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1117.1 Inside Dimensions 6 Inches or Less1117.2 Inside Dimensions More Than 6 Inches409.4.1 Inside Dimensions of Elevator Cars§27-293 Inside Fire Districts3.3.173 Inside Liquid Storage Area1910.106(g)(3)(ii) Inside Location§27-760 Inside Locker Rooms(A) Inside of a Patient Care Vicinity1305.11.1 Inside of Buildings*1305.11.1.2 Inside of Buildings; Above Ground on the Lowest Floor1305.11.1.3 Inside of Buildings; Above the Lowest Floor1305.11.1.1 Inside of Buildings; Below Ground(G) Inside or Outside BuildingE3908.21.1 Inside Raceway or Enclosure[F] 414.5 Inside Storage, Dispensing and Use[F] 414.5 Inside Storage, Dispensing, Handling and UseSection 5104 Inside Storage of Aerosol Products1102.2 Inside Storm Drainage Conductors1306.3 Inside Tanks1910.306(k)(3) Inside Tents and Concessions(2) Inside the Array Boundary8. Inside the Car113.8.4 Insignias1910.261(g)(15) Inspecting and Repairing Digester*§28-317.4 Inspecting, Cleaning, Disinfecting and TestingSection 2503 Inspection1926.910 Inspection After Blasting[A] 110.4 Inspection Agencies§27-1000 Inspection Agencies and Elevator Repair ServiceSection E3403 Inspection and Approval(F) Inspection and Approvals701A.4 Inspection and Certification3319.8.7 Inspection and Certification by the Engineer of Record510.9.1.2 Inspection and CleaningSection 110 Inspection and Enforcement322.2 Inspection and Fees1703.5.2 Inspection and IdentificationSection 92.0126 Inspection and Inspection FeesC 301.1 Inspection and Installation61.5.6 Inspection and Maintenance66.24.12 Inspection and Maintenance for Storage Tank Buildings66.22.17 Inspection and Maintenance of Aboveground Storage Tanks66.21.6.3 Inspection and Maintenance of Fire Protection and Emergency Response Equipment66.25.8 Inspection and Maintenance of Storage Tank Vaults and Equipment66.21.8 Inspection and Maintenance of Storage Tanks and Storage Tank Appurtenances66.23.4 Inspection and Maintenance of Underground Storage Tanks1910.213(s) Inspection and Maintenance of Woodworking Machinery1910.217(e)(1) Inspection and Maintenance Records2203.4.9.4 Inspection and Preventive MaintenanceH3.2.7 Inspection and Recording Keeping118.2.2 Inspection and Reinspection Fee1910.261(g)(21) Inspection and Repair of Tanks§28-112.7 Inspection and Report Filing Fees317.5 Inspection and Service304.6 Inspection and Test3. Inspection and Test Means2.7.6.5 Inspection and Test Panel§28-304.6.5 Inspection and Test Reports SubmissionP-1501.4 Inspection and Test Required§27-999 Inspection and Test Requirements8.10.2.3 Inspection and Test Requirements for Altered Installations8.10.2.2 Inspection and Test Requirements for New Installations[F] 904.4 Inspection and Testing*§28-304.6.1 Inspection and Testing EntitiesP2911.12.4 Inspection and Testing of Backflow Prevention AssembliesP2503.8 Inspection and Testing of Backflow Prevention Devices505.3 Inspection and Testing of Backflow Prevention Systems1302.12.7 Inspection and Testing of Cross Connection Control8.8* Inspection and Testing of Door Assemblies312.10 Inspection and Testing of Isolation Backflow Prevention Devices Required by This Code1705.3.4 Inspection and Testing of Prestressed Concrete§28-304.6 Inspection and Testing ProcessArticle 7 Inspection and Tests1705A.2.5 Inspection and Tests of Structural Welding8.10.2.1 Inspection and Tests Required5.9 Inspection and Verification§27-3018 Inspection; Application for Permit and Application Fees[A] 108.1 Inspection Authority[A] 105.2.2 Inspection Authorized14A-6-602 Inspection Based on Occupancy1926.959(a)(2) Inspection Before Use3305.3.3.1 Inspection by Contractor121.7 Inspection by the Department(5) 5608.5 Inspection Checklist1910.180(d) Inspection Classification6. Inspection Control204.2 Inspection Department1705.25.9 Inspection During Construction Operations*§28-318.3.1 Inspection Entity*§28-210.1.1 Inspection; Failure to Gain Access to PremisesA-901.12 Inspection Fee*§28-213.7 Inspection Fees14A-5-503.1.1 Inspection Fees Added to Permit Fee14A-5-503.1.2 Inspection Fees Paid After Permit Fee3314.4.3.6 Inspection Following a Site Repair or Adjustment3307.6.5.9 Inspection Following an Adjustment or Repair50.6.4* Inspection for Grease Buildup1704.19.3 Inspection for Structural Safety in Construction OperationsR318.7 Inspection for Termites1705.26.1 Inspection Frequency1926.57(i)(11) Inspection, Maintenance, and Installation1910.217(e) Inspection, Maintenance, and Modification of Presses13.6.4 Inspection, Maintenance, and Recharging1910.22(d) Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair1910.157(e) Inspection, Maintenance and Testing1910.243(d)(2) Inspection, Maintenance, and Tool Handling12.* Inspection Mark1203.1 Inspection Notification1321.12 Inspection of Brazed JointsG2427.5.5 (503.5.6) Inspection of Chimneys503.1 Inspection of Chimneys or Vents1910.101(a) Inspection of Compressed Gas Cylinders1.7.13 Inspection of Construction and Installation2304.3.1 Inspection of Dispensing Area2308.1.12.1 Inspection of Dispensing Areas7.2.1.15 Inspection of Door Openings(L) Section 6112 Inspection of DOTn Cylinders3301.5 Inspection of Equipment3301.4.1 Inspection of Equipment Where the Code Does Not Specifically Require an Inspection105.16 Inspection of Existing Residential Building Not Impacted by Construction1705.14.7 Inspection of Existing Sprayed Fire-Resistant Materials During Alterations in Office Spaces and Spaces Classified in Occupancy Group B7.1 Inspection of Exits1704.2.5 Inspection of Fabricators3307.7.8 Inspection of Fences5.9.3.1 Inspection of Fenestration and Door Requirements406.6.6 Inspection of Fill50.6.3 Inspection of Fire Dampers714.1.1 Inspection of Fire Protection7.2.1.15* Inspection of Grille Assemblies§28-303.3 Inspection of High-Pressure Boilers2105.2.1 Inspection of Items5.9.3.2 Inspection of Loading Dock Weatherseals§ 23-27.3- Inspection of Manufactured Homes Manufacturers2105.2.1 Inspection of Materials§27-2094 Inspection of One- And Two-Family Dwellings; Voluntary Registration of Owner-Occupant5.9.3.3 Inspection of Opaque Building Envelope Air Tightness Requirements3301.4 Inspection of Operations108.2.2 Inspection of Prefabricated Construction Assemblies105.2.2 Inspection of Premises and Installations1705A.3.4 Inspection of Prestressed Concrete1926.1101(i)(4) Inspection of Protective Clothing§27-2050 Inspection of Required Sprinklers in Converted Dwellings and Dwellings Used for Single Room Occupancy. [Repealed]516.6.4 Inspection of Safety Interlocks(4) 5608.4 Inspection of Site2. Inspection of Sockets After Completion*901.5 Inspection of Solid Fuel-Burning Heating Appliances, Chimneys and Flues503.4.2.1 Inspection of Special Gas Vents1910.268(n)(6) Inspection of Strand1705A.2.5 Inspection of Structural Welding3314.4.3.1 Inspection of Suspended Scaffolds453.27.19 Inspection of Units During Construction453.27.20 Inspection of Units Prior to Occupancy106.2 Inspection of Unsafe or Unfit Structures1705.38.2.3 Inspection of Vermin and Insect Protection802.6 Inspection Opening2.26.1.4 Inspection Operation8. Inspection Operation and Inspection Operation With Open Door Circuits2.26.1.5 Inspection Operation With Open Door Circuits3.3.143 Inspection Personnel3314.4.3.1 Inspection Prior to the Installation of a Suspended ScaffoldD.1.3 Inspection Procedure13. Inspection Procedure for Containers of Class D Extinguishing Agent13. Inspection Procedures*§28-318.3 Inspection Process1705.25.7 Inspection Program1324.5.6.2 Inspection Qualification1910.68(e)(3) Inspection RecordAE305.3 Inspection Record Card13. Inspection Record Keeping1910.180(d)(6) Inspection Records3103.7.1 Inspection Report3307.6.5.11 Inspection Reports[A] 106.5 Inspection Request[A] 110.5 Inspection RequestsP2503.1 Inspection Required8. Inspection Requirements106.6.10 Inspection Right, Office of Finance§ 23-27.3-111.6 Inspection Services8.3.12.2 Inspection Speed Test1812.6 Inspection, Survey Monitoring and Observation514.2.3 Inspection Tag2.2.e Inspection Tags3102F.4.2 Inspection Team[F] 907.8 Inspection, Testing and Maintenance13. Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance Documentation7.6 Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance Documentation. (SIG-TMS)50.6.2 Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Fire-Extinguishing Systems50.6.5 Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Listed Hoods Containing Mechanical, Water Spray, or Ultraviolet Devices24.5.6 Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance Requirements907.20 Inspection, Testing and Other Maintenance609.6.3 Inspection, Testing and Other Maintenance by Certificate of Fitness HolderSection G2417 (406) Inspection, Testing and Purging[F] 916.11 Inspection, Testing and Sensor Calibration10.5.3* Inspection, Testing, and Service Personnel. (SIG-TMS)707.12.5 Inspection Vermin and Insect Protection1203.4 Inspection Waived§ 23-27.3-128.5.3 Inspection Waiver — Utilization5. Inspection With Open Door Circuits[A] 104.4 Inspections680.4 Inspections After Installation457. Inspections and Certificate of Occupancy113.6 Inspections and Insignia103.1.2 Inspections and Report of Findings5.410.4.5.1 Inspections and ReportsArticle 116 Inspections and Sign-Off of Completed WorkSection 108 Inspections and Testing§27-951 Inspections and TestsArticle 2 Inspections and Tests for Equipment Use Permits113.6 Inspections, Board Insignias, and Shipping Reports§27-2056.14 Inspections by Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and Removal of Health Code Violations by Department of Housing Preservation and Development§28-219.2.2 Inspections by the Commissioner108.2.12 Inspections, Completion108.5 Inspections, Compliance With Construction Documents108.5 Inspections, Compliance With Residential Construction Documents1202.5 Inspections for Additions, Alterations or Modifications102.7 Inspections for USBC Requirements105.7.9.1 Inspections Not Deemed to Be Emergency Inspections108.6 Inspections, Observation of Violations, Unsafe Conditions, or Serious Hazards§28-103.16 Inspections of Completed Buildings, Structures, Signs, Service Equipment and Construction Machinery and Equipment107.6 Inspections of Component or Element§28-103.16 Inspections of Existing Buildings, Structures, Signs, Service Equipment and Construction Machinery and Equipment**3303.10.2 Inspections of Tenant Protection Plan1926.3 Inspections - Right of Entry2415.7 Inspections, Testing and Recertification[A] Inspections, Testing, Operation and MaintenanceD.4 Inspections to Be Performed With the Appliance Not OperatingD.5 Inspections to Be Performed With the Appliance Operating1240.6 Inspector's Office80.27 Inspector's Qualifications903.3.1 Inspector's Test Gauge458.6.1 Inspectors1926.961(c)(7) Install Grounds22.30.2 Installaion Requirements609.7 Installation[BS] 1404.12.4.1 Installation Above Sidewalk Level510.2.2 Installation Acceptance904.4 Installation Acceptance Inspection and Testing901.5 Installation Acceptance Testing3307.6.5 Installation, Adjustment, Maintenance, Repair, Use, Inspection, and Removal of Sidewalk Sheds108.7.1 Installation, Alteration, Maintenance and Repair409.6 Installation and Access609.7 Installation and Configuration(B) Installation and Connection of Equipment Grounding Conductor24.9.2 Installation and Design1105.11.2 Installation and Duration1910.169(b) Installation and Equipment Requirements[NY] 905.2 Installation and Initial Testing Standard[NY] 113.3 Installation and Inspection17.8 Installation and Inspection of Anchors29.11.6 Installation and Inspection Record9.5.2 Installation and MaintenanceSection Q106 Installation and Maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems§40-01 Installation and Maintenance of Gas-Fueled Water and Space Heaters in All Portions of Dwellings Used or Occupied for Living Purposes§22-01 Installation and Maintenance of Pressure Tanks Operating at a Pressure in Excess of 15 psi and Their Proximity to Gas Supply or Service Lines903.3 Installation and Maintenance Requirements[F] 907.6 Installation and Monitoring603.4.2.2 Installation and Operation§27-756 Installation and Operation of Ventilating and Air Conditioning Systems3314.4.1 Installation and Removal3307.7.6 Installation and Removal of Fences1926.652(e) Installation and Removal of Support1910.165(c) Installation and Restoration694.28 Installation and Service of a Wind Turbine690.18 Installation and Service of an Array17. Installation and Spacing704.2 Installation and SupportE3802.1 Installation and Support Requirements2.1- Installation and Testing3314.10.1 Installation and Use3314.4 Installation and Use of Scaffolds26.6 Installation and Use of Stationary Combustion Engines and Gas TurbinesR806.4 Installation and Weather Protection608.6 Installation ApprovalP3005.2.8 Installation Arrangement1405.18.2 Installation at Grade Level[BS] 1404.12.4 Installation at Sidewalk Level1707.6 Installation at Truss RidgesR405.7.2 Installation Criteria for Homes Claiming the Cool Roof OptionR405.7.8 Installation Criteria for Homes Claiming the Dedicated Heat Pump OptionR405.7.7 Installation Criteria for Homes Claiming the Heat Recovery Unit (HRU) OptionR405.7.1 Installation Criteria for Homes Claiming the Radiant Barrier OptionR405.7.6 Installation Criteria for Homes Using the Ceiling Fan OptionR405.7.4 Installation Criteria for Homes Using the Cross Ventilation OptionR405.7.3 Installation Criteria for Homes Using the Unvented Attic Assembly OptionR405.7.5 Installation Criteria for Homes Using the Whole House Fan Option714.3 Installation Details516.5.1 Installation Downstream[BG] 1401.3.6 Installation EnvironmentE3908.21 Installation Equipment Bonding JumperG2427.6.2 (503.6.2) Installation, General13. Installation Height703.4 Installation Height and Location305.11 (IFGS) Installation in Aircraft Hangars69.3.11 Installation in Areas of Heavy Snowfall507.14 Installation in Commercial Garages630.4 Installation in Commercial Garages and Air-Craft Hangars620.5 (IFGS) Installation in Commercial Garages and Aircraft HangarsM1406.4 Installation in Concrete or Masonry424.98 Installation in Concrete or Poured Masonry1406.2.1 Installation in Exit Corridors and Above Other Occupancies(C) Installation in Fire-Resistant Construction305.1 Installation in Garages(2) Installation in Nonmetallic BoxesG2408.2.1 (305.3.1) Installation in Residential Garages3307.6.5.7 Installation Inspection904.4 Installation Inspection and Testing3314.4.3.3 Installation Inspection for Supported Scaffolds3314.4.3.2 Installation Inspection for Suspended Scaffolds3314.4 Installation, Inspection, Repair, Maintenance, Adjustment, Use, and Removal of Scaffolds3314. Installation Inspection Report(F) Installation Instructions66.22.16 Installation Instructions for Aboveground Storage66.22.16 Installation Instructions for Aboveground Storage Tanks66.23.3 Installation Instructions for Underground Storage66.23.16 Installation Instructions for Underground Storage Tanks1103.9.2.1 Installation Location610.3.1 Installation, Location and Structural RequirementsF 1001.2.3 Installation Locations1108.4 Installation, Maintenance, and TestingN1102.4.1.1 (R402.4.1.1) Installation (Mandatory)(4) Installation Methods for Branch Circuits and FeedersPart IV Installation Methods Within Buildings[F] 907.2.11.4 Installation Near Bathrooms[F] 907.2.11.3 Installation Near Cooking AppliancesM1504.1 Installation of a Microwave Oven Over a Cooking Appliance5003. Installation of Above-Ground Containers1210.3 Installation of Aboveground Piping66.22.5 Installation of Aboveground Storage Tanks69.3.13 Installation of Appliances508.2 Installation of Appliances on Roofs1910.254(c) Installation of Arc Welding Equipment -(A) Installation of Audio Distribution Cables§29-01 Installation of Automatic Sprinklers in Halls and Rooms in Class "A" Multiple Dwellings Used for Single-Room Occupancy Under the Provisions of Subdivision 7-a of § 4 and § 248 of the Multiple Dwelling Law10.5.5 Installation of Backflow Preventers706.30 Installation of BatteriesSection E3906 Installation of Boxes, Conduit Bodies and Fittings8.3.13.4 Installation of Buffer and Preparations for Tests424.44 Installation of Cables in Concrete or Poured Masonry Floors424.45 Installation of Cables Under Floor Coverings7.3.11.6 Installation of Capacitors or Devices to Make Electrical Protective Devices Inoperative2.26.7 Installation of Capacitors or Other Devices to Make Electrical Protective Devices Ineffective725.141 Installation of Circuit Conductors Extending Beyond One Building725.135 Installation of Class 2, Class 3, and PLTC Cables820.113 Installation of Coaxial Cables820.133 Installation of Coaxial Cables and Equipment805.133 Installation of Communications Wires, Cables, and Equipment800.113 Installation of Communications Wires, Cables and Raceways, and Cable Routing Assemblies650.7 Installation of ConductorsE4304.5 Installation of Conductors and Cables725.133 Installation of Conductors and Equipment in Cables, Compartments, Cable Trays, Enclosures, Manholes, Outlet Boxes, Device Boxes, Raceways, and Cable Routing Assemblies for Class 2 and Class 3 Circuits725.139 Installation of Conductors of Different Circuits in the Same Cable, Enclosure, Cable Tray, Raceway, or Cable Routing Assembly760.139 Installation of Conductors of Different PLFA Circuits, Class 2, Class 3, and Communications Circuits in the Same Cable, Enclosure, Cable Tray, Raceway, or Cable Routing Assembly300.8 Installation of Conductors With Other Systems610.21 Installation of Contact Conductors69.3.14.4 Installation of Container Appurtenances69.3.8 Installation of ContainersSection 605 Installation of Conventional Soil Absorption SystemsSection 605 Installation of Conventional Soilabsorption Systems66. Installation of Cooking Oil Transfer Lines in Plenum-Rated Spaces69.3.8.2 Installation of Cylinders1810.5.8 Installation of Deep Foundations[F] 412.8 Installation of Dispensing Devices and Equipment716.2.10 Installation of Door Assemblies in Corridors and Smoke Barriers1811.4 Installation of Driven Deep Foundations1809.4 Installation of Driven Piles905.2 Installation of Duct Furnaces424.61 Installation of Duct Heaters With Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners603.0 Installation of DuctsArticle 311 Installation of Electrical Sub-Meters in Tenant Spaces516.2.7 Installation of Electrical Wiring805.18 Installation of Equipment303.8.3 Installation of Equipment and Appliances on Roofs*§28-103.1.1 Installation of Equipment Required by the New York City Fire CodeA5.205.1.2 Installation of Field-Fabricated Fenestration and Exterior DoorsSection *Q107 *Installation of Fire Alarms706.3 Installation of Fittings[P] 2903 Installation of Fixtures1910.110(e)(4) Installation of Fuel Containers1210.12.5 Installation of Gas-Mixing Machines§27-648 Installation of Glass Panels1926.963(d)(2) Installation of Grounds722.7.2 Installation of Gypsum Board Noncombustible Protection424.41 Installation of Heating Cables on Dry Board, in Plaster, and on Concrete Ceilings517.77 Installation of High-Tension X-Ray Cables[BS] C104.2.6 Installation of Horizontal Braces Onto Webs of TrussesA5.205.3.4 Installation of Insulation in Existing BuildingsPart VIII Installation of Lampholders§43-04 Installation of Lights in Rear Yards, Side Yards, Front Yards and Courts50.8.7.5 Installation of LP-Gas Container Appurtenances2307.6 Installation of LP-Gas Dispensing Devices and Equipment69.3 Installation of LP-Gas Systems(B) Installation of Luminaires, Lighting Outlets, and Ceiling-Suspended (Paddle) FansM1301.3 Installation of Materials1926.754(e)(5) Installation of Metal DeckingM1504.1 Installation of Microwave Oven Over a Cooking ApplianceSection M1504 Installation of Microwave Ovens5608.6 Installation of Mortars(3) Installation of Nails, Staples, or Other Fasteners830.113 Installation of Network-Powered Broadband Communications Cables830.133 Installation of Network-Powered Broadband Communications Cables and Equipment426.22 Installation of Nonheating Leads for Embedded Equipment426.23 Installation of Nonheating Leads for Exposed Equipment424.43 Installation of Nonheating Leads of Cables605.1.1 Installation of Nonportable Fuel-Fired AppliancesR322.2.2.1 Installation of Openings770.113 Installation of Optical Fiber Cables770.133 Installation of Optical Fibers and Electrical Conductors840.133 Installation of Optical Fibers and Electrical Conductors Associated With Premises-Powered Broadband Communications Systems1910.106(b)(2) Installation of Outside Aboveground Tanks3. Installation of Overspeed Valves10.10.7 Installation of Patio Heaters§43-01 Installation of Peepholes1808.5.8 Installation of Piles17.4* Installation of Pipe Hangers1212.10 Installation of Piping1323.0 Installation of Piping and Equipment1208.1 Installation of Piping System66.27.6 Installation of Piping SystemsR507.2.2.5 Installation of Plastic Composites760.135 Installation of PLFA Cables in Buildings13.6.3 Installation of Portable Fire Extinguishers§27-948 Installation of Private Fire Hydrants3304.4.6 Installation of ProtectionM1406.3 Installation of Radiant Panels1910.111(d)(2) Installation of Refrigerated Storage ContainersP2804.6 Installation of Relief Valves545.6 Installation of Service-Entrance Conductors§ 23-27.3-103.0 Installation of Service Equipment603.3 Installation of Service Pipe555.52 Installation of Services and Feeders1926.754(c)(2) Installation of Shear Connectors on Composite Floors, Roofs and Bridge DecksSection Q108 Installation of Smoke Control SystemsE.3 Installation of Special Design Plumbing SystemsSection Q102 Installation of Sprinkler SystemsSection Q103 Installation of Sprinkler Systems in One- And Two-Family Dwellings and Manufactured HomesSection Q104 Installation of Sprinkler Systems in Residential OccupanciesSection Q104 Installation of Sprinkler Systems in Residential Occupancies Up to and Including Six Stories in HeightSection Q105 Installation of Standpipe and Hose SystemsSection Q106 Installation of Stationary Fire Pumps(C) Installation of Storage Batteries and Generators1910.110(d)(7) Installation of Storage Containers60.5.1.19 Installation of Tanks1910.106(b)(4) Installation of Tanks Inside of Buildings904.6 Installation of the Absorption Area8.3.13.4 Installation of the Buffer and Preparation for Tests8.3.2.4 Installation of the Buffer and Preparations for TestsSection 606 Installation of the Building Water Distribution SystemSection 606 Installation of the Buildingwater Distribution System314.4.1 Installation of Thermoplastic Pipe and Fittings620.44 Installation of Traveling Cables§43-02 Installation of Two 50 Watt Lights at Front Entrance Way63.3.1.18 Installation of Underground Piping5003. Installation of Underground Storage Containers2306.10 Installation of Underground Tank and Piping Systems1910.106(b)(3) Installation of Underground Tanks(2) Installation of Unit EquipmentA5.205.3.2 Installation of Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation69.3.15.4 Installation of Vehicle Fuel Dispensers5704. Installation of Vent PipingA Installation of Vent Stack or Main VentSection 890.1490 Installation of Vents for Fixture Traps (Repealed)§43-03 Installation of Viewing Mirrors in Self-Service ElevatorsSection 1404 Installation of Wall Coverings2104.1.3 Installation of Wall TiesF 301.3 Installation of Water WellsSection 890.1500 Installation of Wet Venting800.113 Installation of Wires, Cables, Cable Routing Assemblies, and Communications RacewaysR507.3.1 Installation of Wood/Plastic Composites929.2 Installation on Combustible Floors918.4 Installation on Noncombustible Floors6104.3.1 Installation on Roof Prohibited840.113 Installation on the Customer Premises Side of the Network Terminal1405.18.3 Installation on Type I, II, III, or IV Construction927.3 Installation on Wood or Steel Framing46.1.3 Installation, Operation, and Maintenance3.3.107 Installation OrientationR703.11.2 Installation Over Foam Plastic Sheathing840.113 Installation Past the ONTSection 92.0129 Installation Permit Fees8.11.1.4 Installation Placed Out of Service309.4 Installation PracticesR329.6.1 Installation Prior to Closing915.3 Installation Requirement for All Occupancies[F] 903.3 Installation Requirements(1) Installation Requirements for Branch Circuit Supply Conductors Under a Raised Floor(2) Installation Requirements for Electrical Supply Cords, Data Cables, Interconnecting Cables, and Grounding Conductors Under a Raised Floor1109.4 Installation Requirements for Group A2, A3, B2 or B3 Refrigerant1109.3 Installation Requirements for Group A2L or B2L Refrigerant(3) Installation Requirements for Optical Fiber Cables Under a Raised Floor1926.400(a) Installation Safety Requirements1808.2.14 Installation Sequence§ 23-27.3-111.3.2 Installation Site Inspection1705.27.2 Installation Special Inspection[F] 905.2 Installation StandardInstallation Standard for PEX Tubing Systems for Hot- And Cold-Water Distribution905.2 Installation Standards10.7 Installation Testing1205.0 Installation, Testing, and Inspection8.5.5.4 Installation, Testing, and Maintenance609.0 Installation, Testing, Unions, and Location(F) Installation to Electrode(s)424.99 Installation Under Floor Covering509.7.3 Installation With Appliances Permitted by Section 509.4802.7.3 Installation With Appliances Permitted by Section 802.4509.7.3 Installation With Appliances Permitted by Table 509.4802.7.3 Installation With Appliances Permitted Table 802.4M1407.3 Installation With Heat Pumps and Air ConditionersR1008.1 Installation Within a Dwelling Unit§27-848.04 Installations1926.403(j)(2)(i) Installations Accessible to Qualified Persons Only1926.403(j)(2)(ii) Installations Accessible to Unqualified Persons1910.66(g)(1) Installations and Alterations52.1.7* Installations and Locations1926.408(a)(1)(ii) Installations Emerging From the Ground13.6.3.2 Installations for Class A Hazards13.6.3.3 Installations for Class B Hazards13.6.3.4* Installations for Class C Hazards13.6.3.5 Installations for Class D Hazards13.6.3.6 Installations for Class K Hazards[F] 415.11.7.4 Installations in Corridors and Above Other Occupancies415.9.6.3 Installations in Exit Access Corridors and Above Other Occupancies916.2.2 Installations in Institutions1910.331(c)(3) Installations in Vehicles931.5 Installations Inside BuildingsX-Ray Installations, Long-Time RatingX-Ray Installations, MobileX-Ray Installations, Momentary Rating1207.8.2 Installations Near Exposures(E) Installations of Conductive and Nonconductive Optical Fiber CablesX-Ray Installations, PortableX-Ray Installations, Transportable1910.302(a)(2)(ii) Installations Underground in Mines1408.11.1 Installations Up to 40 Feet in Height1406.11.2 Installations Up to 50 Feet in Height1406.11.3 Installations Up to 75 Feet in Height (Option 1)1406.11.4 Installations Up to 75 Feet in Height (Option 2)(4) Installed as Complete Unit(3) Installed as Service-Entrance Cable1910.1001(j)(2) Installed Asbestos Containing Material(C) Installed Audio Distribution Cable Identified for Future Use(3) Installed in Poured Concrete9.1.3 Installed Lighting Power(B) Installed Location(4) Installed Outside of Buildings or Structures or as Aerial Cable(H) Installed Supply Circuits and Interconnecting Cables Identified for Future Use3314.11.7.2 Installed to Manufacturer Specifications11. Installer Information510.2.1 Installer Qualifications702.1 Installer Training3314.4.2.3 Installer Who Is Not the Scaffold Controlling Entity1910.269(q)(2) Installing and Removing Overhead Lines1910.268(n)(9) Installing and Removing Wire and Cable(3) Instantaneous Trip Circuit Breaker(2) Instantaneous-Trip Circuit Breaker and Motor Short-Circuit Protector[BG] A103.1.6 Institutional450.3.2.1 Institutional Design ModelSection 308 Institutional Group I308.2 Institutional Group I-1308.3 Institutional Group I-2308.3.3 Institutional Group I-2.1308.4.1 Institutional Group I-2.1 Ambulatory Health Care Facility308.4 Institutional Group I-3308.6 Institutional Group I-4308.5 Institutional Group I-4, Day Care Facilities1104.2.1 Institutional Occupancies3.3.108 Institutional Sprinkler1230.1.18 Institutional Storage105.6E Institutions1910.254(a)(3) Instruction1910.68(c)(7) Instruction and Warning Signs13.6.1.5* Instruction Manual1.4-4.2.2 Instruction Manual for Staff1910.264(d)(1)(v) Instruction of Employees1910.1096(i) Instruction of Personnel, Posting1910.68(c)(7)(i) Instruction Signs at Landings or Belts1910.217(f)(2) Instruction to Operators611.5.4 Instructional Signs1009.11 Instructions902.1 Instructions and Safety Signage509.1 Instructions and Safety SignsP2904.7 Instructions and Signs694.56 Instructions for Disabling Turbine250.178 Instrument Equipment Grounding Conductor250.172 Instrument Transformer Cases250.170 Instrument Transformer Circuits(1) Instrument TransformersInstrumentation(B) Instrumentation Connections for Zone 2(G) Instrumentation Tray CableArticle 727 Instrumentation Tray Cable: Type ITCD.1.5 InstrumentsPart IX Instruments, Meters, and Relays(D) Insulated1910.67(a)(5) Insulated Aerial Device1909.2 Insulated Concrete Form Wall376.23 Insulated Conductors(J) Insulated Continuous Line-Type Fire Detectors(H) Insulated Devices(B) Insulated Equipment Grounding Conductor(B) Insulated Equipment Grounding Conductors and Insulated Equipment Bonding Jumpers(G) Insulated Fittings(C) Insulated Grounded Conductor(C) Insulated Grounded Conductor (Neutral Conductor)63.9 Insulated Liquid Carbon Dioxide Systems5307.3 Insulated Liquid Carbon Dioxide Systems Used in Beverage Dispensing Applications63.3.1.3 Insulated Liquid Nitrous Oxide Systems555.55 Insulated NeutralN1101.10.4.1 (R303.1.4.1) Insulated Siding3314.11.6.1 Insulated Thimble1926.964(c)(3) Insulated Tools and EquipmentR703.13 Insulated Vinyl SidingR703.13.1 Insulated Vinyl Siding and Accessories2404.7.9.3 Insulating805.1.3 Insulating BoardsR404.4 Insulating Concrete Form Foundation WallsSection R611 Insulating Concrete Form Wall ConstructionR702.3.4 Insulating Concrete Form WallsInsulating Existing Buildings(D) Insulating Joints1926.1410(d)(4) Insulating Link/Device3314.11.6.2 Insulating Material2303.1.5.4 Insulating Roof DeckSection 807 Insulation§27-809 Insulation and Clearances720.7 Insulation and Covering on Pipe and Tubing8.3.4.4 Insulation and Coverings6.9 Insulation and Duct LiningN1102.1.2 (R402.1.2) Insulation and Fenestration CriteriaN1102.1 Insulation and Fenestration Criteria (Prescriptive)(A) Insulation and Material453.12.2 Insulation and Moisture Protection112. Insulation and Other Building ComponentsA5.205.3 Insulation and Roofing Products(B) Insulation and Size(A) Insulation and Sizing of Class 2 Conductors1209.5 Insulation and Thermal Break Required1910.268(s)(23) Insulation (As Applied to Cable)506.11.3 Insulation Board1204.1 Insulation CharacteristicsSection R808 Insulation ClearanceC402.1.3 Insulation Component R-Value-Based MethodC402.1.3 Insulation Component R -Value Method4.9.4 Insulation CoveringsCA106.3 Insulation Description1520.4 Insulation Fasteners, Membrane Fasteners and Stress PlatesE 502.4.1 Insulation for DuctsE 502.5 Insulation for Piping107.1.6 Insulation InspectionC402.2.4.1 Insulation Installation5.8.1.11 Insulation Installation Documentation1910.303(b)(3) Insulation Integrity(1) Insulation Level303.1.2 Insulation Mark InsN1101.10.2 (R303.1.2) Insulation Mark Installation1209.5.2 Insulation Material Marking§27-811 Insulation Materials480.8 Insulation of Batteries480.7 Insulation of Batteries Not Over 250 VoltsArticle 316 Insulation of Concealed Pipes Exposed During Alteration or Repair620.11 Insulation of Conductors604.0 Insulation of DuctsM1412.3 Insulation of PipingC402.2.6 Insulation of Radiant Heating SystemsM1411.6 Insulation of Refrigerant Piping230.41 Insulation of Service-Entrance Conductors1003.2.6 Insulation of Unconditioned Attics230.22 Insulation or CoveringN1103.3.1 (R403.3.1) Insulation (Prescriptive)N1101.10.4 (R303.1.4) Insulation Product Rating5.8.1.7 Insulation ProtectionA9.4.3 Insulation R-ValuesC403. Insulation Required609.12.1 Insulation RequirementsA5.205.3.7 Insulation Requirements for Heated Slab FloorsC402.2.1.2 Insulation Requirements for Roof ReplacementG2426.4 (502.4) Insulation Shield300.40 Insulation Shielding(I) Insulation Temperature Limitations8. Insulation TestR402.1.1 Insulation, Waterproofing, and Fenestration Criteria(A) Insulation, Wires, and Cables(C) Insulators(F) Insulators and Bushings1910.107(h)(5) Insulators, Grounding114.10 InsuranceA-302.8.1 Insurance Certificates*§28- Insurance Coverage for Adjacent Properties§28-407.4 Insurance Exemption401.4 Intake Opening Location401.5 Intake Opening ProtectionR303.5.1 Intake Openings313.3 Intake Protection603.4.6 Integral Backflow Preventers(E) Integral Enclosure518.3.1 Integral Fire-Extinguishing SystemR402.1.1.1 Integral Foundation Insulation Requirements17.6.3.6* Integral Heat Sensors on Combination and Multi-Sensor Detectors2404.6.2.3 Integral Luminaires7.6.4 Integral Overflow(B) Integral Parts of Equipment907. Integral Smoke Detectors for Automatic Door-Closing Devices(1) Integral Thermal Protection(3) Integral With Motor6.5.1.3 Integrated Economizer ControlArticle 685 Integrated Electrical SystemsE 201.6 Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio (IEER) Integrated Fire and Life Safety Protection Systems13.1.3 Integrated Fire Protection and Life Safety System Test11.8.9 Integrated Fire Protection and Life Safety System Testing9.11.4 Integrated Fire Protection and Life Safety System Tests12.7.14 Integrated Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems20.9.2.4 Integrated Fire Protection SystemsArticle 326 Integrated Gas Spacer Cable: Type IGSE 201.7 Integrated Part-Load Value (IPLV)7-130 Integrated Submittal, Review and Approval9.3.5 Integrated System Testing[F] 901.6.2 Integrated Testing221.2.2 Integration81-024 Integration Clauses73-641 Integration of New Buildings or Enlargements With Existing Buildings62-14 Integration of Waterfront Access Plans802.6 Integration of Wheelchair Space Locations63. IntegrityE3404.7 Integrity of Electrical Equipment(B) Integrity of Electrical Equipment and Connections16.2.5 Integrity Tie Requirements for Precast Concrete Bearing Wall Structures Three Stories or More in Height16.2.5 Integrity Tie Requirements for Precast Concrete Bearing Wall Structures Three Stories or More in Height3.3.144 Intelligibility907. Intelligibility Acceptability Criteria907. Intelligibility Testing3.3.145* Intelligible24.3.1 Intelligible Voice Messages1514.1.1 Intended for Occupancy[BG] 402.3.2 Intended Life of a Building1926.955(b)(4) Intended Use1224.29 Intensive Care Units[A] 101.3 IntentSection 101 Intent and Purpose(ii) 405.1.1.2 Intent to Conduct Inspections(c) 405.1.3 Intent to Conduct Inspections of Emergency Evacuation Drill Records105-93 Inter-Agency Coordination1617. Interaction Effects[F] 2001.3.9 Interaction of Access and Means of Egress17.6 Interaction of Tensile and Shear Forces(D) Interactive Inverters705.70 Interactive Inverters Mounted in Not Readily Accessible Locations705.23 Interactive System Disconnecting Means690.54 Interactive System Point of Interconnection625.48 Interactive Systems454.1.9.8 Interactive Water Features (IWFs)Section 612 Interactive Water Play Features325.4 Interagency Coordination(B) Intercell and Intertier Conductors and Connections902.1 InterceptorJ109.3 Interceptor Drains1009.3 Interceptor RequiredC Interceptor/Separator Vents6.2.10 Interceptor Sizing1014.3.4.1 InterceptorsSection 1003 Interceptors and Separators1009.0 Interceptors (Clarifiers) and SeparatorsD Interceptors for Bottling Plants (Repealed)1017.1 Interceptors Required3.3.7 Interceptors, Separators, Grease Recovery Devices106.4 Interchangeability1010.4.4 Intercommunication System(1) Interconnected AC SystemsArticle 705 Interconnected Electric Power Production Sources5706.4.11 Interconnected Piping29.* Interconnected Smoke and Heat Alarms(C) Interconnecting Cables(D) Interconnecting Cabling Systems(C) Interconnecting Leads809.5.3 Interconnection1910.306(c)(9) Interconnection Between Multicar Controllers(C) Interconnection Multicar Controllers915.5.4 Interconnection of AlarmsR313.4.5 Interconnection of Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Detectors29.8.2 Interconnection of Detectors or Multiple-Station Alarms8.5 Interconnection of Elements[NY] 915.5.3 Interconnection of Multiple Carbon Monoxide Notification Appliances550.19 Interconnection of Multiple-Section Mobile or Manufactured Home Units29.11.2 Interconnection of Multiple-Station Alarms(4) Interconnection of Phase Conductors Between Transformer Supply Points(B) Interconnection of Power SourcesRA103.6 Interconnection Pathway242.54 Interconnections1208.3 Interconnections Between Gas Piping Systems414.2 Interconnections for Standby Fuels1214.1 Interconnections Supplying Separate UsersR315.5 Interconnectivity§28-112.9.4 Interest3.3.146 Interface14.2.7 Interface Equipment and Emergency Control Functions24.5.22 Interfaces24.5.22.2 Interfaces to Emergency Control Functions24.5.22.3 Interfaces With Wide-Area Mass Notification Systems811.2.1 Interference§28-215.1.2 Interference Prohibited14A-3-301.2.2 Interference With Code Enforcement1.7.9 Interference With Enforcement401.8 Interference With Fire Department Operations[BE] 1901.3.8 Interference With Identification of Exits4.1.1 Interfering Walls103.3.6.1 Interim Approval*§28-118.15.1 Interim Certificate of Occupancy102.5 Interim Use of Approved Rules84-033 Interim Uses[F] 914.1.2 Interior Access to ShaftwaysFigure 11A-1L Interior Accessible Route (Corridor) Over 200 Feet; Occupant Load 10 or MoreSection 1119A Interior Accessible Routes1119A.4 Interior Accessible Routes Over 200 Feet[BS] 1404.10.3 Interior Adhered Masonry Veneers9.1.4 Interior and Exterior Luminaire Wattage[F] 2001.3.10 Interior and Exterior Staging2303.2.7 Interior Applications1030.5 Interior Balcony and Gallery Means of EgressR403.1.3.4 Interior Bearing and Braced Wall Panel Footings in Seismic Design Categories D0, D1 and D22121.3 Interior Bearing Walls27.7.2.2 Interior Box CircuitsR602.11.2 Interior Braced Wall Panel ConnectionsR602.10.9 Interior Braced Wall Support3.3.95.1 Interior Ceiling Finish324.8.2 Interior Chemical Storage Spaces14X-12-1202.5 Interior Conditions(E) Interior Conductors446.7.2 Interior Construction1020.1.1 Interior Corridors302.3 Interior Corrosive Environment453.18.1.6 Interior CourtyardsSection R702 Interior CoveringF 601.0 Interior Cylinder Fill PanelsF 701.0 Interior Cylinder Fill Stations and EnclosuresN1101.9 (R302.1) Interior Design ConditionsR327.1.3 Interior Doors1132A.2 Interior Doors and Secondary Exterior Doors551.55 Interior Equipment Grounding3303.7.7.1 Interior Exit Stair Enclosures408.3.8 Interior Exit Stairway and Ramp Construction1023.7 Interior Exit Stairway and Ramp Exterior Walls404.11 Interior Exit Stairway Discharge404.10 Interior Exit StairwaysSection 1023 Interior Exit Stairways and Ramps917.2.4 Interior Exit Stairways or Ramps or Exit Passageways in Occupancies Other Than Group R-2402.6.1 Interior FinishSection N104 Interior Finish and Decorative MaterialsSection 2604 Interior Finish and Trim38.5.4 Interior Finish, Contents, and Furnishings7.1.4 Interior Finish in Exit Enclosures2603.7 Interior Finish in PlenumsSection 8-403 Interior Finish Materials22.4.4.8 Interior Finish (Nonsprinklered Buildings) Interior Finish (Nonsprinklered Existing Building Renovations) Interior Finish (Nonsprinklered Smoke Compartment Rehabilitation)435.6 Interior Finish Provisions43.4.3 Interior Finish Requirements803.11 Interior Finish Requirements Based on Group803.13 Interior Finish Requirements Based on Occupancy803.5 Interior Finish Requirements Based on Occupancy Group2613.3 Interior Finishes402.6 Interior Finishes and Features602.3.1 Interior Finishes and Trim906.9 Interior Finishes and Trim MaterialsArticle 5 Interior Fire Alarm and Signal System716.3.2.1 Interior Fire Window Assemblies803.1.1.2 Interior Flame Spread Index Requirements Based on Occupancy GroupSection 804 Interior Floor Finish20.8.3.5 Interior Floor Finish (Existing Nonsprinklered Buildings)* Interior Floor Finish in Exit Enclosures804.4 Interior Floor Finish Limitations804.4 Interior Floor Finish Requirements10.2.7* Interior Floor Finish Testing and Classification[F] 806.8 Interior Floor-Wall BaseR402.1.1.4 Interior Foundation Insulation Requirements2403.4 Interior Glazed Areas1926.452(t) Interior Hung ScaffoldsPart IV Interior Installation — Transmitting Stations510.7 Interior Installations37-922 Interior Landscaping608.3 Interior Light Reduction ControlsN1104.2 (R404.2) Interior Lighting Controls9.2.2.3 Interior Lighting Power9.2.3.1 Interior Lighting Power AllowanceC405.3 Interior Lighting Power RequirementsC405.3 Interior Lighting Power Requirements (Prescriptive)R602.4 Interior Load-Bearing Walls404.3.5.1 Interior Location705.4 Interior Locations6. Interior Low Deck2511.4 Interior Masonry or ConcreteE3611.4 Interior Metal Water PipingSection 4.505 Interior Moisture Control2318.2 Interior Nonbearing PartitionsR602.5 Interior Nonbearing Walls2109.7.2.4 Interior Nonload-Bearing Walls(2) Interior of a Building(3) Interior of a Building or Enclosed Space(4) Interior of a Control PanelA5.507.3.1 Interior Office Spaces324.8.1.1 Interior Opening Doors442.2.2.1 Interior Openings2304.7 Interior Paneling2110.3.3 Interior PanelsSection R332 Interior Passage1205.3.2 Interior PathwaysA5.209.1.7 Interior Photosensors704. Interior PipingSection 2511 Interior Plaster602.4.1.2 Interior ProtectionSection 1122A Interior Ramps and Landings on Accessible Routes453.14.2 Interior Signage2603.4.1.12 Interior Signs803.1.1.3 Interior Smoke Developed Index Requirements Based on Occupancy Group5.507.4.3 Interior Sound Transmission1213.1.1 Interior SpaceSection 1208 Interior Space Dimensions1105.4 Interior Spaces§27-375 Interior Stairs32.2.2.4 Interior Stairs Used for Primary Means of Escape705.3.5 Interior Stairway Fire-Resistance Ratings1123A.6 Interior Stairway HandrailsR303.7 Interior Stairway Illumination1204.13 Interior Stairway Live LoadSection 1123A Interior Stairways1910.155(c)(28) Interior Structural Fire FightingSection 305 Interior Structure[F] 427.2 Interior Supply Location[F] 1701.3.1 Interior Surface Finishes722.7.2.1 Interior Surfaces[F] 2604.2 Interior Trim2603.8 Interior Trim in Plenums2605.1 Interior Use10.13.1 Interior VegetationR703.8.1 Interior Veneer Support802.1 Interior Wall and Ceiling FinishSection 803 Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish and Trim in BuildingsSection 803 Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish and Trim in Existing BuildingsSection 803 Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish in Existing Buildings7.1.4.1* Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish in Exit Enclosures803.1.1 Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish Materials803.1.2 Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish Materials Tested in Accordance With ASTM E84 or UL 723803.1.1 Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish Materials Tested in Accordance With NFPA 286803.1.3 Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish Materials With Different Requirements10.2.4* Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish Materials With Special Requirements803.1.3 Interior Wall and Ceiling Finish Materials With Specific RequirementsSection 803 Interior Wall and Ceiling Finishand Trim in Existing BuildingsSection 804 Interior Wall and Ceiling Trim and Interior Floor Finish in BuildingsSection 804 Interior Wall and Ceiling Trim and Interior Floor Finish in New and Existing BuildingsSection 804 Interior Wall and Ceiling Trim and Interior Floor Finish Innew and Existing BuildingsSection 804 Interior Wall and Ceiling Trim in New and Existing BuildingsSection 804 Interior Wall and Ceiling Trimand Interior Floor Finish Innew and Existing Buildings1618.8 Interior Wall and PartitionsSection 803 Interior Wall Andceiling Finish in Existing Buildings3.3.95.4* Interior Wall Finish10.2.3* Interior Wall or Ceiling Finish Testing and Classification803.2 Interior Wall or Ceiling Finishes Other Than Textiles(B) Interior Walls453.27.10.1 Interior Walls and Ceilings1607.16 Interior Walls and Partitions§115 Interior Water-Closets and Bathrooms(C) Interior Wiring to Outdoor Installations1910.107(b)(2) Interiors1507.9.5 Interlayment625.18 Interlock505.1.2 Interlock Requirements2.12.2.5 Interlock Retiring Cam Device1910.211(d)(35) Interlocked Press Barrier Guard(B) Interlocked-Type Armor or Corrugated Sheath1910.262(cc)(1) Interlocking Device[F] 910.4.6 Interlocks1910.269(v)(1) Interlocks and Other Safety Devices490.42 Interlocks — Interrupter Switches(C) Interlocks on Doors1910.305(j)(6)(ii)(D)(2) Interlocks; or(C) Intermediate3.3.72.5 Intermediate Bulk Container312.3.3.1 Intermediate Care and/or Skilled Nursing Services1225. Intermediate-Care FacilitiesArticle 8 Intermediate Care Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled1224.38 Intermediate-Care Service Space*2.2-2.5 Intermediate Care Unit1014.9 Intermediate Handrails3. Intermediate-Level Sprinkler/Rack Storage SprinklerArticle 342 Intermediate Metal Conduit: Type IMC18.4 Intermediate Moment Frames18.5 Intermediate Precast Structural Walls2106.1.1.2 Intermediate Prestressed Masonry Shear Walls2.10.2.2 Intermediate Rail, Member, or Panel1607.8.1.2 Intermediate RailsSection P-813 Intermediate Shut-Offs3314.8.6 Intermediate Support SpacingP2904.2.2 Intermediate Temperature Sprinklers[BS] A113.5.3 Intermediate Wall Bracing6. Intermeshing Pallets430.33 Intermittent and Similar Duty1910.261(e)(13) Intermittent Barking DrumsR602.10.2 Intermittent Braced Wall Panel Construction MethodsR602.10.2.1 Intermittent Braced Wall Panel Interior Finish Material702.2 Intermittent FlowM1505.4.3.2 Intermittent Off Operation1910.66(f)(5)(v) Intermittently Stabilized Platforms3115.3 Intermodal Shipping Container InformationSection 3115 Intermodal Shipping Containers5303.16.4 Internal Clearance50.8.5 Internal Combustion Engine Power Sources(2) Internal Combustion Engines as Prime Mover(2) Internal Combustion Engines as Prime Movers10.14.11 Internal Combustion Power Sources3303.4.9 Internal Combustion-Powered Equipment2006.3.1.1 Internal Combustion Type2.15.7.1 Internal Connections66. Internal Corrosion Protection for Metal Storage Tanks66. Internal Corrosion Protection for Nonmetallic Tanks42.* Internal Dispenser Cabinet Inspection8. Internal Inspection and Tests§28-303.2.1 Internal Inspection Required604.13 Internal InsulationSection 903 Internal Moisture312.3 Internal Pressure14A-1-102.3 Internal References102.9 Internal References and Inconsistent Provisions1112.11.3 Internal Relief303.3.1.3 Internal Safety Controls1814.6 Internal Stability of Helical Piles to Resist Overturning and Translation69.3.9 Internal Valves3.3.152.2* Internally Illuminated1013.5 Internally Illuminated Exit SignsH106.1.1 Internally Illuminated SignsFigure 11A-1A International Accessibility SymbolWAC 51-50-003 International Building CodeWAC 51-50-005 International Building Code Requirements for Barrier-Free AccessibilityN1101.7.2 (R301.3) International Climate ZonesC401.2.1 International Energy Conservation CodeWAC 51-54A-003 International Fire Code[FG] 702.7.1 International Fuel Gas Code5.1.4.2 International LocationsWAC 51-51-003 International Residential Code3.3.119.7* International Shore Connection808.4.2 International Sky TypesFigure 11A-11E International Symbol of Access for Hearing Loss703.7.2.1 International Symbol of Accessibility703.7.2.2 International Symbol of TTY1.5.1 International System of UnitsFigure 11A-11C International TTY Symbol510.1.14 Interpolation§27-104 InterpretationAppendix E Interpretation and Classification of Chest Roentgenograms - MandatoryN1101.12 Interpretation of Code Requirements105.7 Interpretation of Local Code Provisions[NY] C103.7 Interpretation of More Stringent Local Energy Code Provisions11-20 Interpretation of Provisions1926.13 Interpretation of Statutory TermsA510.8 Interpretation of the Data1.7.3 InterpretationsChapter 2 Interpretations and Variances[NY] Section C103 Interpretations of Energy Code Requirements[NY] Section R103 Interpretations of Energy Coderequirements1.7.3 Interpretations, Rules, and Regulations[BS] C104.2.8 Interrupted Horizontal Braces1707.4.2 Interrupted Lateral Braces3303.13 Interrupted or Abandoned and Discontinued Operations1705.4 Interrupted or Short Existing Studs1706.7 Interrupted Primary Studs1910.308(a)(5) Interrupting and Isolating Devices705.16 Interrupting and Short-Circuit Current Rating712.72 Interrupting and Short-Circuit Current Ratings110.9 Interrupting Rating(D) Interruption of Circuit2.27.3.4 Interruption of Power11.2.4 Intersecting Elements2109.7.2 Intersecting WallsC102.2 Intersections(2) 5609.2 Interstate Shipment of Fireworks545.27 Intersystem BondingE3609.3.1 Intersystem Bonding Termination Device1812. IntervalG2424.1 (415.1) Interval of Support3305. Intervals1016.3 Intervening Public Hall in Group R-2 Occupancies1014.4 Intervening Public Hall in R-2 Occupancies435.8.3.4 Intervening Rooms18.2.5.4* Intervening Rooms or Spaces1004.1.1.1 Intervening Spaces1004.2.1 Intervening Spaces or Accessory Areas1224.18.2.1 Interventional Angiography Procedures1224.28.4 Interventional Imaging1224.28.4.3 Interventional MRI Facilities2.3-6.3.2 Interview Space*2.11-6.3.2 Interview Spaces1224.18.3.2 Intraoperative Computerized Tomography1224.18.4.6 Intraoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging5605.3 Intraplant Separation of Operating Buildings(3) 5609.3 Intrastate Shipment of Fireworks(E) Intrinsic Safety(C) Intrinsic Safety "i"1926.407(b)(1) Intrinsically Safe(A) Intrinsically Safe Apparatus(A) Intrinsically Safe Apparatus, Enclosures, and RacewaysArticle 504 Intrinsically Safe SystemsArticle 90 Introduction320. Introduction Page102.2.1 Invalidity of Provisions405.2.2 Invasive Plant Species121.3.1.1 Inventory453.27.2.3 Inventory/Construction Date Signage42.7.2.1* Inventory Control2306.2.1.1 Inventory Control and Leak Detection for Underground Tanks2306.2.1.1 Inventory Control for Underground Tanks2306.2.1.1 Inventory Records for Underground TanksH102.1 Inventory Statement Contents(2) Inverse Time Circuit BreakerA403.10.2 Inverted Moment Frame Systems1620.2.8 Inverted Pendulum-Type Structures63. Inverted Use(3) Inverter Input Circuit Current(1) Inverter Input Circuit Currents11.* Inverter Marking(A) Inverter Output(B) Inverter Output Circuit(2) Inverter Output Circuit Current(4) Inverter Utilization Output Circuit CurrentM2302.4 Inverters1803.5 Investigated Conditions1803.4 Investigation3412.4 Investigation and Evaluation1206.1 Investigation and Evaluation Report120.5.1.1 Investigation and Procedure for Granting120.5.1 Investigation and Procedures for Granting, Power to DenySection 92.0128 Investigation Fee104.5.2 Investigation FeesAE304.3.2 Investigation Fees-Work Without a Permit§28-215.5 Investigation of Accidents or Other Emergency Conditions§28-401.8 Investigation of Applicant§28-103.18 Investigation of Complaints203.1.1.1 Investigation of Fires26.12.4 Investigation of Low Strength-Test Results203.1.1.2 Investigation of Premises for Dangerous Materials26.12.6 Investigation of Strength TestsP2906.1.1 Investigation Required§28-502.9 Investigations1803.2 Investigations Required142-60 Inwood Waterfront Access Plan3.3.147 Ionization Smoke Detection1910.1200(b)(6)(xi) Ionizing and Nonionizing Radiation; And1926.53 Ionizing RadiationR502.1.10.1 [IRC 502.11.1] DesignR502.1.10.2 [IRC 502.11.2] BracingR502.1.10.3 [IRC 502.11.3] Alterations to TrussesR502.1.10.4 [IRC 502.11.4] Truss Design DrawingsR502.1.10 [IRC 502.11] Wood TrussesR502.1.8 [IRC 502.12] Draftstopping RequiredR502.1.9 [IRC 502.13] Fireblocking RequiredR502.1.11 [IRC 502.8] Cutting, Drilling and NotchingR602.2.3 [IRC 602.6] Drilling and Notching—StudsR602.2.2 [IRC 602.7.3] Nonbearing WallsR602.2.1 [IRC 602.8] Fireblocking RequiredR802. [IRC 802.10.2.1] Applicability LimitsR802.1.7.2 [IRC 802.10.2] DesignR802.1.7.3 [IRC 802.10.3] BracingR802.1.7.4 [IRC 802.10.4] Alterations to TrussesR802. [IRC 802.7.1.2] Ceiling Joist Taper CutR802.1.8.1 [IRC 802.7.1] Sawn LumberR802.1.8 [IRC 802.7] Cutting, Drilling and NotchingR602.2.3.1 [IRC R602_6_1] Drilling and Notching of Top PlateR802.1.1.1 [IRC R802.1.1] BlockingR802.1.1 [IRC R802.1] IdentificationR802.1.7.1 [IRC R802.10.1] Truss Design DrawingsR802.1.7 [IRC R802.10] Wood TrussesR802. [IRC R802.7.1.1] Cantilevered Portions of RaftersR802.1.8.2 [IRC R802.7.2] Engineered Wood Products1109.1.3 Iron and Steel302.0 Iron Pipe Size (IPS) Pipe465.12 Irradiator Pools17. Irregular AreasR301.2.2.6 Irregular Buildings2308.12.6 Irregular Structures317.4.1 Irrigation675.4 Irrigation CableL 411.4 Irrigation Control Systems1504.5 Irrigation, Disposal Field and Mulch Basin Construction1504.5.2 Irrigation Field404.1.2 Irrigation System Design and InstallationA5.305.2 Irrigation SystemsL 411.11 Irrigation Zone Performance Criteria3.3.135.7 Irritant Gas1904.7(b)(6) Is Every Work-Related Injury or Illness Case Involving a Loss of Consciousness Recordable?1904.7(b)(3)(vii) Is There a Limit to the Number of Days Away From Work I Must Count?E3901.4.2 Island and Peninsular Countertops and Work Spaces(2) Island and Peninsular Countertops and Work Surfaces(2) Island Countertop SpacesSection P3112 Island Fixture Venting12.18 Island Sink Venting406.7 Islands11B-705.1.2.3 Islands or Cut-Through Medians3.3.174* ISO Module2.3.15 ISO Publications1910.306(h)(7)(ii)(A) Isolated and Ungrounded Control Circuit(B) Isolated by Enclosure or Elevation(C) Isolated CircuitsR403.1.3.6 Isolated Concrete Footings(1) Isolated Equipment Grounding Conductor Required1805.2.2 Isolated Footings(D) Isolated Ground Receptacles1926.963(d)(3) Isolated Ground Return(B) Isolated Grounding CircuitsR404.1.9 Isolated Masonry Piers11. Isolated Obstructions14.2.11.2* Isolated Obstructions Below Elevation of SprinklersR607.4 Isolated Panels2104.7.1.3 Isolated Piers2109.2.4.6 Isolated Piers or Columns(1) Isolated Power Circuits(G) Isolated Power System Equipment Grounding517.160 Isolated Power Systems3.3.269.5 Isolated Storage1910.1003(c)(1) Isolated Systems2309. Isolated Use(B) Isolating Device(2) Isolating Faulted Circuits490.22 Isolating Means(2) Isolating or Disconnecting Switches With No Interrupting Rating(A) Isolating Switches(B) Isolating Transformers2110.4.1 Isolation[F] 909.13.2 Isolation From Other Functions2104.9 Isolation Joints1.2-7.2 Isolation of Construction Areas(E) Isolation of Objectionable Direct-Current Ground Currents5605.6.1 Isolation of OperationsE 603.2 Isolation of Pollutant Sources426.31 Isolation Transformer(4) Isolation TransformersF 801.6 Isolation ValveP2802.2 Isolation Valves[A] 115.2 Issuance14A-4-413.4 Issuance Based on Deceptive or Materially False Information*§28- Issuance, Contents and Posting of Interim Certificate of Occupancy(6) 5615.6 Issuance, Denial or Revocation5601. Issuance of a BCC103.3.8 Issuance of Certificate and Renewal116.4 Issuance of Certificate for Pre-USBC Buildings or Structures110.6 Issuance of Certificate of Compliance[A] 106.2 Issuance of Certificate of Occupancy7-210 Issuance of Certification(n) 603.4.14 Issuance of Citation§28-401.10 Issuance of License and Seal, Where Applicable, or Certificate of Competence§28-401.10 Issuance of License, Plate and/or Seal, Where Applicable, or Certificate of Competence106.3 Issuance of Modifications114.1 Issuance of Order(C) Issuance of Permits§ 23-27.3-113.1.1 Issuance of Permits for Siding§115-02 Issuance of Proof of Compliance to Company Certificate HoldersA-703.2 Issuance of Special Certificates of InspectionA-202.7 Issuance Requirement204.8.4 Issuing Certificate of OccupancyN1101.12.5 Issuing Interpretation204.4 Issuing Permits*§28-208.2 Issuing Requests for Corrective Action to One and Two-Family Homes1616.5.1.3 Item 24. Reviewing Stands, Grandstands and Bleachers1616.5.1.4 Item 35. Yards and Terraces, Pedestrians1616.5.1.5 Item 36. Storage Racks and Wall-Hung Cabinets1617.5.1.4 Item 37. Yards and Terraces, Pedestrians1617.5.1.5 Item 38. Storage Racks and Wall-Hung Cabinets1617.5.1.1 Item 4. Assembly Areas1617.5.1.3 Item 4. Bleachers, Folding and Telescopic Seating and Grandstands1616.5.1.2 Item 5. Balconies and Decks1910.68(e)(2) Items Covered454.2.4.2 Items Not Covered8.7.1.2 Items Not Covered in Items Not Covered in Section 8.726.13.3 Items Requiring Inspection2.1- IV Preparation Area1910.262(p)(1) J-Box Protection1910.241(d)(1) JackR603.7 Jack and King StudsR603.6.1 Jack and King Studs, and Head TrackR804.3.3.1 Jack Rafters3.19.2.5 Jack-Side Pressure Measurement Means3.6.1 Jack-Supporting Structure1910.241(d) Jack Terms336.116 Jacket1926.700(b)(9) Jacking Operation3320.11 Jacks1926.305 Jacks-Lever and Ratchet, Screw, and Hydraulic1926.606(d) Jacob's Ladder§83 Janitor or Housekeeper457.1.4.7 Janitor's Closet1230.1.21 Janitorial ClosetArticle 13 Janitorial Services1231.2.20 Janitors' Closet1926.1415(a)(3) Jib Stops (If a Jib Is Attached), Except for Derricks1910.262(b)(16) Jig (Dye)1926.952 Job Briefing1905.8.3 Job-Mixed Concrete2415.5.4.3 Job-Site Reglazing5604.6.5.1 Job Sites2404.9.1 Job Size(a) 122.6.1 Joinder of Individual Cases811.3 Joining Materials4.4 Joining Methods715.2 Joining Methods and MaterialsF Joining Methods for Cross-Linked Polyethylene TubingF Joining Methods for Polyethylene Pipe or Tubing7.5 Joining of Pipe and Fittings12.13.2 Joining Parallel Branches3.3.164 JointP2906.8 Joint and Connection Tightness44-33 Joint and Shared Facilities105-80 Joint ApplicationsP2906.18.2 Joint Between PVC Water Service and CPVC Water Distribution1208.6.11.1 Joint Design4.3.4 Joint Eccentricity36-441 Joint Facilities1926.950(c)(3) Joint Host- And Contract-Employer Responsibilities312.11 Joint Inspection143-13 Joint Living-Work Quarters for Artists36-67 Joint Loading Berths Serving Two or More Buildings2109.5.1 Joint Minimum Thickness1910.268(o)(3) Joint Power and Telecommunication ManholesSection 21.802 — Joint PreparationM2101.15 Joint Preparation and Installation2103.11.2 Joint ReinforcementR606.13.6 Joint Reinforcement EmbedmentR606.8.1 Joint Reinforcement Stack Bond4.3.14 Joint Reinforcing10.8 Joint Restraint3107F.2.7.1 Joint Shear Capacity2306. Joint Staggering4.7.1 Joint System Required8.3.5.2 Joint System Requirements1705.17.2 Joint Systems2109.5.2 Joint Thickness by AnalysisE 201.8 Joint, Transverse2508.5 Joint Treatment1910.268(s)(24) Joint Use§28-408.6.5 Joint Ventures4.2.6 Joint Webs1926.300(b)(4)(iv)(g) Jointers2303.1.6.1 Jointing705.9 Joints505.2 Joints and Connection ApprovalSection P3003 Joints and ConnectionsM2202.2 Joints and FittingsA5.205.2 Joints and Other Openings1805.3.3 Joints and Penetrations1110.5.1 Joints and Refrigerant-Containing Parts in Air DuctsM1601.4.1 Joints and Seams603.10 Joints and Seams of DuctsSection 715 Joints and Voids715.8 Joints and Voids in Smoke Barriers306.7.1 Joints at CopingP3003.13 Joints Between Different MaterialsM2101.13.1 Joints Between Different Piping Materials1203.1.2 Joints Between Dissimilar Metallic Piping MaterialsP3003.14 Joints Between Drainage Piping and Water Closets722.2.1.3 Joints Between Precast Wall Panels705.10 Joints Between Various Materials4.6 Joints in Large Size Cast-Iron Soil Pipe712.1.5.1 Joints in or Between Horizontal Assemblies712.1.5.2 Joints in or Between Nonfire-Resistance-Rated Floor Assemblies712.1.5.2 Joints in or Between Nonfire-Resistancerated Floor Assemblies722.2.2.4 Joints in Precast Slabs5.8.1.10 Joints in Rigid Insulation18.8 Joints of Special Moment FramesM1601.4.1 Joints, Seams and Connections506.3.2 Joints, Seams and Penetrations of Grease DuctsC402. Joints Staggered7.3.8 Joints With Walls and FloorsR606.6.3.1 Joist BearingR505.3.3.2 Joist Bottom Flange Bracing/BlockingR505.3.3 Joist BracingR505.3.3 Joist Bracing and Blocking2207.6 Joist Chord BracingR502.6.2 Joist Framing1711.1 Joist Hangers1711.1 Joist Hangers and Connectors2304.10.4 Joist Hangers and Framing Anchors[BS] 302.3.1 Joist Notching[BS] 302.3.2 Joist Notching and Boring1217.5.3 Joist Systems and Subfloors8.8.3 Joist Systems With Other Fillers8.8.2 Joist Systems With Structural FillersR505.3.3.1 Joist Top Flange Bracing2104.7.1.1 Joists2306.1.1 Joists and Rafters[BF] 1705.15.4.7 Joists and Trusses2304.12.1.1 Joists, Girders and Subfloor2308.4.5 Joists Supporting Bearing PartitionsR502.4 Joists Under Bearing PartitionsSection 92.0119 Journey-Level Elevator Mechanic — Certificate RequiredArticle 411 Journeyman Fire Suppression Piping Installer Registration§28-411.1 Journeyman Fire Suppression Piping Installer Registration; Additional Qualifications§28-411.1 Journeyman Fire Suppression Piping Installer Registration QualificationsArticle 411 Journeyman Fire Supression Piping Installer RegistrationArticle 409 Journeyman Plumber Registration§28-409.1 Journeyman Plumber Registration; Additional Qualifications§28-409.1 Journeyman Plumber Registration Qualifications808.4 Judges' Benches and Courtroom Stations§357 Judgment§28-216.10 Judgment Lien231 Judicial Facilities§306 Judicial Procedure and Orders17.16 Judicial Review§28-401.21 Judicial Review of Determinations206.7.4 Judicial Spaces(2) Junction Box(I) Junction Boxes680.24 Junction Boxes and Electrical Enclosures for Transformers or Ground-Fault Circuit InterruptersE4206.9 Junction Boxes and Enclosures for Transformers or Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters680.52 Junction Boxes and Other Enclosures1224.4.1 Jurisdiction§356 Jurisdiction and Procedure§27-3005 Jurisdiction, Powers and Duties of the CommissionerA-403.2 Jurisdictional CooperationSection 302 Jurisdictional Requirements1109.4.1.1 Jury Box3411.8.10 Jury Boxes and Witness Stands[F] 2201.3.19.7 Justification1810.3.2.8 Justification of Higher Allowable Stresses1926.12(b)(49) Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and Control Act of 1968 (42 U.S.C. 3843) K-Factor Formula7.2.2.3 K-Factors Greater Than K-28 (400)3120B.10 Keep Closed1926.1425 Keeping Clear of the Load1904.3 Keeping Records for More Than One Agency5604.12.6.9 Kept Clean and Free From Rubbish5604.12.7.7 Kept Closed and Securely Locked1910.1030(h)(1)(iii)(A) Kept Confidential; AndSection 922 Kerosene and Oil-Fired StovesSection M1416 Kerosene and Oil-Fired Stoves and Heaters11.5.2 Kerosene Burners and Oil Stoves303.8 Kettle and Asphalt Melter Construction2906.5 Kettle Controls16.8.2.3 Kettle Supervision16.4.4.2 Key Box506.2 Key Box MaintenanceSection 506 Key Boxes506.1.2 Key Boxes for Nonstandardized Fire Service Elevator Keys1617.5 Key Element Analysis7. Key-Operated Locks5. Key-Operated Switches106.5.34 Key Station218.3 Key Stations and Existing Intercity Rail Stations206.4.4.3 Key Stations and Intercity Rail Stations5001.5.3.2 Keying11B-411. Keypad Call Console Arrangement407.4.7.2 Keypads23.7.5 KeysSection 506 Keys and Key Access5604.12.6.10 Keys or Combinations1910.219(h) Keys, Setscrews, and Other ProjectionsR903.2.2 Kick-Out Flashing/DiverterSection 890.740 Kidney Dialysis Machines1910.262(b)(17) Kier1910.262(q)(2) Kier Valve Protection1910.262(q) Kiers931.5.1 Kiln Clearances1910.265(f)(1) Kiln Foundations1910.265(b)(21) Kiln Tender1910.265(f)(8) Kiln Tender Room453.23 Kilns453. Kindergarten Through Grade 12453. Kindergarten Through Grade 53106F.10.2 Kinematic Loading From Lateral Spreading2. Kinetic Energy8. Kinetic Energy and Force Limitation for Automatic Closing, Horizontal Sliding Car and Hoistway Doors or Gates402.6.2 Kiosks37-73 Kiosks and Open Air Cafes809.3 KitchenE3703.2 Kitchen and Dining Area Receptacles411.0 Kitchen and Dining Areas1107.2.3.5 Kitchen and Kitchenette StorageAJ501.5.3.2 Kitchen and Laundry Areas457.1.4.13 Kitchen and Nourishment Preparation AreaR331.1 Kitchen Areas1107.2.3.1 Kitchen Counters(D) Kitchen Dishwasher Branch Circuit220.56 Kitchen Equipment — Other Than Dwelling Unit(s)405.4 Kitchen Exhaust308.4.2.5 Kitchen Exhaust DuctsC403. Kitchen Exhaust Hood Certification and Maximum AirflowC403. Kitchen Exhaust Hood SystemM1503.5 Kitchen Exhaust Rates6.5.7.2 Kitchen Exhaust SystemsC403.7.5 Kitchen Exhaust Systems (Mandatory)3.1-4.4.3 Kitchen FacilitiesA4.303.1 Kitchen Faucets420.2.1 Kitchen Faucets [BSC-CG, DSA-SS & DSASS/CC]420.2.2 Kitchen Faucets [HCD 1]453.7.6.1 Kitchen Gas Supplies*2.5- Kitchen Grease TrapsE 503. Kitchen or Dining Facility(3) Kitchen Receptacle RequirementsE3902.6 Kitchen Receptacles1133A.6 Kitchen Sink Faucet ControlsFigure 11A-10A Kitchen Specifications1003.12.5 Kitchen Storage804.3 Kitchen Work Surface1203.5.1.4 Kitchenettes in Group R and I-1 Occupancies1211.2 Kitchenettes in Multiple Dwellings1203.4.1.4 Kitchenettes in R and I-1 OccupanciesSection 1133A Kitchens804 Kitchens and Kitchenettes233.6.5.5 Kitchens and Laundry12.3 Kitchens in Classrooms212 Kitchens, Kitchenettes, and Sinks11B-804 Kitchens, Kitchenettes and Wet Bars11B-212 Kitchens, Kitchenettes, Wet Bars and Sinks306 Knee and Toe Clearance1133A.7 Knee and Toe Space324.6 Knee Bracing306.3 Knee Clearance35.5 Knee Clearances1138A.2.1 Knee Space32.6 Kneespace404.13 Knife Switches1910.305(d)(3) Knife Switches Mounted in Switchboards or Panelboards404.26 Knife Switches Rated 600 to 1000 Volts1910.211(d)(41) Knockout95-055 Knockout Panel1910.261(e)(17) Knot Cleaners14A-3-314.1.2 Knowing Defacement or Removal of Stop Work Order Notice14A-3-314.1.1 Knowing Violation of Stop Work Order14A-3-306.4 Knowing Violations3107F.2.1.2 Knowledge Factor (K)1926.1404(b) Knowledge of ProceduresG2407.5.2 (304.5.2) Known Air-Infiltration-Rate Method119.5 L.A.F.D. Label1708.1.1 L-Bent Strap Method610.3.2 L-Shaped Seats716.4.1 Label1703.5.3 Label Information63. Label Maintenance5704.2.3.2 Label or Placard424.47 Label Provided by Manufacturer2603.5.6 Label Required42.11.2.4 Label Requirements1910.1001(j)(5)(ii) Label Specifications13. Label Visibility3.2.4 LabeledM1306.2.1 Labeled Assemblies716.2.9 Labeled Protective Assemblies1703.5 Labeling2603.2 Labeling and IdentificationM2105.25 Labeling and Marking5703.5 Labeling and Signage5704.2.3 Labeling and Signs(D) Labeling at Electrical Entrance§27-885 Labeling Gas Vents1323.13 Labeling, Identification and Operating PressureSection M1303 Labeling of Appliances5.8.1.1 Labeling of Building Envelope Insulation5.8.2.3 Labeling of Doors5.8.2.2 Labeling of Fenestration and Door Products5.8.2.2 Labeling of Fenestration Products4.2.3 Labeling of Material and Equipment2603.2.1 Labeling of Polystyrene Foam Insulation Without Flame Retardants2.11.15.1 Labeling of Tested Entrance Assembly606.7 Labeling of Water Distribution Pipes in Bundles716.3.5.2 Labeling Requirements400.20 Labels(C) Labels and Markings1910.1200(f) Labels and Other Forms of Warning1910.1030(g)(1) Labels and Signs1910.1018(j)(2)(vii) Labels on Contaminated Protective Clothing and Equipment1910.1200(f)(1) Labels on Shipped Containers(D) Labels Provided by Manufacturer3101.3 Labor Camps1224.32.3.6 Labor Room(s) (LDR or LDRP Rooms May Be Substituted)1224.4.6.4 Laboratories313.1 Laboratories Group LSection 313 Laboratories Group L [SFM]26.8 Laboratories Using Chemicals1226.6.2.7 Laboratory1523.3 Laboratory Certification1905.6.3 Laboratory-Cured Specimens6.5.7.3 Laboratory Exhaust Systems603.3.11 Laboratory Faucet Backflow Preventers410.3 Laboratory Fume Hoods1910.7(b) Laboratory Requirements2.1-4.1 Laboratory Services2.7- Laboratory Space[F] 428.3 Laboratory Suite Construction453.4.7.4 Laboratory Suite Exhaust Air453.3 Laboratory Suite Requirements[F] 2702.2.13 Laboratory Suites1910.1052(j)(5)(iii) Laboratory Surveillance1910.1028(i)(2)(i)(C) Laboratory Tests1910.1050(m)(2)(i)(C) Laboratory Tests Including:105.6.22 Laboratory Using Hazardous Materials410.1 Laboratory Ventilating Systems410.0 Laboratory Ventilating Systems and Hoods1910.120(j)(6) Laboratory Waste Packs2.1-4.1.2 Laboratory Work Area(s)1224.17.2 Laboratory Work Areas1224.17.2.1 Laboratory Workstation(s)3.3.111 Laced Tire StorageR324.1.3.2 Lack of Design Flood Elevation§28-503.3.1 Lack of Knowledge No Defense§28-212.6 Lack of Knowledge Not a Defense1224.29.2.9 Lactation2.2- Lactation Support Space3111B.4 Ladder and Recessed Step DimensionsR310.4.2 Ladder and Steps5.11.23.2 Ladder Guidance Systems5. Ladder-Guided Access Cover Switch1926.452(k) Ladder Jack Scaffolds(1) Ladder or Ventilated Trough Cable Trays(1) Ladder or Ventilated Trough Cable Trays Containing Any Mixture of Cables(2) Ladder or Ventilated Trough Cable Trays Containing Multiconductor Control and/or Signal Cables Only1910.268(s)(25) Ladder Platform1910.29(i) Ladder Safety Systems1910.268(s)(26) Ladder Seat1926.453(b)(1) Ladder Trucks and Tower Trucks1011.16 LaddersSection 322 Ladders and Recessed TreadsSection 702 Ladders and Stairs1910.179(d)(4) Ladders and Stairways454.2.18 Ladders and Steps402.13 Ladders for Diving Equipment1031.5.2 Ladders or Steps1809.5.5 Lagged or Inverted Piles1811.5.5 Lagged or Inverted Timber Piles1926.1436(m)(2)(i) Laid Down390.70 Laid in Straight Lines2409.3 Laminated Glass803.11 Laminated Products Factory Produced With a Wood Substrate803.13 Laminated Products Factory Produced With an Attached Wood Substrate2304.12.2.4 Laminated TimbersC406.3.3 Lamp EfficacyC406.3.3 Lamp Fraction520.72 Lamp Guards(F) Lamp Protection410.142 Lamp Terminals and Lampholders410.120 Lamp Wattage Marking(A) Lampholders410.96 Lampholders in Wet or Damp Locations410.97 Lampholders Near Combustible MaterialSection 506 LampsPart IX Lamps and Auxiliary Equipment530.41 Lamps at Tables530.51 Lamps in Cellulose Nitrate Film Storage Vaults1926.1437(n) Land Cranes/Derricks14A-3-301.2.1 Land Trustees507.3.3 Land Use52-52 Land With Minor Improvements406.3.1 Landing105.7.1.7 Landing Aircraft Including Helicopters3305.2.4.3 Landing and Placing LoadsR311.5 Landing, Deck, Balcony and Stair Construction and Attachment5.4.2.1 Landing Enclosures5.4.2 Landing Enclosures and Gates (Where Required) Landing Gates21.3.4.3 Landing Pad Construction Materials21.3.4.2 Landing Pad Pitch5.11.12 Landing Platform Door Locking Devices and Electric Contacts5.11.11.5 Landing Platform EnclosuresP108.2.1.4 Landing Platforms2.11.10.1 Landing-Sill Guards2.11.10 Landing-Sill Guards, Landing-Sill Illumination, Hinged Landing Sills, and Tracks on Landings2.11.11.1 Landing Sills11B-410.7 Landing Size1910.68(b)(6)(iv) Landing Surface405.7 Landings7.1.11.10 Landings and Landing Sills1010.1.5 Landings at DoorsR311.7.6 Landings for StairwaysR311.8.2 Landings Required(d) Landlord/Tenant74-71 Landmark Preservation74-711 Landmark Preservation in All Districts*1.3-3.6.2 Landscape and GardensL 411.12.1 Landscape AreasA4.106.3 Landscape Design1.3-3.6 Landscape Design Features5.2- Landscape FeaturesSection 404 Landscape Irrigation and Outdoor FountainsP3009.14 Landscape Irrigation Systems4906.3 Landscape Plans322.1.1.8 Landscape VegetationA4.304.3 Landscape Water Meters107-482 Landscaped Buffer for Manufacturing Development Adjacent to Residences317.2 Landscaped Roof Size[BF] 1505.10 Landscaped Roofs504.4.11.2 Landscaped Rooftops37-92 Landscaping119-215 Landscaping Controls to Preserve Trees, Shrubs and Ground Cover109-142 Landscaping Regulations37-96 Landscaping Selection Lists507.5.7.3 Lane Marking3110B.2 Lane Markings60. Language1926.1427(h) Language and Literacy Requirements1926.107(b) Lanyard[BS] 1404.16.2 Lap Siding25.5.2 Lap Splice Lengths of Deformed Bars and Deformed Wires in Tension25.5.5 Lap Splice Lengths of Deformed Bars in Compression25.5.3 Lap Splice Lengths of Welded Deformed Wire Reinforcement in Tension25.5.4 Lap Splice Lengths of Welded Plain Wire Reinforcement in Tension2107.2.1 Lap Splices403.11.7 Lapped Flanges1910.262(b)(18) Lapper (Ribbon)1910.262(b)(19) Lapper (Sliver)74-99 Lapse of Authorization or Special Permit11-42 Lapse of Authorization or Special Permit Granted by the City Planning Commission Pursuant to the 1961 Zoning Resolution73-80 Lapse of Permit72-23 Lapse of Variances305.4 Large Access Barrier GatesAA103.2 Large Area and High Energy Use Buildings907.2.10.1 Large-Area Buildings402.8.4.3 Large Assembly OccupancyC402.2 Large Cracks and JointsSection 930 Large-Diameter Ceiling Fans4003.3.3 Large Distillery(2) Large Equipment32.3 Large Facilities907.2.6.5 Large Family Day-Care1006.2.2.7 Large Family Day-Care Home310.6 Large Family Day-Care HomesSection 455 Large Family Day-Care Homes [SFM] Large Family Daycare3303.7.1.1 Large Footprint Construction907.2.8.5 Large Group R-1 Occupancies1626.2 Large Missile Impact Tests9.3.5.4 Large Openings63.9.14 Large Outdoor Insulated Liquid Carbon Dioxide Systems1010.2.2.2 Large Residential Buildings117-511 Large Retail Establishments1207.1.5 Large-Scale Fire Test74-74 Large-Scale General DevelopmentArticle 691 Large-Scale Photovoltaic (PV) Electric Power Production FacilityArticle 691 Large-Scale Photovoltaic (PV) Electric Supply Stations107-80 Large-Scale Residential Development RegulationsSection *3114 Large Wind Turbines(D) Large Wire or Factory Connections14X-12-1202.6.2 Larger Openings(4) Larger Than 1500 Horsepower63. Largest Compressed Gas Vessel1910.1029(e)(1)(iii)(c) Larry Car Operator1926.102(c)(2) Laser Protection1910.269(w)(8) Lasers305.3.3 Latch Release7.* Latch-Release Devices716.2.6.2 Latch Required1126A.3.2.3 Latch Side Approach305.3.3 Latches1926.1433(d)(4) Latching Hooks5. Latching of Swinging Gates10.14.2 Latching Supervisory Signal Indication115.9 Late Fee117.3.3 Late Payment of Fees for Services14A-6-601.1.3 Late Payment Penalty§28-401.13 Late Renewal§28-401.13 Late Renewal and Reinstatement117.3.1 Late Renewal of Certificates117.3.2 Late Renewal of PermitsSection A05 Late Renewals§1-11.10 Late Submissions2110.4.3 Lateral3.3.112 Lateral Brace1707.5 Lateral Brace Connections to Webs of TrussesSection 1707 Lateral Braces1616.3 Lateral Bracing3305.3.2.3 Lateral Concrete PressureR507.9.2 Lateral Connection2211.6 Lateral Design1812.2 Lateral Dimensions and Height1607.15.3 Lateral Force[BS] A112.4.1 Lateral-Force Distribution9.2.4 Lateral Force on Deep Foundations3405.3.1 Lateral Force-Resisting Elements[BS] 1103.2 Lateral Force-Resisting System2508.6.5 Lateral Force Restrictions1613.4.3 Lateral Forces[BS] A110.2 Lateral Forces on Elements of Structures1617.2.1 Lateral Load DeflectionsA509.4.3 Lateral Load PatternsSection 8-706 Lateral Load Regulations1806.3 Lateral Load Resistance1814.4.3 Lateral Load Test Procedures1810.4.3 Lateral Load Tests1810.2.4 Lateral Loads1610.1 Lateral Pressures1907.10 Lateral Reinforcement for Compression Members1907.11 Lateral Reinforcement for Flexural Members3102.7.1 Lateral RestraintR502.7 Lateral Restraint at Supports1804.3 Lateral Sliding Resistance1806.3.2 Lateral Sliding Resistance Limit3106F.5.4 Lateral Spreading — Free Field2109.2 Lateral Stability2308.4.6 Lateral Support9.7.6.4 Lateral Support of Compression Reinforcement10.7.6.3 Lateral Support of Longitudinal Bars Using Spirals10.7.6.2 Lateral Support of Longitudinal Bars Using Ties or Hoops11.7.4 Lateral Support of Longitudinal Reinforcement10.7.6.4 Lateral Support of Offset Bent Longitudinal Bars18.5.5 Lateral Sway BracingR606.12.3.5 Lateral Tie AnchorageH 601.6 Laterals2103.2.3.2 Latex-Modified Portland Cement MortarR703.7.1 Lath[A] 110.3.5 Lath and Gypsum Board InspectionAS104.4.4.2 Lath and MeshAS104.4.2 Lath and Mesh for Plaster2507.3 Lath Attachment to Horizontal Wood Supports2109. Lath for Plaster[A] 110.3.6 Lath, Gypsum Board and Gypsum Panel Product Inspection[A] 109.3.5 Lath or Gypsum Board Inspection[BS] 1404. LathingSection 2510 Lathing and Furring for Cement Plaster (Stucco)Section 2507 Lathing and Plastering1926.1416(d)(3)(ii) Lattice Boom CranesSection 1202 Laundering1003.6 LaundriesSection 890.540 Laundries (Repealed)1224.27 LaundryP104.6.9 Laundry and Rubbish Chute Doors1224.4.16 Laundry and Trash Chutes(C) Laundry Area(3) Laundry Area Circuit Volt-Amperes(F) Laundry Areas(2) Laundry Branch CircuitsSection 318 Laundry Carts(1) 317.1 Laundry Carts With a Capacity Exceeding 1 Cubic Yard or More318.1 Laundry Carts With a Capacity of 1 Cubic Yard or MoreE3703.3 Laundry Circuit(B) Laundry Circuit Load903.2.11.13 Laundry Drying AreasE105.2 Laundry Equipment1231.2.23 Laundry Facilities3.1-4.6.2 Laundry Facility1910.142(f) "Laundry, Handwashing, and Bathing Facilities."E Laundry Interceptors (Repealed)1910.264 Laundry Machinery and OperationsSection 1135A Laundry Rooms7.11.3 Laundry SinksP2706.2.1 Laundry Tray ConnectionP2706.1.2.1 Laundry Tray Connection to StandpipeSection 418 Laundry TraysSection 890.790 Laundry Trays/Sinks and DrainsP2706.2.1 Laundry Tub (Tray) ConnectionP2715.1 Laundry Tub Waste OutletSection P2715 Laundry Tubs1910.262(cc) Laundry Washer Tumbler or Shaker213.3.4 Lavatories606 Lavatories and Sinks1241.3 Lavatories and Toilets812.3.3 Lavatories, Mirrors and Medicine CabinetsC404.11.2 Lavatories or Restrooms of Public Facilities1240.15 Lavatories, Toilets and Other Sanitary Facilities11B-809.10.8 Lavatories, Vanities, Mirrors and Towel Bars1134A.8 Lavatories, Vanities, Mirrors and Towel Fixtures606.5 Lavatories With Enhanced Reach Range11B-813.2.3 LavatorySection P-504 Lavatory and Sink Traps[P] 2902.1.3 Lavatory Distribution7.6.7 Lavatory EquivalentsL 402.5 Lavatory Faucets4.303.1.4.2 Lavatory Faucets in Common and Public Use Areas407.2.1.2 Lavatory Faucets in Common and Public Use Areas [HCD 1 & HCD 2]L 402.5.2 Lavatory Faucets in Other Than Residences, Apartments, and Private Bathrooms in Lodging FacilitiesL 402.5.1 Lavatory Faucets in Residences, Apartments, and Private Bathrooms in Lodging Facilities, Hospitals, and Patient Care Facilities609.6 Lavatory Mirror424.1.3 Lavatory Operation Without External Electrical PowerP2711.3 Lavatory Waste Outlets317.4.2 Lawful OccupancyA-902.6.5 Lawful Occupancy Sign102.3 Lawfully Existing Conditions as of June 30, 2008102.4 Lawfully Existing Conditions as of the Date of Fire Code Amendments501.4.2 Lawfully Existing Fire Department AccessP2902.5.3 Lawn Irrigation Systems221.5 Lawn SeatingP-806.4 Lawn Sprinklers§365 Laws Repealed1.8.3.2 Laws, Rules and Regulations[BS] A106.2.2 Lay-Up of Walls[BS] A106.2.2.2 Lay-Up Patterns2.9-1.4.1 Layout[F] 911.1.4 Layout ApprovalSection 3.28 Layout DataSection 2.28 Layout Drawings3105F.5 Layout of New MOTs*1.2-4.4 Layout/Operational Planning911.1.4 Layout Review2304.9.2 Layup Patterns1224.32.4 LDR and LDRP Facilities2.2-2.9.3 LDR and LDRP RoomsP3003.8 Lead52.2* Lead-Acid and Nickel-Cadmium Batteries22.9.5 Lead-Acid Batteries1206.2.12.1 Lead-Acid Storage Batteries[NY] 305.3.1 Lead-Based Paint14X-3-304.3.1 Lead-Bearing SubstancesP3002.4.2 Lead Bends and Traps1910.261(g)(6) Lead Burning[BS] 1403.5.3 Lead-Coated CopperP2906.2 Lead ContentP2906.2.1 Lead Content of Drinking Water Pipe and Fittings605.2 Lead Content of Water Supply Pipe and Fittings1102.3.1 Lead Flashing1926.408(c)(5)(i) Lead-in ConductorsP3003.13.5 Lead Pipe to Other Piping MaterialArticle 14 Lead Poisoning Prevention and Control4.3.5 Lead to Cast-Iron or Steel1910.268(i)(9) Lead Work1101.4.3 Leaders1101.16 Leaders, Conductors, and Connections405.4 Leadership323.2.4 Leading Edge Distance1926.501(b)(2) Leading Edges1926.914(l)(3) Leading Wire27.7.1.5 Leads Down Poles(B) Leads in Junction Box(F) Leads in Junction Boxes(C) Leads Protected66.27.2.3 Leak1910.1052(f)(3) Leak and Spill DetectionG2417.6.3 (406.6.3) Leak Check42.5.4.2 Leak Detection1302.9.2.6 Leak Detection and AlarmL 405.0 Leak Detection and Control66.21.7.4* Leak Detection and Inventory Records for Underground Storage Tanks606.9 Leak Detection Devices2306.9.3 Leak Detection Functionality Test2305.2.3 Leak Detection System2305.2.5 Leak Detectors5704.2.11.4 Leak Prevention5704.2.7.10 Leak ReportingP2720.3 Leak Testing509.3.3.2 Leakage[F] 415.9.1.5 Leakage Alarm3306.6 Leakage and Spills[F] 909.5.1 Leakage Area[F] 415.9.1.4 Leakage Containment440.65 Leakage-Current Detector-Interrupter (LCDI) and Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI)(B) Leakage Current Measurement DeviceN1102.4.1.3 (R402.4.1.3) Leakage RateN1102.4.1.3 (R402.4.1.3) Leakage Rate (Prescriptive)6004.3.2.2 Leaking Containers6004.2.2.3 Leaking Cylinders and Tanks63.3.9.4 Leaking Cylinders, Containers, and Tanks63. Leaking Systems5704. Leaking Tank Disposition1327.7.6 Leaks63.4.10 Leaks, Damage, and Corrosion63.3.1.15 Leaks, Damage, or Corrosion1327.4.5 Leaks Located402.3 Lease Plan403.10.1.3 Lease Plan Approval403.10.1.4 Lease Plan Revisions1106.2.1 Lease, Rental, or Assignment of Spaces453.8.5 Leased Facilities453.5.6.7 "Leased Facility"1926.1417(e) Leaving the Equipment Unattended5706.6.1.2 Leaving Vehicle Unattended2611.5 LED Display Panels600.33 LED Sign Illumination Systems, Secondary WiringR611.8.2 Ledger BearingR611.8.2.1 Ledger Bearing Requirements for Seismic Design Categories C, D0, D1 and D2R507.9.1.1 Ledger DetailsR507.9.1.3 Ledger to Band Joist DetailsR507.2.3 Ledger to Band Joist Fastener Details63. Ledges, Platforms, and Elevators3.3.148 Leg Facility14A-3-306.3 Legal Action[A] A101.6 Legal Counsel[A] 104.8.1 Legal Defense[A] 103.4.1 Legal Defenses4908.1.3 Legal Description14A-7-702.5 Legal EffectArticle 701 Legally Required Standby SystemsN 102.9 Legionella Growth Potential§27-2002 Legislative Declaration§2 Legislative FindingP-106.2.1 Legislative Findings3.3.274.1 Legitimate Stage405.7.3 LengthP-811.3.1 Length AdjustmentSection 890.1030 Length and Grade[BS] 1404.12.1 Length and HeightG2439.7.5 (614.9.5) Length Identification603.4.1 Length LimitationR602.10.1.1 Length of a Braced Wall LineR602.10.4 Length of Braced PanelsR602.10.4.2 Length of Braced Wall Panels With Continuous SheathingR602. Length of BracingR602.10.4.3 Length of Bracing for Continuous SheathingE3406.11.3 Length of Conductor for Splice or Termination300.14 Length of Free Conductors at Outlets, Junctions, and Switch Points917.4 Length of Horizontal Branches[BG] 302.4.3 Length of Occupancy508.4.1 Length of Passageway(J) Length of Secondary Circuit ConductorsR608.7.1 Length of Solid WallR608.7.1.1 Length of Solid Wall for Wind4.3.16.3 Length of Suspension Members1324.5.4.3 Length of TestingG2427.10.9 (503.10.9) Length of Vent ConnectorP-1110.1 Length of VentsC 601.4.2 Length of Vertical Piping5.4.8.3 Lengthening, Splicing, Repairing, or Replacing Suspension Means450.23 Less-Flammable Liquid-Insulated Transformers1224.19.1.2 Less Than 100-Bed Exemption(3) Less Than 50 Volt-Amperes11.5.2.1 Less Than Five Branch Intervals and Forty (40) Feet Maximum Total Stack Height510.7.1 Less Than Four Stories**§28-104.2.1 Less Than Full Examination of Applications for Construction and Related Document Approval Based on Professional Certification§28-104.2.1 Less Than Full Examination of Construction Documents3405.4 Less Than Substantial Structural Damage52-55 Lesser Damage or DestructionG102.3.2 Letter of Map Revision Based on Fill (LOMR-F)11B-502.8.2 LetteringP2901.2.2.2 Lettering Size§28-111.1.2 Letters Authorizing Temporary UsesG102.3.1 Letters of Map Amendment (LOMA)G102.3.1.1 Letters of Map Amendment (LOMAs) During Pendency of PFIRMsG106.5 Letters of Map ChangeG102.3.2.1 Letters of Map Revision Based on Fill (LOMR-FS) During Pendency of PFIRMs7.1.6.3 Level601.2.1 Level Level 1 Aerosol Products603.2 Level 1 Alteration ComplianceJ906.1 Level 1 Alterations23.6.3.2 Level 1 and Level 2601.2.2 Level Level 2 Aerosol ProductsJ906.2 Level 2 Alterations61.1.3.4 Level 3 Aerosol Products1113A.4 Level Areas3.3.38.1 Level Ceilings29.2 Level Changes1126A.2 Level Floor or Landing1306.1 Level Indication920.4.4 Level Installation1112A.6 Level Landing2.17.9.2 Level of Car on Safety Application63. Level of Detection1007.7.1 Level of Exit Discharge7.10.6.3* Level of Illumination[BG] 304.2 Level of Impact37-722 Level of Plaza4.1 Level of Protection15.2 Level of Service Objectives23-42 Level of Yards24-32 Level of Yards and Measurement of Yard Width or Depth1014.2.2.1 Level or Sloped Entry Route407.4.4 Leveling2.1- Leveling Device8. Leveling Zone and Leveling Speed1302.9.2.4 Levels Above the Lowest Floor601.2 Levels of Alterations[F] 2201.3.19 Levels of Impact1910.262(h)(1)(iii) Lever Control1126A.6.1 Lever Type Hardware1910.261(k)(9) Levers§27-2147 Levy on Rents[A] 104.8 Liability80.29 Liability for Damages[A] 104.3 Liability of the Code Official§27-2112 Liability of the Department for Costs14X-1-103.2.1 Liability to City12.2 Libraries11B-225.2.3 Library Book Stacks1926.12(b)(18) Library Services and Construction Act (20 U.S.C. 355E(a)(4))9.3.7* Library Stack Areas and Record Storage1607.18 Library Stack RoomsA-901.15 License and Permit Fee Revisions(1) 5615.1 License Fee(c) 118.7.3 License FeesA-901.12.2.1 License or Permit Suspension§28-410.5.5 License Plate and/or Seal3306.2.2.3 License Plates*§28-427.3 License Renewal§28-428.1 License Required(8) 5615.8 License Status3309.2 License to Enter Adjoining Property(1) 118.1 License to Operate a Hotel or SRO Facility420.15 Licensed 24-Hour Care Facilities in a Group R-2.1, R-3.1 or R-4 Occupancy14A-6-602.3 Licensed Businesses420.12 Licensed Care Cooking Facilities308.3.3 Licensed Care Facilities§27-609 Licensed Concrete Testing LaboratoriesA-506.3 Licensed Contractors1.7 Licensed Design Professional(ii) 5619.4.1.2 Licensed Exhibitor of Indoor Fireworks (Type II)(i) 5619.4.1.1 Licensed Exhibitor of Indoor/Outdoor Fireworks (Type I)1029.6.1 Licensed Facilities907. Licensed Group R-2.1 Occupancies1224.19.1.1 Licensed Pharmacy1910.1024(k)(6) Licensed Physician's Written Medical Opinion for the Employer1910.1024(k)(5) Licensed Physician's Written Medical Report for the Employee[BCD] 903.2.8.5 Licensed Residential Training Home and Adult Foster Home Care Within a Dwelling14A-3-313.5.3 LicensesArticle 3 Licenses and Certificates317.4.1 Licensing*§28-427.2 Licensing and Permitting Exemptions1926.1427(e)(2) Licensing Criteria*§28-405.3.2.1 Licensing Endorsement§5-02 Licensing of Concrete Testing Laboratories3301.13.17 Licensing of Construction Superintendents§25-01 Licensing Persons as Climber or Tower Crane Rigger. [Repealed]*§28-405.3.2.1 Licensing Qualifications*§28-405.3.2.2 Licensing Ratings*§28-405.3.2.2 Licensing Ratings Qualifications(7) 118.7 Licensure(f) 118.7.6 Licensure Limitations1910.262(f)(1) Lickerin1910.1029(e)(1)(iii)(a) Lidman303.6 Lids§28-503.8 Lien§ 23-27.3-125.7 Lien for Emergency Repairs§28-215.1.1 Lien for Emergency Work§27-2144 Lien on Premises§28-112.9 Lien on Premises for Unpaid Fee or Other Charge§307 Liens117.4 Liens on Property for Permit and Inspection FeesSection A5.409 Life Cycle Assessment453.8.7 Life Cycle Cost Guidelines for Materials and Building Systems453.7 Life Safety(A) Life Safety and Critical Branch Used in a Type 1 EES(B) Life Safety and Critical Branch Used in a Type 2 EES[BS] 501.2.1 Life Safety and Injury Prevention517.33 Life Safety Branch12.4.1.4 Life Safety Building Systems Document10.1.2* Life Safety Code4.4 Life Safety Compliance Options14X-5-506 Life Safety Compliance Plan3.3.166 Life Safety Evaluation12. Life Safety Floor Plans507.2 Life Safety Hazards13.4.1.5 Life Safety Management Document12. Life Safety Narrative3.3.150 Life Safety Network1.2-9.1.2 Life Safety Overlay1926.107(c) Lifeline3314.6.2 Lifeline Anchorage1607.9.4 Lifeline Anchorages for Façade Access Equipment1926.353(b)(3) Lifelines3314.6.3 Lifelines and Suspension Ropes409.4 Lifesaving Equipment1124A.11.3 Lift Access3320.8 Lift and Fork TrucksArticle *424 Lift Director Registration*§28-424.1 Lift Director Required*3319.2.3 Lift Directors410.2 Lift Entry1926.700(b)(3) Lift Slab8.9 Lift-Slab ConstructionAppendix 1926.705 Lift Slab Operations1910.265(b)(22) Lift Truck1910.263(i)(5) Lift Trucks1009.2.9 Lifting Capacity63. Lifting Devices3110F.4 Lifting Equipment: Winches and Cranes5305.10.2 Lifting of Containers1910.261(k)(24) Lifting Reels1910.211(d)(42) Liftout1110.9 Lifts410.5.2 Lifts With Doors on Adjacent Sides410.5.1 Lifts With Single Door or Doors on Opposite Ends3103D.1 LightR303.7.1 Light ActivationTitle §26 Light and Air15-112 Light and Air Provisions110.19 Light and Power From Railway Conductors1224.4.9.5 Light and VentilationSection H105 Light and Ventilation/Emergency Egress§27-2065 Light and Ventilation of Water Closet Compartments18.5.3 Light, Color, and Pulse Characteristics2.14.7.2 Light Control Switches2606.7 Light-Diffusing Systems507.5.4 Light-Duty Cooking Appliances3314.3.3.1 Light Duty Scaffold3202.2.1.5 Light Fixtures704.4.1 Light-Frame Construction1705A.2.4.1 Light-Framed Steel Truss Inspection1705.2.4.1 Light-Framed Steel Truss Inspection and Testing8.6.1 Light-Gage Metal, Plastic or Cementitious Roof Panels3.3.113 Light Hazard3.3.134.3 Light Hazard Occupancies5. Light in Car716. Light Kits, Louvers and Components409.1 Light Pollution Control1204.6 Light Pollution Reduction453. Light Pollution Zones§27-543 Light Projection SourcesC405.2.3.1 Light-Reduction Control FunctionC405.2.3 Light-Reduction Controls*1.2-5.4.1 Light Seniors and the Low Vision PopulationAR103.4.1 Light Straw-Clay Maximum ThicknessAR103.3.4 Light Straw-Clay Mixture506. Light Test1224.4.7.2 Light Traffic2613.4 Light-Transmitting MaterialsSection 2608 Light-Transmitting Plastic Glazing2610.1 Light-Transmitting Plastic Glazing of Skylight AssembliesSection 2611 Light-Transmitting Plastic Interior SignsSection 2609 Light-Transmitting Plastic Roof PanelsSection 2610 Light-Transmitting Plastic Skylight GlazingSection 2607 Light-Transmitting Plastic Wall PanelsSection 2606 Light-Transmitting Plastics453. Light Trespass409.3 Light Trespass and GlareI103.2 Light, Ventilation and Emergency EgressSection R303 Light, Ventilation and Heating26.28 Light Water Nuclear Power Plants3303.11.3 Lighted and Kept Free of Obstructions1224.18.4.3 Lighted SignSection 1204 Lighting6.1.7 Lighting, Access, and Electrical Work605.6 Lighting Accessories9.1.2 Lighting Alterations12.2.3.4 Lighting and Access Catwalks508.4.4 Lighting and Convenience Outlet37-743 Lighting and Electrical Power611.3 Lighting and Electrical Systems Commissioning and Completion RequirementsE3704.4 Lighting and General Use Receptacle Load1910.68(b)(6)(iii) Lighting and Landing1910.37(b) Lighting and Marking Must Be Adequate and Appropriate4808.2 Lighting and Power RequirementsC502.2.6 Lighting and Power Systems(A) Lighting and Small-Appliance LoadA5.507.1 Lighting and Thermal Comfort ControlsArticle 1 Lighting and Ventilation§27-2057 Lighting and Ventilation in Multiple Dwellings; General Requirements§27-2062 Lighting and Ventilation in One- And Two-Family Dwellings§27-2059 Lighting and Ventilation of Living Rooms in Converted Dwellings§27-2058 Lighting and Ventilation of Living Rooms in Multiple Dwellings Erected After Nineteen Hundred Twenty-Nine§27-2060 Lighting and Ventilation of Living Rooms in New Law Tenements§27-2061 Lighting and Ventilation of Living Rooms in Old Law Tenements§217 Lighting and Ventilation of Public Halls and Stairs§30 Lighting and Ventilation of Rooms§178 Lighting and Ventilation of Stairs(1) Lighting Circuits409.4 Lighting ControlSection 130.4 Lighting Control Acceptance and Installation Certificate RequirementsA5.209.1 Lighting Control Devices,C503.6 Lighting, Controlled Receptacles and Motors504.9.2 Lighting Controls1105.8 Lighting Controls and Receptacle OutletsC406.4.1 Lighting Controls FunctionC408.3 Lighting Controls Functional TestingC402.4.2.1 Lighting Controls in Daylight Zones Under SkylightsC402.4.2.1 Lighting Controls in Toplit Daylight ZonesC402.4.2.1 Lighting Controls in Toplit ZonesC405.2 Lighting Controls (Mandatory)*2.5-7.1.2 Lighting Design605.3 Lighting Distribution and Luminaires647.8 Lighting Equipment225.7 Lighting Equipment Installed OutdoorsN1104.1 (R404.1) Lighting Equipment (Mandatory) Lighting Fixtures1910.305(j)(1) Lighting Fixtures, Lampholders, Lamps, and Receptacles1910.306(j)(2) Lighting Fixtures, Lighting Outlets, and Ceiling Suspended (Paddle) FansC405.1.1 Lighting for Dwelling Units5. Lighting for Machine Rooms, Machinery Spaces, Control Rooms, and Control Spaces1910.178(h) Lighting for Operating Areas453.10.3.5 Lighting for Parking AreasC405.4 Lighting for Plant Growth and Maintenance2.8-8.3.4 Lighting for Procedure Spaces[BG] 1004.2.1 Lighting for Safe Movement*2.1- Lighting for Specific Locations in Outpatient Facilities2.1- Lighting for Specific Locations in the Hospital2.5- Lighting for Specific Locations in the Psychiatric Hospital§64 Lighting; Gas Meters; Gas and Oil Appliances1206.4 Lighting in Courts and Yards220.12 Lighting Load for Non-Dwelling Occupancies220.12 Lighting Load for Specified OccupanciesE 503.6.3.2 Lighting ManualsSection 3113 Lighting, Mirrors, Landscaping6.1.7.2 Lighting of Escalator6.1.7.1 Lighting of Machine Room and Truss Interior6.1.7.2 Lighting of the Escalator6.2.7.2 Lighting of TreadwaySection E3903 Lighting Outlets1926.403(j)(3)(ii) Lighting Outlets and Points of Control210.70 Lighting Outlets Required1.2-5.1 Lighting Planning1.2-5.1.2 Lighting Planning ProcessC502.3.6 Lighting Power and Systems680.22 Lighting, Receptacles, and Equipment1204.7.1 Lighting Requirements*5.3- Lighting Requirements for Specific LocationsC405.2.7.3 Lighting Setback26-34 Lighting, Signage and Crosswalks(A) Lighting, Small-Appliance, and Laundry Load(B) Lighting SwitchC409.3.3 Lighting System Energy UseC408.3 Lighting System Functional Testing603.2.2 Lighting System Total Energy UseSection N1104 Lighting SystemsSection 130.0 Lighting Systems and Equipment, and Electrical Power Distribution Systems—GeneralArticle 411 Lighting Systems Operating at 30 Volts or Less and Lighting Equipment Connected to Class 2 Power Sources2.7.9 Lighting, Temperature, and Humidity in Machinery Spaces, Machine Rooms, Control Spaces, and Control Rooms§27-2039 Lighting to Be Provided at Night; Owner's Responsibility. [Repealed](A) Lighting TrackC405.5.1.4 Lighting Track and Plug-in Busway512.2.2 Lighting Units(A) Lighting, Ventilating, Material Handling(1) Lighting Volt-Amperes505.5.3 Lighting Within Dwelling Units42.* Lightning800.53 Lightning Conductors42.10.5.9* Lightning Precautions2006.16 Lightning Procedures675.15 Lightning Protection1211.5 Lightning Protection System250.106 Lightning Protection Systems1910.265(c)(30)(iii) Lights§27-2040 Lights Near Entrance Ways and in Yards and Courts of Multiple Dwellings1905.1.4 Lightweight Aggregate Concrete20.4.10.3 Lightweight Class19.2.4 Lightweight Concrete17.2.4 Lightweight Concrete Modification Factor, λa1917.1 Lightweight Insulating ConcreteSection 1917 Lightweight Insulating Concrete Roofs1910.106(h)(3)(iv)(c) Lightweight Wall Panels and Roof Hatches1910.106(h)(3)(iv)(b) Lightweight Walls and Roof1910.266(h)(3) Limbing and Bucking2109. Lime Plaster3.3.176 Limit425.64 Limit Controls14A-10-1005.1.2 Limit on Jurisdiction3.4.6 Limit on Lead Content[NY] 5610.8 Limit on Quantity5505.4.3 Limit Procedures610.55 Limit SwitchP3112.1 Limitation404.05 Limitation of Application of Section[A] 109.1.1 Limitation of AuthorityB.9 Limitation of Friction409.4 Limitation of Hot Water in Bathtubs and Whirlpool Bathtubs407.3 Limitation of Hot Water Temperature for Public Lavatories409.4 Limitation of Hot Water Temperature in Bathtubs and Whirlpool Bathtubs14X-12-1205.8 Limitation of Liability1813.3 Limitation of Load5.7.12.2 Limitation of Load, Speed, and Platform Area114.2 Limitation of OrderB.6 Limitation of Velocity410.3 Limitation of Water Temperature in Bidets§282-a Limitation on Applications for Coverage of Interim Multiple Dwellings and Residential UnitsA5. Limitation on Centrifugal Fan Cooling Towers6.5.5.3 Limitation on Centrifugal Fan Open-Circuit Cooling Towers63.2.4.5 Limitation on Contents[F] 1701.2.4 Limitation on Fire Spread32-421 Limitation on Floors Occupied by Commercial Uses32-423 Limitation on Ground Floor Location14X-12-1205.2.2 Limitation on Liability63-023 Limitation on Location of FRESH Food Stores5604.5.1.6 Limitation on Number14A-8-802.7 Limitation on Occupancy3310.5.4 Limitation on Primary Site Safety Manager or Coordinator Serving at Another Site5609.3.4 Limitation on Quantity Stored3304.4.2 Limitation on Sloping and Benching317.7.1 Limitation on Storage105.3.1 Limitation to Requirements for Retrofitting1017.2 Limitations[F] 703.2.1 Limitations for Indoor Storage and Use6603.1.2 Limitations for Indoor Storage and Use by Occupancy2211.2.2 Limitations for Systems8.10.2 Limitations for Use of Direct Design MethodArticle 4 Limitations Inside the Fire Districts105.4.4.3 Limitations of Approval2308.6.10.2 Limitations of Concrete or Masonry in Seismic Design Categories D and E2308.6.10.2 Limitations of Concrete or Masonry in Seismic Design Category D2308.6.10 Limitations of Concrete or Masonry Veneer2308.6.10.1 Limitations of Concrete or Masonry Veneer in Seismic Design Categories B and C2308.6.10.1 Limitations of Concrete or Masonry Veneer in Seismic Design Category B or C40.9.2 Limitations of PPE Application. (Flame-Resistant Garments)2207.6 Limitations of Use2.11.2.3 Limitations of Use of Center-Opening Swinging Entrances66-122 Limitations on Applicability in Certain Areas(ii) Limitations on Applicability of the Ohio Fire Code[A] 113.2 Limitations on Authority42-44 Limitations on Business Entrances, Show Windows or Signs5705.3.5.2 Limitations on Handling and Use1305.11 Limitations on Quantities of Fuel-Oil Storage(5) 5624.5 Limitations on Sales Activity at a Storage Location2212.5.3 Limitations on Shear Wall Assemblies403.3 Limitations on Standing407.5 Limitations on Standing in Group A Occupancies and Public Gatherings5704.3.4.2 Limitations on Storage*3301.13.6 Limitations on the Designation of Primary or Alternate Construction SuperintendentsArticle 5 Limitations Outside the Fire Districts435.3.3 Limitations Seven or More Clients435.3.2 Limitations Six or Less Clients(D) Limitations to Permissible Alterations(4) Limited Access18.4.1 Limited Access Buildings14.4.1 Limited Access Buildings and Underground Buildings13.4.3 Limited Access or Underground Buildings40.4.1 Limited-Access or Underground Structures203.4 Limited Access Spaces3.3.282.3 Limited Access Structure22.4.1 Limited Access Structures22.4.4.12 Limited Access Structures (Nonsprinklered Buildings)1926.700(b)(4) Limited Access Zone60.1.3.3 Limited Applicability of This Chapter for Specific Material Classes446.4 Limited Application1028.8.2.1 Limited Area Sprinkler System[F] 903.3.8 Limited Area Sprinkler Systems4.1.2 Limited Area Systems1004.10 Limited Areas Used for Assembly-Type Functions(d) 102.3.4 Limited Building Code Occupancy Approvals3.3.93.2* Limited Care Facility1110.5.2 Limited Charge Systems4.6.14* Limited-Combustible Material5704.3.3.8 Limited Combustible Storage(B) Limited Conductor Space(5) Limited Finishing Workstations43-49 Limited Height Districts84-333 Limited Height of Buildings13-442 Limited Increase in Parking Spaces for Existing Buildings Without Parking322.4.1 Limited Indoor Storage in Containers§28-405.3.4 Limited LicensesC101.4.3 Limited or Special Use Buildings(I) Limited Power (LP) Cables3203.9 Limited Quantities of Group A Plastics in Mixed Commodities25-431 Limited Repairs or Motor Fuel Sales Permitted in Specified Districts2404.9 Limited Spraying Spaces[BS] 907.4.4 Limited Structural Alteration§21-01 Limited Supervisory Check and/or Professional Certification Program for Applications and Plans1910.181(g)(2) Limited Travel Ropes(D) Limited-Use Cables408 Limited-Use / Limited-Application Elevators1109.7.1 Limited-Use/Limited-Application (LULA) ElevatorsR602. Limited Veneer Exceeding First-Story HeightR602. Limited Veneer Exceeding Firststory HeightB103.3 Limiting1.7.11.3 Limiting AccessSection B106 Limiting Fire-Flow Requirements for Buildings in Protected Areas With Adequate and Reliable Water SystemsSection 602 Limiting Fire Impact22.5.3 Limiting Material StrengthsB106.2 Limiting Required Fire Flow25.9.4.5 Limiting Stresses in General Zones1604.3.6 Limits[BS] A111.1 Limits for the Application of This Procedure3.17.3.1 Limits of Application2411.2.1 Limits of Size of Glass6.1.4.1 Limits of Speed2.17.8 Limits of Use of Various Types of Safeties1903.6 Limits on Cementitious MaterialsC407.3.1 Limits on Nonmandatory Measures1910.269(r) Line-Clearance Tree Trimming(B) Line Isolation Monitor802.9.1 Line of Sight Over Seated Spectators802.9.2 Line of Sight Over Standing SpectatorsE3908.6 Line-Side Grounded (Neutral) Conductor3125B.1 Line Sizes703.2.8 Line Spacing(C) Line-to-Neutral Loads1910.304(g)(1)(v)(E)(4) Line-to-Neutral Loads Are Not Served3.3.90.11 Line-Type DetectorC405.5.1.4 Line-Voltage Lighting Track and Plug-in Busway6.6 Linear Elastic First-Order Analysis6.7 Linear Elastic Second-Order Analysis3104F.2.3.3 Linear Modal Demand ProcedureC402.6.3 Linear Thermal Bridges1910.140(e)(1)(iv) Lineman's Body Belt and Pole Strap Systems1224.23.2.1 Linen2.3-4.6 Linen and Laundry Service Facilities3.1- Linen Carts*2.1-5.2 Linen Services2.5- Linen StorageA2.3.2.4 Liner System (LS)504.2.7 Liner System SizingG2428.2.7 (504.2.7) Liner System Sizing and Connections802.2 Lines of Sight221.2.3 Lines of Sight and Dispersion802.2.1.2 Lines of Sight Between Heads802.2.1.1 Lines of Sight Over Heads802.2.1 Lines of Sight Over Seated Spectators802.2.2 Lines of Sight Over Standing Spectators2113.11.2.2 Lining408.7 Lining for Showers and Receptors604.8 Lining Installation66.27.4.5 Lining Materials10.1.6* Lining of Buried PipeP2709.2 Lining Required1910.106(c)(2)(iii) Linings6.2.1 Link Beam Location2105.1.5.3 Lint2111.8 Lintel and Throat704.11 Lintel Protection2109.2.4.9 Lintels10. Lintels and SoffitsR608.8.2.1 Lintels Designed for Gravity Load-Bearing ConditionsR608.8.2.3 Lintels Without Stirrups Designed for Nonload-Bearing Conditions9.3.1 LiquefactionSection 1816 Liquefaction Analysis3106F.4 Liquefaction PotentialJ104.4 Liquefaction StudJ104.4 Liquefaction Study3. Liquefied Compressed Gases4701.8.2 Liquefied Flammable Gases5803.1.6 Liquefied Flammable Gases and Flammable Gases in Solution3.3.146.7 Liquefied Gas2309.3.1.4 Liquefied Hydrogen Storage1910.103(c) Liquefied Hydrogen Systems1910.103(c)(1)(viii) Liquefied Hydrogen Vaporizers42.11.3* Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)69.8 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Facilities450.7.8 Liquefied Petroleum Gas401.2 Liquefied Petroleum Gas and StorageD 111.0 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Appliances1910.110(e) Liquefied Petroleum Gas as a Motor Fuel415.9.2 Liquefied Petroleum Gas-Distribution FacilitiesE 403.10 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Equipment[F] 415.9.2 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Facilities1212.11 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Facilities and Piping308.7.1 Liquefied-Petroleum-Gas-Fueled Cooking DevicesSection 606 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Installations42.11.2 Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LP-Gas)303.7.1 Liquefied Petroleum Gas [LP-Gas] Appliances319.9 Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LP-Gas) Systems5301.3.4 Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)38.6.2 Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) ExtractionSection 2307 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Motor Fuel-Dispensing FacilitiesSection 412 (IFGC) Liquefied Petroleum Gas Motor Vehicle Fuel-Dispensing FacilitiesSection 412 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Motor Vehicle Fuel-Dispensing StationsSection 412 (IFGC) Liquefied Petroleum Gas Motorvehicle Fuel-Dispensing Facilities1208.6.11.4 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Piping Systems1910.110(h) Liquefied Petroleum Gas Service StationsG2412.2 (401.2) Liquefied Petroleum Gas Storage6104.2 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Storage Containers. Maximum Capacity Within Established LimitsG2413.6.1 (402.6.1) Liquefied Petroleum Gas Systems§3809-01 Liquefied Petroleum Gases1926.155(j) Liquefied Petroleum Gases, LPG and LP Gas3.3.178 Liquid605.4 Liquid Adhesive Tanks6304.1.7.1 Liquid and Solid Oxidizers5704.2.8.11 Liquid and Vapor Detection1507.15 Liquid-Applied Coatings1507.14 Liquid-Applied Roofing1523.6.3 Liquid Applied Roofing Membranes Systems1910.261(h)(3) Liquid Chlorine3.3.178.5 Liquid Class2311.2.2.2 Liquid Classification1112.3 Liquid-Containing Portions of Systems5704.2.8.10 Liquid DetectionG2427.5.6.2 (503.5.7.2) Liquid Fuel-Burning Appliances§303-01 Liquid-Fueled Tar Kettles and Asphalt Melters309.2.3.2 Liquid Fuels1910.106(h)(4) Liquid Handling5706.2.3.1 Liquid Handling Devices(E) Liquid Immersion "o"E 404.6.5 Liquid Level1910.110(b)(19) Liquid-Level Gaging Device1910.110(e)(5)(iv) Liquid-Level Gaging Devices2306.2.1.5 Liquid Level-Indicating Devices5003.2.7 Liquid-Level Limit Control66.19.5.5 Liquid Level Monitoring105.5.28 Liquid- or Gas-Fueled Vehicles or Equipment in Assembly Buildings609.4.1 Liquid or Powder63.1.3.34 Liquid Oxygen Ambulatory ContainerSection 6306 Liquid Oxygen for Residential Health Care Use63.1.3.35 Liquid Oxygen Home Care Container6306.3 Liquid Oxygen Home Care Containers63.12 Liquid Oxygen in Home CareSection 6306 Liquid Oxygen in Home Health Care1910.104(b)(7) Liquid Oxygen Vaporizers301.7.2 Liquid Petroleum GasN107.5 Liquid Propane Gas Containers1107.8.1 Liquid Receivers5303.16.11 Liquid Removal702.19 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps66.19.6.5 Liquid Storage66.9.4* Liquid Storage Cabinets[F] 415.11.6.2 Liquid Storage Rooms[F] 415.6.2 Liquid Storage Rooms and Rooms for Flammable or Combustible Liquid Use in Closed Systems[F] 415.11.4.3 Liquid Storage Rooms, HPM Rooms and Gas Rooms5704.3.8 Liquid Storage Warehouses5706.6.1.7 Liquid TemperatureE3908.9.2 Liquid-Tight Flexible Metal Conduit[F] 428.3.8 Liquid-Tight Floor6.4.7 Liquid-to-Liquid Heat Exchangers5705.2 Liquid TransferP2709.2.4 Liquid-Type, Trowel-Applied, Load-Bearing, Bonded Waterproof Materials507. Liquid Use, Dispensing and Mixing Rooms3.3.300.2 Liquid Warehouse5704.3.8 Liquid Warehouses43. Liquids5704.3.4.4 Liquids for Maintenance and Operation of EquipmentArticle 350 Liquidtight Flexible Metal Conduit: Type LFMCArticle 356 Liquidtight Flexible Nonmetallic Conduit: Type LFNC112.4 List of Acceptable Laboratories, Articles and Devices§28-116.6 List of Approved Inspection Agencies§28-113.3.9 List of Approved Testing Agencies and Approved Materials24. List of Assigned Frequencies1910.1003(e)(1)(iv) List of CarcinogensAppendix A List of Highly Hazardous Chemicals, Toxics and Reactives (Mandatory)§28-103.14.1 List of Permits for Cellular AntennaSection 8002 List of Referenced Standards625.5 Listed(A) Listed and Appropriately Rated63.3.1.4* Listed and Approved Hydrogen Equipment5705.3.6.2 Listed and Approved Machines(C) Listed and Labeled904.2.3 Listed and Unlisted Units303.1 Listed Appliances308.2 Listed Appliances and Equipment8.6.3.7 Listed/Certified Devices6.3.3 Listed Connections911.2.1 Listed Decorative Appliance2403.3.5.1 Listed Devices(H) Listed Electrical Circuit Protective System to Controller Wiring695.10 Listed Equipment517.7.2 Listed Fire-Extinguishing Equipment510.9.1.1 Listed Flexible Connectors(A) Listed for Outdoor Use513.2.5.1 Listed for the Purpose510.4 Listed Grease Ducts16.9.3.2 Listed Indicating Valves512.2.4 Listed Lighting Units2113.13.1 Listed Materials7.3.3* Listed Metallic Pipe and Tubing2309.2.2 Listed or Approved Equipment63.3.1.4* Listed or Approved Hydrogen Equipment63. Listed or Approved Systems(D) Listed or Labeled6.3.7.8* Listed Pipe and Tubing[F] 904.13.4.1 Listed Sprinklers(A) Listed System81-742 Listed Theaters508.2 Listed Type I Hood Assemblies508.2.1 Listed Ultraviolet Hoods(A) Listed Units508.2.2 Listed Ventilated Ceiling Technology510.9.1.1 Listed Vibration Isolation Connectors504.3.1 Listed Water Heaters513.7.3 Listed Water Wash System(A) Listing114.3.1.2 Listing Agencies605. Listing and Approval[F] 413.4.1 Listing and Installation[F] 910.3.1 Listing and Labeling313.5.1 Listing and Labeling of Space Heaters514.1.4 Listing and Manufacturer's Instructions1910.307(g)(5) Listing and Marking725.179 Listing and Marking of Class 2, Class 3, and Type PLTC Cables725.179 Listing and Marking of Class 2, Class 3, and Type PLTC Cables; Communications Raceways; And Cable Routing Assemblies725.170 Listing and Marking of Equipment for Power and Data Transmission760.176 Listing and Marking of NPLFA Cables760.179 Listing and Marking of PLFA Cables and Insulated Continuous Line-Type Fire Detectors30.2.8.2 Listing and Restricted Locations2.12.4.2 Listing/Certification2.12.4 Listing/Certification Door Locking Devices and Door or Gate Electric Contacts2.12.4 Listing/Certification of Door Locking Devices and Door or Gate Closed Detection Means517.7.4 Listing/Class516.2.9 Listing Evaluation603.5.1.1 Listing in Group I-2 Occupancies and Ambulatory Care Facilities1002.2.1 Listing & Labeling410.160 Listing of Decorative Lighting5807.3.1 Listing or Approval for Intended Use410.6 Listing Required692.6 Listing Requirement352.6 Listing Requirements608.4.1 Listing Standards1506.9.1 Listing Terms and Installation Instructions608.4.3 Listing With Installation Conditions[F] 915.4.2 Listings52. Lithium Batteries403.10.6 Lithium-Ion and Lithium Metal Batteries3.3.24.1 Lithium-Ion Battery1206.2.12.3 Lithium-Ion Storage Batteries3.3.24.2 Lithium Metal Polymer Battery3324.4 Litter and Garbage37-744 Litter Receptacles4802.1 Live Audience Stages4803.3 Live Audiences[NY] Section 320 Live Fire Training Facilites[NY] 320.1 Live Fire Training Facilities1910.269(q)(3) Live-Line Barehand Work1926.957 Live-Line ToolsK106.2 Live Load3103F.8.2 Live Load (L)Article 4 Live Load ReductionSection 1607 Live Loads3103F.3 Live Loads and Buoyancy§27-558 Live Loads for Sidewalks, Driveways, and Railings[A] 106.1 Live Loads Posted422.4 Live Parts620.4 Live Parts Enclosed(A) Live Parts Guarded Against Accidental Contact1910.265(b)(23) Live Rolls105.7.1.8 Live Theater Production4701.6 Live Theatrical Productions[F] 907. Live Voice Messages1926.960(c) Live Work508.5 Live/Work UnitsSection 419 Live/Work Units (Deleted)1910.427 Liveboating1910.1050(m)(2)(i)(C)(1) Liver Function Tests And806.2.1 Living and Dining Areas3.3.22.5 Living Area1230.1.5 Living UnitSection 5506 LNG Installations and Facilities3112F.5 LNG Pipelines30. LNG Repair Area Classification42.7.7 LNG Vehicle Fueling System Monitoring and Management6. Lntermeshing Pallets3.3.170 LoadSection 2307 Load and Resistance Factor Design2301.2.2 Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) Load and Unload Areas3109.5.1 Load Basis324.4.5 Load Bearing Beams and Headers1810. Load-Bearing Capacity3.3.171 Load-Bearing ElementR606. Load-Bearing Frames or Columns66.27.6.2* Load-Bearing SupportsAS106.12 Load-Bearing Walls1910.179(a)(46) Load Block1910.180(a)(28) Load Block [Lower]1910.180(a)(27) Load Block [Upper]312.1 Load Calculations555.6 Load Calculations for Service and Feeder Conductors3320.8.1 Load Capacity1609.6.2.3 Load Case1926.1436(b)(2) Load Chart Contents1926.1436(b)(3) Load Chart Location1926.1437(m)(1) Load Charts(A) Load Circuits1626.2 Load CombinationSection 1605 Load Combinations1605.3 Load Combinations Using Allowable Stress Design1605.2 Load Combinations Using Strength Design or Load and Resistance Factor Design(A) Load Current(A) Load Disconnect11.2.3 Load Distribution[F] 2702.1.5 Load Duration3314.7.4 Load End of Wire Suspension Ropes(B) Load Evenly Proportioned Among Branch Circuits5.3 Load Factors and CombinationsC406.7.1 Load Fraction1910.180(a)(29) Load Hoist1926.1435(e)(6)(iv) Load Hoist Deceleration Device453.9.1 Load Importance Factor1926.1435(e)(6)(vi) Load Indicating Device(E) Load Interrupters5604.13.7.5 Load Limit1910.265(c)(30)(viii) Load Limits1926.1426(d) Load Line Free Fall750.30 Load Management1926.1435(e)(5)(v) Load Moment Limiting Device11.4.1 Load on Drain Piping713.2 Load on Drainage System2304.10.7 Load Path9.2.3 Load Path at Pile Caps1613.4.2 Load Path Connections(C) Load Pickup, Load Shedding, and Peak Load Shaving2.22.3.2 Load Rating1910.180(c)(2) Load Rating Chart1910.180(c) Load Ratings2.22.4.10 Load Ratings of Oil Buffers1605.3.1.1 Load Reduction1619.3.3 Load Reductions for Temporary Construction Installations1619.4.3 Load Reductions for Temporary StructuresR703.1.3 Load Resistance1910.183(h) Load Safety(A) Load Shedding Controls(B) Load Side(B) Load-Side EquipmentE3908.6 Load-Side Grounded Conductor NeutralE3908.7 Load-Side Grounded (Neutral) Conductor(5) Load-Side Grounding Connections705.12 Load-Side Source Connections(A) Load Side Utilization Conductor SizeH114.3.1 Load Spreader Bars1926.1436(g)(3) Load Test1810.4.3.4 Load Test Apparatus and Inspection Requirements1808. Load Test Evaluation1810. Load Test Evaluation Methods1926.1436(e)(2)(iv) Load Test Procedure1708.2.2 Load Test Procedure Not Specified1708.2.1 Load Test Procedure Specified1808. Load Test Procedures1709.3 Load Test Procedures Not Specified1709.2 Load Test Procedures Specified1808. Load Test Requirements1815.5 Load Testing1817.8.2 Load Testing of Underpinning Piles1926.1436(h) Load Testing Repaired or Modified Derricks1810. Load Tests1926.1436(e)(2)(ii) Load Tests for New Hoists[F] 2702.1.4 Load TransferTable M Load Values Assigned to Fixtures1926.1416(e)(4) Load Weighing and Similar Devices1926.1417(o)(3) Load Weight1926.1436(f)(3) Load Weight/Capacity Devices1910.181(a)(22) Load, Working6. Loaded Gap Between Skirt and Step13. Loaded Stream Charge2612.2.2 Loading1910.244(a)(1) Loading and MarkingE3909.2 Loading and ProtectionA510.6 Loading and Recording Data42. Loading and Unloading1910.106(f)(3) Loading and Unloading Facilities2006.8 Loading and Unloading of Aircraft-Fueling Vehicles66.28.11.2 Loading and Unloading of Tank Cars66.28.11.1 Loading and Unloading of Tank Vehicles1109.9.3.4 Loading Area144-53 Loading Berths1910.265(b)(24) Loading Boom26. Loading Capacities3.3.153 Loading Capacity26.6.3.7 Loading Capacity of System Unit2109. Loading ConditionsC402.5.8 Loading Dock Weather Seals5.4.3.2 Loading Dock Weatherseals5607.16.4 Loading Explosive Materials42.10.5.20 Loading of Aircraft Fuel Servicing Tank Vehicles1910.109(e)(3) Loading of Explosives in Blast Holes1926.905 Loading of Explosives or Blasting Agents5706.5.1.12 Loading Racks126-32 Loading Regulations453.9.1 Loading Requirements124-52 Loading Restrictions42. Loading System1607.8.1 LoadsAS106.3 Loads and Other Limitations(1) Loads at Transformer Supply Points Only(2) Loads Connected Between Transformer Supply Points220.16 Loads for Additions to Existing Installations2106.5.1 Loads for Shear Walls Designed by the Working Stress Design Method1619.3.2 Loads for Temporary Construction Installations1619.4.2 Loads for Temporary Structures1817.5.4.1 Loads From the Existing Building3314.3.4 Loads Imposed1607.2 Loads Not Specified700.15 Loads on Emergency Branch Circuits1607.9 Loads on Handrails, Guards, Grab Bars and Seats1607.7 Loads on Handrails, Guards, Grab Bars and Vehicle Barriers1607.7 Loads on Handrails, Guards, Grab Bars, Seats and Vehicle Barrier1607.7 Loads on Handrails, Guards, Grab Bars, Seats and Vehicle Barrier Systems1607.8 Loads on Handrails, Guards, Grab Bars, Seats and Vehicle Barriers1607.9 Loads on Handrails, Guards, Grab Bars, Shower Seats, Dressing Room Bench and Seats1607.8 Loads on Handrails, Guards, Grab Bars, Shower Seats, Dressing Room Bench Seats and Vehicle Barriers2.9.2 Loads on Machinery and Sheave Beams, Floors, or Foundations and Their Supports5.7.7.2 Loads on Overhead Beams and Supports3306.10 Loads on Pedestrian Protection Structures1604.10 Loads on Storm SheltersSection 1618 Loads on Temporary Installations(E) Loads Supplied by Controllers and Transfer Switches1224.33.2.4 Lobby3007.6.3 Lobby Doorways3007.6.2 Lobby Enclosure3007.6.4 Lobby Size3008.7.6 Lobby Status Indicator4904.3.2 Local Agency Discretion8-104.4 Local Agency Fees4904.3.1 Local Agency Ordinances4904.3 Local Agency Requirements63. Local Alarm1910.155(c)(30) Local Application System5308.5.2.2 Local Area Ventilation5707.1.2.2 Local Authorities Having Jurisdiction Not Offering Operator or Truck Certification604.1.1 Local Authority to Approve CPVC Pipe Within Residential Buildings Under Specified Conditions§ 23-27.3-127.2 Local Board of Appeals103.4.2.1 Local Board of Building Appeals Certification, Approval or Denial103.4.2 Local Board of Building Appeals Certification, Public Hearing103.4.4 Local Board of Building Appeals Certification, Revocation112.1 Local Board of Fire Prevention Code Appeals (BFPCA)112.1 Local Board of Fire Prevention Code Appeals (LBFPCA)103.4 Local Boards of Appeals CertificationSection 105 Local Building Department1.8.7.2 Local Building Departments§ 23-27.3-107.1 Local Building Official — Appointment§ 23-27.3-108.1 Local Building Official — Enforcement Duties§ 23-27.3-107.5 Local Building Official — Qualifications — Powers and DutiesArticle 3 Local Buildings102.7.3 Local Codes§ 23-27.3-127.2.6 Local Decision Transmitted to State Board313.5.2.4 Local Emergency3.3.154 Local Energy-Type Auxiliary Alarm System104.1 Local EnforcementR328.1 Local Enforcement of Radon RequirementsSection 1.8.3 Local Enforcing Agency(A) Local ExhaustM1505.4.4.2 Local Exhaust Fans6004.2.2.4 Local Exhaust for Portable Containers6004.2.2.4 Local Exhaust for Portable Tanks1910.252(c)(3) Local Exhaust Hoods and BoothsM1505.4.4 Local Exhaust Rates1910.1001(f)(1)(iv) Local Exhaust Ventilation509.9.1 Local Experience107.10 Local Fees101.6 Local Government Amendments to Chapter 1453.3.3 Local Government Review and Inspection101.6.1 Local Government RulesA 102.3 Local Information§ 23-27.3-107.1.1 Local Inspector. —Section 1.8.6 Local Modification by Ordinance or Regulation3.3.155* Local Operating Console (LOC) Local OrdinanceH101.1.1 Local Ordinances(8) 105.8 Local Permit Fees104.1.2 Local Plan Review Approval101.5 Local Regulations107.1.8 Local Regulatory16-530 Local Responsibility for Permitting, Plan Checking and Construction Inspections16-301 Local Responsibility for Plan Checking and Inspection1207.10.7.5 Local Staging101.7 Local Standards2409.6.1 Local Ventilation713.9 Local Vents and Stacks for Bedpan Washers14.9 Local Vents and Stacks for Clinical Sinks or Bedpan Washers16.11.2.1 Local Waterflow Alarms25.9.3 Local ZoneA5.104.1.1 Local Zoning Requirement in Place9. Localized Protection of Exposed Combustible Construction or Exposed Combustibles10-106 Locally Adopted Energy Standards1.1.8.2 Locally Adopted Energy Standards— California Energy Code , Part 6G2420.5.3 (409.5.3) Located at Manifold507.8.2 Located on Building Perimeter98-242 Located Partially Within Subarea C and Partially Within M1-5 Districts98-243 Located Partially Within Subarea D and Partially Within C6-3A Districts905.6.2 Located Upstream From Cooling Coils1910.423(c)(3)(iii) Located Within 5 Minutes of the Dive LocationG2420.5.1 (409.5.1) Located Within Same Room507.8.1.1 Located Within the Building409.5.1 Located Within the Same Room6306.3.3 Locating Containers(A) Locating or Guarding Contact Conductors604.2 Location[F] 911.1.1 Location and Access97-20 Location and Access Regulations1910.94(c)(2) Location and ApplicationHelistopHelmetHEPA FilterHereafterHeretoforeHermetic Refrigerant Motor-CompressorHermetically SealedHERSHERS ProviderHERS Provider Data RegistryHERS RaterHI-BOYHigh-Challenge Fire HazardHigh Challenge Fire WallHigh Deformability ElementHigh-Efficacy LampsHigh-Efficacy Light SourcesHigh Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) FilterHigh ExplosiveHigh Explosive ExplosiveHigh-Frequency Electronic BallastHigh Ground Waterhigh-GWP RefrigerantHigh HazardHigh Hazard AreaHigh Hazard Industrial OccupancyHigh Hazard Level 1 ContentsHigh Hazard Level 2 ContentsHigh Hazard Level 3 ContentsHigh Hazard Level 4 ContentsHigh Hazard Level 5 ContentsHigh Hazard MaterialsHigh-Heat ApplianceHigh-Heat Appliance Appliance TypeHigh-Heat Appliance TypeHigh-Heat Appliance Type Chimney TypesHigh-Intensity Discharge (HID) LampHigh Limit Control DeviceHigh-Occupancy VehicleHigh-Piled Combustible StorageHigh-Piled StorageHigh-Piled Storage AreaHigh Power Loudspeaker Array (HPLA)High Power Speaker Array (HPSA)High-Pressure BoilerHigh-Pressure Decorative Exterior-Grade Compact Laminate (HPL)High-Pressure Decorative Exterior-Grade Compact Laminate (HPL) SystemHigh-Pressure Decorative Exteriorgrade Compact Laminate (HPL)High-Pressure Decorative Exteriorgrade Compact Laminate (HPL) SystemHigh-Probability SystemsHigh Purity PipingHigh Radiation AreaHigh Range Water ReducerHigh Rate Sand FilterHigh-Rise BuildingHigh-Rise Building AccessHigh-Rise Building, ExistingHigh-Rise Building, NewHigh-Rise FloorHigh-Rise Life Safety ServiceHigh-Rise MegastructureHigh-Rise Residential BuildingHigh-Rise StructureHigh-Risk OccupancyHigh Roof Tile ProfileHIGH-SIDE PressureHigh Speed DoorHigh-Static Pressure TypeHigh-Static Pressure Type Unit HeaterHigh-Temperature (H.T.) ChimneyHigh Velocity Hurricane ZoneHigh-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ)High-Voltage Transmission LineHigh-Volume, Large-Diameter FanHigh Volume Low Speed FanHigh Volume Low Speed (HVLS) FanHigher Education LaboratoriesHigher Education LaboratoryHighly ToxicHighly Toxic GasHighly Toxic MaterialHighly Volatile LiquidHighsideHighwayHillHirlpool BathtubHistoricHistoric BuildingHistoric BuildingsHistoric CharacterHistoric FabricHistoric (or Historic Building)Historic PreservationHistoric ReconstructionHistoric RehabilitationHistoric RestorationHistoric SiteHistoric StructureHistorical BuildingsHistorical Fabric or MaterialsHistorical Monitoring DataHistorical SignificanceHistorically Interpreted BuildingHistoryHistory—New 9-1-96(HIV)Hogged MaterialHogged MaterialsHoisting EquipmentHoisting MachineHoisting MechanismHoistwayHoistway Access SwitchHoistway, BlindHoistway DoorHoistway Door Combination Mechanical Lock and Closed Detection MeansHoistway Door Combination Mechanical Lock and Electric ContactHoistway Door Electric ContactHoistway Door InterlockHoistway Door Interlock Retiring Cam DeviceHoistway Door Interlocks or Hoistway Door Electric Contacts Operating Devices and Control EquipmentHoistway Door or Gate Locking DeviceHoistway EnclosureHoistway GateHoistway Gate Separate Mechanical LockHoistway, MineHoistway, MultipleHoistway (Shaft), Elevator, Dumbwaiter, or Material LiftHoistway, SingleHolding FacilityHolding TankHollowHollow Masonry UnitHollow Masonry WallHollow-Unit Masonry WallHomeHome OccupationHoneycombHoodHood, FumeHooked BoltHoopHorizontal AssemblyHorizontal BarrierHorizontal BraceHorizontal BranchHorizontal Branch DrainHorizontal Branch, DrainageHorizontal CeilingHorizontal ChannelHorizontal Enlargements of pre-FIRM ConstructionHorizontal ExitHorizontal Fire Door AssemblyHorizontal Forced-Air TypeHorizontal Forced-Air Type Furnace, CentralHorizontal PipeHorizontal Reference PointHorizontal Roll Paper StorageHorizontal Safety NettingHorizontal-Type FurnaceHorizontally Sliding Collapsible GateHorizontally Sliding Noncollapsible GateHorsepower (hp)Hose HouseHospice Care CenterHospice FacilityHospice ResidenceHospitalHospital Building Health FacilityHospital Building Safety BoardHospital Buildings Removed From Acute Care Service, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Intermediate-Care Facilities, Correctional Treatment Centers and Acutepsychiatric Hospitals[Hospital/College] DormitoryHospital Emergency ServiceHospital EquipmentHospital InspectorHospital Inspector of RecordHospital Inspector of Record (IOR)Hospital ServiceHospitals and Mental HospitalsHospitals and Psychiatric HospitalsHost SignHot Air Balloon OperationHot TappingHot WaterHot Water Heating BoilerHot Water Heating Boiler Boiler, Low-PressureHot Water Recirculation SystemHot Water Supply BoilerHot Water Supply Boiler Boiler, Low-PressureHot WorkHot Work AreaHot Work EquipmentHot Work PermitsHot Work ProgramHot Work Program AuthorizationsHotelHotel or Motel-Hour BasisHouse DrainHouse SewerHouse Storm DrainHouse Sub-DrainHouse TrapHouseholdHousehold Carbon Monoxide Detection SystemHousehold Fire Alarm SystemHousekeepingHousekeeping UnitHousing Appeals BoardHousing at a Place of EducationHousing DevelopmentHousing FacilityHousing PodHousing UnitHPM Flammable LiquidHPM RoomHPM Storage RoomHub DrainHumidistatHumidistatic ControlsHunt GroupHurricane-Prone RegionsHurricane TiesHVACHVAC SystemHVAC Total System Performance Ratio (HVAC TSPR)HVAC ZoneHW/ℓwHybrid BallastHybrid Operating RoomHybrid StructureHybrid SystemHydrantHydrant ButtHydrant CartHydrant Definitions From NFPA 24Hydrant-Fueling VehicleHydraulic Control Tubing Part V: InstallationHydraulic ElevatorsHydraulic Institute Standards, 14th Edition Part III — StandardsHydraulic JackHydraulic MachineHydraulically Calculated Water Demand Flow RateHydraulically Designed SystemHydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC)Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC)Hydrogen Cutoff RoomHydrogen Fuel Gas RoomHydrogen-Fueled VehiclesHydrogen-Genera TING ApplianceHydrogen-Generating ApplianceHydromassage BathtubHydromechanicalHydromechanical Grease InterceptorHydronic SystemHydronic System BalancingHydronicsHydrostatic TestHydrotherapy JetHydrozoneHyperbaric ConditionsHyperbaric FacilityI-1I-1 Occupancy ClassificationI-2I-2.1I-2 Occupancy ClassificationI-3I-3 Occupancy ClassificationI-4I-4 MixI-4, Occupancy ClassificationIA Flammable Liquid(IAHSS) A2.2-2.1 Patient Care UnitsIB Flammable LiquidIC Flammable LiquidIce MachineIce Machine, Ice-Making HeadIce Machine, Ice-Making Head Ice MachineIce Machine, Remote-Condensing UnitIce Machine, Remote-Condensing Unit Ice MachineIce Machine, Self-Contained UnitIce Machine, Self-Contained Unit Ice MachineIce-Sensitive Structure(ICRA)IdentificationIdentified (As Applied to Equipment)IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life and HeaIth)IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health)IEC Design H MotorIEC Design N MotorIECCIESNAIf, if . . . ThenIgnitible LiquidIgnition PilotIgnition-Resistant Building MaterialIgnition-Resistant Construction, Class 1Ignition-Resistant Construction, Class 2Ignition-Resistant Construction, Class 3Ignition-Resistant MaterialIgnition SourceII Combustible LiquidII HoodIIIAIIIA Combustible LiquidIIIB Combustible LiquidIlluminatedIMC)Immediately AccessibleImmediately (As Used in Chapter 26)Immediately Dangerous to Life AndImmediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH)Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH)Immersion PoolImminent DangerImminent ThreatImpact LoadImpact Protective SystemImpairmentImpairment CoordinatorImpedance Heating SystemImpervious SurfaceImportance FactorImportance Factor, IImportant BuildingImpracticable/ImpracticabilityImpractical Evacuation CapabilityIn-Building Auxiliary Radio Communication System (ARCS)In-Building Emergency Responder Communications Enhancement SystemIn-Building Fire Emergency Voice/Alarm Communications SystemIn-Building Mass Notification SystemIn-Building RelocationIn-Building Relocation AreaIn-Car Stop SwitchIn Chapter 2, Except Those Defined Below Which Shall, for the Purposes of This Chapter, Have the Meanings Shown HereinIn-Kind ReplacementIn Sight From (Within Sight From, Within Sight)In WritingIncandescent LampIncapable of Self-PreservationIncapacitationIncidentIncident Commander (IC)Incidental Liquid Use or StorageIncidental Structural Alterations, Additions, or RepairsIncineratorInclined ElevatorIncompatible MaterialIncompatible MaterialsIncreased Safety "EIndependent System Operator (ISO)Independent SystemsIndexIndicating ValveIndirect Closed SystemIndirect Evaporative CoolingIndirect-Fired ApplianceIndirect-Fired Water HeaterIndirect Open Spray SystemIndirect Refrigeration SystemIndirect Solar SystemIndirect SystemIndirect System Refrigeration System, AbsorptionIndirect Waste PipeIndirectly Conditioned SpaceIndividual Main BurnerIndividual Main Burner ValveIndividual SEW Age Disposal SystemIndividual Sewage Disposal SystemIndividual Truss MemberIndividual VentIndividual Water SupplyIndoorIndoor Aquatic FacilityIndoor AreaIndoor Horticultural Grow StructureIndoor MagazineIndoor Pool DehumidifierIndoor Storage ReferenceIndoor System Energy Storage System, StationaryInduced DraftInduced-Draft BurnerInduced Draft DraftInduced Draft Venting SystemInduced Draft Venting System Mechanical Draft SystemInduced Draft Venting System Venting SystemInduction Heating, Melting, and WeldingInduction Heating SystemIndustrial Additive ManufacturingIndustrial Air Heaters, Direct-Fired Non-RecirculatingIndustrial Air Heaters, Direct-Fired NonrecirculatingIndustrial Air Heaters, Direct-Fired RecirculatingIndustrial Air Heaters, Nonrecirculating Direct-FiredIndustrial Air Heaters, Recirculating Direct-FiredIndustrial Control PanelIndustrial Equipment PlatformIndustrial Heating EquipmentIndustrial OccupancyIndustrial Rope AccessIndustrial Rope access.incidentIndustrial WasteIndustrialized BuildingIndustrialized UnitIndustrialized UnitsIneffective Panel SurfaceInert Cryogenic FluidInert GasInert Solids or Inert WasteInfantInfeasibleInfestationInfillInfill SiteInfiltrationInfiltration BarrierInfiltration RateInflatable Amusement DeviceInformation Technology Equipment (ITE)Information Technology Equipment RoomInformative NoteInfrared Radiant HeaterInfrastructureInfrastructure, AdequateInhabited BuildingInhabited Building Distance (IBD)Inhabited Building Distance (IBD) Quantity-Distance (Q-D)Initial Condition AssessmentInitial Installation (Scaffold)Initial Point of SafetyInitiating DeviceInitiating Device CircuitInitiatorInletInlet FittingInline (IL) PumpInner CourtInnerductInoperable Motor VehicleInput Data SpecificationInsanitaryInsanitary LocationInsecticidalInsecticidal FoggingInside Liquid Storage AreaInsigniaInsignia of ApprovalInspectionInspection CertificateInspection, ContinuousInspection, PeriodicInspection PersonnelInspectorInspector's Test ConnectionInstallationInstallation and Limitation of UseInstallation, ExistingInstallation, NewInstallation OrientationInstallation Placed Out of Service (Dismantled)Installed Exterior Lighting PowerInstalled Interior Lighting PowerInstalling/Installation/Install (Scaffold)Instantaneous Trip (As Applied to Circuit Breakers)Institution of Higher EducationInstitutional SprinklerInstrumentInstrument SterilizerInsulated ConductorInsulated SidingInsulated Vinyl SidingInsulating Concrete Form (ICF)Insulating EndInsulating SheathingInsulating SidingInsulationInsulation Entirely Above DeckIntake and Release AreasIntegral Gas Valve TypeIntegral Gas Valve Type ThermostatIntegral Vent AppliancesIntegrated Energy Efficiency Ratio (IEER)Integrated Part-Load Value (IPLV)Integrated Part-Load Value (IPLV.I-P)Integrated ReviewIntegrated Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (ISCOP)Integrated Seasonal Moisture Removal Efficiency (ISMRE)Integrated Testing (Fire Protection and Life Safety System)IntegrityIntelligibilityIntelligibleIntended Car MovementIntended to Be Occupied as a ResidenceIntensityInteractive InverterInteractive Inverter Output CircuitInteractive SystemInteractive Water Play FeaturesIntercell ConnectorInterceptorInterceptor (Clarifier)InterconnectedInterface*Interim Certificate of OccupancyInterim EquipmentInterior BuildingInterior Ceiling FinishInterior Cylinder Fill PanelsInterior Cylinder Fill Stations and EnclosuresInterior Exit RampInterior Exit StairwayInterior FinishInterior Floor FinishInterior Floor-Wall Base