Diagrams & Illustrations

Fire Areas - Single Occupancy
Gross vs. Net Area
Fire Rated Wall Assemblies
1020.4 - Dead End Corridors
Common Path of Egress Travel
Minimum Corridor Width
Occupant Load Calculation
Accessible 60" Turning Space
Accessible - Maneuvering Clearences at Doors
1011.6 - Stair Landing Widths
Dead End Corridors
Fire Areas - Multiple Occupancy, Non-Separated vs. Separated
Accessible T-Shaped Turning Space
Single Exit Condition
1007.1.1 - Separation of Exit and Exit Access Doors
Required Door Widths
708.4 Fire Partition Continuity
708.4, Exception 2.1 - Fire Partition Continuity at Corridors
708.4, Exception 2.2 - Fire Partition Continuity at Corridors
Accessible Maneuvering Clearances at Doorways (ADA)
Accessible Recessed Doors and Gates (ADA)
Accessible Doors and Gates in Series (ADA)
Site Perimeter Diagram
Non Separated vs. Separated Occupancy
Accessory Occupancies
Fire Walls
Fire Walls - Horizontal Continuity
Basic Components of Means of Egress
Example - Fire Barriers
Fire-resistive Roof Construction
Mezzanines - General Provisions
Required Exits - Three or More
One Hour Roof / Floor Assembly - Assembly 21-1.1