Permitted Parking in Public Parking Lots93-822 Permitted Parking When a Reservoir Deficit Exists93-821 Permitted Parking When the Reservoir Surplus Is Greater Than or Equal to Zero101-131 Permitted Projection32-652 Permitted Projection in All Other Commercial Districts32-651 Permitted Projection in C6-5, C6-7 or C7 Districts32-65 Permitted Projection or Height of Signs61-22 Permitted Projection Within Any Flight Obstruction Area1002.4.4.3 Permitted Protrusions in Wheelchair Spaces16-15 Permitted Public Parking Garages16-14 Permitted Public Parking Lots54-41 Permitted Reconstruction52-531 Permitted Reconstruction or Continued Use(B) Permitted Reductions94-061 Permitted Residential, Community Facility and Commercial Uses117-05 Permitted Sidewalk Cafe Locations32-62 Permitted Signs32-68 Permitted Signs on Residential or Mixed Buildings97-13 Permitted Small Sidewalk Cafe Locations104-50 Permitted Transfer of Floor Area§27-835 Permitted Types of Incinerators513.12.1 Permitted Use(A) Permitted Uses95-054 Permitted Uses and Other Constructions139-111 Permitted Uses in Manufacturing Districts139-112 Permitted Uses in Mixed Use Districts134-111 Permitted Uses in Subdistricts134-112 Permitted Uses in the Open Space Subarea(C) Permitted Uses of Soft Conversion(2) 5624.2 Permitted Uses of Storage Location4.1.15.2 Permitted VoltageH 1101.5 PermitteeP3011.4 Permitting1926.1205 Permitting Process3.3.215 Peroxide-Forming Chemical11B-406.2 Perpendicular Curb Ramps502.9.2 Perpendicular or Angled Parking Spaces1926.961(c)(11) Person Releasing Clearance3.3.214* Personal Care1910.268(g) Personal Climbing Equipment1926.1423(d) Personal Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint Systems1926.502(d) "Personal Fall Arrest Systems"1910.66(j) Personal Fall Protection1910.140 Personal Fall Protection Systems1926.967(e)(1) Personal Flotation DevicesSection 1201 Personal Hygiene411.4 Personal Hygiene Devices2.3-4.2.7 Personal Laundry Facilities14A-1-103.3 Personal Liability11B-806.2.3.1 Personal Lift Device Floor Space1027.4.5 Personal Property1910.261(i)(4) Personal Protection41.3.1* Personal Protective Clothing1910.120(k)(5) Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment40.9 Personal Protective Equipment1910.1050(f)(4) Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing1910.120(g)(5) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Program1910.120(g)(3) Personal Protective Equipment SelectionAppendix A Personal Protective Equipment Test Methods457.2.2.2 Personal Safety2.3-2.3.5 Personal Services (Hair Salon/Spa) Areas1230.1.19 Personal Storage1703.1.3 Personnel3004.4 Personnel and Material Hoists103.3.7 Personnel Certification Application, Filing and Processing103.3.10 Personnel Certification, Revocation or Suspension(3) Personnel Doors506.3.8.1 Personnel EntrySection 3318 Personnel Hoists5605.6.7 Personnel LimitsS104.4 Personnel Location3308.6.2.1 Personnel Net1926.1431(e) Personnel Platform Criteria1926.1431(f) Personnel Platform Loading427.25 Personnel Protection625.22 Personnel Protection System27.3.7 Personnel Qualification10.5 Personnel QualificationsSection S104 Personnel Requirements5604.10.7 Personnel Safeguards60.5.1.4* Personnel Training5003.9.1 Personnel Training and Written Procedures8.10.1.1 Persons Authorized to Make Acceptance Inspections and Tests8.11.1.1 Persons Authorized to Make Periodic Inspections and Witness Tests§46-01 Persons Authorized to Perform Inspections, Tests, Certifications, and Other Functions on Behalf of the Department. [Repealed]408.2.4 Pervious and Permeable Pavement408.2.4 Pervious Pavement and Permeable Unit PavementSection 309 Pest EliminationSection 309 Pest Infestation and Extermination14X-3-308 Pest Management3.3.217 Pesticide38.5.6 Pesticide Application2003.9 Pesticides2.3-4.4.3 Pet AccommodationsSection 441 Pet Kennels and Pet Boarding Facilities [SFM]102.1 Petition for Rule-Making4.7 Petition for the Adoption of Regulations1-321 Petition Processing by Agencies1-321 Petition Processing by Proposing or Adopting Agencies1-319 Petition Processing by the Commission1-313 Petitions1910.3 Petitions for the Issuance, Amendment, or Repeal of a Standard605.10 PEX-AL-PEX Plastic Tubing and Joints1203.17.2 PEX-AL-PEX-to-Metal Connections305.3.1 PEX and or CPVC605.16 PEX Plastic605.9 PEX Plastic Tubing and Joints1.2- PHAMA Requirement507.7 Pharmaceutical Compounding Exhaust Discharge1224.19 Pharmaceutical Service Space1230.1.15 Pharmaceutical Storage1231.2.13 Pharmaceutical Storage Space505.12 Pharmacies — Compounding Area of Parenteral Solutions505.7 Pharmacies - Compounding Area of Parenteral Solutions. [CA - Board of Pharmacy]505.12.1 Pharmacies — Laminar Flow Biological Safety Cabinet505.7.1 Pharmacies - Laminar Flow Biological Safety Cabinet. [CA - Board of Pharmacy]302.1.3 Pharmacies; Veterinary Facilities; Barbering, Cosmetology or Electrolysis Establishments; And Acupuncture Offices1224. Pharmacological Information1225. Pharmacy2.1-4.2 Pharmacy Services1.2- Phase 1: Patient Handling and Movement Needs Assessment1.2- Phase 2: Design Considerations(B) Phase ArrangementArticle 455 Phase Converters(C) Phase-Fault Protection3007.2 Phase I Emergency Recall Operation3.27.1 Phase I Emergency Recall Operation After Device Actuation607.1 Phase I Emergency Recall Operation and Phase II Emergency In-Car Operation2.27.3.2 Phase I Emergency Recall Operation by Fire Alarm Initiating Devices21.3.3 Phase I Emergency Recall Operation Initiation3.27.2 Phase I Emergency Recall Operation Prior to Device Actuation2.27.11.1 Phase I Emergency Recall Operation With OEO2.1-3.7.4 Phase I Post-Anesthesia Recovery Room(s)2.1-3.4.4 Phase I Post-Anesthetic Care Unit (PACU)P104.3.1 Phase I (Recall) Phase II Emergency In-Car OperationP104.3.2 Phase II (Override)2.1-3.7.5 Phase II Recovery Room or Area2.1-3.4.5 Phase II Recovery Room(s) or Area1926.1427(k) Effective DatesSubchapter A Phase-in of Electrical Code Technical Standards§34-01 Phase-in of New Standards for Electrical Work. [Repealed]2.26.6 Phase Protection of Motors3.26.5 Phase Reversal and Failure Protection[A] Phased and Partial Occupancy[A] 107.3.3 Phased ApprovalSection A404 Phased Construction116-633 Phased Development of Waterfront Public Access Area127-533 Phased Development of Waterfront Public Access Areas125-47 Phased Implementation of Publicly Accessible Areas453.12.3 Phased Installation Prohibited§28-104.2.5 Phased or Partial Approval105.13 Phased Permit Approval14A-1-105.11.6 Phased Permitting115.2.5 Phased Plan Approval*1.1-3.1.3 Phased Projects§28-110.2 Phased Site Safety Plans1618.7.3 Phased Submission7-130 Phased Submittal, Review and Approval*§28-120.2 Phased Tenant Protection Plans*1.2-7.1 PhasingA304.6 Phasing of the Strengthening Work1.2-7.1.1 Phasing Provisions602.4 Phenolic603.5.2 Phenolic DuctsR407.3.1 PHI DocumentationR407.2.1 PHIUS Documentation907. Phone Jacks411.7.1 Photo Luminescent Exit Signs3.3.276.3* Photoelectric Light Obscuration Smoke Detection3.3.202 Photoelectric Light-Scattering Smoke Detection3002.10 Photoelectric Tube Bypass Switch5601.12 Photography3.3.215* Photoluminescent1026.11 Photoluminescent Exit Path Marking1704.30 Photoluminescent Exit Path Markings411.6.1 Photoluminescent Exit Signs7.10.7.2* Photoluminescent SignsO101.9.1 Photovoltaic Interconnection(A) Photovoltaic Module Mounting Systems and DevicesR403.12 Photovoltaic Modules and Systems:1507.17 Photovoltaic Modules/Shingles(D) Photovoltaic Mounting Systems and DevicesO101.9 Photovoltaic or Solar Water Heating Interconnection Provisions(2) Photovoltaic Output Circuit Currents1607.14.4 Photovoltaic Panel SystemsSection 1512 Photovoltaic Panels and Modules1607.14.4.3 Photovoltaic Panels Installed on Open Grid Roof Structures1507.18.1 Photovoltaic Panels/Modules1607.14.4.2 Photovoltaic Panels or Modules1607.13.5.3 Photovoltaic Panels or Modules Installed as an Independent Structure690.55 Photovoltaic Power Systems Employing Energy Storage1511.9 Photovoltaic (PV) Panel Systems600.34 Photovoltaic (PV) Powered Sign1507.16 Photovoltaic Shingles3111.3 Photovoltaic Solar Energy Systems512.4.2 Photovoltaic Solar Panel Installation Markings512.4 Photovoltaic Solar Panel Installations(A) Photovoltaic Source and Output Circuits(1) Photovoltaic Source Circuit Currents(A) Photovoltaic Source Circuits(G) Photovoltaic System Direct Current Circuits on or in a Building690.13 Photovoltaic System Disconnecting Means1509.7 Photovoltaic Systems690.55 Photovoltaic Systems Connected to Energy Storage Systems1230.1.11 Physical Activity and Recreation Areas60. Physical and Health Hazard Properties2.12-3.2 Physical and Occupational Therapy[BF] 1705.15.1 Physical and Visual Tests13. Physical Condition18.3.3 Physical Construction14-12 Physical Criteria for Enclosed Sidewalk CafesAppendix B Physical Criteria (Mandatory)(C) Physical Damage1.2-5.4 Physical Environment Elements2.2-4.2 Physical Environment Elements for Risk Reduction*2.2-4.2.2 Physical Environment Features and Harm Reduction452.2 Physical Environment, Water Supply and Fire Safety3309.3 Physical Examination3.3.218 Physical Hazard3. Physical Hazard Material5001.2.2.1 Physical Hazards5.3-3.2 Physical/Occupational Therapy Rooms and Areas467.2 Physical Plant Definitions449.4 Physical Plant Requirements for Disaster Preparedness of New Hospital Construction450.4 Physical Plant Requirements for Disaster Preparedness of New Nursing Home Construction467.2 Physical Plant Requirements (Inpatient Facility and Unit)463.5 Physical Plant, Sanitary Conditions, Housekeeping Standards and Maintenance469.4 Physical Plant Standards1504.7 Physical PropertiesE103.1.2 Physical Properties of the Material[F] 912.4.3 Physical Protection63.4.13.7 Physical Protection and Support42.3.3.6 Physical Protection for All Outside Aboveground Tanks27.5.5.4 Physical Protection of Transmission Line2.2- Physical Rehabilitation AreaSection 21.404 — Physical Requirements708.5 Physical Security464.5.1 Physical Site Requirements3.1-3.3.2 Physical Therapy Area2.6-3.1.2 Physical Therapy Areas5.3-3.2.4 Physical Therapy Exercise Area1225.6.2 Physical Therapy Service1224.35.2 Physical Therapy Service Space§ 23-27.3-106.5 Physical Value4.2.4 Physical Violence Mitigation1926.1127(l)(10) Physician's Written Medical Opinion1926.1101(m)(4) Physician's Written Opinion1926.1101(n)(3)(ii)(C) Physicians, Dentists, Podiatrists, Veterinarians or Pharmacists1910.1047(k)(3)(ii)(B) Physicians' Written Opinions[F] 405.8.2 Pick-Up Time1910.265(c)(31)(iii) Pickup and Unloading Points604. Pickup Time11B-246.5 Picnic Areas19.6 Picnic Areas and Highway Rest AreasSection 245 Picnic Facilities245.2.2 Picnic Facilities With More Than Two Picnic Units245.2.1 Picnic Facilities With Two or Fewer Picnic Units1011.4 Picnic Tables245.2 Picnic Units With Mobility Features106.5.42 Pictogram703.6.1 Pictogram Field1910.1200(f)(1)(iv) Pictogram(s)703.6 Pictograms3.3.219* Pier1809.10 Pier and Curtain Wall FoundationsSection 1808 Pier and Pile FoundationsF101.6 Pier and Wood ConstructionR606.7.1 Pier CapSection AE602 Pier Construction1809.5.7 Pier Foundations1808.2.21 Pier or Pile Location Plan11-16 Pierhead Lines, Bulkhead Lines and Marginal Streets11.5* Piers1808.2 Piers and Piles—General Requirements[BCD] 3604.7 Piers and Wharves26.22.2.1 Piers and Wharves With Combustible Substructure[BCD] 903.2.11.7 Piers or Wharves[BS] C104.2.9 Piggyback Gable End Frames1706.2 Piggyback Trusses1910.265(b)(30) Pike Pole5104.4.2 Pile and Palletized Storage Aisles1802.2.4 Pile and Pier Foundations3106F.8 Pile Axial Behavior1810.3.11 Pile Caps3107F.2.7 Pile/Deck Connection Strength1817.8.1 Pile Design3207.3 Pile Dimension and Height Limitations3409.1 Pile Dimensions1808.2.16 Pile Driveability1926.1404(p) Pile Driving1926.603 Pile Driving Equipment1926.603(b) Pile Driving From Barges and Floats1809.2.1 Pile Driving HammerArticle 9 Pile Driving Operations2807.3 Pile Fire Protection1704.8 Pile FoundationsArticle 7 Pile Foundations-General RequirementsArticle 8 Pile Foundations-Loads315.3.3.3 Pile Height1812.6 Pile Internal Stability to Resist Overturning and Translation1808.5.7 Pile Location Plan§27-699 Pile Materials5704.3.3.7 Pile or Palletized Storage31.3.6.3* Pile Protection§27-669 Pile Reactions2808.4 Pile Separation315.7.6 Pile Separation Distances5904.2.2 Pile Size Limits5904.1.1 Pile Size Limits and Location2806.3 Pile Stability3.3.152* Pile Stability, Stable Piles3.3.153* Pile Stability, Unstable PilesMulti-Floor Dwelling UnitMulti-Level Occupancy SensorMulti-Occupant SpacesMulti-Point Adjustable Suspension ScaffoldMulti-Scene ControlMulti-Sensor DetectorMulti-Story HousingMulti-Story Housing (For Chapter 11)Multibedroom Housing UnitMulticycle SystemMultifamily DwellingMultifamily Manufactured HomeMultilayered Glazed PanelsMultilevel Assembly SeatingMultilevel Occupancy SensorMultilevel Play StructureMultimode InverterMultioutlet AssemblyMultiple DwellingMultiple Dwelling UnitMultiple HazardsMultiple-Level BoothMultiple Lift RiggingMultiple OccupancyMultiple-Position FurnaceMultiple-Position Furnace Furnace, CentralMultiple-Row RacksMultiple-SpeedMultiple-Station AlarmMultiple-Station Alarm DeviceMultiple-Station Smoke AlarmMultiplexingMultipoint Adjustable Suspended ScaffoldMultipurpose Assembly OccupancyMultiscene ControlMultistageMultistage Regulator, Gas ApplianceMultistory Dwelling UnitMultistory UnitMultistory unit.primary Function AreasMultiunit Residential BuildingsMunicipal Fire Alarm Box (Street Box)Municipal Fire Alarm SystemMunicipal Reclaimed WaterMunicipality(N1)60 Standardized, Normalized SPT-ValueN1 Normalized SPT N-Value (Blows/ft)N1101 Energy EfficiencyNacelleNail PlateNailable SubstrateNailing, BoundaryNailing, EdgeNailing, FieldNaked Cotton BaleNameplate HorsepowerNameplate Horsepower (hp)Nameplate RatingNAT MaxNAT + NATNational Geodetic Vertical Datum (NGVD)Native Brush or ShrubNative Plant SpeciesNative PlantsNatural BarricadeNatural Barricade BarricadeNatural Bodies of WaterNatural CobNatural Decorative GreenNatural DraftNatural Draft DraftNatural Draft SystemNatural Draft Venting SystemNatural Draft Venting System Venting SystemNatural GasNatural Gas AlarmNatural Gas Liquids Fractionation FacilitiesNatural Gas Processing FacilitiesNatural Gasoline PlantNatural SandsNatural TreeNatural VegetationNatural VentilationNaturally Durable WoodNavigable WatersNegative Air MachineNegative Pressure Respirator (Tight Fitting)NeglectNeighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV)NEMA Design a MotorNEMA Design B MotorNEMA Design C MotorNeon TubingNestingNet AcreNet-Centric Alerting System (NCAS)Net Cross-SectionalNet Cross-Sectional AreaNet Cross-Sectional Area (For Masonry)Net Explosive Weight (Net Weight)Net Floor AreaNet Floor SpaceNet-Free AreaNet Free Ventilating Area (NFVA)Net Occupiable Floor AreaNet Tensile StrainNet Vertical ForceNettingNetworkNetwork ArchitectureNetwork Interface Unit (NIU)Network-Powered Broadband Communications CircuitNetwork TerminalNetworked Guest Room Control SystemNetworked Guestroom Control SystemNeutral ConductorNeutral PointNew ConstructionNew Essential Services BuildingNew High-Rise BuildingNew High-Rise StructureNew School BuildingNewel Base, EscalatorNewel Base, Moving WalkNewel, EscalatorNewel, Moving WalkNewly ConstructedNewly Constructed (or New Construction)Next Generation Attenuation (NGA)Next Generation Attenuation West 2 (NGA West 2)NF Medical AirNFPA 70NFRC 100NFRC 200NFRC 202NFRC 203NFRC 400NicheNickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) BatteryNickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd) Battery Battery TypesNickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) Battery Storage BatteryNickel Cadmium (NiCad) BatteryNickel-Metal Hydride (NI-MH)Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) BatteryNickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Battery Storage BatteryNight ClubNightclub(NIOSH)Nitrogen, NFNitrogen, NF (Oil-Free, Dry)No Added Formaldehyde (NAF) Based ResinsNo-Decompression LimitsNo-Flow Condition (Solar)No-Niche LuminaireNodal ZoneNodeNode, Curved BarNOESNominalNominal DimensionsNominal Dimensions (For Chapter 21)Nominal LoadsNominal Marine ConditionsNominal Size (Lumber)Nominal StrengthNominal Strength StrengthNominal Strength Strength (For Chapter 21)Nominal VoltageNominal Voltage (Battery or Cell)Non-Accessible AreaNon-Conforming SignNon-Fire EmergencyNon-Fire Emergency DrillNon-General Acute Care Building (Non-GAC Building)Non-Patient Care SuiteNon-Patient-Care Suite (Health Care Occupancies)Non-Patient-Care Suite (Heath Care Occupancies)Non-Power-Limited Fire Alarm Circuit (NPLFA)Non-Production LaboratoryNon-Pyrotechnic Special EffectNon-Stormwater DischargesNonabrasive/Abrasive MaterialsNonadjustableNonadjustable (As Applied to Circuit Breakers)Nonadjustable Regulator, Gas ApplianceNonambulatory PersonsNonassignable SpaceNonautomaticNonbearingNonbearing WallNonbearing Wall WallsNonbuilding StructureNoncombustibleNoncombustible (Material)Noncombustible MaterialsNoncombustible Membrane StructureNoncombustible Membrane structure.tensile Membrane StructureNoncombustible Protection (For Mass Timber)Noncombustible Roof CoveringNoncombustible. [SFM]Nonconditioned SpaceNonconductive Optical Fiber CableNonconforming BuildingNonconforming Structural MaterialsNoncontiguous PropertyNoncontinuous ObstructionNoncritical DeficiencyNondedicated Smoke-Control SystemNonductile ElementNonentry AreaNonflammable GasNonflammable MaterialNonfood-Grade FluidNonhazardous Process Piping (NPP)Nonincendive CircuitNonincendive ComponentNonincendive EquipmentNonincendive Field WiringNonincendive Field Wiring ApparatusNonindustrial Additive ManufacturingNonlinear LoadNonliquefied Compressed GasesNonmedical Gas SystemNonmetal FramingNonmetallic Auxiliary GutterNonmetallic ExtensionNonmetallic-Sheathed CableNonpatient-Care SuiteNonpotable Fixtures and OutletsNonpotable WaterNonpotable Water SystemsNonprofessional ProjectorNonrecirculating SystemNonrecombinant BatteryNonrecombinant Battery Battery TypesNonrecombinant Battery Storage BatteryNonrenewable EnergyNonrequiredNonresidentialNonresidential Data RegistryNonresidential (For Flood Zone Purposes)Nonrestorable Initiating DeviceNonself-Contained SpaNonstandard Part-Load Value (NPLV)Nonstop Switch, ElevatorNonstorage AreaNonstructural AlterationNonstructural AlterationsNonstructural ConcreteNonstructural Performance Category (NPC)Nonstructural Performance Category NPC-4DNonstructural WallNonswingingNonswinging DoorNontransientNonvisitation Crypt MausoleumNonwater Supplied UrinalNonwater Urinal With Drain Cleansing ActionNonweatherized Space Constrained Single-Package Vertical UnitNonweatlterized Space Constrained Single-Package Vertical UnitNormalNormal ConditionNormal EscalatorsNormal Stopping MeansNormal Temperature and Pressure (NTP)Normal Terminal Stopping Devices Operating Devices and Control EquipmentNormal WallNormal Working HoursNormally Unoccupied Building Service Equipment Support AreaNorth American Vertical Datum (NAVD)North-OrientedNosing[Not Adopted by HCD]Not Permitted for [OSHPD 1, 2, 3 & 4]NotationsNotesNotification ApplianceNotification Appliance CircuitNotification ZoneNoveltiesNovelties and Trick NoisemakersNovelties Sparkling DevicesNow Therefore, Be It Further ResolvedNow Therefore, Be It ResolvedNoxiousNozzleNozzlesNPC 1, NPC 2, NPC 3/NPC 3R, NPC 4 and NPC 5NRCA(NRTL)NS of Egress(NTP)NuisanceNuisance AlarmNurses' StationsNursing HomeNursing HomesNursing Unit[NY] Approved[NY] Area Weighted Average[NY] ASHRAE 90.1—2016[NY] ASHRAE 90.1—2016 (As Amended)[NY] Building[NY] Building Code of New York State[NY] Building Official[NY] Building System[NY] Building Thermal Envelope[NY] Conditioned Space[NY] Diaper Changing Station[NY] ERI Reference Design[NY] Existing Building[NY] Existing Building Code of New York State[NY] Fire Code of New York State[NY] Historic Building[NY] Insulated Siding[NY] Level 2 or Level 3 Alteration[NY] Mechanical Code of New York State[NY] Newly Constructed Building[NY] Plumbing Code of New York State[NY] Public Family or Assisted-Use Toilet Room[NY] Public Toilet Room[NY] Registered Design Professional[NY] Residential Building[NY] Residential Code of New York State[NY] Standard Reference Design[NY] Substantial Renovation[NY] Townhouse, or Townhouse UnitOAR 837-030-0100 Through 837-030-0280OAR 837-039-0006OAR 837-039-0006(2)(B)OAR 837-047-0100OAR 837, Division 41OAR Chapter 309-035OAR Chapter 309-035, OAR Chapter 411-054, OAR Chapter 411-325OAR Chapter 411-054OAR Chapter 411-325OAR Chapter 415-050OAR Chapter 837, Division 39OAR Chapter 837, Division 39; And OAR 837-039-0006OAR Chapter 837, Division 39 and OAR 837-039-0006(2)(B)OathObjectiveObjective DataObservationObstructed ConstructionObstructionOccupanciesOccupancies Containing Explosives Not Classified as H-1Occupancies Containing Explosives Not Classified as H-1 Occupancy ClassificationOccupancyOccupancy CategoryOccupancy ClassificationOccupancy ClassificationsOccupancy ConditionsOccupancy Importance FactorOccupancy, NontransientOccupancy SensorOccupantOccupant CharacteristicsOccupant Evacuation OperationOccupant Evacuation Operation (OEO)Occupant LoadOccupant SensorOccupant Sensor ControlOccupational Exposure Limit (OEL)OccupiableOccupiable AreaOccupiable RooftopOccupiable SpaceOccupiable StoryOccupied SpaceOccupied-Standby ModeOctave BandOff-HookOff-Mode Power Consumption (pw,off)Off-Street Loading SpacesOfficeOffice BuildingOffsetOffset (Vent)Offsite LocationOH) Daylight Area Under Roof MonitorsOil BufferOil Buffer StrokeOil Drilling DistrictOil ImmersionOil Immersion "OOil InterceptorOil WellOld-Style/Conventional SprinklerOn-EdgeOn-EndOn-HookOn-Side Tire StorageOn-Site Electricity Generation SystemsOn-Site ManagerOn-Site Nonpotable WaterOn-Site Nonpotable Water Reuse SystemOn-Site Nonpotable Water Reuse SystemsOn-Site Power Production FacilityOn-Site Renewable EnergyOn-Site Standby GeneratorOn-Site Treated Nonpotabie WaterOn-Site Treated Nonpotable WaterOn-Site Treated Nonpotable Water [BSC-CG & HCD 1]On-Tread Tire StorageOnce-Through CoolingOne- And Two-Family DwellingOne- And Two-Family Dwelling UnitOne-Family Dwelling UnitOne-Hundred-Year Storm ElevationOne-Third Octave BandOne-Third Octave RandOne-Way ConstructionOne-Way Emergency Communications SystemOne-Way Radio CommunicationsOnground Storable PoolOnsite Renewable Energy SystemOpaqueOpaque DoorOpen AirOpen-Air Assembly SeatingOpen-Air Mercantile OperationOpen Alcohol Process TankOpen Area Detection (Protection)Open ArrayOpen Array (Palletized, Solid-Piled, Bin Box, and Shelf Storage)Open Array (Paper)Open Array (Rolled Paper)Open BurningOpen-Circuit Self-Contained Breathing ApparatusOpen Combustible ConstructionOpen End Pipe PileOpen-Ended CorridorOpen Exterior SpaceOpen FiresOpen FlameOpen-Flame DeviceOpen FrontOpen-Front Wall LineOpen MallOpen Mall BuildingOpen Mall Building Covered Mall BuildingOpen Mall ConcourseOpen Mall Covered Mall BuildingOpen Parking GarageOpen Parking LotOpen Parking StructureOpen PorchOpen RackOpen RiserOpen-Spray SystemOpen-Spray System Indirect Refrigeration SystemOpen SprinklerOpen StructureOpen SystemOpen System UseOpen-Top ContainerOpenable AreaOpeningOpening ProtectiveOperableOperable PartOperating and Safety DevicesOperating BuildingOperating DeviceOperating Devices and Control EquipmentOperating LineOperating ModeOperating PermitOperating PressureOperating RoomOperating Speed in the Down DirectionOperating Unit (Vessel) or Process Unit (Vessel)Operation, AutomaticOperation, Automatic CallOperation, Automatic SendOperation, Car SwitchOperation, Car Switch Automatic Floor-StopOperation, Continuous-PressureOperation, Group AutomaticOperation, InspectionOperation, Nonselective Collective AutomaticOperation, PreregisterOperation, Selective Collective AutomaticOperation, SignalOperation, Single AutomaticOperationsOperatorOptical Fiber CableOptical Network Terminal (ONT)Optimum Start ControlsOptional ServicesOrderOrdinance (MWELO)Ordinary Concentrically Braced Frame (OCBF)Ordinary DemolitionOrdinary HazardOrdinary Hazard ContentsOrdinary Hazard (Group 1) (OH1)Ordinary Hazard (Group 2) (OH2)Ordinary Plain Masonry Shear WallOrdinary Plain Masonry Shear Wall Shear WallOrdinary Plain Pre-Stressed Masonry Shear WallOrdinary Plain Prestressed Masonry Shear WallOrdinary Plain Prestressed Masonry Shear Wall Shear WallOrdinary Reinforced Concrete Structural WallOrdinary Reinforced Masonry Shear WallOrdinary Reinforced Masonry Shear Wall Shear WallOrdinary RepairsOrganic CoatingOrganic MatterOrganic Peroxide