Construction productivity has decreased over the last 50 years. According to The Economist, one of the largest contributing factors is construction regulations.

Every component of our cities and communities are thoroughly regulated by construction codes. This covers everything from offices, hospitals, offices, apartments, arenas to train stations. We help industry professionals navigate these regulations and understand what laws are applicable to their projects. We bring sanity to the complex ecosystem of construction compliance.

Our work brings real world solutions that help the efficiency of building our cities and communities.

To Apply:

  • Send us your resume or LinkedIn profile with a concise, personalized cover letter that explains why you’d be the right person for the opportunity at
  • We will conduct an initial phone screen with potential candidates
  • After passing, we will do a video conference interview, including a brief exercises that will gauge your qualification for this role

Current Openings:

Full Stack Engineer

In this role you will

  • Lead development of front-end, back-end and/or data engineering projects
  • Build elegant solutions to help professionals design buildings more efficiently
  • Be able to independently make decisions regarding the balance of UX, page performance, and SEO
  • Deploy new features and iterate on improvements daily
  • Use NLP to parse legalese and build machine learning tools

The ideal candidate

  • Full-stack generalist with deep experience building web applications
  • Comfortable with modern JS frameworks (especially React), HTML and CSS
  • Strong sense of UX
  • Ability to jump between different projects
  • Experience in a startup environment
  • Flexibility jumping between tasks
  • Has some experience in image analysis / machine learning
  • Passionate about solving a real-world problem

More about the position

  • We encourage everyone to submit ideas and help to define the product roadmap
  • You be comfortable with the opportunity of growing with the team, possibly managing team of engineers as we scale
  • To develop empathy for the end-user we encourage all team members to occasionally participate/observe user testing and user interviews

Technology Stack

  • Front-end: HTML, CSS, jQuery, React
  • Back-end: Python 3, Flask, SpaCy
  • DevOps: Heroku, AWS

Sales / Onboarding (Growth Lead)

In this role you will

  • Lead role for business development
  • Identify and qualify new sales opportunities for UpCodes
  • Establish relationships with both commercial entities, government bodies, and industry groups
  • Establishing a sales strategy for the team
  • Overseeing the customer success and onboarding of new clients, at least until we hire a dedicated CSM
  • Network with and build long term relationships with customers to build long-term loyalty
  • Provide product and design input

The ideal candidate

  • Industry knowledge - past experience working in architecture, engineering, or construction
  • Experience selling SaaS (either enterprise or gov)
  • Curiosity: You love to learn about new productivity workflows and products. You genuinely care about understanding your customers and their needs
  • Tenacity: You work harder and smarter than those around you
  • Coach and Mentor: You excel at coaching and persuading others how to improve their workflow

More about the position

  • As part of a fast growing startup you will be responsible for many roles, sometimes needing to pinch hit on the marketing and product side
  • As the team grows, our expectation is that you scale with the business, helping lead a sales team

Data Manager

In this role you will

  • Be responsible for maintaining data - the laws from multiple jurisdictions (state and city)
  • Maintain the systems that monitor any changes in these regulations
  • Utilize internal tooling to ingest new data
  • Oversee team of remote contractors who perform data entry and ingestion
  • Be responsible for researching and bringing on board new jurisdictions (states and cities)

The ideal candidate

  • Comfortable reading laws and performing research projects
  • Ability to coordinate remote team
  • Goal Oriented: You love taking on new challenges, and will work hard to achieve ambitious goals
  • Comfortable jumping into new workflows
  • Confident proposing new internal workflows and improvements to internal tools