Diagrams & Illustrations

1-hr Roof / Floor Assembly 21-1.1
1-hr Wall (Assembly 15-1.3)
2-hr Wall (Assembly 14-1.5)
Accessibility: Retail (New Construction)
Accessible Means of Egress -Exit and Exit Access Stairways
Accessible Medical Clinic (New Construction)
Accessible Routes - Alterations to Multistory Buildings
Accessible Routes - Multistory Private Facilities
Accessible Routes Within a Facility
Accessible Routes Within the Site
Accessible Routes from Site Arrival Points
Accessible Routes: Mezzanines
Accessible T-Shaped Turning Space
Accessible Urinals and Partitions
Accessory Occupancies
Accessory Occupancies Example
Aisle Requirements by Occupancy Group
Allowable Heights and Stories: Separated Occupancies
Attic Access - Building Code vs. Residential Code
Base and Counter Flashing
Basic Components of Means of Egress
Below Grade Crawlspaces in Zone A (FEMA)
Building Height Measurements
Buildings on the Same Lot - Vertical Exposure
Cement Plaster - Base of Wall
Commercial Cooking Operations: Sprinklers
Common Path of Egress Travel
Common Use Circulation Paths Employee Work Areas (ADA)
Components of Means of Egress
Control Joint - Gyp.Board Partitions with Mineral Wool
Control Joint at Rated Partition
Cross Section of Handrails (ADA)
Dead End Corridor Example
Dead End Corridors
Drip Edge for Asphalt Shingles
Ductwork with Hazardous Exhausts - Sprinklers
Elevator Door Requirements
Elevators as Accessible Means of Egress
Emergency Egress: Doors and Area Wells
Emergency Egress: Minimum Dimensions
Emergency Egress: Window Wells
Enclosures with Flood Openings in Zone A (FEMA)
End Joint - 1-hr rated wall at SFRM protected column
Exit Door Sign Requirements
Exterior Stairway and Ramp Protection
Exterior Stairway and Ramp Protection
Face Joint - 1-hr Rated Wall to Sprayed Fire Resistant Material
Fire Apparatus Access Roads at Buildings
Fire Areas - Multiple Occupancy, Non-Separated vs. Separated
Fire Areas - Single Occupancy
Fire Extinguisher Coverage Area
Fire Partition Continuity
Fire Rated Wall Assemblies
Fire Ratings at Property Lines
Fire Service Access Elevator Lobbies
Fire Wall Continuity - Exception 3
Fire Walls - Horizontal Continuity
Fire and Emergency Plans
Fire-resistive Roof Construction - Table 601, Footnote (b)
Floor Slab Penetration of Water Closet Waste Line
Floors and Landings at Exterior Doors
Footing - Residential Code
Footing Setbacks From Descending Slopes
Footing Setbacks From Steep Slopes
Footing Setbacks from Ascending Slopes
Girder and Header Spans at Exterior Walls
Glazing Adjacent to Stairs and Ramps
Glazing Adjacent to Stairs and Ramps (IRC)
Glazing in Windows - Hazardous Locations
Group A Fire Alarm Requirements
Group B Fire Alarm Requirements
Guardrails At Stairs
Guards: Where Required
Habitable Spaces - Light and Ventilation
Handrail Projections into Stairway (Residential)
Handrails at Required Door Clearances
Heating Requirements - Bldg. vs. Res. Code
Hollow Metal Jamb at 1-hr Wall
Horizontal Exits and Enclosed Stairways
Intersection of 1-Hr Partition, Wall and Barrier at Protected Column
Irregular Buildings: Floor Vertical Offset
Irregular Buildings: Floor and Roof Openings
Irregular Buildings: In-Plane Offset
Irregular Buildings: In-Plane Offset (Exception)
Irregular Buildings: Perpendicular Shear Wall and Wall Bracing
Irregular Buildings: Wall Bracing in Stories Containing Masonry / Concrete Construction
Irregular Structures - Lateral Support of Roofs and Floors
Irregular Structures - Out of Plane Offsets
Joint Detail - 1-hr wall to SFRM sprayed column
Kitchens - Clearance at Countertops and Appliances
Luminous Egress Paths
Maneuvering Clearances at Doors
Maneuvering Clearances at Doorways (Non-Hinged)
Minimum Concrete Cover - 1. Shallow Foundations
Minimum Concrete Cover - 3. Cast In Place Deep Foundations
Minimum Concrete Cover - 5. Cased Deep Foundations
Minimum Concrete Cover at Deep Precast Foundation Elements
Minimum Specified Concrete Strength for Foundations
Minimum Stairway Widths - Exceptions
Minimum Stairway Widths and Loss of Exit
Mounting Heights of Bathroom Accessories (ADA)
Non Separated vs. Separated Occupancy
Occupant Load - Multiple Function Spaces
Open Spaces for Unlimited Area Buildings (Section 507)
PV Pathways to Emergency Egress Windows
Parking Access Aisles and Accessible Routes
Parking Garages: Accessible Parking Locations
Parking at Outpatient Facilities
Partial Height Wall Bracing - Alt. Condition
Passenger Loading Zones
Ramp Edge Protection and Alternatives
Ramp Handrail Heights and Clearances
Receptacle Locations - Countertops / Work Surfaces
Receptacle Locations in Dwelling Units
Required Exits - Three or More
Residential Fixture Clearances (IPC vs. UPC)
Residential Plumbing Fixtures
Retaining Wall - Residential Code
Retaining Wall Setbacks at Uphill Slopes
Seismic - Weights of Materials
Separation of Exit and Exit Access Doors
Separation of a Third Stairway
Shaft Wall Termination - Precast Panel
Shafts and Enclosure at Bottom
Single Exit Condition
Single Fixture Toilet Rooms: Clearances and Door Swings
Single Story, Single Occupancy Calc.
Site Perimeter Diagram
Smoke Barriers - Elevator Enclosures
Smoke Partitions vs. Smoke Barriers
Spiral Stairways and Treads
Sprinklers - Group A-1
Sprinklers - Group A-2
Sprinklers - Group A-3
Sprinklers Group A-4
Sprinklers for Buildings Higher than 55 feet
Sprinklers: Group F-1
Sprinklers: Group M
Stair Separations in High Rise Buildings
Stepped Footings
Stories Without Openings
Surface Drainage of Stormwater
Swimming Pools Next to Descending Slopes
Toilet Paper Dispenser Locations
Toilet Paper Dispensers (Non-Recessed)
Valley Linings for Asphalt Shingles
Vent Termination Locations at Ext. Walls
Vertical Platform Lifts
Vestibule Requirements (ASHRAE)
Weights of Materials - R301.2.2.2
Wood - Conventional Framing - Allowable Loads
Wood Framing Near Grade