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[RE] Thermal Resistance, R-Value

  • The inverse of the time rate of heat flow through a body from one of its bounding surfaces to the other for a unit temperature difference between the two surfaces, under steady state conditions, per unit area (h • ft2 • °F/Btu) (m2 • K)/W.
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    N1101.10.4 [RE] Energy Efficiency, (R303.1.4) Insulation Product Rating
    The thermal resistance (R-value) of insulation shall be determined in accordance with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission R-value rule (CFR Title 16 ...
    Section N1102 [RE] Energy Efficiency, (R402) Building Thermal Envelope
    be insulated by completely filling the cavity with a material having a thermal resistance of R-3 per inch minimum. Exterior thermal envelope insulation ...