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We make designing buildings easier
and more efficient

Every component of our cities and communities are thoroughly regulated by construction codes. This covers everything from offices, hospitals, offices, apartments, arenas to train stations. We help industry professionals navigate these regulations and understand what laws are applicable to their projects. We bring sanity to the complex ecosystem of construction compliance.

Our work brings real world solutions that help the efficiency of building our cities and communities.

Our products.
UpCodes Web
Finding all constructions codes that an architect, inspector, and general contractors must follow for each municipality is difficult. Until UpCodes, there was no single place where one could go to find all codes related to, say, doors.

UpCodes AI
We have started to automate the code compliance workflow by analyzing 3D digital models of buildings. UpCodes AI combs through the data to detect violations immediately before it causes significant damage downstream. Instead of taking weeks of review, we will be able to detect compliance within seconds.

More about us.

Why Join Us?

  • This is one of the construction industry's worst problems and we're the only ones solving it. Cheaper construction means more affordable housing, airports, hospitals, schools, etc.
  • We're a YCombinator company, backed by Liquid 2 and Foundation Capital. We've been approached for acquisition more than once, but declined because we believe this could become something big.
  • The product is interesting and unique: codifying legal requirements into 3D algorithms.
  • Advantages of joining: free lunch and snacks, flexible hours, beautiful natural-lit office, team activities, professional/respectful colleagues.
Open Positions.

How to apply

To apply, send us your resume (or LinkedIn profile) with a couple lines in the email that explain why you’d be the right person for the opportunity at

Software Engineer ‒ Algorithms
Software Engineer ‒ Algorithms / Devops
Product Manager
Operations Manager
Software Engineer ‒ Algorithms San Francisco

You will be working mostly on UpCodes AI, our app that checks 3D building models for violations. We will mostly be writing algorithms for new violation checks and shipping new features (UI improvements, exports, user management, etc). The app integrates with Autodesk Revit, so it is written in C# for .NET (C# is not hard to learn if you've done another compiled language).

We are also a very small engineering team, so you'll have to be willing to get your hands dirty with (and learn) everything needed to deploy an app: analytics, bug reporting, networking, visualization, etc.
The ideal candidate
  • Passionate about solving a real-world problem
  • 3+ years of C#/C++ (or other typed/compiled language) experience
  • Good grasp of 3D geometry and linear algebra or ability to learn it quickly
  • Ability to keep code simple and readable even with a complex problem
Technology Stack
  • C#, JavaScript, Revit API
Example Projects
  • In any public bathroom, a wheelchair needs space to turn, with extra space for the knees and even more space for the toes (which stick out further). This creates a "wedding cake" shape. We need to verify that this shape can fit in a bathroom. If not, we need to choose the place where it is the closest to fitting and then visualize it for the user.
  • An occupant must travel no more than 200' to reach a fire escape from any point in a building. We need to determine the longest paths through a building. That includes traveling through doors, around furniture, down stairs, etc.
  • The application we integrate with (Autodesk Revit) is slightly on the older side, so we continuously need to build useful abstractions on top of the API to improve our productivity.
  • PDF or Excel export of violations
Software Engineer ‒ Algorithms / DevOps San Francisco

In this role you will split time between
  • Implementing algorithms that parse and understand geometries (in C#)
  • Support with Windows devops tasks (UpCodes AI is a Revit® plugin running on Windows)
    • Networking
    • Installer
    • CI
    • CEFSharp infrastructure
The ideal candidate
  • Passionate about solving a real-world problem
  • 3+ years of C# experience
  • Experience with deploying Windows software
  • Experience with 3D geometry / linear algebra or some math background
Technology Stack
  • C#, JavaScript (for UI)
  • DevOps: AWS, Azure, Wix, Powershell, CEFSharp, .NET
Example Projects
  • Algorithms and features for UpCodes AI (see "Software Engineer - Algorithms" examples above)
  • Write reliable code to make HTTP requests with retry logic
  • Solve an WiX installation issues as we scale
  • Maintain our Azure/AWS CI machine
  • Maintain CEFSharp integration
Product Manager San Francisco

You will be working mostly on UpCodes AI, our product that checks 3D building models for violations. This role will operate in the intersection between software engineering, design, and business strategy.

As an early team member, you will help shape the company's vision and culture from the ground up and will have the opportunity to learn about and tackle all aspects of scaling a startup. You will also help grow the product side of the company.

You will work closely with our users and engineering team to create hypotheses, test your assumptions, develop specs and mock-ups. We have a frequent cadence of shipping new code checks and features. You will be expected to operate in a fast moving environment.

Job description
  • Conduct user interviews to define the product roadmap
  • Study analytics to help inform the roadmap and product decisions
  • Create and iterate on specs for code checks and new features
  • Develop wireframes and mockups for new features
  • Propose new UI/UX for both UpCodes AI and Web
  • Work closely with engineering to launch new code checks and features
  • Communicate and align our team with the strategy and rationale for new features
The ideal candidate
  • 1-3 years of professional experience minimum
  • Experience leading the development of new product or features
  • Effective communication / interpersonal skills
  • Someone who isn’t afraid of responsibility and operating in an unstructured environment
  • A good sense of humor and a down-to-earth personality
Operations Manager San Francisco

Job description

We are seeking an energetic, talented, and detail-oriented Operations Manager to help scale UpCodes. This role will involve wearing many hats to support the company. As a generalist, you will be involved in areas such as customer relations/success, product development, financials, recruiting, HR, and marketing. You will be at the core of our operations team; examples of your key functions will be:

  • Setting up payroll for new employees
  • Managing health insurance plans
  • Find and set up a new office
  • ROI and case studies
  • Creating support pages
  • Writing blog posts
  • Customer success
The ideal candidate
  • 1-3 years of professional experience.
  • Previous operations experience is a plus, although not required.
  • You are an extremely organized and detail-oriented person (meticulous), attention to detail is something that comes naturally to you. This is a critical skill for this role.
  • Effective communication.
  • Someone who isn’t afraid of responsibility and operating in an unstructured environment.
  • A good sense of humor and a down-to-earth personality.
  • A hustling mentality, no ask should be too small or too big, we are looking for someone who understands that small tasks have a huge impact.