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516.4 Location and Application Restrictions62-571 Location and Area Requirements for Supplemental Public Access Areas2407.2 Location and Clear Space16.6.1.6 Location and Construction466.5 Location and Construction Types[F] 910.3.5.2 Location and Depth2.12.6.2 Location and Design5.7.3 Location and Enclosing of Counterweights1910.307(g)(2) Location and General Requirements5.5.1.3 Location and Guarding of CounterweightSection 2.3 Location and Guarding of Counterweights§27-510 Location and Height5001.5.3.1 Location and Identification§27-973 Location and Identification of Sending Stations and Sounding Devices(b) 320.6.2 Location and Installation607.8 Location and Installation Details17.7.5.5 Location and Installation of Detectors in Air Duct Systems2.7-3.1.1 Location and Layout16.1.6 Location and Minimum Construction Requirements52.3.2.1 Location and Occupancy Separation124-19 Location and Other Requirements for Specific UsesG2440.2 (615.2) Location and Protection8.2.5* Location and Protection of Dry Pipe ValveM1411.7 Location and Protection of Refrigerant Piping8.3.1.8 Location and Protection of System Water Control Valves2306. Location and SafeguardsR322.3.1 Location and Site Preparation402.2.2 Location and Size of OpeningsB.2.4 Location and Size of Water Supply Source11.11.3 Location and Spacing8.3.1.6 Location and Spacing of Releasing DevicesA-303.2.1 Location and Time(A) Location and Type of Protection704.9.3 Location and Venting116-34 Location and Width of Curb Cuts36-532 Location and Width of Curb Cuts Accessing Residential Parking Spaces in Certain Districts25-631 Location and Width of Curb Cuts in Certain Districts(D) Location Boards63. Location Exemptions1906.8.3 Location for Force Transfer99-051 Location, Height and Setback of Street Wall97-32 Location, Height and Width of Marquees and Marquee Signs6204.1.8 Location in Building73-211 Location in C2, C4, C6 or C7 Districts240.21 Location in Circuit240.24 Location in or on Premises[F] 415.11.7.2 Location in Service Corridors1906.8.4 Location in Slabs, Beams and GirdersSection P109 Location, Maintenance and Identification308.1.5 Location Near Combustibles66.22.4* Location of Aboveground Storage Tanks25-63 Location of Access to the Street1109A.7 Location of Accessible Parking Spaces128-54 Location of Accessory Off-Street Parking Spaces28-43 Location of Accessory Parking78-41 Location of Accessory Parking Spaces608.2.3 Location of Air Inlets608.1.3 Location of Air Outlets42. Location of Aircraft During Fuel Servicing97-211 Location of and Access to Arts and Entertainment Uses620.43 Location of and Protection for Cables517.2 Location of Appliances1010.1.3.1 Location of Applied ForcesE3902.19 Location of Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters540.11 Location of Associated Electrical Equipment18.4.9 Location of Audible Notification Appliances for Building or Structure18.4.10 Location of Audible Notification Appliances for Wide-Area SignalingP2902.6 Location of Backflow Preventers76-13 Location of Boundary LineR602.10.1.2 Location of Braced Wall Lines and Permitted Offsets602. Location of Braced Wall Panels in Seismic Design Categories DR602. Location of Braced Wall Panels in Seismic Design Categories D0, D1 and D2917.3.1 Location of Branch424.95 Location of Branch-Circuit and Feeder Wiring in Walls87-214 Location of Building Entrances78-31 Location of Buildings, Distribution of Bulk and Open Space and Modification of Height and Setbacks91-113 Location of Certain Commercial Uses[F] 905.4 Location of Class I Standpipe Hose Connections[F] 905.5 Location of Class II Standpipe Hose Connections[F] 905.6 Location of Class III Standpipe Hose Connections94-115 Location of Commercial Parking Spaces87-112 Location of Commercial Space78-242 Location of Commercial Uses139-141 Location of Commercial Uses in Mixed Buildings5704. Location of Connections5704. Location of Connections That Are Made or Broken69.3.3 Location of Containers1910.110(b)(6) Location of Containers and Regulating Equipment2304.4.3 Location of Containers Being Filled319.3.10.6 Location of Containers Filled On-Site69.3.4 Location of Containers Not Connected for Use606.2 Location of Containers or Tanks611.3.2 Location of Control Panels4. Location of Control Rooms9.6.6 Location of Controls66. Location of Cooking Oil Storage Tanks2.3.1 Location of Counterweights13-241 Location of Curb Cuts36-531 Location of Curb Cuts in C1 or C2 Districts Mapped Within R5D Districts230.11 Location of Customer Owned Service Conductors2405.2 Location of Dip-Tank Operations11. Location of Direct Current (DC) Conductors2209.5.4.1 Location of Discharge424.65 Location of Disconnecting Means5707.4 Location of Dispensing at Fleet FacilitySection 2303 Location of Dispensing Devices2307.4 Location of Dispensing Operations and EquipmentChapter 6 Location of District Boundaries402.8 Location of Diving Equipment911.3 Location of Draft Hood and Controls905.4 Location of Draft Hoods and ControlsG2419.3 (408.3) Location of Drips5.4.12.2 Location of Driving Machine, Alignment, and Guarding of SheavesB307.2.4 Location of Ducts and Plenums[P] 503.3 Location of Employee Toilet Facilities403.5 Location of Employee Toilet Facilities in Mercantile and Assembly Occupancies403.4 Location of Employee Toilet Facilities in Occupancies Other Than Assembly or Mercantile136-152 Location of Entrances66.22.12.3* Location of Equipment6103.3 Location of Equipment and Piping(C) Location of Essential Electrical System Components(9) 5619.9 Location of Examination501.3.1 Location of Exhaust OutletsArticle 3 Location of Exits3307.7.1 Location of Fence453.7.3 Location of Fire Extinguishers and Blankets310.2 Location of Fixtures and Compartments[P] 2903.1.3 Location of Fixtures and Piping418.3 Location of Floor Drains32-422 Location of Floors Occupied by Commercial Uses1809.6 Location of Footings1910.179(d)(1) Location of Footwalks303.3 Location of Fuel Containers606.1 Location of Full-Open Valves23-441 Location of Garages in Side Yards of Corner Lots23-442 Location of Garages in Side Yards of Other Zoning LotsE 401.3 Location of Gas Supply ConnectionE 401.3 Location of Gas Supply Connection. The GasSection 706 (IFGC) Location of Gaseous Hydrogen SystemsE3902.18 Location of Ground-Fault Circuit InterruptersE3607.2 Location of Grounding Electrode Conductor Connection17.4.3 Location of Hangers on Branch Lines17.4.4 Location of Hangers on Mains7.1.11.4 Location of Hoistway Door Openings2114.2.1.1 Location of Horizontal Ties2.11.4 Location of Horizontally Sliding or Swinging Hoistway Doors905.3.3.2 Location of Hose Connections3303.4.1.2 Location of Hose Lines, Wires, Ropes, Pipes, Chains and Conduits2705.2.1 Location of HPM in Use in Fabrication Areas2704.2.1 Location of HPM Storage in Fabrication Areas490.41 Location of Industrial Control Equipment(E) Location of Isolated Power Systems1709.9.3 Location of Label1114A.4.1 Location of Landings1910.103(c)(2) Location of Liquefied Hydrogen StorageSection 2303 Location of Liquid Motor Fuel Dispensing Devices66.28.4 Location of Loading and Unloading Facilities79-32 Location of Loading Berths1910.68(b)(10)(ii) Location of Lower PulleySection 6104 Location of LP-Gas Containers2.7.6.1 Location of Machine Rooms and Control Rooms2.7.6.2 Location of Machinery Spaces and Control Spaces4.1.7.1 Location of Machinery Spaces, Control Spaces, and Control Rooms2.7.6 Location of Machinery Spaces, Machine Rooms, Control Spaces, Control Rooms, and Equipment513.5.1 Location of Manual Activation Device605.11.1.4 Location of Marking603.4 Location of Meters50.8.2 Location of Mobile and Temporary Cooking Operations430.14 Location of Motors902.9 Location of Mound on Sloping Sites[F] 415.11.1.3 Location of Occupied Levels86-42 Location of Off-Site Accessory Parking Spaces for Residential Uses101-55 Location of Off-Site Parking Spaces125-52 Location of Off-Street Parking Spaces7-201 Location of Office124-193 Location of Office Uses in Towers35-33 Location of Open Space24-164 Location of Open Space for Residential Portion905.5 Location of Opening2309.3.1 Location of Operations and Equipment2308.3.1 Location of Operations on Property307.6.2 Location of Outdoor Burning Devices225.25 Location of Outdoor Lamps6109.12 Location of Outdoor Storage5804.2.1 Location of Outdoor Storage Area3504.2.1 Location of Outdoor Storage AreasG2415.16 (404.16) Location of Outlets685.10 Location of Overcurrent Devices in or on Premises705.31 Location of Overcurrent Protection135-43 Location of Parking Spaces112-115 Location of Parking Spaces Along City Island Avenue25-621 Location of Parking Spaces in Certain Districts25-622 Location of Parking Spaces in Lower Density Growth Management Areas512.4.1 Location of Photovoltaic Solar Panel Installations on Pitched Roofs1323.13.2 Location of Pipe Labeling66.22.12.1* Location of Piping2.20.2 Location of Piping and Fixtures1204.5 Location of Piping Identification[P] 1201.3.5 Location of Plumbing Fixtures808.7 Location of Pool Features in a Diving Pool2005.6.1 Location of Portable Fire Extinguishers1910.106(i)(4) Location of Process Units66.17.4 Location of Process Vessels and Equipment§27-408 Location of Processes5705.3.4 Location of Processing Vessels1910.219(d)(2) Location of Pulleys§27-441 Location of Pumps4-351 Location of Records1109.4 Location of Refrigeration PipingR609.2.3 Location of ReinforcementR404. Location of Reinforcement in WallR608.5.4.2 Location of Reinforcement in Walls91-411 Location of Required Retail Space124-111 Location of Residential Use Within Buildings5.8.1.8 Location of Roof Insulation555.4 Location of Service Equipment606.2 Location of Shutoff Valves53. Location of Signaling Devices101-715 Location of Signs*§28-312.8 Location of Smoke Alarms and Smoke Detectors5. Location of Speed Governor43.1.2.1* Location of Spray Application Operations2404.2 Location of Spray-Finishing Operations§27-936 Location of Standpipe Risers2.25.2.2 Location of Stopping Devices3405.7 Location of Storage69.5.4.1* Location of Storage Outside of Buildings66.24.4 Location of Storage Tank Buildings66.25.4 Location of Storage Tank Vaults3103.8.3 Location of Structures in Excess of 15,000 Square Feet in Area2.4- Location of Support Areas for the Psychiatric Patient Care Unit408.20 Location of Switchboards and Switchgear§27-829 Location of Tanks5704. Location of Tanks for Boilover Liquids5704. Location of Tanks for Class IIIB Liquids5704. Location of Tanks for Unstable Liquids5704. Location of Tanks Storing Boilover Liquids5704. Location of Tanks Storing Class IIIB Liquids5704. Location of Tanks Storing Unstable Liquids5704. Location of Tanks With Pressures 25704. Location of Tanks With Pressures 2.5 psig or Less5704. Location of Tanks With Pressures Exceeding 2.5 psig8.3.6.3 Location of Tests5.4.7.4 Location of the Speed Governor124-192 Location of Theaters[NY] 4004.1.2 Location of Toilet Facilities403.3.5 Location of Toilet Facilities in Airport Terminals[P] 2902.3.3 Location of Toilet Facilities in Covered Mall Buildings403.3.3 Location of Toilet Facilities in Covered Malls[P] 2902.3.4 Location of Toilet Facilities in Malls[P] 2902.3.2 Location of Toilet Facilities in Occupancies Other Than Covered Mall Buildings403.3.2 Location of Toilet Facilities in Occupancies Other Than Covered Malls[P] 2902.3.3 Location of Toilet Facilities in Occupancies Other Than Malls403.3.3 Location of Toilet Facilities in Occupancies Other Than Malls and Airports69.3.7 Location of Transfer Operations95-033 Location of Transit EasementsP-1202.4 Location of Trapped Fixtures or Receptacles Receiving Indirect Wastes13.3.2 Location of Traps66.23.4 Location of Underground Storage Tanks87-113 Location of Underground Uses142-12 Location of Uses81-621 Location of Uses in Mixed Buildings131-14 Location of Uses Within Buildings408.9 Location of Valves and HeadsP3103.5 Location of Vent Terminal12.4.4 Location of Vent Terminals3004.2 Location of Vents18.5.6 Location of Visible Notification Appliances for Wide Area Signaling62-511 Location of Visual Corridors18.5.6 Location of Visual Notification Appliances for Wide-Area Signaling§27-2063 Location of Water ClosetsE3405.5 Location of Working Spaces and Equipment112-131 Location of Zoning District Boundary Lines301.2 Location on Lot450.6.2 Location on Property1402.1 Location on the Lot1810.4.3 Location Plan8.13.4 Location, Position, and Spacing of In-Rack Sprinklers3106.4 Location Prohibited(E) Location Proximate to Luminaires, Lighting Outlets, and Ceiling-Suspended (Paddle) Fans(F) Location Proximate to Switches408.17 Location Relative to Easily Ignitible MaterialR317.1 Location Required606.9.2 Location Requirements2306.2.4 Location Requirements for Aboveground Tanks at Fleet Motor Fuel-Dispensing Facilities306.4 Location Restrictions(5) Location, Wall-Mounted Luminaires66.22.4.1 Location With Respect to Property Lines, Public Ways, and Important Buildings15-022 Location Within Building32-42 Location Within Buildings1106.1.2 Location Within Piles14-11 Locational Criteria for Enclosed Sidewalk Cafes37-713 Locational Restrictions[F] 915.2 Locations640.3 Locations and Other ArticlesM1902.1 Locations and Protection(D) Locations Exposed to Direct Sunlight2.2-3.9.2 Locations for Cough-Inducing and Aerosol-Generating Procedures406.6.2 Locations for Detectable Warning Surfaces1303.3 Locations for Ice Storage2.5-6.2.2 Locations for Safety and Security Equipment2.4- Locations for Storage of Staff Belongings43.1.2.2 Locations in Other Occupancies(E) Locations Not Permitted12. Locations Not Requiring Guards5704. Locations of Aboveground TanksR602.10.2.2 Locations of Braced Wall PanelsR324.7.3 Locations of DC Conductors1205.3.4 Locations of DC Conductors in Occupancies Other Than R-3132-42 Locations of Parking Spaces11.11.2 Locations of Suds Pressure Zones5.13.1 Locations Outside High Wind-Prone Regions406.9.3 Locations Prohibited2304.12.1 Locations Requiring Water-Borne Preservatives or Naturally Durable Wood2304.12.1 Locations Requiring Waterborne Preservatives or Naturally Durable Wood5704.2.7.8 Locations Subject to Flooding1.2-3.3.1 Locations to Be Assessed5704. Locations Where Above-Ground Tanks Are Prohibited(a) 3404. Locations Where Aboveground Tanks Are Prohibited14-41 Locations Where Certain Sidewalk Cafes Are Not Permitted14-42 Locations Where Enclosed Sidewalk Cafes Are Not Permitted14-43 Locations Where Only Small Sidewalk Cafes Are Permitted5.13.2* Locations Within High Wind-Prone Regions14X-4-403.3.1.1 Lock1926.803(c)(1)(iv) Lock Attendant's Station3.3.172 Lock-Up110.25 Lockable Disconnecting Means404.2.3.3 Lockdown Notification404.2.3.1 Lockdown Plan Contents404.2.3 Lockdown Plans[F] 702.3 Locked Doors(F) Locked Electrical Equipment Rooms or Enclosures1230.1.2 Locked Holding Room(C) Locked Rooms or Enclosures(B) Locked-Rotor Current(B) Locked-Rotor Indicating Code Letters230.92 Locked Service Overcurrent Devices1230.1.6 Locked Sleeping Rooms1224.18.7.5 Locked Storage19.4 Locker Rooms225.2.1 Lockers3109.4.2.3 LockingM1411.9 Locking Access Port Caps1010.2.15 Locking Arrangements in Buildings Within Correctional Facilities1010.1.9.10 Locking Arrangements in Correctional Facilities1010.2.8 Locking Arrangements in Educational Occupancies*3115.5.1 Locking Before Hurricane or Strong Wind Conditions[F] 905.7.2 Locking Cabinet Doors5.1.22.6 Locking Car Doors1010.1.11 Locking Certain Residential Sliding Doors407.4.1.1 Locking Devices5. Locking Devices for Hoistway Doors and Gates5.7.9 Locking Devices for Hoistway Doors or Gates[F] 912.4.1 Locking Fire Department Connection Caps(i) 903.3.7.1 Locking Fire Department Connection ("FDC") Caps1008.1.11.1 Locking Hardware420.13.1 Locking Mail Receptacles1910.265(c)(26)(v) Locking Main Control Switches16. Locking of Classroom Doors and Doors to Other Client Care Spaces14.* Locking of Classroom Doors and Doors to Other Instructional Spaces15.* Locking of Classroom Doors and Other Instructional Spaces1114.11 Locking of Stairway Doors(A) Locking or Latching Type[F] 905.11 Locking Standpipe Outlet Caps1910.333(b)(2) Lockout and Tagging1926.417 Lockout and Tagging of Circuits1910.147(c)(5)(ii)(C)(1) Lockout Devices1910.147(d)(4) Lockout or Tagout Device Application1910.147(e)(3) Lockout or Tagout Devices Removal1910.147(c)(2) Lockout/Tagout1910.269(d)(6) Lockout/Tagout Application1926.702(j) Lockout/Tagout Procedures1910.218(h)(2) Lockouts408.4 Locks1010.2.4 Locks and Latches§27-2043 Locks in Dwelling Unit Doors7.2.1.5 Locks, Latches, and Alarm Devices§27-996.1 Locks on Elevators and Elevator Hoistway Doors1010. Locks on Penthouse Doors22.4.5 Lockups1910.180(a)(2) Locomotive Crane310.4.2 Lodging Houses3.3.173 Lodging or Rooming House20.10 Lodging or Rooming HousesP108.2 Loft AccessAQ104.2 Loft Access and EgressP108.2.4 Loft GuardsSection AQ104 LoftsSection P108 Lofts in Emergency Housing1910.265(d)(2)(iii) Log Booms and Ponds1910.265(e) Log Breakdown and Related Machinery and Facilities1910.265(e)(1) Log Carriages and Carriage Runways1910.265(b)(25) Log Deck1910.265(d)(3) Log Decks1910.265(d) Log Handling, Sorting, and Storage1910.265(b)(27) Log Haul1910.265(d)(2)(vi) Log Hauls and SlipsSection G2433 (603) Log LightersSection 2806 Log Storage Areas1910.265(d)(2) Log Unloading and Storage Areas1910.265(d)(1) Log Unloading Methods, Equipment, and FacilitiesCA103.3.4 Log Wall31.3.8.3* Log Yard Protection918.4 Logbook606.1.3.1 Logbook Entries1910.266 Logging Operations1.1-3.4 Long-Range Improvement5. Long-Term Bicycle ParkingA4.106.9.3 Long-Term Bicycle Parking for Hotel and Motel BuildingsA4.106.9.2 Long-Term Bicycle Parking for Multifamily Buildings223.3 Long-Term Care Facilities2304.13 Long-Term Loading11-01 Long TitleG2413.4.1 (402.4.1) Longest Length MethodH114.2.1 Longevity3105F.4.4 Longitudinal and Vertical Berthing Forces3.3.115 Longitudinal Brace3.3.116* Longitudinal Flue Space1607.15.4 Longitudinal Force10.7.3 Longitudinal Reinforcement18.5.6 Longitudinal Sway Bracing1616.3.2.1 Longitudinal Ties9.7.5 Longitudinal Torsional Reinforcement1910.16 Longshoring and Marine Terminals1910.16(c)(1) Longshoring Operation1910.262(b)(20) Loom1910.262(n) Looms3.3.297.1 Loop Start Telephone Circuit3.3.206.6* Looped Sprinkler System1926.1412(f)(2)(xi)(B) Loose Bolts or Fasteners1910.265(d)(3)(iv) Loose Chains1926.960(e)(3) Loose ConductorsSection 3704 Loose Fiber Storage720.4 Loose-Fill Insulation5.8.1.3 Loose-Fill Insulation Limitation718.2.1.3 Loose-Fill Insulation Material1926.551(f) Loose Gear and Objects3.3.180 Loose HouseR402.2.1.1 Loose Insulation in Attic Spaces45.5 Loose Storage of Combustible Fibers501.1.1 Los Angeles City Scope705.42 Loss of 3-Phase Primary Source[BS] 501.3.3 Loss of Amenity1926.1404(h)(11) Loss of Backward Stability1904.7(b)(1)(v) Loss of Consciousness(C) Loss of Interactive System Power3.3.157 Loss of Power626.26 Loss of Primary Power705.40 Loss of Primary Source5603.3 Loss, Theft or Unauthorized Removal23-30 Lot Area and Lot Width Regulations142-61 Lot Area and Waterfront Public Access Area Requirements113-53 Lot Area, Lot Width and Density Regulations107-822 Lot Area RestrictionP-801.2.3 Lot Constraints77-24 Lot Coverage117-523 Lot Coverage and Open Space Ratio Requirements119-211 Lot Coverage, Floor Area and Density Regulations24-165 Lot Coverage for Zoning Lots Containing Community Facility and Residential Uses96-102 Lot Coverage Regulations109-122 Lot Coverage, Through Lot and Rear Yard Regulations107.3 Lot DiagramE 301.3 Lot Drainage Inlet108.2.1 Lot Line Markers Required§ 23-27.3-117.1 Lot Regulation18.8.1 Loudspeaker Appliances24.5.4 Loudspeaker Circuits640.25 Loudspeaker Installation in Fire Resistance-Rated Partitions, Walls, and Ceilings24.4.6 Loudspeakers602.2.4 Loudspeakers and Recessed Lighting2.2- Lounge and Toilet Facilities2.2- Lounge Facilities1224.19.7.1 Lounge, Locker and Toilet Facilities914.7.2 Louver or Gravity Dampers2406.1.4 Louvered Windows and Jalousies2403.5 Louvered Windows or Jalousies710.5.2.1 LouversG2407.10 (304.10) Louvers and GrillesSection 709 Louvers and Grills506.8 Louvers, Grilles, and Screens315.0 Louvers in Hurricane Prone Regions1926.804(f) Low Air8.8.2.2 Low Air Pressure Alarm12-3-10.3 Low AmbientC403.8.5 Low-Capacity Ventilation Fans1804.4.1 Low Collapsible and Low Soluble Soil7. Low Differential Dry Pipe Valve407.4.2 Low-Emission, Hybrid, and Electric Vehicle ParkingN1101.6 (R101.5.2) Low-Energy BuildingsC402.1.1 Low-Energy Buildings and GreenhousesC101.4.8.3 Low Energy Buildings as Described in Section C101.5.2C101.4.2.3 Low-Energy Buildings as Described in Section C402.1.1R101.4.8.4 Low Energy Buildings as Described in Section R101.5.2R101.4.2.4 Low-Energy Buildings as Described in Section R402.1C402.1.1 Low Energy Buildings, Semi-Heated Buildings and Greenhouses3.3.222.1* Low-Energy Power-Operated Door5604.3.2 Low ExplosivesL 411.5 Low Flow Irrigation3.3.1.1 Low Hazard* Low Hazard Contents306.3 Low-Hazard Factory Industrial, Group F-2311.3 Low-Hazard Storage, Group S-2G2427.10.2.4 (503.10.2.4) Low-Heat Appliance503.10.2.4 Low-Heat EquipmentA5.106.3 Low Impact Development (LID)14A-4-412.5.1 Low-Income Seniors1013.2 Low-Level Exit Signs in Group R-12104A. Low-Lift Grouted Construction5005.1.4.2 Low-Liquid-Level Control1910.106(c)(2)(iv) Low-Melting Materials66.27.2.4 Low Melting Point Materials506.1 Low Mercury Lamps3.26.9 Low Oil Protection1224.4.13.4 Low Patient Capacity25.2.2.2 Low-Piled Rack Storage4.3.1.5 Low-Piled Storage(B) Low-Power Circuits(1) Low-Power Network-Powered Broadband Communications Cables(C) Low-Power Network-Powered Broadband Communications Cables and PLFA Cables3.3.149 Low-Power Radio Transmitter3.3.158 Low-Power Radio Transmitter/Transceiver§2-01 Low Pressure Boiler Inspections by Qualified Boiler Inspectors and Welding Repairs by Certified Welders. [Repealed]§28-303.3.2 Low-Pressure Boilers904.8.3 Low-Pressure Containers10.8.7 Low Pressure Cut-Off Required on Booster Pumps606.5.5 Low-Pressure Cutoff Required606.5.5 Low-Pressure Cutoff Required on Booster Pumps609.9 Low-Pressure Cutoff Required on Booster Pumps for Water Distribution SystemsC403.12.2.1 Low-Pressure Duct SystemsC403.11.2.1 Low-Pressure Duct Systems (Mandatory)A.2.2 Low Pressure Natural Gas Tables1208.13 Low-Pressure ProtectionF 1201.2 Low-Pressure Switch Test66. Low-Pressure Tank1910.106(b)(1)(iv) Low Pressure Tanks417.6 Low-Pressure Water Dispenser53.2.1.2 Low-Pressure Zone1103.2.2 Low-Probability System1103.3.1 Low-Probability Systems301.2 Low-Rise and High-Rise Residential Buildings3.3.199.18* Low-Risk OccupancySection C (Low Slope Application)1507.3.3.1 Low-Slope Roofs1515.2.1 Low-Sloped Roofs1905.6.5 Low-Strength Test Results§27-801 Low Temperature Equipment1113.6.1.8 Low Temperature Operation TestSection M2104 Low Temperature Piping1910.241(a)(3) Low-Velocity Piston ToolE 608.0 Low VOC Solvent Cement and Primer(D) Low Voltage(B) Low-Voltage Cables(B) Low-Voltage Circuits8.4.4 Low-Voltage Dry-Type Distribution Transformers517.64 Low-Voltage Equipment and InstrumentsPart X Low-Voltage Fixed Electric Space-Heating Equipment(7) Low-Voltage Gas-Fired Luminaires, Decorative Fireplaces, Fire Pits, and Similar EquipmentArticle 411 Low-Voltage Lighting411.3 Low-Voltage Lighting Systems(6) Low-Voltage LuminairesArticle 393 Low-Voltage Suspended Ceiling Power Distribution Systems552.10 Low-Voltage Systems(B) Low-Voltage Wiring(C) Low-Voltage Wiring Methods1214.2 Low-Water Control1007.3 Low-Water Cut Out Maintenance and Testing1008.0 Low-Water Cutoff2109. Lower Course Requirements23-012 Lower Density Growth Management Areas1910.1043(n)(5) Lower Grade Washed Cotton23-931 Lower Income Housing Plans Approved Prior to July 29, 20091609. Lower Limits on Components and Cladding1609. Lower Limits on Main Wind-Force-Resisting System1609. Lower Limits on Main Wind-Forceresisting SystemAppendix A Lower Manhattan District Plan Maps907.3 Lower Section1133A.5 Lower Shelving1910.269(t)(2) Lowering Equipment Into ManholesR322.1.5 Lowest Floor[A] 110.3.3 Lowest Floor ElevationP-901.6 Lowest Level105.5.29 LP-Gas319.8.5 LP-Gas Alarms3.3.72.6 [LP-Gas] Container319.8.3 LP-Gas Container Construction50. LP-Gas Container Installation RequirementsN107.5 LP-Gas ContainersN107.5.1 LP-Gas Containers Exceeding 12 Pounds (5 kg) of Water CapacitySection 6110 LP-Gas Containers Not in Service6109.15 LP-Gas Cylinder Exchange for Resale[F] 502.9.10 LP-Gas Distribution Facilities69.2 LP-Gas Equipment and Appliances30.3.2 LP-Gas-Fueled Vehicles3304.3 LP-Gas Heaters1910.110(b)(13) LP-Gas in Buildings69.4 LP-Gas Liquid Transfer(c) LP-Gas System50.8.7.3 LP-Gas System Leak Detection50.8.7 LP-Gas Systems69.3.12 LP-Gas Systems in Buildings or on Building Roofs or Exterior Balconies50.8.7.4 LP-Gas Systems on Vehicles (Other Than Engine Fuel Systems)1910.110(i)(2)(iv) LP-Gas When Used in Utility Gas Plants1910.110(i)(2)(iii) LP-Gas When Used With Oxygen69.7 LP-Gases at Utility Plants6109.15 LPG Container Storage for Sale307.5.6 LPG Containers3706.6.3 LPG or Gasoline-Fueled Equipment8. Lubrication8.6.4.3 Lubrication of Guide Rails2. Lubrication of Wire Rope After Socket Attachment1926.1416(d)(2) Luffing Jib Limiting Device2303.2.5.2 Lumber3603.4 Lumber and Other Combustible Material Storage2304.9 Lumber Decking1910.265(b)(26) Lumber Hauling Truck1910.265(c)(30)(xii) Lumber Hauling Trucks1910.265(c)(26)(ii) Lumber Lifting Devices1910.265(c)(28) Lumber Loading1910.265(c)(27) Lumber Piling and Storage907.2.17 Lumber, Plywood and Veneer Mills2306.4 Lumber Sheathed Shear WallsR803.1 Lumber SheathingA4.404.1 Lumber Size[F] 907.2.17 Lumber, Wood Structural Panel and Veneer Mills[F] 510.2.1 Lumber Yards and Woodworking Facilities105.5.27 Lumber Yards and Woodworking PlantsC503.6.1 Luminaire Additions and Alterations(5) Luminaire BondingA5.209.3.2 Luminaire Cutoff Requirements(1) Luminaire Design, Normal Operation(4) Luminaire Grounding Terminations(B) Luminaire HangersSection E4004 Luminaire Installation(C) Luminaire LensesE4206.4.2 Luminaire LocationPart II Luminaire Locations410.136 Luminaire Mounting410.74 Luminaire Rating410.42 Luminaire(s) With Exposed Conductive Parts(C) Luminaire Stems(C) Luminaire Studs(4) Luminaire Supply CordsPart IV Luminaire Supports(B) Luminaire Types Not Permitted(A) Luminaire Types Permitted410.48 Luminaire Wiring — General(J) Luminaires550.14 Luminaires and AppliancesE4203.4 Luminaires and Ceiling Fans551.53 Luminaires and Other EquipmentE4205.2 Luminaires and Related Equipment410.64 Luminaires as Raceways503.130 Luminaires — Class III, Divisions 1 and 2(C) Luminaires Connected TogetherE4203.4 Luminaires, Equipment and Ceiling FansE4003.12 Luminaires in Clothes-Closet Storage Space410.16 Luminaires in Clothes Closets(E) Luminaires in Indoor Sports, Mixed-Use, and All-Purpose Facilities410.14 Luminaires in Show Windows410.10 Luminaires in Specific Locations(F) Luminaires Installed in or Under Roof DeckingArticle 410 Luminaires, Lampholders, and Lamps(B) Luminaires, Lighting Outlets, and Ceiling-Suspended (Paddle) Fans410.11 Luminaires Near Combustible Material410.12 Luminaires Over Combustible Material680.51 Luminaires, Submersible Pumps, and Other Submersible Equipment(A) Luminaires Supported by Outlet BoxesSection 1025 Luminous Egress Path MarkingsSection 1024 Luminous Egress Path Markings Deleted1705.35 Luminous Exit Path Markings1926.60(k)(3) Lunch Areas1910.1050(j)(3) Lunch Facilities1240.8 Lunch Rooms1926.1127(j)(4) Lunchroom Facilities1910.1001(i)(3) Lunchrooms1910.1029(e)(1)(iii)(d) Luterman1109.2.2.2 Luxury Boxes, Club Boxes and Suites221.2.1.2 Luxury Boxes, Club Boxes, and Suites in Arenas, Stadiums, and Grandstands42-131 M1-5B Districts42-132 M1-5m and M1-6m Districts121-13 M1-6 District in Subdistrict A-141-11 M1 Light Manufacturing Districts (High Performance)41-12 M2 Medium Manufacturing Districts (Medium Performance)41-13 M3 Heavy Manufacturing Districts (Low Performance)Section P2723 Macerating Toilet SystemsP3007.5 Macerating Toilet Systems and Pumped Waste Systems1910.266(f)(5) Machine Access3005.4 Machine and Control Rooms, Control Spaces, and Machinery SpacesSection 92.0306 Machine and Controls1207.2.2 Machine and Equipment Rooms5. Machine and/or Controller Mounted on the Car5705. Machine Capacities1910.213(a) Machine Construction General1910.213(b) Machine Controls and Equipment1910.212(a) Machine Guarding1910.254(d)(2) Machine Hook Up670.3 Machine Nameplate Data1910.266(f)(2) Machine Operation1910.1029(e)(1)(iii)(e) Machine Operator, Coke Side1910.147(d)(3) Machine or Equipment Isolation1910.147(d)(2) Machine or Equipment Shutdown1910.261(k) Machine Room5. Machine Room and Machinery Space Floors8. Machine Room and Truss Interior5.1.20.4 Machine Room Inspection3005.7 Machine-Room-Less Designs8. Machine Room/Spaces, Control Room/Spaces604.3.4 Machine Room VentilationSection 3005 Machine Rooms2.7.7 Machine Rooms and Control Rooms Underneath the Hoistway3006.4 Machine Rooms and Machinery Spaces3005.4 Machine Rooms, Control Rooms, Machinery Spaces, and Control Spaces8. Machine Rooms, Machinery Spaces, and Control Rooms/Spaces8.7.3.7 Machine Rooms, Machinery Spaces, Control Spaces, and Control Rooms8. Machine Rooms/Spaces, Control Rooms/Spaces8. Machine Space1607.11.2 Machinery7.9.2 Machinery and EquipmentSection 2.9 Machinery and Sheave Beams, Supports, and Foundations5.4.3 Machinery Beams and Supports1104.2 Machinery RoomSection 1105 Machinery Room, General RequirementsSection 1106 Machinery Room, Special Requirements606.17.1 Machinery Rooms4.1.7.5 Machinery Space Beneath the Car5. Machinery Space or Control Space Within the Hoistway2. Machinery Space Outside the Hoistway, Machine Room, Control Space Outside the Hoistway, Control Room, Pit, Landing, and Working Platform Inspection Operations203.5 Machinery Spaces4.1.7.4 Machinery Spaces and Control Spaces in the Car4.1.7.3 Machinery Spaces and Control Spaces on the Car Top4.1.7 Machinery Spaces, Control Spaces, and Control RoomsSection 3005 Machinery Spaces, Machine Rooms, Control Spaces and Control Rooms1910.266(f) Machines5607.16.4.1 Machines and Metal Tools1910.68(c)(1) Machines, General1926.1000(f) Machines Meeting Certain Existing Governmental Requirements1910.217(b)(3) Machines Using Full Revolution Positive Clutches1910.217(b)(7) Machines Using Part Revolution Clutches1926.404(f)(10) Made Electrodes(8) 5616.8 Magazine5604.6.8 Magazine Cars5604.12.7.3 Magazine Color and Signage5601.5.1.4 Magazine Keeper5604.2 Magazine Required5605.6.4.1 MagazinesSection 5906 Magnesium1910.179(a)(47) MagnetP104.6.10 Magnetic Door Holders*2.8- Magnetic Field Considerations1224.18.4.4 Magnetic Field Strength Identification1224.18.4 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)2.2-3.4.5 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Facilities[F] 1701.3.15 Magnitude of Fire EventSection 305 Magnitudes of Event[BG] 303.3 Magnitudes of Event and Level of Damage228.2 Mail Boxes1109.10 Mail Receptacles§27-2047 Mail Service1107.3.1 Mailboxes14A-3-311.2.2.2 Mailed Notice§28-204.6.4 Mailing§28-212.4.2 Mailing to Billing Address§28-212.4.1 Mailing to Owner's Registered Address§28-212.4.3 Mailing to Recorded Address(B) Main Bonding Jumper250.28 Main Bonding Jumper and System Bonding Jumper(4) Main Bonding Jumper as Wire or Busbar(2) Main Bonding Jumper for Service With More Than One Enclosure(A) Main Controller(B) Main Disconnecting Means454. Main Drain Outlets16.10.4.6* Main Drain Test Connections28.2.3.4 Main Drain Valves6. Main Drive Shaft Brake6. Main Drive Shaft Braking6. Main Driveshaft Brake6. Main Driveshaft Braking608.12 Main Electrical Panel Rating403.4.9.1 Main Electrical Service Equipment12.2.3.6 Main Entrance/Exit804.4.3 Main Entrance—Group A8-502.4 Main Entry Doors1104.3.3 Main Exits(C) Main Feeders504.1.1 Main Front Entrance1910.179(a)(48) Main HoistP-904.5.1 Main House Drain1910.265(f)(3)(i) Main Kiln Doors1314.7 Main Line Valve1323.14.3 Main Line Valves[BS] C104.2.2 Main Method of Installation454.2.21.3 Main Outlet605.11.1.3 Main Service Disconnect11. Main Service Disconnect Marking409.1.4 Main Shutoff Valve453.15.1.3 Main Supply Valve1910.179(a)(61) Main Switch1103.1 Main Trap1312.3 Main ValvesQ Main VentSection 890.1560 Main Vents to Connect at Base (Repealed)1609.6.3.1 Main Wind-Force-Resisting System1609.6.4.1 Main Wind-Force-Resisting Systems1609.6.1 Main Windforce-Resisting System1609.6.4.1 Main Windforce-Resisting Systems1323.1.1 Mains and Branches906.2.2 Maintained Ready for Use114.4.2 Maintaining Accreditation2404.7.8.3 Maintaining Air Velocity3307.8 Maintaining Department of Transportation Pedestrian and Bicyclist Protection in Place3307.8 Maintaining Department of Transportation Pedestrian Protection in Place3303.2.2 Maintaining Essential Services3418A.4.2 Maintaining Existing Nonacute Care Services Under Existing License1926.967(e)(2) Maintaining Flotation Devices in Safe Condition1926.966(f)(2) Maintaining Guards During Operation403.1.1 Maintaining Occupant Load Posting703.1 Maintaining Protection1004.9.2 Maintaining the Occupant Load Signs[F] 1002.1 Maintenance1910.66(e)(5) Maintenance Access5303.7 Maintenance and Alteration901.4 Maintenance and Alterations1910.134(h) Maintenance and Care of Respirators1910.1003(c)(5) Maintenance and Decontamination Activities315.4.6 Maintenance and Housekeeping§27-508 Maintenance and Inspection1501.5 Maintenance and Inspection [BSC-CG, HCD 1, DWR] Maintenance and On-Site Testing of Detection Means11.10.6 Maintenance and Operation12.7.11 Maintenance and Operation of Folding and Telescopic Seating62-70 Maintenance and Operation Requirements for Waterfront Public Access Areas[F] Section 1002 Maintenance and Plans13.6.4.11* Maintenance and Recharge Service CollarArticle **322 Maintenance and Removal of Large Wind Turbines* Article 319 Maintenance and Removal of Small Wind Turbines3316.8 Maintenance and Repair[NY] 915.6 Maintenance and ReplacementSection 803 Maintenance and Sludge Disposal4006.1.1 Maintenance and Style(D) Maintenance and Testing8.6.10 Maintenance and Testing of Dumbwaiters and Material Lifts8.6.4 Maintenance and Testing of Electric Elevators8.6.6 Maintenance and Testing of Elevators With Other Types of Driving Machines8.6.8 Maintenance and Testing of Escalators and Moving Walks8.6.5 Maintenance and Testing of Hydraulic Elevators8.6.7 Maintenance and Testing of Special Application Elevators29.10 Maintenance and Tests504.4.11.3 Maintenance and Water Supply1926.34(c) Maintenance and Workmanship101.8 Maintenance. [BSC, HCD 1, HCD 2] Maintenance Clearance in Machine Rooms and Control Rooms2.7.2.4 Maintenance Clearance in Machinery Spaces and Control Spaces510.6.5.1 Maintenance ContractP101.3 Maintenance Contractor Procedures8.11.1.8 Maintenance Control Program680.13 Maintenance Disconnecting Means5.3.1.22 Maintenance Documentation13.* Maintenance — Dry Pipe Systems101.8.1 Maintenance. [DSA-SS, DSA-SS/CC]317.5 Maintenance Equipment2.3-4.10.5 Maintenance Equipment and Supply StorageN1101.12 (R303.3) Maintenance InformationSection C408 Maintenance Information and System Commissioning1013.3 Maintenance Inspection§28-305.4 Maintenance, Inspection and Repair of Retaining Walls4.6.12 Maintenance, Inspection, and Testing14.6.2 Maintenance, Inspection, and Testing Records1211.3.1 Maintenance Inspections1910.66(g)(3) Maintenance Inspections and Tests13.* Maintenance Intervals1501.5.2 Maintenance Log§27-2080 Maintenance of a Registry in Rooming House and Single Room Occupancy Buildings40.7.2.4 Maintenance of Abort Gates and Abort Dampers42.7.2.10 Maintenance of Aboveground Storage Tank Appurtenances2.6 Maintenance of Access Features11B-108 Maintenance of Accessible Features40.7.2.3 Maintenance of Air-Material Separators40.7.2.2 Maintenance of Air-Moving Devices8.2.6.2 Maintenance of Air Pressure1.4-3.3 Maintenance of Air Quality1.2-7.3 Maintenance of Air Quality and Utilities42.10.5.17 Maintenance of Aircraft Fuel Servicing Vehicles and Carts2006.19 Maintenance of Aircraft-Fueling Hose609.5.2.2 Maintenance of Airflow[BE] 1901.3.7 Maintenance of Clear PathA-305.3 Maintenance of Construction DocumentsSection 604 Maintenance of Defensible Space5.1.7* Maintenance of Design Features2703.5 Maintenance of Devices, Equipment, Systems and Processes604.5 Maintenance of Elevators3106.3.2 Maintenance of Emergency Egress and Escape Routes8. Maintenance of Equipment[NY] Section 107 Maintenance of Equipment and Systems2703.5 Maintenance of Equipment, Machinery and Processes8.6.8 Maintenance of Escalators and Periodic Testing of Escalators and Moving Walks20.7.3 Maintenance of Exits3303.11 Maintenance of Exits During Construction or Demolition504.2 Maintenance of Exterior Doors and OpeningsArticle 302 Maintenance of Exterior Walls3411.2 Maintenance of Facilities3301.9.3.2 Maintenance of Fence Signs40.7.2.5 Maintenance of Fire and Explosion Protection Systems904.5 Maintenance of Fire Extinguishing Systems12.3.3* Maintenance of Fire-Resistive Construction12.3.3* Maintenance of Fire-Resistive Construction, Draft-Stop Partitions, and Roof Coverings1926.66(f)(7) Maintenance of Grounds[BE] 1901.3.10 Maintenance of IlluminationSection 510 Maintenance of In-Building Emergency Communication EquipmentSection 510 Maintenance of In-Buildingemergency Communication Equipment1910.178(q) Maintenance of Industrial Trucks1009.6 Maintenance of Interceptors2307.6 Maintenance of LP-Gas Dispensing Devices and Equipment40.7.2.1 Maintenance of Material Feeding Devices[F] 3310.2 Maintenance of Means of Egress[BE] 1901.3.6 Maintenance of Means-of-Egress Systems8.6.9 Maintenance of Moving Walks105-60 Maintenance of Natural Features103.2.1 Maintenance of Nonrequired Components and Systems103.2.2 Maintenance of Nonrequired Fire Protection Systems38.5.5.8 Maintenance of Openings609.3.4.3 Maintenance of Operational Efficiency12.7.10 Maintenance of Outdoor Grandstands81-411 Maintenance of Pedestrian Circulation Spaces63.3.6.7 Maintenance of Piping Systems5605.2.2 Maintenance of Plans3301.9.1.6 Maintenance of Project Information Panels3301.9.3.2 Maintenance of Project Signs1910.1048(h)(2) Maintenance of Protective Equipment and Clothing3303.4.1.1 Maintenance of Public AreasSection H4 Maintenance of Records§28-113.3.8 Maintenance of Records of Approved Material[NY] 107.1 Maintenance of Required Safeguards504.4.13 Maintenance of Rooftop Building Features§27-2051 Maintenance of Rooming Units[A] 109.1 Maintenance of Safeguards8.6.4.22 Maintenance of Seismic Devices§27-2026 Maintenance of Sewer Connections and Plumbing Fixtures3301.9.2.6 Maintenance of Sidewalk Shed Parapet Information Panels3301.9.2.6 Maintenance of Sidewalk Shed Parapet Panels5001.7.6 Maintenance of Storage, Dispensing, Use, and Handling Requirements1116.5 Maintenance of Structural and Fire Resistive Integrity3306.5.2 Maintenance of Submittal DocumentsSection 1032 Maintenance of the Means of Egress1.4-3.4 Maintenance of Utilities318.3 Maintenance of Vegetation5604.13.5 Maintenance of Vehicles13.6.4.7 Maintenance of Wheeled Extinguisher Hoses and Regulators112.9 Maintenance on Premises2.7.2 Maintenance Path and Clearance2.7.2.1 Maintenance Path in Machine Rooms and Control Rooms2.7.2.2 Maintenance Path in Machinery Spaces and Control SpacesArticle 501 Maintenance Permit for Outdoor Signs8.6.1.3 Maintenance Personnel23.6.3.7 Maintenance Plan1910.179(l)(2) Maintenance Procedure43.1.8.4 Maintenance Procedures1025.9 Maintenance Program8.6.1.4 Maintenance Records8.6.1.1 Maintenance, Repair, and ReplacementSection 8.6 Maintenance, Repair, Replacement, and Testing60.5.1.16 Maintenance Required103.2 Maintenance Requirements5704.2.7 Maintenance Requirements for Tanks1501.5.3 Maintenance Responsibility1910.211(f)(6) Maintenance Runway1910.37 Maintenance, Safeguards, and Operational Features for Exit Routes606. Maintenance Schedule13. Maintenance — Sprinklers905.2 Maintenance Standard81-47 Major Building Entrances3310.2 Major BuildingsB2 Major Climate Type Definitions(b) 104.10.2 Major Fire Definition(c) 104.10.3 Major Fire Notifications to State Fire Marshal1.1- Major Renovation Projects3. Major Repair Garage(C) Major Repair Garages3411A.1.2 Major Structural Alteration, Additions or Repairs*1.4-3.1 Major Technical Equipment3.3.174 Major Tenant3308.3.3 Make and Model(3) Make Changes to FPTs as Required43.1.5.3* Make-Up Air612.5.5 Make-Up Water System910.4.3.1 Makeup AirM1503.6.2 Makeup Air Dampers506.3.1.2 Makeup Air Ducts501.4.2.6 Makeup Air Effectiveness701.3.1 Makeup Air for Fuel-Burning Devices501.4.1 Makeup Air in New Dwelling Units501.4.2.2 Makeup Air Intake501.4.2.3 Makeup Air LocationG2407.4 (304.4) Makeup Air ProvisionsM1503.6 Makeup Air Required501.4.2 Makeup Air Supply517.1.3 Makeup Air System508.1.1 Makeup Air Temperature501.4.2.4 Makeup Air Termination Restriction508.1.2 Makeup and Ventilation Air Distribution3127B.3 Makeup WaterP2910.2.1 Makeup Water SourcesP2910.2.2 Makeup Water Supply Valve1926.960(e) Making Connections401.5 Making False Report8.11.1.5 Making Safety Devices Ineffective3317.6 Making Safety Devices Inoperative8. Making Safety Devices Inoperative or Ineffective1224. Male and Female Staff Clothing Change Areas(A) Malfunction3.3.160 Malicious Alarm3.3.169 Mall3.3.36.9* Mall Building37.4.4 Mall Buildings3.3.175 Mall Concourse3.3.282.4* Mall Structure36.4.4* Mall Structures402.8.1 Mall Width604.7 Malleable Iron FittingsArticle 22 Malls403.10.1.1 Malls and Mall Buildings Exceeding 50,000 Square Feet1224.18.6 Mammography*2.2- Mammography Room1926.804(g) Man Lock1926.803(g)(1) Man Locks1926.803(g) Man Locks and Special Decompression Chambers-1910.179(a)(49) Man Trolley26.* Managed Facilities-Based Voice Network3.3.161* Managed Facilities-Based Voice Network (MFVN)41.2.1* Management27.3 Management and Maintenance1910.120(e)(4) Management and Supervisor Training3101F.7 Management of Change66.6.3* Management of Fire and Explosion Hazards66.21.6.3 Management of Fire Hazards66.17.15 Management of Operations HazardsSection 1801 Management of People[F] 1801.3.7 Management of Procedures and Training66.6.10 Management of SecuritySection 405 Management of Vegetation, Soils and Erosion Control23.6.3.5 Management Organization[NY] 5610.10.3 Management Plans and Inventory Statements4703.2 Management Responsibility40.17 Management Systems Review4704.3.2 Manager Contact Information453.25.3.5 Manager's Office(A) Mandated Standby1.13.2 Mandatory37-76 Mandatory Allocation of Frontages for Permitted Uses84-134 Mandatory Arcades82-10 Mandatory District Improvements81-40 Mandatory District Plan Elements408.9.3.1 Mandatory DrillSection 150.0 Mandatory Features and Devices84-132 Mandatory Front Building Walls92-042 Mandatory Front Building Walls Along Certain Street Lines116-12 Mandatory Ground Floor Use and Frontage Requirements132-22 Mandatory Ground Floor Uses124-30 Mandatory ImprovementsSection 130.1 Mandatory Indoor Lighting ControlsAppendix D (Mandatory) Information for Employees Using Respirators When Not Required Under StandardP3008.1 Mandatory Installation of Check ValvesSection 120.7 Mandatory Insulation Requirements102-20 Mandatory Landscaping PlanSection 160.5 Mandatory Lighting Requirements for Indoor and Outdoor Spaces301.4 Mandatory Measures for Public Schools and Community CollegesA4.601.4.1 Mandatory Measures for Tier 1A4.601.5.1 Mandatory Measures for Tier 282-12 Mandatory Off-Street Relocation of a Subway Stair*§28- Mandatory Permanent Revocation(i) Mandatory Permits117-55 Mandatory Plan Elements for the Queens Plaza Subdistrict§28- Mandatory Program Requirements5.4 Mandatory Provisions81-84 Mandatory Regulations and Prohibitions14A-6-603.3.2 Mandatory ReportingN1105.2 (R405.2) Mandatory RequirementsSection 110.1 Mandatory Requirements for AppliancesSection 160.1 Mandatory Requirements for Building EnvelopesAppendix A Mandatory Requirements for Certification/Validation of Safety Systems for Presence Sensing Device Initiation of Mechanical Power PressesSection 120.9 Mandatory Requirements for Commercial BoilersSection 120.6 Mandatory Requirements for Covered ProcessesSection 110.12 Mandatory Requirements for Demand ManagementSection 160.6 Mandatory Requirements for Electric Power Distribution SystemsSection 160.9 Mandatory Requirements for Electric Ready BuildingsSection 110.11 Mandatory Requirements for Electrical Power Distribution SystemSection 120.10 Mandatory Requirements for FansSection 110.6 Mandatory Requirements for Fenestration Products and Exterior DoorsSection 110.8 Mandatory Requirements for Insulation, Roofing Products and Radiant BarriersSection 110.9 Mandatory Requirements for Lighting Control Devices and Systems, Ballasts and LuminairesSection 110.9 Mandatory Requirements for Lighting ControlsAppendix C Mandatory Requirements for OSHA Recognition of Third-Party Validation Organizations for the PSDI StandardSection 110.4 Mandatory Requirements for Pool and Spa Systems and Equipment81-681 Mandatory Requirements for Qualifying SitesSection 110.3 Mandatory Requirements for Service Water-Heating Systems and EquipmentSection 110.10 Mandatory Requirements for Solar ReadinessSection 160.8 Mandatory Requirements for Solar Ready BuildingsSection 110.2 Mandatory Requirements for Space-Conditioning EquipmentSection 160.3 Mandatory Requirements for Space-Conditioning Systems in Multifamily BuildingsSection 160.2 Mandatory Requirements for Ventilation and Indoor Air QualitySection 160.4 Mandatory Requirements for Water-Heating SystemsSection 110.7 Mandatory Requirements to Limit Air Leakage(A) Mandatory Rules90.5 Mandatory Rules, Permissive Rules, and Explanatory Material**§28- Mandatory Sanctions105.9 Mandatory Sewer and Catch Basin Work Required by Section 24-526 of The106.9 Mandatory Sewer and Catch Basin Work Required by Section 24-526 of the Administrative Code124-33 Mandatory Sidewalk Widening117-554 Mandatory Sidewalk Widening Design Requirements101-42 Mandatory Sidewalk Widenings§28-207.2.4 Mandatory Stop Work Orders109-17 Mandatory Street Trees104-33 Mandatory Street Walls110.9 Mandatory Structural Inspections for Condominium and Cooperative Buildings117-44 Mandatory Subway Improvements§28-401.19.3 Mandatory Suspension or Revocation104.4 Mandatory Terms96-51 Mandatory Tree Planting Provisions104-421 Mandatory Widened Sidewalks and Adjacent Areas25-623 Maneuverability Standards for Community Facility Uses305.7 Maneuvering ClearanceFigure 11A-8B Maneuvering Clearance at Doorways, Sliding Doors, and Folding DoorsFigure 11A-8A Maneuvering Clearance at Swinging Doors404.2.4 Maneuvering Clearances1132A.5 Maneuvering Clearances at DoorsFigure 11A-8C Maneuvering Clearances at Recessed Doors42.3 Maneuvering Space:13.6 Maneuvering Space in Bedrooms11B-604. Maneuvering Space With End-Opening Door11B-604. Maneuvering Space With In-Swinging Door11B-604. Maneuvering Space With Side-Opening Door1910.262(s)(3) Mangle and Washers1910.262(b)(21) Mangle (Starch)1910.262(b)(22) Mangle (Water)1910.268(s)(27) Manhole802.5 Manhole Covers6101.5.5 Manhole Operations1910.268(s)(28) Manhole Platform802.10 Manhole Riser Joints1910.24(b) Manhole Steps(F) Manholes(L) Manholes and Handhole EnclosuresPart V Manholes and Other Electrical Enclosures Intended for Personnel EntryV Manholes and Other Electrical Enclosures Intended for Personnel Entry, All Voltages5.4.10 Manholes for Large Pipes502.20 Manicure and Pedicure Stations509.10.2.1 Manifold1910.253(c)(5) Manifold Operating Procedures604.10.1 Manifold Sizing5003.2.6.3 Manifold Systems and PipingB.12 Manifold Type Parallel Water Distribution Systems5704. Manifolding3509.4 Manifolding of Containers3509.4 Manifolding of Cylinders43.1.5.6* Manifolding of Exhaust Ducts703.4 Manifolds3306.2.1.4 Manifolds and Vaporizers1910.68(a)(5) Manlift3001.8.1 Manlifts5706.4.7.31 Manned Barges105.9.4.3 Manner of Approval of Schedule408.10.4 Manner of Assessing Fees106.8 Manner of Determining Cost106.7.1 Manner of Determining Cost for Nonpermit Services106.6.3 Manner of Determining Cost for Permits3302.2 Manner of Removal1903.8.1 Manner of Storage2111.12 Mantel and Trim(A) Manual3209.4.1 Manual Activated Shutdown50.4.7 Manual Activation904.3.8.2 Manual Activation Device50.4.7 Manual ActuationSection 12-3-8 Manual Actuation Test513.5.3 Manual Actuator(s)12-3-4.5 Manual Actuators43. Manual Cleaning5705.2.5 Manual Container Filling Operations5705.2.5 Manual Container Filling Operations for Class I Liquids405.2 Manual Control910.4.5 Manual Control LocationC405.2.6 Manual Controls803.5 Manual DampersC405. Manual Daylighting Controls404.2 Manual Doors404.2 Manual Doors, Doorways, and Manual Gates5703.6.6.2 Manual Drainage1926.351(a) Manual Electrode Holders3.3.182 Manual Emergency Shutoff Valve1910.211(d)(29) Manual Feeding1910.266(h)(2) Manual Felling3.3.183 Manual Fire Alarm Box907.3.4 Manual Fire Alarm Box Protective Covers[F] 907.4.2 Manual Fire Alarm Boxes320.10.3.1 Manual Fire Alarm Boxes, Communication Jacks and Signaling Systems[F] 907. Manual Fire Alarm Boxes in Detainee Areas[F] 907.2.8.1 Manual Fire Alarm System914.11.2 Manual Fire Alarm Systems2804.2.1 Manual Fire Alarms907. Manual Fire Alarms Boxes in Detainee Areas66.24.3.1 Manual Fire Control Equipment for Storage Tank Buildings33.4.1 Manual Fire-Fighting Equipment66.9.9.2 Manual Fire Protection21.6.2.4* Manual Floor SelectionSection 420 Manual Food and Beverage Dispensing EquipmentSection 426 Manual Food and Beveragedispensing Equipment1210.9 Manual Gas Shutoff Valves5704. Manual Gauging1010.1.3.2 Manual Horizontal Sliding Doors13. Manual Inspection RecordsC405.2.1 Manual Lighting Controls3.19.4.4 Manual Lowering Valve(6) Manual Motor Controller§28-103.23 Manual on Flood Construction and Protection Standards106.2.3 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices2.14.5.8 Manual Opening of Car Doors53. Manual Operation[F] 907. Manual Override3105F.2.1 Manual Procedure34.6.3 Manual Protection3.3.184 Manual Pull StationP106.5.2.1 Manual Pull Stations26. Manual Release Valve1926.855 Manual Removal of Floors516.3.3.1 Manual Reset1910.68(c)(5)(ii) Manual Reset Location606.4.3 Manual Restart of Fans After Automatic Fire Detecting Device or Fire Alarm System Shut Down(A) Manual Shutdown1206.10 Manual Shutoff63.2.16.7 Manual Shutoff Switch909.5 Manual Shutoff Valve[F] 904.13.1 Manual System Operation[F] 904.13.1 Manual System Operation and Interconnection[F] 3003.1.1 Manual Transfer(1) Manual Transfer Equipment2308.6 Manual Valves1002.4.1.3 Manual Water-Supplied Trap Priming910.5 Manually Activated Smoke Exhaust System13.7.3.3 Manually Actuated Alarm-Initiating Devices(B) Manually Controlled Motor1910.263(h) Manually Fed Dough Brakes(A) Manually OperableM1802.2.1 Manually Operated1910.218(h)(3) Manually Operated ControlsG2427.13 (503.13) Manually Operated Dampers(A) Manually or Power Operable3314.18 Manually Propelled, Free-Standing Scaffolds5.7.3.2 Manuals5701.6.1 Manufacture1910.137(a)(1) Manufacture and Marking of Rubber Insulating EquipmentSection 5605 Manufacture, Assembly and Testing of Explosives, Explosive Materials and FireworksSection 5605 Manufacture, Assembly and Testing of Explosives, Explosivematerials and Fireworks[NY] 5610.10 Manufacture, Assembly, and Testing of Sparkling DevicesSection 5605 Manufacture, Assembly Andtesting of Explosives, Explosive Materials and Fireworks5605.10.2 Manufacture of Articles73-32 Manufacture of Gaseous or Liquid Oxygen6206.1.1 Manufacture of Organic Peroxides Classified as a Class IV Material6307.1.1 Manufacture of Oxidizers Classified as a Class IV Material6406.1.1 Manufacture of Pyrophoric Materials Classified as a Class IV Material6606.1.1 Manufacture of Unstable (Reactive) Material Classified as a Class IV Material6706.1.1 Manufacture of Water-Reactive Solids and Liquids Classified as a Class IV Material808.1 Manufactured and Fabricated Diving EquipmentA-102.12 Manufactured and Industrialized Housing and Industrialized Commercial BuildingsArticle 545 Manufactured BuildingsArticle 545 Manufactured Buildings and Relocatable Structures808.2 Manufactured Diving Equipment808.13 Manufactured Diving Equipment Height Above WaterlineR103.2 Manufactured HomeE 405.0 Manufactured Home Accessory Building Fuel Supply SystemsE 403.1 Manufactured Home Community LP-Gas Supply SystemsD 106.0 Manufactured Home Community LPG Supply Systems411.2 Manufactured Home Connections104.5.4 Manufactured Home Park Tenant Notification3111.2 Manufactured Home Parks(B) Manufactured Home Service EquipmentD 103.0 Manufactured Home Site Gas Shutoff Valve27.2 Manufactured Home SitesSection G305 Manufactured HomesSection 429 Manufactured Homes and Industrialized Buildings20.11.5 Manufactured Housing803.10.4.1 Manufactured Insulated Chimney ConnectorsE 101.0 Manufactured/Mobile Home ParkE 301.0 Manufactured/Mobile Home Park Drainage System ConstructionE 302.0 Manufactured/Mobile Home Park Water Supply1705.5.6 Manufactured Open Web Trusses(B) Manufactured Phase Marking605.8 Manufactured Pipe NipplesArticle 604 Manufactured Wiring Systems(a) 5612.3.1 Manufacturer1926.1434(a)(4) Manufacturer Does Not Complete the Review Within 120 Days of the Request605.11.2 Manufacturer Instructions1318.5 Manufacturer Markings(3) 3325.3 Manufacturer or Wholesaler Responsibilities1926.1441(b)(3) Manufacturer Prohibitions1926.1434(a)(2) Manufacturer Refusal to Review Request113.7 Manufacturer Responsibility1926.1434(a)(1) Manufacturer Review and Approval13. Manufacturer's Corrective Action3113.3 Manufacturer's Data Plate2309. Manufacturer's Equipment Required704.13.2 Manufacturer's Installation Instructions5705.4.5 Manufacturer's Instruction Manual(E) Manufacturer's Instructions6306.3.2 Manufacturer's Instructions and Labeling5607.1.4 Manufacturer's Instructions and Training3405.4.5 Manufacturer's Manual and Material Safety Data Sheets5705.4.5 Manufacturer's Manual and Safety Data Sheets(A) Manufacturer's Markings101.8.5 Manufacturer's Obligation453.12.4 Manufacturer's One-Year Inspection803.1.1.1 Manufacturer's Product Information and Testing Reports3.3.163* Manufacturer's Published InstructionsB.6.3 Manufacturer's Recommendations for Avoiding Erosion/Corrosion1926.1437(k) Manufacturer's Specifications and LimitationsSection 21.1304 — Manufacturer's Statement2415.5.3 Manufacturer's Testing, Recommendation and ApprovalR703.11.2.3 Manufacturer Specification3301.1.3 Manufacturer Specifications3301.6 Manufacturer Specifications, Design, and Capacity1910.254(d)(6) Manufacturers' Instructions113.3.2 Manufacturers With Facilities in Ohio113.3.1 Manufacturers With Facilities Outside Ohio(a) 5614.1.1 Manufacturing123-71 Manufacturing and Commercial Uses§ 23-27.3-111.3 Manufacturing BuildingsSection 5107 Manufacturing Facilities5605.10 Manufacturing of Explosive Materials Prohibited52-35 Manufacturing or Related Uses in Commercial Districts52-33 Manufacturing or Related Uses in Residence Districts5605.10.1 Manufacturing, Processing, Assembling or Fabricating Articles2801.4 Manufacturing ProhibitedSection 6606 Manufacturing Restrictions88-14 Manufacturing Use42-484 Manufacturing Uses16-03 Map of Long Island City Area1613.2.1 Mapped Acceleration Parameters302.2 Mapping13-03 Maps74-968 Maps of Industrial Business Incentive Areas1504.9 Margin of Safety3.3.176 Marijuana Extraction Equipment3.3.177 Marijuana Extraction Facility105.6.28(B) Marijuana Extraction Systems403.1.4 Marina FixturesSection 3604 Marina OperationsSection 319 Marinas[F] 905.3.7 Marinas and BoatyardsArticle 555 Marinas, Boatyards, and Commercial and Noncommercial Docking FacilitiesPart II Marinas, Boatyards, and Docking Facilities28.1 Marinas, Boatyards, and Other Recreational Marine FacilitiesArticle 555 Marinas, Boatyards, Floating Buildings, and Commercial and Noncommercial Docking Facilities5706.5.4.1 Marine Craft and Special Equipment3.3.119 Marine DefinitionsSection 5.8 Marine Elevators19.8 Marine Facilities18.18 Marine Facilities That Service Waterborne Passenger Vessels With a Vessel Length of Less Than 40 Feet (40' = 12m) - Reserved42.9 Marine Fueling555.8 Marine Hoists, Railways, Cranes, and Monorails3604.5.1 Marine Liquid Fuel DispensingSection 2310 Marine Liquid Motor Fuel-Dispensing Facilities3110F.2 Marine Loading ArmsSection 2310 Marine Motor Fuel-Dispensing Facilities3. Marine Motor Fuel Dispensing Facility105.6.23 Marine Oil Terminal5706.4.7.34 Marine Oil Terminals and Transfers1926.605 Marine Operations and Equipment18.13 Marine Ramps105.6.24 Marine Service Station1926.152(k) Marine Service Stations3.3.120 Marine System3.3.185 Marine Terminal28.2 Marine Terminals, Piers, and Wharves3.3.119.9* Marine Thermal Barrier3.3.186 Marine Vessel2310.5.4 Marine Vessel and Watercraft Mooring2310.5.4 Marine Vessels and Craft3.3.122 Marine Water Supply106.5.36 Marked Crossing1323.5.7 Marker(2) Marker Tape(E) Markers390.71 Markers at Ends502.3.3 Marking703.5 Marking and Identification42. Marking and Labeling(4) Marking and Labeling Methods and Locations(2) Marking and Labeling RequiredP2910.10 Marking and Signage1910.109(f)(3) Marking Cars13. Marking Condemned Extinguishers605.11.1.2 Marking Content11.* Marking Content and Format716.1.2.2 Marking Fire-Rated Glazing Assemblies(2) Marking for Mobile Units1910.303(f)(5) Marking for Series Combination Ratings11. Marking Locations11. Marking Locations and Methods1910.111(b)(3) Marking Nonrefrigerated Containers316.6.3 Marking of Collectors and Modules1315.8 Marking of Components409.2.2 Marking of Depth8. Marking of Entrance Assemblies5603.8 Marking of Explosives for Blasting18.2.3.6 Marking of Fire Apparatus Access Road403.5 Marking of Fire Protection Equipment424.35 Marking of Heating Cables422.61 Marking of Heating ElementsPart IV Marking of Heating Equipment18.5.10 Marking of Hydrants3.18.6 Marking of Hydraulic Jack7.10 Marking of Means of Egress3. Marking of Overspeed Valves61.1.5 Marking of Packages of Aerosol Products5. Marking of Plates or Signs1115.4 Marking of Pressure-Relief Devices403.4 Marking of RoadsE3601.6.1 Marking of Service Equipment and Disconnects5706.2.2 Marking of Tanks and Containers3.18.6 Marking of the Hydraulic JackSection 2410 Marking of Transparent Doors and Fixed Adjacent Transparent SidelightsSection 2410 Marking of Transparent Doors and Fixed Adjacent Transparent Sidelites§4-03 Marking of Transparent Glass Doors and Fixed Adjacent Glass Sidelights[F] 902.1.2 Marking on Access Doors430.8 Marking on Controllers3206.7.4 Marking on Fire Department Access Doors440.4 Marking on Hermetic Refrigerant Motor-Compressors and Equipment675.6 Marking on Main Control Panel430.7 Marking on Motors and Multimotor Equipment3.24.1.1 Marking Plate3.17.3.8 Marking Plate for a Plunger Gripper2.19.3.3 Marking Plate Requirements5.4.15 Marking Plates8.13.3 Marking Plates and Tags2.24.8.5 Marking Plates for Brakes4.1.17.3 Marking Plates for Rack-and-Pinion Safeties2.17.14 Marking Plates for Safeties1910.111(b)(4) Marking Refrigerated Containers(A) Marking Required1910.111(g)(5) Marking the Container3109.5.4.6 MarkingsSection 603 Markings and Indicators29.14 Markings and Instructions11. Markings for Building Integrated PV (BIPV) Systems11. Markings for Direct-Current Photovoltaic Source and Direct-Current Output Circuits on or Inside a Building1910.110(b)(5) Markings on Containers1025.2 Markings Within Exit Components1024.2 Markings Within Exit EnclosuresSection H113 Marquee SignsSection 3106 Marquees3106.1.1 Marquees Over the Public Way18.4.7.1 Masked Threshold Allowance1910.430(h) Masks and Helmets[BS] 1403.4 Masonry2319.3.2 Masonry and ConcreteSection M1805 Masonry and Factory-Built Chimneys2109.6.2.3 Masonry Bonded Hollow Walls2109.6.5 Masonry Bonding Pattern3306.8.2 Masonry Buildings With Wooden Floors712.1.8 Masonry Chimney1003.9.2 Masonry Chimney Caps2113.18 Masonry Chimney Cleanout OpeningsM1805.2 Masonry Chimney ConnectionSection 2113 Masonry Chimneys2113.11.3 Masonry Chimneys for High-Heat Appliances2113.11.2 Masonry Chimneys for Medium-Heat Appliances313.3.2.2 Masonry Chutes[BS] A108.3 Masonry Compression2107A.6 Masonry Compressive Strength2107.7 Masonry Compressive Strength. [OSHPD 1R, 2B & 5]R609.7.2.1 Masonry, Concrete or Other Structural Substrate1705.4 Masonry Construction2104.5 Masonry Construction BracingSection 2103 Masonry Construction Materials2105.4 Masonry Core Testing§1014-01 Masonry Equivalent Exit Enclosures3305.6 Masonry Erection1704.5.2 Masonry Facilities Less Than Three Stories in Height and Engineered Masonry in Nonessential FacilitiesSection 2111 Masonry Fireplaces1807.1.6.3 Masonry Foundation WallsR609.4 Masonry Gables2112.5 Masonry Heater ClearanceSection 2112 Masonry Heaters1705.4.3 Masonry in Buildings Greater Than Three Stories in Height, and Engineered Masonry in Risk Category IV1704.5.2 Masonry in Buildings Less Than Three Stories in Height in Structural Occupancy Category I, II, or III1705.4.2 Masonry in Buildings Three Stories or Less in Height in Risk Categories I, II, or III1704.5.3 Masonry in Buildings Three Stories or More in Height, and Engineered Masonry in Structural Occupancy Category IVR606.2.8.2 Masonry in Seismic Design Categories A, B and CR606.2.8.3 Masonry in Seismic Design Categories D0, D1 and D23.7.9 Masonry Joints2109.6.5.1 Masonry Laid in Running Bond2109.6.5.2 Masonry Laid in Stack Bond5.4.2 Masonry Lay-UpG2427.5 (503.5) Masonry, Metal and Factory-Built Chimneys2103.2.1 Masonry MortarR606.3.1.1 Masonry Opening Tolerances2603.4.1.1 Masonry or Concrete ConstructionE 602.1.1 Masonry or Factory-Built Fireplace§32-04 Masonry Parapet Walls. [Repealed]R606. Masonry Partition Walls10.1.1.1 Masonry PartitionsR404.1.9.5 Masonry Piers in Flood Hazard AreasR404.1.9.3 Masonry Piers Supporting Braced Wall PanelsR404.1.9.2 Masonry Piers Supporting Floor Girders722. Masonry ProtectionR609.9 Masonry Rough Openings1926.702(i) Masonry Saws[BS] A108.2 Masonry Shear Strength[BS] A107.2 Masonry Shear TestsR403.1.3.2 Masonry Stem Walls With Concrete Footings1613.4.1 Masonry StructuresP-705.2.2 Masonry Supported[BS] A108.4 Masonry Tension1809.9 Masonry-Unit FootingsR606.3.2 Masonry Unit Placement2103.1 Masonry Units2101.2.1 Masonry Veneer2113.10.1 Masonry Veneer ChimneysR703.7.4.4 Masonry Veneer on Sheathed Substrates10.1.4.2 Masonry Veneer Support10.1.4 Masonry Veneer With Concrete Block Back-Up10.1.3.2 Masonry Veneer With Stud Back-Up8.2.3 Masonry Wall AnchorsR404.1.5.1 Masonry Wall Thickness722.4.1 Masonry Walls2106.3.1 Masonry Walls Not Part of the Lateral-Force-Resisting System3324.5.1 Masonry Work3.3.4 Mass1905.2.4 Mass Concrete3301.8.1.1 Mass-Detonating Explosives5601.8.1.1 Mass-Detonating Explosives (Division 1.1, 1.2 or 1.5)5604.1.1.1 Mass Explosion Hazard ExplosivesA5.2 Mass Floors805. Mass Loss Test917.1 Mass Notification24.3.8* Mass Notification Layers3.3.164* Mass Notification Priority Mode3.3.165* Mass Notification SystemSection 917 Mass Notification Systems1705.5.3 Mass Timber Construction81-673 Mass Transit Access81-541 Mass Transit Station ImprovementsA3.1 Mass WallA3.1.2 Mass Wall Rated R-Value of InsulationA3.1.3 Mass Wall U-factorN1102.2.5 (R402.2.5) Mass Walls1910.181(a)(25) Mast1910.181(a)(26) Mast Cap (Spider)3314.19 Mast Climber3314.19 Mast Climbers3314.19 Mast-Climbing Work Platform(C) Mast Weatherhead or Raceway1317.1.1 Master Alarm3.3.12.4 Master Alarm Box27.6.4 Master Alarm Boxes1317.1.2 Master Alarm Signal1317.1.1 Master Alarms3.3.166 Master Box3.3.174 Master Control Station (Two-Way Emergency Communications Systems for Rescue Assistance)453.14.1 Master Control Switch26.6.2.1 Master Control Unit§27-3009 Master Electrician's and Special Electrician's License Board§27-3014 Master Electrician's and Special Electrician's Licenses and Fees3.3.167 Master Fire Alarm Control Unit§28-410.7 Master Fire Suppression Piping Contractor Business RequiredArticle 410 Master Fire Suppression Piping Contractor License§28-410.1 Master Fire Suppression Piping Contractor License Required104.2.2.1 Master Plans Examiner104. Master Plans Examiner Trainee§28-408.6 Master Plumber Business§28-408.6 Master Plumber Business RequiredArticle 408 Master Plumber License§28-408.1 Master Plumber License Required§28-404.3.1 Master Rigger License Qualifications§28-404.4.2 Master Rigger Place of Business§28-404.3.1 Master Rigger Qualifications5706.4.7.36 Master's Certification§28-415.4.1 Master Sign Hanger Qualifications(F) Master Station1910.179(a)(62) Master Switch2412.4 Mastic[BF] 1705.16 Mastic and Intumescent Fire-Resistant CoatingsE302.9 Mastics225.17 Masts as SupportsSection 323 Matches2006.15.2 Matches and Lighters1224. Material8.9.3 Material and ConstructionP-507.4 Material and Design§1-01 Material and Equipment Application Procedures. [Repealed][A] 105.4.1 Material and Equipment Reuse2.18.5.1 Material and Factor of Safety4.3.18.1 Material and Finish2.24.2.1 Material and Grooving5.11.24.4 Material and Grooving for Sheaves5. Material and Grooving for Sheaves and DrumsSection P-1503 Material and Labor Tests2.16.3.3 Material and Marking of Permanent Plates2.16.3.3 Material and Marking of Plates2.16.5.2 Material and Marking of Signs1910.1024(f)(2)(i)(A) Material and/or Process SubstitutionM1502.4.1 Material and SizeSection 1711 Material and Test Standards6. Material and TypeF 1201.4 Material Certifications1803.3 Material Classification(3) Material Classification Group1501.8 Material CompatibilityDivision 4.4 — Material Conservation and Resource EfficiencyP3011.7.1 Material Data Report1926.1400(c)(17) Material Delivery722. Material-Dependent Constants1803.5.3 Material DispositionSection 806 Material Emissions and Pollutant Control[A] 105.5 Material, Equipment and Appliance Reuse40.5.3.2 Material Evaluation2.14.2.1 Material for Car Enclosures, Enclosure Linings, and Floor CoveringsSection P-809 Material for Water Pipe, Tubing and Fittings(D) Material Group505.6 Material GroupsSection 3320 Material Handling Equipment1926.605(a) Material Handling Operations1910.120(p)(6) Material Handling Program6.10.4* Material Handling Systems1926.552(b) Material HoistsSection 3317 Material Hoists and Bucket Hoists1926.552 Material Hoists, Personnel Hoists, and Elevators802.2 Material, Joints and Connections1523.5 Material Labeling5607.16.3.9 Material Left Over After Loading8.6.10.2 Material Lifts and Dumbwaiters With Automatic Transfer Devices8.6.10.1 Material Lifts and Dumbwaiters Without Automatic Transfer Devices8.2.12 Material Lifts With Automatic Transfer Devices, Design Data, and FormulasSection 7.11 Material Lifts With Obscured Transfer DevicesSection 7.4 Material Lifts Without Automatic Transfer DevicesSection H107 Material Limitations1910.305(j)(5)(viii) Material May Not Be Stored in Transformer Vaults§28-113.2.4 Material Not Listed or LabeledSection 3305 Material Placement and Installation3115.8.4.1 Material PropertiesA4.407.4 Material ProtectionA-305.1.3 Material QualityM2101.12 Material Rating3.4.5 Material Ratings and Installation2109.3.2.1 Material Requirements1910.215(b)(10) Material Requirements and Minimum DimensionsR606.12.3.4 Material Restrictions3.3.174 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)43.7.9 Material Safety Data Sheets60.5.1.2* Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)Section 505 Material Selection505.1 Material Selection and PropertiesSection 4.405 Material Sources63.3.3.2 Material-Specific Regulations63.4.13.11 Material-Specific Requirements1517.3 Material Specification and Physical Characteristics1506.2 Material Specifications and Physical Characteristics1703.3 Material Specifications for Retrofits5.5.2 Material Standard and Accessibility[BF] 1508.2 Material Standards1926.250(b) Material Storage3412A.1.2 Material Testing Required1705.3.2 Material Tests2105.2.2 Material Transfer1101.4 Material Uses1404.3.3 Material Vapor Retarder ClassSection 1403 Materials3314.12.3 Materials and Construction for Wood Pole ScaffoldsSection R337 Materials and Construction Methods for Exterior Wildfire Exposure[A] 102.2.7 Materials and Contents12.4.6.1 Materials and Design(1) Materials and Dimensions(B) Materials and Equipment105.4 Materials and Equipment Reuse808.1.1 Materials and Installation1917.4 Materials and Limitations of UseP2910.10.4 Materials and Location702.7 Materials and Methods§27-586 Materials and Methods of ConstructionACOUSTICAL Materials and Other Board Materials*2.2-2.5 Materials and Resources2319.17.2.2 Materials and Specifications7.2.8.6 Materials and Strength307.2.2 Materials and Structural DesignA5.409.3 Materials and System Assemblies1926.1431(f)(3) Materials and Tools Must Be:3.19.1 Materials and Working Pressures1305.14.1.1 Materials and WorkmanshipArticle 7 Materials, Assemblies, Forms and Methods of ConstructionSection 103 Materials, Equipment and Methods of ConstructionSection P2609 Materials Evaluation and Listing602.2.1 Materials Exposed Within Plenums2.15.6 Materials for Car Frames and Platform FramesR402.2.1 Materials for Concrete1910.106(c)(2) Materials for Piping, Valves, and FittingsSection P-305 Materials for Plumbing Installations1107.5 Materials for Refrigerant Pipe and Tubing1031.12 Materials for Signs402.2 Materials for Specialty FixturesB.2.2 Materials for System1910.261(m) Materials Handling1926.958 Materials Handling and Storage3115.2 Materials Information Submitted With Permit ApplicationSection P2906 Materials, Joints and Connections1926.804(h) Materials Lock*2.1-5.3 Materials Management2.3-4.7 Materials Management Facilities13.7.5.2 Materials Not on Display802.1 Materials of Components and Accessories43.1.5.7* Materials of Construction66.27.4 Materials of Construction for Piping Systems66.27.4.3 Materials of Construction for Valves§27-862 Materials Other Than Metal for Construction of Chimneys2.15.6.1 Materials Permitted114.3 Materials, Products and Assembly Directories114.3.1 Materials, Products, Assemblies and Methods of Construction Prescribed in the Code1107.3 Materials RatingSection A106 Materials Requirements66.27.4.1 Materials Specifications302.0 Materials — Standards and Alternates1926.958(b) Materials Storage Near Energized Lines or Equipment315.3.8.3 Materials Susceptible to Water DamageSection C303 Materials, Systems and EquipmentSection C304 Materials Testing and Thermal Properties315.3.8.2 Materials That May Swell or Expand5.4.7.9 Materials Used in Car Safeties5. Materials Used in Safeties5704.2.7.1 Materials Used in Tank Construction602.2.1 Materials Within Plenums[BS] A506.3.1 Mathematical Model690.33 Mating Connectors25.4 Mats and GratesArticle 2 Matters Covered102.8 Matters Not Adequately Provided for in This Code§ 23-27.3-101.2 Matters Not Covered§27-110 Matters Not Provided For10.3.2.2* Mattresses460.6 Mausoleum and Columbarium ConstructionSection 515 Mausoleum Relief VentSection 460 Mausoleums and Columbariums(B) Maximum3306.5 Maximum Aggregate Indoor Acetylene Storage Quantities2705.2.2 Maximum Aggregate Quantities in Fabrication Areas6306.4 Maximum Aggregate Quantity608.9.1 Maximum Aggregate Rated Energy CapacityR608.5.1.3 Maximum Aggregate Size319.8.1 Maximum Aggregate Volume23-463 Maximum Aggregate Width of Street Walls5607. Maximum Air Overpressure1910.252(c)(5)(ii) Maximum Allowable Concentration5704.3.1.2 Maximum Allowable Container Size2.15.11 Maximum Allowable Deflections of Car Frame and Platform Members5607.19.1.2 Maximum Allowable Global Tensile Wall StrainC404.5.1 Maximum Allowable Pipe Length MethodC404.5.2 Maximum Allowable Pipe Volume Method52.3.2.2 Maximum Allowable Quantities66.9.5 Maximum Allowable Quantities (MAQs) Per Control Area3.3.188* Maximum Allowable Quantity (MAQ)5003.1.1 Maximum Allowable Quantity Per Control Area5003.11.1 Maximum Allowable Quantity Per Control Area in Group M or S Occupancies60. Maximum Allowable Quantity Per Outdoor Control Area5003.11.2 Maximum Allowable Quantity Per Outdoor Control Area in Group M or S Occupancies1910.262(y)(1)(iv) Maximum Allowable Speed3.15.2 Maximum Allowable Stresses and Deflections in Car Frame and Platform Members2.15.10 Maximum Allowable Stresses in Car Frame and Platform Members and ConnectionsA5.209.5.1 Maximum Allowed Lighting Power2611.2 Maximum Area2610.4 Maximum Area of Skylights2610.4 Maximum Area of Skylights133-233 Maximum Area of Stories Above a Height of 180 Feet11. Maximum Array22.4.2 Maximum Axial Compressive Strength22.4.3 Maximum Axial Tensile Strength128-33 Maximum Base Height403.1 Maximum Bather Load2.4.4 Maximum Bottom Runby136-314 Maximum Building Height136-315 Maximum Building Height and Horizontal Dimension for Tall Buildings114-122 Maximum Building Height and Setback117-634 Maximum Building Height for Mixed Use Buildings in Designated R5 Districts3314.5.4 Maximum Cantilever1910.106(d)(3)(i) Maximum Capacity5706.4.5.5 Maximum Capacity for Aboveground Tanks5706.4.5.11 Maximum Capacity of Combustible Liquid Underground Tanks5706.4.5.10 Maximum Capacity of Flammable Liquid Underground Tanks14A-8-802 Maximum Capacity Signs6104.2 Maximum Capacity Within Established Limits*§28-202.4 Maximum Civil Penalty for Immediately Hazardous Violation of Chapter 33 of the New York City Building Code That Results in Death or Serious Physical Injury1327.5 Maximum Copper Tube Support Spacing1323.1.4 Maximum Demand306.2.2 Maximum Depth1205.2.4 Maximum Depth of RoomG2413.6 (402.6) Maximum Design Operating Pressure2109.2.1.3 Maximum Diaphragm Ratio3303.11.1.1 Maximum Distance[NY] 915.5.1.1 Maximum Distance Between Audible Notification Appliances17.4.2* Maximum Distance Between Hangers10.2.5.1 Maximum Distance Between Sprinklers9.5.3.2 Maximum Distance From Walls25-521 Maximum Distance From Zoning Lot25-635 Maximum Driveway GradeP3007.3.4 Maximum Effluent Level1207.5.6 Maximum Enclosure Size610.4.1 Maximum Entry Slope3412.6.13 Maximum Exit Access Travel Distance1301.6.13 Maximum Exit Access Travel Distance to an Exit106.5.37 Maximum Extent FeasibleN1102.5 (R402.5) Maximum FenestrationR405.5.3.4 Maximum Fenestration SHGCN1102.1.4 Maximum Fenestration U-factorN1102.5 (R402.5) Maximum Fenestration U-factor and SHGCN1102.5 (R402.5) Maximum Fenestration U-factor and SHGC (Mandatory)402.6 Maximum Fenestration U-factor (Mandatory)722.6.1.1 Maximum Fire-Resistance Rating710.1 Maximum Fixture Unit Load8-302.4 Maximum Floor Area35-311 Maximum Floor Area and Special Provisions for Mixed Buildings or Zoning Lots With Multiple Buildings Containing Community Facility Use in Certain Districts33-12 Maximum Floor Area Ratio104-22 Maximum Floor Area Ratio and Lot Coverage for Community Facility Uses98-22 Maximum Floor Area Ratio and Lot Coverage in Subareas62-32 Maximum Floor Area Ratio and Lot Coverage on Waterfront Blocks123-63 Maximum Floor Area Ratio and Lot Coverage Requirements for Zoning Lots Containing Only Residential Buildings in R6, R7, R8 and R9 Districts24-11 Maximum Floor Area Ratio and Percentage of Lot Coverage62-327 Maximum Floor Area Ratio for a Mixed Use Building in a Special Mixed Use District117-522 Maximum Floor Area Ratio for All Uses24-111 Maximum Floor Area Ratio for Certain Community Facility Uses104-23 Maximum Floor Area Ratio for Commercial Uses43-122 Maximum Floor Area Ratio for Community Facilities107-44 Maximum Floor Area Ratio for Community Facility Uses104-24 Maximum Floor Area Ratio for Manufacturing Uses104-25 Maximum Floor Area Ratio for Multiple Uses on a Zoning Lot81-211 Maximum Floor Area Ratio for Non-Residential or Mixed Buildings24-161 Maximum Floor Area Ratio for Zoning Lots Containing Community Facility and Residential Uses93-223 Maximum Floor Area Ratio in Hell's Kitchen Subdistrict D97-413 Maximum Floor Area Ratio in Subdistrict A93-222 Maximum Floor Area Ratio in the 34th Street Corridor Subdistrict C93-221 Maximum Floor Area Ratio in the Farley Corridor Subdistrict B97-412 Maximum Floor Area Ratio in the Park Avenue Hub Subdistrict93-224 Maximum Floor Area Ratio in the South of Port Authority Subdistrict E104-21 Maximum Floor Area Ratio, Open Space Ratio and Lot Coverage for Residential Uses98-21 Maximum Floor Area Ratio Outside of Subareas97-411 Maximum Floor Area Ratio Within the Core Subdistrict and Areas Outside of a Subdistrict24-162 Maximum Floor Area Ratios and Special Floor Area Limitations for Zoning Lots Containing Residential and Community Facility Uses in Certain Districts81-241 Maximum Floor Area Ratios for a Residential Building or the Residential Portion of a Mixed Building134-25 Maximum Floor Plate SizeP2903.2 Maximum Flow and Water Consumption2309. Maximum Flow Rate63.* Maximum Flow Rate of Release306.6.1 Maximum GapG2413.2 (402.2) Maximum Gas Demand(A) Maximum Heated Area3102.5 Maximum Height107-43 Maximum Height for Buildings or Structures1031.3.3 Maximum Height From Floor23-662 Maximum Height of Buildings and Setback Regulations43-43 Maximum Height of Front Wall and Required Front Setbacks81-262 Maximum Height of Front Wall at the Street Line33-43 Maximum Height of Walls and Required Setbacks91-34 Maximum Horizontal Dimension for Tall Buildings6. Maximum Hydronic Pressure Drop6306.3.1 Maximum Individual Container Capacity509.2.2 Maximum Input Rating603.3.2 Maximum Inside Fuel Oil StorageG2422.1.2.1 (411.1.3.1) Maximum Length124-311 Maximum Length of Blocks136-316 Maximum Length of BuildingsSection 304 Maximum Level of Damage to Be ToleratedA5.504.2.1.1 Maximum Levels of Contaminants516.2.4 Maximum Limits1926.955(b)(2) Maximum Load5.1.18.2 Maximum Load on Rails2.23.4 Maximum Load on Rails in Relation to the Bracket Spacing1808. Maximum Loads128-22 Maximum Lot Coverage43-622 Maximum Lot Coverage in M1-6D Districts5604.12.7.2 Maximum Material[F] 428.3.4 Maximum Number(1) Maximum Number (15-Ampere)(2) Maximum Number (20-Ampere)92-05 Maximum Number of Accessory Off-Street Parking Spaces372.22 Maximum Number of Conductors552.49 Maximum Number of Conductors in Boxes374.22 Maximum Number of Conductors in Raceway5003.8.6.3 Maximum Number of Containers Per Gas Cabinet5003.8.6.3 Maximum Number of Cylinders Per Gas Cabinet230.71 Maximum Number of Disconnects23-22 Maximum Number of Dwelling Units703.2 Maximum Number of Fixture Units408.54 Maximum Number of Overcurrent Devices3314.16.2 Maximum Number of People446.14 Maximum Occupant Load1004. Maximum Occupant Load Per Room6.10.1 Maximum Openings27.2.4.12 Maximum Operating Pressure1208.5 Maximum Operating Pressure in Buildings3138B.2 Maximum Operating Temperature26. Maximum Operating Time603.3.1 Maximum Outside Fuel Oil Storage Above GroundB.9.2 Maximum Permissible Friction Loss2.17.11 Maximum Permissible Movement of Governor Rope to Operate the Safety Mechanism42-213 Maximum Permitted Decibel Levels42-233 Maximum Permitted Emission of Dust42-232 Maximum Permitted Emission of Smoke113-51 Maximum Permitted Floor Area Ratio121-31 Maximum Permitted Floor Area Within Subdistrict A-1121-41 Maximum Permitted Floor Area Within Subdistrict A-242-224 Maximum Permitted Impact Vibration Displacement§27-2075 Maximum Permitted Occupancy42-263 Maximum Permitted Quantities of Fissionable Materials42-262 Maximum Permitted Quantities of Unsealed Radioactive Material42-223 Maximum Permitted Steady State Vibration Displacement(A) Maximum Photovoltaic System Voltage1327.6 Maximum Plastic Pipe Support SpacingP2903.3.2 Maximum Pressure[F] 909.6.2 Maximum Pressure Difference6. Maximum Pressure Drop§27-943 Maximum Pressures10.2.4.2 Maximum Protection Area of Coverage6204.1.6 Maximum Quantities5106.2.1 Maximum Quantities in Retail Display Areas5106.4 Maximum Quantities in Storage Areas63.12.4 Maximum Quantity(A) Maximum Rated Current for a Specific Circuit5. Maximum Rated Speed5. Maximum Rise3002.4.3.1 Maximum Rise of 60 Feet (18 288 mm)3002.4.3.3 Maximum Rise of More Than 75 Feet (22 860 mm)1017.7.1 Maximum Running Slope and Segment Length1617.1.1.2 Maximum Seismic Load Effect, EM22.6.6 Maximum Shear for Two-Way Members With Shear Reinforcement(ii) 5622.3.1.2 Maximum Size25-12 Maximum Size of Accessory Group Parking Facilities107-472 Maximum Size of Group Parking Facility125-53 Maximum Size of Permitted Accessory Group Parking Facilities5. Maximum Skylight Fenestration AreaJ106.1 Maximum Slope[F] 907. Maximum Sound Pressure25-16 Maximum Spaces for Other Than Single-Family Detached Residences25-18 Maximum Spaces for Permitted Community Facility or Commercial Uses25-15 Maximum Spaces for Single-Family Detached ResidencesC103.3 Maximum SpacingR703.8.3.2 Maximum Span3314.5.2 Maximum Span for Wood Plank1910.265(e)(4)(i) Maximum Speed4003.3 Maximum Still Capacity and Maximum Allowable Quantity1910.106(d)(6)(ii) Maximum Storage25.4.6 Maximum Storage Height Above Top In-Rack Sprinkler Level3306.3.1.2 Maximum Storage Quantities5804.1.2 Maximum Storage Quantity117-633 Maximum Street Wall Height132-24 Maximum Street Wall Width8. Maximum Stresses in Car Frame UprightsSection 1012 Maximum TemperatureM2301.2.12 Maximum Temperature LimitationC402.4.3 Maximum U-factor and SHGC3.4.4 Maximum Upward Movement2.4.6 Maximum Upward Movement of the Car1910.134(d)(3)(i)(B) Maximum Use Concentration (MUC)10.14.1 Maximum Velocity (See Appendix B.6)C 601.5 Maximum Vertical Drops From Fixtures690.7 Maximum Voltage(A) Maximum Voltage — 300-Volt TypeL 502.7 Maximum Volume of Hot WaterL 502.7.2 Maximum Volume of Hot Water With Recirculation or Heat TraceL 502.7.1 Maximum Volume of Hot Water Without Recirculation or Heat Trace8.4.12.1 Maximum Weight Per Pair of Guide Rails1607.15.1 Maximum Wheel Load5706.3.3.1 Maximum Width37-33 Maximum Width of Certain Uses13-242 Maximum Width of Curb Cuts87-213 Maximum Width of Establishments4.5 Maximum Working Pressure1904.41(b)(9) May an Enterprise or Corporate Office Electronically Submit Part 1904 Records for Its Establishment(s)?1904.10(b)(3) May I Adjust the Current Audiogram to Reflect the Effects of Aging on Hearing?1904.35(b)(2)(vi) May I Charge for the Copies?1904.29(b)(8) May I Classify Any Other Types of Injuries and Illnesses as Privacy Concern Cases?1904.29(b)(5) May I Keep My Records on a Computer?1904.30(b)(2) May I Keep the Records for All of My Establishments at My Headquarters Location or at Some Other Central Location?1904.11(b)(2) (May I Line-Out or Erase a Recorded TB Case if I Obtain Evidence That the Case Was Not Caused by Occupational Exposure?)1904.6(b)(3) May I Rely on a Physician or Other Licensed Health Care Professional to Determine Whether a Case Is a New Case or a Recurrence of an Old Case?1904.35(b)(2)(iv) May I Remove the Names of the Employees or Any Other Information From the OSHA 300 Log Before I Give Copies to an Employee, Former Employee, or Employee Representative?1904.7(b)(3)(viii) May I Stop Counting Days if an Employee Who Is Away From Work Because of an Injury or Illness Retires or Leaves My Company?1910.68(b)(8)(iv) Maze(B) MDCs Connected to Branch Circuits and Feeders(C) MDCs Powered From Separate MDC System Enclosures1910.263(k)(1) Meal, Peanut, and Fig Grinders3.24.3.3 Means for Checking Liquid Level(6) Means for Connecting Portable or Vehicle-Mounted Generator551.46 Means for Connecting to Power Supply2.22.4.6 Means for Determining Oil Level460.28 Means for Discharge2.24.10 Means for Inspection of Gears2.24.8.4 Means for Manual Release5.11.24.10 Means for Manual Release of Driving-Machine Brake3.18.3.9 Means for Relief of Air or Gas4. Means Necessary for Test2.7.6.4 Means Necessary for Tests2.7.3.3 Means of Access8. Means of Access for Machinery Spaces, Machine Rooms, Control Spaces, and Control RoomsSection 109 Means of AppealSection 113 Means of Appeals2.17.9.1 Means of Application230.27 Means of Attachment625.16 Means of Coupling(B) Means of Discharge216.4 Means of EgressSection 3311 Means of Egress and Elevators403.5 Means of Egress and Evacuation1029.10 Means of Egress Arrangement14X-5-505.4 Means of Egress Capacity3412.6.11 Means of Egress Capacity and Number3404.6 Means of Egress Capacity Factors7.2 Means of Egress Components1003.6 Means of Egress Continuity36.4.4.6 Means of Egress Details3412.6.15 Means of Egress Emergency LightingSection 702 Means of Egress [F]705.4 Means of Egress for Change of Occupancy to Equal or Lower Hazard Category or Without a Change in Classification1011.5.2 Means of Egress for Change of Use to an Equal or Lower-Hazard Category1012.4.2 Means of Egress for Change of Use to Equal or Lower Hazard Category1011.5.1 Means of Egress for Change to a Higher-Hazard Category1011.4.2 Means of Egress for Change to an Equal or Lower-Hazard Category1012.4.1 Means of Egress for Change to Higher Hazard CategorySection 1104 Means of Egress for Existing Buildings3417A.1.1.1 Means of Egress for Hospital Buildings1003.1.2 Means of Egress for Hospital Buildings Removed From Acute Care Service, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Intermediate Care Facilities and Acute Psychiatric Hospitals1003.1.1 Means of Egress for Hospitals1003.1.1 Means of Egress for Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities and Intermediate Care Facilities and Correctional Treatment Centers1003.1.2 Means of Egress for Single-Story Light Frame Skilled Nursing Facilities and Intermediate Care Facilities1225.2.2 Means of Egress for Single-Story Wood Frame or Light-Steel Frame Skilled Nursing Facilities and Intermediate Care Facilities320.2.4 Means of Egress From Multi-Level BoothsN108.1 Means of Egress From the Indoor Trade Show or Exhibition Area1926.651(c)(2) Means of Egress From Trench Excavations1011.5 Means of Egress, General705.2 Means of Egress, HazardsSection 1008 Means of Egress Illumination§4810-01 Means of Egress in Pre-Existing Facilities12.7.1 Means of Egress Inspection905.2 Means-of-Egress Lighting7.14.3 Means of Egress Path107.5 Means of Egress Plans435.8 Means of Egress Provisions21.1.4* Means of Egress Provisions for Aircraft Servicing Hangars21.1.5* Means of Egress Provisions for Aircraft Storage Hangars7.1.10 Means of Egress Reliability12.2 Means of Egress RequirementsSection K104 Means of Egress Requirements for Existing Ambulatory Care Facilities1207.5.8 Means of Egress SeparationSection 1005 Means of Egress Sizing42.7.3 Means of Egress to Finished Ground Level3.3.179 Means of EscapeK108.6 Means of Escape From Attics24.2* Means of Escape RequirementsK105.1.3 Means of Escape to Rooftops From Spaces Within a Building200.9 Means of Identification of Terminals200.6 Means of Identifying Grounded Conductors4.1.24.8 Means of Inspection of Gears3305.5.2.3 Means of Notification10.5.3.4 Means of Qualification1910.262(c)(1) Means of Stopping Machines410.36 Means of Support40. Means to Dislodge(A) Means to Reduce the Residual Voltage8. Means to Restrict Hoistway or Car Door Opening1926.1416(e)(3)(iii) Measure the Boom With a Measuring Device1017.3 MeasurementC409.4 Measurement Devices, Data Acquisition System and Energy Display7.* Measurement of Clear Width2.5.1.7 Measurement of Clearances76-00 Measurement of Distances7.* Measurement of Egress Capacity Width8.4.5 Measurement of Electrical Consumption of Tenant Spaces in Covered BuildingsC405.7.1 Measurement of Electrical Consumption of Tenant Spaces in Covered Buildings Constructed on and After January 1, 20161205.2.6 Measurement of Glazed Areas64-221 Measurement of Height64-321 Measurement of Height for Flood-Resistant Buildings7.3.2 Measurement of Means of Egress507.2 Measurement of Open Spaces1203.5.4 Measurement of Openings7.6* Measurement of Travel Distance to Exits23-43 Measurement of Yard Width or Depth14.4.10.4* Measurement Parameters1007.1.1.1 Measurement Point§27-306.1 Measurement; Solar Thermal and Solar Electric (Photovoltaic) Collectors and/or Panels and Their Supporting Equipment514.4.1 Measurement System(A) Measurement System of Preference3304.1.1 Measurements8.3.6.2 Measuring the Stopping Distances*3319.13 Measuring Wind[A] 101.4.2 Mechanical406.6.4 Mechanical-Access Enclosed Parking Garages209.5 Mechanical Access Parking Garages14A-4-404.11.1.1 Mechanical Amusement Riding Device ID Number14A-4-404.11 Mechanical Amusement Riding Devices1901.3.2 Mechanical Anchors and Specialty InsertsM2101.19.2 Mechanical and Compression Sleeve Joints1705.11.6 Mechanical and Electrical Components300.13 Mechanical and Electrical Continuity — ConductorsSection 3110F Mechanical and Electrical Equipment2.1-5.6.2 Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Rooms3110F.10 Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Seismic Assessment (N/E)3102F.3.5.3 Mechanical and Electrical Inspections3102F.3.6.4 Mechanical and Electrical Systems807.2.2 Mechanical and Emergency Generator Equipment and SystemsA-305.2.4 Mechanical and Fuel Gas Permits107.14 Mechanical and Fuel Gas Plans510.7.4 Mechanical and Structural IntegritySection 709 Mechanical and Ventilation709.1 Mechanical and Ventilation Requirements25.5.7 Mechanical and Welded Splices of Deformed Bars in Tension or Compression1209.3 Mechanical Appliances1519.5 Mechanical Attachment1910.265(d)(4) Mechanical Barkers3.3.56.3 Mechanical CodeCALIFORNIA Mechanical Code, California Code of Regulations, Title 24, Part 4, Chapter 6, Duct SystemsG2407.9 (304.9) Mechanical Combustion Air Supply3112F.6 Mechanical Components and Systems505.6.2 Mechanical Compression Joints300.12 Mechanical Continuity — Raceways and Cables3306.4 Mechanical Demolition3306.4 Mechanical Demolition Equipment609.11.1 Mechanical Devices3304.4.6 Mechanical DiggersG2427.6.9.4 (503.6.10.4) Mechanical DraftG2427.3.3 (503.3.3) Mechanical Draft Systems804.3.8 Mechanical Draft Systems for Manually Fired Appliances and Fireplaces509.8.1 Mechanical Draft Venting System3. Mechanical Dry Pipe Valve2.5- Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Equipment Vibration3.3.99.3 Mechanical Energy Storage System1013.6 Mechanical Equipment1209.3 Mechanical Equipment and Appliance Access603.1 Mechanical Equipment and Appliances1209.3.1 Mechanical Equipment and Appliances on Roofs or Elevated Structures315.3.3.1 Mechanical Equipment, Boiler, and Furnace Rooms7.13 Mechanical Equipment Rooms, Boiler Rooms, and Furnace Rooms323.0 Mechanical Equipment Schedules[BG] 1511.6 Mechanical Equipment Screens1015.6 Mechanical Equipment, Systems and Devices110.12 Mechanical Execution of Work30.1.6.7* Mechanical Exhaust System63.2.16.3 Mechanical Exhaust VentilationC403. Mechanical Fastening[BS] 1404.12.6 Mechanical Fastenings4.2.11 Mechanical (Flexible or Slip Joint)1910.218(f)(1) Mechanical Forging Presses14A-4-411.3.28 Mechanical Information3102F.3.4.6 Mechanical Inspection Team104. Mechanical Inspector1910.119(j) Mechanical Integrity(B) Mechanical InterlocksP3003.4.3 Mechanical Joint CouplingP2906.10.2 Mechanical Joints705.2.2 Mechanical Joints and Compression Joints8. Mechanical Locks and Electric Contacts1705.25.5.1 Mechanical Means and Methods of Demolition§27-468 Mechanical Parking1510.2 Mechanical Penthouses1910.252(d)(2) Mechanical Piping Systems104. Mechanical Plans Examiner1707.7 Mechanical, Plumbing, Fuel Gas, and Electrical Components1910.217(b) Mechanical Power Press Guarding and Construction, General1910.217 Mechanical Power Presses1910.219 Mechanical Power-Transmission Apparatus909.20.4 Mechanical Pressurization Alternative(3) Mechanical Protection225.20 Mechanical Protection of Conductors(3) Mechanical Protection of the Essential Electrical System1910.261(i) Mechanical Pulp ProcessSection 608 Mechanical Refrigeration14A-4-404.12 Mechanical Refrigeration or Cooling System14A-6-606.3 Mechanical Refrigeration SystemsC408.2 Mechanical, Renewable Energy, and Service Water Heating Systems Commissioning and Completion Requirements1008.1 Mechanical RequirementsR105.2.4 Mechanical Rough-in Inspection134-32 Mechanical Screening Requirements[F] 910.4 Mechanical Smoke Exhaust[F] 910.4 Mechanical Smoke Removal Systems18.2.7 Mechanical Splices in Special Moment Frames and Special Structural Walls1910.265(c)(26) Mechanical Stackers and UnstackersC105.2.4 Mechanical SystemC406.1 Mechanical System Connections2.5-3.2 Mechanical System Design2410.2 Mechanical System OperationN1103.4 (R403.4) Mechanical System Piping InsulationN1103.4 (R403.4) Mechanical System Piping Insulation (Mandatory)467.2.6 Mechanical System Requirements467.7 Mechanical System Requirements for Inpatient Facilities and Units469.4.11 Mechanical System Standards301.16 Mechanical SystemsC408.2 Mechanical Systems and Service Water-Heating Systems Commissioning and Completion RequirementsC408.2 Mechanical Systems CommissioningC403.2.11 Mechanical Systems Commissioning and Completion RequirementsSection M1308 Mechanical Systems InstallationC403.13 Mechanical Systems Located Outside of the Building Thermal EnvelopeC403.12 Mechanical Systems Located Outside of the Building Thermal Envelope (Mandatory)5607.16.4.15 Mechanical Tamping DevicesP3009.8.1.4 Mechanical Test Equipment1510.10 Mechanical Units1202.4.3 Mechanical Ventilation909.20.4 Mechanical Ventilation Alternative608.14 Mechanical Ventilation ExhaustN1103.6 (R403.6) Mechanical Ventilation (Mandatory)3004.5.2 Mechanical Ventilation of the Hoistway EnclosureM1505.4.3 Mechanical Ventilation Rate453.4.7.7 Mechanical Ventilation System Balancing14A-6-606.2 Mechanical Ventilation Systems453.4.7.6 Mechanical Ventilation Systems on Emergency Power5706.4.7.8 Mechanical Work1523. Mechanically Fastened, Rigid Roofing Systems4.2.8.3 Mechanically Formed Tee Branches605.5.1 Mechanically Formed Tee Fittings2304.9.3 Mechanically Laminated Decking2304.8 Mechanically Laminated Floors and Decks3.3.129.1 Mechanically Powered, Single-Station Heat AlarmCA105.2.2 Mechanically Ventilated CrawlspacesP104.9.2 Mechanically Ventilated Smokeproof Enclosures108.5 Mechanics' Lien Agent Designation712.1 MediaP-305.4 Medical1311.2 Medical Air Compressor Source1310.3 Medical Air Compressors1310.4 Medical Air Receivers1326.3 Medical Air Supply Systems1314.0 Medical Air Systems1910.1043(n)(3) Medical and Dyed CottonL 404.8 Medical and Laboratory Facilities232.4.1 Medical and Long-Term Care Facilities in Jails, Prisons, and Other Detention and Correctional FacilitiesSection 1202 Medical and Nonmedical Gases9.1.7 Medical and Other Sterile Equipment1910.1052(j)(5)(i) Medical and Work History1926.803(b) Medical Attendance, Examination, and Regulations805 Medical Care and Long-Term Care Facilities(h) Medical Care Facilities1231.2.14 Medical Care Housing1910.1450(g) Medical Consultation and Medical Examinations63.4.5 Medical Cryogenic Systems1910.134(e)(6) Medical Determination1910.1048(l)(3) Medical Disease Questionnaire1103.3.3 Medical Emergency Elevator2.1-5.6.5 Medical Equipment Shop1910.134(e) Medical Evaluation1910.134(e)(2) Medical Evaluation Procedures1230.1.14 Medical Examination Room1910.1048(l)(4) Medical Examinations1910.1025(j)(3) Medical Examinations and Consultations -1106.9.2 Medical Facilities908.9 Medical Gas1323.7.1 Medical Gas and Medical Vacuum1304.0 Medical Gas and Medical Vacuum Piping Systems14.3 Medical Gas and Vacuum Piping Systems469.4.11.1 Medical Gas and Vacuum StandardsPart II — Medical Gas and Vacuum System Piping11.11 Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems1324.5.11 Medical Gas Concentration Test1226.11.2.9 Medical Gas Outlets104. Medical Gas Piping Inspector1318.12 Medical Gas Piping System Purge Tests115.3 Medical Gas Piping Systems2.2- Medical Gas Requirements1224.39.5.4 Medical Gas Station OutletsSection 5306 Medical Gas Storage5306.4 Medical Gas System5306.6 Medical Gas System Plan Submittal5306.5.1 Medical Gas System VerificationSection 427 Medical Gas Systems5306.5 Medical Gas Systems and Equipment449.4.2.8 Medical Gas Systems Standards5306.7 Medical Gas Systems, TestingSection 1202 Medical Gases1926.12(b)(38) Medical Library Assistance Act of 1965 (42 U.S.C. 280B-3(B)(3))1926.804(i) Medical Lock1225.5.1 Medical Model1910.1052(j)(3) Medical Personnel1910.1052(j)(10) Medical Presumption2.7- Medical Psychiatric Room2.2- Medical Psychiatric Room(s)Appendix D Medical Questionnaires; MandatoryAppendix F Medical Questionnaires, (Non-Mandatory)Section 3103C Medical Radiographic and Photofluorographic Installations1225.4.3.2 Medical Record Storage1910.1030(f)(6) Medical Recordkeeping2.1-6.3.5 Medical Records2.1-6.3.5 Medical Records Area1226. Medical Records Storage1910.1024(l) Medical Removal1910.1028(i)(8) Medical Removal Plan1910.1025(k) Medical Removal Protection -1910.1025(k)(2) Medical Removal Protection Benefits -1910.1027(l)(12) Medical Removal Protection Benefits (MRPB)1926.1127(l)(11) Medical Removal Protection (MRP)1910.1025(n)(3) Medical Removals1910.1051(k) Medical Screening and SurveillanceAppendix C Medical Screening and Surveillance for 1,3-Butadiene (Non-Mandatory)1926.50 Medical Services and First Aid*2.2-2.2 Medical/Surgical Patient Care Unit1326.5 Medical-Surgical Vacuum1312.0 Medical Surgical Vacuum Central Supply Systems1313.0 Medical-Surgical Vacuum Exhaust1324.5.10.1 Medical-Surgical Vacuum Inlets1312.2 Medical-Surgical Vacuum Sources1910.1024(k) Medical Surveillance—1910.120(q)(9) Medical Surveillance and ConsultationAppendix B Medical Surveillance for Methylene ChlorideAppendix C Medical Surveillance - FormaldehydeAppendix B Medical Surveillance GuidelinesAppendix C Medical Surveillance Guidelines for AcrylonitrileAppendix I Medical Surveillance Guidelines for Asbestos, Non-MandatoryAppendix C Medical Surveillance Guidelines for BenzeneAppendix C Medical Surveillance Guidelines for DBCPAppendix C Medical Surveillance Guidelines for Ethylene Oxide (Non-Mandatory)Appendix C Medical Surveillance Guidelines for MDA1910.120(p)(3) Medical Surveillance ProgramSection 3104C Medical Therapeutic X-Ray Installations1904.7(b)(1)(iv) Medical Treatment Beyond First Aid2.8-1.1.2 Medical Unit Type DesignationsP-710.2 Medical Use1323.9.1 Medical Vacuum System1320.2.1 Medical Vacuum Systems469.4.10.2 Medical Waste1224. Medication Dispensing2.3-4.2.2 Medication Distribution and Storage Locations (Centralized and Decentralized)3.2-4.2.2 Medication Distribution Locations (Centralized and Decentralized)*1.2-3.6 Medication Error Risk Assessment1224.33.3.14 Medication Preparation Room2.3- Medication Room*1.2-4.5 Medication Safety Assessment*1.2-4.5.1 Medication Safety Elements of the Safety Risk Assessment1.2-3.6.1 Medication Safety Plan1.2-4.5.2 Medication Safety Response2.2- Medication Safety Zone2.2- Medication Safety Zone and Storage2.1- Medication Safety Zone Design2.1-3.8.8 Medication Safety Zones1224.4.4.4 Medication Station1224. Medication Station(s)450.3.3.4 Medication Storage and Distribution812.3.3.3 Medicine Cabinet44.9 Medicine Cabinets1225. Medicine Preparation1226. Medicine Preparation Room or Area3.2- Meditation Area401.5.1 Medium and High Pressure Identification4003.3.2 Medium Distillery507.5.3 Medium-Duty Cooking Appliances3314.3.3.2 Medium Duty ScaffoldR1005.6 Medium-Heat Appliances503.10.15 Medium-Heat Connectors509.5.4.1 Medium-Heat Gas Appliances1224.4.13.5 Medium Patient Capacity(A) Medium-Power Circuits(2) Medium-Power Network-Powered Broadband Communications CablesC403.12.2.2 Medium-Pressure Duct SystemsC403.11.2.2 Medium-Pressure Duct Systems (Mandatory)§27-802 Medium Temperature EquipmentArticle 328 Medium Voltage Cable: Type MVArticle 311 Medium Voltage Conductors and Cable20.4.10.2 Mediumweight Class3319.8.6 Meeting Log3319.8.4.1 Meeting Notifications210.65 Meeting Rooms3310.8.1 Meetings119.6 Meetings and Postponements§28- Meetings and Recommendations(H) Meetings and Records16.8.3.6 Melter Operation16.8.3.7 Melter Supervision5906.5.1 Melting Pots26.3 Member Information18.14 Members Not Designated as Part of the Seismic-Force-Resisting System1.10.1.1 Membership§ 23-27.3-127.2.1 Membership and Local Board[A] 109.2 Membership of Board3102.6.1.1 Membrane3102.3.1 Membrane and Interior Liner Material3114.2.2 Membrane Covering1514.2.2 Membrane FlashingsB302.1 Membrane MaterialE302.1 Membrane Materials3.3.11.1* Membrane Penetration714.4.2 Membrane Penetrations714.2.1.1 Membrane ProtectionC603.2.2 Membrane Soil-Gas Retarder3.3.282.5 Membrane StructureSection 3102 Membrane Structures3103.8.4 Membrane Structures on Buildings1322.3 Memory Metal Fittings1127A.7.2.1 Men's Sanitary Facilities11B-703. Men's Toilet and Bathing FacilitiesSection 457 Mental Health Programs1227.23.2 Mental Health Treatment407.2.3 Mental Health Treatment Areas14.5 Mental Patient Rooms1926.12(b)(35) Mental Retardation Facilities and Community Mental Health Centers Construction Act Amendments of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 618(G))1926.12(b)(14) Mental Retardation Facilities Construction Act (42 U.S.C. 295(a)(2)(D), 2662(5), 2675(a)(5))6.1.10 MercantileSection 309 Mercantile Goup MSection 309 Mercantile Group M14A-8-803.1 Mercantile, Industrial, and Storage Uses20.12 Mercantile OccupanciesSection 414 Mercantile Occupancies and Covered Malls1910.106(d)(5)(iv) Mercantile Occupancies and Other Retail Stores3.3.196.9* Mercantile Occupancy1910.262(s) Mercerizing Range (Piece Goods)1910.252(c)(10) Mercury506.1 Mercury Content in Fluorescent LampsP-1105.1.1.1 Merion Fittings131-443 Mermaid and Stillwell Avenues131-45 Mermaid Avenue SubdistrictAS106.9 MeshAS106.9.2 Mesh Attachment305.2.4 Mesh Fence as a BarrierAS106.9.4 Mesh in Plaster3314.8.1 Mesh InstallationAS106.9.1 Mesh Laps305.2.4 Mesh Restraining Barrier/Fence611.3 Message Delivery24.3.6 Messages for One-Way Emergency Communications Systems396.30 MessengerArticle 396 Messenger-Supported Wiring[BS] 1403.5 MetalR606.15 Metal Accessories314.4 Metal Boxes(B) Metal Boxes and Conduit Bodies314.40 Metal Boxes, Conduit Bodies, and Fittings(C) Metal Boxes Over 1650 cm3 (100 in.3)(5) Metal Building PartsCA102.2.5 Metal Building RoofA2.3 Metal Building RoofsA9.4.6 Metal Building U-factor EquationsCA103.3.6.3 Metal Building WallA3.2 Metal Building Walls(A) Metal Cabinets(A) Metal Cabinets and Cutout Boxes(B) Metal Cabinets, Cutout Boxes, and Meter Socket Enclosures(A) Metal Cable Trays(B) Metal Car Frames18.13.5.8 Metal-Cased Concrete Piles10.2.4.12 Metal Ceiling and Wall Panels§27-861 Metal Chimneys313.3.2.1 Metal ChutesArticle 330 Metal-Clad Cable: Type MC312.12.2 Metal Collars3.3.177.5 Metal Composite Material (MCM)Section 1406 Metal Composite Materials (MCM)1910.308(a)(7)(i)(A) Metal Conduit or Other Metal Raceway1703.6 Metal Connectors and Nail Plates[BS] C103.5.3.3 Metal Connectors for Wood-to-Wood Connections514.4.16 Metal Containers1514.2.4 Metal Counterflashing(C) Metal-Covered and Nonmetallic Cable ProtectionE3906.10 Metal Covers and Plates17.4.1.4 Metal Deck7.3 Metal Deck Diaphragms1926.754(e) Metal Decking603.3 Metal Ducts250.109 Metal Enclosures(B) Metal Enclosures Grounded800.49 Metal Entrance Conduit Grounding(D) Metal Faceplates(L) Metal Faceplates Grounded(A) Metal Fences(5) Metal Fittings1514.2.3 Metal Flashings and Terminations1212.5.2 Metal Flexible Connectors(B) Metal Frame of Building or Structure(2) Metal Frame of the Building or StructureCA102.1.1 Metal-Framed CeilingsE 403.5 Metal Gas Piping(5) Metal Halide Lamp ContainmentSection 5807 Metal Hydride Hydrogen Storage Systems63. Metal Hydride Storage System Requirements63.3.1.5* Metal Hydride Storage Systems63. Metal Hydride Systems Storing or Supplying Hydrogen(2) Metal In-Ground Support Structure(s)(A) Metal Interconnections1910.184(g) Metal Mesh Slings380.76 Metal Multioutlet Assembly Through Dry Partitions26.35 Metal/Nonmetal Mining and Metal Mineral Processing Facilities(3) Metal or Nonmetallic Poles(F) Metal or Nonmetallic Poles or Towers Supporting Wind Turbines Used as a Raceway(B) Metal or Nonmetallic Poles Supporting Luminaires609.4.2 Metal or Plastic1504.3.2 Metal Panel Roof Systems1518.9 Metal Panels/Shingles2303.4.2 Metal-Plate-Connected Trusses1705.5.2 Metal-Plate-Connected Wood Trusses1705.5.2 Metal-Plate-Connected Wood Trusses Spanning 60 Feet or Greater(B) Metal Raceways620.81 Metal Raceways Attached to CarsR606. Metal Reinforcement2103.4 Metal Reinforcement and AccessoriesH114.3.3.1 Metal Restraining Angles and Bars1507.4 Metal Roof Panels1507.5 Metal Roof Shingles1517.6 Metal Roofing Accessories2803.3.2 Metal Scrap(E) Metal-Shield Connectors1523. Metal Shingles/Panels3305. Metal Shoring and Accessory Parts3.18.4.1 Metal Stops and/or Other Means1513.3 Metal Strips(B) Metal Structures10.1.3 Metal Stud Back-Up SystemsRA103.3.6.2 Metal Stud Wall, Effective R -Values for Metal Framing and Cavity OnlyCA103.3.6.1 Metal Stud Wall, Overall Assembly U -FactorsCA103.3.6 Metal Stud Walls1910.268(n)(13) Metal Tapes and Ropes(A) Metal Trough ConstructionCA102.2.4 Metal Truss FramingE3608.6 Metal Underground Gas Piping System(1) Metal Underground Water Pipe[BS] 1404.11 Metal Veneers(A) Metal Water PipingE3609.6 Metal Water Piping Bonding(1) Metal Water Piping System(s)(M) Metal Well CasingsArticle 376 Metal Wireways620.32 Metal Wireways and Nonmetallic Wireways(B) Metal Wireways Used as Pull Boxes602.3 Metallic[F] 415.11.12.1 Metallic and Noncombustible Nonmetallic Exhaust Ducts(A) Metallic Cable Trays(3) Metallic Components603.4 Metallic Ducts800.49 Metallic Entrance Conduit GroundingG2414.9.5 (403.9.5) Metallic Fittings1208.6.13.2 Metallic Flange Gaskets1323.6.2 Metallic Flexible JointsE 403.8.1 Metallic Gas Piping403.12.1 Metallic Gaskets4703.4.2 Metallic Guards Required(A) Metallic InterconnectionsG2414.3 (403.3) Metallic Pipe16.3.8 Metallic Pipe and Tube Bending1208.6.10.5 Metallic Pipe Fittings1308.5.8.4 Metallic Pipe Fittings (Including Valves, Strainers, Filters)G2414.8 (403.8) Metallic Pipe Threads(3) Metallic Piping and DuctsG2414.9 (403.9) Metallic Piping Joints and Fittings(D) Metallic Roof and Exterior Bonding(4) Metallic Roof and Exterior Coverings319.7.1 Metallic Storage TanksG2414.4 (403.4) Metallic Tubing10.5.5 Metallic Vegetation(B) Metallic Wireways Used as Pull Boxes1208.6.4 MetallictubingM 102.3 Meter and Building Supply304.3 Meter Boxes401.1.2 Meter Location Accessible and Acceptable(B) Meter-Mounted Transfer Switches1208.7.3 Meter ProtectionE 402.4.2 Meter Shutoff Valve or Cock(B) Meter SocketsG2420.2 (409.2) Meter Valve10.6.10.5 MeteringE3601.7.3 Metering Centers(5) Metering Circuits1003.2.1 Metering Devices407.2.2 Metering Faucets407.2.2.1 Metering Faucets [BSC-CG, DSA-SS & DSA-SS/CC]5.303.3.4.5 Metering Faucets for Wash Fountains417.1.2 Metering Faucets for Wash Fountains [BSC-CG, DSA-SS & DSA-SS/CC]C409.5 Metering for Existing BuildingsC408.6 Metering System Commissioning(B) Meters401.1.1 Meters and Service Piping401.1.2 Meters for Gas Consumption Monitoring501.105 Meters, Instruments, and Relays319.9.4 Methane Alarms901.1.1 Methane and Radon Venting5801.4.3 Methane RecoverySection 5809 Methane Recovery From Landfills907.8.4 Method[BS] C104.3.2 Method #1: Face-to-Edge or Face-to-Face Method[BS] C104.3.3 Method #2: Face-to-Face Offset Method[BS] C104.3.4 Method #3: Butted Retrofit Stud Method[BS] C104.3.5 Method #4: Offset Retrofit Stud Method[BS] C104.3.6 Method #5: Nailer With Retrofit Stud Method3107F. Method A1706.3.1 Method (a): Face-to-Edge or Face-to-Face Method1706.3.1 Method (a): Face to Edge or to Face Method803.6.1.1 Method A Test ProtocolR602.10.6.1 Method ABW: Alternate Braced Wall Panels3107F. Method B1706.3.2 Method (b): Butted Retrofit Stud Method803.6.1.2 Method B Test Protocol1706.3.3 Method (c): Offset Retrofit Stud MethodR602.12.6.1 Method CS-GR602.12.6.2 Method CS-PFR602.10.6.4 Method CS-PF: Continuously Sheathed Portal Frame1706.3.4 Method (d): Nailer With Retrofit Stud Method5706.3.16.4 Method of Abandonment105.4.4.2 Method of ApprovalE4209.6 Method of Bonding(B) Method of Bonding at the ServiceL 701.0 Method of Calculating Water Savings(P) Method of Connecting Expandable Units1812.11 Method of Construction1905.9.1 Method of Conveyance5007.9.1.13 Method of Discharge430.245 Method of Grounding1101.15.3 Method of Installation of Combined Sewer1703.5.4 Method of Labeling(A) Method of Marking42-222 Method of Measurement1910.1001(d)(6) Method of Monitoring240.80 Method of Operation14X-12-1204.3 Method of Registration2.20.9.7 Method of Securing Wire Ropes in Tapered Sockets[A] 116.4 Method of ServiceP2904.6.1 Method of Sizing Pipe2306.2 Method of StorageC 108.0 Method of Test15.5 Method of Testing Building Sewers1305.16 Method of Ventilation of Fuel Oil Storage Tank RoomsR602.10.3.4 Method PFG: At Garage Door Openings in Seismic Design Categories A, B and CR602.10.6.3 Method PFG: Portal Frame at Garage Door Openings in Seismic Design Categories A, B and CR602.10.6.2 Method PFH: Portal Frame With Hold-DownsR602.10.6.2 Method PFH: Portal Frame With Holddowns107.7.2 Method to Establish Fee(B) Method to Reduce Clearing Time40.5.3 Methodology(2) MethodsR602.12.6.3 Methods ABW, PFH and PFG703.3 Methods for Determining Fire ResistanceAppendix B Methods for Estimating the Adequacy of Hearing Protector Attenuation1910.268(n)(3) Methods for Testing Wood Poles(B) Methods Not Permitted(E) Methods of Bonding1910.1001(f) Methods of Compliance2308.8.1 Methods of Discharge§28-201.3 Methods of EnforcementPart VII Methods of Equipment GroundingPart VII Methods of Equipment Grounding Conductor Connections410.44 Methods of Grounding250.70 Methods of Grounding and Bonding Conductor Connection to ElectrodesE3611.1 Methods of Grounding Conductor Connection to Electrodes1926.404(f)(8) Methods of Grounding Equipment1910.304(g)(8) Methods of Grounding Fixed EquipmentAppendix D Methods of Inspecting and Testing Wood Poles1910.219(m)(2) Methods of Manufacture1926.307(m)(2) Methods of Manufacturer23-94 Methods of Providing Affordable HousingAppendix A Methods of Sample AnalysisSection 21.408 — Methods of Sampling and Testing5604.7.8 Methods of Storage1107.2 Methods of Testing Storm Drainage Systems15.4 Methods of Testing the Drainage and Vent Systems15.6 Methods of Testing Water Supply Systems(A) Methods PermittedR602.12.6.3 Methods PFH and PFG1926.1106 Methyl Chloromethyl Ether1910.1052 Methylene Chloride1910.19(m) Methylene Chloride (MC)1926.60 Methylenedianiline(B) Metric Designator 12 (Trade Size 3/8)(A) Metric Designators 16 through 103 (Trade Sizes 1/2 through 4)(C) Metric Designators and Trade Sizes712.1.11 Mezzanine1004.6 Mezzanine Levels505.2 MezzaninesSection 505 Mezzanines and Equipment Platforms§45-01 Microfilming of Application Folders and Associated Documentation for Temporary and Final Certificates of Occupancy and Letters of Completion. [Repealed]705.70 Microgrid Interconnect Devices (MID)Part II Microgrid Systems24.3.2* Microphone Use1705A.8.1 Micropile Tests1810.3.10 MicropilesSection 5810 Microturbines1910.268(s)(29) Microwave Transmission409.5.1 Mid-Aisle Handrail Termination409.1.1 Mid-Aisle Handrails1030.16.3 Mid-Aisle Termination104-422 Midblock Open Areas3314.8.9 Midrail Design3314.8.4 Midrail Height3314.8.3 Midrail InstallationAppendix A Midtown District Plan Maps[BG] 304.2.1 Mild Impact29.5.10.1* Mild to Severe Hearing Loss1103.2.15 Military, Fire Service, and Police Facilities1910.211(c)(3) Mill2103.11.7.3 Mill Galvanized1910.216(a)(4) Mill Roll Heights1910.216(b) Mill Safety Controls1910.212(a)(3)(iv)(e) Milling Machines2906.1 Mills1910.216 Mills and Calenders in the Rubber and Plastics IndustriesSection 5.9 Mine Elevators26.34.2.2 Mine Surface Buildings26.4.1.3 Mineral FillersArticle 332 Mineral-Insulated, Metal-Sheathed Cable: Type MI1507.6 Mineral-Surfaced Roll Roofing507.4.2.1 Mineral Wool Batts or Ceramic Fiber Blanket13. Mini-Storage Building239.3 Miniature Golf Course Configuration1007 Miniature Golf Facilities1007.3 Miniature Golf Holes*1.2- Minimization of Physical Environment Impediments to Resident, Participant, and Outpatient Mobility and Mobilization(A) Minimize the Entrance of Dust5607.5.3 Minimizing Impact of Blasting Operations on Surrounding Buildings11. Minimizing Obstructions in Pathways(A) Minimum926.1 Minimum Air-Borne Noise Insulation RequirementsTable C Minimum Air Gaps for Plumbing Fixtures1017.2.1 Minimum Aisle Accessway Width1030.9.1 Minimum Aisle Width[BF] 1705.15.4.1 Minimum Allowable Thickness136-313 Minimum and Maximum Base Height4.2.2.2 Minimum and Maximum Bottom and Top Car Runby10.6.1 Minimum and Maximum Longitudinal Reinforcement13-27 Minimum and Maximum Size of Parking Facilities1926.959(d)(1) Minimum Approach Distance1926.960(c)(1) Minimum Approach Distances2113.16.1 Minimum Area14X-4-402.4 Minimum Area of Bedrooms1323.5.4 Minimum Backfill1252.4 Minimum Barber Shop Size9.3.1 Minimum Beam Depth1907.2 Minimum Bend Diameters400.34 Minimum Bending Radii17.2.2.10 Minimum Bolt or Rod Size for Concrete17.2.3.5 Minimum Bolt or Rod Size for Steel9.1.3.10 Minimum Bolt Size for Concrete9.1.4.5 Minimum Bolt Size for Steel3.4.2 Minimum Bottom and Top Car Runby2.4.2 Minimum Bottom Runby for Counterweighted Elevators2.4.3 Minimum Bottom Runby for Uncounterweighted ElevatorsE3702.9.1 Minimum Branch Circuit for RangesD 110.1 Minimum Burial Below Ground Level and ClearancesG2415.12 (404.12) Minimum Burial DepthN1105.5.1 (R405.5.1) Minimum Capabilities3134B.1 Minimum Capacity1004.4 Minimum Capacity of Closed-Type TankP104.3 Minimum Ceiling HeightR305.2.1 Minimum Ceiling Height, Existing Buildings1208.2 Minimum Ceiling HeightsR804.3.1.1 Minimum Ceiling Joist SizeC402.4.9.3 Minimum Clear Air Spaces and Vented OpeningsR702.7.3 Minimum Clear Air Spaces and Vented Openings for Vented CladdingN1102.5.3 Minimum Clear Air Spaces and Vented Openings for Vented Claddings1404.3.4 Minimum Clear Airspaces and Vented Openings for Vented CladdingFigure 11A-1G Minimum Clear Floor Space for WheelchairsFigure 11A-1H Minimum Clear Floor Space in Alcoves1103.12.1.1 Minimum Clearance1926.1410(c) Minimum Clearance Distance7.3.2 Minimum ClearancesFigure 11A-1K Minimum Clearances for Seating and Table17. Minimum Coach Screw Rod Size722. Minimum Concrete Cover722. Minimum Concrete Fire-Resistance Rating722.3.2.4 Minimum Concrete Masonry Fire-Resistance Rating(iii) Minimum Conditions for Safe Occupancy(3) 102.3 Minimum Conditions of Occupancy16.2.4 Minimum Connection Strength and Integrity Tie Requirements1114.6 Minimum Construction12.1.6 Minimum Construction Requirements22.4.4.2 Minimum Construction Requirements (Nonsprinklered Buildings) Minimum Construction Requirements (Nonsprinklered Smoke Compartment Rehabilitation)457.1.4 Minimum Construction Standards for CSU and SRT Facilities Initially Licensed After July 14, 19932203.3.1.2 Minimum Conveying Velocities12.2.3.8 Minimum Corridor WidthP-903.4 Minimum Cover722.2.4.2 Minimum Cover for R/C Columns(A) Minimum Cover Requirements14X-12-1203.3 Minimum Coverage804.4.2 Minimum Critical Radiant Flux1138A.2.2.3 Minimum DepthE3905.4 Minimum Depth of Boxes for Outlets, Devices, and Utilization Equipment[BS] A110.1 Minimum Design Lateral Forces[BS] 807.3 Minimum Design Loads5.7.14.2 Minimum Diameter of Suspension Ropes12.3.1 Minimum Diaphragm Thickness1811.6.1.1 Minimum Dimension1012.5 Minimum Dimensions16.2.6 Minimum Dimensions at Bearing Connections24-62 Minimum Dimensions of Courts43-51 Minimum Dimensions of Courts for Buildings33-51 Minimum Dimensions of Courts for Community Facility BuildingsFigure 11A-7A Minimum Dimensions of Elevator Cars§27-751 Minimum Dimensions of Habitable Rooms23-851 Minimum Dimensions of Inner Courts81-28 Minimum Distance Between Buildings23-71 Minimum Distance Between Buildings on a Single Zoning Lot8.13.4.1 Minimum Distance Between In-Rack Sprinklers23-863 Minimum Distance Between Legally Required Windows and Any Wall in an Inner Court23-862 Minimum Distance Between Legally Required Windows and Lot Lines on Small Corner Lots in R9 or R10 Districts23-86 Minimum Distance Between Legally Required Windows and Walls or Lot Lines23-88 Minimum Distance Between Lot Lines and Building Walls23-881 Minimum Distance Between Lot Lines and Building Walls in Lower Density Growth Management Areas23-882 Minimum Distance Between Lot Lines and Building Walls in R1 Through R5 Districts24-652 Minimum Distance Between Required Windows and Certain Walls24-65 Minimum Distance Between Required Windows and Walls or Lot Lines10.3.4.4 Minimum Distance Between Sprinklers26-32 Minimum Distance Between Walls and Lot Lines1613.6.7 Minimum Distance for Building Separation10.* Minimum Distance From Obstructions10.3.4.3 Minimum Distance From Walls1808.10 Minimum Distance to Ground Faulting12.17.7 Minimum Distances10.2.5.4 Minimum Distances Between Sprinklers10.2.5.3 Minimum Distances From Walls23.5 Minimum Distributed Reinforcement7. Minimum Door Leaf WidthR310.3.1 Minimum Door Opening Size918.2 Minimum Duct Sizes408.7.1 Minimum DutiesE 201.10 Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV)6.8.1 Minimum Efficiency Requirement Listed Equipment—Standard Rating and Operating Conditions1910.39(c) Minimum Elements of a Fire Prevention Plan1910.38(c) Minimum Elements of an Emergency Action Plan603.5 Minimum Energy Measurement and Verification6.4.1.2 Minimum Equipment Efficiencies—Listed Equipment—Nonstandard Conditions6.4.1.1 Minimum Equipment Efficiencies—Listed Equipment—Standard Rating and Operating ConditionsC406.2.2 Minimum Equipment Efficiency6.8 Minimum Equipment Efficiency Tables404.2 Minimum Exhaust403.7.2.2 Minimum Exhaust Rate320.7.1 Minimum Exits1803.3.2 Minimum Exploration RequirementsSection 21.405 — Minimum Face-Shell and Web Thicknesses1224.25.1 Minimum Facilities4.1.17.2 Minimum Factors of Safety and Stresses of Safety Parts2.17.12 Minimum Factors of Safety and Stresses of Safety Parts and Rope Connections606.2.2.3 Minimum Fan EfficiencyR703.3.4 Minimum Fastener Length and Penetration603.4.1 Minimum Fasteners11B-502.6.2 Minimum Fine10.2.7 Minimum Fire Prevention Inspection Frequencies for Existing Occupancies8.3.3.2 Minimum Fire Protection Rating1406.11.4.1 Minimum Fire Separation DistanceM 102.7.1 Minimum Fixture Branch Size809.1 Minimum Fixtures9.6.1 Minimum Flexural Reinforcement in Nonprestressed Beams8.6.1 Minimum Flexural Reinforcement in Nonprestressed Slabs9.6.2 Minimum Flexural Reinforcement in Prestressed Beams7.6.2 Minimum Flexural Reinforcement in Prestressed Slabs18.7.3 Minimum Flexural Strength of Columns14X-4-402.3 Minimum Floor AreaR505.3.2 Minimum Floor Joist Sizes1305.2 Minimum Flow Rates1808.6.1.1 Minimum Foundation Depth in Expansive Soils1905.6.2.1 Minimum Frequency506.3.2 Minimum Frontage Distance(A) Minimum3.3.176* Minimum Hearing Distance1224.4.10.1 Minimum HeightR305.1 Minimum Height, New Buildings1224.4.10.2 Minimum Height With Fixed Ceiling EquipmentAQ104.1.2 Minimum Horizontal Dimensions1124A.5 Minimum IlluminationE 606.1 Minimum Indoor Air QualityC1 Minimum Information113.3 Minimum Inspections1814.5 Minimum Installation TorqueR602.10.5 Minimum Length of a Braced Wall PanelR602.12.1.4 Minimum Length of Braced PanelR602.10.3 Minimum Length of Braced PanelsR608.7.2.1 Minimum Length of Solid Wall Segment and Maximum SpacingR606.12.2.1 Minimum Length of Wall Without Openings3.24.2.2 Minimum Level IndicationE 503. Minimum Level of Commission806.4.5 Minimum Lighting Outlets2.16.1.1 Minimum Load PermittedP108.1 Minimum Loft Area and Dimensions107-42 Minimum Lot Area and Lot Width for Residences107-421 Minimum Lot Area and Lot Width for Zoning Lots Containing Certain Community Facility Uses77-26 Minimum Lot Area and Lot Width Requirements for Residences23-32 Minimum Lot Area or Lot Width for Residences137-31 Minimum Lot Width1910.94(c)(1)(iv) Minimum Maintained Velocity408.11.3.1 Minimum Mall WidthA206.6 Minimum Member Size2304.10.1 Minimum Member Sizes7.* Minimum New Stair Width7.* Minimum New Stair Width. (See Also 7.3.3.)208.2 Minimum Number2.20.4 Minimum Number and Diameter of Suspension Means5. Minimum Number and Diameter of Suspension Ropes(1) Minimum Number and Supply240.2.1.1 Minimum Number and Types233.3.1 Minimum Number: New ConstructionR602.10.2.3 Minimum Number of Braced Wall Panels3314.11.7.1 Minimum Number of Clips to Be Installed132-23 Minimum Number of Establishments1018.1 Minimum Number of ExitsC102.1 Minimum Number of Fire Hydrants for a Building18.5.4 Minimum Number of Fire Hydrants for Fire Flow[P] 2902.1 Minimum Number of Fixtures17.4.3.2* Minimum Number of HangersC105.1 Minimum Number of Hydrants1812.7.3.2 Minimum Number of Load TestsSection 890.810 Minimum Number of Plumbing Fixtures422.0 Minimum Number of Required Fixtures1110.4 Minimum Number of Roof Drains24.5 Minimum Obstruction Criteria8.2.10 Minimum Oil Buffer Strokes: Inclined ElevatorsE 403.12 Minimum Oil Supply Tank Size1205.2.1 Minimum OpeningR310.2.1 Minimum Opening AreaR310.1.2 Minimum Opening HeightR310.1.3 Minimum Opening Width27.2.4.11 Minimum Operating Pressure3314.5.3 Minimum Overhang453.10.2.8 Minimum Parking Requirements1810.5.4 Minimum Penetration of Deep Foundations506.3.1 Minimum Percentage of PerimeterSection 301 Minimum Performance1926.1001 Minimum Performance Criteria for Rollover Protective Structures for Designated Scrapers, Loaders, Dozers, Graders, and Crawler Tractors2.17.10 Minimum Permissible Clearance Between Rail-Gripping Faces of Safety Parts457.1.3.2 Minimum Physical Plant Requirements1808.5.4 Minimum Pile Penetrations1504.7.1 Minimum Pipe Size5.7.2.7 Minimum Pit Depth Required2.2.7 Minimum Pit Depths Required2.24.2.2 Minimum Pitch Diameter107.3.5 Minimum Plan Review Criteria for BuildingsSection 2902 Minimum Plumbing Facilities722. Minimum Precast Concrete CoverP2903.3 Minimum Pressure[F] 909.6.1 Minimum Pressure DifferenceB.2.8 Minimum Pressure Required at Water Outlets1609. Minimum Pressures13.2.5.3 Minimum Protection Area of Coverage7-204 Minimum Qualification for Examination113.4 Minimum Qualifications510.5.3 Minimum Qualifications of Personnel1.7.2* Minimum Qualifications to Enforce This Code[BS] A106.2.3.7 Minimum Quality of Masonry[BS] A106.2.3.6 Minimum Quality of Mortar602.3.2 Minimum QuantityInterior Lighting Power AllowanceInterior Structural FirefightingInterior SurfacesInterior Wall and Ceiling FinishInterior Wall FinishInterior WorkInterlaymentInterlinked Fire DetectionInterlockIntermagazine Distance (IMD)Intermagazine Distance (IMD) Quantity-Distance (Q-D)Intermediate Bulk ContainerIntermediate Framed WallsIntermediate-Level Sprinkler/Rack Storage SprinklerIntermediate Pre-Stressed Masonry Shear WallIntermediate Prestressed Masonry Shear WallIntermediate Prestressed Masonry Shear Wall Shear WallIntermediate Reinforced Masonry Shear WallIntermediate Reinforced Masonry Shear Wall Shear WallIntermittent PilotIntermodal Shipping ContainerInternal Curtain SystemInternal Gas Valve TypeInternally IlluminatedInternational Existing Building Code (IEBC)International Shore ConnectionInternational Symbol of AccessibilityInterrupted PilotInterrupting RatingIntersystem Bonding TerminationIntertier ConnectorIntraline Distance (ILD) or Intraplant Distance (IPD)Intraline Distance (ILD) or Intraplant Distance (IPD) Quantity-Distance (Q-D)Intrinsic Safety "IIntrinsically Safe ApparatusIntrinsically Safe CircuitIntrinsically Safe SystemIntumescent Fire-Resistant CoatingsInvasive Plant SpeciesInvasive PlantsInvasive ProcedureInverse Time (As Applied to Circuit Breakers)InvertInverted Pendulum SystemInverted Pendulum-Type StructuresInverterInverter Input CircuitInverter, MultimodeInverter Output CircuitInverter Utilization Output CircuitInwater StageIonization Smoke DetectionIrregular StructureIrrigationIrrigation Control SystemIrrigation Controllers Part IV: MaterialsIrrigation DemandIrrigation Emission DeviceIrrigation FieldIrrigation Field [BSC-CG & HCD 1]Irrigation MachineIrrigation Water Requirement or Irrigation RequirementIrrigation ZoneIrritantIrritant GasIsland ModeISO ModuleIsolated (As Applied to Location)Isolated Power SystemIsolated StorageIsolation Backflow Prevention DeviceIsolation DevicesIsolation InterfaceIsolation JointIsolation SystemIsolation TransformerIsolator UnitIt Equipment EnergyIV Test No. 2 —Site Analysis Test(IWRC)J-1J-2J-3Jacked PilesJacking ForceJob SiteJob StartJointJoint, BrazedJoint, CompressionJoint, FIangedJoint Fire and Ambulance DistrictJoint Fire DistrictJoint, FlangedJoint, FlaredJoint, MechanicalJoint, Plastic AdhesiveJoint, Plastic Heat FusionJoint, Plastic Solvent CementJoint, Press-ConnectJoint, SolderedJoint, WeldedJoist, SteelJourneyman PlumberJump BoardJump (Jumping)Jump (Jumping or Climbing)Junior Accessory Dwelling UnitJurisdictionJustificationKey BoxKey ElementKey StationKey SurfaceKeyedKeywayKick-Out FlashingKick PlateKilovolt-Ampere (kVA)Kilowatt Hours (kWh)Kilowatt (kW)KitchenKitchen and Bar Sink FaucetsKitchen or KitchenetteKitchenetteL) Boiler, Hot Water SupplyL) Exterior WorkL RatingLabelLabeledLabeled. (HCD 1)Labeled/MarkedLaboratoryLaboratory BuildingLaboratory ChemicalLaboratory Class ALaboratory Class BLaboratory, Non-ProductionLaboratory, NonproductionLaboratory SuiteLaboratory UnitLaced Tire StorageLadderLaid FlatLaitanceLaminated Strand Lumber (LSL)Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL) Structural Composite LumberLaminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) Structural Composite LumberLampLand SubsidenceLand SurveyorLanding, Bottom TerminalLanding, DumbwaiterLanding, Elevator or Material LiftLanding, Escalator or Moving WalkLanding, Lower, EscalatorLanding, Lower, Moving WalkLanding, Next AvailableLanding PlatformLanding, Top TerminalLanding, Upper, EscalatorLanding, Upper, Moving WalkLanding ZoneLandscapeLandscape ArchitectLandscape Water MeterLap JointLarge-Area BuildingLarge-Diameter Ceiling FanLarge Distillery*Large Wind Turbine*Large Wind Turbine TowerLast Known AddressLateralLateral BraceLaundry AreaLaundry FacilitiesLavatories in SetsLavatoryLavatory and MirrorsLavatory FaucetLayered (Soil)Layered (Soil, Chapter 33)Layout DrawingsLBBCALBFPCALDNLDRPLead-Acid BatteryLead-Acid Battery Battery TypesLead-Acid Battery Storage BatteryLead Energy ProfessionalLead-Free Pipe and FittingsLead-Free Solder and FluxLeaderLeading EdgeLeak CheckLeakage-Current Detector-Interrupter (LCDI)LED Sign Illumination SystemLeft, Right ConventionLeg FacilityLegal DescriptionLegitimate StageLEL (Lower Explosive Limit)LeqLet for Occupancy or LetLetter of ApprovalLetter of CompletionLetter of Map Amendment (LOMA)Letter of Map Revision Based on Fill (LOMR-F)Letter of Map Revision (LOMR)LevelLevel 1Level 1 AerosolLevel 1 Aerosol ProductsLevel 1 Aerosol Products AerosolLevel 1 Aerosol Products Aerosol ProductLevel 2Level 2 AerosolLevel 2 Aerosol ProductsLevel 2 Aerosol Products AerosolLevel 2 Aerosol Products Aerosol ProductLevel 2 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)Level 3Level 3 AerosolLevel 3 Aerosol ProductsLevel 3 Aerosol Products AerosolLevel 3 Aerosol Products Aerosol ProductLevel AreaLevel CeilingsLevel of Exit DischargeLevelingLeveling Device, AnticreepLeveling Device, Elevator, Dumbwaiter, or Material Lift CarLeveling Device, InchingLeveling Device, One-Way AutomaticLeveling Device, Two-Way Automatic MaintainingLeveling Device, Two-Way Automatic NonmaintainingLeveling ZoneLevels of Sedation(LFL)LFL (Lower Flammable Limit or Lower Limit of Flammability)Library Building ProgramLicenseLicense Board or BoardLicensed Adult Foster Care Within a DwellingLicensed BuildingLicensed Child Care Within a DwellingLicensed Design ProfessionalLicensed Exhibitor of Fireworks or Licensed ExhibitorLicensed Exhibitor of Indoor FireworksLicensed Exhibitor of Outdoor/Indoor FireworksLicensed Land SurveyorLicensed Manufacturer of Fireworks or Licensed ManufacturerLicensed Master Fire Suppression Piping Contractor, Master Fire Suppression Piping ContractorLicensed Master Plumber, Master PlumberLicensed PremisesLicensed Wholesaler of Fireworks or Licensed WholesalerLicenseeLicensing AgencyLife Cycle Assessment (LCA)Life Cycle Inventory (LCI)Life Safety BranchLife Safety EvaluationLife Safety HazardLife Safety NetworkLife Safety Performance LevelLife Safety SystemsLifelineLiftLift, Platform (Wheelchair)Light-Diffusing SystemLight-Duty Cooking ApplianceLight Duty ScaffoldLight Duty Sidewalk ShedLight-Frame ConstructionLight-Framed ConstructionLight HazardLight Hazard OccupanciesLight Hazard OccupancyLight RailLight Straw-ClayLight-to-Solar-Gain Ratio (LSG)Light-Transmitting Plastic Roof PanelsLight-Transmitting Plastic Wall PanelsLighting and AccessLighting BoundaryLighting Controls Acceptance Test EmployerLighting Controls Acceptance Test TechnicianLighting Controls Acceptance Test Technician Certification ProviderLighting, DecorativeLighting, GeneralLighting OutletLighting Power AllowanceLighting Power Allowance, ExteriorLighting Power Allowance, InteriorLighting Power Density (LPD)Lighting SystemLighting Track (Track Lighting)Lightweight AggregateLightweight Aggregate ConcreteLimitLimit ControlLimit of Moderate Wave ActionLimit StateLimited Access StructureLimited Alteration ApplicationLimited Area Sprinkler SystemLimited Care FacilityLimited Charge SystemLimited-Combustible (Material)Limited Deformability ElementLimited DeformationLimited-Density Owner-Built Rural DwellingLimited-Density Owner-Built Rural DwellingsLimited Ductile ElementLimited Finishing WorkstationLimited Oil-Burning Appliance AlterationsLimited Oil-Burning Boiler AlterationsLimited Plumbing AlterationsLimited Site Safety Training (SST) CardLimited Spraying SpaceLimited Sprinkler AlterationsLimited Standpipe AlterationsLimited Standpipe Alterations. Category 2Limited-Use/Limited-Application ElevatorsLine Contact InstallationLine Isolation MonitorLine-Source EmittersLine-Type DetectorLineamentLinear Thermal BridgeLiner System (LS)LinesetLiquefactionLiquefied Compressed GasesLiquefied GasLiquefied Natural Gas (LNG)Liquefied Petroleum GasLiquefied Petroleum Gas (LP-Gas)Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LP-Gas) FacilitiesLiquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)Liquefied Petroleum Gas or LPG (LP-Gas)LiquidLiquid ClassLiquid FertilizerLiquid-Immersed TransformerLiquid Motor FuelLiquid Motor Fuel Storage and Dispensing SystemLiquid Oxygen Ambulatory ContainerLiquid Oxygen Home Care ContainerLiquid Storage RoomLiquid Storage WarehouseLiquid-TightLiquid-Tight ConstructionLiquid Tight FloorLiquid Use, Dispensing and Mixing RoomLiquid Use, Dispensing and Mixing RoomsLiquid WarehouseLiquid WasteLiquidtight FloorList of Licensed ExhibitorsList of Licensed ManufacturersList of Licensed WholesalersListedListed and ListingListed Arc-Resistant CSST (or Listed ARCSST)Listed/CertifiedListed. (HCD 1)Listed. (SFM)Listed (Third-Party Certified)Listing AgencyListing Agency. (HCD 1 & HCD 2)Lithium-Ion BatteryLithium-Ion Battery Battery TypesLithium-Ion Battery Storage BatteryLithium Metal Polymer BatteryLithium Metal Polymer Battery Battery TypesLithium Metal Polymer Battery Storage BatteryLittle TheaterLive Fire Training FacilitiesLive LoadLive Load, RoofLive LoadsLive Loads (Roof)Live PartsLive Theatrical ProductionLive/Work UnitLiveboatingLiving AreaLiving AreasLiving SpaceLiving UnitLoadLoad and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD)Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD). Load EffectsLoad, BalancedLoad-Bearing ElementLoad-Bearing WallLoad-Bearing Wall WallsLoad Block, LowerLoad Block, UpperLoad, DeadLoad, DynamicLoad EffectsLoad FactorLoad, FactoredLoad, ImpactLoad, LiveLoad PathLoad Rating ChartLoad RatingsLoad, Roof LiveLoad, Self-Weight DeadLoad, ServiceLoad, StaticLoad, Superimposed DeadLoad (Working)LoaderLoading CapacityLoading RackLoadsLoads EffectsLoanLobbyLocal Agency Very High Fire Hazard Severity ZoneLocal Appeals BoardLocal Building DepartmentLocal CollapseLocal Detention FacilityLocal EmergencyLocal Energy-Type Auxiliary Alarm SystemLocal Enforcement AgencyLocal ExhaustLocal Flood Plain Management OrdinanceLocal Floodplain Management OrdinanceLocal Governing BodyLocal Government EntityLocal Government, Local Governing Body, or LocalityLocal Operating Console (LOC)Local Responsibility Area (LRA)Local Responsibility Areas (LRA)Local Vent StackLocalityLocation Board (Deuce Board)Location, DampLocation, DryLocation of Starting Devices START-DOWNLocation (Shooting Location)Location TerminologyLocation, WetLock-UpLockdownLocking-Type Tamper-Resistant CapLockup FacilitiesLockup Facilities Group BLodging HouseLodging House. (HCD 1)Lodging HousesLodging or Rooming HouseLoftLog LighterLog Lighter, Gas-FiredLog StructureLog WallLog Wall ConstructionLong Radius ElbowLong-Time RatingLongitudinal BraceLongitudinal Flue SpaceLongitudinal Flue Space Flue SpacesLoop Start Telephone CircuitLoop VentLooped Sprinkler SystemLooped SystemLoose-Fitting FacepieceLoose HouseLoss of PowerLotLot LineLot of RecordLot, TaxLoudspeakerLow Application Rate IrrigationLow Deformability ElementLow Emission, Hybrid and Electric VehicleLow-Emitting and Fuel Efficient VehiclesLow-Energy Power-Operated DoorLow ExplosiveLow Explosive ExplosiveLow Flow EmitterLOW-GWP RefrigerantLow HazardLow Hazard ContentsLow-Heat Appliance (Residential Appliance)Low-Heat Appliance (Residential Appliance) Appliance TypeLow-Heat Appliance TypeLow-Heat Appliance Type Chimney TypesLow Impact Development (LID)Low Income HousingLow-Piled StorageLow Power Level 2 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging ReceptacleLow-Power Radio TransmitterLow-Power Radio Transmitter/TransceiverLow Precipitation Rate Sprinkler HeadsLow-Pressure ContainerLow-Pressure Hot-Water-Heating BoilerLow-Pressure Steam-Heating BoilerLow-Pressure TankLow-Pressure Water DispenserLow-Probability PumpLow-Probability SystemsLow-Rise Building