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1926.1144 1,2-Dibromo-3-Chloropropane1910.1051 1,3-Butadiene1910.19(l) 1,3-Butadiene (BD)(6) 10 AWG Aluminum and Copper-Clad Aluminum(7) 10 AWG Copper(1) 100 Percent Insulation Level403. 100-Percent Outdoor Air Systems(D) 1000 Volts Between ConductorsPart I 1000 Volts, Nominal, and UnderPart II 1000 Volts, Nominal, or Less(A) 1000 Volts or LessAH 103.1 Enclosure Walls107.1 107.1 Administration and Enforcement107.2 107.2 Modification(4) 12 AWG Aluminum and Copper-Clad Aluminum(5) 12 AWG Copper(7) 120/240-Volt, Single-Phase Dwelling Services and Feeders551.40 120-Volt or 120/240-Volt, Nominal, Systems(B) 120 Volts Between Conductors1910.1003 13 Carcinogens (4-Nitrobiphenyl, Etc.)1309.3 1309.3 Medical Vacuum Systems(2) 133 Percent Insulation Level(3) 14 AWG Copper1405.17.2 1405.17.2 Horizontal Lap Siding(A) 15- And 20-Ampere Branch Circuits(2) 16 AWG Copper(3) 173 Percent Insulation Level(1) 18 AWG Copper1910.1014 2-Acetylaminofluorene[F] 502. 2 Enclosed Spray Booth or Spray Room With Openings for Product Conveyance(A) 20-Ampere2115.9.2 2106A.1.3 TMS 402, Sections and 22 kV Nominal to Ground or Less§ 23-27.3-128.1.2 — 23-27.3-128.1.5. Repealed§ 23-27.3-129.0, 23-27.3-129.1 Repealed§ 23-27.3-501.0, 23-27.3-502.0 Repealed§ 23-27.3-503.0, 23-27.3-504.0 [Obsolete.]604.2.1 24-Hour Circulation Required1227.23 24-Hour Mental Health Care Services1904.10(b)(2)(ii) 25-dB LossA5.303.2.3.3 25-Percent Savings(3) 250-Volt Receptacles and Attachment Plugs Rated 50 Amperes and 60 Amperes(6) 250-Volt Receptacles and Attachment Plugs Rated 50 and 60 Amperes(C) 277 Volts to Ground§ 28-1001.2.3 New York City Amendments to the 2016 Edition of Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings ("ASHRAE 90.1—2016"), as Amended by 19 NYCRR Section 1240.31926.1107 3,3'-Dichlorobenzidine (And Its Salts)1910.1007 3,'-Dichlorobenzidine (And Its Salts)(3) 3-Phase and 2-Phase Systems(4) 3-Wire Direct-Current Circuits(B) 30-Ampere(B) 30-Ampere Branch Circuits1910.304(c)(1)(ii)(A) 300 Volts or Less -- 610 mm (24 In.)(A) 300 Watts or LessG2407.6.1 ( 304.6.1) Two-Permanent-Openings Method3.3.282 3D Printer1910.19(i) 4,4'-Methylenedianiline (MDA)1926.1111 4-Aminodiphenyl1910.1003(e)(1)(iv)(L) 4-Dimethylaminoazo-Benzene:1910.1015 4-Dimethylaminoazobenzene1910.1003(e)(1)(iv)(A) 4-Nitrobiphenyl:(C) 40- And 50-Ampere Branch Circuits408.3.1 408.3.1 College and University Buildings93-521 450 West 33RD StreetDivision 5.2 — Energy EfficiencyDivision 5.3 — Water Efficiency and ConservationDivision 5.4 — Material Conservation and Resource EfficiencyDivision 5.5 — Environmental Quality(4) 50/60 Hz Motors(C) 50-Ampere(D) 600 Volts Between Conductors(A) 600 Volts, Nominal, or Less(1) 600 Volts (or Less)(C) 65 Volts or Less1910.1047(c)(1) 8-Hour Time-Weighted Average (TWA)1910.1000(b)(1) 8-Hour Time Weighted Averages1910.1052(d)(1)(ii)(A) 8-Hour TWA PEL(B) 90 Days1910.1025(j)(3)(ii)(C) A Blood Pressure Measurement1910.1027(l)(6)(i)(B) A Blood Pressure Test1910.1025(j)(3)(ii)(D) A Blood Sample and Analysis Which Determines:1926.1431(d)(5)(i)(B) A Boom Hoist Limiting Device1926.1413(a)(2)(iii)(C) A Broken Strand1910.1051(k)(4)(i)(C) A CBC; And1-421 A Change Without Regulatory Effect3.3.1 A-Class Boundary1910.1028(i)(2)(i)(B) A Complete Physical Examination1910.1043(k)(2)(ii)(C) A Copy of the Physician's Written Opinion1910.1026(m)(4)(ii)(B) A Copy of the PLHCP's Written Opinions1910.1030(f)(4)(ii)(A) A Copy of This Regulation1910.1043(h)(4)(i) A Copy of This Regulation and Its Appendices:1910.1051(k)(6)(i) A Copy of This Section Including Its Appendices1910.1027(l)(9)(i) A Copy of This Standard and Appendices1910.1045(n)(5)(i) A Copy of This Standard and Its Appendixes1910.1050(m)(2)(i)(A) A Detailed History Which Includes:1910.1028(i)(2)(i)(A) A Detailed Occupational History Which Includes:1926.1427(j)(1) A Determination Through a Written Test That:1910.422(i)(1) A Diver Requests Termination§1-06.2 A Form and BZY Form1910.265(b)(1) A-Frame1910.181(a)(2) A-Frame Derrick705.2.1 A-Frame Ladders1926.1435(d)(2)(vii)(A) A Hoist Brake on All Hoists*2.8- A Human Decontamination Room2.3- A Human Decontamination Room in the Facility1926.1431(d)(5)(iii)(B) A Jib Hoist Limiting Device1910.430(b)(3)(ii) A Level of Carbon Dioxide (CO(2)) Greater Than 1,000 p/m1910.430(b)(3)(i) A Level of Carbon Monoxide (CO) Greater Than 20 p/m1910.430(b)(3)(iii) A Level of Oil Mist Greater Than 5 Milligrams Per Cubic Meter; or919.3 A Licensed Professional Engineer Shall Certify Design1910.424(c)(4)(i) A Manual Reserve (J Valve); or1910.1018(n)(2)(ii) A Medical Examination Which Shall Include at Least the Following:1910.1043(h)(2)(i) A Medical History1910.1017(k)(1)(ii) A Medical History Shall Be Taken, Including the Following Topics:1910.1018(n)(2)(ii)(B) A Nasal and Skin Examination; And450.3.3.5 A Nourishment Room1910.430(b)(3)(iv) A Noxious or Pronounced Odor1910.1024(k)(3)(ii)(C) A Physical Examination for Skin Rashes1910.430(j)(2)(i) A Positive Buckling Device1926.1427(c)(6) A Qualification Under This Paragraph Is:1910.1017(e)(1) A Regulated Area Shall Be Established Where:1910.1018(o)(1)(ii)(F) A Review of This Standard2.1- A Room for Breakdown (Receiving/Unpacking) of Clean/Sterile Supplies2.1- A Room for Education and Training2.1- A Room for On-Site Storage of Clean and Sterile Supplies2.1- A Room With a Flush-Type Device for Gross Decontamination and Holding of Instruments1910.1025(j)(3)(ii)(E) A Routine Urinalysis With Microscopic Examination; And1926.1411(b)(5)(ii) A Safe Path of Travel Is Identified and Used2.3- A Separate, Temporary Mobile Unit That Is Readily Accessible for Deployment1910.1017(k)(1)(iii) A Serum Specimen Shall Be Obtained and Determinations Made Of:1910.36(e) A Side-Hinged Exit Door Must Be Used1910.36(b)(3) A Single Exit Route1910.1029(j)(2)(v) A Skin Examination1910.1018(n)(2)(ii)(A) A Standard Posterior-Anterior Chest X-Ray1910.1029(j)(2)(vii) A Urinary Cytology Examination1910.423(c)(4)(iv) A Viewport; AndG304.1 A-Zone Construction StandardsG104.2.3.1 A-Zones1106.1.4 A1 Refrigerant1106.1.3 A1 System2105. AAC Masonry430.6 Abandoned ALFSTs3303.13 Abandoned and Discontinued Operations(B) Abandoned Audio Distribution Cables800.25 Abandoned CablesSection P-1402 Abandoned Cesspools(C) Abandoned Conductors and Cables16.1.7 Abandoned Disposal SystemsP-606.1 Abandoned Drainage14X-7-703.3 Abandoned Electrical Equipment14X-8-806.2 Abandoned Fuel Gas Piping1014.3.7 Abandoned Gravity Grease Interceptors3404. Abandoned in PlaceG2425.5 (501.5) Abandoned Inlet Openings1012.0 Abandoned InterceptorsSection P-606 Abandoned Piping311.1.1 Abandoned Premises§28-419.4 Abandoned Property722.0 Abandoned Sewers and Sewage Disposal Facilities(G) Abandoned Supply Circuits and Interconnecting Cables[A] 101.4 Abandoned SystemsP-606.2 Abandoned Water Piping603.10 Abandoned Wiring in PlenumsL 303.0 Abandonment5704.2.13 Abandonment and Status of Tanks701.2.5 Abandonment of Existing Building Sewer Connections5706.3.16 Abandonment of Oil Wells[P] 505.5.1 Abandonment of Systems110.6 Abandonment of Work[NY] 5704.2.16 Abandonment or Removal of Heating Oil Storage Tanks5601.3.1 Abandonment Prohibited1.16.5 Abatement108.6 Abatement MethodsArticle 4 Abatement of Air Contaminants1001.3 Abatement of Buildings and Structures With Inadequate Means of Egress604.1 Abatement of Electrical Hazards604.3.2 Abatement of Electrical Hazards Associated With Fire Exposure604.3.1 Abatement of Electrical Hazards Associated With Water ExposureSection 112 Abatement of Hazards; PenaltyArticle 212 Abatement of Public Nuisance Caused by Certain Illegal Occupancies§28-212.1 Abatement of Public Nuisances Caused by Illegal Commercial or Manufacturing Occupancy in Residence Districts and Certain Other Zoning Districts§302-a Abatement of Rent in the Case of Serious Violations605.2 Abatement of Unsafe Conditions603.2 Abatement of Unsafe Conditions and Electrical Hazards[A] 115.5 Abatement of Violation§ 23-27.3-122.4 Abatement of Violations14A-3-313.3 Abatement Order14A-3-313.2 Abatement ProceedingAppendix B-III Abbreviated Respiratory QuestionnaireArticle 3 Abbreviations3.3 Abbreviations and Acronyms10.8.1 Abnormal Condition Detection3.3.61.1 Abnormal (Off-Normal) Condition40.5.2.10 Abort Gates and Abort Dampers904. Abort SystemsG2427.3.5 (503.3.6) Above-Ceiling Air-Handling Spaces509.3.6 Above-Ceiling or Nonducted Air Handling SystemN1101.4 (R102.1.1) Above Code Programs501.3.2.1 Above GradeCD601.5.4 Above Grade Exterior Floors(C) Above Grade Level, Floor, or Work Platform5.5.3.2 Above-Grade Wall InsulationR608.6 Above-Grade Wall RequirementsA3 Above-Grade Walls1305.12.2 Above Ground1305.13.3 Above Ground; Above the Lowest Floor Inside a BuildingG103.2 Above-Ground and On-Ground PoolsM1601.1.1 Above-Ground Duct SystemsSection E3802 Above-Ground Installation RequirementsP2906.17 Above-Ground Joints1305.15 Above-Ground Nonmetallic Fuel-Oil Storage Tanks for One- And Two-Family Dwellings1305.13.2 Above Ground; On the Lowest Floor Inside a Building404.9 Above-Ground Outdoor Piping1305.13.4 Above Ground; Outside a Building5404.2.1 Above-Ground Outside Storage Tanks120.6.4.5 Above-Ground Petroleum Storage Program1301.6.1 Above-Ground PipingG2415.9 (404.9) Above-Ground Piping Outdoors702.1 Above-Ground Sanitary Drainage and Vent PipeG307.2 Above-Ground Tanks5806.3 Above-Ground Tanks for Liquid Hydrogen5704.2.9.5 Above-Ground Tanks Inside of Buildings2306.2.4 Above-Ground Tanks Located in Above-Grade Vaults or Below-Grade Vaults(d) 2306.2.4 Above-Ground Tanks Located in Abovegrade Vaults or Below-Grade Vaults2306.2.2 Above-Ground Tanks Located Inside Buildings2306.2.3 Above-Ground Tanks Located Outdoors, Above Grade2306.2.3 Above-Ground Tanks Located Outside, Above Grade5704.2.9.6 Above-Ground Tanks Outside of BuildingsP-1102.1 Above-Ground Venting(B) Above Hazardous (Classified) Anesthetizing LocationsI Above Highest Branch903.2.11.1 Above- or Below-Grade StoriesP-1103.4.1 Above Roof(A) Above Roofs5003.10.2.1 Above the 10th Story3102F. Above Water Structural Inspection903.2.1 Aboveground69.3.5.1 Aboveground Containers69.3.5.1 Aboveground Containers. [58:6.4.1]5704.1.2.4 Aboveground, Indoor Combustible Liquid TanksSection 311 Aboveground Liquid Fertilizer Storage Tanks (ALFSTs)Section 430 Aboveground Liquid Fertilizer TanksSection 311 Aboveground Liquidfertilizer Storage Tanks (ALFSTs)5704.1.2.3 Aboveground, Outdoor Combustible Liquid Tanks5404.2.1 Aboveground Outdoor Storage Tanks120.1.2 Aboveground Petroleum Storage Act7.3 Aboveground Pipe and Tube3.6.1 Aboveground Piping2307.3 Aboveground Storage5704.1.1 Aboveground Storage Prohibited3.3.279.1 Aboveground Storage Tank42.3.3.1* Aboveground Storage Tanks66.22.14 Aboveground Storage Tanks Located in Areas Subject to Flooding3.3.279.2 Aboveground Tank2306.7.2.1 Aboveground Tank Dispenser5704.2.9.4 Aboveground Tank Overfill Prevention63.4.2.1 Aboveground Tanks(iv) 3404.2.9.4 Aboveground Tanks Inside of Buildings2306.2.4 Aboveground Tanks Located in Above-Grade Vaults or Below-Grade Vaults2306.2.2 Aboveground Tanks Located Inside Buildings2306.2.3 Aboveground Tanks Located Outdoors, Above Grade2306.2.3 Aboveground Tanks Located Outdoors, at Grade(v) 3404.2.9.5 Aboveground Tanks Outside of Buildings3.5.1 Aboveground Waste and Drain Piping300.37 Aboveground Wiring Methods4.5.1 Abrasion2.30.3 Abrasion Protection1910.94(a)(1)(i) Abrasive1926.302(b)(10) Abrasive Blast Cleaning Nozzles1910.94(a) Abrasive Blasting1910.94(a)(1)(ii) Abrasive-Blasting Respirator1910.94(b)(1)(i) Abrasive Cutting-Off Wheels1321.8.3 Abrasive Pads1910.211(b)(14) Abrasive Wheel1910.215 Abrasive Wheel Machinery1910.241(b) Abrasive Wheel Terms1926.303 Abrasive Wheels and Tools705.1 ABS and ABS Co-Extruded Plastic Pipe and JointsP3003.3 ABS PlasticP2906.9.1.1 ABS Plastic Pipe320.18.2 Absence of Approved Automatic Fire Detection System17.10 Absence of Petitioner or Counsel at the Scheduled Hearing3.3.1* Absolute Pressure1926.804(l) Absolute Pressure (P.S.I.A.) Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Cell1301.9 Absorbent MaterialsP3009.10.1 Absorption AreaSection M1412 Absorption Cooling Equipment2.26.10 Absorption of Regenerated PowerH 401.2 Absorption QualitiesH 401.3 Absorption Rates2109.2.2.2 Absorption Requirements307.4 Absorption Units5706.8.3 Absorption Vapor Recovery and Processing Systems104.19.2 Abuse of PassesSection 12-3-11 Abuse Test609.7 Abutting Lot1926.404(f)(1)(iii) AC Circuits, Less Than 50 Volts(G) AC Equipment for Nondelayed Automatic Connection(1) AC Phase Arrangement29.9.4 AC Primary Power Source625.60 AC Receptacle Outlets Used for EVPE(A) AC Systems1926.404(f)(1)(iv) AC Systems, 50 Volts to 1000 Volts1230.1.12 Academic Classrooms1905.11.3 Accelerated CuringA-901.10 Accelerated Plan ReviewA-901.10.1 Accelerated Zoning Plan Review1613.2.1 Acceleration Parameters5.2.4.1 Acceptability6.9 Acceptability of Finite Element Analysis32.1.5 Acceptability of Means of Egress or Escape1910.1000(b)(2) Acceptable Ceiling Concentrations1926.29 Acceptable Certifications66.9.3 Acceptable ContainersC301.2 Acceptable Devices and Test Periods[BS] A111.4.1 Acceptable Diaphragm Span11.5.1.10 Acceptable Liquid Fuels5. Acceptable Materials and AssembliesSection 103 Acceptable Methods1208.6 Acceptable Piping Materials and Joining Methods1114.1.2 Acceptable Systems3412.3 Acceptance909.20.7.3 Acceptance and Testing1908.10.3 Acceptance Criteria[F] 806.4 Acceptance Criteria and ReportsA.10 Acceptance Criteria for Deformation-Controlled Actions26.12.5 Acceptance Criteria for Density of Lightweight Concrete(i) 803.1.2.1 Acceptance Criteria for Interior Finish Material Tested to NFPA 286 as Listed in Rule 1301:7-7-47 of the Administrative Code803.1.2.1 Acceptance Criteria for Interior Finish Materials Tested to NFPA 286803.5.1.1 Acceptance Criteria for NFPA 265803.5.1.1 Acceptance Criteria for NFPA 265 Method B Test Protocol803.1.1.1 Acceptance Criteria for NFPA 286(i) 803.1.2.1 Acceptance Criteria for NFPA 286 as Listed in Rule 1301:7-7-80 of the Administrative Code26.12.4 Acceptance Criteria for Shotcrete26.12.3 Acceptance Criteria for Standard-Cured Specimens803.5.2 Acceptance Criteria for Textile and Expanded Vinyl Wall or Ceiling Coverings Tested to ASTM E84 or UL 723803.5.2 Acceptance Criteria for Wall and Ceiling Coverings8.10.2 Acceptance Inspection and Tests of Electric Elevators8.10.4 Acceptance Inspection and Tests of Escalators and Moving Walks8.10.3 Acceptance Inspection and Tests of Hydraulic Elevators8.10.5 Acceptance Inspection and Tests of Other EquipmentSection 8.10 Acceptance Inspections and TestsR324.1.3.1 Acceptance of Alternative Methods Establishing the Design Flood ElevationSection 108 Acceptance of Building Official ReportsArticle 3 Acceptance of Detectable Warning and Directional Surface Products for Manufacturers and Design Professionals January 1, 20013316.4.1 Acceptance of Equipment5707.1.2.1 Acceptance of Permits Issued by Other Authorities Having Jurisdiction104.7.2 Acceptance of Plans104.2.1 Acceptance of Professional CertificationC408.2.4.1 Acceptance of Report1905.6.3.3 Acceptance of Results26.12.7 Acceptance of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete§17-01 Acceptance of Testing Laboratories and Testing Services108.8 Acceptance, Performance, and Operational TestingE 804.3 Acceptance Process2105.2 Acceptance Relative to Strength Requirements28.2 Acceptance Requirements[F] 913.5 Acceptance Test11.10.11 Acceptance Test Procedure8. Acceptance Test Records8. Acceptance Test Tags[F] 909.18 Acceptance Testing*908.12 Acceptance Testing and Maintenance916.1.2 Acceptance Testing, Maintenance and Operational Testing(i) Acceptance Testing of Fire Protection Systems901.5 Acceptance Tests[F] 907.7 Acceptance Tests and Completion§ 23-27.3-109.2 Accepted Engineering Practice[F] 902.1.1 AccessDISABILITY Access Account502.3 Access Aisle1106.1.1 Access Aisles903.3.10 Access Aisles and Operating Clearances37-72 Access and Circulation603.4.3 Access and Clearance1910.22(c) Access and EgressE3405.6 Access and Entrance to Working Space91-412 Access and Glazing of Required Retail Space104-431 Access and Hours of Public Accessibility717.4 Access and IdentificationD102.1 Access and Loading1003.10 Access and Maintenance of Interceptors and Separators3111.3.4 Access and PathwaysSection 306 Access and Service SpaceP3114.5 Access and Ventilation3604.3 Access and Water Supply1910.269(u)(1) Access and Working Space3.3.2 Access Box18.2.2.1 Access Box(es)A-401.2.2 Access by Owner or Operator1224.31.1.3 Access Control1031.8 Access-Controlled Doors7.* Access-Controlled Egress Door Assemblies1008.1.9.8 Access-Controlled Egress Doors1010.2.12.1 Access-Controlled Elevator Lobby Doors in High-Rise Office Buildings1008.1.4.4 Access-Controlled Entrance Doors712.1.13.2 Access Doors2.7.3.4 Access Doors and Openings1705.13.5.1 Access Floors405.2 Access for Cleaning510.3.2 Access for Cleaning and Inspection16.4.4 Access for Fire FightingSection 3310 Access for Firefighting306.1 Access for Maintenance and Replacement14-122 Access for Persons With Physical DisabilitiesR908.8.1.1 Access for Retrofitting Roof to Wall Connections1704.2.2 Access for Special Inspection404.4.2 Access From Bedrooms321.4.1 Access From Fire Apparatus Access Roads507.13.2 Access From the Outside503.6 Access Gates1926.1431(e)(8) Access Gates/DoorsN1102.2.4.1 (R402.2.4.1) Access Hatch and Door Insulation Installation and RetentionR402.2.4.1 Access Hatches and Door Insulation Installation and RetentionN1102.2.4 (R402.2.4) Access Hatches and Doors402.2.3 Access Hatches and Doors (Mandatory)D101.2 Access in Wildland-Urban Interface Areas933.3 Access, Inspection, and Repair8.6.11.3 Access Keys3103.8 Access, Location and Parking18.2.2.3 Access Maintenance717.4.1.1 Access Openings2.11.1.4 Access Openings for Cleaning of Car and Hoistway Enclosures510.3.1 Access Panel607.3.5 Access Panel Coordination2.14.2.6 Access Panels514.4.8 Access Panels and Cover Plates11.* Access Pathways11.12.2.2 Access, Pathways, and Smoke Ventilation2803.7 Access Plan1102.3 Access Port Protection316.4.2 Access Prohibited415.3.4 Access RequiredArticle 5 Access Requirements and Exit Types3605.3.1 Access Road5604.6.5.1 Access Road SignsD103.1 Access Road Width With a Hydrant1926.602(a)(3) Access Roadways and Grades1910.1003(c)(4)(i) Access Shall Be Restricted to Authorized Employees Only8. Access Switches and Unlocking Devices14X-4-402.6 Access Through Bedrooms12.2.5.2 Access Through Hazardous Areas1028.5 Access to a Public Way3109.6.1 Access to Accessory Structures1110.4.8 Access to and Onto Amusement Rides304.3 Access to Appliances on Roofs454.1.11.4 Access to Artificial Lagoons1926.605(b) Access to Barges§27-2033 Access to Boiler Room(B) Access to Boxes18.2.3.2 Access to BuildingSection 504 Access to Building Openings and Roofs506.3 Access to Citywide Standard Keys7.3.7 Access to Concealed ConnectionsSection P2704 Access to Connections16-313 Access to Construction and Records63. Access to Controls407.4.4.3 Access to Corridor1910.179(c)(2) Access to Crane3206.7.3 Access to Doors605.6 Access to Electric Panel800.21 Access to Electrical Equipment Behind Panels Designed to Allow Access511.8 Access to Elevator Shafts614.1.3 Access to Emergency Water Fixtures1910.1020 Access to Employee Exposure and Medical Records5.7.3.2 Access to Enclosed Counterweights and Ropes304.3 Access to Equipment and Appliances on Roofs402.8.6 Access to Exits1021.3.1 Access to Exits at Adjacent Levels506.4 Access to Fire Department Standard Keys7.21.3 Access to Fixtures18.2.2.2 Access to Gated Subdivisions or Developments468. Access to Group Toilet Rooms5.7.8.3 Access to Hoistways for Emergency and Inspection Purposes5.1.10 Access to Hoistways for Inspection, Maintenance, and Repairs1224.19.6.1 Access to Information1910.95(l) Access to Information and Training Materials6.1.7.3 Access to Interior3007.6.1 Access to Interior Exit Stairway or Ramp665.22 Access to Internal Equipment2.7.3 Access to Machinery Spaces, Machine Rooms, Control Spaces, and Control Rooms4.3.5.2 Access to Machines and Sheaves110.75 Access to Manholes97-213 Access to Non-Ground Floor Uses907.3.2 Access to Occupancy Category IV225.35 Access to OccupantsE 605.1.1.1 Access to Operable Openings410.118 Access to Other Boxes2.4- Access to Outdoor Areas225.40 Access to Overcurrent Protective Devices14.6 Access to Performing Areas1106.1.1 Access to Piles5.7.2.4 Access to Pits401.9 Access to Public Emergency Notification Systems5706.6.7.3 Access to Public WayP2720.1 Access to Pump1910.1020(e) "Access to Records"[BS] 1006.4 Access to Risk Category IV§28-214.2 Access to Sealed Premises(E) Access to SettingsG2420.1.3 (409.1.3) Access to Shutoff ValvesSection P2704 Access to Slip-Joint Connections3007.6.1 Access to Smokeproof Enclosure604.6.2.2 Access to Standardized Fire Service Keys5609.3.7 Access to Storage Facility18.2.2* Access to Structures or Areas454. Access to Sun Shelf53.3.1.2 Access to System5. Access to the Hoistway for Emergency Purposes6.1.7.3 Access to the Interior5.7.2.8 Access to the Underside of the Car422.4.1 Access to Toilet Facilities1926.60(l)(4) Access to Training Materials2.2.8 Access to Underside of CarSection 1209 Access to Unoccupied Spaces4.2- Access to Utilities606.3 Access to Valves110.76 Access to Vaults and Tunnels1110. Access to Wheelchair Spaces, Ride Seats Designed for Transfer, and Transfer Devices(C) Access to Working Space508.3.2 Access Type5.508.2.2.2 Access Valves1008.2.6.1 AccessibilityA-802.2.2 Accessibility Advisory Board454.2.23 Accessibility and Clearances404.8 Accessibility and Grouping4.1-5.1.2 Accessibility Codes[NY] Section D105 Accessibility, Construction, and Installation RequirementsSection R320 Accessibility(deleted)Section 3411 Accessibility for Existing BuildingsSection 308 Accessibility for Existing Buildings [B]Section 306 Accessibility for Existing Buildings (Not Adopted by HCD or OSHPD)507.26 Accessibility for Service11B-411. Accessibility Function ButtonA-402.10.1.8 Accessibility Inspections490.35 Accessibility of Energized Parts1926.1417(c) Accessibility of Procedures1926.1437(g) Accessibility of Procedures Applicable to Equipment Operation14A-1-105.3 Accessibility-Related Provisions3412.2.5 Accessibility Requirements453.4.4 Accessibility Requirements for Children's Environments1143A.4 Accessibility Signs(c) Accessibility Standards and Compliance Date(A) Accessible3.3.23.1 Accessible Area of Refuge3.3.1 Accessible (As Applied to Equipment)3.3.2 Accessible (As Applied to Wiring Methods)E104.3 Accessible Beds402.2.1 Accessible Building Entrance Components[F] 805.3.5 Accessible Building Feature Signage(A) Accessible by Stairway or Permanent Ladder15.9 Accessible Cells or Rooms for Persons Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing1109.9.3.1 Accessible Cycle StorageE 602.1.1.3 Accessible Damper ControlSection 1139A Accessible Drinking Fountains3411.8.7 Accessible Dwelling or Sleeping Units1105.2 Accessible Dwelling Units and Sleeping Units11B-224.7.2 Accessible Dwelling Units With Adaptable Features11B-245.3 Accessible Elements RequiredSection 1105 Accessible Entrances4. Accessible EV Spaces5. Accessible EVCS202.4.2 Accessible Features in the Event of Disproportionality404.2 Accessible Fixture RequirementsP-705.4 Accessible Fixtures1023.9.3 Accessible Floor Level Identification Signs1910.421(b)(2) Accessible Hospitals1109.16.6 Accessible Identification Signs1127A.3 Accessible Lavatories207 Accessible Means of Egress[F] 2702.2.5 Accessible Means of Egress Elevators[F] 2702.2.6 Accessible Means of Egress Platform Lifts1009.1 Accessible Means of Egress Required1031.6 Accessible Means of Egress Signs453. Accessible Parking1109A.1 Accessible Parking Required1109A.8.4 Accessible Parking Space Size406.2.3 Accessible Parking SpacesSection 404 Accessible Plumbing Facilities704.7.2 Accessible Pumps and Motors3.3.3 Accessible, Readily (Readily Accessible)Section 1104 Accessible Route[NY] 4005.1.1.1 Accessible Route and Elements202.5.2.6 Accessible Route From Parking233.6.5.2 Accessible Route Into and Within Units11B-812.5.1 Accessible Route to Building or Facility11B-812.5.2 Accessible Route to EV Charger233.6.5.3 Accessible Route to Specific SpacesSection 1130A Accessible Route Within Covered Multifamily Dwelling Units402 Accessible Routes1008.2 Accessible Routes for Play Areas202.5.4.8 Accessible Routes From EntrancesSection 507 Accessible Routes Through Parking1008.4 Accessible Routes Within Play Areas9.3.3.3 Accessible Shafts With Noncombustible Surfaces2.5- Accessible Showers1109A.8.5 Accessible Single Parking Space14.3 Accessible Space1108.3 Accessible Spaces3.3.4 Accessible Spaces (AS Applied to Detection Coverage in Chapter 17)1011.17 Accessible StairsSection 1141A Accessible Swimming PoolsSection 1140A Accessible Telephones(C) Accessible to Qualified Persons Only1002.11.2 Accessible Toilet and Bathing Facility1107.5.3.1 Accessible Unit Entry Doors1107. Accessible Unit Facilities1108.6.1.1 Accessible Units1107. Accessible Units and Units With Communication Features1107.5.1.1 Accessible Units in Group I-1, Condition 11108.5.1.2 Accessible Units in Group I-1, Condition 21127A.2.4 Accessible Urinals453.10.2.2 Accessible Walks and Bridges11B-603.5 Accessories1910.180(a)(5) Accessory303.1.3 Accessory Assembly Spaces710A.3.1 Accessory Building Requirements(2) Accessory Buildings710A.3.3 Accessory Buildings 120 Square Feet (11.15 M2) or Less, Located 3 Feet (914 mm) or More but Less Than 50 Feet (15 240 mm)R337.10.3.3 Accessory Buildings 120 Square Feet (11 M2) or Less, Located 3 Feet (914 mm) or More but Less Than 50 Feet (15 m)Section 710A Accessory Buildings and Miscellaneous Structures710A.3.2 Accessory Buildings Greater Than 120 Square Feet (11.15 M2), Located 3 Feet (914 mm) or More but Less Than 50 Feet (15 240 mm)R337.10.3.2 Accessory Buildings Greater Than 120 Square Feet (11 M2), Located 3 Feet (914 mm) or More but Less Than 50 Feet (15 m)(H) Accessory Equipment74-53 Accessory Group Parking Facilities for Uses in Large-Scale Residential Developments or Large-Scale Community Facility Developments or Large-Scale General Developments62-422 Accessory Non-Residential Off-Site Parking62-421 Accessory Non-Residential Roof Parking508.2 Accessory Occupancies101-743 Accessory Off-Street Loading104-71 Accessory Off-Street ParkingChapter 5 Accessory Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations91-51 Accessory Off-Street Parking for Residential Uses in Converted Buildings127-31 Accessory Off-Street Parking Regulations16-351 Accessory Off-Street Parking Spaces84-142 Accessory Off-Street Parking Spaces for Buildings Containing Hotel Uses138-41 Accessory Off-Street Parking Spaces for Residences36-57 Accessory Off-Street Parking Spaces in Public Garages44-46 Accessory Off-Street Parking Spaces in Public Parking Garages97-51 Accessory Off-Street Parking Within the Core Subdistrict and Areas Outside of a Subdistrict74-86 Accessory Outdoor Swimming Pools for Residences112-112 Accessory Parking and Floor Area Requirements for Eating or Drinking Establishments104-711 Accessory Parking Below Grade112-111 Accessory Parking for Commercial Uses142-54 Accessory Parking on a Roof in Subarea A1409.4.1 Accessory Pole62-23 Accessory Residential Docking Facilities62-412 Accessory Residential Off-Site Parking62-411 Accessory Residential Roof Parking12.4.6.4 Accessory Rooms78-232 Accessory Sewage Disposal Plants37-753 Accessory Signs97-34 Accessory Signs for Visual or Performing Arts Uses425.2.3 Accessory Spaces311.1.1 Accessory Storage Spaces17.* Accessory Structure(s)Section 710A Accessory Structures78-231 Accessory Swimming Pools303.1.4 Accessory to Places of Religious Worship419.5.1 Accessory Use Non-Production Laboratories427.5.1 Accessory Use Nonproduction Laboratories406.9.6 Accessory Uses and Occupancies78-22 Accessory Uses in Large-Scale Residential Developments5303.16.13 Accessway1926.20(b) Accident Prevention Responsibilities1926.200 Accident Prevention Signs and Tags1910.145(f) Accident Prevention Tags5001.3.3.16 Accident Procedures3301.8 Accident Reporting(B) Accidental Contact[NY] 113.4.1 Accidental Fire3320.7.2.2 Accidental StartingSection 3012 Accidents3301.8 Accidents and Damage to Adjoining PropertySection 92.0116 Accidents — Reports — Repair2.1-2 Accommodations for Care of Individuals of Size2.1-2.3 Accommodations for Care of Patients of Size3.1- Accommodations for Care of Persons of Size*2.1-3.3 Accommodations for Telemedicine Services405.9 Accountability5-204 Accounting of IEEA8.10.1.2 Accreditation of Certifying Organizations§113-04 Accreditation of Training CoursesA-601.5 Accrual of Fines304.1 Accumulation of Combustible Waste3314.4.4.11 Accumulation of Debris6504.1.5 Accumulation of Material308.1 Accumulation of Rubbish and Garbage308.1 Accumulation of Rubbish or Garbage1926.62(j)(2)(iii) Accuracy of Blood Lead Level Sampling and Analysis1910.1018(e)(6) Accuracy of Measurement1910.1028(e)(6) Accuracy of Monitoring1910.102 Acetylene26.10 Acetylene Cylinder Charging Plants1910.253(b)(3)(ii) Acetylene Cylinders Shall Be Stored Valve End Up3505.4 Acetylene GasSection 3508 Acetylene Generators§3501-01 Acetylene. [Repealed]1909.3.3 ACI 318, Chapter 141810. ACI 318 Equation (10-5)1810. ACI 318 Equation ( ACI 318, Section 18.5. [DSA-SS]1905A.1.12 ACI 318, Section and Table ACI 318, Table ACI 318 , Table 21.2.22107.2.1 ACI 530/ASCE 5/TMS 402, Chapter 22107.2.4 ACI 530/ASCE 5/TMS 402, Maximum Bar Size2107.2.6 ACI 530/ASCE 5/TMS 402, Maximum Reinforcement Percentage2107.2.3 ACI 530/ASCE 5/TMS 402, Section, Lap Splices2107.5 ACI 530/ASCE 5/TMS 402, Section, Lap Splices2107.6 ACI 530/ASCE 5/TMS 402, Section, Splices of Reinforcement2107.2 ACI 530/ASCE 5/TMS 402, Section 2.1.2, Load Combinations2107.3 ACI 530/ASCE 5/TMS 402, Section 2.1.3, Design Strength2107.4 ACI 530/ASCE 5/TMS 402, Section 2.1.6, Columns2107.7 ACI 530/ASCE 5/TMS 402, Section 2.3.6, Maximum Bar Size2107.8 ACI 530/ASCE 5/TMS 402, Section 2.3.7, Maximum Reinforcement Percentage2108.2 ACI 530/ASCE 5/TMS 402, Section Development2108.3 ACI 530/ASCE 5/TMS 402, Section, Splices2108.4 ACI 530/ASCE 5/TMS 402, Section, Maximum Areas of Flexural Tensile Reinforcement2107.2.5 ACI 530/ASCE 5/TMS 402, Splices for Large Bars2.3.1 ACI Publications1910.262(nn) Acid CarboysSection 890.440 Acid-Proof TrapsP-403.2 Acid-Resistance1002.9 Acid-Resisting Traps1910.261(g)(3) Acid Tower Structure3.3.5 AcknowledgeAppendix E Acoustic Calibration of Audiometers*2.1- Acoustic Considerations*2.5-3.2.4 Acoustic Considerations for Outdoor Mechanical Equipment2.2-2.4.2 Acoustic Control1.2-6.1 Acoustic Design2.5-8 Acoustic Design Systems4.4-6.8 Acoustic Design Systems for Large and Medium Settings*4.2- Acoustic Insulation1.2-5.2 Acoustic Planning2.12- Acoustic Requirements§27-335.1 Acoustical and Thermal Insulation; Use in Noncombustible ConstructionSection 808 Acoustical Ceiling Systems806.5 Acoustical Ceiling Tiles and Wall SystemsA5.504.4.9 Acoustical Ceilings and Wall Panels1206.5 Acoustical ControlA5.507.5 Acoustical Control [DSA-SS]§27-769 Acoustical Isolation of Dwelling UnitsAcoustical Materials and Other Board Materials3.3.6* Acoustically Distinguishable Space (ADS)Section 807 Acoustics(c) 5614.1.3 Acquisition of FireworksE3802.2.1 Across Structural Members1910.1045 Acrylonitrile3310.5.3 Acting Primary Site Safety Manager or Coordinator105.1.2.1 Acting Without a Permit Prohibited§27-2143 Action Against the Owner for Recovery of ExpensesA.7 Action Classification and Criticality1910.1043(c)(2) Action Levels[A] 105.3.1 Action on Application204.4.1 Action on PermitsSection A-805 Action Pending Appeal1619.5 Action Plan3102F.3.9 Action Plan Implementation Between Audits3102F.4.7 Action Plan Report1.8.9.2 Actions and Proceedings[F] 1801.3.3 Actions During Fires or Other Emergencies60. Actions in an Emergency105-021 Actions Not Requiring Special Review1910.1027(l)(3) Actions Triggered by Initial Biological Monitoring1910.1027(l)(5) Actions Triggered by Medical Examinations:809.5.1.2 Activation407.6.1 Activation of Automatic-Closing Doors[F] 1701.3.5 Activation of Detection Systems7.2.3.10 Activation of Mechanical Ventilation and Pressurized Enclosure Systems909.21.6 Activation of Pressurization System[F] 1701.3.6 Activation of Suppression Systems21. Activation of Systems1032.10.1 Activation Test604.6.1.1 Activation Test Record918.8.1 Activation Thresholds[BG] 401.2.3 Active Fire Protection Systems3.3.7 Active Multiplex System107-221 Active Recreational Facilities3.3.239.1 Active RF Emitting Device§113-06 Active Shooter and Medical Emergency Preparedness Training CoursesChapter E401 Active Soil-Depressurization Systems1224. Active StorageE604.1 Active Ventilation of the Crawl SpaceC604.1 Active Ventilation of the CrawlspaceG103.4 Activities in Riverine Flood Hazard Areas(b) 101.2.2 Activities, Locations and Persons Subject to the Ohio Fire Code2.6- Activities of Daily Living Unit4.2.5.3 Activities Prior to Building Occupancy1228.30.3 Activity Areas§28-502.6.6 Activity by Unregistered CompanyT103.5 Activity Log Sheet1225.6.6.3 Activity Program1225.5.1.4 Activity Programming Space1224.31.1.9 Activity Spaces1607.5.1 Actual Loads1004.1.1 Actual NumberE103.1.4 Actual Use, Activity or Process Involving the Material3.3.4* Actuating Member or Bar508. Actuating Temperature[F] 903.3.4 Actuation23.8.1.1* Actuation Time8. Actuator Supervision1254.1 Acupuncture OfficesSection 1228 Acute Psychiatric Hospitals202.8.2 AD Hoc Committees812.2 Adaptability§27-292.8 Adaptable Dwelling Units520.69 Adapters105.7.1.2 Add to or Alter902.3 Added or Converted Appliances507.6 Added or Converted Equipment or AppliancesSection 1705 Added Studs4-338 Addenda and Construction Changes(vi) Adding a Previously Licensed Portion(v) Adding Newly Constructed Portions3.3.5 Addition102.8.1 Addition, Alterations and Repairs§28-103.19 Addition, Modification, and Deletion of Referenced Standards8. Addition of an Elevator to an Existing Hoistway8.7.7.2 Addition of Automatic Transfer Device8. Addition of Auxiliary Suspension Member Fastening Devices8. Addition of Car Top Railing454. Addition of ChemicalsC503.4.2 Addition of Cooling Capacity91-65 Addition of Development Rights to Receiving Lots8. Addition of Elevator to Existing Hoistway8. Addition of Escalator Speed Variation2.1.a.1.B Addition of Floors to Existing Buildings8. Addition of Moving Walk Speed Variation1112.5 Addition of Pedestrian Route8. Addition of Rope Equalizers8. Addition of Suspension Member Equalizers[BS] 706.2 Addition or Replacement of Roofing or Replacement of EquipmentR315.1.3 Addition Shall Mean303.2 Addition to a Group E Occupancy8.1.3 Addition to Existing Buildings1208.1.1 Addition to Existing System(E) Additional503.1.2 Additional Access37-748 Additional AmenitiesG2412.4 (401.4) Additional Appliances[NY] 915.5.1.2 Additional Audible Alarms§1-01.8 Additional Authority322.3 Additional Authority to Recover Costs(B) Additional Auxiliary Electrodes for Array Grounding52.3* Additional Battery Technologies5607.16 Additional Blasting Requirements(A) Additional Branch Circuits1926.952(c)(2) Additional Briefings322.1.1.10 Additional Brush Clearance RequirementsF101.1.1 Additional Buildings143-25 Additional Bulk Modifications906.1.1.1 Additional Class B:C Extinguisher Required306.2.4 Additional Clearance302.2 Additional Codes451.2 Additional Codes and Standards for the Design and Construction of Ambulatory Surgical Centers And, Unless Exempted by Chapter 395.0163, Florida Statutes, All Ambulatory Surgical Center Outpatient Facilities and Ambulatory Surgical Center Mobile and Transportable Units449.2 Additional Codes and Standards for the Design and Construction of General, Rehabilitative, and Psychiatric Hospitals, Including Intensive Residential Treatment Facilities (IRTFs) for Children and Adolescents, That Are Located Inside of Buildings or Structures, and Unless Exempted by Chapter 395.0163, Florida Statutes , All Hospital Outpatient Facilities and Hospital Owned or Leased Mobile and Transportable Units450.2 Additional Codes and Standards for the Design and Construction of Nursing Homes302.2.1 Additional Codes in Health Care[BS] A404.1.1 Additional Conditions74-32 Additional Considerations for Special Permit Use and Bulk Modifications1305.14.2 Additional Construction Standards for Cylindrical Tanks Exceeding 275 Gallons (1041 L)1305.14.2 Additional Construction Standards for Cylindrical Tanks Exceeding 330 Gallons (1249.2 L)1305.14.3 Additional Construction Standards for Rectangular Tanks Exceeding 275 Gallon (1041 L)1305.14.3 Additional Construction Standards for Rectangular Tanks Exceeding 275 Gallons (1041 L)1305.14.3 Additional Construction Standards for Rectangular Tanks Exceeding 330 Gallon (1249.2 L)1305.14.4 Additional Construction Standards for Tanks 275 Gallons (1041 L) or Less1305.14.4 Additional Construction Standards for Tanks 330 Gallons (1249.2 L) or Less1305.14.5 Additional Construction Standards for Vertical Above-Ground Cylindrical Tanks Outside of Buildings Exceeding 6 Gallons (22.7 L)G304.5 Additional Construction Standards With Respect to Connections for Temporary External Generators, Boilers and Chillers69.3.6.3 Additional Container Installation Requirements9.4.1.6 Additional Control505.2.2 Additional Controls1926.1101(g)(8) Additional Controls for Class II Work14A-6-601.1.5 Additional Cost Recovery Charge1904.4(b)(1)(iv) Additional Criteria106.2.2 Additional Data401.2 Additional Design CriteriaG2427.12.4 (503.12.4) Additional Devices*§28-421.1.1 Additional Directors(B) Additional Disconnecting MeansN1106.7.4 (R406.7.4) Additional Documentation1010.5.4 Additional DoorSection N1108 (R408) Additional Efficiency Package OptionsSection C406 Additional Efficiency PackagesSection C406 Additional Efficiency RequirementsAJ501.5.3 Additional Electrical Requirements2.4-3.2.2 Additional Emergency Services RequirementsN1101.13.5 (R401.2.5) Additional Energy EfficiencyC406.1 Additional Energy Efficiency Credit RequirementsSection R406 Additional Energy Efficiency Requirements1224.19.6.5 Additional Equipment and Supply Storage69.3.12.2 Additional Equipment Requirements for Cylinders, Equipment, Piping, and Appliances Used in Buildings, Building Roofs, and Exterior Balconies1910.1018(n)(4) Additional Examinations1910.1052(j)(7) Additional Examinations and Referrals3008.1.2 Additional Exit Stairway1021.2.5 Additional Exits1926.62(d)(7) Additional Exposure AssessmentsC405.5.2.1 Additional Exterior Lighting Power11B-411.2.1.4 Additional Features§28-401.15.1 Additional Fees901.4.5 Additional Fire Protection Systems516.5 Additional Fire Safety Requirements1107.2.2.9 Additional Fixtures97-42 Additional Floor Area and Lot Coverage Regulations66-51 Additional Floor Area for Mass Transit Station Improvements66-511 Additional Floor Area for Mass Transit Station Improvements by Authorization66-512 Additional Floor Area for Mass Transit Station Improvements by Special Permit81-641 Additional Floor Area for Transit Improvements on Qualifying Sites138-212 Additional Floor Area Regulations in the Park Avenue Subdistrict73-67 Additional Floor Space of Public Parking Garages510.6.2 Additional Frequencies510.4.2.6 Additional Frequencies and Change of FrequenciesG307.4 Additional Fuel-Oil Storage Capacity5608.1.1.1 Additional General1810.2.2 Additional Geotechnical Investigation and Report Requirements[BS] 1103.1 Additional Gravity Loads(1) Additional Grounding ConnectionA5.504.1.2 Additional IAQ Measures2306.7.3.1 Additional Impact Protection510.2 Additional In-Building Emergency Communications Installations4.2.0.2 Additional Indicators3314.16.3 Additional Information465.3.3 Additional Information on Signs and Labels119.4.1 Additional Information or Tests1705.7.4 Additional Inspection118.1.2 Additional Inspection and Reinspection§28-303.10 Additional Inspections105.1.7.2 Additional Insurance403.5.2 Additional Interior Exit Stairway9.6.2 Additional Interior Lighting Power9.6.3 Additional Interior Lighting Power Using Nonmandatory ControlsC405.2.2 Additional Lighting ControlsA5. Additional Lighting Power Allowance for Local Ordinance RequirementsA5. Additional Lighting Power Allowance for Specific Applications2113.8 Additional Load1810. Additional Load TestsH112.5 Additional Loads(2) Additional Locations904.6 Additional Maintenance RequirementsA5.405.5.3 Additional Means of Compliance1910.134(e)(7) Additional Medical Evaluations1910.1051(k)(5) Additional Medical Evaluations and Referrals66-26 Additional Modifications1910.1001(d)(5) Additional Monitoring3306.13 Additional Monitoring Required by the Commissioner1705. Additional Monitoring Requirements for Demolition(B) Additional Nameplate Markings3316.3.1 Additional Notification Requirement for Hoisting Machines3301.8.1 Additional Notifications§28-116.3.1 Additional Notifications for Special Inspections240.2.1.2 Additional Number and Types2.26.1.3 Additional Operating Devices for Elevators Equipped to Carry One-Piece Loads Greater Than Their Rated Load2702.4.1 Additional Optional Standby Power Systems64-513 Additional Options Available for All Buildings Except Single-, Two-Family, or Three-Family Residences64-523 Additional Options Available for All Buildings Except Single-, Two-, or Three-Family Residences64-512 Additional Options Available for Single-Family, Two-Family, or Three-Family Residences64-522 Additional Options Available for Single-, Two-, or Three-Family Residences105.5 Additional Options for Closing a Permit(D) Additional Outside Electrical Equipment13-453 Additional Parking Spaces for Economic Development Uses13-455 Additional Parking Spaces for Existing Accessory Off-Street Parking Facilities13-452 Additional Parking Spaces for Health Care, Arts or Public Assembly Uses13-454 Additional Parking Spaces for Large Development Sites13-451 Additional Parking Spaces for Residential Growth208.2.3.2 Additional Parking Spaces for Residents74-531 Additional Parking Spaces or Roof Parking for Accessory Group Parking Facilities§28-214.3 Additional Penalties for Harm or Injury From Violation of Order to Seal, Secure and Close§28-211.1.2 Additional Penalty for False Statements105.5.54 Additional Permits451.3 Additional Physical Plant Requirements for Ambulatory Surgical Centers464.4 Additional Physical Plant Requirements for Assisted Living Facilities449.3 Additional Physical Plant Requirements for General, Rehabilitation, and Psychiatric Hospitals, Including Intensive Residential Treatment Facilities (IRTFs) for Children and Adolescents, and Unless Exempted by Chapter 395.0163, Florida Statutes , All Hospital Outpatient Facilities and Hospital Mobile and Transportable Units450.3 Additional Physical Plant Requirements for Nursing Homes105.7.8.2 Additional Plan Check Time116.1.6 Additional Plan Review, Inspection or Reinspection FeeA-303.2.5 Additional Posting and Notice§ 23-27.3-127.1.3 Additional Powers1910.269(n)(7) Additional Precautions1926.1411(b)(5) Additional Precautions for Traveling in Poor Visibility722.6.2.5 Additional Protection2406.4.1 Additional Protection for Fixed Systems1207.1.4.3 Additional Protection Measures(F) Additional Protective Techniques in Category 1 (Critical Care) Spaces (Optional)(F) Additional Protective Techniques in Critical Care (Category 1) Spaces (Optional)(F) Additional Protective Techniques in Critical Care Spaces (Optional)901.9.5 Additional Provisions1103.7.3.1 Additional Provisions for Existing Group I Occupancies1103.8.5 Additional Provisions for Existing Group R Occupancies11-34 Additional Provisions for Extension of Period to Complete Construction81-68 Additional Provisions for Qualifying Sites11.7.4 Additional Provisions for Underground Structures81-746 Additional Provisions for Zoning Lots Divided by District or Subdistrict Core Boundaries§28-410.4 Additional Qualifications(E) Additional Receptacles23-665 Additional Regulations32-662 Additional Regulations for Advertising Signs(c) 2703.2.3 Additional Regulations for HPM Supply Piping2703.2.1 Additional Regulations for HPM Supply Piping and Tubing25-60 Additional Regulations for Permitted or Required Accessory Off-Street Parking Spaces44-58 Additional Regulations for Permitted or Required Berths44-40 Additional Regulations for Permitted or Required Off-Street Parking Spaces32-653 Additional Regulations for Projecting Signs25-55 Additional Regulations for Required Spaces When Provided Off Site32-66 Additional Regulations for Signs Near Certain Parks and Designated Arterial Highways32-661 Additional Regulations for Signs Other Than Advertising Signs98-221 Additional Regulations for Subdistrict A60. Additional Regulations for Supply Piping for Health Hazard Materials1926.652(g)(2) Additional Requirement for Shield Systems Used in Trench ExcavationsP105.5.2 Additional Requirement Initiating Device Function Test2113.13 Additional Requirements1926.452 Additional Requirements Applicable to Specific Types of Scaffolds901.9.2 Additional Requirements Based on Change of Occupancy or Use14A-4-404 Additional Requirements Based on Scope of Work901.9.4 Additional Requirements Based on Value of Alterations3115.9 Additional Requirements. [DSA-SS and DSA-SS/CC]11.3.4 Additional Requirements for Air Traffic Control Towers11.3.4 Additional Requirements for Airport Traffic Control Towers42.3.3.5 Additional Requirements for All Aboveground Tanks2115.10 Additional Requirements for Allowable Stress Design901.9.4.3 Additional Requirements for Buildings Containing 4 or More Dwelling Units1817.3.2 Additional Requirements for Buildings With Rubble Foundation ElementsSection 3320 Additional Requirements for Certain Material Handling Equipment19.3.4 Additional Requirements for Chloride Ion Content2113.19.1 Additional Requirements for Clearance42.8 Additional Requirements for CNG, LNG, Hydrogen, and LP-Gas42.8 Additional Requirements for CNG, LNG, Hydrogen, and LPGSection 1617 Additional Requirements for Community Colleges [DSA-SS/CC]23-953 Additional Requirements for Compensated Developments and MIH Developments2308.11 Additional Requirements for Conventional Construction in Seismic Design Category B or C2308.12 Additional Requirements for Conventional Light-Frame Construction in Seismic Design Category D1926.800(t)(2) Additional Requirements for Cranes1817.8 Additional Requirements for Deep Foundation Elements Used in Underpinning1705.25.8.2 Additional Requirements for Design Documents for Demolition1705.25.8.4 Additional Requirements for Design Documents for Protection of the Sides of Excavations and Blasting1705.25.8.3 Additional Requirements for Design Documents for Underpinning and Alternate Methods of Support of Buildings and Adjacent Property1910.125 Additional Requirements for Dipping and Coating Operations That Use Flammable Liquids or Liquids With Flashpoints Greater Than 199.4 *F (93 *C)901.9.3 Additional Requirements for Enlargements901.9.5.3 Additional Requirements for Enlargements of Buildings With Existing Standpipe Systems901.9.5.4 Additional Requirements for Enlargements of Buildings With No Existing Standpipe Systems240.101 Additional Requirements for Feeders42.3.3.3 Additional Requirements for Fire-Resistant Aboveground Storage Tanks19.3.3 Additional Requirements for Freezing-and-Thawing Exposure§27-383.1 Additional Requirements for High Rise Office Buildings and Occupancy Group E High Rise Buildings1926.800(t)(3) Additional Requirements for Hoists23-962 Additional Requirements for Homeownership Affordable Housing2703.2.3 Additional Requirements for HPM Supply Piping2503.2 Additional Requirements for Inspection and Testing2307.5 Additional Requirements for LP-Gas Dispensers and Equipment5. Additional Requirements for Passenger Overload2.16.8 Additional Requirements for Passenger Overload in the Down DirectionP2904. Additional Requirements for Pendent Sprinklers1926.800(t)(4) Additional Requirements for Personnel Hoists1817.7 Additional Requirements for Pit-Pier Underpinning26.9 Additional Requirements for Precast Concrete26.10 Additional Requirements for Prestressed Concrete5704.2.9.7 Additional Requirements for Protected Above-Ground Tanks66.22.10 Additional Requirements for Protected Aboveground Storage Tanks5704.2.9.6 Additional Requirements for Protected Aboveground Tanks901.9.5.1 Additional Requirements for Providing Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms in Dwelling Units During Alterations Involving Removal of Existing Interior Finishes901.9.5.2 Additional Requirements for Providing Standpipes in Newly Constructed Stair ShaftsSection 323 Additional Requirements for Public Schools and Community Colleges [DSA-SS, DSA-SS/CC]23-961 Additional Requirements for Rental Affordable Housing[BS] 706.3 Additional Requirements for Reroof Permits706.3 Additional Requirements for Reroofing of Risk Category IV Buildings1926.1414(e)(4) Additional Requirements for Rotation Resistant Ropes for Boom Hoist Reeving1910.217(c)(5) Additional Requirements for Safe-Guarding1150A.2 Additional Requirements for Section 1150A(C) Additional Requirements for Series CapacitorsP2904. Additional Requirements for Side-Wall SprinklersP2904. Additional Requirements for Sidewall SprinklersSection 1910 Additional Requirements for Skilled Nursing Facilities, Intermediate Care Facilities, Acute Psychiatric and Non-GAC Buildings [OSHPD 1R, 2B & 5]1910.126 Additional Requirements for Special Dipping and Coating Operations2106.4 Additional Requirements for Structures in Seismic Design Category C2106.5 Additional Requirements for Structures in Seismic Design Category D2106.6 Additional Requirements for Structures in Seismic Design Category E or F1926.652(e)(2) Additional Requirements for Support Systems for Trench Excavations5604.5.3 Additional Requirements for Type 3 Magazines1817.3.3 Additional Requirements for Unreinforced Masonry Buildings1817.3.4 Additional Requirements for Use of Rock Support[BS] A206.2 Additional Requirements for Wall Anchorage Systems2.25.3.5 Additional Requirements for Winding-Drum MachinesP106.5.2 Additional Requirements—Initiating Device Function Test10.2.2 Additional Requirements to Comply With Section 105.2.3 Additional Requirements to Comply With Section 11 and Appendix G5.2.2 Additional Requirements to Comply With Section 56.2.2 Additional Requirements to Comply With Section 67.2.2 Additional Requirements to Comply With Section 78.2.2 Additional Requirements to Comply With Section 89.2.2 Additional Requirements to Comply With Section 9127-60 Additional Review Requirements8.2 Additional Room-Specific Requirements1926.350(j) Additional Rules66-513 Additional Rules and Limitations, Conditions, Findings and Requirements76-14 Additional Rules of Construction904.1.3 Additional Safeguards3309.4.1 Additional Safeguards During Excavation1926.1437(e) Additional Safety Devices904.3.7 Additional Safety Measures5608.1.1.2 Additional Scope105.7.8.4 Additional Section Fees1613.4.1 Additional Seismic Force-Resisting Systems for Seismically Isolated Structures1810. Additional Seismic Reinforcement in Seismic Design Categories D Through F1810. Additional Seismic Reinforcement in Seismic Design Category D(B) Additional Service Disconnecting Means1224.29.1.14 Additional Service Spaces94-066 Additional Sign Regulations32-69 Additional Sign Regulations for Adult Establishments5003.5.2 Additional Signage11B-502.8 Additional Signs6. Additional Signs or Graphics3310.9 Additional Site Safety Personnel315.7.2 Additional Solid Fuel StorageA205.3.1 Additional Special Inspection73-20 Additional Special Permit Uses5003.1.5 Additional Specific Requirements809.5.3 Additional Steps2.1- Additional Storage Areas for Outpatient Departments2.7- Additional Storage for Toys and for Educational and Recreational Equipment and Supplies1107.7.1.3 Additional Stories With Entrance Through Fire Walls1107.7.1.4 Additional Stories With Entrances From Bridges or Elevated Walkways1108.7.1.2 Additional Stories With Type B Units1224.34.5 Additional Support Areas for Cobalt Room1224.34.4 Additional Support Areas for Linear Accelerator1226.5.11.7 Additional Support Areas for Patients2.2- Additional Support Areas for the Radiosurgery Device1910.1052(j)(4)(iv) Additional Surveillance2115.8 Additional Testing Requirements8. Additional Tests1025.6.1.1 Additional Text for Sign Subject to This Section*§28-320.3.10.1 Additional Time for Certain Covered Buildings306.7.13 Additional Toilet and Bathing Facilities1926.950(b)(4) Additional Training111-13 Additional Use Regulations133-11 Additional Uses91-111 Additional Uses in C5 Districts144-13 Additional Uses in M3-1 Districts144-11 Additional Uses Permitted in All Districts144-12 Additional Uses Permitted in M2-1 DistrictsP-1105.1.2 Additional Vent917.6 Additional Venting Required807.6 Additional Vertical LoadsA-505.5 Additional Violations Upon Reinspection8-102.1.6 Additional Work23-50 Additional Yard Regulations202.2 Additions3416A. Additions, Alterations, and Remodels of SPC-2 Hospital Buildings3401A.1.1 Additions, Alterations and RepairsAE301.2 Additions, Alterations and Repairs to a Manufactured HomeSection 141.0 Additions, Alterations and Repairs to Existing Nonresidential and Hotel/Motel Buildings, to Existing Outdoor Lighting, and to Internally and Externally Illuminated SignsSection 141.0 Additions, Alterations and Repairs to Existing Nonresidential, High-Rise Residential, and Hotel/Motel Buildings, to Existing Outdoor Lighting, and to Internally and Externally Illuminated SignsA-102.8 Additions, Alterations and Repairs to StructuresA-102.8.1 Additions, Alterations and Repairs to Systems501.4.3 Additions, Alterations, or Installations of Mechanical Systems in Existing Dwelling UnitsN1101.3.1 Additions, Alterations, or Renovations901.9.1 Additions, Alterations or RepairsN1107.1.1 (R501.1.1) Additions, Alterations, or Repairs: GeneralN1101.3 (R101.4.3) Additions, Alterations, Renovations or RepairsSection 3411A Additions, Alterations, Repairs and Seismic Retrofit to Existing Buildings or Structures Designed in Accordance With Pre-1973 Building CodeE3401.4 Additions and AlterationsJ104.1 Additions and Alterations—Level 2309.2 Additions and ReplacementsSection 309 Additions and Replacements of Exterior Wall Coverings and Exterior Wall Envelopes18.1.1.4 Additions, Conversions, Modernization, Renovation, and Construction Operations[A] 101.5 Additions or Alterations[A] Additions, Renovations and Related Construction Changes3403.1.2 Additions to Buildings of Groups Other Than R and I Occupancies3403.1.1 Additions to Buildings of Groups R and I Occupancies§27-298 Additions to Existing Buildings10.9.3 Additions to Existing Systems502.8 Additions to Group E Facilities429.2.3 Additions to Manufactured Homes3.3.4 Additive ManufacturingSection 320 Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)4.7* Additives7.8 Additives and CoatingsP2902.5.4.1 Additives or Nonpotable Source1003.3.3 Additives to Grease Interceptors319.2.3 Address[F] 502.1 Address Identification403.6 Address MarkersR319.1 Address Numbers3.3.8 Addressable Device13.* Addressing Changes in Hazard13.* Addressing Changes in Hazards§14-01 Addressing of Bills Whose Nonpayment May Result in the Placing of a Lien. [Repealed]1926.1435(b)(4) Addressing Specific Hazards(B) Adequacy903.6.3 Adequacy of Basal Area1910.1096(f)(3)(vi)(a) Adequacy of Signal Activation DeviceArticle 3 Adequacy of the Structural Design(F) Adequate Access1205.2.3.1 Adequate Adjacent Space for Multiple Dwellings507.18 Adequate Capacity of Piping311.2.4 Adequate Drainage407.3.2 Adequate Mixing454. Adequate Space at TerminusSection P-803 Adequate Supply404.5 Adequate Water SupplyR606.2.6 Adhered Manufactured Stone Masonry Veneer Units[BS] 1404.10 Adhered Masonry Veneer[BS] 1404.10.1.5 Adhered Masonry Veneer Applied Directly to Masonry and ConcreteR703.12 Adhered Masonry Veneer Installation[BS] 1404.10.1.4 Adhered Masonry Veneer Installed With Lath and Mortar1410.2 Adhered Veneer§28-105.12.3 Adherence to Lot Diagram[BS] 1404. Adhering VeneerR613.3.3 AdhesiveR602.10.2.2 Adhesive Attachment of Sheathing in Seismic Design Categories C, D2508.4 Adhesives806.2 Adhesives and Sealants5.504.4.1 Adhesives, Sealants and Caulks6.6.3 Adiabatic Atomizing Humidifier Requirements11B-411. Adjacency Assignment*1403.8.4 Adjacency to Green Roofs701.3.3 Adjacent368.214 Adjacent and Supporting Structures14A-3-307.4 Adjacent Areas[BS] A113.10 Adjacent Buildings(3) Adjacent Disconnects12.7 Adjacent Fixtures6. Adjacent Floor Surfaces20.10* Adjacent Hazards or Design Methods1004.1.1.2 Adjacent Levels1004.2.2 Adjacent Levels for Mezzanines(E) Adjacent Locations(E) Adjacent Modules1109A.8.7 Adjacent Parking509.2.3 Adjacent Room or Space(A) Adjacent Runs11B-606.6 Adjacent Side Wall or Partition1004.2.3 Adjacent Stories1006.3.1 Adjacent Story1910.107(j)(3) Adjacent System Interlocked(C) Adjacent to Combustible Materials[BS] 3306.9 Adjacent to Excavations904.2.5 Adjacent to Plaster or Noncombustible MaterialsA-402.10.6.3 Adjacent Wall Inspection454. Adjacent Waterways§27-860 Adjoining Chimneys2113.1.6 Adjoining Chimneys and Vents§27-889 Adjoining Gas Vents403.1.2 Adjoining Lots and Property1027.4 Adjoining Open Areas315.3.2 Adjoining Properties507.13 Adjoining PropertyR303.2 Adjoining Rooms1202.5.1.1 Adjoining Spaces1227.12.3.5 Adjoining Toilet Facilities1224.14.3.6 Adjoining Toilet Room3309.8 Adjoining Walls§13-16 Adjournments. [Repealed]109.1 Adjudication Orders Required§4900-01 Adjudications1910.211(d)(36) Adjustable Barrier Guard(3) Adjustable Electronic Overcurrent Protective Device(B) Adjustable Luminaires2.20.9.2 Adjustable Shackle RodsPart X Adjustable-Speed Drive Systems430.88 Adjustable-Speed Motors(B) Adjustable-Trip Circuit BreakersC6.6 Adjusted Lighting Power ( LPD Adj)3305. Adjusting DevicesB 101.1 Adjusting InputB 101.0 Adjusting the Burner Input3137B.2.3 AdjustmentE3603.1.5 Adjustment/Correction FactorsE3705.3 Adjustment Factor for Conductor Proximity(C) Adjustment FactorsC6.10.2 Adjustment for Other Protected Elements of the Exterior Envelope511.4.5 Adjustment Location14A-1-105.11.7 Adjustment of Effective Dates14A-1-105.2.7 Adjustment of Effective Dates for Certain Operational and Inspectional RequirementsR602.10.3.1 Adjustment of Length of Braced Panels603.18.3 Adjustment of Volume Dampers**§28-320.7 Adjustment to Applicable Annual Building Emissions Limit**§28-320.8 Adjustment to Applicable Annual Building Emissions Limit for Calendar Years 2024-2029**§28-320.9 Adjustment to Applicable Annual Building Emissions Limit for Not-for-Profit Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities3314.4.6 Adjustments1910.179(l)(3) Adjustments and Repairs1926.1427(b)(1)(ii) Administer Written and Practical Tests That:Section 1001 Administration42-264 Administration and AppealPart 2 - Administration and EnforcementArticle 5.3 Administration and Enforcement. All Library Bond Act ProjectsArticle 5.4 Administration and Enforcement. All Library Bond Act Projects, Including All Joint Use Projects14A-1-105.1 Administration and Enforcement (Title 14A)457.1.4.4 Administration and Public Areas1225.4.3.1 Administration and Public Spaces205.1 Administration by the North Carolina Department of Labor7-141 Administration of Construction7-200 Administration of Hospital Inspector Examination and Certification901.5 Administration of I Nstallation Acceptance Testing901.5 Administration of Installation Acceptance Tests453.6 Administration of Public Education Projects119-35 Administration of Special Review Provisions1926.1427(c)(2) Administration of Tests1910.134(e)(4) Administration of the Medical Questionnaire and Examinations119-13 Administration of Tier I Requirements119-23 Administration of Tier II Requirements1227.16 Administration Space[A] 104.6.4 Administrative101.3 Administrative and Enforcement450.3.7 Administrative and Public Area1226.12.1.2 Administrative Area1224.16.5.1 Administrative Area / Nurse Station1224.17.4 Administrative Areas§1-03.1 Administrative Authority1226.9.2.1 Administrative Center or Nurse Station1224.33.3.13 Administrative Center or Nurse Station for Staff Work and Charting1224.33.3.13 Administrative Center or Nurses' Station for Staff Work and Charting1224.31.1.17 Administrative Center(s) or Nurse Station(s)§1-01.5 Administrative Code1910.1025(e)(5) Administrative ControlsA-901.11 Administrative Fees[A] 102.2 Administrative, Operational and Maintenance Provisions37-42 Administrative Procedure for a Subway Stair Relocation or Renovation§ 23-27.3-108.1.6 Administrative ProceduresPart 2 — Administrative Provisions14A-1-105.1.1 Administrative Provisions in Other Provisions§27-688 Administrative Requirements1226.8.5.2 Administrative ServicesA-907.1.3 Administrative Services Fees1224.21 Administrative Space14A-10-1005.1.3 Administrative SupportPart 2 — Adminstration and Inforcement2.1-6.3.1 Admissions Area2512.8.1 AdmixturesSection 8-806 Adobe2109.2 Adobe Construction101.6.1 Adopted Appendices102.4.3 Adopted CodesSection 102 Adopted StandardE102.3 Adopted Standards1.7.2 Adopting Agency Identification1811.2 Adoption§1-14.1 Adoption, Amendment, or Repeal of Rules1910.15(a) Adoption and Extension of Established Safety and Health Standards for Shipyard Employment3412A.1 Adoption of ASCE 41§ 23-27.3-109.1.3 Adoption of Federal Standards for Manufactured Homes§27-3024 Adoption of the Electrical Code Technical Standards8-200 Adoption of the Most Recent Edition of the California Mechanical Code§28-1001.1 Adoption of the New York City Energy Conservation Code4910.4 Adoption of the Safety Element308.5.1 Adult Care Facility11B-813 Adult Changing Facilities11B-813.2.1 Adult Changing TableSection 463 Adult Day CareSection 8102 Adult Day Care Centers16.1.2.2 Adult Day-Care Occupancies§9000-01 Adult Establishments420.11 Adult Family Homes310.4.3 Adult Family Homes, Family Home Child Care903.2.8.2 Adult Foster Care Family Homes308.3.1 Adult Homes and Enriched Housing105.2.4 Advance NoticeRA103.2.3 Advanced26.27 Advanced Light Water Reactor Electric Generating Plants3.3.9 Adverse Condition26. Adverse Conditions1926.964(c)(5) Adverse Weather Conditions52-731 Advertising Signs52-733 Advertising Signs on Waterways14A-10-1005.3 Advisors§28-417.1.4 Advisory and Support Personnel4-222 Advisory Board**§28-320.2.1 Advisory Board CompositionA-802.2.1.4 Advisory Input4.6 Advisory Opinions1926.66(a)(1) Aerated Solid Powders3138B.1 Aeration System418.3.1 Aeration Units27.7.1.4 Aerial Construction1910.67(a)(1) Aerial DeviceSection D105 Aerial Fire Apparatus Access Roads1910.67(a)(2) Aerial Ladder1926.453(a)(1)(ii) Aerial Ladders1926.964(c)(8) Aerial-Lift Controls1926.453 Aerial Lifts308.1.9 Aerial Luminaries1910.268(s)(2) Aerial Splicing Platform[BG] 1511.7.1 Aerial Supports1910.268(s)(3) Aerial Tent5101.6 Aerosol Container Size Limitations5106.2.2 Aerosol Cooking Spray Product and Plastic Aerosol 3 Product Storage and Fire Protection61.1.3.5 Aerosol Cooking Spray Products5106.2.2 Aerosol Cooking Spray Storage and Fire Protection5106.3 Aerosol Display and Normal Merchandising Exceeding 8 Feet (2438 mm) High5106.2 Aerosol Display and Normal Merchandising Not Exceeding 8 Feet (2438 mm) High5106.2 Aerosol Display and Normal Merchandising Not Exceeding 8 Feet High5106.2 Aerosol Display and Normal Merchandising Not Exceeding 8 Feet in Height[F] 904.12 Aerosol Fire-Extinguishing Systems4.504.2.3 Aerosol Paints and Coatings3.3.4* Aerosol Product5106.3 Aerosol Product Display and Normal Merchandising Exceeding 8 Feet High5106.3 Aerosol Product Display and Normal Merchandising Exceeding 8 Feet in Height[F] 414.2.5.3 Aerosol Products[F] 414.1.2.1 Aerosol Products, Aerosol Cooking Spray Products and Plastic Aerosol 3 Products[F] 414.2.5.3 Aerosol Products, Aerosol Cooking Spray Products or Plastic Aerosol 3 Products61.3.4 Aerosol Products in Plastic Containers Greater Than 4 fl oz (118 ml) and Not More Than 33.8 fl oz (1000 ml)[F] 907.2.16 Aerosol Storage Uses904.6.1 Aerosol Systems[F] 414.1.2.1 Aerosols§2801-01 Aerosols. [Repealed]1.1-3.2.1 Affected Areas915.1.1.1 Affected Dwelling Units1910.1052(j)(1) Affected Employees3307.5.2 Affected Uses and Occupancies Coordination and Notification13. AFFF and FFFPH114.2.2 Affidavit107.6 Affidavits§28-303.7.1 Affirmation of Correction14X-12-1205.7 Affirmative Defenses23-155 Affordable Independent Residences for Seniors107-411 Affordable Independent Residences for Seniors in Area sh1107.9 Affordable Units(2) After Application of Adjustment and Correction Factors1926.1203(h)(5) After Entry Operations:1910.155(c)(1) After-FlameA-901.12.3 After Hours Inspection Fee1910.423(b)(1) After the Completion of Any Dive, the Employer Shall:808.3.2.2 Afternoon Illumination1008.3 Age Groups(e) 5622.1.5 Age Limitations*3319.14 Age Limitations for CranesC402.3.1 Aged Roof Solar Reflectance458.2.1 "Agency"A-906.2.2 Agency Fee§1-13.5 Agency Website14X-12-1204.6.1 Agent105.5.1.1 Agent or Representative14X-12-1205.3.5.1 Agent Qualifications§28-201.4 Aggravating and Mitigating Factors2513.2 Aggregate63. Aggregate Allowable QuantitiesP3009.10.5 Aggregate and Backfill2611.2 Aggregate Area505.2.1.1 Aggregate Area of Mezzanines and Equipment Platforms2610.5 Aggregate Area of Skylights1917.1.1 Aggregate Lightweight Insulating Concrete[F] 415. Aggregate Quantities5803.1.1.2 Aggregate Quantity12.16.8 Aggregate Size of Vent Terminals for Building Drains1903.5 Aggregates -Section R327 Aging-in-Place Design and Fall Prevention725.0 [AGR] Collection Center and Facilities DrainageSection 1241 [AGR] Collection Centers and Facilities726.0 [AGR] Drainage and Plumbing, General1010.5 [AGR] Draining and Plumbing601.8 [AGR] Horse Meat and Pet Food EstablishmentsSection 1243 [AGR] Horsemeat and Pet Food Establishments724.0 [AGR] Meat and Poultry Processing Plant DrainageSection 1240 [AGR] Meat and Poultry Processing PlantsSection 1242 [AGR] Renderers§ 23-27.3-116.4 Agreement Condition to Moving3109.4.4.4 Agreements to Build; Notice of ProvisionsArticle 547 Agricultural Buildings402.7 Agricultural Land3703.4 Agricultural Products(b) 102.1.2 Agricultural Uses and Locations50.2.4 AHJ Notification6.2.1 AHU Casing2.1- AII Room RequirementsSection P3114 Air Admittance Valves22.9.4 Air Bag Systems317.7 Air Bags508.1.2 Air Balance1403.9 Air BarrierC408.4 Air Barrier CommissioningC402.5.1.2 Air Barrier Compliance OptionsC402.5.1.1 Air Barrier Construction5. Air Barrier Design5. Air Barrier InstallationC402.4.2 Air Barrier PenetrationsC402.5.1.3 Air Barrier TestingC402.5.1 Air BarriersSection 317 Air Blower and Air Induction SystemSection 1003 Air-Borne and Impact Sound1207.2 Air-Borne Sound802.3.2 Air Break(1) Air-Break Switch9.1.3 Air Breaks418.1 Air Changes506.11.6.1 Air Circulation403.9 Air Classification and Recirculation1910.430(b) Air Compressor System22.29.1.5 Air Compressors1027.7.3 Air Conditioners1204.2 Air ConditioningE3705.5.4 Air-Conditioning and Heat Pump Equipment(B) Air-Conditioning and Heating Source320.0 Air Conditioning and Heating SystemsArticle 440 Air-Conditioning and Refrigerating EquipmentP-720.3 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration*107.8 Air-Conditioning and Ventilating Systems450.7.9 Air-Conditioning and Ventilation SystemsSection G2449 (627) Air-Conditioning Appliances9.4.3 Air Conditioning Condensate3.9 Air Conditioning Condensate Drain PipingSection 627 Air Conditioning Equipment1104.3.1 Air Conditioning for Human Comfort32.9.5 Air Conditioning, Heating, and Ventilating467.7.1 Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilating Systems453.27.16 Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation9.2.1 Air-Conditioning, Heating, Ventilating Ductwork, and Related EquipmentAF103.2.5 Air-Conditioning Systems1910.263(i)(14) Air-Conditioning Units603.6.2 Air Connectors1910.1000 Air Contaminants1910.217(b)(10) Air Controlling Equipment1910.217(h)(3)(ii) Air Counterbalance Systems10.4.5 Air Curtains603.17 Air Dispersion Systems415.1 Air Distribution907.3.1 Air Distribution and Air-Handling SystemsR403.5.6.1 Air Distribution/Circulation6.7.2 Air Distribution DevicesC402.5.9.4 Air Distribution System ComponentsA5.207.2.5 Air Distribution System Duct Leakage SealingC403.2.9.5 Air Distribution System Sizing and DesignC408.2.2 Air Distribution System Testing, Adjusting and Balancing6.7 Air Distribution SystemsE 805.4 Air Distribution Systems (Form MECH-4A) Air Duct Applications603.11.1 Air Duct at Heat SourcesP106. Air Duct Smoke Detectors and 2 Hour Openings603.6.1 Air Ducts603.6 Air Ducts and Air ConnectorsG2427.3.4 (503.3.5) Air Ducts and Furnace Plenums324.8.2.1 Air Ducts in Interior Chemical Storage SpacesE 805.5 Air Economizer Controls Acceptance (Form MECH-5A) Air EconomizersE 503.5.1 Air Economizers, Design Capacity42. Air Elimination1904.4.1 Air Entrainment1910.107(d)(9) Air Exhaust305.2.2 Air Exhaust and Intake OpeningsA9.4.1 Air Films936.0 Air Filter AppliancesSection 605 Air Filters909.7 Air Flow Design Method506.0 Air for Combustion and Ventilation702.3 Air From Adjacent Spaces702.2 Air From the Same Room or Space608.14.1 Air Gap611.2 Air Gap DischargeA Air Gap Drawing #1B Air Gap Drawing #2801.2 Air Gap or Air Break RequiredP2902.3.1 Air Gaps[F] 1701.3.14 Air Handling and Mechanical Ventilation Systems802.3 Air-Handling Filtration and Bypass PathwaysE3904.7 Air Handling-Stud Cavity and Joist Spaces802.2 Air-Handling System Access802.3 Air-Handling System Filters2.5-3.2.2 Air-Handling Systems With Unitary Equipment That Serve Only One Room6.2 Air-Handling Unit (AHU) DesignAF103.4.7 Air-Handling UnitsN1101.10.5 (R303.1.5) Air-Impermeable InsulationSection CA108 Air Infiltration3.3.8 Air-Inflated StructureR403.6.6 Air Inlets and Exhausts608.2 Air Inlets (Return or Exhaust or Return and Exhaust)1205.3.2 Air Intake317.3 Air Intake Source63.2.16.11 Air IntakesC402.5.7 Air Intakes, Exhaust Openings, Stairways and ShaftsN1102.4 (R402.4) Air LeakageN1102.4 (R402.4) Air Leakage (Mandatory)C402.5.4 Air Leakage of FenestrationAQ106.1 Air Leakage TestingC406.11.1 Air Leakage Testing and VerificationC402.5 Air Leakage—Thermal EnvelopeC402.5 Air Leakage—Thermal Envelope (Mandatory) Air Leakage Verification1910.218(e)(1) Air-Lift Hammers1926.800(d)(1) Air Monitoring1910.1024(n)(1) Air Monitoring Data511.0 Air Movement517.6 Air Movement for Solid-Fuel Cooking1020.6 Air Movement in Corridors[BE] 601.2 Air Movement in Egress Elements505.4 Air-Moving DevicesR403.6.3 Air-Moving Equipment, Selection and Installation608.1 Air-Moving Systems and Smoke Detectors4.8 Air, Nitrogen, or Other Approved Gas8.8.2.4* Air or Nitrogen Supply8.8.2.7 Air or Nitrogen Supply Piping608.1 Air OutletsSection 608 Air Outlets and Air Inlets5607.19.1.3 Air Overpressure1504.3.1.3 Air Permeability Testing453.15.2 Air Plenums*3303.5.4 Air PollutionP-905.3 Air Pressure8.2.6 Air Pressure and SupplyC501.1 Air Pressure Control1910.1096(f)(3)(v)(g) Air Pressure (If Used)3004.5.3 Air Pressurization of Hoistway Enclosure3303.8.1 Air Pressurized Alarm System for Dry Standpipe Systems During Construction or Demolition Operations1224. Air Quality1926.12(b)(45) Air Quality Act of 1967 (42 U.S.C. 1857J-3)F 1201.5.1 Air Quality Analysis1926.800(j) Air Quality and Monitoring3.3.2 Air Receiver1910.169 Air Receivers512.3.2 Air Recirculation312.3.1 Air Release408.2 Air Release Warning1214.6 Air-Removal Device1212.11 Air Removal Device or Air Vents1910.252(c)(4)(i) Air Replacement1910.265(c)(7) Air Requirements3.3.3 Air ReservoirF 1201.5 Air SamplingAppendix A Air Sampling and Analytical Procedures for Determining Concentrations of Cotton Dust3.3.90.1 Air Sampling-Type Detector13. Air Sampling-Type Smoke DetectorN1102.4.1.2 (R402.4.1.2) Air SealingN1102.4.2 Air Sealing and Insulation402.4.2 Air Sealing and Insulation (Mandatory)1214.7 Air-Separation Device1311.1 Air SourcesR703.7.4.2 Air Space22-41 Air Space Over a Railroad or Transit Right-of-Way or YardA9.4.2 Air Spaces§27-807 Air Supply1910.94(a)(6) Air Supply and Air Compressors8.2.6.4 Air Supply Connections11.10.5 Air-Supported and Air-Inflated Structures3.3.282.2* Air-Supported Structure6. Air System Balancing6.5.3 Air System Design and ControlC408.2.2.1 Air Systems Balancing710.11 Air Tanks603.6.3 Air Temperature712.3 Air Test3.3.281.1 Air Traffic Control Tower38.4.3 Air Traffic Control Towers8.4.6 Air-Transfer Openings1910.217(h)(3)(i) Air Valve and Air Pressure Supply/Control2404.7.3 Air Velocity8.1.5 Air Venting1305.9.9 Air Vents and BreakersSection 1003 Airborne and Impact Sound1910.1050(f)(1)(i) Airborne Exposures*2.1-2.4.2 Airborne Infection Isolation (AII) Room1228.14.3 Airborne Infection Isolation (AII) Room(s)8.2.1 Airborne Infection Isolation (AII) Rooms1224. Airborne Infection Isolation, Airborne Infection Isolation Exam/Treatment and Protective Environment Rooms1224. Airborne Infection Isolation Exam/Treatment Anteroom1224. Airborne Infection Isolation Exam/Treatment Room1224. Airborne Infection Isolation or Protective Environment Rooms1224.29.1.13 Airborne Infection Isolation Room1224.14.3 Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms414.0 Airborne Infection Isolations Rooms6.8.2 Airborne Infectious Isolation Room Exhaust Systems1910.1096(e)(4) Airborne Radioactivity Area1206.2 Airborne SoundSection 2006 Aircraft and Motor Vehicle Fueling(2) Aircraft Batteries(B) Aircraft Battery Charging and Equipment(A) Aircraft Electrical Systems26.26 Aircraft Engine Test Facilities2006.12 Aircraft Engines and Heaters42.10 Aircraft Fuel Servicing42.10.5.10 Aircraft Fuel Servicing Locations42. Aircraft Fuel Servicing Vehicle Loading and Unloading Racks2006.20 Aircraft Fuel-Servicing Vehicles Parking2004.8 Aircraft Fuel System MaintenanceSection 2006 Aircraft Fueling[F] 502.2 Aircraft Fueling and Defueling42.* Aircraft Fueling Hose42. Aircraft Fueling Ramps105.6.1 Aircraft Fueling Station2006.2 Aircraft-Fueling Systems2005.4 Aircraft-Fueling Vehicles2006.20 Aircraft-Fueling Vehicles Parking412.3 Aircraft Hangars311.2.1 Aircraft Hangers3.3.7 Aircraft Loading WalkwaySection 2004 Aircraft Maintenance(1) Aircraft Maintenance and Storage Hangars412.6 Aircraft Manufacturing Facilities2006.1 Aircraft Motor Vehicle Fuel-Dispensing Facilities1106.1 Aircraft Motor Vehicle Fuel-Dispensing Stations42. Aircraft Occupancy During Fuel Servicing42.10.5.11 Aircraft Occupancy During Fuel Servicing Operations507.10 Aircraft Paint Hangar914.8.6 Aircraft Paint Hangar Fire Suppression[F] 412.5 Aircraft Paint Hangars(2) Aircraft Painting Hangars42. Aircraft Radar Equipment105.6.2 Aircraft RefuelerSection 412 Aircraft-Related Occupancies2006.5.1.2 Aircraft Vent Openings(E) Airfield Lighting Cable Tray424.59 Airflow[F] 909.7 Airflow Design MethodE 605.1.5 Airflow Measurement605.3 Airflow Over the Filter516.3.1 Airflow Sections518.4 Airflow Switch or TransducerR403. Airflow Verification1910.243(b)(2) Airhose112. Airing Out1910.252(c)(4)(ii) Airline Respirators1109.18 Airplane Hangars3.3.6 Airport (Aerodrome)1926.12(b)(54) Airport and Airway Development Act of 1970 (Pub. L. 91-258, Section 52(B)(7))61-121 Airport Approach District61-122 Airport Circling District42.10.3 Airport Fuel Systems105.6.3 Airport Fueling System42.10.4 Airport Fueling Vehicles12.4.11 Airport Loading WalkwaysSection 3114 Airport NoiseR330.2 Airport Noise Attenuation1206.4 Airport Noise Attenuation Standards3114.1 Airport Noise Study Guidelines105.6.4 Airport, Private3.3.7 Airport Ramp61-41 Airport Reference Point, Established Elevation and Specified Radii3.3.9 Airport Terminal Building26.25 Airport Terminal Buildings, Fueling Ramp Drainage, and Loading Walkways3.3.291.1 Airport Traffic Control Tower412.2 Airport Traffic Control Towers[F] 907.2.22.1 Airport Traffic Control Towers With Multiple Exits and Automatic Sprinklers74-65 AirportsR402.4.1.2 AirsealingC402.2.7 Airspaces722.3.1.4 Airspaces and Cells Filled With Loose-Fill Material904.3.1 Aisle3.3.11* Aisle Accessway1030.13.1.1 Aisle Accessway Capacity and Width for Seating at Tables1017.4.1 Aisle Accessway for Tables and Seating1028.10.1.1 Aisle Accessway Width for Seating at Tables1030.13 Aisle Accessways1029.11.3.1 Aisle Accessways for Tables and Seating1018.4 Aisle Accessways in Group M12.2.5.7* Aisle Accessways Serving Seating at Tables12.2.5.5* Aisle Accessways Serving Seating Not at Tables1104.22.1 Aisle and Aisle Accessway Width3104.4.3 Aisle Arrangement and Maintenance1030.9.2 Aisle Catchment Area12.* Aisle Handrails1029.13.3 Aisle Illumination12. Aisle Landings3205.5 Aisle Maintenance12.* Aisle Marking1030.9.6 Aisle Measurement3.3.229.1 Aisle Ramp3.3.275.1 Aisle Stair12. Aisle Stair Profile12. Aisle Stair Risers13. Aisle Stair TreadsSection 406 Aisle Stairs12. Aisle Stairs and Aisle Ramps12. Aisle Transitions1028.9.2 Aisle Width403.5.4 Aisle Width in Libraries34.8.3.3* Aisle WidthsSection 1018 Aisles1017.1 Aisles and Aisle AccesswaysN108.3 Aisles and Corridors§27-532 Aisles and Cross Aisles308.1.7.1 Aisles and Exits321.4.6 Aisles Between Materials1018.2 Aisles in Assembly Spaces1018.3 Aisles in Groups B and M1018.5 Aisles in Other Than Assembly Spaces and Groups B and M1910.265(c)(31)(iv) Aisles, Passageways, and Roadways12.2.5.8 Aisles Serving Seating at Tables12.2.5.6 Aisles Serving Seating Not at Tables[F] 907.2.12.1 Alarm3109.3.2.3 Alarm Activation907.5.1 Alarm Activation and Annunciation401.3.2 Alarm Activations(C) Alarm and Alerting(C) Alarm and Alerting Systems13. Alarm Annunciation13. Alarm Annunciation Display907.6.4.1 Alarm Annunciator and Fire Alarm Control Unit809.5.1.1 Alarm Appliances16.11.10* Alarm Attachments — High-Rise Buildings3.3.12 Alarm Box27.6 Alarm Boxes16.11.5 Alarm Bypass Test Connections3.* Alarm Condition10.8.2 Alarm Condition Detection23.8.2* Alarm Control Units16.11.9 Alarm Device Drains(H) Alarm in Psychiatric Nursing Units2.1- Alarm in Psychiatric Patient Care Units[F] 415.11.4.4 Alarm-Initiating Devices12.4.8.5 Alarm Initiation63. Alarm Monitored5810.3.1 Alarm Monitoring[F] 907.5.2 Alarm Notification Appliances27.5 Alarm Processing Equipment27.5.3 Alarm Processing Equipment at a Remote Communications Center27.5.2 Alarm Processing Equipment at Communications Center3.3.13 Alarm Repeater System[F] 907.2.18.2 Alarm RequiredR315.4 Alarm Requirements3.3.250.1* Alarm Response34.6.5 Alarm Service3.3.10 Alarm Signal26.2.3 Alarm Signal Content26.2.1 Alarm Signal Disposition23.8.5.7 Alarm Signal Initiation — Fire Suppression Systems Other Than Sprinklers26.2.2 Alarm Signal Preverification9.7.2.2 Alarm Signal Transmission26.2.2* Alarm Signal Verification[F] 415.11.4.5 Alarm Signals30.4.12 Alarm Signals and Devices2404.8.1.1 Alarm Station2404.8.1.2 Alarm Station Location3.3.16 Alarm System23.8.6 Alarm System Notification Outputs418.5 Alarm Systems30.8.2 Alarm Test[F] 904.4.2 Alarm Testing53. Alarm ThresholdG.2.4.5 Alarm Transmission3.3.17 Alarm Verification Feature806.3.1 Alarms416.0 Alarms — Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms and Protective Environment Rooms29.14.1.1 Alarms and Detectors1009.12 Alarms and Emergency Warning Systems and Two-Way Communication Systems[F] 904.3.4 Alarms and Warning Signs1009.12 Alarms/Emergency Warning Systems/Accessibility1009.12 Alarms/Emergency Warning Systems/Two-Way Communication Systems1926.12(b)(41) Alaska Centennial-1967 (80 Stat. 82)3.3.11 Alcohol-Based Hand Rub8.7.3.3* Alcohol-Based Hand-Rub Dispensers5705.5 Alcohol-Based Hand Rubs Classified as Class I or Class II Liquids5705.5 Alcohol-Based Hand Rubs Classified as Class I or II Liquids5705.5.4 Alcohol-Based Hand Rubs in Bulk Packaging(2) Alcohol-Based Windshield Washer Fluid2306.8 Alcohol-Blended Fuel-Dispensing Operations2306.7.10 Alcohol-Blended Motor Fuel-Dispensing Equipment2304.1.4.3 Alcohol-Blended Motor Fuel Notice308.1.9.3 Alcohol Burning Decorative Devices308.1.9.4 Alcohol Burning Food Warming Devices308.6 Alcohol-Fueled Decorative Open-Flame Devices4006.4 Alcohol Handling4005.1 Alcohol Storage Tanks and Containers627.5 Alcove and Closet Installation§27-747 Alcoves1926.1208(d) Alert the Attendant Whenever:3.3.18 Alert Tone1910.1044(i)(4) Alerting EmployeesSection 918 Alerting Systems1910.335(b) Alerting Techniques1101.16 ALFSTs802.3.1 Alignment6. Alignment of Pallet Tread Surfaces1910.268(s)(4) Alive or Live (Energized)1910.1017(k)(1)(iii)(B) Alkaline Phosphatase611.1.1 Alkaline Water Treatment702.1 All Air From IndoorsSection M1702 All Air From Inside the BuildingSection M1703 All Air From Outdoors703.1 All Air From the Outdoors(A) All Atmospheric Conditions and Occupancies7-305 All Buildings123-662 All Buildings in Special Mixed Use Districts With R6, R7, R8, R9 and R10 District Designations692.13 All Conductors(F) All Conductors Together1926.753(c)(1)(i)(A) All Control Mechanisms for MaladjustmentsG301.1 All DevelopmentsA5.209.1.1 All Devices:1926.950(b)(1) All EmployeesAll Healing Arts X-Ray Installations1910.1096(f)(3)(v)(e) All Indicators1910.244(a)(2)(v) All Jacks Shall Be Properly Lubricated at Regular Intervals1926.753(d)(2)(iii) All Loads Shall Be Rigged by a Qualified Rigger(B) All Motors1019.2 All Occupancies811.3 All Other Engine and Turbine Discharge Opening Termination Requirements811.3 All Other Engine and Turbine Discharge Termination Requirements304A.3.4.3 All Other Hospital Buildings:401.2.3 All Other Occupancies14A-4-412.2 All Other Permits(B) All Other Service-Entrance Conductors(2) All Other Signs4802.2 All Other Stages905.3.11.2 All Other Stations(D) All Others1910.1096(f)(3)(v)(a) All Power Sources(1) All ReceptaclesR602.10.2.1 All Seismic Design Categories and Basic Wind Speed Areas14A-4-402.2.1 All Structures3109.3 All Swimming Pools1518.8.4 All Tile Systems2104.1.2.5 All Units(A) All Wiring InstallationsG105.2 All Work ApplicationsG105.2 All Work Applications Other Than New Buildings and Substantial ImprovementsG107.2 All Work Applications Other Than New Buildings, Horizontal Enlargements and Substantial Improvements3.3.12 Alleyway1926.12(b)(43) Allied Health Professions Personnel Training Act of 1966 (42 U.S.C. 295H(B)(2)(e))1926.300(b)(4)(iv)(c) Alligator ShearsAppendix C Allocation of Label Elements (Mandatory)402.5 Allowable Ampacities for Fixture Wires727.8 Allowable Ampacity507.8.1 Allowable Area508.2.1.2 Allowable Area and Height506.2 Allowable Area Determination3412.6.2.1 Allowable Area Formula705.8.1 Allowable Area of Openings1810.3.3.1 Allowable Axial Load13.4.2 Allowable Axial Strength1814.3.1 Allowable Axial Tension and Compression1806.2 Allowable Bearing Pressure1806.2.2.1 Allowable Bearing Pressure of Controlled Fills508.4.2 Allowable Building Area508.3.2 Allowable Building Area and Height508.3.2 Allowable Building Area, Height and Number of Stories508.3.2 Allowable Building Area, Height and Number of Stories Above Grade Plane508.2.2 Allowable Building Height508.4.3 Allowable Building Height and Number of Stories508.4.3 Allowable Building Height and Number of Stories Above Grade PlaneR802.4 Allowable Ceiling Joist Spans2109.3.2 Allowable Compressive StressesSection 8-804 Allowable Conditions for Specific Materials1810.3 Allowable Deep Foundation Loads1616.3.1 Allowable Deflections2.9.5 Allowable Deflections of Machineiy and Sheave Beams, Their Supports, and Any Support Members Loaded in Bending That Transmit Load to Guide Rails or Structural Walls2.9.5 Allowable Deflections of Machinery and Sheave Beams, Their Supports, and Any Support Members Loaded in Bending That Transmit Load to Guide Rails or Structural Walls550.31 Allowable Demand Factors503.2.10.1 Allowable Fan Floor HorsepowerC403.8.1 Allowable Fan HorsepowerC403.8.1 Allowable Fan Horsepower (Mandatory)C403.2.12.1 Allowable Fan Motor Horsepower16-402 Allowable Fees and Costs as Allowable Bond Act Costs3102.4 Allowable Floor Areas2308.2.2 Allowable Floor-to-Floor Height[BS] A405.2 Allowable Foundation and Lateral Pressures1804.2 Allowable Foundation Pressure1810. Allowable Frictional ResistanceR502.5 Allowable Girder and Header Spans2308.4.1.1 Allowable Girder Spans2405.2 Allowable Glazing Materials and Limitations508.4.3 Allowable Height508.3.1.2 Allowable Height and AreaP3008.2 Allowable InstallationP3008.2 Allowable Installations1206.4 Allowable Interior Noise LevelsR502.3 Allowable Joist Spans1810.3.3.2 Allowable Lateral LoadSection 1804 Allowable Load-Bearing Values of SoilsSection 1806 Allowable Load-Bearing Values of Soils and Rock2308.2.3 Allowable Loads320.8 Allowable Locations603.1 Allowable MaterialsA406.3.2.1 Allowable Nail Slip Values1808.2.8 Allowable Pier or Pile Loads1808.3 Allowable Pile Loads5.508.2.5.3 Allowable Pressure ChangeG2413.6 (402.6) Allowable Pressure DropR802.5 Allowable Rafter Spans308.4 Allowable Reduction2308.2.5 Allowable Roof Span1908.2 Allowable Service Load1810. Allowable Shaft Resistance3115.8.5.3 Allowable Shear11.3.5 Allowable Shear Loads3115.8.4.3 Allowable Shear Value1910.68(b)(5)(i) Allowable SizeArticle 4 Allowable Soil Bearing PressuresR703.8.3.1 Allowable SpanR604.2 Allowable Spans9.2 Allowable Sprinkler Omission Locations2109.2.3 Allowable Stress2306.1 Allowable Stress Design1810.3.2.6 Allowable Stresses5.7.7.4 Allowable Stresses and Deflections5.11.9.4 Allowable Stresses and Deflections for Machinery and Sheave Beams, Their Supports, and Any Support Members That Transmit Load to the Turbine Tower Walls8.5.5 Allowable Stresses Applicable to Seismic Design2.23.5.3 Allowable Stresses Due to Emergency Braking2.9.4 Allowable Stresses for Machineiy and Sheave Beams or Floors, Their Supports, and Any Support Members That Transmit Load to the Guide Rails or Structural Walls2.9.4 Allowable Stresses for Machinery and Sheave Beams or Floors, Their Supports, and Any Support Members That Transmit Load to the Guide Rails or Structural Walls1808.8.1 Allowable Stresses for Piles1808.2.10 Allowable Stresses in Piles and Use of Higher Allowable Pier or Pile Stresses2003.6 Allowable Unit Stresses[BS] A111.7.1 Allowable Unreinforced Masonry Wall Height-to-Thickness Ratios1810.3.4 Allowable Uplift Load1810. Allowable Uplift Load of Grouped Deep Foundation Elements1601.1.1 Allowable Use of Alternate WaterE3801.2 Allowable Wiring Methods10.11 Allowance for Character of Soil and Water605. Allowance for Smoke Ventilation OperationsTable Q Allowance in Equivalent Length of Pipe for Friction Loss in Valves and FittingsTable I Allowed Distance From Fixture Trap to Vent2104.1.1 Allowed Use of Class I Solvents1505.1.1 Allowed Uses1926.758(f)(2) Allowing an Employee on the Joists; or1926.758(f)(3) Allowing Any Construction Loads on the Joists1910.184(e) Alloy Steel Chain Slings1926.251(b) Alloy Steel Chains403.4 Alluvial and Colluvial Deposits131-423 Along All Other Streets131-432 Along All Other Streets, Other Than Riegelmann Boardwalk131-442 Along All Other Streets, Other Than Stillwell Avenue23-542 Along Short Dimension of Block1910.1004 alpha-Naphthylamine(b) Alteration301.3 Alteration, Addition or Change of Occupancy8-303.7 Alteration and Repair§3606-01 Alteration Applications; Determinations of Market Value and Substantial Improvement11-272 Alteration Applications Filed Prior to Effective Date of Amendment C821182 ZMM, Rezoning the Area Between Canal Street, Baxter Street, White Street and Broadway301.3 Alteration, Change of Occupancy, Addition or Relocation§27-119 Alteration Cost: Building Value309.2 Alteration for Use as Congregate Living FacilitiesSection 602 Alteration—Level 1801.2 Alteration Level 1 ComplianceSection 603 Alteration—Level 2Section 604 Alteration—Level 3105-426 Alteration of Aquatic Features16.5.4 Alteration of Building16.4.4 Alteration of Buildings3201.7 Alteration of Existing Encroachments§28-102.4.3 Alteration of Existing Structures14A-4-413.4.1 Alteration of Forms§28-102.4.3 Alteration of Prior Code Buildings105-424 Alteration of Rock Outcrops11B-202.3.3 Alteration of Single Elements306.7.3 Alteration of Type A Units§262 Alteration of Uncompleted BuildingsArticle 107 Alteration or Demolition of Single Room Occupancy Multiple Dwellings*§28-106.1.2 Alteration Permit for the Removal of One or More Stories11-271 Alteration Permits Filed for Residential Occupancy Prior to May 18, 1981, in Certain M1-6 Districts[BE] 1001.2 Alteration to Existing Means of Egress202.3 AlterationsP-102.3 Alterations, Additions and Repairs3411.7 Alterations Affecting an Area Containing a Primary Function202.4 Alterations Affecting Primary Function Areas244.2.1 Alterations and Additions501.4.3 Alterations and Change of OccupancyA-905.3.2 Alterations and Existing Buildings3416A. Alterations and Remodels of SPC-1 Hospital Buildings3412.2.4 Alterations and Repairs429.2.2 Alterations and Repairs to Manufactured Homes§27-116 Alterations Between Thirty Percent and Sixty Percent of Building Value§36.404 Alterations: Elevator Exemption§27-115 Alterations Exceeding Sixty Percent of Building Value11-412 Alterations, Extensions or Enlargements§36.405 Alterations: Historic Preservation901.4.3 Alterations in Buildings and StructuresG103.7 Alterations in Coastal Areas§27-118 Alterations Involving Change in Occupancy or Use§27-122 Alterations Involving Conversions From Seasonal to Year Round Use§27-123 Alterations Involving High Hazard Occupancies8.7.1.9 Alterations Involving SIL Rated Device(s) (See Section 1.3)Section J303 Alterations—Level 1Section J304 Alterations—Level 296-109 Alterations of BuildingsArticle 4 Alterations of Existing BuildingsR310.7 Alterations or Repairs of Existing BasementsC503.4.3 Alterations or Replacement of Existing Cooling Systems§36.403 Alterations: Path of TravelC101.5.1.1 Alterations, Renovations and Building Systems3302.1 Alterations, Repairs and Additions901.9.4.2 Alterations Requiring Fire Protection Systems in the Space Being Altered901.9.4.1 Alterations Requiring Fire Protection Systems Throughout a Building§28-101.4.4 Alterations That Reduce the Fire Safety or Structural Safety of Existing Buildings202.5.3.2 Alterations to a Primary Function Area(c) Alterations to an Area Containing a Primary Function113.5 Alterations to and Replacement of Systems, Components and Materials101.4.3.2 Alterations to Building Envelope8. Alterations to Car Frames and Platforms232.6 Alterations to CellsG304.4.1 Alterations to Certain Flood Design Class 4 Buildings8. Alterations to Driving Machines and Sheaves8.7.7 Alterations to Dumbwaiters and Material LiftsSection 3012 Alterations to Electric and Hydraulic Elevators and Escalators8.7.2 Alterations to Electric Elevators8.7.4 Alterations to Elevators With Other Types of Driving Machines8.7.6 Alterations to Escalators and Moving WalksR305.2 Alterations to Existing Building BasementsSection 1103 Alterations to Existing Building Sites8.1.4 Alterations to Existing Buildings907.2.29.1 Alterations to Existing Buildings on an Existing Public School Campus8-400 Alterations to Existing Buildings or New Construction[BE] 1001.2 Alterations to Existing Means of Egress1705.25.1 Alterations to Existing Structures§27-905 Alterations to Gas Piping Systems6.1.1.3 Alterations to Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration in Existing BuildingsE 503.1.3 Alterations to Heating, Ventilating, Airconditioning, and Refrigeration in Existing Buildings6.1.1.3 Alterations to Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning in Existing Buildings202.5.2 Alterations to Historically Interpreted Buildings8.7.3 Alterations to Hydraulic Elevators233.3.4.2 Alterations to Individual Residential Dwelling Units§27-120 Alterations to Multiple Dwelling and Conversions to Multiple Dwellings202.5.3 Alterations to Other Historic BuildingsG308.11 Alterations to pre-FIRM Buildings Involving Flood Protective Works202.5 Alterations to Qualified Historic Buildings and Facilities§27-121 Alterations to Residence Buildings11B- Alterations to Residential Dwelling Units With Adaptable Features8.7.5 Alterations to Special Application Elevators(B) Alterations to Stop Objectionable Current2303.4.5 Alterations to Trusses233.3.4.1 Alterations to Vacated Buildings§27-117 Alterations Under Thirty Percent of Building Value[A] 110.1 Altered Area Use and Occupancy Classification Change227.2.1 Altered Check-Out Aisles202.5.3.1 Altered Elements or Spaces807.2 Altered Existing Systems105.7.8.3 Altering406.7 Altering Slopes1609.6 Alternate All-Heights MethodR505.1.1.1 Alternate ApplicationsR314.6 Alternate Approval2308.6.5.1 Alternate Braced Wall (ABW)R602.12.1.5 Alternate Braced Wall PanelR602.10.6.2 Alternate Braced Wall Panel Adjacent to a Door or Window OpeningR602.10.6 Alternate Braced Wall Panel Construction MethodsR602.10.6.1 Alternate Braced Wall Panels2308.9.3.2 Alternate Bracing Wall Panel Adjacent to a Door or Window OpeningE403.2.2 Alternate Compliance Method1408.11 Alternate Conditions11B-609.9 Alternate Configuration*3301.13.5 Alternate Construction SuperintendentR507.2.2 Alternate Deck Ledger Connections6.4.4 Alternate Design450.3.1 Alternate Design ModelsC 302.3 Alternate DesignsR301. Alternate Determination of Seismic Design Category(B) Alternate Energy Sources1612.3.1 Alternate Flood Hazard Provisions1607.9.2 Alternate Floor Live Load Reduction4705.1.3.1 Alternate Floor Recall23-642 Alternate Front Setbacks42.11 Alternate FuelsR608.5.4.7 Alternate Grade of Reinforcement and Spacing81-27 Alternate Height and Setback Regulations - Daylight EvaluationR507.9.1.4 Alternate Ledger Details21.3.13.2 Alternate Level RecallA5.209.5.2 Alternate Lighting Sources§ 23-27.3-107.2 Alternate Local Building Official69.5.4.3 Alternate Location and Protection of Storage(2) Alternate Marking MethodSection 105 Alternate Material, Design or MethodsR507.2.5 Alternate MaterialsC 101.5 Alternate Materials and EquipmentC102 Alternate Materials and Methods454.2.5 Alternate Materials and Methods of Construction4-304 Alternate Materials and Methods of Construction and Modifications301.3 Alternate Materials and Methods of Construction Equivalency104.12.3 Alternate Materials and Methods Report1.2.3 Alternate Materials, Design, and Methods of Construction and Equipment101.8 Alternate Materials, Designs and Methods of ConstructionSection 1.8.7 Alternate Materials, Designs, Tests and Methods of ConstructionSection 102 Alternate Materials — Method of Construction, DesignSection C102 Alternate Materials — Method of Construction, Design or Insulating Systems4.4 Alternate Materials, Methods of Construction, or Design305.14 Alternate Materials or Methods:3004.5.4 Alternate MeansSection K109 Alternate Means of Protection[A] 109.2.2 Alternate MembersC409.1.1 Alternate Metering MethodsA5.405.4.5 Alternate Method for Concrete2512.8 Alternate Method of Application7-104 Alternate Method of Compliance3305.3.7 Alternate Methods1817.4.2 Alternate Methods of Support710.1 Alternate Nonpotable Sources of WaterSection 710 Alternate Onsite Nonpotable Water Sources1910.1027(l)(14) Alternate Physician Determination1910.1025(j)(3)(vi) Alternate Physician Determination Mechanisms8.10 Alternate Pipe Hanger and Support Spacing3009.2.1 Alternate Posting Locations750.20 Alternate Power Sources(C) Alternate Power Sources Exceeding 30 Amperes1803.1.1.5 Alternate Procedures1114.4 Alternate Protection22.4.5.2 Alternate Provisions33-455 Alternate Regulations for Towers on Lots Bounded by Two or More StreetsFigure 11A-9K Alternate Roll-in Shower1127A. Alternate Roll-in Shower Compartments608.4.3 Alternate Roll-in Showers608.5.3 Alternate Roll-in Type Shower Com608.2.3 Alternate Roll-in Type Shower Compartments608.3.3 Alternate Roll-in-Type Showers1803.5.10 Alternate Setback and ClearanceR403.1.7.4 Alternate Setback and Clearances33-456 Alternate Setback Regulations on Lots Bounded by Two or More StreetsR403.1.7.4 Alternate Setbacks and Clearances3310.5.3 Alternate Site Safety Manager or Coordinator(B) Alternate Source of Power551.33 Alternate Source RestrictionsH 101.11 Alternate Systems1305.14 Alternate Tank Design and Construction Standards11.3.4 Alternate Test CriteriaR302.9.4 Alternate Test Method1625.3 Alternate Test MethodsAlternate Test of Protection for Structural Steel Columns804.1.1 Alternate Testing1910.107(j)(4) Alternate Use Permitted1910.107(j)(2) Alternate Use Prohibited[F] 907. Alternate Uses601.3.3 Alternate Water SourcesA4.303.2 Alternate Water Sources for Nonpotable Applications604.9.2.3 Alternate Wheelchair Accessible Toilet Compartments(B) Alternate Wiring Methods1227.12.3.1 Alternates703A.6 Alternates for Materials, Design, Tests and Methods of Construction4-226 Alternates in General Responsible Charge or Delegated Responsible Charge690.6 Alternating-Current (AC) Modules690.6 Alternating-Current (AC) Modules and Systems(C) Alternating-Current Adjustable Voltage Motors(A) Alternating-Current General-Use Snap Switch(D) Alternating-Current General-Use Snap Switches Rated for 347 Volts1910.254(b)(3)(i) Alternating-Current Machines(B) Alternating-Current or Direct-Current General-Use Snap Switch690.52 Alternating-Current Photovoltaic Modules(F) Alternating-Current Power Distribution Boxes(D) Alternating-Current Specific-Use Snap Switches Rated for 347 Volts(A) Alternating-Current Systems(B) Alternating-Current Systems of 50 Volts to 1000 Volts250.21 Alternating-Current Systems of 50 Volts to 1000 Volts Not Required to Be Grounded(A) Alternating-Current Systems of Less Than 50 Volts(C) Alternating-Current Systems of Over 1000 Volts250.20 Alternating-Current Systems to Be Grounded1011.14 Alternating Tread Devices1910.25(f) Alternating Tread-Type Stairs3.3.12 Alternative[NY] 4005.1.2.1 Alternative Activity Area Expansion1605.2 Alternative Allowable Stress Design Load Combinations2.7 Alternative Analysis2810.11 Alternative ApproachSection 904 Alternative Automatic Fire-Extinguishing SystemsSection 904 Alternative Automaticfire-Extinguishing Systems1605.3.2 Alternative Basic Load Combinations1226.11 Alternative Birthing Clinics2308.6.5 Alternative Bracing3.3.15 Alternative Calculation Procedure1904.5 Alternative Cementitious Materials for Sulfate Exposure14A-10-1003 Alternative Code Approval19.3.4 Alternative Combinations of Cementitious Materials for Sulfate Exposure3401.6 Alternative Compliance6.6 Alternative Compliance Path8.6 Alternative Compliance Path (Not Used)9.6 Alternative Compliance Path: Space-by-Space Method1926.1101(g)(6) Alternative Control Methods for Class I Work503.2.9.2 Alternative Dead-End Solutions2002.7 Alternative Design Method for Screen Enclosure17.6.3.8 Alternative Design Methods[BS] A301.3 Alternative Design ProceduresR301. Alternative Determination of Seismic Design CategoryR301. Alternative Determination of Seismic Design Category EP-804.4 Alternative Device401.3 Alternative Devices104.9 Alternative Devices, Equipment and Systems312.4.3 Alternative Drainage and Vent Final Test312.2.3 Alternative Drainage and Vent Rough—In Test[NY] 4003.5.2 Alternative Egress DoorsA5.405. Alternative Energy(5) Alternative Energy SystemsArticle 10 Alternative Enforcement Program316.1 Alternative Engineered DesignSection 3107B Alternative Equipment, Materials and Methods of Construction403.7.2.1 Alternative Exhaust Ventilation for Enclosed Parking Garages1926.1153(d) Alternative Exposure Control Methods1206. Alternative Fire-Extinguishing Systems3210.1.1 Alternative Fire Protection8. Alternative Firestop Requirements1807. Alternative Foundation Wall ReinforcementA5.405. Alternative Fuels2.4- Alternative Grab Bar Configurations91-835 Alternative Improvements25.8.1.7 Alternative In-Rack Sprinkler Protection Option 1 for Double-Row Racks25.8.1.8 Alternative In-Rack Sprinkler Protection Option 1 for Multiple-Row Racks25.8.1.6 Alternative In-Rack Sprinkler Protection Option 1 for Single-Row Racks25.8 Alternative In-Rack Sprinkler Protection Options That Are Independent of the Ceiling Sprinkler Design1707.4 Alternative Installation1803.5.2 Alternative Investigative Methods[NY] 915.4.3 Alternative Listing69.5.4.3 Alternative Location and Protection of Storage320.11.1.1 Alternative Locations§28-113.2.2 Alternative MaterialsA-203.3 Alternative Materials and Equipment[A] 104.9 Alternative Materials and Methods106.4 Alternative Materials and Methods of Construction and Equipment[A] 105.3 Alternative Materials, Design and Methods[A] 104.11 Alternative Materials, Design and Methods of Construction and EquipmentSection R102 Alternative Materials, Design Andmethods of Construction and Equipment[NY] Section C104 Alternative Materials, Designs, Methods of Construction Andinsulating Systems[NY] Section R104 Alternative Materials, Designs, Methodsof Construction and Insulating Systems[NY] 104.3 Alternative Materials, Equipment, Appliances, Designs, and Methods of Construction[A] 105.2 Alternative Materials, Methods and Equipment[A] 105.2 Alternative Materials, Methods, Appliances and Equipment[A] 105.2 Alternative Materials, Methods, Equipment and Appliances4.1.3 Alternative Materials, Methods of Construction, or Design[A] 105.3 Alternative Materials or Methods114.2 Alternative Materials, Products, Assemblies and Methods of Construction114.3.2 Alternative Materials, Products, Assemblies and Methods of Construction Not Prescribed in the Code320.11.1.3 Alternative Means of Communication[A] A101.3.2 Alternative Members16.4.5 Alternative Method for Calculating Design Horizontal Shear Strength11.8 Alternative Method for Out-of-Plane Slender Wall Analysis[BS] C104.2.7 Alternative Method of Installation of Horizontal Braces at Truss Ridges716.1.1 Alternative Methods for Determining Fire Protection Ratings703.3 Alternative Methods for Determining Fire Resistance704A.4 Alternative Methods for Determining Ignition-Resistant MaterialR337.4.4 Alternative Methods for Determining Ignitionresistant Material112.2 Alternative Methods or Materials8-603.1 Alternative Minimum Standards3412A.1.5 Alternative Modeling Parameters and Acceptance Criteria[BG] 303.5 Alternative Performance Group DesignationsA5.405. Alternative Power404.0 Alternative Procedure for Multiple-Zone Systems Ventilation Efficiency3104F.2.3.5 Alternative Procedures[BS] A106.2.3.3 Alternative Procedures for Testing Masonry[F] 903.1.1 Alternative Protection15. Alternative Protection SystemR301.1.1 Alternative ProvisionsR301.1.1.1 Alternative Provisions for Limited-Density Owner-Built Rural Dwellings1107.9 Alternative Refrigerant Piping Safety11.10.1.3 Alternative Requirements202.5.4 Alternative Requirements for Qualified Historic Buildings1910.401(a)(3) Alternative Requirements for Recreational Diving Instructors and Diving Guides1613.2.5.1 Alternative Seismic Design Category Determination3104.5.2 Alternative SeparationR324.6.2.1 Alternative Setback at Ridge11. Alternative Setbacks at Ridge3107F.2.4.4 Alternative Stress-Strain Models608.5.1.1 Alternative Suppression Systems3308.6.1.4 Alternative SystemsR302.9.4 Alternative Test Method8. Alternative Test Method and Tools8. Alternative Test Method Procedure8. Alternative Test Method Report1808. Alternative Test MethodsSection 1707 Alternative Test Procedure1910.7(d) Alternative Test Standard804.1.1 Alternative Testing909.18.10 Alternative Testing Method5. Alternative to Bottom Car Clearance Requirements63. Alternative to Emergency Power5.2.2.5 Alternative to Speed Governor for Roped-Hydraulic Elevators101.9.3 Alternative to Statement of Compliance5. Alternative to Top Car Clearance Requirements5. Alternative to Top-of-Car Clearances1607.12.2 Alternative Uniform Live Load Reduction[F] 907. Alternative Uses907. Alternative Uses for Emergency Voice/Alarm Communication Systems2209. Alternative Venting Systems1609.6 Alternative Wind Loads for Enclosed Structure With Mean Roof Height of 60 Feet or Less1926.1101(g)(8)(vi) Alternative Work Practices and Controls3101F.9 Alternatives1613.4 Alternatives to ASCE 71613.6 Alternatives to ASCE 7-101604.3.5 Aluminum1308.5.2.3 Aluminum Alloy1208.6.3.3 Aluminum Alloy Pipe1208.6.4.4 Aluminum Alloy Tubing(B) Aluminum and Copper-Clad Aluminum ConductorsE3908.12.1 Aluminum and Copper-Clad Aluminum Equipment Grounding ConductorsE3406.8 Aluminum and Copper ConnectionsP-601.5 Aluminum and Plastic Pipe(B) Aluminum Conduit1705.33 Aluminum ConstructionE3608.5 Aluminum Electrodes2104.3 Aluminum Equipment3305.5 Aluminum Erection(B) Aluminum Metal Equipment(A) Aluminum or Copper-Clad Aluminum Conductors(2) Aluminum RMC[BS] 1403.5.1 Aluminum SidingR301. Aluminum Structure Design1108.4 Aluminum Tube403.4.4 Aluminum Tubing1714.5.1 Aluminum, Vinyl and Wood Exterior Windows and Glass Doors2.5-2.4 Alzheimer's and Other Dementia Patient Care Unit2.4-2.16 Alzheimer's and Other Dementia UnitPart III Amateur and Citizen Band Transmitting and Receiving Stations — Antenna Systems17.6.2.3* Ambient Ceiling TemperatureAmbient Conditions in Test Building and Fire Compartment808.3 Ambient Sound Level(4) Ambient Temperature Correction(B) Ambient Temperature Correction Factors(5) Ambient Temperature Range(D) Ambient Temperatures2.3- Ambulance Entrance11B-812.6.3 Ambulatory604.8.2 Ambulatory Accessible Compartments604.10 Ambulatory Accessible Toilet Compartments435.3.4 Ambulatory and Nonambulatory Elderly Clients1104.7.2 Ambulatory CareSection 422 Ambulatory Care Faciilities[F] 903.2.2 Ambulatory Care FacilitiesSection 407 Ambulatory Care Facilities and Group I-2 OccupanciesSection 407 Ambulatory Care Facilitiesand Group I-2 Occupancies1112. Ambulatory Compartment73-125 Ambulatory Diagnostic or Treatment Health Care Facilities6.1.6 Ambulatory Health Care20.6 Ambulatory Health Care CentersSection 422 Ambulatory Health Care Facilities60. Ambulatory Health Care Occupancies3.3.196.1* Ambulatory Health Care OccupancySection 451 Ambulatory Surgical Centers§28-118.16 Amended Certificate of Occupancy§28-104.7.17 Amended Certificates of Occupancy[A] 107.4 Amended Construction Documents[A] 108.10 Amended Documents14X-12-1204.8 Amended Statement14A-4-404.16.1.1 Amendment§28-113.3.7 Amendment and Repeal*§28-504.1.2.3 Amendment of Plan1601.1.4 Amendments1. Amendments. Division of the State Architect1901A.1.2 Amendments in This Chapter[NY] 101.1.1 Amendments of New York State Code Books108.7 Amendments to ApplicationG501.1 Amendments to ASCE 24-05G501.1 Amendments to ASCE 24-141613.5 Amendments to ASCE 7121.4 Amendments to Hazardous Materials Inventory FormSection 6102 Amendments to NFPA Standard No. 58(M) Section 113 Amendments to the Fire Code310.8 Amendments to the IRC1910.4 Amendments to This Part37-74 Amenities91-82 Amenities Within Public Access Areas3.2.1 American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO)3.2.2 American Concrete Institute (ACI)§3500-01 American Concrete Institute (ACI) 318 — Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete Amendment§3500-02 American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A10.4 — Safety Requirements for Personnel Hoists Amendment3.2.3 American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)§6008-01 American Society of Mechanical Engineers ("ASME"), Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code Edition Amendment. [Repealed]3.2.5 American Welding Society (AWS)106.2.1 Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Accessibility Guidelines for Transportation Vehicles(3) Ammeter608.13.7 Ammonia Diffusion Systems1105.8 Ammonia Discharge1910.111(a)(1)(ii)(a) Ammonia Manufacturing Plants53. Ammonia Refrigerant53.1.1.3 Ammonia Refrigeration1102.2 Ammonia Refrigeration Systems1106.3 Ammonia Room Ventilation5601.1.5 Ammonium Nitrate72-40 Amortization of Certain Adult Establishments and Signs for Adult EstablishmentsE103.1.3 Amount and Concentration of the Material5607.16.4.3 Amount Estimated by the Blasting Operator§28-419.7.6 Amount of Award506.3.3 Amount of Increase37-51 Amount of Pedestrian Circulation Space124-41 Amount of Publicly Accessible Open Space131-51 Amount of Required and Permitted Parking(A) Ampacities310.15 Ampacities for Conductors Rated 0—2000 Volts310.14 Ampacities for Conductors Rated 0 Volts — 2000 Volts402.5 Ampacities for Fixture Wires400.5 Ampacities for Flexible Cords and Cables400.5 Ampacities for Flexible Cords and Flexible Cables310.21 Ampacities of Bare or Covered Conductors in Free Air311.60 Ampacities of Conductors(A) Ampacities of Conductors Rated 2001 to 35,000 Volts310.20 Ampacities of Conductors Supported on a Messenger310.16 Ampacities of Insulated Conductors in Raceway, Cable, or Earth (Directly Buried)310.18 Ampacities of Insulated Conductors in Raceway or Cable310.17 Ampacities of Single-Insulated Conductors in Free Air334.80 Ampacity(4) Ampacity AdjustmentE3701.2.2 Ampacity Adjustment or CorrectionE3704.5 Ampacity and Calculated Loads430.6 Ampacity and Motor Rating Determination(B) Ampacity and Overcurrent Device Ratings440.6 Ampacity and Rating(E) Ampacity in Air(F) Ampacity in Underground Electrical Ducts and Direct Buried in Earth(A) Ampacity of Cables, Rated 2000 Volts or Less, in Cable Trays392.80 Ampacity of Conductors(C) Ampacity of Grounded or Neutral Conductor705.95 Ampacity of Neutral Conductor630.11 Ampacity of Supply Conductors(B) Ampacity of Type MV and Type MC Cables (2001 Volts or Over) in Cable TraysE3602.1 Ampacity of Ungrounded Conductors(3) Ampacity Relative to Service Conductors310.15 Ampacity Tables(1) Ampere Rating430.110 Ampere Rating and Interrupting Capacity24. Amplification Components510.4.2.1 Amplification Systems Allowed510.4.2.1 Amplification Systems and Components1705.19 Amusement and Transportation Systems Special Cases74-47 Amusement Arcades106.5.6 Amusement Attraction105.5.3 Amusement Buildings3010.2 Amusement Device Operators3004.5 Amusement Devices103.6 Amusement Devices and Inspections106.5.7 Amusement Ride106.5.8 Amusement Ride Seat1002.5 Amusement Ride Seats Designed for Transfer1002.5 Amusement Ride Transfer Devices and Seats Designed for Transfer1002 Amusement Rides2.1- An Autopsy Room1910.179(a)(17) An Auxiliary Hoist1910.110(c)(5)(i)(h)(2) An Electric Ignition System1910.37(e) An Employee Alarm System Must Be Operable1926.1426(a)(1)(ii) An Employee Is Being Hoisted1926.1426(d)(1) An Employee Is Directly Under the Load1926.1426(a)(1)(i) An Employee Is in the Fall Zone of the Boom or Load1926.1208(e)(4) An Evacuation Alarm Is Activated1910.430(h)(1)(ii) An Exhaust Valve1910.36(d) An Exit Door Must Be Unlocked1910.36(a)(2) An Exit Must Be Separated by Fire Resistant Materials1910.36(a)(1) An Exit Route Must Be Permanent1910.36(g) An Exit Route Must Meet Minimum Height and Width Requirements1910.36(h) An Outdoor Exit Route Is Permitted406.4.2 Analog Gauges Used to Measure Pressure in the Magnitude of 3 psig (20 kPa Gauge)406.4.3 Analog Gauges Used to Measure Pressure in the Magnitude of 5 psig (34.5 kPa Gauge) Analog Initiating Device (Sensor)1910.1020(d)(1)(iii) Analyses Using Exposure or Medical Records[F] 909.4 AnalysisSection A206 Analysis and Design3105F.1.5 Analysis and Design of Mooring ComponentsSection A109 Analysis and Design Procedure18.2.2 Analysis and Proportioning of Structural Members1207.1.4.2 Analysis Approval[A] Analysis of Change25.9.4.3 Analysis of General Zones2.4 Analysis of the Building3412A.1.3 Analysis Procedure1617.8 Analysis ProceduresO103.1.2.2 Analysis Requirements2212.5.1.1 Analysis Submittals1926.1433(c)(2)(iii) Analysis Verification703.2.2 Analytical Methods3104F.2.3 Analytical Procedures27.3 Analytical Strength EvaluationA405.2.1 Anchor Bolt Size and SpacingR608.5.2.2 Anchor Bolts3.3.37.2 Anchor Building402.8.4.1 Anchor Building Means of Egress402.4.2.2 Anchor Building Separation402.4.1.2 Anchor Buildings453.14.7 Anchor Equipment[BS] A113.1.1 Anchor Locations[BS] A113.1.2 Anchor Requirements2204.3 Anchor Rods[BS] A404.2.1 Anchor Size and Spacing8.2.4 Anchor Spacing1604.8 Anchorage1609.1.4 Anchorage Against Overturning, Uplift and Sliding2211.3.3 Anchorage and Load Path5806.4.4 Anchorage and Security[BS] A206.6 Anchorage at Interior Walls[BS] A206.4 Anchorage at Pilasters1926.1423(g) Anchorage CriteriaR609.7.2 Anchorage Details[BS] 906.4 Anchorage for Concrete and Masonry Buildings[BS] 503.7 Anchorage for Concrete and Reinforced Masonry Walls2305. Anchorage for In-Plane Shear8.2 Anchorage for Normal Forces2212.5.2 Anchorage for Shear[BS] 906.5 Anchorage for Unreinforced Masonry Walls[BS] 503.8 Anchorage for Unreinforced Masonry Walls in Major Alterations2308.12.9 Anchorage in Seismic Design Category ESection AE604 Anchorage InstallationsR609.7 Anchorage MethodsM1307.2 Anchorage of Appliances2211.4.3 Anchorage of Braced Wall Segments1620.3.1 Anchorage of Concrete or Masonry Walls1620.4.6 Anchorage of Concrete or Masonry Walls to Flexible Diaphragms2308.12.7 Anchorage of Exterior Means of Egress Components2308.4.10 Anchorage of Exterior Means of Egress Components in Seismic Design Categories D and E2308.4.10 Anchorage of Exterior Means of Egress Components in Seismic Design Category D2106.2 Anchorage of Masonry Walls18.13.6 Anchorage of Piles, Piers, and Caissons1613.4.5 Anchorage of Structural Walls[BS] 906.7 Anchorage of Unreinforced Masonry Partitions[BS] 503.10 Anchorage of Unreinforced Masonry Partitions in Major AlterationsR301.2.2.10 Anchorage of Water Heaters3103.9 Anchorage Required2122.7 Anchorage Requirements2308.6.7.4 Anchorage to All-Wood Foundations2321.5 Anchorage to ConcreteSection 1908 Anchorage to Concrete — Allowable Stress DesignSection 1909 Anchorage to Concrete — Strength Design2321.6 Anchorage to Wood25.9 Anchorage Zones for Post-Tensioned Tendons1910.27(b)(1) Anchorages1926.1423(g)(3) Anchorages for Fall Restraint Systems1926.1423(g)(2) Anchorages for Personal Fall Arrest and Positioning Device SystemsR606.14 Anchored and Adhered Masonry Veneer[BS] 1404.6 Anchored Masonry VeneerR703.8 Anchored Stone and Masonry Veneer, General1404.7 Anchored Stone VeneerR606.14.1 Anchored VeneerG305.3 Anchoring1926.1436(d) Anchoring and GuyingAE604.2 Anchoring Equipment1926.300(b)(6) Anchoring Fixed MachineryR609.7.1 Anchoring Requirements1901.3 Anchoring to Concrete1926.1423(j) Anchoring to the Load Line7.3 Anchors3109F.4 Anchors and Supports[BS] A113.1.4 Anchors at Corners1912.1.1 Anchors Outside Scope of Appendix D2103.11.5 Anchors, Ties and Accessories11.3.2 Anchors Used in the Attachment of Equipment and Other Components11.3.1 Anchors Used in the Seismic Bracing of Pipes, Ducts or Conduit412.6.1 Ancillary Areas320.3.7 Ancillary Equipment1224.39.4.3 Ancillary Facilities453.5.6.1 "Ancillary Facility"24.3.5 Ancillary Functions453.5.6.2 "Ancillary Plant"DURATION And Conduct of TestsCALIBRATION And Documentation of Ignition Source and Test EquipmentBURNERS And FuelMARKINGS And InstructionsENDURANCE And Performance Test ProceduresENDURANCE And Performance TestsAPPLICATION And ScopeFLASHOVER And SmokeFIRE And Smoke Measurements and Photographic Record1302.3 Anesthesia469.4.6.6 Anesthesia Equipment and Supplies1224.16 Anesthesia/Recovery Service Space1224.15.3.9 Anesthesia Workroom517.60 Anesthetizing Location Classification1302.3 Anesthetizing Locations1224.18.2 Angiography1910.180(a)(8) Angle Indicator11B-707.7.1.2 Angle-Mounted Display Screen6.1.3.1 Angle of Inclination1910.68(c)(3)(iv) Angle of Step(2) Angle or U Pulls, or Splices3305. Angle to Surface3.3.14.1 Angle Wall5.16.3 Angle WallsR602.10.1.3 Angled Corners509.2.3.3 Angled InstallationR602.10.1.4 Angled Walls503.2.2.6 Angles of Approach503.2.8 Angles of Approach and Departure203.12 Animal Containment Areas11.12 Animal Housing Facilities3.3.19* Animal Housing FacilityLaboratory Animal Quarters Sec 12-4A-101*903.2.2.2 Animal Service FacilitiesK 105.5 Animals and InsectsSection H108 Animated Devices1910.265(b)(2) Annealing89.101.4 Annexes403.2.2 Announcements403.2.2.1 Announcements Additional Requirements18.11 Announcements in Seating and Platform Areas107.6 AnnualF 1201.6 Annual Air Sampling105.1.5 Annual Approval115.11 Annual Approval for Alterations105.1.5.1 Annual Approval Records1910.95(g)(6) Annual AudiogramE 605. Annual Average Schedule*§28-320.3.1 Annual Building Emissions Limits 2024-20295.1.11* Annual Certification1007.3.3.3 Annual CO2e Emissions Reporting3102F.2 Annual Compliance Inspection1926.1412(f) Annual/Comprehensive1502.3 Annual Cross-Connection Inspection and Testing602.2 Annual Direct and Indirect CO2e Emissions602.2.3 Annual Direct and Indirect CO2e Emissions Associated With Onsite Use of Fossil Fuels and Purchased District Energy1904.41(a)(2) Annual Electronic Submission of OSHA Form 300A Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses by Establishments With 20 or More Employees but Fewer Than 250 Employees in Designated Industries1904.41(a)(1) Annual Electronic Submission of Part 1904 Records by Establishments With 250 or More Employees603.5.1 Annual Emissions11.4.3.2 Annual Energy Costs13. Annual External Examination of All Extinguishers1926.1437(h)(4) Annual: External Vessel/Flotation Device Inspection[A] 105.1.1 Annual Facility Permit3.3.121.5 Annual Frequency14A-12-1204.3.1 Annual Increase1502.3.4 Annual InspectionL 504.2 Annual Inspection and Maintenance§27-874 Annual Inspection of Chimney Connectors§28-325.2 Annual Inspection of Covered Buildings§28-324.2 Annual Inspection of Covered Dry Floodproofing SystemG107.5.1 Annual Inspection of Dry Floodproofing System(c) 901.6.3 Annual Inspection Tag for Fire Protection Systems§28-303.2 Annual InspectionsArticle 325 Annual Inspections to Prevent Contamination of Mechanical Systems13. Annual Internal Examination of Certain Types of Extinguishers13.* Annual Maintenance Record Keeping1007.3.3.1 Annual Net Energy Use§28-323.4 Annual Parking Structure Observation[A] 105.1.1 Annual Permit[A] 105.1.2 Annual Permit Records(D) Annual Permits104.9.3.4 Annual Recertification of Performance-Based Design408.10.2.2 Annual Renewal66-43 Annual Reporting118.3 Annual Review1904.32 Annual Summary14.4.10.6* Annual Tests707. Annual Tests Required1910.1026(k)(2)(ii) Annually1910.1017(k)(2)(ii) Annually for All Other Employees509.8.4 Annular Spaces[F] 907.6.3.1 Annunciation1103. Annunciation Allowed18. Annunciation and Annunciation Zoning13.* Annunciation Zoning3009.1.2 Annunciator13.* Annunciator Access and Location[F] 907. Annunciator PanelG2414.5.1 (403.5.1) Anodeless Risers1910.179(a)(16) ANSI3311.4.6 ANSI A10.3-1995, Section 10.3.13311.4.7 ANSI A10.3-1995, Section 10.63311.4.8 ANSI A10.3-1995, Section 11.4.13311.4.9 ANSI A10.3-1995, Section 11.63311.4.10 ANSI A10.3-1995, Section 123311.4.11 ANSI A10.3-1995, Section 133311.4.1 ANSI A10.3-1995, Section 4.2.23311.4.2 ANSI A10.3-1995, Section 4.2.33311.4.3 ANSI A10.3-1995, Section 5.63311.4.4 ANSI A10.3-1995, Section 7.113311.4.5 ANSI A10.3-1995, Section 9.43311.4.7 ANSI A10.3, Section 10.3.13311.4.8 ANSI A10.3, Section 10.63311.4.9 ANSI A10.3, Section 11.4.13311.4.10 ANSI A10.3, Section 11.63311.4.11 ANSI A10.3, Section 123311.4.12 ANSI A10.3, Section 133311.4.1 ANSI A10.3, Section 4.2.23311.4.2 ANSI A10.3, Section 4.2.33311.4.3 ANSI A10.3, Section 4.33311.4.4 ANSI A10.3, Section 5.53311.4.5 ANSI A10.3, Section 7.93311.4.6 ANSI A10.3, Section ANSI/ASME105.2.1 ANSI/BHMA2.3.2 ANSI Publications2209.2.2.1 ANSI/SDI-NC1.0 Section 2.4B1453.4.6 ANSI Z53.1453.4.6 ANSI Z535.1810.20 Antenna Discharge Units — Receiving Stations810.57 Antenna Discharge Units — Transmitting Stations810.6 Antenna Lead-in Protectors1926.408(c)(2)(ii) Antenna Lead-Ins1926.408(c)(5)(ii) Antenna Structures1910.268(m)(7) Antenna Work-Radio Transmitting Stations 3-30 MHz(K) Antennas(B) Antennas and Lead-Ins — Indoors1224.32.2 Antepartum and Postpartum Unit2.2- Antepartum Room1224.14.3.3 Anteroom1224.14.3.2 Anteroom Doors102 Anthropometric ProvisionsSection 3162B Anti-Entrapment Devices and Systems3109.6.2.2 Anti-Entrapment Devices or Systems121-60 Anti-Harassment and Demolition Regulations in Subdistrict A-2609.3.2 Anti-Scald Device1926.1431(d)(5)(v) Anti Two-Block1926.1441(d)(2) Anti Two-Blocking1926.1416(d)(3) Anti Two-Blocking Device1817.5.5 Anticipated Deflection3.26.3 Anticreep and Leveling Operation8.6.5.12 Anticreep and Low Oil Protection8. Anticreep Leveling Device5.3.2.4 Anticreep Leveling Devices3.26.3.1 Anticreep Operation8.2.4.8 Antiflooding Device13. Antifreeze13. Antifreeze Information Sign8.6.2* Antifreeze Solutions3.3.206.1 Antifreeze Sprinkler System8.6* Antifreeze Systems1910.265(e)(5)(iii) Antikickback Devices1910.211(d)(1) Antirepeat2.20.9.8 Antirotation Devices504.1 Antisiphon Devices5706. Antisiphon Valves6. Antislide Devices1910.1053(i)(2)(vi) Any Other Tests Deemed Appropriate by the PLHCP1910.1024(k)(5)(ii) Any Recommendations On2.3.2 APA Publication2.3.2 APA Publications§505-01 Apartment and Guest Room Identification and Directional Markings and Signs505.3.1 Apartment and Guest Room Numbers505.4.2 Apartment and Sleeping Rooms3.3.37.3* Apartment Building20.9 Apartment Buildings20.5.3.3 Apartment Buildings Housing Board and Care Occupancies505.4 Apartment, Guest Room and Stairwell Fire Emergency Markings1107.6.2.2 Apartment Houses and Congregate Living Facilities1108.6.2.2 Apartment Houses, Monasteries and Convents233.5 Apartments or Townhouse Facilities Provided by or on Behalf of a Place of Education2.3.3 API Publications17.3.4.5 ApiariesSubpart S App A - Decompression TablesSubpart Z App A - Designations for General Industry Standards Incorporated Into Body of Construction StandardsSubpart M App A - Determining Roof WidthsSubpart T App A - Examples of Conditions Which May Restrict or Limit Exposure to Hyperbaric ConditionsSubpart W App A - Figures W-14 Through W-28Subpart L App A - Fire ProtectionSubpart R App A - Guidelines for Establishing the Components of a Site-Specific Erection Plan: Non-Mandatory Guidelines for Complying With § 1926.752(e)Subpart X App A - LaddersSubpart S App A - Reference DocumentsSubpart I App A - References for Further Information (Non-Mandatory)Subpart Q App A - References to Subpart Q of Part 1926Subpart L App A - Scaffold SpecificationsSubpart P App A - Soil ClassificationSubpart CC App A - Standard Hand SignalsSubpart CC App B - Assembly/Disassembly--Sample Procedures for Minimizing the Risk of Unintended Dangerous Boom MovementSubpart L App B - Criteria for Determining the Feasibility of Providing Safe Access and Fall Protection for Scaffold Erectors and DismantlersSubpart M App B - Guardrail Systems - Non-Mandatory Guidelines for Complying With 1926.502(B)Subpart T App B - Guidelines for Scientific DivingSubpart L App B - National Consensus StandardsSubpart I App B - Non-Mandatory Compliance Guidelines for Hazard Assessment and Personal Protective Equipment SelectionSubpart P App B - Sloping and BenchingSubpart V App B - Working on Exposed Energized PartsSubpart T App C - Alternative Conditions Under 1910.401(a)(3) for Recreational Diving Instructors and Diving Guides (Mandatory)Subpart L App C - Fire Protection References for Further InformationSubpart R App C - Illustrations of Bridging Terminus Points: Non-Mandatory Guidlines for Complying With §§1926.757(a)(10) and 1926.757(C)(5)Subpart L App C - List of National Consensus StandardsSubpart CC App C - Operator Certification--Written Examination--Technical Knowledge CriteriaSubpart M App C - Personal Fall Arrest Systems - Non-Mandatory Guidelines for Complying With 1926.502(D)Subpart I App C - Personal Fall Protection Systems Non-Mandatory GuidelinesSubpart V App C - Protection From Hazardous Differences in Electric PotentialSubpart P App C - Timber Shoring for TrenchesSubpart P App D - Aluminum Hydraulic Shoring for TrenchesSubpart L App D - Availability of Publications Incorporated by Reference in Section 1910.156 Fire BrigadesSubpart R App D - Illustration of the Use of Control Lines to Demarcate Controlled Decking Zones (CDZs): Non-Mandatory Guidelines for Complying With § 1926.760(C)(3)Subpart L App D - List of Training Topics for Scaffold Erectors and DismantlersSubpart V App D - Methods of Inspecting and Testing Wood PolesSubpart M App D - Positioning Device Systems - Non-Mandatory Guidelines for Complying With 1926.502(e)Subpart I App D - Test Methods and Procedures for Personal Fall Protection Systems Non-Mandatory GuidelinesSubpart P App E - Alternatives to Timber ShoringSubpart L App E - Drawings and IllustrationsSubpart V App E - Protection From Flames and Electric ArcsSubpart M App E - Sample Fall Protection Plan - Non-Mandatory Guidelines for Complying With 1926.502(K)Subpart L App E - Test Methods for Protective ClothingSubpart R App E - Training: Non-Mandatory Guidelines for Complying With 1926.761Subpart R App F - Perimeter Columns: Non-Mandatory Guidelines for Complying With § 1926.756(e) to Protect the Unprotected Side or Edge of a Walking/Working SurfaceSubpart P App F - Selection of Protective SystemsSubpart V App F - Work-Positioning Equipment Inspection GuidelinesSubpart R App G - § 1926.502 (B)-(E) Fall Protection Systems Criteria and PracticesSubpart V App G - Reference DocumentsSubpart R App H - Double Connections: Illustration of a Clipped End Connection and a Staggered Connection: Non-Mandatory Guidelines for Complying With §1926.756(C)(1)1926.12(b)(26) Appalachian Regional Development Act of 1965 (40 U.S.C. App. 402) Apparatus(d) 403.12.4 Apparatus Access at Carnivals, Fairs, and Amusement Buildings104.2.2 Apparatus, Instruments, Material and Labor for Tests108.4.2 Apparatus, Material and Labor for Tests1926.1413(a)(2) Apparent Deficiencies1-307 Appeal Form and Filing Fee7-169 Appeal Hearing Procedure1-311 Appeal Hearing Procedures(H) Section 108 Appeal of Orders204.10 Appeal of Stop Work OrdersSection 111 Appeal of Violations17.4 Appeal Petition112.9 Appeal to the State Review Board112.9 Appeal to the TRB1.8.8.3 AppealsArticle 3 Appeals and Petition Procedures1-301 Appeals and PetitionsSection 1.8.8 Appeals Board§1-06 Appeals Calendar (A)72-10 Appeals for Interpretation§ 23-27.3-126.0 Appeals From Orders in Regard to Unsafe Buildings(1) 108.1 Appeals of OrdersArticle 5.5 Appeals to a Hearing Officer108.1 Appeals to State Fire MarshalArticle 5 Appeals to the Hospital Building Safety Board119.8 Appeals to the State Review Board1512.2.5.1 Appearance901.4.6 Appearance of Equipment1227.12.6.3 Appendages and Equipment504.7 Appendages and Projections1406.4.1 Appendages on Type I and II Construction1406.4.2 Appendages on Type III, IV and VA Construction1406.4.3 Appendages on Type VB Construction[A] 101.2.1 Appendices102.6.2 Appendices and Referenced StandardsAppendices to Subpart L of Part 1910 - NoteP105.5 AppendixSubpart B Appendix a — Partially Exempt IndustriesAppendix A Appendix a to § 1910.1024-Control Strategies to Minimize Beryllium Exposure (Non-Mandatory)Appendix A Appendix a to § 1910.151 -- First Aid Kits (Non-Mandatory)Appendix A Appendix a to Subpart E of Part 1904-Designated Industries for § 1904.41(a)(2) Annual Electronic Submission of OSHA Form 300A Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses by Establishments With 20 or More Employees but Fewer Than 250 Employees in Designated Industries102.6 Appendix and Resource1910.1051(o)(1) Appendix E to This Section Is MandatorySubpart E Appendix — Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans, and Fire Prevention PlansNORMATIVE Appendix G Performance Rating MethodAppendix General Sets of Evaluation Statements1910.1045(t) Appendixes1005.4.1 ApplianceSection M1305 Appliance AccessM1305.1 Appliance Access for Inspection Service, Repair and Replacement551.57 Appliance Accessibility and Fastening1212.0 Appliance and Equipment Connections to Building PipingG2417.3.3 (406.3.3) Appliance and Equipment Disconnection507.0 Appliance and Equipment Installation RequirementsG2417.3.2 (406.3.2) Appliance and Equipment Isolation2701.2 Appliance and Fixture ListingSection 411 (IFGC) Appliance and Manufactured Home ConnectionsSection 411 (IFGC) Appliance and Manufacturedhome ConnectionsM1306.1 Appliance Clearance308.4.1 Appliance Clearances814.4 Appliance Condensate Drains606.4 Appliance Connection to Building Piping319.6 Appliance Connection to Fuel Supply319.5 Appliance Connection to Fuel Supply PipingSection G2422 (411) Appliance Connections1312.0 Appliance Connections to Building PipingG2427.3.1 (503.3.1) Appliance Draft RequirementsM1411.3.1.2 Appliance, Equipment and Insulation in Pans304.2 Appliance/Equipment Location307.2.3.2 Appliance, Equipment or Insulation in Pans411.1.2 Appliance Fuel Connectors301.7.1 Appliance Fuel ConversionSection M1307 Appliance Installation69.3.14.7 Appliance Installation on Vehicles604.5 Appliance InsulationG2407.9.2 (304.9.2) Appliance Interlock220.53 Appliance Load — Dwelling Unit(s)18.5.5 Appliance Location1310.6 Appliance Overpressure Protection18.5.4* Appliance Photometrics18.5.4* Appliance Photometries1.1G Fireworks1.1G Fireworks." "Fireworks1.2G Fireworks1.2G Fireworks." "Fireworks1.3G Fireworks1.3G Fireworks." "Fireworks1.4G Fireworks1.4G Fireworks." "Fireworks1.4G Special Effects Fireworks1.4G Special Effects Fireworks." "Fireworks1.4S Fireworks1.4S Fireworks." "Fireworks1.4S Special Effects Fireworks1.4S Special Effects Fireworks." "Fireworks1 Btu/hour1. Graduating Thermostat1. Progress Inspections1 Scope1. Spring Type, Limited Adjustment1. Spring Type, Nonadjustable1. Under Skylights100-Hour Training Program100-Year, 1-Hour Rainfall (Inches) Alaska100-Year, 1-Hour Rainfall (Inches) Central United States100-Year, 1-Hour Rainfall (Inches) Eastern United States100-Year, 1-Hour Rainfall (Inches) Hawaii100-Year, 1-Hour Rainfall (Inches) Western United States100-Year Storm Elevation14B-11-110114B-12-120114B-13-130114B-14-140114B-15-150114B-16-160114B-17-170114B-18-180114B-19-190114B-19-190214B-2-20114B-2-20214B-20-200114B-21-210114B-22-220114B-23-230114B-24-240114B-25-250114B-26-260114B-27-270114B-28-28014B-30-300114B-31-310114B-32-320114B-33-330114B-5-50114B-6-60114B-7-70114B-8-80214B-9-90114R-11-110114R-12-120114R-13-130114R-14-140114R-2-20114R-2-20214R-4-40114R-5-50114R-6-60114R-7-70114R-8-80114R-9-9011968 or Prior Code Buildings or Structures (Prior Code Buildings)2. Adjacent to Vertical Fenestration2. Snap-Acting Thermostat2. Special Inspections2. Spring Type, Standard Adjustment2. Weight Type2014 Supplement24-Hour Basis24-Hour Care3. Final Inspection3D-Printed Building Construction3D Printer3DA4 Definitions4. Issuance of Certificate of Compliance500-Year Flood Elevation521 CMR521 CMR 10.00: Public Use and Common Use Spaces in Multiple Dwellings521 CMR 10.3, Parking Spaces521 CMR 11.00: Commercial Buildings521 CMR 12.00: Educational Facilities521 CMR 13.00521 CMR 17.00521 CMR 24.00: Ramps521 CMR 28.00521 CMR 28.12, Wheelchair Lifts/Limited Use Elevators521 CMR 30.1 Through 30.13521 CMR 30.14 Through 30.20521 CMR 42.00: Group 1 Bathrooms521 CMR 43.00: Group 1 Kitchens521 CMR 44.00: Group 2 Bathrooms521 CMR 45.00: Group 2 Kitchens521 CMR 5.00: Complex521 CMR 5.00: Definitions Medical Care Facilities521 CMR 6.5, Forward Reach or 521 CMR 6.6, Side Reach521 CMR 8.00521 CMR 8.00: Transient Lodging Facilities521 CMR 9.2, Applicability521 CMR 9.4 Group 2 Dwelling Units521 CMR 9.4 Group 2A Dwelling Units6.21 Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors6 Specific Safety Standards6 Specific Safety Standardssection 6.16DB95th-Percentile Rainfall EventA-1A-1 Occupancy ClassificationA-2A-2 Occupancy ClassificationA-3A-3 Occupancy ClassificationA-4A-4 Occupancy ClassificationA-5A-5 Occupancy ClassificationA, B[A] Change of Occupancy[A] Change of UseA-Class Boundary[A] Code Official[A] Deferred Submittal[A] Existing Building[A] Existing Structure[A] Facility[A] Historic Building(A) Low Demand Mode[A] Registered Design Professional in Responsible Charge[A] Relocatable Building[A] RepairA. Uniformed Fire Safety OfficerA-Weighted Sound LevelA-Weighted Sound Level (dBA)A-ZoneA1.2-4.1A1.4-1A1.5-1A2.1-1A2.1-1 Common Elements for Outpatient FacilitiesA2.1-6.1A2.12-3.1 Facilities for Additional ServicesA2.2-2.1 Patient Care UnitsA2.2-4.1 Facilities for Residents With Dementia, Mental Health Diagnoses, and Cognitive or Developmental DisabilitiesA2.3-1 SecurityA2.3-3.1 Facilities for Emergency CareA2.4-1A2.5-5.1 Audiovisual TechnologyA2.5-8.1A2.6-2.1A2.8-1 SecurityA2.8-3.1A4.1-2.1A4.2-2.1A4.4-2.1AAC MasonryAbandoned Audio Distribution CableAbandoned CableAbandoned Class 2, Class 3, and PLTC CableAbandoned Coaxial CableAbandoned Communications CableAbandoned Fire Alarm CableAbandoned Network-Powered Broadband Communications CableAbandoned Optical Fiber CableAbandoned Supply Circuits and Interconnecting CablesAbatement of Fire or Panic HazardsAbnormal (Off-Normal) ConditionAbnormal Operating ConditionAbove-Grade WallAbove-Ground Storage TankAbove-Ground Storage Tanks Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) PlanAboveground Liquid Fertilizer Storage Tank (ALFST)Aboveground Storage TankAboveground TankAbrasive MaterialsABS PipeAbsentAbsolute PressureAbsorbed Glass Mat (AGM) CellAbsorption SystemAbsorption UnitAbutting Property LineAC Module SystemAcceptable MethodsAcceptance or AcceptedAcceptance RequirementsAcceptance Test EmployerAcceptance Test Employer (ATE)Acceptance Test TechnicianAcceptance Test Technician (ATT)Acceptance Test Technician Certification ProviderAcceptance Test Technician Certification Provider (ATTCP)Accepted Engineering PracticeAccess AisleAccess BoxAccess CoverAccess Doors and OpeningsAccess DrivewayAccess HatchAccess PanelAccess SwitchAccess (To)AccessibilityAccessibility Function ButtonAccessible Area of RefugeAccessible (As Applied to Equipment)Accessible (As Applied to Wiring Methods)Accessible ElementAccessible EntranceAccessible Means of EgressAccessible, ReadilyAccessible, Readily (Readily Accessible)Accessible RouteAccessible SpaceAccessible Spaces (AS Applied to Detection Coverage in Chapter 17)Accessible UnitAccessible unit.area of Sport ActivityAccessory BuildingAccessory ComponentsAccessory Dwelling UnitAccessory Dwelling Unit. (HCD 1 & HCD 2)Accessory OccupanciesAccessory SignAccessory Storage SpacesAccessory StructureAccessory to Places of Religious WorshipAccessory to Places of WorshipAccessory to Places of Worship Occupancy ClassificationAccessory With Places of Religious WorshipAccessory With Places of Religious Worship Occupancy ClassificationAccidentAccidificationAccreditation BodyAccredited Certifying OrganizationAccrediting BodyAcfm(ACGIH)AcknowledgeACM Approval ManualsACM Reference ManualAcoustically Distinguishable Space (ADS)Act—Chapter 6.95, Article 1Action LevelActive Earthquake FaultActive Equipment/ComponentActive FAULT/ACTIVE Fault TraceActive Multiplex SystemActive RF Emitting DeviceActive Shooter DrillActive Soil-DepressurizationActive Soil-Depressurization SystemActively Proctored Online TrainingActivity PoolActualActual Construction CostActuating Member or BarAcute Psychiatric HospitalAdaptabilityAdaptability or AdaptableAdaptability or Adaptable (For Chapter 11)AdaptableAdaptable Dwelling UnitAdaptable Dwelling Unit (For Chapter 11)AdapterAdapter FittingAdaptive PlantsAdaptive ReuseAdaptive UseAdd New Definition "Elevator Classification" to Read as FollowsAdd New Definition "Elevator, Service Car" to Read as FollowsAdd New Definition "Patient Elevator" to Read as FollowsAdd New Definition "Sky Lobby" to Read as FollowsAdd New Definition "Zero Clearance Vestibule" to Read as FollowsAdded StudAddendumAdditionAdditional Requirements for CounterweightedAdditionalityAdditionsAdditive ManufacturingAdditive Manufacturing MaterialsAddressable DeviceAdhered Masonry VeneerAdhered Stone or Masonry VeneerAdhesiveAdhesive AnchorAdjacentAdjacent to Vertical FenestrationAdjacent to Vertical Fenestration Daylight ZoneAdjacent to Vertical Fenestration Daylight ZonesAdjacent Wall, Ceiling or FloorAdjustAdjustableAdjustable (As Applied to Circuit Breakers)Adjustable Regulator, Gas ApplianceAdjustable Speed DriveAdjustable Speed Drive SystemAdjusted Construction CostAdjusted Shear ResistanceAdjustment (Scaffold)Administrative AuthorityAdministrative Authority of a School BuildingAdministrative ExtensionAdmixtureAdobe ConstructionAdobe, StabilizedAdobe, Stabilized Adobe ConstructionAdobe, UnstabilizedAdobe, Unstabilized Adobe ConstructionAdopting Agency (or State Adopting Agency)Adopting AuthorityAdult Care FacilityAdult Changing FacilityAdult Day Care CenterAdult Day Care Center" or "CenterAdult Family HomeAdult Family Homes, Family Home Child CareAdult Foster HomeAdult Foster Home (AFH)Adult Foster Homes and Residential Training Homes Within Detached One-Family DwellingsAdvanced Framed WallsAdverse ConditionAdvertising SignAerial LuminariesAerosolAerosol ContainerAerosol Cooking Spray ProductsAerosol ProductAerosol Product WarehouseAerosol ProductsAerosol SealantAerosol WarehouseAffected AreaAffected Borough BoardAffected Borough PresidentAffected City Council MemberAffected Community BoardAffected PartyAffected Property OwnerAffiliateAffiliate Outdoor Advertising CompaniesAffiliated Outdoor Advertising CompanyAffordable Unit (For Chapter 11)Aged Home or InstitutionAgencyAgentAggregate, LightweightAgricultural BuildingAgricultural Labor CampAgricultural or Agricultural PurposesAgricultural PurposesAgrifiber ProductsAgro-IndustrialAHCA Centeral OfficeAHCA Central OfficeAir Admittance ValveAir BarrierAir BreakAir Break (Drainage System)Air Circulation, ForcedAir, Class 1Air, Class 2Air, Class 3Air, Class 4Air, CombustionAir, ConditionedAir Conditioner, Gas-FiredAir ConditioningAir Conditioning, Gas FiredAir-Conditioning or Comfort-Cooling EquipmentAir-Conditioning SystemAir CurtainAir, DilutionAir Dispersion SystemAir Dispersion SystemsAir Distribution SystemAir EconomizerAir, ExhaustAir GapAir Gap, DrainageAir Gap, Drainage SystemAir Gap, Water DistributionAir Gap, Water-Distribution SystemAir-Handling UnitAir-Impermeable InsulationAir Induction SystemAir-Inflated StructureAir, IntakeAir IntakesAir, MakeupAir-Moving SystemAir, OutdoorAir, OutsideAir OverpressureAir Permeable Roofing SystemAir Pollution Control DevicesAir-Purifying RespiratorAir ReceiverAir Release ValveAir, ReliefAir ReservoirAir, ReturnAir Sampling-Type DetectorAir, SupplyAir-Supported StructureAir System BalancingAir Traffic Control TowerAir, TransferAir Transfer OpeningAirblastAirborne Infection Isolation RoomAircraft Fuel Servicing Tank VehicleAircraft Fueling StationAircraft HangarsAircraft Landing SiteAircraft Loading WalkwayAircraft Manufacturing FacilitiesAircraft Motor-Vehicle Fuel-Dispening FacilityAircraft Motor-Vehicle Fuel-Dispensing FacilityAircraft Operation AreaAircraft Operation Area (AOA)Aircraft Painting HangarAirportAirport (Aerodrome)Airport Fueling SystemAirport RampAirport Terminal BuildingAirport Traffic Control TowerAirport Traffic Control TowersAisleAisle AccesswayAisle RampAisle StairAisle WidthAlarmAlarm BoxAlarm CommunicationsAlarm ConditionAlarm Notification ApplianceAlarm Repeater SystemAlarm ResponseAlarm ServiceAlarm SignalAlarm SystemAlarm Verification FeatureAlbedoAlcohol-Based Hand RubAlcohol-Blended FuelsAlcohol-Blended Motor FuelAlcohol Process TankAlcohol ProcessingAlcohol processing.bottling.distillingAlcohol Storage AreaAlcohol Storage EquipmentAlcohol Storage TankAlert SignalAlert SystemAlert ToneAlleywayAllowable Stress DesignAllowed UseAlluviumAlter or AlterationAlterationAlteration, as Part of AnAlteration (For Section 305)Alteration or AlterAlterationsAlterations to an Area Containing a Primary FunctionAlterations to post-FIRM ConstructionAlternate Floor WardenAlternate LevelAlternate Load PathAlternate Load Path MethodAlternate Means of ProtectionAlternate Method of ComplianceAlternate On-Site Nonpotable WaterAlternate Power SourceAlternate Water SourceAlternating-Current (AC) Module (Alternating-Current Photovoltaic Module)Alternating-Current Power Distribution Box (Alternating-Current Plugging Box, Scatter Box)Alternating Tread DeviceAlternativeAlternative ActivityAlternative AnalysisAlternative Calculation MethodAlternative Calculation ProcedureAlternative CementAlternative Component PackageAlternative Energy ProjectAlternative Engineered DesignAlternative SystemAmbulatory CareAmbulatory Care FacilitiesAmbulatory Care FacilityAmbulatory Care facility.clinic, OutpatientAmbulatory Health Care FacilityAmbulatory Health Care OccupancyAmbulatory Surgical FacilityAmenityAmerican Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE) Standards Part III — StandardsAmerican Society of Sanitary Engineers (ASSE) Standards Part III — StandardsAmerican Water Works Association (AWWA) Standards Part III — StandardsAmmonium NitrateAmpacityAmusement Attraction