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We make designing buildings easier
and more efficient
UpCodes is changing the way construction happens by bringing modern technology to the historically inefficient, slow, and error-prone process of obtaining government approval. $1.3T is spent yearly on construction, including everything from your apartment to the airport you fly out of. Every cent of it flows through an analog process still largely relying on books, manual calculations, and paper submissions. Our SaaS platform enables industry professionals to find, understand, and apply building codes to avoid delays and costly mistakes.
Our work brings real world solutions that help the efficiency of building our cities and communities.

Our products.
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UpCodes Web
Finding all constructions codes that an architect, inspector, and general contractors must follow for each municipality is difficult. Until UpCodes, there was no single place where one could go to find all codes related to, say, doors.

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UpCodes AI
We have started to automate the code compliance workflow by analyzing 3D digital models of buildings. UpCodes AI combs through the data to detect violations immediately before it causes significant damage downstream. Instead of taking weeks of review, we will be able to detect compliance within seconds.

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Why Join Us?

  • More than 400,000 architects, builders, code officials and home owners already use UpCodes. We already have major industry attention and a well-loved brand.
  • This is one of the construction industry's worst problems and we're the only ones solving it.
  • We're a YCombinator company, backed by Liquid 2 and Foundation Capital. We've been approached for acquisition more than once, but think we can make this even bigger.
  • The work is meaningful. Cheaper construction means more affordable housing, airports, hospitals, schools, etc. Oh, and we're fighting the good fight (try Googling Can the Law be Copyrighted?)
  • We believe one of the best perks is working with talented colleagues - we keep a high bar.
Working at UpCodes
We value folks who are nice, scrappy, and ambitious. We work hard, but also have lives outside work (for example, we discourage checking email while not at the office.) In terms of engineering, we like keeping the code simple, even with the complex problems we're solving. We're fairly unstructured and believe people tend to gravitate towards what they're good at.


We believe the best perk is working with talented colleagues, so we have a high bar when it comes to hiring

Different strokes for different folks

We do retreats where we bring the team together for team building, hacking and fun activities

We currently cover medical and dental via reimbursement
Open Positions.
How to apply

To apply, send us your resume (or LinkedIn profile) with a couple lines in the email that explain why you’d be the right person for the opportunity at careers@up.codes.

Note: our remote positions are limited to UTC-8 to UTC-3 (basically North and South America).

The Role
UpCodes is seeking a highly-skilled recruiter to help us build our team. You’ll own full-cycle recruiting efforts and ensure every hire is as exceptional as the last. The ideal candidate will have experience recruiting for early-stage startups, with knowledge of screening, interviewing, and hiring practices. This is an opportunity for someone detail-oriented, people-focused and collaborative to find top talent and drive company growth.

  • Work closely with leadership to fully understand hiring needs and improve recruiting processes
  • Own the full-cycle recruiting lifecycle for all open positions
  • Stay active with job boards, social networks, and platforms to find talent
  • Plan, create and release job descriptions and announcements
  • Propose and set up new internal workflows and hiring tools, such as an ATS
  • Grow and foster high-touch relationships with a database of qualified active and passive talent to pull from as new positions open up
  • Communicate UpCodes’ vision and create a meaningful candidate experience
You must have
  • 3+ years experience in a tech company, preferably a startup
  • Proven experience conducting various types of interviews (i.e., phone, video, etc.)
  • Familiarity with job boards, and HR software, databases, and management systems
  • Willingness to do everything from low-level to high-level tasks (we're a startup)
  • Comfortable with ambiguity; can create order out of uncertainty
  • Great storyteller and negotiator
Product managerRemote

The Role
UpCodes is looking for our first product manager to define and operationalize our Product process. This person will partner closely with the CEO to build a concrete roadmap to help us achieve our vision.

One of the most challenging tasks at UpCodes is deciding what to build and exactly how to do it. We operate in a highly complex and opaque domain (regulations that are in 3D and change across time and location), so we need someone who can wrangle complexity, talk with users, and come up with sensible, simple ideas. For our first product manager, we need someone who can think strategically and isn't afraid to get their hands dirty.

You will work closely with our users and engineering team to create hypotheses, test your assumptions, and develop specs. Given that deciding what to build and ironing out the details is one of our toughest challenges, you'll find that we have a very open environment where we encourage debate and input from lots of stakeholders.

  • Gain a deep understanding of our industry through lots of user interviews and research, and use this to inform both high-level insights as well as honing the nitty-gritty details of new features
  • Work with designers and subject matter experts to create specs/mocks for new features, gather internal/external feedback on them and iterate
  • Come up with simple UI/UX for complex problems, grounded in user feedback and data
  • Work closely with engineering to launch new features
  • Study analytics to help inform product decisions
  • Communicate and align our team with the strategy and rationale for new features in a logical, well-structured way
You must have
  • 1-3 years of professional experience minimum
  • Experience talking with users to nail the details of a feature
  • Experience with managing a complex product, coming up with solutions in a structured way, using user feedback and data
  • Experience writing clear, simple specs and tickets
  • Effective communication / interpersonal skills
  • Someone who isn’t afraid of responsibility and operating in an unstructured environment
  • Strong work ethic
  • A good sense of humor and a down-to-earth personality
Fullstack EngineerRemote

The Role
As a foundational member of our engineering team, you'll be involved in end-to-end development on features across our web product, from architecture all the way to support. We have a frequent cadence of shipping new features and a close connection to our market.

You'll have to be willing to get your hands dirty with (and learn) everything across the stack: API design, frontend, backend, data engineering, algorithms, startup engineering, analytics, bug reporting, etc.

The Ideal Candidate
  • 3+ years of experience building web products, ideally across the stack
  • Clean simple code, even when solving complex problems
  • Strong sense of UX
  • Good systems design
  • Ability to learn new tech quickly
Technology Stack
  • Python 3, PostgreSQL, Flask, Heroku, Redis, AWS, TypeScript, Tailwind
Example Projects
  • Create a tool that allows experts to write formulas to identify when a building code section applies for a user's building, so we can help them find relevant information
  • Create Rap Genius-style annotations on sections of building code, to create a more interactive user experience
  • Write algorithms to detect and display how versions of a code have changed through time, so users understand how regulations how evolved
  • Help migrate to React/Next on the frontend
Content ManagerRemote

The Role
We are seeking an energetic, talented, and detail-oriented Data Manager to help manage our online library of construction laws. This role will involve liaising with local governments and managing a team of data entry specialists, in addition to doing data entry yourself. You will be at the core of our content team; examples of your key functions will be:

  • Be responsible for maintaining data - the laws from multiple jurisdictions (state and city)
  • Maintain the systems that monitor any changes in these regulations
  • Utilize internal tooling to ingest new data
  • Oversee team of remote contractors who perform data entry and ingestion
  • Be responsible for researching and bringing on board new jurisdictions (states and cities)
You Must Have
  • Comfortable reading laws and performing research projects.
  • Ability to coordinate remote team.
  • Goal Oriented: You love taking on new challenges, and will work hard to achieve ambitious goals.
  • Willingness to do everything from low-level to high-level tasks (we're a startup).
  • Comfortable with unstructured or ambiguous situations.
  • Confident proposing new internal workflows and improvements to internal tools.
  • Ability to learn HTML / CSS.