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a building or space that has been specifically designated historically significant by the adopting authority or is listed in The National Register of Historic Places or has been determined to be eligible for such listing by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior.
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102.6 Scope and Administration, Historic Buildings
or structures shall not be mandatory for existing buildings or structures identified and classified by the state or local jurisdiction as historic buildings ...
N1107.6 [RE] Energy Efficiency, (R501.6) Historic Buildings
not be mandatory for historic buildings provided that a report has been submitted to the building official and signed by the owner, a registered design ... Administration and Enforcement, Alterations of Existing Buildings
" in accordance with Section Exception to A building that has been specifically designated as historically significant by the adopting ...
430.26 Equipment for General Use, Feeder Demand Factor
and duties. Informational Note: Demand factors determined in the design of new facilities can often be validated against actual historical experience ...