Multiple Users

Share floating licenses with your team and consultants.
Empower your office with the full suite of premium tools.


Built for teams.

Provide everyone an account while only paying for the number of active users.
Code research varies between projects and team members. Floating licenses provides the pricing flexibility to accommodate both power users and those who only need infrequent access. Relieve pressure from the technical leaders by getting your full team onboard - everyone will have access to the premium tools.

Leverage Institutional Knowledge.

Unlock collaboration tools for your team and consultants.
Help your teams and consultants share research. Allow teams to seamlessly coordinate code issues. Solidify your in house knowledge to apply in future projects. Both your teams and consultants can utilize Project Pages - sharing bookmarks and mark ups.
Adjust number of licenses at any time.
Throttle your number of licenses up or down according to the demand amongst your team. Adjust based on project phases or changing size of team.
Add / remove accounts

Easily add or remove individuals from your account. Provide access to both your internal team and external consultants/architects. Add up to 5 users per license.
Understand usage within your team
Get an overview for the total amount of time and activity on the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a floating license?

Floating licenses are shared amongst multiple users. Licenses take into account the number of active users at a given time. Floating licenses are typically shared amongst several users. For instance, a team of 10 individuals can share two floating license. This allows two users in the office to be online at any given time.
What is an active user?

An active user is defined as a logged in individual currently browsing or using the site. All users will remain signed in (no need to re-enter username/password) and will check out a floating license when actively using the site. Users automatically relinquish the floating license after they close their tab or after a period of inactivity. This allows for others to access the license. If no licenses are available the user will not be able to access the Premium features.
Will everyone in my firm have access?

Yes, you can add everyone in your firm to your enterprise account if you like, but keep in mind there is a limit of 5 users per floating license. You can also invite consultants or external collaborators.
What features do individuals get?

Individuals get all premium features on the UpCodes website. For example, each individual can create their own Project Pages including bookmarking and commenting. Individuals can also create shared projects with others to share bookmarks and comments.
Empower your team and simplify code research.