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An engineered direct-expansion (DX) refrigerant system that incorporates a common condensing unit, at least one variable-capacity compressor, a distributed refrigerant piping network to multiple indoor fan heating and cooling units each capable of individual zone temperature control, through integral zone temperature control devices and a common communications network. Variable refrigerant flow utilizes three or more steps of control on common interconnecting piping.
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C406.2 [CE] Commercial Energy Efficiency, More Efficient HVAC Equipment Performance
refrigerant flow systems shall exceed the energy efficiency provisions of ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1 by 10 percent. Equipment not listed in Tables C403.3.2(1 ...
C403.5 [CE] Commercial Energy Efficiency, Refrigeration Systems
approaches: 3.1. Refrigeration system condenser control for air-cooled condensers shall use variable setpoint control logic to reset the condensing ...